Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - Dallas, Texas
January 12, 2003
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Lee Carroll
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Plain Talk

Dallas, Texas – January 12, 2003

This Kryon live channelling was given in Dallas Texas in January of 2003. It represents the first channelling of 2003, and the first one after the grid group was finished and departed from their grid-changing work. This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channelling.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. [Pause]

I was waiting, for there were some of you who needed to see the light change. I don't mean the lights in here. Some of you needed validation to see the color shift as we came in here, pouring into this place, which was already so expertly prepared by those who sit in these chairs.

Oh, there are always those who would doubt that such a thing could be - that is, channelling. Could it be that those who would speak from the other side of the veil could come in like this, in a setting like this? Could it be that easy? The answer is yes. But it wasn't always this way. We've spent 12 years with a specific group - a group that has now moved (no, not disbanded), but moved into another energy-balancing area.

My partner has decided to call the meetings this year "And So It Begins." This is channelled information, and some of you might say, "Well, what is it that's new and different? What is it that's beginning?" Well, for one thing, the grid is settled. Oh, the residual may take three more months to settle [until the end of March 2003]. Remember, things don't happen quickly with Spirit. But we can't even begin the teachings without going into a mode of celebration. It's a celebration that you've allowed such a thing to be - a new energy on the planet - that you've had the patience, some of you, to endure this moving target of spiritual consciousness, one that we've presented to you for a decade or more. You've moved in and out of purpose. Some of you have wanted to throw up your hands in the darkness and shout, "Oh, God! I don't understand. I've tried, I've given intent; I've done this; I've done that!" And we were there, and we heard you. We've been there every single time you cried out. We've been there for the words of celebration and joy, and for the words of sorrow. We've been there every single time, even when you wondered if anybody was listening. We've been there, too.

One of the reasons why there's so much celebration and foot-washing as this entourage pours in here has to do with your endurance. Lightworkers (you call yourselves), you are lighthouses anchoring energy, not afraid to walk from place to place, knowing that some of you will be ridiculed and scorned. Instead, you hold peace in your heart, believing that all is appropriate and that there are reasons for everything.

And so we celebrate you before we teach. The potential was always here that you'd sit in these chairs. Are you listening to this? Do you think it's an accident that you're here? Reader, do you think it's an accident that your eyes are on this page? I know you. Reader, I was there when you cried out to God, and so were those around me. There was an entourage that was next to you, holding your hand in your darkest moments. This is the way of it, you know. It isn't just about ascension, master-hood, or mystery. Oh, there's a lot of that, too. But what about right now?

We told you that the grid would shift, and it did. We told you that a grid group would be involved, and it was. Then we told you they would leave, and they have. We said that the teaching would begin in a stable environment of grid magnetics. The magnetics of the planet are always dynamic - that is, they'll always move around, but not nearly to the degree that you've experienced in these last 12 years. If I could give you one word or even perhaps a phrase that was simple, which would explain what has happened in this last decade or so, I would say "lifting." Lifting. We speak of a veil that creates your duality, and the energy of everything on this planet is lifting it slightly.

We speak in metaphors constantly, don't we? We speak in puzzles and parables. Some have asked, "Kryon, why is that needed? Why is that necessary?" It's because you can't pierce that veil. Metaphors are often the only way you can have interdimensional understanding while you sit in only four dimensions. So when you start examining the parables and the metaphors, that's when you get your own "ah-ha" experience, and you know what we're trying to say. But in the new energy, this is becoming less used.

The new energy has been the lifting of the veil. Even when you look at this in physical form and not metaphoric form, you see a veil between you and something else. Through this veil, you're not seeing clearly, are you? If a portion of it lifts away to reveal what's on the other side, then you have clearer, plainer sight, don't you? So let's start this new energy in this new year [2003] with this group of readers and listeners, and call this particular message "Plain Talk."

It's about time, isn't it? Let's feature communication that may be clearer. Oh, there will still be parables, and along the way there will still be metaphors, since there must be. But one of the things that you're going to discover is that we, on the other side of this veil, are able to see you more clearly, too. Did you ever think of that? We stand next to you!

