Reno, Nevada ~ March 29, 2003 ~
Host: Rebecca "the coach" Evans
A Beautiful Place... only a quick drive away from one of nature's great wonders... Lake Tahoe!
This 8th annual Reno Kryon seminar was held in the classiest hotel in Reno!

We profoundly thank the Eldorado hotel management for helping to make the energy around this seminar, the best it has ever been for our annual Reno experience!

Lee Carroll

Most hotel ballrooms are not this nice. We had full theatrical lighting, giant screens that descended from the ceiling, and wonderful display areas for the vendors. Thank you Rebecca Evans, for this first-class setting!
Here we are at 7:30 AM. Robert Coxon is already setting up. After all, in his time zone it's 10:30am!
It's a happy Reno attending group! Can you find Dr. Todd Ovokaitys? Hint: He's in the front row, giving intent to be invisible! How did he do that, when everyone else is in the light?
(above and left)
Jan Tober begins the day with a new meditation mode for 2003: Dual toning of specific frequencies to produce unique energy around individual chakras. Robert Coxon provides his beautiful musical composition to enhance the experience.

(right) Dr. Todd Ovokaitys begins his talk on new DNA developments.

These photos are of Robert Coxon,our musical Kryon team member who lives in Montreal, Canada, and who is one of the best New Age artists anywhere! The night of the seminar, he gave a full 1.5 hour concert. He also wore a white suit jacket and tie! We think Reno affected him.
One of the most unusual things that happens when Robert channels his music is that flowers sprout out of his back.

A "players suite" on one of the top floors at the Eldorado.

Management let Lee stay here as long as he didn't run up and down the hallway late at night placing the new "Kryon cards" under each hotel guest's door. He behaved himself.... this time.