Toronto, Ontario, Canada ~ September 27, 2003 ~
Host - Shirley Clark
A very unusual Seminar!
(above) Setting up wasn't the unusual part. The unusual part was that this is the first time that none of the American Kryon presenting team could make it! Peggy Dubro was teaching elsewhere, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys was due in Europe, Jan Tober had an ear infection and couldn't fly (she couldn't take a plane either ... smile), and that left Lee Carroll and Canadian Robert Coxon. So.. welcome to the Lee, Robert and Kryon show!

(above) Setting up late (very late) at night. (above right) Ever wonder what we see as lecturers? This is it, except there are people in the chairs ... sometimes.
(above) Lee took this composite photo of the crowd on Saturday morning. He did it a few times and it was obvious the woman in the front row (right) didn't want her photo taken. She always covered her face.... oops. No. Perhaps she was asleep! Sorry.
(above - left to right) Host Shirley Clark took us (the few of us who came) to dinner the evening before. Left is Shirley, then Bea and Brenda, then Maria and Annette. The larger Canadian cities have some of the most wonderful food!
(above and right) The crowd sits patiently. Then the lights went down and Lee Carroll tries to explain why the rest of the presenters didn't make it!
(left) It quickly become the Lee and Robert Show, and stayed that way all day!

(below left) A shot by Lee from back stage: Robert Coxon Channels a custom piece of music for an attendee who's birthday was that day!

(below right) Lee Carroll channels Kryon.
Photos by Lee Carroll and Nicholas Mamak.