If you could define the veil, it wouldn't be "somewhere." It's not a place. Instead, it's a dynamic energy that surrounds your very consciousness - every cell of your body. It distances you... from you. Suddenly we're here to tell you that over these last years, this veil has been thinned, and now it's time for some plain talk.

Let's start by celebrating you! I can't pass over this lightly. Today we flood this place with the energy of "mother." It's unconditional love, which is feminine. We've described to you in the past - revealed, in fact, the last time we channelled - that the predominant energy of Kryon has always been feminine. That's plain talk, isn't it? You can add that up any way you wish to. But it explains a lot of what you've read and what you feel. The entourage I bring here washes your feet. Some stand beside you as you read and listen, some above you, and some are even below. Such is the way of an interdimensional visit.

What are you going through right now, dear Human Being? You sit in an energy that's anxious, right? What is taking place in the Middle East? Perhaps as you read this, there have been changes. But where's the appropriateness in all of this? Why did this happen? What is it going to mean? How does this fit in with anything that you've been taught might happen? The potentials we gave you all those years ago - how does it fit in with that? Not all is as it seems here. Historians will have something special to say about this time in history. Not all has been revealed - especially to you - about what's really going on. The wishes and the hopes of those even in the Oval Office have not been truly revealed to you, either. But all will be, eventually. You see, it's impossible to carry these things as secrets from now on. Let me tell you what has happened.

We told you in 1989 that you had changed your reality. The good news was that the Armageddon you had expected wasn't going to happen. The challenging news was that you would fill it with a war. Oh, maybe not a physical one, although you've had two between then and now. No. It would be war between the old and new energies on the planet. We told you it could manifest itself in many different ways, but that you would fight it. Well, let me give you some plain talk - things that should be obvious to you, but they're not always.

The Human Social Effect
Even those who study society are not considering this yet. Consider these things: There are more Humans on Earth at this moment than there ever have been. In the last 50 years, Earth has tripled its population - more Humans reacting to more Humans. It's a more crowded place, isn't it? Adjustments have to be made in your society for this, and you know that. In fact, some of you have spent those 50 years here, noticing it... even complaining about it! Yet, what has the predominant social issue been? Wouldn't you think that with more and more Human Beings interfacing one with another, the social structure would eventually move toward a more socialist kind of existence? Doesn't it make sense to create a cooperative system that serves a more common interest in order to make things work? But that isn't what happened.

In fact, the systems that featured those elements fell apart! Governments that seemed to offer "the most good for the most people," fell apart. The consciousness of those systems wasn't supported by humanity. So what was created? Look around. You're left with systems on Earth where individuals are seen individually for what they contribute. These systems encourage participants to think for themselves, out of the group consciousness. Now isn't that counter-intuitive for a population that's closing in on itself? Yes, it is, yet no one has really noticed that. Right now, the systems that promote self-worth and self-determination, even with worship, are the most prosperous on the planet.

Sweeping over the planet, even in the countries that don't wish to admit it, is a consciousness of individuality. Human Beings are awakening out of the darkness, and they're saying, "I am special; I am unique; there is no one like me. I will think the way I wish." It's everywhere. It has toppled governments and it will topple more... and that's the plain talk of it. It's universal on this planet, and that's just one of many phenomena that seem counter-intuitive to an increasing population. Yet it's a spiritual aspect, for we teach that you're an individual part of creation.

Now let me give you some more plain talk. Let me take you back 15, 20 years. Here is something we recently spoke of in another venue: For a very long time, and we will speak of the entire civilized world, there have been many secrets about the way things work. Much has been hidden in the corners and the cracks regarding information available to the common citizen of Earth. Enemies can be behind rocks on your path and you'll never see them. They can clump in dark places, and they can conspire against your very life. They can conspire to make your economics work a certain way, your elections, and even what you pay for everything. They can conspire to make the earth work a certain way. They're powerful and have a lot of influence. They're very Human, however, representing a controlling, greed consciousness.

