ISBN 1-56170-663-9
1996 - Hay House
Author - Lee Carroll


LOOK! 20 of the best parables, but 10 are NOT in the other Kryon books.

Published in 1996, this Fourth Kryon book was extremely special. Louise Hay, bestselling author and pioneer of New Age healing thought, became interested in the Kryon work. Her publishing firm, Hay House offered to assemble the 20 best Kryon parables from the past three years. The book became The Parables of Kryon, and set the stage for a strong Kryon/Hay relationship.

19 of these parables (4 hours worth!) have been recorded and are available FREE for you. The parables are read by various actors, children and individuals (including Lee & Jan) and are each scored with custom music. You can HEAR them HERE.


1. Parable of the Tar Pit
2. Wo and the Rooms of Lesson
3. The Big, Fuzzy Caterpillar
4. The Missing Bridge
5. The Father and the Son
6. Sarah and the Old Shoe
7. The Two Groups of Warriors
8. Jason and the Cave
9. Jessica the Angry
10. The Infant's Questions
11. Marla the Mouse
12. Angenon and Veréhoo
13. Story of the Two Farmers
14. Angela and Her Guide Friends
15. David the Indian
16. Past Lives, Present Fears
17. John the Healer
18. Five Karmic Lessons
19. Aaron and the Globe of Essence
20. Wo and the Big Wind

The Parables of Kryon

 Author's note:
I told you that I would share my favorites with you, and this is one of them. Although this parable was one of the first ones given by Kryon, it remains strong in relevance to our daily lives. Kryon's entire thrust is to give us the tools to raise our own vibration on this planet ñ to be everything possible while we are here. This parable has much hiding within it that lets us actually see the possibilities we have before us. It also tugs at our hearts and asks us to "remember" who we really are.

Wo, and The Rooms of Lesson

There once was a human whom we will call Wo. Wo's gender is not important to this story; but since you do not have an adequate word for a neutral gendered person, we call the human Wo... to encompass a man called Wo, or a Wo-man. For translation only, however, we will say Wo is a him.

As all humans in his culture Wo lived in a house, but Wo was really only concerned with the room that he lived in, since it was uniquely his own. His room was beautiful and he was charged with keeping it that way... which he did.

Wo lived a good life; he was in a culture where he never wanted for food, for it was plentiful. He also was never cold, for he always had cover. As Wo grew up he learned many things about himself. He learned the things that made him feel happy, and he would find objects to hang on the wall that he could look at, to make him happy. Wo also learned of the things that made him feel sad, and he learned how to hang these things on the wall when he wished to be sad. Wo also learned the things that made him angry, and he found things to drag out and place on the wall that he could turn to when he chose to be angry.

As with other humans, Wo had many fears. Even though he had the basics in life, he feared other humans and certain situations. He feared the humans and situations that could bring change, for he felt secure and stable with the way things were, and he had worked hard to get them to that state. Wo feared the situations that seemingly had control over his stable room, and he feared the humans who controlled these situations.

He learned about God from the other humans. They told him that being a human was a very small thing, and Wo believed it. After all, he looked around him and saw millions of humans, but only one God. He was told that God was everything and that he was nothing, but that God in his infinite love would answer Wo's prayers if he prayed in earnest and had integrity during his life. So Wo, being a spiritual person, prayed to God that the humans and situations he feared would not create changes, so his room could remain without change... and God answered Wo's request.

Wo feared the past for somehow it reminded him of unpleasant things; so he prayed to God to block these things from his memory... and God answered Wo's request. Wo also feared the future for it contained potential for change, and was dark, uncertain and hidden from him. Wo prayed to God that the future would not bring change to his room... and God answered his request.

Wo never ventured very far into his room for all he really needed as a human was in one corner. When his friends came to visit, this is the corner he showed to them... and he was satisfied with this.

Wo first noticed motion in the other corner when he was about 26. It frightened him severely and he immediately prayed to God for it to go away, for it suggested that he was not alone in his room, and this was not an acceptable condition. God answered Wo's request and the motion stopped, and Wo did not fear it anymore.

When he was 34 it returned, and again Wo asked that it be stopped, for he was very afraid. The motion stopped, but not before Wo saw something he had missed completely in the corner... another door! On the door was strange writing, and Wo feared its implications.

Wo asked religious leaders about the strange door and the motion, and they warned him not to go near it, for they said it was the door of death, and he would certainly die if his curiosity became action. They also told him the writing on the door was evil, and that he should never look on it again. Instead they encouraged him to participate in ritual with them, and give of his talent and earnings to the group... and for this they told him he would fare well.

