Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
September 27, 2003

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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The Harmonic Concordance
and ... Misconceptions and Frustrations, Part I

This live channelling was given on September 27, 2003 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

[This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service!

There's a sweet energy here, do you feel it? It's a sweet place where Lemurians gather together. The scope of who you are and what is happening on this planet is far beyond your comprehension. But right now there's a sweet energy here. The entourage that came in this morning is now being given permission to move between you - to touch you, if you choose; to sit next to you, if you choose. As the energy is developed, we give permission for some to see the colors both on the stage and in the group. That's what happens when angels come together. It's a cosmic joke, you know, that you would sit in front of me and I would speak to you as I am. It's a duality that totally and completely hides the reality of what's really going on.

When angels speak to angels, there is not one that is above the other. We all speak together. Dear Human Being, I know your other name. I've said this since the beginning. There's a name you cannot pronounce - a name we sing in light - and that's you. Far beyond the strife and the frustrations of Earth, the real you exists. You exist in this temporary form, performing a test for the universe, one that you agreed to perform.

You're eternal, you know? Your life on Earth is very temporary. It's a series of temporary events, much like you would think of as a number of bus rides. You're always in transit, never home, but always going somewhere purposeful while you're on the planet; it's profound.

I want to remind you of something you need to hear, and I've said it before: Every single one of you was born into this planet when the prophecy and the energy was gearing for its end! You would grow up and then experience the horror, the doom, and the death. Every single one of you arrived on purpose, by choice, in that energy. Do you remember? Now, remember, you had to give permission to come, and we've told you that you metaphorically stood in line to be here! So you might say to yourself: "It would seem like a pretty bad decision. I could hardly wait to get here to do what? To perish in the Armageddon?" No. Lemurians knew better. One of the postulates that's literally a test of the earth is this: When enough Human Beings decide to change the energy on the planet, it changes. You set in motion the tests and the changes. You set in motion the times where humanity was questioned [the convergences]. You were the ones who set the time lines. In those planning sessions that none of you can remember, you're now fulfilling what you set out to do.

What happens to an earth when angels arrive but their sacredness is hidden? What happens when the playing field is evened up and there's no God-bias? What energy will be developed? Which way will it go - to the dark - to the light? Will the "angels disguised as Humans" see their sacredness? Will they understand the prints within their DNA [the hidden math]? Will anybody bother to try to unscramble the mysteries that are there? Will they do the numbers that tell the stories? Will they see the codes? Will they understand that within the DNA there really are messages that are sacred? If they do, will it make a difference?

Well, here you sit, Lemurians. Welcome to a new planet - one that didn't move through the predictions at all. You made the difference. For when you came into this planet, you knew you could change it. Regardless of the prophecies, you came in willing, arriving at an auspicious time when the earth was preparing itself for the end. It was something that you had helped set up, by the way, but you came in to change it, if it was appropriate.

Part of the change of the planet began in 1987, and you called that energy The Harmonic Convergence. In those moments, to us, there was an actual poll of the Higher-Selves of every Human on the planet. Perhaps you didn't remember that? You wouldn't, for it wasn't in your reality. At that time, the Higher-Self of every Human Being was asked the question: "Are you ready to make the changes of the energy that you've set up?" This was the first time it was ever asked in the history of humanity. The answer was yes. The result is what you've seen in these past years.

The Harmonic Concordance
Kryon arrived within Lee Carroll in 1989 (two years after the Harmonic Convergence - also called the 11:11]), but this energy wasn't a stranger to my partner at all, for he helped set the grids, just like some of you Lemurians. In 1989, many of you began to feel the differences. You began to feel the enlightenment taking place. If you take a look at the calendar and how this occurred, you'll see striking coordination with many who were being "awakened" at that time. Many found their way and their path in those early years after the 11:11. The reason we bring this up is because many of you aren't aware of what will happen on November 8 and 9 of 2003. There is something similar, something just as profound, and something that spiritual historians will speak about in the future.