The main attribute about them is that they're always in the dark. Rumors of their existence have leaked out enough so that they even had a name. They're the Illuminati. They're the secret group. They're the code-makers and the ones who pulled the strings of your very social situation. They made elections happen. They took your financial markets and controlled them. We've never spoken about this before in a live channelling, but this is plain talk. Many of you might say, "Is this real? Could this be true?" The answer is yes. Did you ever notice that there was a sameness about things - a stability about things in the past? You felt it was just a more solid situation... a good thing. Guess again. They controlled most of it. Like a large ship on a course that seldom moved, they steered your very existence into their pockets.

Where were they? I will even tell you that. You'll notice that I'm speaking in the past tense, don't you? They were in the country you call Greece. That's where it began, and that's where it fell apart. Much to their shock, an increasing vibrational consciousness of the planet, caused by a moving grid system, started to open a can called integrity. Then you developed technology, which allowed everyone to speak to everyone at almost no cost [the Internet]! They could no longer hide in the dark, and four years ago they began to fall. That's the plain talk of it. There can be no more conspiracies on this planet to that degree, and here's the reason: There are lighthouses like you all over this planet that are dedicated to stand and let that light shine. There are lights being turned on everywhere!

There are far fewer dark places to scamper to or hide within. This didn't happen because there were some grand groups that rode in on white horses. You want to know who the grand ones who changed this were? They are the ones in the chairs who sit in front of me - the ones who read this right now who, with the mind of Spirit many years ago, decided to come to Earth with the potential to make a difference!

You think this sounds like an allegory, a fairy tale? Well, go read your newspaper. Tell me about the largest corporations you have - falling over because an individual with integrity spoke up. When did that happen last? If we told you the potential of that happening ten years ago, you would have laughed! You might have said, "Kryon, you must understand that nothing touches big money. It's one of those things that will never change. There are certain things on this Earth that cannot be touched, and big money is one of them." It just did.

What if I asked you, what is another one of those things that will never change? "Well," you might say,"big religion is another. It's a very large and old organization that cannot be moved easily." Really? Go read your newspaper. A very big religion is reevaluating itself, isn't it? An integrity factor is starting to show. There are those who are beginning to emerge within that belief system and are saying, "Wait a minute! This isn't correct. The God that I worship would not have representatives that would do these things. My God is a loving God, and these individuals are not representing that."

This organization you call the church is being reevaluated and pruned. And it's not just limited to the Western world, either. Watch for it worldwide. We told you about this almost three years ago when we said, "The greatest spiritual leaders you have who search for the divine on your planet are coming to a reckoning even as you sit here" [Kryon Book 8 – Passing the Marker]. Now the energy of what you've created has caught up with them! The result? There will be more integrity within the ranks of those who lead the planet on a spiritual level.

That's what a vibrational increase does. There are fewer dark places. And let me tell you what happens when those who would conspire against you have fewer places to hide. They show themselves. We're not in judgment, but we will tell you that it's a Human dramatic reaction to go find them and eliminate them! But there are other ways, dear ones. That's why you're almost at war. It's a different energy now... if you've noticed.

Many are in complete denial about all this. Even with your news, the weather changes, and the proof of the magnetics and crystalline energies changing, they stick to the old Earth energy. We also told you that a chasm would develop [Kryon Book 8], even within your own metaphysical beliefs. It begins. Many are looking at the new energy and feeling that it's false, and that you're somehow covering the truth of conspiracy with your light. Somehow they feel that your light is going to cover up the truth.

How can you know who's right? It's easy. Look at their lives. Are they comfortable, peaceful, and filled with the love of God? Are they tolerant with their lives and those around them? Would you like to have them around you? What is their "drama" factor? It speaks volumes of how their cells are doing, doesn't it? Blessed is the Human who lets in the truth of Spirit. For it will affect the very cellular structure of his blood. It will bring him peace in the face of war and give him tolerance when all around him there is none. It will produce ideas that were never thought of, and create a vibrational shift.

President Bush and the Election
We even told you about the man who's your president [January, 2003]. We called him a "place-holder." This was not a criticism or a demeaning term. It's simply a definition of energy. It's one who holds energy while something else happens. In mathematics, a place-holder is used to hold the energy of a place while solutions are computed around it. It allows the columns to line up and the dots to be connected. It's a metaphor, isn't it? And that's what we told you about the man who's your president.

