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Live Kryon Channelling
Moscow, Russia
Saturday May 15, 2010

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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"The Secret to Mastery"

This live channelling was Given in Moscow, Russia
Saturday May 15, 2010

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Moscow in May, 2010.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. As my partner says, linear time goes quickly and here we are at the end of a two-day event. The entity called Kryon, however, is not linear. I really represent an energy instead of an entity, and it's never the same. There are attributes of it that you've come to expect, but it's never the same. If you've noticed, this energy grows in intensity over time as the Human [Lee] allows the portal of awareness to open bigger. The largest part of this process is yours, for you won't receive any of the energy unless you try to match what he is doing, within your own awareness. He opens the doors as wide as he can and this gives an allowance of information to come through a sacred, personal portal. As my partner channels, the information passes through his Higher-Self, and that is the meld that you see now. It is his style and is what he allows, what he permits with his consciousness. You are asked to do the same. This, then, generates still another energy, which is called "the third language." We've mentioned this process many times before. It's the language of catalytic energy.

It's important that you hear his voice. Did you realize that? Even if you don't understand his language. [Lee is speaking English, and it is being translated into Russian.] For within the audio are the actual vibrations in the air and a catalytic language of spirit, which is energy in the room. It is felt, and it rides on top of whatever it is you are perceiving as the message here that is linear.

So that is what you feel now, dear ones, if you allow yourselves to feel, tonight. The highly intellectual and the academic Humans who are here may choose not to feel. They may choose not to involve any emotion at all. And if that's the case, there's no judgment of that. But in their process, they put a barrier between a beautiful thing and themselves. How many of you can allow the portal to open and absorb this simple message? Those who do will receive all the energy that is given - and some of it may actually be a healing energy.

This is not going to be an endurance channel. Instead, it's going to be a sweet punctuation mark on a beautiful two days together. What is it you're going to take away from our time together? Memories? Perhaps there could there be more? In a multidimensional state, you can carry energies out the door with you that you didn't bring in. They are appropriate, light, and can be life-changing as you consider the ideas of who you really are.

In the process of channelling, my information teaches mastery. That is what comes through me, given to my partner [Lee]. For 21 years, we have been teaching this in various stages, in various ways, and through many subjects. It's all about opening the door and seeing a "larger you." The lecture today that my partner gave [earlier in the day] is one where we gave concepts to show you that there is a restraint on your thinking [a bias]. However, even with this bias, many of you are ready to open this multidimensional door wider. So in these few remaining moments, I'm going to give a simple message. I'm going to call it this: "The Secret of Mastery."

Is it the "implant?"

What does this really mean to you? Who is a master to you? Is it possible that you might change yourself to the degree where you could say, "I have mastery?" What does that mean in your life? Well, perhaps some of you have looked at the Kryon work for answers. Twenty-one years ago, I gave you a concept of an energy that was called an "implant." At that time, my partner told me that it was not a good word to use, for many times humans believed this to be an evil thing. It made many back up and look at it and examine it. "What is it?" they would say. Some were afraid of it and many ran the other way, never examining what it might represent. Some even burned the Kryon books.

This is exactly the reaction we wanted, much to the dismay of my partner. But it was appropriate because once a Human accepts it, it starts a process of epiphany. After all these years, it is now defined as the "implantation of permission to shift." Maybe some of you did that? Perhaps you gave that spiritual permission and things started to change? Many did. Maybe now you're one who did that and is sitting here, and you now know, "This implant must be the secret to mastery, for it started a massive change in me and here I sit today with full knowledge of my spiritual quest. Kryon, is that the secret to mastery?" No, that is just an intuitive step. The implant was a good process to start with back then, for it involved that thing you hear so many times, pure intent to shift and allowance of spiritual change.

Is it with the Higher-Self?

"Well, then perhaps it's the acknowledgement of the Higher-Self? That must be it, Kryon. Am I right?" Some of you have opened the door metaphorically to your heart, and you've aligned the three-dimensional part of you with the multidimensional part of God. This is a major shift and some of you are so different today than when you started this esoteric journey. You are so different! You feel it and you know it. You believe that perhaps you're actually touching pieces and parts of the Higher-Self. You can feel it actually re-patterning things in your life that you thought could never change, and you're right. "So that must be it and that must be the secret of creating mastery - connection to the Higher-Self. Right, Kryon?" That's not it, either, but that's very important. It's one of the most important things you can do. There are so many messages we have given on that, and so many years we invited you to do exactly that.

Can you be bigger than you think? Can you open your heart tonight? Listen.

Let me ask you a question. In this culture, in this society [Moscow], it would be a courageous thing this evening to be loved, would it not? What if you were to drop your guarded heart long enough to feel something here? What would happen to you? I'll make you a promise; If you will open that guarded area of yours, just for a few moments, and absorb what is coming, you can then close it right up again if you don't like the energy. This is a safe place to be right now. Can you do that?

Is it in the DNA?

What is the secret to mastery? Some have said, "Well, it must involve the newest Akashic teaching, for in the last two years, Kryon, we have heard what you've said about the Akashic record inside our cellular structure. You even have a book about this!"

