Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - The Caribbean
September 2, 2002
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Lee Carroll
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A New Dispensation

The Caribbean – September 2, 2002

[This Kryon live channelling was given on the Royal Caribbean ship Voyager of the Seas on the way to the Caribbean on the first day of the third annual Kryon cruise. It has been added to and enhanced by Kryon in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channelling. There were three channellings given over the weeklong event. This is the first time we've presented a cruise channelling. It has a different energy due to the fact that it's given with the audience in motion, traveling over the open sea.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

And so it is again that we fill a room - one that is in motion and does not "touch" the earth [speaking of being on the ship on the open sea]. Seemingly, it's not grounded and is in transit. It actually represents the "now" better than any other time we have come to you. The "now" is always in motion in a nonlinear way. It never rests and is always part of the circle of reality - always moving, and creating many things at the same time. Let it not be lost upon you that the entire vessel that you are riding within - this very room - is in motion. And so all of this enhances the message.

Here you are in a specific part of your planet with the intent to enjoy yourselves - to see the beauty of Earth - and at the same time to enrich your spirituality by having Spirit with you 100 percent of the time.

And so the marker is set - one that will be with you for these few days - one that is pasted upon you for a small duration of time during what you call the "Kryon cruise," a journey of the three [speaking of the third Kryon cruise]. It is a catalytic number. The "three" represents a resting energy, waiting for action. It's a number that often sits there with no action, waiting for another energy to manifest with it. We'll speak more about this in a while, for it represents much of our teaching tonight.

Today's catalytic energy may be upon you with your requested permission until the last day of this journey - until the closing message with the last words. During this window of opportunity, which some of you have given permission for, and which some were aware of before you ever arrived in this room, you will create an opening. Let us call it a "moving portal" of intent, one that marries well with the "now," and is responsible for personally lifting the veil.

Each individual is asked to be aware of only themselves. It's a time of pondering, a time of rest, a "time-out" to be with yourself. Some of you need an excuse like this trip to do that! It's time to ask the question, "Who am I, really?" Could it be so that I am actually eternal? Could it be so that I will never die? As I pass from one energy to another in transition - and as I pass to places that I cannot even conceive of while I'm here, but which I call "home," is it possible that I will live forever? Will I continue to go on and on? Is it possible that the essence that is "me" will never die?

Could it be that those who surround me, whom I pretend not to know, even those from other countries [on the ship together], are actually family? Could it be that when I look in their eyes, there is grand familiarity? Could it be that although I pretend that I've never met them, we can celebrate personal victories together? Let me tell you, dear Human, that if you can say yes to these concepts and conceive them as actual, you're far closer to reality than many others. Indeed, it is so. A much larger picture is at hand, and a few days together to ponder what that might mean is yours.

We pour into this place, invited by all of you. It is a unique and special energy today, one that you have invited in here today - to sit next to you - to be with you - to hold your hand. It's an energy that's not in judgment. It's one that knows you personally and celebrates your joy. And whereas in the past this energy would leave at the end of the message, today that won't happen. This energy is being dispensed to you personally, one-by-one, not as a group. The energy is one that asks, "Do we have your permission to join you for a few days? Can we leave this room with you upon dismissal and go up the elevator? May we sit with you during your meals? Will you let us in for just a week? Can we be next to you as you enjoy the beauty that you may see within these days? Will you let us hold your hand as you walk the path this week? May we speak to you in your sleep? Do we have permission to wake you up? May we show ourselves to you in your dreams? May we give you messages about you? If you will allow us to do that, we won't retreat at the end of this message. We're not going anywhere but with you."

It will be only within the final words of this conference at the end of the week that we will consider a retreat to the other side of the veil. Some of us will then wait for your return. And when we see you again, we will speak of this time where you gave permission to be with us in an interdimensional way for a whole week! Call this a personal lifting of the veil. And speaking of that, we must remind you of the new dispensation you've created.

The Dispensation of Revelation
Let's describe what "lifting the veil" actually means: For many of you, "lifting the veil" means the reduction (lessening) of the barrier between humanity and Spirit - in other words, a reduction of the "duality" energy. For eons in your spiritual development, this is what these words have always meant - a closer walk with Spirit. But now there's more than this.

We're going to give you a linear definition of "lifting the veil." It means "turning on the light." And in that illumination, humanity has a choice it didn't have otherwise, since it reveals what has been hiding. Call this a "dispensation of illumination" that is upon you. Individuals may now make choices within their own lives that reflect the revelation of what they now can observe firsthand.

