Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - Grand Rapids, Michigan
February 23, 2003
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Lee Carroll
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Through the Eyes of Ascension - Part I

Grand Rapids, Michigan – February 23, 2003

This Kryon live channelling was given in Grand Rapids, Michigan in February of 2003. It is part one of a two part series given in two different locations regarding Ascension, and what it means in this new grid complete energy. [This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channelling.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There's a joy complement here today. Some of you, at a cellular level, who have been stuck, are actually starting to feel the release. In these next few moments, there will be an entourage who comes in here who is unique. They flow in to the area around you, both reader and listener.

In these first few moments, while you're getting used to this voice, some of you are saying, "This cannot be. Spirit does not talk to Human Beings this way; it has to be more complex." I think that's why you came... for the validation of it all. For accompanying the flow of energy and words and verbiage in speech, will be love. In this process, this entourage will distribute unto you much of what you came for… the validation of the love of God. It's a validation that Spirit is family, and a validation that fear can be no part of what we bring. Answers may be given, and energy discussed, but believe me, this is a reunion, and it's one that you've been waiting for.

Oh, dear Human Being, listener and reader, I know who you are. You think you sit there alone with one pair of eyes, reading each word, one by one? It seems so personal, does it not? Well, it is. As the hearer hears only with their own ears and no one else's, so is it you read with only one consciousness and your individual sight on the page. It's a personal message we give, and yet it's universal. It's one of love, and always has been.

This entourage who pours into this place is unique because it's tailor-made for you. It's always different, you know. There are those who would say, "Well, the entourage that comes in with Kryon has got to be one that is always the same. It's the Kryon entourage." Who told you that? Perhaps you thought it was a "service group" that somehow travels with Kryon? Perhaps you thought it was similar to what a king has, servants and such? I have thought-boggling information for you: The "King" that this group services is YOU!

The entourage who is here right now has the potential to touch every reader and listener from this point on. That entourage has their energy on this place, the one you chose to be in. Reader, you might say, "Well, how could such a thing be? You don't have any idea who's going to read this, do you?" Actually, yes, we do. We know of the potentials of those who would pick up the magazine and the book. Think of it! For years to come on your time line, we see the potential as though it were right now. The "now" is like that, you know? We have the "picture" of the potential of how you're sitting there right now. Amazing? No. In fact, this is what we're actually trying to teach all of you.

We knew of the potentials of your arrival, too, listener, before you ever took your seat. Did you know that? This isn't an invasive group who sits here with you. We're talking about an entourage who walks with you wherever you go. This is the very entourage who many of you have felt hasn't been listening to you for a long time! [Laughter]

In this last decade, some of you have finally tuned those spiritual "radio stations" in to us. You finally learned to move that metaphoric dial, and you found us at another frequency... a higher one. Perhaps you've been listening for a long time on the other frequency? Well, that station had to go, you know? Interdimensional Human Being, let me tell you what has replaced it, metaphorically - a walkie-talkie! We've got two-way communication, and our communications are now on another channel.

Therefore, the first thing we're going to advise is to tune in to it and find it. It doesn't live where the other one used to be. With the new frequency, when you meditate, pray, and come to that quiet spot where you've always felt us, the reactions aren't the same, the emotions aren't the same. The information is not nearly as simplistic. Some of you, still tuned to the old frequency, have felt as if you've been talking to nobody at all! The fact is that we're now on a much stronger station, but you have to be willing to find it and tune in.

Let the learning begin. The entourage here plays many parts, posturing this veil for you, and it's a timeless group. Reader, you may take a look at the date as you read this, but it's "now" that I'm talking to you. Your now may be different from the ones who are hearing this with their ears. You may think that a long portion of time has elapsed since these who are here sat in the audience and listened. And you might say, "This is old information." No, it's not. If it were, you wouldn't be reading it, would you? What we bring to you today is timeless, absolutely timeless.

