Bedford, New Hampshire ~ November 23, 2002 ~
Hosts: Virginia Slayton and the Convergence staff

(The 7th Annual New Hampshire meeting!)
(left): The Wayfarer Inn in Bedford
New Hampshire, from the window of Lee's hotel room. New England is beautiful!

Our profound thanks go to Virginia Slayton of Convergence Conferences for this, the 7th and final year that the Kryon Conference will be held in New Hampshire. Virginia is retiring from the seminar business, and going to take some deserved time off to paint wonderful watercolors! This New England "home room" for Kryon will be moved to Teaneck, New Jersey starting in November 2003. We hope all who attended will visit us there!

Jan Tober again leads her Color-Sound and energy balancing session to open the day. New techniques, sounds, and musical tones were presented as a precursor to the new 2003 Kryon seminar programs.
Say hello to 300 attendees! Hey... who is that at the table down front? Is that Todd Ovokaitys? Yep. Talk about the "now"! He is preparing for his lecture portion, the next thing on the program.
(left) Lee Carroll during his lecture time.

See anything different about him?

It's the mustache (or lack of it)
Lee Carroll taking most of the photos you see on this page!
(some of Lee, Jan and Robert were taken by Joya)
Jan Tober
during the Q&A.
The Friday Night "Expo"
The night before the Kryon seminar was the night for the commercial presentation.

It was also a time for book signing and fun snacks!
(above) Joya and Will show their Visual Essences photos. Joya was with the Kryon group in 1995 when we first went to the United Nations.
(above) Left to right, the Convergence Staff helpers at the book table:
AnaLeyah, Patricia, Holly, Nancy, and Virginia
(above) Eylne Graycen, Jan Tober and Bea Wragee
at the "Janny Table"
(above) Colleen Olphie and Heidi Ernst. Great sayings, T-shirts, and cups from their company, "Sparkling Light Dog" <>
The Robert Coxon Concert
(below) A final rest! This is about 9pm... and it's time to relax and listen to some music! Thank you, helpers!!
(left to right) Carol, Nancy, Sue, AnaLeyah, Patricia
(Above and below) At the evening concert by Robert Coxon, a "birthday" attendee comes on stage and receives a private musical channelling, burned right on to a custom CD for her to take home!
(left) Robert Coxon in concert. Should anyone tell him that he sings during his playing? I think the only important one to tell is the sound guy... to turn off the microphone!
...and finally... (right)
Jan Tober with friend at the airport on the way home.