So what kind of a place is he holding? you might ask. Here is information you didn't expect. There are things around you, not in this country [USA], which need to be shifted and changed. There are those who need to move around so that the earth can be more even in its consciousness. And this is the man who's facilitating it. You may not like it, but it's what you planned. This place-holder is a catalyst for change.

Do you think it was an accident that he came into office? Go take a look at his election. First, was it a normal one? No. It was almost a forced election... one that seemed out of balance - not your standard election, was it? Here is a postulate of those who would control you: "Never create unusual circumstances that will beg investigation." Therefore, we tell you that this election was not something created by those in the dark. Instead, it was something you created within the new energy... to facilitate what you're seeing.

We ask you to look back on these kinds of things metaphysically. Suspend your political and humanitarian urges for just a moment and get above yourselves. Look instead into the future, and what all this might create. We told you about the potential of the energy on your planet more than a decade ago. That's why many of you feel anxious. We spoke of the battle to come, and we even told you that there were those who agreed to leave during these times [Kryon Book 1]. Now, here you sit within it, and it's not very comfortable, is it? Perhaps that's why it's called work? These changes are going to prune the planet. They're going to separate the old from the new. The old energy thinkers will have to change, for if they don't, they'll find themselves in an old consciousness within a new energy. Make no assumptions who the old energy thinkers are! The result of living in one energy while in the posturing of another is dis-ease. It's appropriate that you have the leader you have, for much will be put forward that never would have happened otherwise. Perhaps what you do in reaction to him is the key? Perhaps it will cause more to be "torn off the fence"? Think about it. More plain talk. **

God - Spirit - Source
Let's speak about God, or what many of you call Spirit or Source. Kryon comes from The Great Central Sun. Where do you suppose that is? Oh, there are those who say, "Well, we know where that must be. It's up there - three stars to the left." No, it isn't. The Great Central Sun isn't a place. It's the best information we could give you to try to tell you where Spirit and family is - the pieces and parts of you. Where do they live? I'll tell you. I'll tell you where the great central sun is: It's in the space between your thoughts! The Great Central Sun is the distance between the nucleus and the electron haze in every atom in existence. It's great, it's central, for it's everywhere. It's the sun because it's the metaphor of light. It's where you emanate from when you're not here. It's not a place at all. It's a dimensional attribute that's everywhere all the time. It's difficult to explain to single-digit dimensional beings - difficult to explain. How can I prove this? I can't, but let me define God as "the missing piece."

I will challenge you. Scientists, are you listening and reading? Go find the missing piece. Did you know that there's a missing piece of your reality? It's everywhere. Here's something that doesn't make any sense. There's energy missing in the universe. Where did it go? There's energy missing in mathematics. Where did it go? We ask you to start adding things up. Start looking at the truth - this is plain talk.

Why should the most profound and common mathematical formula in existence be an irrational number? Pi isn't complete. Does that make sense to you within the elegance of a universal system? That number goes on forever and has no solution! Does that make sense? You see, there's something missing. It wouldn't go on forever if there was just a little more of it. It would be a whole number. [Smile]

There are missing pieces in physics, and there's a missing piece in consciousness. Where is Spirit? It's everywhere. And that's why we tell you this - that if you wish to connect (and we'll get to that in a minute), you don't have to go anywhere! There are few procedures, and there are no books, either. The most profound energy on Earth is the one you carry with you called Human consciousness. This is plain talk. This consciousness will enable you, if you allow it. This will fill in the gaps, if you allow it. It will allow the visualization of what has been in the dark. The pieces that have been missing will start to appear. They will start to complement you. Your biology will shift, your consciousness will shift, and your vibration will begin to increase. Can it be that simple? We'll talk about that in a moment.

But where is God? It's so interesting to look at humanity, and the duality that's so rich. There are even those who don't believe that a higher power exists. Did you know that the search for God is intuitive within humanity? So let's talk about that.

Some have asked, "Dear Kryon, is reincarnation real?" I don't even wish to use that word. I'd rather call it something better: sacred creation - a melding of an old soul in a new body for the purpose of the experience on the planet - born in love with the equality of every other piece of God called Human..a new expression of life. Doesn't that sound better? Yes, this system is real.

