DNA Layer One
Keter Etz Chayim
Kryon's interpretation:
"The Tree of Life"
Copyright by Ilan Dubro-Cohen
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Kryon started his DNA explanations in June 2003 at Mt. Shasta. Although he didn't actually name this layer yet, he referred to it and started the study of them all. This channelling is called "The Mount Shasta Experience" and can be found here: http://www.kryon.com/k_chanelshasta03.html Kryon named it two months later in August in Del Mar in this channelling called "All About Self Worth." http://www.kryon.com/k_chaneldelmar03.html , where he also spoke of some other layers.

This layer represents the biological Double Helix. It is the Master biological record of this life time. It is a "one" in numerology and therefore has an energy meaning of "New Beginnings." It is the 4-D and also multiple-D instruction set for the other 11 layers. Three percent of the instructions in this "Human Genome" are for the protein encoding layers. The rest is a massive interaction with the remaining interdimensional layers of DNA.

All the layers are "names of God" in Hebrew... and some were also givin in Lemurian.

Layer One is part of the first three, which are the "GROUNDING LAYERS"

e as in met.
r - Pronounced as something between the English r and the guttural French r.
Accent first syllable.

e as in met.
tz - Like ts in cats. Pronounced like a strong "tz" or "ts," as one sound.

ch = (guttural) A sound produced through the use of throat and back of the palate, much like in the pronunciation of Bach in Johann Sebastian Bach or the Jewish holiday Hanukah (this ch sound is not in standard English).
a as in bard

Accent second syllable.
Hear it!
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If you got to this page directly without going through the DNA menu, we suggest you read the explanation about the use of Hebrew, and some of the decisions that were made regarding it.

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