Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
Totowa, New Jersey
July 17, 2011

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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"The Akashic Circle"

This live channelling was Given in Totowa, New Jersey
July 17, 2011

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in New Jersey, July 17, 2011.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Sit with me and feel the truth of this energy you feel. There is so much here. The Human Being participating tonight in this incarnation, and who sits in the chair, is truly unaware of what is around them, unaware of the ancestry of their own Akash, unaware truly of the multidimensional energies that surround them.

Each one is brought to this place so that they can learn more about the family. Sit with me for a moment and suspend all the earthly things that would get in the way of pure love of peace. Suspend for a moment the puzzles of life, all of the things that occupy your brain, and that which you call the sense of conscience. You're always at work, Human Being. It is part of survival. It is you dealing with that which you call life. So I'm going to ask you to suspend it. There is a bigger picture, a snapshot just for you that I'd like to present.

I once again, in the now, present something to you which is a metaphor. It's at the same time a reality, which is also the same time an explanation. Picture a man in a jail cell, not that long ago. He's writing to his friends about something he is excited about, that he has discovered. He's in jail because of his belief. He's making a little too much noise about the love he has found. In those days where he is, they do not allow dissension from the norm. He doesn't know if he's going to get out of jail, and he doesn't know if he's going to live.

He suspends all of those thoughts and he writes to his friends on the parchment in front of him. His words are beautiful. He never thought of himself as a writer, but out pours his heart. He writes to his friends. "I have found peace and I am joyful. I have found that which is God. I have found truth." He encourages those even who are not in jail to look inward and find the love of God. He's writing to his friends, his personal friends in Corinth and Ephesis, and his name is Paul.

More than 30 years before this was the death of the man he writes about, whose teachings showed him the way, but he never even knew him. This man used to be Sol of Tarsis, a merchant. On the road to Damascus, he had a vision where he met the energy of the man in angelic form. He was in such a sacred energy that it made him fall on his face, on his knees. He felt that which was divine and he knew he was having a vision. His words today can be read in what you would call the Holy Scriptures, or what some call the Word of God. Yet again I say to you, the Word of God in that case was the word of Paul and his letters to his friends.

All the Scriptures on the planet, all of them, have been written by Human Beings under the influence of joy and wisdom and that which is the energy of the divine. You've called these documents the Word of God.

What does that tell you? It's a true acknowledgment that Humans carry within themselves something that is grand and special from the Creator himself/herself, something that is beautiful and sacred.

There are systems upon systems that hide so completely that seem to be such an invisible puzzle to you. Yet they're beautiful and they're all about you. This seeming benevolence that you have found, which you see that you appreciate, that you are discovering, is absolutely real. There is purpose and a plan. This which you call God and Spirit is family, and that benevolence that you are discovering, that is the love of God, is the willingness of the Creator of the Universe to come to you with gifts, with love and purpose.

The Creator would not do that unless you were a part of Creation. There's a piece in you, in every single part of the double helix, that is sacred.

So Paul was channelling, and what he said on the paper today is read with reverence and an acknowledgement of authority. Yet all he was doing was writing letters to friends, which became Corinthians and Ephesians. Paul didn't know about systems of benevolence. All he knew was that he was dearly loved, and that was good enough for him.

The Akashic Circle

I would like to tell you about a system that is complex and filled with benevolence, purpose, love. I'll call it the Akashic Circle - the system of the Akash.

Akash: Sometimes the word is defined as the record of all things. It's a record not just of you, but also of Gaia. You might say the Akash is the record of all things on the planet including the planet. There is a circle in this system we'll call the Akashic Circle.

The Cave of Creation is a name that I gave that represents an attribute of storage for this circle. It has been known in many forms and has been talked about using other names. There truly is no name for it, for it is a system and not a place, although there is a place involved. The place is filled with beauty, within the earth's crust, you might say, and yet lower than that. In a dimensional suspension that cannot ever be seen or found by a Human Being, there exists a sacredness that is the Akashic Circle. It is crystalline in nature, but it cannot be counted or notated. In a quantum state, there exists a crystalline structure for every single soul on the planet who will ever be here and who ever was. It's in the "now" representing no time, but potentials of time.

There is a plan. It's a plan of arrival and departure. Already existing there is a structure that expects souls to fill it and there are those coming from other places that come into existence on the planet for the first time. You cannot visualize this. Oh, you could put it in your three dimensions, but it won't be accurate. It doesn't need to be accurate. All you have to know is that it exists. You might call it Akashic accounting.

There is one soul per crystalline object and yet uncountable. You might say, "Wait a minute. There's got to be billions of those crystals. Why can't they be counted?" I say again that if it were soup, we ask you, how can you count the salt? How can you notate the flavor with a number? And this is the quantum state that is confusing to the Human Being, for you wish to individualize, separate, notate, quantify, and count - and you cannot do this with love. Yet I'm telling you there is crystalline for each of you.