Suppose you were in a darkened room your entire life [a metaphor]. This is your seeming reality, and you go from place to place, mostly in the dark. Much like a sightless individual, let's also say that you've grown accustomed to finding objects in your path that you can't see, and with years of going from here to there, you've learned to dodge or avoid the obstacles fairly well. It has become intuitive over the years. It is normal for you. You go around this or that, somehow knowing that an object is there. Without stumbling over things, your life is better and you're used to where all the pitfalls and bumps are. And of course, within this metaphor of your reality, you're never aware that you're in the dark. Your reality has been this way so long that it's normal - just the way things are.

Suddenly a light becomes available - oh, not a bright one, but one that allows you to see everything in the room dimly. You're amazed by what you see, and your first reaction is to laugh! You say to yourself, "I've been going around the wrong objects! The room isn't laid out at all like I thought! Look! There was always a pathway through this way or that way that I never saw. What a funny person I've become, moving, dodging, going this way and that way, while all along, a pathway existed that was far more direct. What a revelation - the biggest of which is that I now clearly understand that I was not seeing properly. I was in the dark!"

So what do you do with this information? You might think that this is an obvious question. What do you do with your newfound sight? "Well, Kryon," you might say, "only a fool would continue in the same routine as before." Indeed! So you rearrange your life, do you not? You arrange your life to take advantage of the newfound sight that you gained through the light that arrived and illuminated the room of your reality. This process is called revelation. It's an improvement of a life's walk between Humans and Humans.

This is what is happening with the "lifting of the veil" at this time on the planet - something that was actually foretold by your ancients.* Note that this is not something necessarily designed to increase your walk with God, although it will do that as well. Instead, it's about your walk with each other, and about your understanding of the energy of Earth.

Twelve years ago, Kryon began the teachings for you, and we spoke of the revelation. We spoke of the slight lifting of the veil, and how it would be manifested. We told you that this was a major step for humanity, and that it could only happen through a total realignment of many of the elements and attributes of your planet. Twelve years ago, we spoke of this clearly. We told you that the major change in Earth's attributes would be those that support Human consciousness.

We spoke of the "triad of the grid," and the one that we would be working with - the magnetics. And although some have seen the Kryon group as spiritual mechanics, our job has always been to alter the light. Our purpose has always been to stand by to allow for revelation through a grid shift, one that has always been possible, manifested by what the Humans on the planet could do with their own power. And now you sit within this revelation - a dispensation of light. This is not a return to any energy that Earth has ever seen. Instead, it is a new energy, posturing the light to reveal things never before sensed or seen.

With this light, new Human life-colors began developing. It was inevitable, was it not, that this would be so? With a planetary change of this magnitude, the very essence of Human consciousness would have to change. And when any of you hear the word indigo when referring to a Human, it's time to understand what it means. There will come a time when you stop relating it to children. Instead, you will relate it to the new life-color that arrived with the changing of the grid. It refers to the only new life-color that was created by this shift, and represents a change at birth, which Human consciousness takes. It is an enhancement - an evolution in the spacial thought processes of the Human Being. All of this is possible due to the new alignment of the grid, and you're seeing it in your reality through the changing of your own children.
Several years ago, we also mentioned this: That even with these revelations on the planet, not all would see the light. We told you that the reality of one would be very different from the other, and that there would be divisions... personal battles fought over spiritual matters. It would be the battle of the old versus the new - a battle fought from those who were entrenched with a reality of ancient information and spiritual research. It was one that said, "God is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. Therefore, you cannot simply move the grid and change God!" What they haven't wished to see is that the changing energy is not God, but Human. Therefore, the change is within the relationship with God. Indeed, Spirit never changes, but the relationship with humanity does, and it does so with your free choice and your intent to know more about what is real and what is not.

Would any Human Being decide to ignore the newly found light in the room? Yes. Even more than that, they would say, "It is not from God. Therefore, I will not see it. It is so powerful that it must be wrong to use it. There is no ancient prophecy that tells of this enhancement; therefore, it should be ignored." And this is their truth, and so it is also honored as one that comes from free choice. But the division begins even between those who call themselves spiritual workers.

Within this new energy, many have also become aware of what we will call "significant exits." There are lots of "ones" and "nines" happening [this is a reference to modern numerology and the meanings of the numbers]. This refers to many beginnings and ending - ones that are not expected, and which create an energy of change. Many are exiting by choice, even during this time that we're together.