There's a group who is settled in this place and who's also around the chair of the reader. "What kind of group is it, Kryon?" you might ask. Is it a group who has information? Not really. Is it a group who has guidance? Not really. "Well, then, what kind of a group is it?" So I will tell you: This is an energy mist - a very, very fine mist that has your name on it. Each atom of that mist is an entity. As you change your consciousness, this group of entities also changes. As you make your decisions, the mist changes. What you utter out of your mouth, the mist hears. It does its best to complement what you feel and what you ask for. Whatever instructions come out of your mind, the mist tries to create it. Metaphors? Yes. But perhaps some of you are starting to understand that gone are the days when you can count the "guides." Gone are the days when you can give them names, although you still will. First of all, they really have no names. They're all one energy. Sometimes pieces or parts come to the front, and you'll say, "There she is! My guide named so-and-so. I feel her!" You aren't wrong, but a moment later, as the mist shifts again, it changes its name, its energy, and responds differently. How can you name a shifting energy? There's much family in there, too, and sometimes you will feel - even smell - them! But they're part of an interdimensional group that's aware of you and each other. They "shape-shift" to accommodate you, and what you need.

Oh, precious Human Being, you're a piece of God. You were born in a timeless universe and space that has no beginning. The birth of which I speak is completely and totally ongoing. It's a complete circle. There will never come a time when you cease to exist, and there will never come a time when you cease being born into something. Such is the way of it, and even in your 4-D - in the linearity of what you call "The Human Experience," there are attributes of this very thing. It's a timelessness that you carry with you. Long after you leave this planet for the last time, you will be on to something else.

Although we could say so much about the entourage who is here, reader, I hope you feel its presence. That will speak volumes to you. For much of this is uniquely for you, too, as well as those who are hearing this. For those in the audience today, I will say this: There are energies and colors to be seen. There are physical attributes that may visit you as you actually sit in these chairs. Some of you will know that Spirit spoke to you today. Even the doubters will know that sitting next to you is a grand potential. And sitting next to you and around you is a spiritual mist with your name on it. More metaphors? In this case, no. In the dimension we're sitting in, everything I've said is actually taking place.

The Lifting Veil
And so it is that the veil lifts slightly, and not just for a meeting such as this. This veil that's lifting is the activity of this age, which has been promised. It's the Apocalypse, and the changing of the age. The grids of Earth have changed for it to take place, and many Humans came here specifically to enable it. If you're hearing or reading this, the potential is that you were one of these . . . such is the "accident" that would bring you to this message.

There was a time when humanity was polled - yes, actually polled at a high spiritual level. This occurred in 1987. Don't you remember it? No. But you don't remember being born, either, do you? There are some things that are relegated to the higher parts of you, but they're there and are very real. You were asked if you would be willing to make this consciousness shift for the planet. Why do you think Earth would be polled in such a way? The answer is "free choice." Even thought the "setup" was in place and all was prepared, you still had the choice to say no.

But the warriors of the light are here! Many of you actually came here within this incarnation (expression of this life) for this very change. You stood in line on the other side of the veil for it! It's not necessarily an easy thing, slipping between dimensions, you know. You had to give permission to commence with the change, to move into an interdimensional place and find that other radio station. And so you said yes to the question. These are metaphors of what we call the 11:11 - the number that some of you still see on the clocks to this day, out of coincidence. It's no accident, seeing those numbers over and over - no accident at all. It's given for you at that instant. It's a reminder that you're not alone - a reminder that the love of God is surging in your very DNA, activated and cooperated with by the mist around you. It is so.

Ascension – The Great Gift of This Age
So starts a teaching that we will give a name. It's a teaching we promised we'd begin when the grid had settled after 2002. It's a teaching we could never have given before that occurred. Even now, as other grids are being aligned, this teaching is very appropriate, whereas it was not when the magnetic grid was in transition. For over a decade - 12 years - you've heard the name, that word, ascension. We even called it graduation.

Here is the name we're going to give to this message and some others to follow: The name is "Through the Eyes of Ascension." Some will say that it should be "Through the eyes of the ascended," for it's a description of a process that's personal. That is the subject today.

We can't do this in a quick fashion. That's why there will be several of these messages, each one different. Each one will be complete without the other, but together they'll represent a better picture than if they were separate. Let me remind you again what ascension is, and what it is not. You may have heard this before, but it's important enough to begin at the source.

"Dear Kryon," we've heard people say, "I wish to ascend soon. I'm tired of being here." Oh, Lightworker! That is not what ascension is. It's not about escape. It's not about reward. It's about graduation, and we've defined it before. When you graduate from a school, you leave the school, but not life. You leave an old reality and begin a new one.

The Ascension of Old Energy

Let me take you back for a moment to a very real place and set a stage for you. We've done this before, but let's do it even again - one more time, as the opening of this teaching.


