Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
September 21, 2002
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Lee Carroll
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Co-creation Explained
"Singing in the Choir"

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – September 21, 2002

[This Kryon live channelling was given in the beautiful city of Toronto Canada. It has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channelling.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

This is a sacred place, a safe place, a sweet place. For a few moments, it's a place that suspends reality for even the busiest of you. It's a joy to say this as the entourage wishing to take you to safety pours into this place. Oh, that seems like only words, doesn't it? There will be those in the room who would say, "It's impossible. Spirit doesn't speak to humanity in this fashion. There should be thunder and lightning, physical profundity of a magnitude that's enormous. Clouds have to part; seas must roll." If you believe that, then you're denying the fact that there's a core inside you that knows everything I know... a core that is a part of the family of God.

It's a safe spot here... right now. And when we say "safe for even the busiest of you," we mean this. We invite you to take all the things right now that would interfere with a heartfelt message, and in all safety, put them away for 20 or 30 minutes. Put them away in a place that's so safe that you may even wonder later if you want to get them out again! This is the invitation right now. Reader, why are your eyes on this page? Are you serious? Then put yourself in a place of neutrality - one where communication is possible without the mind wandering to the worries of the day.

For those who would doubt that such a thing is possible - speaking to the other side of the veil - we say this to you: Do not listen to or read the words as you normally do. Instead, perhaps it's time to feel the entourage that brushes against you, which takes a seat behind you. Some of you know that this is happening here. If you do, then celebrate it right now... in safety.

The humanity that sits in front of me now is one that begins to understand a new reality. They're enabled to know and learn - to have wisdom. And they're enabled to become interdimensional. What a concept! It requires that a four-dimensional creature goes beyond the four and completely out of linearity. The invitation has always been open - one that asked you to understand the things that can't be understood - to grasp the ungraspable, and to conceptualize that which can't be conceived. It's going into a dimensionality that's not yours or the one you were born with. Instead, it's the one that you're beginning to absorb, the one that you've been given permission for, and the one that you're learning about this year.

Do you know what happens to beings who move into new dimensionalities? They attract attention! Has anyone told you lately that you "can't" do what you're obviously doing? Has anyone told you that if you really are doing it, then you must be evil or demented? These are the ones who cannot see anything but the old reality, old prophecies, and they make their judgments from a limited view... an old book that they continue to read. Let's sit a moment while the entourage takes its place. Let's celebrate the love of God.


Dear one, could it be that there's more to your reality than you can see? Just for a moment, suspend your disbelief. It won't hurt you, since you can always come back. Could it be that the words you hear and read are directly from Spirit - a family member Whom you know well when you're not here? Could it be? What is it that keeps you from knowing? Is it the fact that a Human Being is delivering the message? If so, then let me remind you: Humans always did! Human beings have been used since time began to deliver the most divine of messages. It is the way of it, you know. The most profound scripture in every culture of the planet was given by Humans... ones who perhaps had seen something interdimensionally. Each time an angel from the other side of the veil would appear before men and women, they would have a brief message. It wouldn't last long. and the angels wouldn't stay. They would tell you not to be afraid, for their very visit broached Human reality... yet almost every religion on the planet was based on this premise. They would endeavor to place you in a safe spot, just for a moment, so that you'd have understanding, not fear. They even asked you to "fear not."

So perhaps this is broaching your reality? Perhaps it's time for you to feel what's happening here in order to validate this for your whole body? Did you know that you have an entourage of your own? We're going to discuss that today. It's a group who's sitting next to you, before you, around you, and above you. Some of you will feel it as it presses upon you in different ways, as if to say, "We're here, you know?" You think you're sitting in some chair, someplace in some meeting room somewhere? You think you've decided to read an article? How many of you are aware of the appointment you made, through intent, to sit here all day long [speaking to the seminar attendees]? You gave intent to be touched by the music, by the meditation, and by the humor. You walked in with others whom you pretended not to know when you sat in your chair by appointment. It is not frivolous, you know... this synchronicity. It's not accidental that you're hearing and reading this. It's more than synchronistic that you sit before us. When you made the appointment, you made an alignment. It was an energy alignment - a triad alignment to sit there and create something.