November 8 and 9 will be The Harmonic Concordance. This Harmonic Concordance is the next step after The Harmonic Convergence. There will be another poll, and I'll tell you what that question will be: "Do you give permission to have your DNA changed? Do you give permission, humanity, with free choice, to have the tools available for its spiritual alteration?" We already know the potential answer, since it's written in the now. If we had a reading of the energy of that question at this moment, it would be yes. It's going to be yes. But we go through the protocol of asking, since it suits the linear process of your time line, and it's a ceremony of great importance.

There has been a change within the magnetics of the planet since 1989. This now-completed change is cooperating and synchronizing with the new authoring of the crystalline grid. This combination is an allowance for the DNA layer called Layer Three to be activated. It's an allowance, not a mandatory shift, and you won't feel anything immediately. A door opens, and enablement begins. It also begins a cooperation with the earth that is new. It begins a meld of masculine and feminine energies of the rocks themselves! It also releases processes that have been part of ancient Lemurian prophecy for a very long time.

"Kryon, how does this fit in with free choice? What if there are Humans who don't want this?" You have to understand the dynamics here. At a spiritual "knowing" level, what you call humanity has indeed given permission for this new energy. But it's presented as a tool. Think of this metaphor: You are a carpenter. You go to sleep one night and wake up to find that your old tools are still there, but next to them is a case that says, "There are new power tools in this case." There you stand with the decision to open the new case with free choice, or not. Do you understand that the new tools don't change anything as they just sit there on the floor? Some won't want the new tools. Some won't believe that they're real, and some will actually fear them. It's Human nature that some will go on a quest to find out who put them there before they'll open the box, and others will wish to have a book written on the best way to open the box. Still others will simply open the box, since it was obviously a grand gift with their name on it, and "see" the splendor of the potentials of the new tools. Then they'll learn to use them and build new and wonderful things. This is free choice of the individual Human, but with a scenario that was allowed and enabled by the whole.

When enough of you open this metaphoric box, something amazing happens. It's something that some of you won't understand, and something that we've only spoken of one other time. For those of you who have understood that the changes in the crystalline grid of the planet is the rewrite of the memory of the planet, this will begin to make sense. Remember that all crystal structures, both physical and interdimensional, contain memory.

More on the Cave of Creation
Very early on in our work we spoke to you about the Cave of Creation. It's a real place that will never be found on this planet. It's in your reality, in 4D. It has to be. It marries the spiritual to the physical, and the interdimensional to the dimensional. It's a place where there are crystalline structures within a memory vault called the Akashic Record. It's where your essence comes and goes from when you arrive to when you pass over, and what happened while you were here. It's the first place you go, coming and going. You pick up the essence of the memory and take it to the other side of the veil.

When you choose to come back [and Lemurians almost always do], the first thing you do is reactivate that record, placing that crystal, metaphorically, in the cave again. This custom crystal unit of your record tells you (1) that you're on Earth, (2) that Earth knows you, (3) what you've chosen for yourself this time as your starting energy [potential contract], (4) what happened before this time [past-life solutions], and (5) what the potentials are if you choose to change your starting energy. All this information is also in your DNA! The crystal in the cave is a passive record that coordinates with the living one (you). But both will change together as you change the living one.

Did you ever wonder why there's a cave at all? Couldn't these things be done on the other side of the veil? The answer is no. Consider this: You're a part of the dirt of the earth. The planet knows of your existence, and the first thing it does, like a mother in the womb, is to accept the essence of a Human Being. It might say: "How wonderful! You're back, and we accept you. Now return to the surface and let the action begin."