The breeze is blowing briskly in a mountainous area where the prophet Elijah has moved next to a cliff. He stands there waiting for what he knows will take place. He has an appointment. The prophet Elijah is going to ascend. He knows it. He's been told it, and he's prepared for it. And we've painted this picture before. Our explanation is a little different now, however, for we will explain a little more of what took place that day.

By invitation, Elisha was there, too. Perhaps you felt Elisha was a friend, or just his master's student? It doesn't matter for this story, for Elisha was really there in order to report and testify on what it looked like for the ascension of his master, the Israelite prophet Elijah. What most have missed is that Elisha was there for something far different!

History will show that Elisha reported as best he could the ascension of Elijah. There were descriptions of flashes of light and rainbows of color. There was much spoken of how there was a disintegration of reality when Elijah ascended. It was the best a person could do in 4D to describe a process which isn't in 4D, and Elisha did it well. Now, we've discussed before what actually took place that very day. No matter what the reports say, there's a bias in all of them. It's a bias that would say that when ascension takes place, you have to go up... or away. You don't. There is no "up" in interdimensionality. There is no "away," either. The light was blinding, Elijah vanished, and the assumption was made that Elijah was taken away by God.

Here's what happened. In an old energy, a very old energy, Elijah touched the hand of his Higher-Self, and with a blinding flash, one that you could even smell in the air, Elijah seemed to disintegrate and be returned to a piece of God that he was. A lingering light remained, and the energy was potent and pungent. Elisha saw and reported it all. But here's what we never reported before. You see, Elisha stood in a "field of influence" when Elijah ascended. Something happened that even Elisha was unaware of. You see, he wasn't just there just to write down what happened. Oh, he did that well, but here's what really happened to Elisha: He took the mantel of his master because he was standing close enough to have been influenced.

In the ascension of the one, energy was shifted to the other, and also into the dirt of the earth and into the atmosphere. In the case of the remaining Human, it went into the layers of the DNA of Elijah's pupil. Elisha returned from that experience seemingly alone, but he wasn't. Instead, he returned with potentials and tools he didn't know had been transferred to him. Want proof? Go read it in the history of his life. Elisha went on to do great things, many that were as wise and powerful as those his master had done. The mantel of the master encompassed him, and he received the wisdom of the ages. He had seen the unseeable. He had felt that which was interdimensional, and it changed him. Remember this, for it reflects upon the entire process we speak about in these new times. For most, however, the mind-set of ascension as reported is now seen as a vanishing, and a return to God or "heaven."

Now let me return you to a time in the years you called "the two thousands," when the vibration of the planet has increased to such a degree that it is even in a different time frame. Physics demands that this planet even be in a different location, interdimensionally in space... and it is.
Interdimensionality affects your reality. In fact, if you were to define reality, it would have to include the dimensionality you exist within as a root to the definition. Could it be that there's another Earth someplace else in another dimension - one that you used to be on? How bizarre, you say? It's actually so. Did the magnetic grid move as we told you it would? Were the weather changes significant, as we told you they would be? Can you feel this shift? Are you a bit more anxious than normal these days? Change does that, you know. You changed reality.
Could it be that there's another YOU someplace else? The answer is no. Instead, there are many Earths and many paths, but only one of you. You might actually say, then, that the only thing that is unchangeable is you. That would be accurate in the physics sense. All reality revolves around spiritual consciousness. Humans perceive it backwards, as though they were being tossed and turned in a barrel of life that they cannot control. Instead, they control it all, but aren't aware of it. Therefore, they're tossed and turned in their own creation. It's fear and ignorance of this that creates Human who believe that they cannot change it.

The most difficult thing we'll ever tell you is this: Interdimensional shift changes everything around you, but everything seems to stay the same in your eyes. But you feel it, don't you? Have you felt time speed up? Many have. When you sit in a train without windows and it speeds up, you feel the speed increase even if you can't see outside. The train car you're in, however, stays the same - same seats, same travelers, same atmosphere, yet you're now going faster, and everything outside your car knows it. Therefore, the reality of the car has changed, but to you it's the same, except it's rocking a bit more.

What's really going on? The answer: You've sat through one of the most profound things that can happen to any planet, anywhere. This planet of yours is the only one in the universe that can do this, did you know that? Oh, there are many planets, and there is much life, more than you have any idea of, but yours is the only one in the universe that can shift reality by choice of the inhabitants. Based upon the consciousness of the beings upon it, reality can be shifted on planet Earth.