The last time that the Kryon came before Humans and gave a message, we spoke of a triad creation. We spoke about some of the puzzles that are before you, and mentioned that when you solve them, it creates a third-dimensional energy that forms a triad in the Cosmic Lattice. We're not here to teach that again, but we must review it, because what we're going to teach today is about Human creation and co-creation. You have to remember the concept that sometimes when two things come together, a third is created. Seemingly out of nothing, Human endeavor actually creates solution energy. We must also review two other concepts that we've spoken of before, but which you must understand in order to continue. So let the teaching begin.


Dear Human, as you sit there in your chair, convinced that you're singular, you really are not. Way beyond what you wish to accept, there's an interdimensional physical fact. A known fact. How many of you are aware that the Kryon is a group? Yet you hear one Human voice while he channels. You might ask, "Well, then, who is everyone in this group today?" [Laughter] And if you do, you'd be asking a good question! For the "group that is Kryon" indeed alters itself. It postures itself in response to the humanity that sits in front of it. The Kryon is a group - always has been. That's why in your English language, we often say, "the Kryon." We would not do that unless it denoted a group. We are plural, yet you consider yourselves singular... one Human Being.

You see yourselves as one Human Being born into the world, and that's all you ever see from then on. When you look in the mirror, there seems to be only one of you. What a cosmic joke that is! You should see what's around you! Oh, this is not new information. We've told you time after time about the personal entourage "with your name on it," that's always around you. It's a recurring Kryon theme. We've told you that if you choose to ignore them all your life, there will be no judgment from them or God. We also told you that they'll never tap you on the shoulder - never interfere. It's like carrying a toolbox around that you never use. It's your own free choice to do as you wish. But let me tell you: I sit before an entire room of awakened Human beings who are starting to understand that they're a group. They're starting to understand that although the Humans may look singular, there's real activity that goes beyond singularity. It's "you and you."

We've even described how many "you's" there are, and what they/you all do. It has to be this way, you know, for this metaphysical puzzle to work. You cannot be singular, walking around in four dimensions co-creating, and not have interdimensional help from a very personal source. How does God work, if not in this way? Did you ever consider it? This spiritual part of yourself is what has always been known as "the Higher-Self." So consider this: the Higher-Self, and the Human self together, are not singular, are they? The Higher-Self is the name for a group! That's two... so how about stretching your concepts a bit and consider that there could be more? Do you see your Higher-Self in the mirror in the morning? Most of you don't. Could the group be bigger?

Let's talk about that group. That particular group interfaces. It interfaces with energy that's all through the veil. It's plural. There are many of you with you. The person next to you has the same attributes as you do. Two of you in a room who believe that there are only two in a room have no concept of the interchange of energies that goes on. Oh, perhaps you do if there is a conflict between you, or challenges or love! Some of you are very aware of the other energies that are created sometimes in these situations. You have even described the energy as being thick, saying that you could "cut it"! What do you really think that is? What is the energy when you say "I love you" to an entourage with your name, that's never heard that from you before? Have you ever heard of being able to "love yourself"? Perhaps now you understand that it's not ego-driven, but rather it's about loving the parts that make up your reality, and by that act, creating energy that feeds you.

How can a Human Being co-create reality... by changing the one you live in? There are so many things that you say you need to do in order to walk a spiritual life. You sit before God and you ask for this and that. Yet the information you've received from Spirit for years has asked, "Why don't you co-create it?"