With the Harmonic Concordance, which is a quantum event, comes permission to rewrite the Akashic Record. That's part and parcel of what all this new energy is about. For with the rewrite of the Crystalline Grid, the crystalline portions on the Akashic Record will also be rewritten, and so will the crystalline sheath of your DNA (which we've spoken of before.) Some of you are going to feel it. Within that rewrite is also a change of vows. These are the Human spoken vows [which carry spiritual energy] that were taken in past expressions [lives] that are now surfacing in the "now" time, and which are becoming hang-ups in your 4D linear existence.

Some of you have asked how it is that you might change these vows if the past and the present are melding. You've asked, "If we're coming together and the past is so profound, even within my present, how can I rewrite these vows? What can I do? What should I say, and to whom?" Like so many other things we've spoken of, the answer is far easier than you might think. You need to be alone. Then with pure intent, come before the family [Spirit] and state your case. Whatever you say is then the beginning of the rewrite, since the energies of Earth respond to Human free will. Speak it out loud so your cells can hear it too, in the air. State that you drop the old vows and then give a new one... perhaps one where you'll now take the vow of masterhood? Perhaps you'll pledge yourself to the benefit of all humanity? In the process, you'll need peace in your life, without drama. You will need sustenance [abundance], and loving relationships with those around you. This drops the vows of poverty and celibacy, and all the other old-energy thinking regarding what Humans originally thought God wanted from them. Do you know what God really wants from you? Partnership, family awareness, and love.

A vow of masterhood gives permission for the energies to change within you, for the tool box to be opened, and for Human Beings who have always thought themselves ordinary, to begin to activate the ascension layer of their DNA. The door to a peaceful planet begins to open, and only a few will walk through at first. Then more and more, should they choose to see. It's free choice. It's often slow, and it's frustrating. But it starts one Human at a time.

Changing Old Concepts
We'd like to give you some news today about masterhood. In the process, it may help to explain more about some misconceptions of old Earth-based spiritual concepts, and also explain some frustrations. Before we begin, we'd like to give you some postulates. [From Lee: The definition of postulate from the energy of Kryon is this: A spiritual rule of absolute truth.] Here are some postulates. You should hear these clearly, Lemurian.

(1) The Human Being, who vibrates at a high rate and has pure intent, is not destined to be in suffering on this planet. That is not a plan of God. You're not in a suffering mode in order to achieve great things on this earth. Hardly. Gone is the old concept of suffering somehow creating solution.

(2) Human Beings who vibrate high, calling themselves Lightworkers, are not those who are going to be in constant pain. Pain is not part of an ongoing spiritual scenario, dear Human Being, no matter what you've been told.

(3) The Human Being who vibrates high and calls himself a Lightworker is the Human Being who will not be in fear and sadness. He will instead stand in the light of wisdom.

Perhaps you feel that you have to have pain or must suffer to become sacred or help the planet. That simply isn't the way of it. Don't confuse this information with what we've told you about those who have elected to sacrifice an expression [die in this lifetime] for the enablement of others. That scenario is different. We're speaking now about those who believe that they must remain in suffering and pain while remaining on Earth, and that it's just part of their "life lesson." The irony here is that the Human's real life lesson is really "how to get out of pain and suffering!"

The whole idea of "suffering for God" is of Human origin. You'll never find that in any real channelling from Spirit from the other side of the veil. Instead, it's just the opposite! Humans have created this, even placed it within some holy scriptures, in order to produce control over other Humans. It never was a spiritual message of truth.

Dear Human Being, you're an angel of the family, and you're my friend. I know you, and you've been here forever [Kryon's way of saying that you had no beginning]. Can you imagine this bond of angel-to-angel? Can you begin to conceive how much love and planning has gone into your being here? When you're on the surface of this planet in duality, walking in biology, you don't see things in angelic terms. For us, to think that some of you feel you must suffer and be sad in order to be spiritual breaks our hearts! Maybe it's time you reexamined this entire suffering scenario. Oh, you may have challenges. Indeed. These challenges may be what you think your contract is all about (we'll speak of contracts in a moment). But being on the planet in duality doesn't mean you have to endure sadness. Joy is the invitation. The real challenge is this: Can you be joyful in whatever the challenge is you're in? If you can, it's one of the chief catalysts of the solution of the actual challenge. That's the way the new energy works.

