Toronto, Ontario, Canada ~ September 21, 2002 ~
Host - Shirley Clark
(above and right) Downtown Toronto... a really pretty Canadian city!
Does it look kind of sleepy in this room? That's because it's early! Some folks arrive hours before-hand, just to sit on the front row!
(above): See the ones who are smiling? They are on the front row! (see above)
Who takes these pictures of the attendees? Guess.*
* Hint - initials are LC
Jan Tober starts the meeting, as usual, with a color and sound balancing and toning session.
(left - clockwise, starting at upper left)
Shirley Clark (host)
Steve Dubro, Jan Tober, Peggy Phoenix Dubro
Robert and Leena Coxon
Bea Wragee, our San Diego associate.

Robert Coxon at the Keyboard - um, well, he didn't like his photo in this one so we erased him using PhotoShop on the computer.

The reason this photo is so unusual is because Dr. Todd Ovokaitys was not supposed to be in Toronto! He arrived as if by magic, at the last minute. It was a great surprise!
Robert Coxon performs a special concert after the seminar. Here, those who attended got to hear selections from the long-awaited new album!