Dallas, Texas ~ January 12, 2003 ~
Hosts: Angela and Robert

(above) Our Dallas hosts, Angela Claybourn and Robert Gowe

Thank you Angela and Robert for a wonderful Dallas meeting!
Setting up at 7am... Is that Dr. Todd Ovokaitys?
A composite photo of the attendees! Hey... they are smiling - even though it's snowing outside!
(above and right) Peggy Phoenix Dubro always gives us a wonderful warm-up and introduction to the EMF Balancing Technique

(below) Then a bandit showed up and robbed everyone.... (only kidding!)
Lou Durbin and Maria George
Maria George and her son, Peter
Sharon Small and Lee Huntley
Friends of Kryon
(left) Robert Coxon during his "mini concert."

So why is he playing an upright piano? Because his musical instruments didn't arrive from Canada in time for the event! He played the entire program on this borrowed piano.

Hats off to Robert for being such a trouper!
(above) Okay... you have to trust us on this one. The pool photo is actually a picture of the snow beginning to fall in Dallas during the seminar. It doesn't show since it's moving too fast and the camera can't catch it. However, (above right) this corner store shows what happens sometimes when IT SNOWS IN DALLAS!