I want to talk about contracts... an overused word in spirituality. There are Lightworkers who walk around saying, "It is my contract to have these challenges in my life." And they say, "It is what I chose a long time ago." No, it isn't! I'll tell you the way it works, and you should hear this clearly: Is there such a thing as a contract? Yes. However, it's not a predestined thing that you would come here with a lifelong contract of unhappiness, or some kind of sacred agreement that you would find, discover, fulfill, adhere to, and play out all of your life. We know this may be confusing for some of you who truly believe you're here to suffer and somehow help Earth, but again, does it make sense that a loving family would send you here to be unhappy?

Listen: This is different than having a lifelong disease, or a disability. Indeed you may have chosen these things to set an energy around you, but it doesn't mean you then have to accompany it with misery and unhappiness. The invitation for joy and peace belongs to all of you, no matter what is happening with your physical circumstances. In some cases, the invitation is to discover how to heal physically, and in some cases it's to discover how to heal emotionally. Many times it's to heal spiritually, bringing about a complete change in your attitude and your life. But the invitation is to change it! Each one of you is unique.

Instead of predestination, contracts are a predisposal [predisposition]. They're only a starting place of energy. They're an opportunity for you to fit into a set of circumstances, predisposed to be there, and then using free choice to decide to stay there or not.

I hope you understand what I'm saying. All of you Lemurians have free choice about what you wish to do. You may say that there's a contract for this and for that, but the reality is that you're constantly rewriting them. Every time you shift vibration, passions change. "What does that do to contracts?" you might ask. They change!

Some of you have been part of a very long, educational Earth-based process that eventually has brought you an academic degree. This often puts you in a place where you exercise what your passions are, and that becomes your life. Some of you will call yourselves doctor or healer. Some of you are esoteric healers, and some of you are 4D healers [certified by the system], and that is your passion. Suddenly, the earth shifts and you shift! You discover new energies as the "light is turned on" in your life. Oddly, sometimes the result is that all that you've gone through and everything you've done looks meaningless! You receive a new facilitation, a new passion, a new contract. Think of that. This has happened over and over to many Lightworkers, and it has brought them joy and not frustration! Why? There's nothing like being in your sweet spot.

Others around you may shake their heads and say that you're "wishy-washy." They say you can't decide who you are, or what you want to do. Instead, perhaps they're the ones who are stuck, anchored in a old linear reality that says that a Human is only supposed to do one thing? Think about it. Who's flying here? Perhaps the "wishy-washy" Human is the one with the wings, flitting about in the joy of co-creation? The others are stuck in the mud, which they call "normal."

Let me give you another concept that's often misunderstood. When you co-create something, have you ever wondered about those around you? You can't co-create in a vacuum, you know. How many of you have ever gone to a sports event to watch one team play... alone [without the other team showing up]? The game wouldn't be very exciting if only one team showed up to play and win! There really couldn't be a game at all.

So you should understand that everyone around you is affected by what you do. Have you ever wondered about that? Your co-creation is always a part of another person's reality, and perhaps their own co-creation. It's a huge puzzle, isn't it? It's a puzzle that's filled with complexities that are being worked on 100 percent of the time by the pieces and the parts of you that aren't on the earth. That, by the way, is part of your frustration. You ‘d like to see a different kind of timing, wouldn't you? We have channelled about this complexity before, but there's frustration around the process of co-creation.

If indeed you're moving into masterhood, how are you going to cast off some of these fears, worries, and frustrations? This subject is so large that it will take still another message [another channeling] to complete. But for now, I'll give you some of the questions we get: These are from Lightworkers on their knees, ready to move forward. Many are saying, "Dear God, how can I get rid of the fear in my life? I'm always afraid to co-create or move forward spiritually. I always seem to be in fear that if I change, I'll lose something I really love." Not all Lightworkers ask this, but many do.

