Third Annual Kryon Cruise ~ September 1- 8, 2002 ~
Hosts -
Sojourn Tours - Mary Ellen and Len Delekta
Ship: "Voyager of the Seas"

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Wonderful Food!
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The Ship!
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Ports of Call
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Gary and Jan Liljegren
Our Kryon webmanagers!
The Staff on "formal night" (one of two on the cruise)
Front Row: Len and Mary Ellen Delekta, Jan Tober, Robert Coxon
Back Row: Lee Carroll, Michael Makay, Barbra Dillenger
Len and Mary Ellen Delekta
celebrate their first Wedding anniversary!
On the last cruise, the staff married them!
Marc Vallée
Partner in the Publishing company, Ariane, publishers of all the French translations of the Kryon books worldwide.
Barbra Dillenger and Michael Makay
Very special guest speakers and teachers.
Connie Okelberry
Indigo Children
Coordinator, and Extended Family Links Coordinator for the Kryon website.
Becky Worthington
Guestbook coordinator of the Kryon website, and orginal "angel of the web" when the Kryon website began!
The staff wishes to thank all the attendees for making this the very best Kryon cruise ever!