Many are aware that right now the challenges are seeming to grow! This may seem counterintuitive to what we've just told you... where you can now see more clearly to avoid obstacles. Here you are, wondering what you've done incorrectly to manifest this! Here you are, confused by a seemingly increased load. Dear Human, this is why we love you so much! The duality is still significant, so you don't understand the overview. With increased light comes increased responsibility and also an increase in your power to deal with it. With this new energy also comes new tools to deal with solutions to the unsolvable... a revelation of the puzzles of life.

However, it still looks as though the challenges are personally getting bigger. Many have thrown up their hands in surrender. "It just isn't working!" they say. "There are too many surprises in my life. It doesn't seem like the one I expected, or that Spirit told me I might have. Things that were stable are now failing." Then the Human often falls on their face and prays to God, asking, "What did I do wrong?"

The Way Manifested Energy Is Created
Dear Human, I'm going to give you a postulate - a spiritual physical rule - one we've given before, but one you can never hear enough. It's about the creation of energy: Lightworker, every single time that fear starts to well up within you, and you successfully void it due to the wisdom and knowledge you carry, you have just won a battle. More than that, within the process of voiding this fear, you've created a third energy. Seemingly out of nothingness, you've created what we call a third energy. It's a "third" energy, for it responds to two others. The others are: (1) the energy of your consciousness [Human energy], and (2) the challenge before you [energy of the situation]. When you're able to use the (1) to void or change the (2), counterintuitive to what you might expect, a (3) occurs, which is a "manifested new energy." This is placed at the top of this situational pyramid [interdimensionally]. Call it the "challenge triad." Although the newly created energy is at the top, it is called the "anchoring" energy.

This third energy melds to the grid of the planet and increases the storehouse of something we wish to discuss in a moment. It's the actual creation of energy from the Human Being that affects the physical earth. Before we continue, note this: We didn't have you walk through a horrible experience! Void that thought. Instead, we had you void the fear of the situation with understanding. Within the voiding of the fear is the manifestation of the solution, and the help for the planet... a real win-win.

In other words, by looking into the eyes of the tiger with grace, wisdom, and love, it has made the tiger lie down and roll over. Do you understand the difference between an old battle concept of "search and destroy," against a new concept of "search and harmonize"? Who said the enemy had to be eliminated? What if, instead, the enemy gains understanding? Too strange, you say? Against Human nature, you say? What if this new kind of battle has both sides changing? What if, instead of simply destroying what is not wanted and continuing as before, both sides gain something and change? You better get used to this concept, since the new "indigo" consciousness is based on it!
How does this work within a personal battle? Let me explain something that is interactive and interdimensional, but which we will endeavor to give to you in a linear way: Within the above example, did you eliminate fear in your life? No. It will be back, you know. What happened instead is that you faced it, understood the specific energy it had, and let it go. That changed the Human [part one]. Getting out of fear creates cellular change. Did the situation [part two] change? Not by itself it didn't, but yes, it changed. What happened was that the situation changed with the addition of the new manifested energy [part three]. This was created through the Human's new understanding. So indeed both (part 1 - Human) and (part 2 - situation) changed with the creation of (part 3 - manifested energy of solution). The pyramid is complete. The triad is one with completion. Also, look at the triad in numerological terms: When you add the 1+2+3, you get 6. The simple energy of 6 is balance.

Therefore, every single time your challenge is met with the lack of fear and eventual solution, you're adding to the planet's core energy. Where in the planet's life-core? Although it might not make sense to you, it goes to the grid triad, which is above and below. We've spoken before of the complexity here. What it means is that often your challenges are given specifically to you to generate an energy that this planet desperately needs. And who better than those who love Spirit? Who better can generate this energy than those who have signed on for it? But we know that right now this seems confusing.

There has never been a more confusing time for Lightworkers. Can you imagine being in a stable home for 20 or 30 years, perhaps? You're comfortable and have everything figured out. Now we tell you that the house must change. It has to come down. The foundation must be scraped clean. New mortar will not stick to it unless it has integrity. A new house must be rebuilt. It has a metaphoric name, and we've continued to call this new house "The New Jerusalem" - the beginning of a new era, of solution and peace on Earth.

And you wonder why we love you so?

So, dear Human, as you sit there in the chair, we're telling you that the most insignificant problems in your lives, when compared to others, are jewels of discovery. They're invitations to help the planet. They're not given in reaction to something you did wrong, but rather they're given as work... something you gave permission for when you said, "I want to come to Earth at the point of transition. I want to be part of the new paradigm change. I want to work and be part of a new dispensation for humanity." And, indeed, here you are.