It wasn't long ago that we gave you a full channelling on seven steps to gain self-worth. It's unusual that we'd refer one channelling to another, but if you will find that message, it will help. For the fear goes away when self-worth is achieved. Most of you were born in a situation where you didn't have much self-worth. The energy of the planet when you were born didn't pass you much of it. So, many in your generation represented right here [and reading this], come in with low self-esteem. When you start to build self-worth and redeem your magnificence, the fears go away. Do you understand that there's a giant dark room, metaphorically, with all of your fears in it? When you go in that room and begin to enumerate them, it's scary. That room represents the energy of Earth when you were born.

Now, however, a light has been turned on, representing the new energy you've created for the planet. The room is still there, but when the light was turned on, it illuminated everything in it. Behold! What was hiding were the solutions for every single fear in the room! These were hidden completely by the darkness of the old energy. So in the same room with your fears are the solutions. Does that surprise you? It's the balance we promised you. You created the fear, so why not the solutions? It's just that the fears are felt more strongly when there's darkness. You know that from your childhood, don't you?

Some of you won't want to visit that metaphoric room, but we encourage you to anyway. Within the channeling message on self-worth, we told you this: "What is your largest fear? Why don't you ask it to meet you in the backyard for a fight? Face off with it, and you'll find that it won't even show up! It's a fake, a fallacy, yet so real to you." Start working on your self-worth, and the fear will dissipate and disappear. There will come a time, dear Human Being, when everyone who has ever asked that question will wonder why they didn't discover the joy sooner.

Do not fear the love of God! Within this message, Spirit and family are here to visit you, to hug you and hold you, to move between the chairs in this room, and the place where you're reading. We know why you're here. We know why the reader's eyes are on this page. We know what you've been through. Oh, it's a good time to start something new. It's a wonderful time to be healed. Can you feel the sweetness here?

Abundance Frustration
Many Lightworkers are still saying, "Dear God, when are we going to get our abundance? I know it's out there." Do you think we haven't heard you? Dear Human Being, I'd like to redefine abundance, yet again. This area is frustrating to you because you think of it as something you wish to store up. Abundance is sustenance, like it was for the Israelites who walked in the desert. Do you recall the story? Every day they were fed by Spirit. Generations went by, and they were fed, every day for years and years. They got used to it, you know? Can you imagine the scenario... 20, 30, 40 years of being fed every day by God? Can you imagine how large the storehouse was to do that?

Now, let me ask you: What do you think their reaction was to this consistency? I'll tell you: Every day they wrung their hands and said, "Will it happen again tomorrow? We're afraid. What if it doesn't?" That's Human nature! And here you are, asking the same thing.

Look at what has happened in your past. Look at the way things were moved around for you. Abundance is sustenance. Every day is your first and also your last. Will it sustain you? Is there food and shelter? Is there love? This is abundance. It's not what you call a storehouse, and yet it is. What if I told you that your storehouse was absolutely 100 percent real? It's just that you only get to peek at it and use it one day at a time. You don't ask God for your abundance; instead, you create it. You create it daily by what you do, and with the voiding of fear through the realization of self-worth. Then, when you start to balance the energy around you, which we've called The Cosmic Lattice, abundance and sustenance take care of themselves. Maybe you didn't know that [see Kryon's channelling about Singing in the Choir, presented September 2002, called "Co-creation explained"].

Your Path
Here's another frustration. Lightworkers often say, "Dear Spirit, when am I going to find this path that I've been shown I'm supposed to be on? I'm tired of waiting for it. I get glimpses of it, but it never manifests itself." Well, perhaps it's time for some plain talk. You wouldn't be in this room, listening to the voice of this angel who loves you so dearly [Kryon] if you weren't walking a portion of it right now! Did you think of that?