One soul can have many lifetimes. Old soul, listen to this: On this planet, there is one identifying, energetic, crystalline, quantum source for you that allies you with Gaia. It's profound and represents the circle of life.

The Reasoning

Why do you think it was created as a cave? Why should it be under Gaia? Why should it be within Gaia if there was not a reason? You see, the system includes the earth. It has to. Isn't it interesting that the ancients knew all about this? The first thing an ancient does, your most distant ancestors, is to understand the earth. Look at the indigenous who walked in this area. The first thing they did was to offer the earth a gift. To this day, the indigenous all over the planet understand the system. The earth is alive, the mother. The earth provides the food, just like the mother. And the first thing you do is honor it and supply a gift.

If the earth is the mother, what about the life upon the earth? The next thing you would do if you were an indigenous is to honor that life. Perhaps it exists in the forest in the form of the wolf, the bear, the beaver, the possum. They are all there as part of a life force of you and Gaia and they are the system that propels spirituality that you don't know about. The circle is the reason for your being.

The indigenous knew it. Do you think the indigenous wore the furs and the pelts of the animals for warmth? Yes and no. Many times, it was for honor. They would wear it on their heads to create their honor for the forest, the trees and the animals. It honored the planet and the earth and the system. All of the lifetimes you've ever had are etched in a beautiful, multidimensional energy upon one quantum crystalline object. It's the piece of you that is the accounting object in the cave.

The Workings of the System

Now listen. It exists with all of the others, too - billions of them, if you singularize them. There is a confluence of interactive energy between the crystalline objects. This is to say that even though you want to stack them up and call them "souls" and put notches in them and call them "pieces of crystal," they're not. They're all together in one system and they morph with each other.  We have never discussed this before due to its complexity.

As you accomplish lifetimes with others, sometimes you cross the energies of what we call this confluence and they become something else. One becomes two. Two becomes four. Families that work together in karmic interchange, especially in the old energy, actually change crystalline parts of this system, parts that don't even seem to be related. It is one of the most complex puzzles you've ever seen. Humans with Humans. It explains synchronicity. It explains intuition, and it is alive with Gaia.

Gaia knows who's here and Gaia responds to the consciousness of you walking the planet, the personification, the embodiment of the expression of your soul in this life. It's the one with your face on it right now. It's the one who has active consciousness that can change what is going on with planet Earth. That's what Gaia sees. This is what you change. We have told you that you modify the Crystalline Grid of the planet, which is to say you are actually modifying and transmitting energy to the Cave of Creation with everything you do. Because there's a system - a complex one.


In your DNA you carry your personal Akashic Record. What have you done on this planet? How many times have you been here? What are the energies that you've experienced already? Old souls have something that very few Human Beings have, and which none have when they arrive for the first time. You have a record. Every single energy of every single lifetime stays in the DNA. Yet they don't represent themselves as a stack to be read by an Akashic reader. Those who read what you would call past lives are reading energies, not past lives, for it all sits on the surface, intermixed, ready to be seen and read.

The most profound of all of the past lives you've ever had are at the top, since they are all together. There's no hierarchy. Humans want to see them in a row, organized by date. Humans see them as one after the other. Human Beings will report to a past life reader and say, "Is it going to cost more to get a past life reading if the desired life is older?" That's funny! That's linear. Many of you right now are awakening to one of the most profound lives you've ever had - the first one, the Lemurian one.

Lemuria existed for thousands of years as the oldest, most sustained civilization on the planet. It is one that has no historical acknowledgment, buried forever at the base of the mountain in the Pacific Ocean you now call Hawaii. That is by design. Humanity should not be digging up those things that are part of the creation story. It would bias you. It would give you a little too much information.

The puzzle is this: Can you find what is buried inside you? This new energy can be seen as a portion of the onion skin that is being removed, not only from the planet, but from you. Layers are being shed so that you can now start to see that which is the Akash in you. It explains why so many of you are starting to feel things in this shift.

Could it be that you really can do some of these things? The answer is yes. How many of you are now aware of the Shaman inside? How many of you are starting to acknowledge, personally and privately, the old soul that's there? Some of you are starting to actually receive talents that have been buried. Some of you are becoming that which is a writer, storyteller. All the things that are creative - music, composition, art, color, design, are part of you. You know it's there.

Gender Switching

Old souls, let me tell you something. If you are old enough, and many of you are, you have been everything. Do you hear me? All of you. You have been both genders. All of you have been what I will call between genders, and that means that all of you have had gender switches. Do you know what happens when it's time for you to switch a gender? We have discussed it before. You'll have dozens of lifetimes as the same gender. You're used to it. It's comfortable. You cannot conceive of being anything else, yet now it's time to change. It takes approximately three lifetimes for you to get used to it, and in those three lifetimes, you will have what I call "gender confusion."