When Wo was 42 the motion again returned. Although Wo wasn't as afraid of it this time, he again asked for it to stop... and it did. God was good to answer so completely and quickly. Wo felt empowered by the results of his prayers.

When Wo was 50, he became ill and died, although he wasn't really aware of it when it happened. He noticed the motion again in the corner, and again prayed for it to stop; but instead it became clearer and came closer. In fear Wo arose from his bed only to discover that his Earth body remained, and he was in spirit form. As the motion came closer, Wo started somehow to recognize it. He was curious instead of frightened, and his spirit body seemed somehow natural.

Wo now saw that the motion was actually two entities who approached. The white figures gleamed as though they had a light from within, as they drew closer. Finally they stood before him, and Wo was astounded by their majesty... but he wasn't afraid.

One of the figures spoke to Wo and said "Come, dear one, it's time to go." The figure's voice was filled with gentleness and familiarity. Without hesitation Wo went with the two. He was starting to remember how familiar all this was... as he looked behind him and saw his carcass seemingly asleep on the bed. He was filled with a wonderful feeling, and could not explain it. One of the entities took his hand and led him directly toward the door with the strange writing on it. The door opened and all three went through it.

Wo found himself in a long hallway with doors to rooms on each side. He thought to himself, "This is indeed a far larger house than I had imagined!" Wo noticed the first door with more odd writing on it. He spoke to one of the white ones. "What is in this first door on the right?" Without a word the white figure opened the door and motioned for Wo to enter. As Wo entered he was amazed. Stacked from floor to ceiling were riches beyond his wildest dreams! There were gold bars, pearls and diamonds. In one corner alone there were enough rubies and precious stones for an entire kingdom. He looked at his white, glowing companions and said "What is this place?" The larger white one spoke and said, "This is your room of abundance, had you wished to enter it. It belongs to you even now and will remain here for you in the future." Wo was startled by this information.

As they returned to the hallway Wo asked what was in the first room to the left... another door with writing that somehow was starting to make sense. As the white one opened the door he said "This is your room of peace, had you wished to use it." Wo entered the room with his friends, only to be surrounded by a thick white fog. The fog seemed to be alive, for it immediately encased his body, and Wo breathed it in. He was overcome with comfort, and knew he would never be afraid again. He felt peace where there had never been any before. He wanted to stay, but his companions motioned for him to continue, and they again started down the long hallway.

Still another door on the left. "What is this room?" Wo asked. "It is a place where only you can go," said the smaller white figure. Wo entered the room and was immediately filled with a gold light. He knew what this was. This was Wo's self essence, his enlightenment, his knowledge of past and future. This was Wo's storehouse of spirit and love. Wo wept with joy, and stood absorbing truth and understanding for a very long time. His companions did not come in, and were patient.

Finally Wo again stepped into the hallway. He had changed. He looked at his companions and recognized them. "You are the angel guides," Wo stated matter of factly. "No," said the large one, "we are YOUR angel guides." In perfect love they continued. "We have been here since your birth for only one reason: to love you and help show you the doorway. You were afraid and asked for us to retreat, and we did. We are in service to you in love, and we honor your incarnation of expression." Wo felt no reprimand in their words. He realized that they were not in judgment of him, but in honor of him, and he felt their love.

Wo looked at the doors and was now able to read the writing! As he was led down the hallway there were doors marked HEALING, CONTRACT, and another marked JOY. Wo saw even more than he had wished, for down the line there were doors with names of unborn children... and even one marked WORLD LEADER. Wo began to realize what he had missed. And as if they knew his thoughts, the guides said, "Do not be reproachful with your spirit, for it is inappropriate and does not serve your magnificence." Wo did not fully understand. He looked back down the hallway from where he had first entered and saw the writing on the door, the writing that had originally frightened him. The writing was a name! ... it was HIS name, his real name... and He now fully understood.

Wo knew the routine, for now He remembered everything, and He was no longer Wo. He said good-bye to his guides and thanked them for their faithfulness. He stood for a long time looking at them and loving them. Then He turned to walk toward the light at the end of the hallway. He had been here before. He knew what was waiting for him on his brief three-day trip to the cave of creation to retrieve his essence... and then on to the hall of honor and celebration, where those who loved him dearly were waiting for him, including those whom He had loved and lost while on Earth.

He knew where he had been, and where he was going. Wo was going home.

Author's Postscript: (Wo, and The Rooms of Lesson:)

The introduction of the character "Wo" by Kryon in the early stages of story telling is an attempt at creating a non-gendered person. Wo is a wo-man; which is it, woman or man? This is Kryon wishing not to create a gender slant to interfere with your full understanding of the parable, or your eventual ability to put yourself in the place of Wo.