You might say, "Well, maybe you don't understand, Kryon. I have a job I don't like. I don't have much money in the bank, and I'm standing around waiting for something good to happen. You're telling me that this is it?" No. I'm telling you that there's more here than meets your understanding about "path." Why are you really on Earth? Didn't you come to do some work?

Are you walking in a dark place? Is there strife where you are? We'll say this again: How many lighthouses have you seen on calm, serene bays lately? None, you say? Why is that? Is it perhaps because they're needed specifically in places that are challenging for others to navigate? Yes.

Maybe you're the only one at work with a light! We've said this so many times before. The frustration in your path is due to a misunderstanding. Maybe it's time you found joy where you work. If you could find joy where you are, self-worth begins to develop, and fear goes away. Abundance starts to come in, and co-creation begins to work. It's about the attitude of the path that you're in, not the one you wish you were in.

It's your last day, your first day, your only day - what are you going to do with it? Make each day count. You've heard this before, yet these are the spiritual truths that often sound trite, don't they? And that's because they're real!

When you create peace with what you have, then you begin to manifest motion and change in your life. You're not stuck in the bad job. Instead, you're simply "working it" for a while to enhance the lives of others around you, and the energy of the job itself. Be aware that sometimes the "bad job" becomes a miracle! What if the energy dramatically changed around your work situation? Would you still want out? What if your peace and satisfaction with something formerly intolerable gets the attention of someone who needs to engage a peaceful person in a better surrounding [a new job for you]? Do you understand how, when you change energy, it actually brings about co-creation of something else? Things aren't always as they seem, and sometimes you create the perceptions of what's bad or good by your fears or attitudes within your own reality. Again, everything that's before you has been sanctioned by you and created by you. It often lies there begging you to work with it. Energy is like clay. It can be formed into a beautiful statue or just lie there on the floor. In both cases, the clay is still the clay.

"Dear Spirit, when am I going to find joy? I'm a sad person. I want joy. I deserve to have joy. I'm trying so hard!"

Let me tell you about the chicken. A very concerned chicken sat on her egg and worried. "When is this thing going to hatch?" Other chickens around her hatched their eggs, and beautiful little chicks came out. But not this chicken. She was sooo concerned! "When is my chick going to hatch?" She agonized. "I'm sitting... sitting... sitting" She never took a break from sitting. She sat and worried, sat and worried. Finally, after a very long time, the mother chicken had to take a break from sitting. "I have to take a break!" she cried. "This is far harder than I thought."

She got off the egg momentarily and immediately the egg burst open! A half-grown, very hungry small chicken popped out, looked the mother chicken in the eye, and said, "What's wrong with you? I couldn't get out!"

Dear Human Being, stop trying so hard! Let the love of God into your life! You don't have to create this yourself, or know the integral inner workings of the joy process to experience it! You don't have to analyze it or launch an investigation about what it might entail, or intellectualize what it might mean. You don't have to wonder if you deserve it, or ponder the ramifications of what might happen if you receive it! Do you get the picture?

Also, you seem to have multiple reasons why you're unhappy, and we get to hear them enumerated constantly! "Because of this, and because of that..." Would you stop and let the love of God into your life? That's where the joy is. It's behind a door you're holding closed! Perhaps it's the "fear of being happy"? No. It's the lack of self-worth, a lack of the realization of your own splendor as an angel in the universe. Blessed is the Human Being who lets joy of God in their life, because this breaks down the door of duality and lets in the truth. The Human Being that doesn't have joy is the one that's holding it back. Again, you create your reality. That's the truth.

Peace on Earth
Let me tell you about one of the most profound frustrations of masterhood. The Lightworker often says, "Dear God, when are we going to have peace on Earth?" I love to talk about this, because that's why most of you are here.

