Grand Rapids, Michigan ~ February 23, 2003 ~
Hosts: Laughing Womyn & Jody Bonifield

Thank you!
Laughing Womyn (left) and
Jody Bonifield (right)
A wonderful Seminar...
and it didn't even snow!
(right) Grand Rapids, Michigan
A great group of smiling faces! Thank you Grand Rapids and surrounding areas, for your support!
Jan Tober begins the day with a new 2003 Color and Sound meditation, accompanied by Robert Coxon
Open Mind Book Store from Rockford, MI provided many unique items (above) (616) 863-8868
All of the Kryon Books were available, plus the new Kryon cards!
Maria George shows off her laser energized product line (Lasergarden)
(above) Mary Kennedy of Gematria
(middle) Deborah
and Carolyn - helping at the registration table
(right) Bea Wragee with Jan's products and her own essences.
(below) Laughing Womyn, Lee Carroll and Jody Bonifield

Jan Tober shows the clothing she has designed and brings with her at many seminars.