The definition of co-creation: That creation of altering Human reality using the core of Spirit that dwells within - creating situations and synchronicities that allow Humans into areas that they would never have been in otherwise. Some pray to God: "Dear Spirit, I wish to co-create in my life, something that I've had visions of before. I've had dreams that show me doing this and that. I wish to co-create it. Dear Spirit, I don't belong in my current job. Oh, I'll stay here as long as I'm supposed to, but I know I don't belong there. I wish to co-create another way of making a living - something that helps people, perhaps." You think we haven't heard this? "Dear Spirit, my financial situation isn't commensurate with my magnificence!" You think we haven't heard that? And you think we're not listening, don't you? The struggles may continue as the months go by... so you continue to ask the same things over and over.

The changes to the grid of Earth are coming to a close. Many of you are aware of the feeling of "chasing a moving target," spiritually, and are finding it almost impossible to do. You try to co-create abundance in your life, only to find things changing daily that seem to thwart your efforts. The grid is about to stabilize, spiritually. We've given you information that the stabilization shift will have a residue of change that will last through March of 2003. We've even told you that it would be wise not to start anything new for a while unless you want an uphill climb. Then we've told you this, that the promised energy that you've created for yourself will stick upon you and will start to make sense. Co-creation will begin to be more effective if you understand how to do it.

Some have said, "Dear Spirit, you've told me that I'm an unique individual, known by God. Is this really so?"

It is.

"Dear Spirit, you've told me that I can do anything. I have a vision for myself. I have a stewardship of my life like no other. Is it appropriate that I should follow this seemingly God-given vision?"

Indeed, it is.

"Then do I really have the ability to co-create for myself these things that I believe are appropriate and true?"

Yes, you do.

"Then I wish to get to it!"

And so it shall be.

In order for us to explain what we need to, we must tell you about the orchestra. We have to give you a word that we're going to be using more and more of. We brought you the concept years ago of The Cosmic Lattice. I want you to take a look at the lattice for a moment. Gaze into that vast area of strings connected to strings. The Lattice is profound in its shape. Energy is connected to energy - everyone to everyone - everything to everything - every planet to every planet - every solar body to every solar body. It's a giant puzzle that moves with purpose, but which always changes. And if you look at the Lattice as a giant musical stringed instrument - a lute of Spirit - you will see that the strings can be plucked many ways. When they're plucked, they make harmonious spiritual music, and that harmony creates overtones that resonate and create still other strings. Those new strings are called... job, abundance, solution, and peaceful purpose.

If you understand this metaphor, you might ask, "Which string shall I pluck? Which is mine? For I wish to find my energy and create a uniqueness so I'll have the abundance, so I'll have the job, so I'll have my life's purpose complete. I wish to move forward. Which string should I pluck?"

So what you might do is look for the string with your name on it. Doesn't that make sense? If you're unique in the universe, certainly it's there, correct? Perhaps not. I'm going to give you some information that you might be missing: Don't look for your personal string. What if you looked, found it, and plucked it? What good would a one-stringed instrument be when you know that energy is created by one string resounding against the other? No. Instead you should be looking at all the strings and saying, "They're playing a tune. What tune is it? What note can I pluck or sing where I will create resonance with the tune that's being played? If I can find that, then all will vibrate and resound in harmony... and the energy of co-creation will be accomplished. If I can vibrate with them, I will have my own unique co-creation."

This is a difficult concept. It's the concept of spiritual resonance. Co-creation is spiritual resonance. The definition of spiritual resonance is this: Spiritual resonance is an energy which, when harmonized with, will amplify and create another unique energy that vibrates in synchronization with the original energy, but which has its own uniqueness. In music, these new energies are often called "overtones." You get them by beating one frequency against another. Sometimes the newly created tones are strong. Their addition increases the amplitude of the whole. But sometimes they actually reduce the whole, diminishing the entire thing. The metaphor is a good one, but metaphors and analogies only go so far. However, even in music you realize that not all the strings or notes in the scale are alike. When the tune is unique, so must your ability to decipher which note to pluck or sing in order to resonate, or not. Note that we haven't asked you to match the energy... but to harmonize with it. There's a big difference.

You can't just jump on the lute and play any note! You must discern and search for the string that will harmonize and resonate. Don't worry... we know that many of you aren't musical. However all of you have the spiritual tools to sing in the "Lattice Choir." It's intuitive and beautiful. This tool is what we wish to speak of today.

