Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - Bedford, New Hampshire
November 23, 2002
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Lee Carroll
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What's Happening?

Bedford, New Hampshire – November 23,, 2002

[This Kryon live channelling was given in Bedford New Hampshire, a regular east coast yearly venue for Kryon. Unknown at the time, this was the last time Lee and the team would present here. Our host has retired from seminar planning!
This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channelling.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.


What a joy that you would allow something like this, dear Human! We understand your duality. We understand that many of you still question whether this could be real. So, some of you will be touched. Some of you will smell things that cannot exist where you sit. Some of you will see the colors in the room, and it's all for one reason: so that you will understand the validity of what you have created here today. This event and the message from this event are being created because you are here. This does not happen in a vacuum. If there were none of you sitting here, there would be no channeling, so it's a sweet place, one created by the humanity who sits in front of me, and by those thousands reading one at a time.

Each of you is eternal, and not all life in the universe is. There is no test here on this planet, only challenges of energy. None of you are beyond the ability to receive and endure these challenges. All of you came in with that knowledge, and in order to make that operate in the correct fashion, we tell you this again: Each of you is plural! You think you're "one" thing? That's not accurate. You look in the mirror and see a four-dimensional creature with skin and a body, and a name you can say out loud. But you have no concept of whom you're looking at. Each of you is a group. Although this sounds odd, you are already acknowledging this when you say you have a higher part of you, and many of you design your lives to take advantage of those higher parts. But you still see and feel the separation. There is much of you that desires to be part of the other part, but you create the separation naturally within your realty, instead of seeing yourself as part of the great I AM.

The great prophets walked the earth as Humans. You saw them as different, however...unusual, sacred, divine, and powerful. They looked just like you - all of you. So what is it that made them different? I will tell you: These Humans were able to peel the duality away and create a miracle. They didn't participate in the separation of Human-Self and Higher-Self. Many followed these special ones because they saw joy in their lives; they saw the power. So you have to ask yourselves, what is the difference between an ordinary Human and the masters who were worshiped - whose lives were known to many, and still are through your history?

This is where it gets good. When the masters walked the earth with a lessened (lighter) duality, they did so to be able to see the bigger picture. They were not affected as you are. They had less darkness where they walked, and they could see more clearly. When you were born on this planet, a strong duality was in place. For the masters, it was spiritually lighter, and that made them "different." That's what you saw that was so abnormal. The prophets and masters of old were able to integrate the group!

Dear ones, you sit in an energy that we predicted twelve years ago. It's an energy that is going to become far more stable than it has been, but we'll get to that in a moment. What we want to tell you is this: The attributes of the masters are upon you. What is it all about, you ask? It is about a changing humanity and a changing spirituality. The veil is being slightly lifted! It is being lifted so that you can see dimly through it the things you never could see before. Some have asked, "Could this really be? Can I really change my life?" The answer is yes. You come into this experience with what is called a contract, and the compartmentalization in your brain says, "This is my contract. It always will be." So many never understand the truth around this. These contracts are what you agreed to as "starting energies." They get you going. No angel or prophet ever told anyone that it was forever! It just feels that way. You had to start somewhere, and your contract is a good place to begin. This beginning starts with where you left off, and is a simple agreement. It represents unfinished business, residues of past experience, choice of parents, race, place on the planet, fears, and joys. What is not seen is that it's the Human who has complete and total free choice to move in any direction he or she wishes...and yes, that means out of the starting contract!

Without an awakening to that fact, and without the ability of knowing of your enablement, that starting contract is often the one followed right to the end. How many of you have contracts that you wonder about? What about your biological contract? Does it include what happened to your sister and your brother and your parents? Genetically surging in your DNA, what are the "starting" patterns there? What are they going to "do" to you? Are you afraid that what your relatives received, you will, too? Do you feel predisposed to biologically follow that path? Well, dear Human Being, perhaps it's time to put on the mantle of the master - the master with your name, with the layers of who you are. If you do, the genetics in your body will all listen to the mantle of the master. And when you speak to yourselves and say, "It is time for a change," the new contract is upon you. Your cells change! They say, "We wish to be joyful and enjoy the love of spirit. We wish to change our cellular structure, our genetic makeup. We wish to influence all that we have with our own intent, just like the masters did." Do you understand what we are telling you? Do you understand how profound it is?