In the parable, Wo's house is obviously his life, or his "expression" (as Kryon calls a lifetime) on Earth. The analogy of the various rooms are in reference to the windows of opportunity that we all get, that come along with our contract, our karma, and therefore our potential while we are here.

The part about Wo learning what makes him happy, sad, and angry, and then hanging things on the wall to make him feel that way, is really insightful information about humans. It refers to the parts of ourselves that dig into the past and revisit events in order to feel a certain way. Usually it's not appropriate enlightened behavior, since it dredges up old memories so that we can "feel" anger, hate, vindictiveness and victimization. Sometimes it's just good old wishing to be in a place that made us happy... like when we were growing up for instance.

The fact that Kryon said that Wo "placed things on the wall" for this purpose was also meaningful. When you come into my house, the items on the wall are for all to see. They are my family photos, and works of beauty. What this means is that I have placed things on the wall to give them emphasis, even for strangers that come in, because I feel the items are special. Therefore, Kryon has Wo hanging his feelings up for everyone to see and react to on his "wall" of lesson. Wo, like so many humans, wants to involve others in his own process, since it makes him feel better to do so. Wo doesn't know about responsibility yet. Even so, later on we learn that no matter in what stage Wo is at in the enlightenment department,. there is no judgment from God about it... ever.

We see that Wo has fears, and his main one is about control. It seems that in his life he fears the situations where someone could change his room (his life). His reaction to most of these fears is to stay the same. His real fear, therefore, is change, and he longs for stability, or a static awareness. He also fears the past, but he doesn't know why. He turns to other humans to learn about God, and he uses what he learns to protect him from change. This is a strong example of what religion is teaching today. We have God playing the role of responsible protector from evil, and the church members are encouraged to follow the shepherd's protection through the valley of the shadow of death. This hardly encourages empowering spiritual thought from individuals, or promotes the concept of taking responsibility for what happens to you, as Kryon has advised us we might consider.

The wonderful part of this story is that even though Wo "buys" into the average, normal kind of religious doctrine, he gets results from his prayers! He gets the protection he asks for, and he is indeed shielded from change, and from the disturbing motion in the corner. Again, Kryon has told us that the mechanics of the Spirit of God are absolute, and that the loving energy of good prayerful intent gets results. Remember the adage "be careful what you ask for... you might get it"? It's true! This parable shows it.

We all get various chances for empowerment and self-discovery in every lifetime, and Wo got his. Even though he felt he had satisfactory answers, God honored him with a "poke" from his guides. This was the irritating motion he saw in the corner, along with his vision of a door. It was his guide's efforts to bring him into another reality, thereby giving him his deserved opportunity for change... and a chance to face his fear. It was again insightful of Kryon to show what the religions of the day told him to do about it: Wo was told that the motion was evil. To this day, this is the most often quoted answer for anything contrary to popular selected doctrine, no matter what the religious belief. Many who disagree with anther's point of view simply call it evil, and never truly address any of the messages or look at the energy around the belief.

So Wo finally died, and the thing he feared the most happened: the motion in the corner became reality. But he somehow recognized it and was not frightened. We go on to see the various rooms beyond the door, and share in Wo's discovery.

The room tour is an exposure of his earthly contract (the one he made for himself), and along the way his potential enlightenment... with riches, peace, and personal inner essence of individual power, his "piece of God." He recognizes his guides along the way, showing us that we know who our guides really are, but have this hidden from us while we are here. Imagine going through life with two or three friends ready to help us and love us at every step... and ignoring them! Wo did this, and yet they did not stand in judgment of him. Such is the stuff that the love of God is made of.

Wo began to get the picture and feel insecure that he had fouled up so badly. The guides, however, set him straight immediately and told him; "Do not be reproachful with your spirit, for it is inappropriate, and does not serve your magnificence." This was Wo's crossover. He went at that moment from being a "past human in lesson" to becoming what he always was... a piece of God, a universal entity. The next thing he looked at was his real name on the door, and he remembered everything.

When Kryon gives journeys and parables, he actually takes me there during the live translation. In the case of this parable, I get to feel the wind and temperature, etc. Kryon often lets me describe what I am "seeing," in addition to his thought groups given to me for translation. In the process, however, I am affected greatly, often weeping with the joy of full understanding of what is being presented while I sit in my chair. There is nothing close to this in comparison, except what we get to feel in a very, very real dream.

I actually stood there as Wo did, poised at the brink of going home... bathed in love. I felt the tug of love from those who were already there, and I longed for my friends on the other side. I saw my brilliant glowing guides, and felt their love, then I took the hand of Kryon and returned to my chair in the gathering in Del Mar.

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