We've told you this before, that you're sheltered from much visitation by others in the Universe, just as it should be. You're hidden within one sun system, whereas so much life is contained with those systems with dual suns. Astronomy will someday discover that dual-sun solar systems are the ones most likely to harbor Earthlike planets. It will have to do with the potentials of what you take for granted with Earth . . . that it's in a perfect orbit and at a perfect distance for life. It's astonishing for your science to think that this was chance, yet most still do. Calculating the odds and just looking around should show them differently.

You're hidden so completely in this vast universe that those who look for life like yours will look here last. You'll be left alone for this test until it's over. The few visitors you have are just lookers. They don't announce themselves to Earth because they can't. If you've noticed, they come and go in the shadows of your reality, never really ready to do anything but hide and run. There are reasons for that, and we've discussed them before.

Did you ever wonder whether there was purpose here? Did you ever gasp as you looked into the stars and wondered if there was a purpose for your life? Did you ever ask, "Is there something greater than me?" I will tell you again: Yes, there is purpose in your life. Your intuition serves you well as you gaze into the stars, for that universe, the creation of God that you wonder about, is not that strange at all.

If I could suspend duality for a moment, I'd love to give you the gift of remembrance. I want you to remember that you were there when this Universe was created. If you feel an infinity for it, it's because you helped create it, dear Human. You're in a masterful disguise!

So what about this "ascension"? The veil is being lifted. The grid has settled. Physics has changed, and this planet has postured itself in a state that will allow for the kind of ascension that Elijah experienced, only without the results that Elijah had in his older reality. Let me make this as clear as I can. The very same procedure that took place with Elijah is now available to every single Human on the planet. The difference is that Humans won't disintegrate anymore. You know what happens to them? Instead, it's a profound shift in consciousness. It's the beginning of a multi-stepped procedure. It's interdimensional and unexplainable in your reality, but I'm going to give you some of the core information, finally.

Ascension's Steps
There are those who have said, "Kryon, you've never talked about the steps of ascension. How many are there?" I will tell you again: One. "Is that really true? Could it be that simple?" I never told you it was simple. I said there was only one step. "All right, how long does that step last?" Forever. When you push on that door of intent, dear Human Being, and open that box called ascension, you look into the eyes of infinity. How many steps? It's one... an infinite number of steps that equal one reality. How far do you want to go? What do you wish to learn? How far will you take it? There can't be a standard answer, can there? One answer for everyone? Could someone create a book that's about your life, your family, your joys and situations, then tell everyone that it belongs to them, too? The answer is no. It's a custom book for you. Free choice is that way, you know. Still, there are many who wish to have their 4D instructions for ascension. They want one book to fit everyone. This is like asking for a reading primer in kindergarten to explain the works and metaphors of a profound and complex literary playwright. It just isn't possible.

In this new expanded energy, the free choice of consciousness for a Human Being is now the free choice to expand to masterhood while you walk on this planet. Will others notice? Chances are they already have! Some of you in this room and reading this aren't strangers to the process. I speak to those who have made this choice, who have pushed upon that door, and who have made life shifts and changes. Perhaps I'm talking to you? Perhaps that's why some of you came here or picked up this book? There are also some in this room who have made this choice and seemingly nothing happened. Well, get ready for some changes, for this is the time we told you about 12 years ago. This is the time we told you about that included Earth shifts - weather pattern alterations - new alliances - those who can't hide and must get off the fence and make a decision - battles of consciousness. All through these happenings, what did we tell you? We said the invitation was to lift the veil, to strip away the duality. and through the eyes of ascension, to begin a path that would literally change the earth itself.

Potentials for Everyone
How do you begin? Again, we'll tell you, yet it may again be misunderstood in your 4D reality. There's only one method to open this door to start the process. It's a profound one, yet it doesn't take a school or even a book to do it. I'll tell you in a moment, but first let me ask you this: How complex do you think it was for Elijah to go stand in the field? How long do you think he studied in a school to go and stand there? How many books do you think it took him to read for Elijah to learn how to walk into the field and make an agreement with God? Maybe you're starting to get the point? You might say, "Well, Elijah was a master - a prophet. You can't compare him to us." That's where the Human disbelief sets in. That's where the fear starts to be generated. "Kryon, you mean we are like him?" In this new energy, with a lifting veil, the answer is yes. And here's where the departure will be for those who choose not to believe it. They will tell you that it can't be this way. They will drag out all of their history books and the lineage of spirituality. They'll point to the books, they'll give the ABC's of why you can't do what we're saying. They'll go so far as to say that the Kryon teaching must be false... a Human could never do such a thing, and their old books say so. Well, I'm sitting in front of those many Humans who have! How do you explain them?