Take a moment, if you wish, and think of what the masters were able to do as they walked on this planet. They left many in their wake who were healed, sobbing and weeping in their joy and gratitude. They spouted profundities and wisdom, and they helped everyone they touched. They brought tribes together and affected nations. They unified the separated. They presented paradigms that were so different that they often lost their lives because of it. this energy is - visiting you! Why don't you take a moment and celebrate what you have created!

We're in place now, you know, and we're ready. And so it is that we take our places around you, above you, even below you. Interdimensionally, there is no limitation about where we can sit or stand or be. Each of you is surrounded by your own group - one that knows exactly what you've been through - that knows your weaknesses and your many questions. It is a group that is ready to take your hand and lead you one way or the other, if you ever come to that place where you would allow it...or recognize that you have the choice to ask for it.

Some of you are in touch with that group, and others are afraid of it. Being afraid of it is something that is absolutely natural at this particular time. Even this day there have been unverbalized questions asked, and we will deal with a couple of them. And then, of course, we're going to give you some science, too [something that the New Hampshire seminars are known for].

The question is asked, "What is happening right now? Kryon, you've spoken about the grid, and you've also spoken about the fact that the adjustments to it are coming to a close. What will that mean to us?" We just defined what the grid is really about. It's about the enabling of Human biology and consciousness. When we speak of biology, we also mean your spiritual biology, for it is all entangled in one. It all speaks to itself at the same time, and the "layers" sing to each other. Here is what is happening: As you know, and even with the proof of where your compasses now point, the grid has moved. It will continue to move for some time, but the spiritual alignment - the part of it that lifts the veil - will come to a close at the end of this year [2002]. There are some of you who have spent many years chasing this moving target - this changing grid. Now, here you are, facing still another attribute to deal with. For when it finally settles and the movement stops, there will be some stability, and in that there is also change.

There are those of you who might say, "Well, it's about time!" But do not be fooled for a moment. There are those of you who have become used to the motion, as in a moving deck on a ship. When it stops, you'll know it! Coming to a complete and seeming halt and stopping has its own attributes. Here is some advice: You don't have to chase it anymore. It's at your feet. You've gotten used to certain kinds of motion, and it's taken a decade for this. There are those of you who will feel it and be happy that it is being stabilized. But then there are those of you who also got used to the movement of it and who now have to get used to it being in one posture. Some of you will actually feel the motion even though it has stopped!

What does this mean to you? None of this is going to happen instantly or overnight. There is a residual we have spoken of before, information that is now one year old. The residual of grid alignment change will last at least three months. God does not do things quickly, if you've noticed. And therefore we say this: The stabilized grid will indeed come to its final position at the end of this year; it is a slow stop. But the residual is designed for your comfort so that there is no fast stop (and this is metaphoric). But what a joy it is to have the entourage almost finished with your gift.

Humanity is feeling this. We've told you before that this track you have produced for yourself is unique. It has never been traveled before, and therefore there's nothing in front of this new track. You are creating it as you go. This alone causes anxiety. There would be those who would sit in front of Spirit and plead to know the future. "Where are we going? What are we doing? What's going to happen?" And with joy we say this: Nobody knows! But we can tell the direction you're moving in. We can tell you the speed of the change, and it is profound...unexpected. You want proof of that? Go find any prophecy about what's happening today. All the ancients in their wisdoms - the master seers of their time - could not foretell what your ascending earth is doing. That's what's happening now.

The part you play? It's your energy that did it. How many of you understand that you have a new contract in front of you? It's a contract that says we want you to stay longer. It opens up an entire new paradigm of life extension. And if you don't see it, your children will. It's not just medical science, and it's not just physics. It has to do with what the Human does for the Human. There will be those without any spiritual training whatsoever - those who carry the indigo color, who will understand totally and completely the overview of this. They will feel in control of their cellular structure, and there will be no surprises - you can see it in their eyes. They plan on being here a very long time, and they know how. It's intuitive. While you are sitting there wondering if it could be true that you can change your biology, they are already doing it. "Doesn't everyone?" they will tell you. Many will come in with the intuitive knowledge of what we are now teaching you. "Of course we're in charge of matter," they will say to you someday. The things that you have questioned with your intellect and your logic will be second nature to humanity at some particular point in time. That's what's happening now.

