Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - Reno, Nevada
March 29, 2003
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Lee Carroll
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Through the Eyes of Ascension - Part II

Reno, Nevada – March 29, 2003

This Kryon live channelling was given in Reno, Nevada in March of 2003. It is part two of a two part series given in two different locations regarding Ascension, and what it means in this new grid complete energy.

[This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channelling.]

Greetings, Dear Ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

How many of you felt it when you walked in this morning [speaking to the audience]? What’s lurking in the other dimensions that even your scientists now agree must contain something? I’ll tell you what part of it is: It's the unseen. It's "things that no longer can be denied."

A sweet entourage gathered here three days ago in the middle of the night. This group agreed to posture the very elements that this room is made of. It went around informing the wood, the plaster, and the cloth. It talked to the glass in the crystal, to the cement, the elements which were man-made, created out of elements that were here already. It told the elements: "Something will happen here in three days. Prepare the room for shamans," it said. It told the matter in this room to structure itself in celebration and to be prepared for the masters. And that was three days ago. Then, this morning, in walked the shamans and the masters… and those who gave intent to read these words.

Some are questioning that this could possibly be a channelled message. There are those here right now who don’t believe such a thing. Channelling must be a joke, they say. After all, that’s not really the way God speaks to men and women, is it? Oh, yes, it is! It always has been. It always will be. It is the way of enlightenment, you know. It is the way of all of the masters you know of. It is the way of all of the prophets you know about. Men and women wrote all of the scriptures, if you recall. Where did they get their information? What made it scripture, if it only came from a Human? I’ll tell you. When it contains information that "rings true," then it’s speaking right to the core of your divinity. There’s a core inside of each Human Being that tells when things are accurate or not. It's a divine core because you are eternal.

Dear Human Being, I know your name. And it's not the name that’s on the name tags that were given to you at the door. I know the name that is eternal... and so does the plaster... and so does the fabric, the iron, the cement, the glass, and the crystal. They celebrate that name, for this planet is populated with the energy of that name. Each of you is a piece of everything around you. Someday we'll even give a channelling on that.

Well hidden, this planet is. It's to allow you to conduct the test without interruption. The divinity is also well hidden from you in what is called the "duality." Even this day, the questions have been asked, "Why me, why now, why this?" Oh, let us put our arms around you! Isn’t it time? Accept the pruning of the planet. The tree in winter is not a pretty sight, but the tree is ageless. The tree knows something about the way of things. The tree understands and realizes that with time, as the timeless cyclical weather changes take place, there will again be health and beauty. Go ahead and interview a tree in the dead of winter and it will say, "Oh, please, don’t look at me now. Come back later … please come back. I’ll be more beautiful the next time you see me, and then even more the next time after that."

And so we say to you within this metaphor, celebrate your life! Celebrate the pruning and celebrate winter if you wish, for this is what you asked for, shaman. In a time in your life that you probably don’t even remember, divinity gathered around you and celebrated the fact that you gave permission to do what you’re doing right now!

God does not "do things" to Human Beings. It’s not the way of it. Instead, what takes place is carefully orchestrated with your permission. Oh, you might deny that, and so it is, you say, "Why me, why now, why this?" Perhaps it's because you’re really not convinced about the family around you? So you sit here, humanitarian, and you cry for the earth. We told you about this time [speaking of the Iraq war], yet you don't wish to claim it, do you? Too much sorrow. Too much pruning.

What if I told you that what you may be seeing on your earth is one of the last events like this on this planet? Perhaps a mold is being cast regarding something that you don’t ever want to see again? What if this event was one of the last of its kind?

There would be those who would say, "Oh, no. You see, war is inbred in humanity. We will always destroy one another." You would continue to say, "War like this will always be. There will always be these things." Really? What if I told you this? Everything that has happened in these last 12 years has been about transmuting those very statements. What if I told you that when the veil lifts and the consciousness moves, the battle we described between the old and the new energy would be one that informs consciousness of "what it will never do again"?

What if I told you that this was a new dispensation? A renaissance of consciousness. What if I told you that you’re alive to facilitate it! What if I told you that’s why you came here? You might say, "Well, what have I got to do with it? What should I do with it? I abhor it. I don’t like anything about it." Some work is like that, you know?

Oh, let the metaphors begin!
There you are, lighthouse. You’re standing on the rock, aren’t you - shining your light. In fact, you may have found a place to anchor yourself, so no waves can wash over you and damage the structure. Not only that, you put yourselves on the rocks that are dangerous, haven’t you? Dangerous ground, you’re on, but not for a lighthouse. After all, that’s why you came, that’s why you were built. You're a lighthouse.