Humans think in very straight lines. Because of your linearity, almost every religion on your planet believes in the afterlife. Most religious profess that once you die, you keep going as an eternal being of some kind. Yet few of them believe in the fore-life... an existence before you got here. And so we say again to you, is this spiritually logical? They teach that you arrive from nothing and nowhere, yet you're suddenly eternal - created out of nothing and becoming everything. Even physicists know better than that. There's always an energy exchange. Creation doesn't come from nothing.

There are those who've said that there's no proof whatsoever of reincarnation. No one has ever come back from across the veil and said, "Yes, that's the way it works." You're right! But let me remind you of something: No one has ever come across the veil from death and said that's not the way it works, either. In other words, there's no proof either way. This is part of the way the veil works... that although there's some communication with those who have died, they don't come back and hold meetings. This is on purpose, dear ones.

Most of humanity doesn't believe in a fore-life. And why is that? Because the major religions of the planet tell you that it's not so. What does that mean to you? Powerful spiritual leaders in strange outfits with lots of abundance in big buildings give you this information... and therefore it must be true? Where is their proof? Is it that they've been around a long time, so they must be correct? Well, so have you! Their answers are no better than yours. They're honored for their search and for their attempts, but so are you!

Here's an exercise: Wherever you are right now in consciousness, we want to bring you back for a moment and be alert. We'd like you to communicate in an energy that we've set up and allow you to communicate in a lifted-veil status. We'd like you to ask your Higher-Self a question, one question, then stand back and quietly listen to the answer in an alert state. Plain talk. Ask yourselves this: "Am I eternal?" You just got the answer. There was a piece of you that just wanted to leap out of its skin and say yes! Yes and yes!

This answer didn't come from any other source, and it didn't come from an Earthly organization. What better way to do this than to ask yourself, "Am I eternal?" The answer will be yes. Being an eternal being means that there's no beginning and there's no end. It's a circle, you know. In that circle you come and go and come and go and come and go. It's the way of it. It has always been the way of it. It's precise, and yet it's changeable. Did you know that the very contract you agreed to arrive with can be changed today? How about right now? Who told you that the contract - the one to do with karmic experience - was set in stone? Let me tell you the truth. This is plain talk. That contract was a starting energy. It invited you to change it all along, but if you do nothing, that's the one you're living.

Considering God
Human Beings are so funny! You wish to put God in your own dimension, and then say, "That's who God is." You feel that there's a place where God must exist that is physical... and it looks a certain way - perhaps it's the third star to the left? [Laughter]

A fun metaphor: What if blood cells had consciousness? Ever thought about that? These are living things, aren't they? They reproduce; they go to work; they have purpose; they live a life; they're born; they die. It sounds like you! For the sake of this metaphor, let's say they have a consciousness in blood cell-dom. Then let's say they got together and decided that perhaps there was a higher purpose in why they were there. Racing around in the darkness in the veins of the body, whom do you suppose they might worship? The heart? Perhaps the kidney? Maybe even the lungs? After all, that's where they stop and transfer energy. But how many of them do you think would be able to think outside the body "neighborhood" for answers? "Maybe we're inside something that is bigger than we can imagine?" they might say. "Maybe there's a consciousness that's above where we are? Maybe there is purpose here that we're not seeing?" Instead of worshiping the heart or the liver or the lungs, perhaps they might choose to think that there's something outside of all they know, something they've never seen yet, or can't. Would they do that? Not likely. Instead, they'd see God as a large blood cell with a light, perhaps?

Why do I bring this up? Because it's much like what Humans perform. They want to make God into an object and put Spirit in a physical place in the seeable universe. Most Humans don't understand that God is not in Human reality. You may say you understand that, but then with angels... you have to put skin and wings on them, and even give each one a name just to talk to them! What if I told you that every entity was like a cloud of gas the size of Texas? Everywhere and nowhere... and that each cloud of gas was also with other clouds of gas. How could you name those? There's nothing to really see, and no form at all. Yet you want to bring them into your reality to deal with them. I have an idea. Why don't you be the one to turn into the cloud and join them?