Where Is the Grid Group Going?
And this grid group - where are they going? Should we be sad for them? Are they going home? Here is the answer. NO, and NO. This grid group that has been with me all of these years, that has moved the very magnetics of the planet to create your DNA, returns to what you would call other jobs. It stays and remains. It disseminates, but it is part of the earth itself. Some of you have recognized that Gaia has life. The indigenous believed that the dirt of the earth itself was part of an entity. They saw this in the elements, and in the east, the south, the west, and the north. And we are telling you this: that part of this magnetic grid group will continue to work with Gaia. This group has always been here and always will be. It has to do with the life-force of the planet. It has to do with the support of the Humans that are here. Where is the grid group going? They're staying right here. Consider it a job change, if you wish. That's what's happening. What job are they going to? We will tell you next month [December]!

There's another question that gets asked here, and it's one that we would like to endeavor to explain this very evening. Why is it with the grid shift lifting the veil, allowing for greater spirituality, insight, wisdom, and joy...why is it, then, that the dark side seems to be increasing so dramatically? Did you think we didn't notice? I'll give you information that seems unbelievable. I will say it again, and there will be those here who will not agree, but I will tell you the truth, dear Human Being: There is no such thing as the dark side.

Listen to this. Understand this. I am not tricking you when I tell you these things. I am giving you intuitive knowledge. Check your Higher-Selves for the integrity of this answer. There is no group of entities who are part of your demise. There is no group that you would call "the dark side" that wishes to bring you into a place of darkness. There is no group of entities that is responsible for pulling you away from the light or taking your soul. And that is the truth. You might say, "Well, then, why does it seem like it?" This is difficult to grasp, perhaps, and not all will get it.

Let me tell you, oh powerful one: When you simply walk by water...and the molecular values within it change, what does that tell you about your influence [referring to the scientific validations that were shown earlier in the day]? Could it be that you are a lot more powerful as an "ordinary" Human Being than you ever thought? Could it be that you're not as ordinary as you thought? Indeed, this is the case. Listen: The Human Being who focuses on dark will get dark! And it will be powerful dark! The Human Being who focuses on light will bring in light. And it will be powerful light! Many times we've given you the difference between those attributes, for light is active and dark is passive. That's old information. But here is what it means: When there is darkness and you choose the light, a dark area exposed to light will become illuminated. The dark seems to vanish. It is literally not moving from dark to light, but instead it is an alchemy of "turning on the light." It happens all at once. It's not slow. And when the light is turned on, all of those things that were hidden in the dark are there for you to see. The point is this: The Human Being who begins to move to the light is moving an energy framework. This framework is a finite area called Human consciousness. And when you move into the light, you're going to leave some of the dark behind. You can only hold so much energy in that Human framework. Therefore, if you choose a lighter energy for your system, there is going to be a piece of the darkness within your past duality that is going to be severed - lopped off - left behind. Think of it this way: Your personal jar of energy is always full. It's filled with a combination of dark and light. When you choose to add more light, the old dark part spills over the edge and goes away.

Now, what do you think that dark part is going to do to you? It's going to plead, "Don't leave us behind! We've been part of you for a long time. Lifetime after lifetime you embraced us, and now you're throwing us away! Don't do it!" And this severed part will come at you in survival mode, pleading not to be left behind. In this pleading, it will appear as though there's a legion - an army - pulling you away from the light. Much of it will be done with fear. Let me ask you this: Who knows you better than you? How does this "dark side" know about all of your weaknesses? How does it know about your habits? How does it know YOU so well? The answer? It's you, talking to you! It is the powerful part of you that you have chosen to lop off and leave behind. It's an actual interdimensional layer of your DNA, responsible for the balance between light and dark. Call it your duality engine. This is new information.

"Kryon," you might say, "I still don't believe it." All right, how about some intellectual proof? Let me ask you this. If it is true, dear Human Being, that there are legions of dark ones trying to trick you into submission - if there are armies led by entities with horns in dark places, trying to seduce you into the dark, then why are they so submissive? "What does that mean?" you might ask. Why is it that when you turn and face them and say no, that they run the other way? What kind of an army of darkness is that? What kind of power is that? Did you ever think of this?

You are in control, and you always have been. The masters who walked the earth knew that. They faced the kind of energy balance you do, and they looked at it daily. The difference? Their enlightenment [reduced duality] showed them that they were in control, and the phantom legions of the dark armies shrank from them. You are no different! These dark parts will leave you alone, too...and that's the truth. It's you fighting you, and when you inform your cellular structure of your intent, it must obey.