In order to explain this information in a more profound way, we will bring you a parable. We're going to present this parable so that you might see this new concept in a practical way. This parable has been presented once before to a group of Humans in a small room, a room that belonged to no country, a room that was not on land [speaking of the Kryon cruise].

I'm going to give you another parable of Wo. For almost 12 years, we've told you about a creature, a Human, named Wo. We've used Wo to give you spiritual examples, and we've told you that Wo is an average Human Being just like you. But, like you, Wo also has extraordinary power. We've also told you that Wo, although we call him a "he," is not a man. Wo is just like you - genderless.
"What?" you ask "You're not genderless." I wish you could understand that the real you is a magnificent creature of God, shaped in the image of light energy, and not biologically biased. But you don't understand that, for there's tremendous polarization when you're a Human Being. You're either one or the other, you know. Biologically, you're one or the other. And although you may feel very happy with the gender you are at the moment, pieces and parts of you are both. Wo is not a man. Wo is a "wo-man." And so Wo is both genders. But because of the language limitations in your culture, we will call Wo a "he."

The Parable of Wo and the Magic Glasses

Wo is just like you. He's a spiritual being, and he feels the new energy. Wo is walking the earth at a challenging time, watching things develop in front of him that had never been prophesied, just like you. Waking up at three in the morning with questions in his soul, Wo hears that small, still voice within asking, "Is there something I should worry about?" See... he's just like you. He's part of a new earth that changed directions - one that's on a virgin track or reality that's never been traveled before. Just like you.

Let me tell you specifically about Wo's life. If you could ask Wo about his life, he would say that there are three challenges that he's faced with constantly... in this order: (1) Life's purpose. Wo would tell you he knows he's a healer. He has wisdom, and he knows he can teach. Perhaps he's not a healer in the classic sense, but perhaps a healer through wisdom and teaching. He has wise and good things to offer if only people would listen. (2) Wo also feels that his abundance is lacking. He wishes to create a situation where he has that storehouse that Kryon has talked about. He wants to see that storehouse, and he wants to claim it and use it. (3) Third, Wo would tell you that there's something going on where he works. They don't know who he is. He comes and goes, and it just seems like he walks through life with people he would never have chosen to be with. They don't know him. They don't know that Wo is a leader. He's actually good management material, but oddly enough, they never ask him for help. They don't pay any attention to him. He's never noticed or promoted. He just "is." He comes and goes every day. Nothing ever changes.

Now, this is a metaphor. These metaphors or allegories we present are "things that mean other things." They consist of a message within a story, or a story within a story. The deeper you look, the more you'll see. Many of the things are given in a subtle way today, but they'll seem more dramatic later. They will only reveal themselves to those who look harder and study this parable. There are layers of truth here, not all of them obvious.

Wo had something happen to him. He sat before Spirit as he normally did and said this: "Dear God, show me what it is I need to know. I don't know where to begin. You know about the three areas in my life where I wish to co-create miracles, but I don't know where to begin." In the following days after his meditation, an energy appeared to Wo. It happened during one of those mysterious times when he wasn't really doing much of anything. Actually, he was singing and playing. Suddenly, an angel appeared to Wo and said, "Wo, fear not! I'm here because you asked me to be." And Wo was overjoyed. He spoke to the angel and said, "Oh, I think I know what you're here for. You know about the three areas of my life that I'm having trouble with. I need your help. I would like to co-create my way through these. I want it to be appropriate, and I want it to be correct. I wish it to honor my spirituality and my uniqueness in the universe. I'm ready!" Wo's heart was in the right place, and he really was ready.

The angel replied, "Yes, that's why I'm here. Wo, I have a tool for you here. It's a new tool of co-creation. I have a hammer, a chisel, and there's even a saw. And you're going to be able to hammer, chisel, and saw-out the pieces that you need to fit in the puzzle of life. It will co-create the things that you need to fulfill your vision."