We've told you before that Lightworkers are different. Their power is tremendous. They are dynamos of light, cloaked in ordinary appearance, walking the earth with purpose and love. They generate energy you cannot see, which many do not even believe in, and which others are afraid of. Such are the makings of the battle at hand.

Resonance - New Information
Here is something else that the new grid system is doing for you... and this is new information, given easily during this time, since we're moving [speaking of the ship]. There's no energy around us that's static or that's of the land. There's no root energy here created by a land-based grounding. As we said before, we're all in a unique situation at the moment, one that's clearer due to the motion you're in.

Let us speak of resonance. This is a key word relating to what is happening vibrationally on the planet. There's a basic resonance to the planet and all life on the planet. This may seem scientific, but it's also spiritual. A very low resonance frequency has surrounded all of humanity, and the ground it walks on, for eons. This resonance is a result of a reaction to other energies around it. [See the definition of resonance below]** The resonance of the life force of planet Earth and all that is around it is used for communication, something that we will discuss at a later time. This very low resonance has always been from seven to nine vibrations per second. This has been a staple of humanity since the beginning of time.

It responds to the "tonality" of the Human brain as well as the geology of the earth. It allows energy symmetry to the plants and animals of the earth as well. It is pervasive, an anchor fundamental for all life, and an important foundation for attributes that you've yet to discover. As we've discussed many times, there are ultra-high frequencies within the "choir" of the cells and other systems, but the fundamental anchor is the key to all of them. Although there are many "frequencies" to be dealt with, we're now speaking of something else - resonances and energies that vibrate with more intensity, and change frequency more, due to what's around them.
Think of it this way: Resonance is about harmony. When something resonates, it's due to another source around it that has a similar but more powerful harmonious frequency or set of frequencies.

So what we're telling you now is that part of what the new grid alignment is doing is to reset the resonance of planet Earth. The new fundamentals will be based around the number 11 and beyond. We cannot tell you where this will end, since it's modified by the Humans who will decide this as they solve the planet's many problems. This also means that the harmonics will change, too, and that even biology, and the "choir of instructions," will also change.

When Human cellular structure begins to resonate with frequencies that it was not born with, with energies that shake it in a new way, it reacts! This can create anxiety, being uncomfortable, and yes... waking up at 3 a.m. every night. You lie there saying, "Is everything okay? This somehow feels different." That's because it is!

We've spoken so little of the new DNA - one that is responding to the new resonances of the planet - but there will come a time when we will. There's so much hiding beyond the 4D that you're used to. Much is only sensed that is actually part of the DNA engine. There's a creative engine inside you that's a storehouse of information about you, your past, your present, and your potentials. It's all in the DNA.

We've said in the past that there are - twelve layers. You are aware of only one, the 4D double helix that you can see. We will call this layer "the root set." All DNA information starts there. It is the base, since it's within your main reality. There's no hierarchy of DNA layer importance. This root set is, therefore, not number one. Out of linearity, you must think differently, and the root set is in the middle of the circle of DNA. It's difficult for us to tell you about the interactions to the root set from the other layers. There are no "strands." Instead, there are layers. Think of the unseen interdimensional ones as lying on the ones you can see. If it makes you feel better to count them, you may. But we remind you that once you pass four-dimensionality, time is no longer linear. Therefore, there is no such thing as a fifth dimension either, but it makes you feel better to say it is. [Kryon says it has to be four plus one.] We've discussed this before. Therefore, we tell you that the other layers don't have numbers, but rather, they have names and energies, all in the circle of the 12.

There are 30 specific interactions between the other layers of DNA and the root layer. Someday we'll tell you what they are, and also what is specifically on those other layers. We may even name them! But for now, let me give you a hint: Have any of you wondered where you're really from? If you're eternal, where is home? If you're eternal, where were you before you came here? The earth didn't have that many people until recently, so where did you arrive from? Did you ever wonder about the process when you were metaphorically tapped on the shoulder and asked, "Want to go to Earth?" What were you doing? Where were you? In the spectrum of the interdimensional existence of Spirit, where were you working when you got the call? Were you on another planet, another dimension, another time frame? What was your name? What was your purpose? Do you think you just floated around as some angelic form in a circle of eternal blissful infinity, then suddenly arrived on Earth for a while? Could it be that the plan of the Universe is far more complex than that? Could it be that you're called to come and go often as a spiritual being who works within a family called God?