Then it gets dark, and many people are afraid. The ships of humanity are trying to steer themselves into the safe harbors that you’re purposefully stationed around. And within this metaphor you can call the harbors anything you want to. Perhaps they’re harbors of wisdom, integrity, high consciousness, peace on earth, or The New Jerusalem. But there you are, standing in the right place at the right time.

When it gets dark, it gets dangerous. It looks bleak, doesn’t it? But suddenly you kindle your light. In all of your glory, there you are, lighthouse, with the only light by the rocks. Then all you do is shine. The many ships see it, and one by one they steer themselves into the safe harbor. The masters of those ships don't know who you are. They never meet you or your family. They don’t know your name. But they see your light, and they steer by it. Sometimes it’s just intuitive. You may not even be aware of your own light, since you’re holding it, but the ships around you know. One after another, they make it to the safety of the harbor.

If there are enough lighthouses on Earth, the ships of humanity will all find their way to the safe harbor. And through the ages, lighthouses stand fast no matter what the politics of the time. Let me ask you this, lighthouse: As you stand firmly on the rock, which side did you take in the current struggle? What language did you speak to the ship’s captain? And the answer is that you didn’t take sides, and you had no dialogue with the captain of any ship. Instead, you just stood there, anchored in the love of God, helping all the ships to see in the dark.

I hope you understand what we’re saying. Get above the fray. No matter what your culture demands, or your three-dimensionality tells you you’re supposed to do, stop. Understand that you are beyond the polarization that others have. Instead, there’s a layer of new wisdom. It’s almost a layer of ascension. It's a layer that understands very, very clearly what is at hand. What are you supposed to do? I’ll give it to you again, lighthouse, and I’ll be plain about it.

Does the lighthouse examine the flags of the vessels it helps? No. Does it interview the political ideas of the ship's masters? No. The lighthouse loves humanity, and it’s there to help the whole picture, regardless of what others see as correct or incorrect.

Where do you think the trouble is right now on your planet? Reader, where is the trouble on your planet? Consider wherever that is. Perhaps it’s a country - maybe a battlefield or a culture, or a place where there’s disease. Maybe it’s a small office in a capital that’s oval? Whatever your perception is, listen carefully - get above the fray. Don't absorb the anger or the polarization of opinion. Get above that.

These troubled places are dim and they’re dark. They don’t have the light that you have. So what do you do with that light? It’s not about sending some kind of political message. It’s not even about sending peace or an idea of what you think should be, sent to areas that need it. Oh, no. Instead, it’s about turning on the light! What if you were to send the light that you have - the divinity that you have - into a dark area. What would take place?

Sometimes people walk around in darkness and they don't even know it. When the light is turned on, they’re amazed, and they see things they never saw before. So when you turn on the light, you haven’t sent anyone any kind of message. Instead, all you’ve done is to enable their sight. You’ve given them free choice and the wisdom that’s theirs, to see what’s been hidden. It’s called revelation. I want you to remember the times in your life when you discovered things you never knew were so. I want you to remember the times in your life when you had the "ah-ha," when you made some decisions that changed things forever. That's the process of the lighthouse, and that light you carry. And that's what we wish to speak about.

What’s the difference between this energy today and the energy, for instance, of a month ago? We speak to you in the year of the five, in the month of the three [2003, March]. The five represents change, and the three is catalytic. The catalyst is something that is a push, is it not? When combined with something else, the catalyst makes something happen. When there’s no combination, the catalyst sits unmoved, without energy. Together, they represent the eight, which is the number we gave for this new dispensation of responsibility.

All the things you see happening at this point are not an accident. Can you get above the choices in 3-D and instead take the choice of wisdom and shine the light? That’s the message. It’s the message I gave to my partner to transmit sometime ago. It’s the message I transmit now. It’s why you came. During these times, many will be dragged down by what the culture says they should do, or by the politics of their time. But how many of you, instead, can climb up the ladder inside the lighthouse and put on the "Mantel of Spirit" and turn on the element of light? Don’t be surprised if you’re alone when you do that. Perhaps you’re understanding the dynamics? That lighthouse keeper who’s alone today in this room, or reading this, is surrounded by other lighthouse keepers.

Let the teaching begin:
Nothing is so profound as what we started discussing the last time we were with you. In the teaching today, some may wish to consider this "part two" of a larger teaching. And you’d be right. It is.