"These are my new gifts!" he exclaimed. "Three of them. I am so thankful. Thank you, angel."

And the angel said, "That's not all, Wo. I'm going to be back later - after you have fashioned your pieces - with one more gift."

"I'll look forward to that." Wo said, and the angel vanished.

Can you imagine the euphoria of actually having that kind of an answer during a challenging time? He was excited! Wo began the process of creating the pieces of the puzzle he needed. He was going to create three pieces. Each piece would be fashioned uniquely, for he was a unique creature of the universe, fitting into a complex interdimensional puzzle. He would need to have a unique feeling of what he would do. So Wo sat down and stated: "The first piece I wish to fashion is that of my life's purpose - what I see myself as - a healer, a teacher. It's going to be a beautiful piece. Here's how I see it: It's going to be square here, round here... it's going to have some protrusions right here. It will be beautiful. There will be symmetry, and it's going to be a lovely piece of the puzzle. God will be pleased!" And he began.

And so Wo carved and he chiseled, and when he was done, it was indeed beautiful. Wo knew that it was a spiritual piece that belonged just to him. He had used his wisdom and his imagination and all the things he felt were unique to him. He carefully sanded the piece, and then he oiled it so that it would shine and be unique so that others would notice it. Then he did something he knew he had to do. He put a rope on the piece and hung it around his neck. It was a statement that said, "I am Wo, the teacher. I am Wo, the wise. This is my co-created piece. It is done in all appropriateness and love. It is who I am."

Wo sent out flyers, knowing full-well that the energy of everything he was doing regarding his talents for wise teaching and healing would pay off because he was wearing his piece. Wo waited and waited... and nothing happened. Nobody came. There was no change. Wo thought to himself, Well, maybe I'm doing something wrong. I'll just wait. Maybe the grid has to change a little more. Maybe the energy is not right for me and the unique piece I have. I'll work on the second one. Perhaps two are needed for one to work?

So Wo began his abundance piece. "Well, now, what does that piece of abundance look like?" Wo asked himself. "I know what I need, and I know where the storehouse is, so I'll just put this here and that there. I know it will interrelate to the first piece. Yes, that's it! The pieces must fit together with themselves." He thought he had it. "I will make all three pieces fit with all the others in order to have a trilogy of pieces, creating energy for the things I'm trying to co-create."

Wo went to work on the second piece. Oh, it fit great with the first piece! It was his abundance piece. It was beautiful and unique. It took him a long time, but when finished, he sanded it, took off the rough edges, oiled it, and wore both pieces around his neck. It was getting a little heavier now. And it made a statement that said, "I am Wo the wise, I'm a teacher. And by the way, I'm also abundant. Take a look." Well, the money didn't come in. Wo had to go to the bank and borrow again like he'd done many times... with his hat in his hand... and his spiritual pieces hanging there. Wo felt insulted.

Wo had an idea: "If I'm a healer, then that will bring the abundance. I'll never have to go to work again." He saw the trilogy completed, and he set out to make a third piece that when completed, would activate the other two. Wo knew it would work. "The three together will be unique. It's going to represent my co-creative energy in the Universe." And he made the third piece. Oh, it was gorgeous! It fit wonderfully into the first two. He had to make the rope bigger, however, since it was a bit heavy. He finished it and sanded it. He took the rough edges off and oiled it up. It shone in the light and was gorgeous.

So there he was for the entire universe to see. Behold Wo, the co-creative. Wo, the wise, abundant teacher... and management material as well. Wo went to work that way. He knew everybody would see it. And they did. They fired him. It seems like a little bit of Wo goes a long way. [Laughter]

What did I do wrong? Wo wondered. He had followed the instructions of Spirit. He had the tools - divine tools, creating a divine part of who he was. They all fit, too. In three areas of his life where he was challenged, where he wanted changes, he tried to bring it about with appropriateness and love. It didn't hurt anybody. He didn't step on anybody. He loved everyone. Yet here he was, worse off than he had been before!