Let me tell you about this process through the eyes of those Humans who have done it. That's why we will call it "through the eyes of ascension." How is it done? What is the one step that is infinite? It's done with pure intent... a one-on-one meeting with the infinite parts of you - the same meeting that Elijah had when he walked into the field. Simple? No. Just ask anyone who has made life-changing decisions.
First, when you open that door and begin this process, you can't count the steps in 4D. You may want to know how many, but that's not possible. In school, you want to know the goal, the steps of accomplishment, and the format. But in this process, there are too many, and each step is unique. Listen closely: I'll say this again: Gone are the days when you go through procedures, travel to certain places, count items, ask forgiveness of different masters, or perform pilgrimages of sacrifice in order to get to a spiritual plateau where you'll be blessed enough to have something happen or be healed. Are you understanding this? You've always had masterhood! The seeds of this were with you in creation. You were told this over and over by the masters that walked the earth.

How many times do you have to be told through the ages that you have this power? When Humans, whom you called masters and prophets, walked the earth doing miracles, they looked at you and said, "It's available, and you can do it, too." You can heal the sick, transmute physics, walk on water, even change biology. They were here as examples of what you could do, yet in an older energy, what did humanity do with this great knowledge? The earth fell down and worshiped them! The messages didn't get through. Even some of your ancient translations of scripture are biased in what was said and meant. This was because there wasn't a consciousness within the translator that allowed for the thought that the masters actually meant that regular Humans could ever have this power.

But now it's time for you to pick yourselves up, if you're interested, and go to that place you always knew existed. Do you know how many lifetimes you've waited for this? Some of you rehearsed it. Monk, priest, are you listening? Shaman, are you listening? Reader, this is for you.
Let me take you someplace else. I would like you to go to a place a long time ago when you weren't Human yet. See yourself as an angel (something you understand in 4D). You're about ready to come into Earth, and this process is sacred. You've done it before, and some of you actually held back so that you would arrive at the time of the prophesied Armageddon. What are you doing? Does that make sense to you, that you would have held back to come into the earth during one of its final tests? This is why we love you the way we do. You came in to work, and you know it. Despite all that prophecy on that old path, you came in willingly, ready to go through it. We have to ask you: Why would you do such a thing? Why would you go through this? After all, on the other side of the veil, aren't you supposed to be smarter? [Laughter]

Let me tell you why. Listener, reader, you are the ones who are awakening first. You're the ones who are beginning to understand that as you're awakened, you're changing the history of Earth. That angel on the other side, standing in line to come here, was wise, because it knew that nothing was preordained. All could be changed. The decisions you make to push upon the doors of ascension are having the same kind of influence on the planet that Elijah's ascension had on Elisha. How can we tell you this? As you push upon the door and open up this ascension step, energy is released. It's released to those around you. It's released to the planet. It changes the actual measurement of Earth. And you sit there, pretending to be so ordinary! Blessed are you in this moment!

The First Step
Your spiritual search generates an energy that helps the planet. The step to masterhood, even the one that opens the door, is profound. What is the step? The step is pure intent, and we'll say it again. Nothing could be purer than spiritual intent. It's not a casual intent, nor an angry one. It's a pure spiritual one. It's one where you greet the very core level of all that is you. Again, we give you the metaphor that pure intent is defined as that energy in the hand of Abraham, as the dagger was poised to go into the chest of his only son, Isaac. But it never got there, did it? His intent was to go the whole route if need be.

Here's something for others who need to hear it, and may understand the meaning of it: Pure intent, is the energy in the hand of Abraham that almost sacrificed Ishmael in Mecca. Pure intent, worldwide, is the same story. No matter what the allegory says, or where it took place, the meaning is the same. It's the kind of intent where the Human sits on the floor and says, "Dear God, tell me what it is I need to know, and I'll follow it." The Human who does this is not doing it out of desperation or because he's at the end of his endurance. No. It's because he's now more aware if his purpose. Pure intent is accomplished outside of [apart from] fear. Pure intent is given in a state of ceremony, love, appreciation, maturity, wisdom, and with sound and balanced reasoning. That's the step. It opens a door. It's a door that you can never close. This is why we've always cautioned you not to do this unless you really mean it.

