DNA Layer Three
Netzach Merkava Eliyahu
Kryon's interpretation:
"Ascension and activation"
Copyright by Ilan Dubro-Cohen
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The channelling that has the presentation of this layer is called:
"Activating the Third Layer of DNA" and you can find it here:

Layer Three is "The Ascension Layer." However it is only the one which "points" to the interdimensional layers that really provide ascension status. The number three is a "catalyst" in numerology and it works with DNA layer number 6, the Prayer and Communications layer. This creates a 9 (3+6), which means "completion" in numerology. It also somehow is affiliated with the Pineal gland, according to Kryon.

Layer Three is part of the first three, which are the "GROUNDING LAYERS"


e as in met
tz - Is like ts in cats. Pronounced like a strong "tz" or "ts," as one sound.
a as in bard
ch = (guttural) A sound produced through the use of throat and back of the palate, much like in the pronunciation of Bach in Johann Sebastian Bach or the Jewish holiday Hanukah (this ch sound is not in standard English).
Accent first syllable.

e as in met
r - Pronounced as something between the English r and the guttural French r.
Accent third syllable.

e as in met
li like lee
a as in bard
hu like hoo
Accent third syllable.

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