DNA Layer Six
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh
Kryon's interpretation:
"I am that I am"
Copyright by Ilan Dubro-Cohen
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The channelling that has the presentation of this layer is called:
"Meditation and Prayer" and you can find it here:

PS: Don't be confused with the fact that Kryon speaks of the "layers of Meditation and Prayer."
Those are NOT DNA layers. They are layers of consciousness.]

Layer Six is the "Higher-Self" layer. It is Prayer and Communication layer, critical to everything divine. It is the conduit... the pipeline. It works best with layer 3 (the ascension layer). Numerologically a six means "Communication, Balance, and Harmony."

Layer Six is part of the second three layers, which are the "HUMAN DIVINITY GROUP"


eh - e as in met
yeh - e as in met

A - as in ah
she - e as in met
r - pronounced as something between the English r and the gutteral French r.
Accent second syllable

eh - e as in met
yeh - e as in met

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