Why Didn't Kryon give this information before now?
Some have asked why it is that over 12 years of lessons and information, Kryon never spoke directly about the ascension energy. Now you know. It was a subject that could not be broached in its completeness before the grid was finished. For even we did not know what the energy would be like that you would settle on. Now it's here. Let me ask you this: If you took a long voyage from one continent to another, would you stop in the middle of the ocean and complain that you weren’t there yet? Would you throw the skipper overboard and ask for another, simply because you hadn't reached the destination yet? The answer seems fairly obvious, yet there are many who deserted this ship of enlightenment in mid-voyage... and sought other information... because Kryon would not stop the ship and give them instructions for the port of call. Eventually they’ll find themselves in an empty, sinking ship, while yours had finally reached the port, ready to disembark to the library of knowledge.

Once you get past these first two steps, which are a result of you pushing open that door of infinity, then you start the work. "All right, Kryon, how many steps are there in the work?" Again, the answer is "Yes." [laughter] How many steps are there to infinity, when they show themselves one step at a time? Is there one, or many? And if there are many, how many? How long is a string? What is the length of a circle? Do you begin to understand how Spirit cannot give that longed-for linear answer to a nonlinear, interdimensional question?

The Big Picture - A Revelation of Possibility
I will now give you some of the things that take place during the process we’ve described as "ascension." What happens when a Human Being starts to take on their own masterhood? Oh, listen: There’s a moment or two for some, which might be days, or even years, for others. This is very difficult. What we will describe happens in a ""moment or two" in nonlinear time where the veil is lifted instantaneously and you see Humanity - all of it, at once - and you weep.

It's not just that you get to see the inhumanity, man to man. It's not just those who are dying and that you would cry for. Oh, no. Instead, you see the big picture for a moment, and that’s tough to get through. Through the eyes of ascension, one of the first things that happens is that the sensitivity of it all overwhelms you. You get to see what’s actually happening on the earth, and you cannot relate to any of it.

Master shaman, this will explain why some run to the hills. They cannot even get through the first step. They’ll do anything they can to sequester themselves so they never have to see it, never have to hear it, and never, never have to tell about it. Oversensitive? That puts it mildly. It is but one step, and not a step you think you asked to go through. But indeed, it’s a result of what you’ve asked to do. This first reaction may pass quickly, or it can last a very long time. That’s up to you. How many will be stuck there, never understanding that it’s part of the voyage? There are many there now. It’s the foreknowledge of this that will help you to make it through. Many get paralyzed with awe, and don't even wish to come out, or continue.

This is the "responsibility awareness," and it's a shock for many. Gone are the days when you may sit and pray for those in trouble and feel nothing. Instead, for a moment in this process, you get to BE those in trouble. You see the suffering, the sorrow, and the lessons. Through the eyes of the ascended, you see the duality of the earth Human, and you weep for their efforts. You visit their hearts, and you "see" the heart of humanity.

Becoming Part of the Earth - Like Never Before
Once you get through this stage, there’s another, equally potent step, or reaction, in an attitude where you may also become stuck. Suddenly you begin to relate to the earth - the very dirt of the earth. You look at the trees and sky differently. Your passion starts to shift, and you see yourself as part of this system of life. Now you begin to weep for the planet! Indeed, these first steps are all about responsibility and awareness. But what is it about becoming spiritual that makes one weep so much, you might ask? It’s about falling in love with humanity and the earth. It’s about falling in love with everything.

As the veil is stripped away, I would like to tell you, the choruses of who you really are start to sing their songs, and the love of God is the tune. And some of you can’t get through it. You say, "Too sensitive! I'm becoming too sensitive." And then you decide to find anything to do that would keep you from seeing what it is you need to. You run from it.

You may stay in this attitude as long as you wish, but we tell you about these things so you will know that if you find yourself in that situation, look at it as a long voyage, but a voyage, nevertheless. A voyage is, by its very name, a trip from one place to another. Perhaps it's one port to another, or perhaps it's a voyage across a large ocean.

These first two reactions to the ascension energy are like a foreword to a book of knowledge. They represent a reposturing of attitude, and a revelation of spiritual purpose. They "soften the Human spirit" for what is next.

Interdimensionality provides an entirely different concept of life. There’s a pallet of learning, of expression that comes next. For the exception of one element, this pallet of attributes could be presented in any order. It's called "the ascension pallet." Here are six colors in that pallet.