Just like the blood cells carry oxygen, giving life to the Human Being, Humans carry the life of God. And that's the truth! You're actually a piece of the wholeness of what you call God. Spirit cannot exist without you. Every single one of you is an integral piece of divinity, and without you this beautiful tapestry called God wouldn't exist. Oh, it's true that you're here in duality and seemingly in the dark and you don't understand everything. But we're telling you that these last years, what has happened is that you've given permission to turn on the light! Much of what is happening now is due simply to that.

The gifts of Spirit and self-empowerment lay there waiting for your discovery in what used to be the darkness. They represent the new tools of life. They represent what you've called ascension. And what is this ascension? Did you know that this word doesn't mean "leaving the planet"? Ascension means moving to a higher vibration where you stay on the planet in an enhanced form and make a difference! How about that? How do you make this connection? How do you turn on the light? Now, this is plain talk.

How many steps are there to ascension? Only one. There has been great criticism in this statement. "Kryon, you never give anybody any information that is specific in the way of procedure. How are we going to proceed with something like gaining a higher vibration when you never give us any steps?" You're right - absolutely right. There's nothing you can grab a hold of because I'm not giving four-dimensional instructions anymore. Plain talk. It's about time you sat down and figured something out: Gone are the old ways of spiritual progress! You're being invited to a cooperative arrangement where you take the hand of your Higher-Self and move into areas that simply can't be delineated, measured, counted, or notated. There are no beads to count, no phrases to say, no meetings to attend, no altars to prepare, and no masters to beg forgiveness of.

The "one step" is a catalyst to a thousand personal ones. Say with pure intent: "Dear God, tell me what I need to know to start this process of becoming interdimensional. What do I need to know in order to start vibrating higher?" Then allow Spirit to slowly work with you. Don't expect a four-dimensional answer! You're using your own master-hood to create answers. Expect synchronicity. Expect passion to change in your life. Expect a different consciousness to develop. Then when each one begins, you'll work with it until the next begins. Each Human is different, and each path is unique. It's a work in progress for the rest of your life. [Next month Kyron gave more about Ascension].

Create Out of Nothing
In the last few years, your science has proven that Human consciousness changes matter. If you believe this, do you think that it would be possible for Human consciousness to create matter? Well, the answer is yes, it always could! It can create something, seemingly out of nothing. Impossible, you say? The avatars did it. The masters of old did it. You can do it, too. So why don't you create something that's completely and totally apart from your four-dimensional existence? This is really alchemy, and we've told you before that it's simply changing energy. Here is how it's done.

Every day, create thought engrams. [Kryon's definition of engrams are thoughts that remain in your memory as energy.] These engrams are more than just idle visualizations. Engrams are sacred energy thought-groups. How do you create them? Use remembrance. Enhance what you've seen or experienced. All of you have experienced laughter. So emboss this joy into yourselves based on the model that's real that you remember. All of you have had youth. So emboss this remembered vitality into your mind.

These engrams will eventually create a new reality within you, which will slowly pull you out of 4-D and into something higher. You may not understand what that means, but in 4-D you're in a box. Use your 4-D experience to climb the walls of the box and prepare to use what you're given... but not necessarily understand it. "What?" you might say. "That makes no sense at all. We need to study a process and understand it in order to use it. That's just basic logic." Really? Do you understand intuition? Can you define how to use it? No. But you use it, don't you? Do you understand gravity? No. But you work with it daily. Get used to concepts that you work with but cannot explain.

What is predisposed in your body? What disease are you going to get because your brother got one or your sister or your cousin? This is plain talk. Why don't you eliminate that? This information is about self-empowerment. It's about asking yourself, the Divine-Self, questions about God. Use the power of your own Human consciousness in what you've called intent, every day of your life. Talk to your cellular structure. Maybe it's time you stopped talking to Spirit for a while and instead talked to the Higher-Self within? Do you know that there are trillions of cells waiting for the boss to talk to them?