Wo spoke to Spirit in a meditative moment. "Dear angel, I think I need you again. Dear Spirit, tell me what it is I need to know." And the angel appeared!

"Well, Wo," the angel remarked, "I couldn't help but notice that you've used the tools. My, those are beautiful pieces! However, I think what I have now is going to help you even more. Wo, I'm going to give you a set of interdimensional Lattice glasses. They will work only briefly, and when you put them on, you're going to be able to see yourself and the lattice together. It's the first time that we've offered this to Humanity. I'm going to give you the gift of using the glasses four times."

Wo was so pleased to have this help. He took the glasses, thanked the angel, and said, "I challenge the glasses to show me my piece in the Lattice regarding my life's purpose." I wish to know what I did wrong. I wish to know if the piece was shaped incorrectly. Should it now be larger? Smaller? I wish to see all." So Wo created ceremony within the experience, and he put on the glasses.

Life's Purpose

Wo was instantly transported to a magnificent place in the universe, a Lattice that sang to him - the most glorious music he'd ever heard! There, he saw pieces of the whole puzzle. He saw the strings of the Lattice. He saw and heard the orchestra and the choir. He recognized the resonance of what was missing... the missing piece of the tune he was experiencing. He heard and saw a hole in the Lattice music that indicated, "Wo goes here." Then the vision disappeared.

Wo had quickly memorized the energy shape of the new resonance piece. It didn't look anything like the one he had put together by himself. Instead, it was a piece that resonated with the rest of the energy around him. That was the key, he now realized. He had to take his place within a "whole reality." He had to play an instrument next to the other one who played an instrument. Together, the resonance, one with another, created still another energy... a larger one. Together they made what Wo would call his new reality. The secret? His piece didn't have to match Wo at all. It had to match what the others were doing, and theirs had to match his!

Wo went to work. He shaped the missing piece exactly as he had seen it in the vision. It resonated, and sang the note that the others wanted to hear - the note that was missing in the chord. And he sanded it and took the rough edges off and it was beautiful. Then he hung it around his neck. Suddenly the phone started ringing. "Wo, can we come over? We've got some problems to talk about. We know you're a wise man and we'd like to talk to you about things." And Wo said, "Please come over." Wo began his life's purpose. It began slowly, and there was much to learn, but Wo was helping people. Indeed he had wisdom. He resonated with them and they were able to see his resonance because Wo was singing as part of the choir. The angelic song was complete, and all around him heard the tune at some level.

Oh, dear ones, are you beginning to understand? You can be as individualistic as you wish. You can be as unique as you actually are. But I will tell you that in your uniqueness, you must sing the resonant note. You have to understand the group around you! You are someone else's co-creation! Do you understand? The choir sings together. It resonates together, and it harmonizes together. What you're asking for is a piece and a part of what somebody else is asking for. Together, you make a complete energy, even though you can't see the whole puzzle. You wish to launch out on your own and leave the others behind? You better reconsider what you're doing, for frustration is the result, and Human drama is often the product. Instead, honor everything around you. See it as part of the puzzle, and listen. Be still, and hear the celestial choir. They sing in the "key of Love."

Life's Abundance

Wo could hardly wait to see the storehouse piece. He again put on the glasses. Wo exclaimed, "This is going to be my interdimensional piece. I always wanted this one. This is really going to be good!" He put the glasses on and again was instantly transported to a special place in the Universe, with beautiful music and resonance. He saw his abundance, and it was astonishing! There it was, the storehouse that God had said was his, and it belonged to everyone. There was the missing piece! Then it vanished. But right before it vanished, Wo saw something really disturbing. Right before the vision left, when he was memorizing the shape, it changed! Oh, dear. How am I supposed to make a new piece when it constantly changes? Wo wondered.
What Wo saw wasn't really a changing shape, but rather a changing melody. The theme was always in motion. Every time it changed its melody, another piece was needed to fill in the harmony. Wo thought to himself that this was just too difficult. Just when I finish one, I'll have to try to figure out what the next one should look like... and I won't even have the glasses!