The Pallet of Learning
There’s one attribute on the pallet that must come first. What’s the next step after the preliminary reactions we’ve described? After intent is given, after the door is open, after the posturing begins, after you fall in love with the planet and cry for humanity and you’re now stable enough to start the learning process, what’s the first thing that you learn? How do I tell you this? You’re going to begin to remove something from your DNA!

This next step is unique. I want you to understand something about the interdimensional "cup" of DNA information. All of those layers within the DNA you cannot see - the ones that are filled with karmic information and life lesson - the ones that describe who you are this time around - your temporary contracts - are complete, full, layers. That cup of DNA is always FULL. All the DNA is used for information, every portion. There’s no unused portion. The entire DNA complement of every Human is filled to the brim when you arrive on the planet.

You might ask, "What do some of these layers contain?" Let me tell you what just one layer contains: It contains a postulate of duality, an attribute of Human nature. It's something that you’re about to eliminate, and it's complicated, since it's "fear."

Fear and Wisdom… the Interdimensional Brothers
Find me the master who is afraid. You won’t. Perhaps you’ve studied the lives of many masters? Perhaps you felt they were afraid, but were just putting up a good show of faith? Name the master whom you’d like to study, and I’ll tell you that they were not afraid, and here’s why. In that cup called DNA, that layer that’s filled with fear in most Humans, there was none in the ascended one. The ascension process voided it. This process was the total and complete removal of that energy from the Human's psyche, from the body, from the divinity, and from all of the things that belonged to it.

This is actually the first actual "working step" in the ascension process. The fearful things that have your "stamp" and your name upon them, must be stripped out, literally pulled like a string right out of your body's DNA - pulled out, wrapped around a metaphoric spool, called the "spool of fear," and tossed in the trash - severed. Never to be reconnected again. It's a change of Human nature, and a profound one, which will be taken away.

To make this even more difficult to imagine, I will now tell you something interdimensional about your DNA. Fear is located as a sheath around almost every layer, one that we previously called a "crystalline sheath." Remember, the crystalline sheath is a metaphor for a "memory of knowledge" and begs to be reprogrammed and changed. Hiding in this information is the secret behind how DNA is reworked, and how miracles are accomplished within your biology.

The first result of taking away fear is that this full cup of DNA I told you about is now only partially filled. It doesn't matter how much fear was removed, the cup is not filled anymore. Some might say that since each Human is different, there might be more or less space now available, with the fear removed. Actually, the same amount of "fear potential" is in every single Human Being. It only seems that some have more than others, since part of any spiritual process is the ability to void it. What we’re saying is that each Human has the same amount of "fear potential," but it's the balance of a Human that determines how much is actually manifested. However, in this divine process called ascension, the Human will eliminate it.

Here’s where it also gets a bit more complicated. This pallet of items I’m beginning to tell you about is part of an interdimensional grouping. This group sits above, and at right angles, to one another. They are not in a line, or queue, waiting to be used. You’re not going to address one and then another and another. Instead, they’re used simultaneously, yet separately. Think of the painter. The pallet of mixed, colored paints exists in a circle. In order to paint the picture in the artist's mind, he may seem to be using the colors one at a time, but in reality, he’s thinking about the whole as he continually dips back into the same colors over and over to create his vision. He doesn't use the colors one at a time. He uses all the colors constantly. The whole is therefore created from the pallet, and is a unique creation. Note… the artist doesn’t end up with a picture of a pallet! Therefore, do you understand that although this pallet may be the same for everyone, the result of using it is unique for each?

As you strip out the string of fear, there’s another piece on the pallet that begins to replace it. To keep the cup full, the attribute that goes back in is called wisdom! Imagine: A Human Being who walks the earth with no fear and has his wisdom increased. Does that sound like a master? Yes. It is. It's a transformation… an alchemy. It's a profound change in Human nature, and within the setup you were born with.

The Temple of Rejuvenation, revisited (Kryon Book II)
Now, there is precedent for this at the molecular level, and it's an ancient one we've discussed before. There’s a process in cellular rejuvenation that no one has spoken of and it’s time to reveal. Part of the ancient molecular process of rejuvenation as it was experienced in the Temple in Atlantis is the process of rewriting and removal around layers of DNA.

In those days, with the machinery of rejuvenation that we described [Kryon Book II - 1993], something interesting happened: In the process we described, the DNA was affected in a way that was temporary. Whatever seemed to be voided, also seemed to return with time. So the treatment became cyclical - removal, return, removal, return. The time-cycle (as we described) was three years. Therefore, you could say that even the best rejuvenation process known to humanity (and this was still the best one to date), only lasted for a while, until the natural state of your biology recovered from the magnetic time-reverse alteration.

