The Parables of Kryon
These four audio downloads are from the original master of the product recorded and released in 1996. They represent the entire reading of the parables from Kryon book IV (The Parables of Kryon - Hay House). These parables are scored with music by composer Stanley G. Beard, and are read by Kryon team members, children, and various actors and voice-over artists contracted for this purpose. Lee then gives a synopsis of what each parable really means. They represent ALL the parables in the book... far more than the original product release... 19 parables in all.
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These 4 MP3 files of the parables of Kryon are free to you. Please enjoy them. Pass them around, put them on your ipod... but please do not sell them. In the spirit of the web these are offered to all without cost. They have been produced in a size and quality that are easy to download and manipulate. Normally these files can run up to one hour in playing length. They are never to be played on the air... rights do not exist.
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Parable of the Tar Pit
Wo and the Rooms of Lesson
Jason and the Cave
Past Lives, Present Fears

The Missing Bridge
The Big, Fuzzy Caterpillar
Marla the Mouse
Jessica the Angry
The Infant's Questions
The Two Groups of Warriors

Angela and Her Guide Friends
John the Healer
The Father and the Son
Wo and the Big Wind

Angenon and Verehoo
David the Indian
Aaron and the Globe of Essence
Sarah and the Old Shoe
Story of the Two Farmers