Then the wise Wo, the teacher Wo, the one who had learned to sing the note he needed for the first challenge, finally got the answer. This piece is not going to be a four-dimensional piece. It can't be. It's going to be an interdimensional piece that sings with a changing choir. Wo fashioned it in his own way - a piece that was variable. It could go many ways. It was unique, and he put it with the other one. This time he didn't put it around his neck, either. Instead, he put it on the altar of Wo - the place of honor and respect and of love of self. Then he saw the dynamics of the abundance that he was trying to create, and he laughed at his innocence!

Wo never got his storehouse. Instead, the wise Wo got something better: a sustenance. The actual knowledge, out of worry or concern, that every single day of his life would be taken care of somehow, in some way. The storehouse was so vast that it was the storehouse of the whole orchestra and the entire choir. It was like having a new sacred melody every single day. It was a sustenance that was so profound that Wo stopped worrying about money. Certainly there were times when he didn't seem to have the rent money. In the past, he would worry, pray in a anxious manner, and prostrate himself before God on his knees and make a lot of noise until he felt he had somehow been heard. The difference now was that when the rent was due, he smiled before God and sang with the choir. His thoughts were positive. "I'm going to create this specific amount. Oh, I may not have a large amount in reserve, but I have a storehouse of the orchestra, and my piece will fit when I need it to fit. I will celebrate the feeling of when it arrives, even though I don't have any idea of the exact time of circumstance." And the amount arrived... sometimes to the penny.

Listen, dear ones, we know that this process is out of the linearity that you are comfortable with. But the beauty of this? Interdimensionally, it's always there, unique and beautiful. No matter where you are or what situation you're in, the energy you create is the melody of the "now." In the past, you created a structure in your reality. Then you asked for abundance to be given to your structure. Now, let the structure be the choir, and let your needs be met out of the box, so to speak.

Fitting into the Human Culture

Finally, Wo put on the glasses for a third time. He saw and heard the missing piece that he called "his 4D work" and was astonished. It didn't look anything like he thought. As before, he shaped it in a unique way. He sanded and oiled it. It fit and sang beautifully with the choir. He didn't hang it around his neck either. Instead, he put it in his pocket, always available, but not seen by all. Wo received a job that didn't seem to be very important, at least not in the culture of his land. He was disappointed by this until the situation started to change. The "unimportant job" became important because those who saw Wo walking around in the hallway said, "What are you doing here, Wo? We can see that you're wise and worry-free. Perhaps you can do something for this company. It's not an important company, but we need your help. Wo, we think because of your wisdom and attitude that you're management material!" And so he was. And Wo started the process of fitting sweetly into an area of his life that he once hated. One note harmonized with the other, and the choir all sang in a way that made Wo peaceful. He was in a safe spot, kind of like you are right now, as you are being spoken to and loved.

Dear ones, do you just tolerate the job you "have to" go to? Did you ever wonder if there was anything there for you besides a cultural necessity for you to exist? What if someone else's synchronicity was waiting for you? What if they were praying daily for help in their lives, and you had answers? Did you ever think of that? What do you show them there? Do you show them a peaceful, joyful countenance? Do you celebrate an "unimportant" job? Do you emote a peaceful energy? Be aware - things are not always as they seem. Perhaps you are their solution - an angel of synchronicity? Did you ever stop and listen to the choir while you were there?

You might say, well, that's the end of the parable. The message is obvious - that you can be as unique as you wish, but every single Human creature on this earth fits with the other. The ones you least expect have a piece that's next to you, and in all of your uniqueness and in theirs, you resonate together to create a third energy that creates a co-creation for your life. In a four-dimensional aspect, you're doing it alone, but in an interdimensional aspect, you're doing it with everyone else. But we're not quite finished with Wo. There's a loose end.