In the ascension process, there’s no return. The DNA sheath is rewritten, and the fear is removed. It’s about creating a Human Being who is unique - a Human Being who, if you had the instrument to look into the DNA under an interdimensional microscope, was changed from the normal DNA at birth. But no machinery is needed in this step, and the power of a lifted veil and a new Earth energy with a stable, altered gird, supplies the engine of the process.

We have just described two of the six attributes on the interdimensional pallet: Fear and wisdom. One replacing the other. How long does that take? How about three days? How about three decades? What is it that the Human will allow in this process? What is the Human's divine time cycle? All these things play into this scenario. Each manual for ascension is different.

Let me describe the third. It's on the ascension pallet, and it's called balance, but it's actually a karmic rewrite. There’s a layer of your DNA that you’ve called your karma. It's completely and totally misnamed, however. In this energy, all of the processes that used to revolve around karma, the result of it, the decisions around it, and the purpose for it, are greatly reduced.

We spoke before about one of the attributes of the pure Indigo Child. It is the complete lack of karma, did you know that? You cannot make an Indigo Child feel guilty. They have no programming for that. It’s not meaningful to them, since guilt is almost always a manifestation of karmic energy. If the DNA "cup" must always be full, what do you think the Indigo Child has instead of karma? The answer? Compassion and the quest for solution of strife. That is why we have named them "The Peacemakers."

A Prediction
Here is a potential clearly within your time. There will come a time when a young Palestinian and a young Israeli will stand eye-to-eye, both of the Indigo consciousness. They will look at one another and they will make an agreement, starting something different - something you’ve never seen before in the Middle East. They will agree that it makes no difference what happened on the land they stand upon - who did what to whom - who believes they’re owed this or that, or who came first. They will agree instead to rewrite history, and let it begin NOW.

They will do this without changing their spiritual beliefs and without changing their cultures. Only the consciousness of the past will change. In order for this to happen, the crystalline grid of this planet has got to change, also. That’s what they’re waiting for. You have a few more years for that to grab those who may be involved. This potential is on the radar screen of your immediate future so strongly that we even want to give you their names, but we cannot, for it could be one of 18 people. All alive right now. One may be female.

If, in an interdimensional scenario, there is no such thing as the past and the present, then what is going to be contained in a layer you called karma, which was an engine that generated energy from past expressions? What do you think? Do you understand how the energy shift of this planet has created obsolete attributes within the spiritual portion of Human DNA? The ascension process will replace all karma with something you won’t even understand? The timeless balance of the "now." Think of it as instant karma, or "now" karma. You generate and fulfill it in one step!

You absolutely cannot measure what’s happening now against some kind of spiritual blueprint that you had within the oldest teachings or texts on the planet. You cannot glean new energy information from the old energy tutorials! Yet many not only try, they use the old information as weapons in their attempt to stop you from your shift, and to void out your light. They try to stop the new by quoting the old. Watch for this, and make up your own mind when the arguments are put forward.

You might ask, "But didn't the masters give us the information?" The answer is yes, but the masters presented information for an existing energy, not one that hadn't happened, and that was not even expected. The masters who walked the earth were timeless. At some level they knew that their words would be heard forever, but not one of them foresaw the changes that you’ve made on this planet! Some Humans laugh at that. "God knows everything that will happen," they say. Let me ask you this: If that is so, then why are you here, playing out a scenario that will temper the "future" of the universe. If the future is already known, then you shouldn't be here! There’s no reason for this test! See it this way: God knows every potential that could ever happen in the "now." Humanity is creating and selecting one of those potentials, and manifesting it into a reality that is a catalyst for all of creation.

The masters who walked this earth in history even had control over the matter around them. You see, they were in love with the Earth. They knew that matter talked back. They were in the now, perpetually, without karma. There are even those today who have these exact attributes and are showing them to the masses daily.

What does the new ascended one on this planet do with this new energy of wisdom and balance? What do you do, Lightworker, when you put on the mantel of ascension? What is the reason for your existence in the new energy? It’s to change what’s around you, through the process of "turning on the light," that others in free choice may see reveled concepts... brought through your efforts.

The Earth Work Increasing the Vibration of the Planet
Let us start with the earth. The one who is ascended, who walks on this planet as a Human, is the one who walks with all matter as his partner. This is the one who is in love with the East and North and South and the West. It’s the one who animals are attracted to, and the one whom Humans love to be with. It is a Human Being in ascension status who truly is in love with the planet. And this particular connection allows work in the planet that no other Human can do like this one can.