Dear Human Being, this is one of the biggest frustrations of all, since it's your passion, and you can't seem to see any progress. You're here to facilitate peace on Earth. In order to do that, you're invited to change yourselves to clear the fear and to make your self-worth higher than it was when you were born. You can experience satisfaction with your sustenance every single day, and have an understanding that the universe will cooperate with you as you create and manifest for yourself. As you walk an uncertain path, still you find joy and take care of yourself. This creates an increased spiritual vibration. Yet... where are the results of all this?

When enough of you claim your masterhood, dear Human Being, you're going to change the very essence of Human nature. You already have! The children of the new Earth [Indigo] represent a new Human consciousness. This is a consciousness that would never have happened on the planet without the returning Lemurians... you!

Blessed are these children, for they will be known as the peacemakers - the spatial thinkers - the "Teslas" of sociological change on Earth. They will find solutions where there seemingly are no solutions. They will become very different Human Beings who think differently. You watch. The situation on your planet is critical, and you're frustrated by the lack of progress. What is the hold-up? You're waiting for these new children to grow up and become your leaders! You're the ones who brought them into the earth, and you're the ones who changed the earth's vibration so they could be what they are.

Blessed is the Lemurian, the old soul who keeps coming back and keeps coming back. We do not see the time line as you do. We see your lives, your futures, all in one energy. That is why we smile when you ask, "Is peace on earth possible?" It's not only possible, it's probable... even in your lifetime, perhaps. Oh, there will always be dissension. Free will is like that. But true peace on Earth is when the hatred is no longer there as you see it today, and where the large issues have been settled and there's a consensus of humanity that to exist is to have peace. Believe me when I tell you that there may even come a day when a peaceful existence and the health of populations may even be considered a virtue of humanity.

Things may seem to get worse before they get better, for that is the "scraping of the foundation" as you rebuild the structure of your civilization. It's not a pleasant experience to have some of these ugly and very old energies brought into focus, is it? Yet that's one of the attributes of turning on the light in a place that has harbored so much ugliness in the darkness. Blessed is the Human Being who looks upon these things and understands the entire scope of what's taking place, yet still has joy. Blessed are the Human Beings who still have the wisdom and the knowing that they were built for peace on Earth, despite all that's taking place around them.

It seems like an interesting challenge of dichotomous energies doesn't it... that the more people there are on the earth, the more likely humanity is to settle the peace and health issues? The genesis solutions are closer than you think.

So why don't you go from this place changed? How about turning frustrations into solutions? Why don't you leave this place healed? Why don't you get up from your chair, put down this book, and take a moment to claim your magnificence? Isn't it time?

There will come a day when I look at you and you look at me, but the bodies won't be the same as they are now. Instead, you'll have the ones that are really yours. Then is when we really celebrate. Are there parties on the other side of the veil? Yes. Grand ones. I wouldn't tell you these things if they weren't true.

And so dear ones, it's time to depart... and again, we don't want to go. You think this was for you, don't you? You've come to a meeting, or you've read a book. So you think it was all something for you? What about those who have held your hand for these minutes? Do you think they're anxious to back out of the room, or to leave your energy? We've said it so many times. Doesn't it give you pause to wonder who came to see whom? Did you ever think of that? Could it be that angels stand on the other side of the veil and they crave the ability to touch their family? And the answer is yes. These are the times when we can touch you, so we're having a hard time leaving.

And so it is that we remove ourselves from this place and move back to the other side of the veil. But not all of us. Some of you on this day have accepted energies that will go out married to you for the rest of your life. These are energies of masterhood and love, wisdom and understanding. These seemingly Human attributes are yet another piece of the puzzle that will change the dirt of the earth, in a remarkable time that humanity has never seen before.

And so that crack in the veil opens and we retreat [pause]… and it's difficult. For we want to stay and touch you more. But we honor the protocol of the time that you've set. Reader and listener, let the love of spirit lie over this place as long as you choose to be in it. Let some of it go home with you, or marry to you as you raise from the chair. May it be re-manifested every time that you call upon our name... that of family or what you call God, of which you are a part.

And so it is.