The Big Picture

The angel had told Wo that he could wear the glasses four times. That was odd, since Wo only had three challenges he'd been praying about. The linear Human might have even thrown the glasses away, thinking that the energy was all used up. But Wo put the glasses on the fourth time. He said to the glasses, "What is here for me to see, that the angel knew I should know?" Wo then put on the glasses. That's when he saw the most profound thing in his life: Wo was given a glimpse of all the pieces together. He saw his pieces - the ones called Wo - the Higher-Self, and the others. He saw all of them.

There was not a trip, taking Wo to parts of the universe. Instead, right where Wo was, all standing side by side, Wo got to briefly see the group that was Wo. He saw something no Human had ever seen clearly. There were five giant blue forms, and we'll talk about those someday. But what Wo saw that tapped his heart was this: Metaphorically or not, making a circle around Wo was a family that Wo knew! His brothers were there, his sisters, his parents, and even his children! Understand for a moment that this Human family had not all passed over. No. Many were alive on the planet. Yet, here was a glimpse of them in an interdimensional way that indicated that they were part of him! What could that mean?

Listen: Dear ears and eyes of family before me, how can we tell you something out of the realm of understanding? How can we show you what you cannot see? You make arrangements with those around you before you ever arrive here. In this "soup" of Human energy that you call YOU, there are pieces and parts of this family that are also part of you. There is a support group here, and even after they're gone from your 4D experience on Earth, they remain as part of you. This goes way beyond the genetics and the biology and the one layer of DNA that you can see. It's far beyond that. Wo got a glimpse of the group that was Wo. To this day, he doesn't understand it all. How can they be here and also part of Wo? What about his parents? He thought they were gone and by now, perhaps, had reincarnated into some other being on the earth and were working just like Wo. How could they still be with Wo? How could such a thing be?

Can you really be in two or three places at the same time? Yes, you can. You'd better get used to it. It's all part of the unthinkable - the unseeable. Perhaps the you in the mirror is also part of another's energy? If you understand that, then you're well on your way to understanding how you're all part of the orchestra on an interdimensional Lattice... yet all are unique pieces of God. The Lattice sings a beautiful tune - a tune of harmony - a tune of love. It's a tune with a message that tells all of you that you're eternal and interconnected.

Be as unique as you wish, but be quiet and listen to the song around you, because that's the musical key you're being asked to sing in. Metaphoric? Oh, yes. But you're going to get even more of that kind of teaching as we instruct four-dimensional creatures how to be in 23D.
So, whereas you thought you had the gifts of Spirit to make co-creation happen, and whereas you thought you had the unique pieces of the puzzle that would allow you to construct your own path, don't make too much noise as you hammer and chisel away, or you'll miss the key you're supposed to sing in! It's a key that represents the life next to you and the life next to that, and the life next to that. Then, dear Human Being, when enough of you sing in that key, there will no be more war on this planet!

It isn't just for a few, you know? It's an awakening that's taking place everywhere. It's represented in the wisdom of the indigo color, and new Humans [children] who see spatially - the whole puzzle first - before anyone teaches them about the pieces. That's the difference between you and them. It's about a consciousness shift - one that's aware of the orchestra as they walk from here to there, and that's the truth. It's the new key and a new tune for the planet. It's a tune that has a name, a potential, and a great solution. It's a tune we'll call "The New Jerusalem." Peace on the planet. Peace for your children. Hope.

You're in duality, dear ones, and always will be. There is old energy all around you, and the representatives of it will fight tooth and nail to keep the old prophecies alive. There are those who really do wish for the Armageddon, you know? And what do you do in return? What do you do with those who wish for the doom and gloom - those convinced that you represent a farce? Love them and sing with the choir, for they are in it, too... they just don't have the song yet.

And so it is in this moment, normally a time when we would retreat from this place where you sit listening and reading, we will instead say to you that not all of us will go. For some of you really did receive this interdimensional message, and you really need somebody to sing with. So let the song begin, and celebrate the new voices in your choir.
Go in peace on this beautiful planet.
And so it is.