It isn't confusion at all. It's absolutely normal, yet society often will see it as abnormal. I'm sitting here telling you you've all been through it. All of you. That's what old souls do. It's part of the system.

Let me tell you about the circle given by the Cave of Creation, which is the Akashic Record of all things, all life, all souls. Interfacing with Gaia through the Crystalline Grid, you walk on top of the earth with your Akashic Record and your DNA. You are using the information you have inside you and the circle is complete. When you affect the Crystalline Grid with your consciousness and actions, it then alters the Cave of Creation.

Everything is in a circle, dear one. It's beautiful. It's interactive. I can't explain anything more except that the higher you vibrate and the more you use that which you have known on the planet, the more it changes the planet. Inside the Cave of Creation is that confluence of quantum energy with billions of souls, millions that are not even here yet; it affects them, too. I will tell you why. Because you are changing the future as you work the past. You are changing the makeup of those who'll arrive and what they will do and what their consciousness will be.

What you do today plants the seeds of peace on Earth, so when they are born they will have what you have. It is more profound than you know and you sit in the chair and you wonder about gas money. Do you see what I'm saying? Maybe it's time to just suspend that for a moment and say, "Thank you, God, that I know what I know."

As you go from this place, I want you to know something: You are grand beyond any scope of imagination and you should hold your head high. You really don't know what you've done. Some call it sacrifice, which we call appropriateness. There are those in the room who have come to the planet on purpose for only three months. Then they die, and seemingly break a mother's heart. And you might say, "Well, why would I ever do a thing like that?" And I'll tell you: So your mother could find God, that's why. Because she wouldn't otherwise. She had to go to the darkest place, examine herself, and come out a Lightworker. That's written in the Akash! It's an energy that's in the Crystalline Grid! You don't think God knows that? That's part of the system.

Oh, I know who's here. Maybe you've been on the other side of that, mom. Now you know. Maybe you're sitting in the chair because of it. Do you think we don't know who's here? It is grand! You call it sacrifice, but it is not. You're here for three months, you go back home, then you come in again - often to the same mother. There's a system here! It's beautiful.

There are a lot fewer soul records than you think. This is because you keep coming back. How many people are on the earth? How many people have been on the earth? What does that add up to? A lot more than there is in the Cave of Creation, for you keep coming back. True, the earth's population increases exponentially. That means there always has to be new Humans, and there are. But Gaia knows who's coming. The pieces of God around this Universe know who's coming. And the old souls at some level know who's coming. This, I would like to tell you in closing, is where the beauty is.

Now suspend belief for a moment. I would like to take you to a place. It's a beautiful planet. There isn't a lot of dissension there. Oh, there are differences of opinion, but not a lot of dissension. There's only a few continents on this place and it's surrounded by water. There hasn't been a war for 100 years. The ones on this planet don't always agree, but they don't kill each other anymore. Can you imagine such a place? Oh, there's unbalance because there's free choice. But they care for each other.

They don't kill each other anymore. It's not an option, since it's seen as barbaric. It doesn't occur to society to do it, like it doesn't occur to you to cut off your son's hand if he steals something. That's barbaric and isn't an option to an enlightened society.

I'd like to introduce you to this place. It's called planet Earth. It represents the result of the ones who are going to arrive in the cave. It will take as many generations as it takes, because the seeds are being planted today for it. It will occur slowly. You have the start of it now. Can't you see it? You're not going to have another world war. You just are not. You can't. There's too much benevolence in the system that you are starting to be part of.

Oh, it may not look like it. Look at the news! You are in transition from the old energy to the renaissance of Human consciousness. Could it be that you have come in, old soul, to accomplish something the ancestors have only dreamed of? Oh, how many generations will it take? It doesn't matter. It is slowly going in that direction.

Will there be wars? Sure. In the process of this completion, old energy will prevail and certain places will go backwards into the dark. That's what darkness does. But light will win. Slow it is, it must be generational, for the children must come in fresh. It is difficult for an adult to have a renaissance of consciousness in midlife.

And who are those children going to be, old soul? You! See the circle? What you are doing now is planting a seed so that when you return, you will be able to water it with the beauty of the love of God and nurture its growth. You are your own ancestors and you will be in the future. I would not tell you this if it were not so, if it were not in the plan of things, if it were not foreseen years ago.

Dear ones, there would be no Kryon speaking to you now if it were not for what you've done. I would not have been here if you were going to destroy yourself. I would not be here if the earth was going to destroy you. Do you hear me?

You have free choice to do anything you want - all of you. But you've crossed a marker where the potentials are pushing into benevolence, where Human nature is starting to change, where what you want is starting to manifest itself - and it's about time.

Take what you've learned this day in these classes and communicate differently than you have before. Know who you are. I'll say something I've never said before. Understand it in the context it is presented.

Two words. Leave proud.

And so it is.


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