Some of you have never even addressed your cellular structure, and you wonder why it's out of balance! Have you ever sat down and had a meeting with your body? Perhaps this is something to do alone and not around your friends [good advice]. Then after you've healed yourself and balanced yourself and enabled yourself, they might notice. "Whatever happened to that problem you used to have?" they might say. And you could say, "Well, I had a meeting. with my cells, and boy, were they glad to hear from me! Because I had never talked to them before. I've been alive all these years, and never knew I could. You won't believe what they were going to do on their own! So I rewrote their schedule. I created something - a longer life." Now perhaps you'll also start understanding how peace is created in you and what happens when a number of people create peace in themselves. It's catchy, you know. [Smile]

If you could project yourselves 100 years from now, you might find that something has changed: It's a potential we always told you about. A hundred years from now when you look back, historians will talk about solving the unsolvable. They'll talk about the way things used to be and about the time when humanity turned it around. They'll speak of how a new consciousness on Earth prevailed, and how everyone had to agree on what civilization meant, and how there was an understanding that war would never be an option to problem solving again. They'll talk about Bush, and what happened. They'll talk about how he was a catalyst to the next step. Hindsight will be keen, and here you sit with a preview.

Oh, yes, there will be challenges, and yes, there will still be countries that don't agree with other countries - and cultures and religions will bicker. But the potential is for a higher vibration on this planet... believe it or not. That's the potential we see, and that's why we love you the way we do. And that's as plain as it gets. Now what are you going to do with this possibility? Do you understand the responsibility you have to examine that?

We pause right before we leave. There's never been a better time to turn on the light. You're going to hear this from us over and over - an expression that means: Why don't you shift dimensionality and create those thought engrams that change reality in 4-D and go beyond it? How do you talk to 4-D creatures in an interdimensional way? I just did. It's very difficult for me to explain to you what it's like out of the dimensionality you grew up in and live in.

We're in love with you, you know. The grid is settled. There is much teaching. Eventually, we'll begin, when it's appropriate, the teaching of the DNA. We'd like to tell you what the layers are all about, what the colors are, and what the numbers are. Before we do that, we'd like to tell you more about ascension - something we may call "Through the Eyes of Ascension." It's all part of a new teaching for Kryon, in a new energy of a new planet with the potential that's still remarkable.

In the face of war, in the face of anxiety, in the face of all of the things that are your reality at the moment, there's a peaceful, sacred spot that you can be in - where you see the appropriateness, where you hold the light, where you send the light where it's needed most - to Africa, to the Oval Office, to Afghanistan, to Palestine, and to Israel. Send light, one family member to another. Don't send politics, and don't send your own ideas. Send light. Light will make a clearer path for those who make decisions in partial darkness.

Does it make a difference? It already has, dear ones. It already has.

And so this entourage, which is the one that I came in with, pulls away from you - back through the crack in the veil until the next time. We're in love with you, dear family, dear sister, dear brother. When you're not here, and with us, we sing your name in light. Someday you'll stand next to us and all will be clear. The scheme of why you came will be clear. The big questions will have been answered. But until then, living in duality and in 4-D is the hard part. That's why we stand next to you, willing and ready to take your hand anytime you ask it. And that's the truth.


It's hard to leave, and we don't want to... so we linger. It's because we feel we're being hugged back! That's what happens when the veil lifts a bit. It's not just one-way anymore. It's two ways. It's now a reunion where both sides express love to one another.

And so it is.


** From Lee: Regarding the Bush section.
At a time when political tempers are flaring, many are unable to think past the anger or the drama of world events. They might see Kryon's words as an endorsement for the American president. Kryon is not political, and never will be. In subsequent messages, Kryon even compared the situation to the attributes of allowing an abusive father to be part of your life. It's abhorrent to think that perhaps we would plan something like abuse in our lives, but clearly this has been channelled over and over, that it's exactly what we do in order to get the "kick in the pants" that we need to move spiritually. There are many parables about this from Kryon within the last 12 years

So just as we allowed the 9-11 to be part of our reality in this America we love, so we also have allowed a leadership that will tweak the other world's leaders, interrupt old alliances, and create a situation that will move things off the peg of normalcy. It isn't an endorsement, it's a statement of what's happening. You and I have allowed for the "pruning of Earth" that is taking place. Collectively, and universally, we gave permission at the 11:11 window.