Many have asked, "If there's free will, why can't you close that door if you wish?" Oh, there is free choice. Indeed, you can choose to ignore that you opened the door, and of course you'll be in denial. You will be in dis-ease, will you not? It creates unbalanced and anxiety. Why? Because, Human Being, it is impossible to un-know something. You cannot will yourself, no matter how much free choice you have, to forget something. When you start receiving the wisdom of the ages, what are you going to do? Pretend it isn't there? Be circumspect. Know what you're doing. Be truthful with your own self before you ever make this step.

In the next message, we're going to begin to explain what happens to the individual who gives this profound intent. What are the immediate results? What is felt? What are the pitfalls? How long might each reaction take? These are common to the ascension experience, but not in all cases, and not in all circumstances. But the road map is being revealed, as we promised that it would be. What took so long? The energy wasn't finished! Many spoke out that they were moving on to other teachings, since Kryon wasn't coming forth with specifics. Let me ask you this: If you planned a voyage across the ocean to another continent, would you stop the ship in mid-ocean and demand another ship, since you weren't there yet? This voyage has taken 12 years. We told you that in the beginning, and now we've arrived in the port of knowledge.

Before we go, we must give you this information: There are those in this room who are afraid. "Kryon, what's going to happen to me if I take on this energy? Won't I stick out?" Oh, yes, you will! "Doesn't that mean that people will want to move away from me? I love my family and friends. I'm not certain I wish to sacrifice them for this spiritual quest. I don't want to be alone!" Dear one, that's old energy talking. That's an old bias.

The Special Friend
Here's a teaching we've given before in different places, in different times, but we're bringing it together now. Let me introduce you to someone... a master. I wish to introduce you to somebody you'd really love to be with. Forget the gender for a moment, for this Human will become a good friend. Every time this person looks at you, you feel safe and comfortable. This person is so easy to be with, you'd naturally go anywhere with them and do anything. There is never any judgment or agenda. This person won't ask you for anything, either. He just wants to be with you. You're proud to be with him, and he's proud to be with you. What if I could introduce you to somebody who had all of these qualities, and they were also wise as well? What do you say? May I do this? Are you afraid? Will you run the other way? No! You'll probably knock down the door to be introduced! Who is it? It's you, in an ascended status! I've just described you.

Think back to what you've read in the sacred texts about the spiritual historic masters who walked your Earth. They were loved! People came for miles simply to sit in their energy. Children and animals recognized their peacefulness and followed them from place to place. They weren't weird, strange, or sullen. They emanated joy. They taught love and understanding. And those who were in their influence were changed - like Elisha was changed when standing in the same vicinity of the master while energy shifted.

Expect a family who will look at you differently and fall in love with you again! Expect relationships to heal, if that's appropriate. Expect old barriers to drop. Expect enemies to see you differently and for drama to disappear. Do you know what I'm talking about here? It's not just about you, it's about the energy you carry and show. It's about what happens when a graduate walks from place to place, working the knowledge of what he went to school for. The part of the Human Being that's called perception is aware and reacts to this person. This person tempers and disarms difficult situation, and shines light in dark places. Perhaps you came to hear that? Do not fear the attributes of your masterhood, for it's an attribute of the love of God.

This is just the beginning. Now, let me see... how many steps were there? That's the way of it, you know? You open the door to infinity, and what do you expect? How are you going to notate and document that experience? Do you know what kind of energy you sit in right now as we close this beginning message? You remember that mist I talked about earlier? That's the entourage who's around you. This would be a good time to feel it - a good time to "see" them. They're active and are waiting to shift for you.

Do you realize that all of the teachings of all of the masters that ever walked the planet are coming to fruition now? Did you know that their messages all combined to give you this? Humanity is becoming enabled. Oh, it might not look that way on the news, but there's more to the situation than you think. When you look in the mirror, don't be deceived. There is timelessness in those eyes. The potentials are grand. It may not look like it - it may look awful to you now, but the earth is in a pruning state, sometimes ugly on its way to changing through consciousness. Accept nothing as permanent. Accept nothing as inevitable The potentials for solutions are always there. That's why they call you a Lightworker.

All that you see before you this day on Earth, as we speak to you, was foretold. The energy shifts of the planet are at hand, and the rewriting has begun. You are the warriors who have made it possible, and you are the ones who hold the key to its final solution... to the reality of "The New Jerusalem."

And so it is.