This information is there for those reading this page. In a "now" that we see, we see the reader. We see your eyes and your mind. We see the joy in this information. So listen and read: There is no conspiracy to draw you backwards other then that which you create to survive in what you think is your reality. This is you with you. It is the giant IT presented in the parable of The Journey Home [Kryon Book Five]. Know yourself. It's time to look at this and say, "I understand what is happening." You can even say, "I honor the darkest part of me that has been with me a very long time, and I release it." And that is what's happening.

Oh, there will be those who disagree. They will tell you that Kryon is tricking you with the light. "No dark side? That is preposterous," they will tell you. "See, it's proof that Kryon is evil." Really? Then don't believe me. Instead, activate your own light and order the darkness out. Then when it shrinks before you, celebrate the truth of God...that you are a part of the whole...holy, powerful, eternal, and in charge! Blessed are the Humans who take charge of themselves and pull upon the newly created divine power that is theirs!

These are challenging times, are they not? Perhaps you look at current events. "Dear Kryon, what is happening on Earth?" I'll tell you what's happening on Earth: It may not look like it, but you're solving the biggest issue we have. Collectively, I am here with you. Have you ever thought of that? I arrived to set the grid of the earth. I will not leave until the last Human takes their last breath. The entourage may come and go, the grids may be changed yet again someday, but Kryon remains. And so it is I am in this lifeboat with the Humans who are doing the work. So it is that I am support of you, and I know what's happening. So it is that my teachings increase.

You have a word for what is happening, and it's called pruning. Sometimes it's not pleasant, either. Perhaps you might question this? You might say, "Kryon, everything I see around me is bad. There's darkness everywhere!" Let's look at some changes: Ten years ago if I had told you that the largest businesses in this great land of yours would fall over and expire due to "integrity issues," would you have believed me? If I had given you the prophecy that one of the largest religious organizations on earth would be brought to its knees because of integrity, would you have believed me? The answer is no. Such things were not seen as possible. Big money and big religion were untouchable. Well, look out the window and read your news. It's called pruning. Country by country...belief system by belief system, the sparks will fly. We told you that twelve years ago. We told you that many would have to leave the planet in this new arrangement. Oh, you may mourn these who are passing because you are part of humanity. It is normal and natural, for you love humanity. But there are those who decided to be part of this in a way that would help all of you. And that's what's happening.

So the earth prunes itself, and in the process, it creates something very slowly: It creates the beginning of The New Jerusalem. Now you know that this phrase is not a metaphor, don't you? It is what we have meant all along for all of these years. It really is Jerusalem. It is the pinnacle and apex of the problems - the thing that has brought Earth to its knees - the source, seemingly, of the strife of your time. The words "The New Jerusalem" also refer to a group of Humans - ones who represent a generation of Human Beings who decided to change reality, to skip the Armageddon and move forward. They are the ones who will solve the unsolvable, and begin a process of peace on this planet.

I am Kryon. I carry only a piece of the puzzle. You do not see what I see. We tell you this: Look around. There are many others who have many messages. Study them as well and "connect the dots." Listen to the channellings. Listen to the wise ones. Discern what resounds and what does not. Is the information fear based? Is it love based? Choose the one that resounds to your heart and that also makes the most sense. It's called free choice. See the big picture by connecting the parts. Look around and see God in you!
It's a good time to see the colors - right now.


There's a great deal of honoring going on. "Kryon, what's happening?" God is loving you, that's what's happening.

It might seem dichotomous to move from this message of love into physics, but I am the magnetic master, after all, and I love to talk about these things. Not all of you will understand what is coming next. In order for this channeling to be complete and for my partner, who does not understand these things, to have a clearer image, we will involve something we have only done two times in the past. We now invite the energy of Metatron to come forward!

Metatron and Kryon are of the same family...that of Archangel Michael. This is the same family of spiritual physics and is very entangled. And so it is that the energies of all three are here. One of them is my partner [Lee] who translates, and then also the meld between Kryon and Metatron, who speak of physics. We wish to talk about something dear to the hearts of the physicists. We're going to speak of free energy, and we can hardly wait. Not understandable by all of you, but some of the readership will know, and there will be those here who understand, also. So I ask of my partner that this be translated clearly and slowly if needed.