Well, there's a blueprint within the unseen layers of DNA that tells that very story! It also affects who you are right now, and what you expect to accomplish from your brief stay here. How many times have you been on Earth? Who were you and what did you do? How does this affect you now? There are layers of DNA that contain your complete history here, too. What energies were developed? How do they apply to what brings you to this room now (or this page)? It's all in the blueprint of the layers of DNA you can't see.

Today the teacher Barbra [Barbra Dillenger] indicated that in an interdimensional reality, all things happen at the same time. This also brings up our response that if you consider this out of your linearity, this means that all your "past" lives are happening right now! We've told you this before, but perhaps you never considered what that might mean to how you are feeling in a new energy while the "lights are being turned on." Anxious? Waiting for the other shoe to drop? Fearful? Perhaps all those lives that you thought were "past lives" are starting to become more present? If so, then we congratulate you and give you the energy to match this new awareness so that you may celebrate it instead of fear it. You see, the root set knows it is in 4D. That's why it's in the middle of the circle. Everything else modifies, or modulates... yes, even resonates, the root set.

We told you recently that no matter what your 4D genetic setup is, the predisposition you think is there can be changed. This is profound information. It means that you have the ability to change your own genetics! We told you that the most powerful force on Earth is the consciousness of the Human Being, and now you know what we mean. Can your thoughts change your biology? Yes, yes, and yes. It has always been this way. Like a cocoon, the interdimensional layers of DNA wrap themselves around the root set and wait for a resonance of intent and compassion and love... all of which are the catalysts of Human change.

The root layer is actually just an engine. Think of the root layer as a dynamic biological engine that comes with a set of instructions that it follows biologically from birth, until other instructions give it new direction. Think of it as the ship blindly plowing through the waves without knowing anything about where it's going. But it knows how to drive the body through life. It knows how to speed up and slow down and how to sustain itself, repair itself, and exist. But the captain of the root layer is the interdimensional layers around it. The other layers modify the root set and tell it to change direction, steering it to safe harbors. However, these other layers have not always been actively accessible to a 4D perception... not until the light came on.

This interdimensional set of DNA layers, therefore, is the one that's awakening now. This is what is meant by "activating your DNA." It's a statement that tells you that the reposturing of the grid, and the other adjustments being accomplished, are speaking directly to the interdimensional parts of the Human DNA. This is the change that's going to make the difference between the Human Being of another dispensation and the ones who are here today - and those who sit here and read about this bridge between the old and the new paradigms.

We promised to speak of numerology, one of the oldest sciences on the planet. We'll make this brief. Even the most complex numerology tends to center around the numbers in your linearity, which you can see in 4D. You tend to work with the ones (1's) through the nines (9's) and the systems around them. It's time to include the three "numbers" you cannot see. Just like the DNA, there are others that modify or resonate to the ones you can see.

Now, it may seem very strange to tell you that there are three more numbers in your system that don't have numerical value, but that's the way of it. For clarity, it's no different from asking someone, "Which number is the color blue?" You would be met with a curious response that says, "What do you mean? Colors don't have an order. They're just colors. Instead, they have names." This is so, yet they have energy, and they combine, and they are part of a system. So think of the new numbers this way. We wish to expose the three interdimensional numbers that modify the ones you currently use.

There are three more that exist past the nine, and they're not zeros. Each has a symbol [sacred geometry] and a name. If you really want to accelerate your understanding, you should be including them with the other nine. They modify the first nine, so they change the energy of the system.

Let me give you an example. If you see the number one (1), you might associate it with "new beginnings" [the most simple interpretation]. It would simply lie there and say, "I represent new beginnings, a starting point." However, now if you take one of the three that are beyond the nine and place it next to the number one, it modifies the one into something else.

In order to clarify further, I will tell you what the other three non-numbers are in their simplest form: In linearity, they represent the energy of past, present, and future. These will be the names we give them for now, but they are in no order. Therefore, they're conceptual numbers, not absolute numbers. The first nine are valued numbers [with absolute linear value]. The next three are conceptual, which have no value, but which modify the others.

These interdimensional three have no energy of their own. They must have the other numbers to function. This also makes them catalytic. It also places them in a circle with the others instead of a line or a column. Some will understand this, and some will not. If you had the numbers one to nine in a column-going down a page that you were looking at, think of the other three as hovering above the column. This is the best we can do to explain something that's out of your normal 4D conception.