The rewrite of the crystalline grid is going to be the most important spiritual work, until 2012. The rewrite of this crystalline grid will rewrite the past of the planet. There’s nobody that this earth energy listens to more than the one without fear... the one who is in love with the air and the water, the trees and the dirt. When the masters walked on this planet, the elements cooperated with them... physics bent where they walked. Profound Earth work is more than just being a lighthouse. Instead, it's an interdimensional lighthouse - one that has its light on the top and bottom of the shaft extending as far below as it does above. It's shining a light into the planet as strong as the one shining above.

The Situation Work - Sending Light to Places in Need
Next is "the situation." There’s no greater warrior of light on this planet than the ascended one who has put on the mantel of Spirit. This Human can shine light into those dark places through the wisdom that they have and their lack of fear. This can be done outside of the box of culture, politics, and religious bias. This new Human can "cut to the quick" where the problems are, in order to advance the solutions and gather those around with them to help them send the light into the areas that need it the most. Every one of you has a manual for this, and every single one of your manuals is different.

Biology Work - Changing Your Own Contract for Living
And the last one? Well, it’s the best one of all for you. It's not the last, either, for we've only given you six of many. It’s called control over biology. Do you really think that you can be in ascension status and keep the biology that you have? You know better! Some of you have actually started the process through pure intent. Perhaps you didn't even know that you were going into "ascension status"? Instead, however, you gave permission to go to "the next step."

Do you know how many divine spiritual ears perked up when you said that? Those beautiful spiritual helpers who have been with you for life went into action. Maybe you started this process already? If you have, it’s no accident, dear Human Being. You have the power to rewrite your own life span. You have the power to rewrite the Human genome. We've said it before, and we’ll say it again. What is it your father had, your sister had, or your mother had that you’re afraid that you’ll get? Do you finally understand that whatever that is, it’s only a "beginning setup"? Do you now understand that this setup begs to be rewritten? It lies there, ready to get instructions from what we’ve previously called "the boss" (you).

Why create masterhood and then die, come back, and spend another 20 years growing up and getting it back? No. This is your time. Own it! What habits do you have that you know are destroying your body and hastening the day when it fails? Perhaps you say you can’t get rid of them? Think again. How long do you want to be here, to change the planet, to make differences for those around you? You've waited eons for this energy, did you know that? Now, here you sit within it! There has never been a time like this in the history of all humanity - never! It's your time to stay longer than your imprint said you would when you were born. Now this biological clock of life is in your hands completely. Such is the power of those, trough the "eyes of ascension."

The tools have never been so sharp and refined. The information has never been clearer. The invitation for mastery has never been given like this. The return of all of the masters of old has already taken place. They’re in the grids of the planet, all together, all grouped, all here to provide the "engine of ascension" for humanity.

So what is your responsibility within all of this? First, validate it for yourself. Don't believe something that does not "ring true" to your inner being. Take the time to make this your reality based on your own intellect, intelligence, and spiritual core being.

Then I'll tell you this: Perhaps you came to Earth in order to actually see and participate in The New Jerusalem? What a responsibility! Perhaps that’s why you’re here! And that’s why you’re in the chair reading and hearing and remembering this message.

And so it is that the message is complete for this time. And so it is that two eyes have read the page and have a choice as they put down the book, what to make of this. Could it be so, that Spirit talks to humanity in this form? What if all I have revealed is real? Who are you, and why are you here? What brings you to an awaked state... a state that would have you come here, or take the time to read this? You think it’s an accident? It’s not. Perhaps it's what you asked for... when you ask Spirit: "Dear Spirit, tell me what it is I need to know."

Start building that lighthouse. Get ready to light the lamp. There are no more profound people on the planet than those who carry the light of ascension knowledge. It's a knowledge and wisdom that they can affect consciousness around them, triggering revelation, turning on a light and exposing things that were unseen before.

And that’s why we love you the way we do. There are many entities right now who are pressing upon you and saying "thank you for fulfilling your potential." And to the Humans here and reading this who are anxious, the ones who don’t understand why challenging things have happened recently in their lives? Well, we’re washing your feet. That’s why it’s called work, Lightworker. We promise to stand next to you, to be there when you need us and to help make the decisions. We want you to stay a long, long time. We want you to participate in a peaceful existence, with the joy and the love of God at your side every moment.

And so it is