Before we begin, you must understand the premise. Humanity has been convinced for some time that there might be something called free energy. This might be manifested in a device that would be able to sustain itself seemingly without fuel. The question is, Is it possible? The answer is yes, it always has been. Some will understand how this could work, for it profoundly involves magnetics. And indeed there will be some who will discover it at a macro level, but it won't be very efficient. What we wish to do is to give you some answers that may surprise you, but which will allow you to achieve the goal of free energy far easier and quicker.

Let us review: Perhaps as children you were amazed at something - static magnets that when held in the hands, strongly repel similar poles of other magnets. You might have been amused at how much you had to push against the metal to try to get similar poles together. The magnetic material actually seemed to repel and push back! And the bigger the magnet, the greater the rebellion against coming together. Some of you children grew up to become scientists, and you asked questions about physics and nature: "What is this force that pushes back? Why is it that a Human can throw their entire weight into this endeavor and end up with a piece of metal that pushes back? What is going on here? What is the engine of this? Can I get this to push when I a direction I want?"

The physicists, of course, developed answers about trapped energy and called it kinetics. There is actually all manner of verbiage that would try to describe to you why there would be a force trapped in metal that would push back. None of it is correct! There's something going on with magnetism that will indeed be discovered. It has a layer of interdimensionality that you are now just broaching; it is not definable in four dimensions [your reality]. The true reason why it pushes back is not even part of your four-dimensional physics. You named it, but you don't understand it.

Some scientists went on to postulate: "What if we could get magnets to push against magnets? If we design something clever, perhaps the magnets could push against themselves and we could use this energy in a circle - in a machine - magnets with magnets. We could use this incredible natural pushing and pulling force to push and pull against itself. Then we would have an engine that fueled itself with nature's force!" This then, is the simplified way science first started to think about free energy. Today, if you talk to a physicist, you will discover that it isn't possible. This scientist will tell you that there's always what would be called the "trade-off," or what some may call "paying the piper." You can't get something for nothing. There is always something that's going to interfere with free energy, they say. Are they right? YES! But let me tell you what that "something" is: 4D physics! The restriction you find yourself in...the reason it doesn't due to your own dimensional reality. That's the answer.

Now you know the puzzle, and hopefully we've explained it in a way that you understood it. The physicist is right when they tell you that you can't get something for nothing. Now we must tell you about true physics. With all this in mind, will this engine ever work? The answer: YES. This magnetic engine works very well! But not the way you think it might.

In order to broach the next issue, we have to tell you this: The physics that you are so fond of, and that you boast about, has consistency. That is when you find a postulate that proves itself 100 percent of the time in your real 4D world. When this happens, you have the propensity to feel good about it. Then you project whatever that rule is and apply it to the entire universe. Therefore, Newtonian, Einsteinian, and Euclidian physics - the rules that seem to govern everything at all level - are absolute to you. As you discover them in your reality, you set them in cement for all realities. Well, that's not the case! Let me ask you this, scientist: Did you try this physics in all the forms it could exist? Or did you make some assumptions?

In the past we gave you hints. Kryon gave you formulae that indicated that there were missing pieces in basic physics concepts that you still did not understand. You see, physics is variable...and to some this is not good news. What is the largest variable of physics? Size. The ratio of attributes between mass, magnetics, and gravity changes with size.

We're going to define this variable and call it "the quantum membrane." It's a membrane of attributes. It's one that you pass through at a certain quantum level, where physics changes. Now, these things have been seen, but up to this point those who have observed them have seen them as quaint. Some have argued about this and asked, could this membrane of attributes exist? Yes, it does. When you pass through this level, many odd, unusual things take place - things that might actually clear the way to free energy. Let me be more specific. It is actually a membrane of dimensionality - what you might call moving from four to five. Of course this is wrong to say, because when you move out of four dimensions, there is no more linearity, since your time changed. Without linearity you cannot count anymore, can you? [Laughter] So "five" really becomes an impossibility. So just say that you are "moving out of your dimension."

Listen. I'm going to give you information that your physicists will validate shortly. Let me ask you this: According to your physics, can two things exist in the same place at the same time? And you may say, positively no. That is impossible. Then let me change the question. What if the two things were really the same thing twice? You might say, "Well, we've never heard that." Indeed! It is what happens when matter passes through the quantum membrane! The same particle exists in two-dimensional attributes simultaneously.


Listen, my partner [Kryon speaking to Lee], this is important. It's important that you get this right. It's the first exposure that has ever taken place of this, and Metatron and Kryon want to give it to you in a way that the readers will understand.