So, back to our example. What would happen to the interpretation of the number one, if the interdimensional number of "past" were next to it? The answer? It gives you extra personal information about the energy of the number. It greatly enhances the overview. In this case, it tells you that there's a new beginning energy around your past. What could that mean? Isn't that dichotomous? It doesn't make sense to many of you. What it might mean is that the energy of your past, which modifies your present, is realigning. "What?" you ask. "How does my past affect my present?" This isn't complex, dear one. What do you carry around that makes you angry? What happened in your past that gives you sorrow or grief? A number one in a reading, combined with this new modifier, would tell the numerological reader that there are new beginning energies around those things that have tempered your feelings and your reactions for years and years. Do you understand this?

What if the "present" modifier number occurred with the number one? It would indicate that there was a new beginning energy hovering around you that would tend to present itself in the 4D linear time of right now! It would indicate a "real time" change and help you understand an action you might take to modify your life this very day!

The "future" energy number placed with the number one would indicate a new beginning that was a potential - not now, not in the past, but a potential that you were seeing - one that might help you to plan - one that might alter your thinking about what to do next. Do you see how these new conceptual numbers might interact with your existing systems? It creates, however, much complexity. It adds three layers above the ones that are known.

Finally, to add to an already interesting complexity, what would happen if more than one conceptual number occurred with the number one? What would it mean to have present and future next to the number one? It's going to create a puzzle - a new system - which we will call "interdimensional numerology." It's a brand-new tool. Of course the question is, "Who can see those new conceptual numbers?" The answer? "All of you, if you wish to." It's part of the new light. It's part of "seeing in the dark." It's all part of what is being given to you that will rewrite the spiritual textbooks and all the ancient writings that were so very valuable to you before the lights were turned on.

So what does this have to do with you as you sit here on this ship, or read this information? It is thus: Every single Human Being who is reading or hearing this knows all of it! This Kryon message is redundant. It's just a validation of what your "core" already knows. If I could, for a moment, strip back the duality and the linearity of your lives - if we could have a true family meeting for a moment, we would talk about high physics. We would talk about high spirituality. We would talk about the incredible healing power of compassion and love. We would discuss Human history - the millenniums that have come and gone. We could discuss the history and lineage of the Universe, and everyone would know where everyone was from. We would discuss an earth that at one point in your existence was only a plan. We would talk about your part in placing the solar system where it is, and how the grids were put together. And all of you would remember... and remember.

We would celebrate how much has been accomplished so far. We would celebrate the grandness of what you've done, and the potentials of what could happen. We would speak of the big picture - that what you do here on Earth affects another part of the Universe itself - the largest secret that remains unrevealed to Humanity. It has the potential to change the balance of light and dark, perhaps even within the family of God.

And... we would celebrate your free choice to create whatever you wish on this, the only planet of free choice [meaning the only planet that has the ability to change its reality and its spiritual vibration].

Look up tonight at the sky. Count the stars. You can't. There are too many, and those are just the ones you can see! There is a vastness that is beyond your night sight. Yet your earth is the only planet anywhere that has been slated for the specific task you came here for. You don't know how special this is. You still don't wish to believe that you're more than a grain of sand in a giant beach. Instead, we say to you that you're the jewel, hiding in a vast expanse of creation - a jewel waiting to be mounted in the necklace of universal change and appropriateness.

There will come a day when the lights are turned on fully. You will know your real names - and mine, too. Kryon is simply the name you can say in 4D. Then we'll talk about the journey to Earth and what it meant to the Universe. We'll laugh together and experience the joy of what has been accomplished. We'll talk about lives lived in 2002... the beginning of the end of the beginning. All that has gone before has the potential of only being the start of the real purpose of Earth and the humanity upon it.

Some of you waited to come in just for this time. You held back a natural process of returning in a normal cycle in order to target this very dispensation. You knew of the challenges. You knew of the potential Armageddon, yet you held back to be here when this all happened. Seven of you in this very group tonight are "holdovers." That is to say that purposely, with design and intent, you interrupted a planetary life cycle to create your life today, and it shows in your determination. You spent an extra amount of time on the other side of the veil, poised, waiting for this moment.

And you wonder why we love you the way we do. You wonder why we celebrate your lives and wash your feet. You wonder why we wish to walk with you all week long on this journey that you call the Kryon cruise.

You wonder why the mantle of challenge is upon you, don't you? Perhaps the warrior is awakening? Perhaps you now understand more fully who is really reading this page? Well, wonder no more. For the light is being turned on.

We go in love.


* The word apocalypse is derived from a Greek word that actually means "lifting of the veil."

** The increase in amplitude of oscillation of one system exposed to a force whose frequency is equal or very close to the natural undamped frequency of another system.