When matter passes through the membrane, there is an instant, infinitesimal portion of time where the matter actually contains both polarities, positive and negative. It actually seems as though the parts are in the same place at the same time. This is almost what you might call an anti-matter exchange. Through the membrane, there is a momentary, infinitesimal, unbalancing of what we have called The Cosmic Lattice. And in that moment, there is energy created, seemingly from nothing. But it's not from nothing, but from everything! The Cosmic Lattice represents all energy of the universe in a balanced, zero "null" state, waiting to be tapped. We have described this before. What is the secret of tapping it?

The secret of free energy lies in becoming small...very small. The secret of free energy is very small magnetics going through the membrane - that is, an interdimensional force is at work. It is the quantum leap - the thing that seems to bridge the unbridgeable, where particles can go from one place to another and yet seem never to have traversed the path between them. What if the particles never actually "traveled" at all? What if they bounced to another dimension, since they were forced to due to a situation where they occupied the same space at the same time?

The secret of free energy is very, very small machines...lots of them working together. If you can make the machines small enough and you can align them to a common purpose [common push], you could take advantage of what I have just given you. When you deal with magnetics at a molecular level, you're going to discover that it acts differently. Free energy is obtainable today through large arrays of very small engines. Think small...very small. Free energy is not only possible, it's there waiting. It's not free, either. It's not the creation of energy out of nothing. Instead, it is tapping the lattice where mountains of energy are available.

Here is something else you will discover, and something very fun for the mathematician: The large array of molecular engines will total a force that is beyond the sum of the parts! This alone should be the clue that there is unseen "hidden" energy at work.

The final new hint in this scenario of free energy advice that we will give you is this: Since it's going to take very small magnetics to do this, you may need some very small polarities to move around to accomplish this. How? Don't forget that you can magnetize certain gas.
Metatron and Kryon also want to give you this information about matter/anti-matter. There are those in physics who believe that the universe must contain the antithesis of itself, next to itself. That is to say that anti-matter and positive matter must exist somehow together for the balance to be there, which the math of physics demands. Yet the interesting thing is that although positive matter is all around you [the kind you are used to seeing], its counterpart [anti-matter] is elusive. Therefore, the question might be asked by the physicist: "Where is anti-matter? Is there as much of it as there is positive matter?" And the answer is yes.

Where is anti-matter? It's resting on the "attribute quantum membrane." It's also in a slightly different time frame. When you start to understand the ability within physics to change time-frame reality, all of the anti-matter will present itself. And the reason is this: It has to be there for balance! And there's a joke here, a very big cosmic joke. This phenomenon of anti-matter resting in a slightly different time frame is what is responsible for what you have mistakenly identified as the big bang.

Listen, scientist, and suspend your 4D bias for a moment. Matter showed up everywhere, all at once. There was no explosion. The membrane changed, and the universe was created. Oh, not the one that you see today, but a beginning universe. And the residual of that membrane shift is everywhere you look, and you'll never find a pinpoint source for any bang. You'll never find a center for any bang. That is because all reality became reality all at once. When you find these things to be true, you'll also find the secret of instant communication over long distances...through interdimensional attributes that suspend all the rules of time and location.

Metatron is leaving. Oh, he'll be back...there is so much honor in this!

We close with this. How many are afraid of this change? Are you afraid that a lightening of duality will create the loss of friends and family? Perhaps you say, "I'll be talking metaphysics, and they won't. Kryon, I don't want that, because I'm in love with my mate, and I appreciate my friends. I don't want to be an outcast, I don't want be a loner, I don't want to be ostracized. Is this what a changing grid is going to do to me?"

Oh, dear one, I don't think you've really thought this through. What happens when you take the mantle of the master...the master inside? What happens when you take the mantle of love? What happens when you take ascension status and you become wiser? What happens when you become more peaceful? What happens when you smile too much? I'll tell you: It is the opposite of what you're afraid of. People want to be with you because you've changed. You change into something that people admire and are attracted to. They see that somehow you have "put it together" and they haven't, and they want to be with you. It makes people fall in love with you again. It creates bonds that are permanent. It is the opposite of what you fear. Change? Yes. Did you ever think about that? Did you ever wonder why the masters who walked the earth were so peaceful? Claim this masterhood and watch those you love and admire become even closer!

And so the entourage that came in here willingly, wishing to hold your hand and be part of your experience, departs. But not with sadness. With joy! Because there are some here this very night who have made decisions to "turn on the light."

And so it is.