Indeed, this is an amazing dimensional tool where past lives are no longer past. In this new energy, the Human Being can dip into the seeming metaphoric soup of past life energies and bring up what they need in everyday life. Today, a Human Being can go inside and pick up the things that they need from the past. They can create a quantum state with the lifetimes they have earned and lived and have a multidimensional experience with time, spiritually going in and getting the things they need. They've lived those energies, and they still own them and deserve them. They can have peace over anything. They can remove drama from their lives and even heal their cellular structure. This is one of the most powerful tools we've ever discussed with humanity. I only opened the door to the concept of mining the Akash within the last two years. What a concept! Think of the power there. Only masters could do that in the past.

"So Kryon, is that it? Is that what you're talking about? That's the secret to mastery, isn't it?" No. It's a new concept for you, and a good one, but it's not the secret, not really.

You see, that's why we call it a secret. Because when I tell you what it is, you're going to think, "Well, that's just a little too easy - not much of a secret." Well, if it was easily seen, then all of you would be doing it, wouldn't you? It hides, and it's not that easy to accomplish.

Is it the new intition information?

"Perhaps it's what was being taught about the power of intuitive thought? Kryon, you've talked about intuition as a new tool that is becoming a map of co-creation abilities, almost like a multidimensional antenna that you raise, letting you feel the potentials of the future. Is that it?"

Intuition is the new action tool, allowing you to know when to turn left and when to turn right and how to act at certain times based on the energy before you. What a beautiful tool this is, for it honors a proactive approach, replacing the non-active "let go and let God" energy of the past, where you sat and waited for answers. Not all of you have heard of all these tools, but I've been giving them to you for a long time. Intuition is an actual map you can use on a daily basis to make sense of life. It isn't something that tells the future, but rather something that gives you immediate direction when you reach the point where you need it. It represents the energy of the entourage that is with you all the time, which is aware of all that is. "Yes! That must be it, because the masters who walked the earth had that ability! Kryon, is that it?"


"Well, then, Kryon, it must be the last one we can think of. It's got to be all about what you taught about Layer Nine of DNA. That was yesterday's channelling, and the newest information." [Moscow Channelling #1]

That was, indeed, powerful information. Now you can join the three-dimensional and multidimensional parts of the immune system and create a healthy body. I explained that last night. "So, is that it, Kryon? That's got to be it. There's nothing left."

No, dear one, that's not it either.

The Secret of Mastery

Human Beings tend to look at lists and stair steps, ladders and processes. These things are all needed in 3D, for that's the way Humans move from one point to another. That is the linearity of your reality, so it is needed. It's also helpful for learning, and it makes sense that you would list these things and ask if the secret is within them. It isn't. Instead, the secret of mastery overlays every single one of those attributes on the list, and it's not something you can accomplish easily or memorize.

It's hard to define what it is, but I can try and give it to you. It's called love of self. Can you love yourself? Can you fall in love with the face in the mirror? Can you look at yourself as divine and beautiful? Immediately, you let out a sigh and say, "Well, that's too easy. Of course I can. I can do that." But you're not doing it, are you?

Let's pretend for a moment that your very essence is a little child. Let us pretend for a moment that the most sensitive part of you, the soul core, has the feelings of a child. What would you say to that child, dear Human Being, dear adult? Well, let me tell you what I hear you say to the child within yourself:

"You're ugly. You're not worthy. You're never going to make it! Things might get better on Earth, but not very soon, and besides, you may not even be around for it since you are not going to live that long. Somebody more important than you is coming to do the work. You'll never do it."

Would you say that to a child? Would you say that to an infant who looks up at you with innocent eyes with their feelings exposed? You are the boss, and there is nobody else to listen to. Would you say that? The answer is no. No! Then why do you say it to yourself, dear one? For that is what we hear. The innocent child is that core of you, which is waiting for the secret of mastery. It's a beautiful core energy of love and it constantly looks at your own body and consciousness for answers. What does it hear?

Pretend you have a little child. Listen to these words.

"Oh, how beautiful you are! Look at the Creator inside there! I see it in your face, oh, precious little one. Look at the seeds of God sparkle in your heart! Wow! With that energy, you're really going to go places. You're magnificent! There isn't anything you can't do."

What does the child do with that, dear one? The little one smiles, swells up, and takes their power. They love it!

"Really? You see that? Oh, thank you!" Then the child walks out of the room with the seeds planted to grow into a being who knows about how to treat himself and others. The truth is then acted upon and his power increases each day that he walks the earth. Without the rocks of doubt in his path, he accelerates to a new level, helping all around him and helping the earth itself.

What if you could do that with yourself? What if this was the dialogue you gave yourself in love every day of your life? What would you call that? That's called falling in love with yourself. Now, that's not easy, is it? You're going to have to rearrange your thinking, aren't you? What if someone comes up to you to ask, "How are you?" Talk to the child.

"I feel great because I am a magnificent master!" You might say that, but you don't, do you? No.

Humans have learned that if they become negative, it gets attention.

"How are you today?"
"Not well." (Immediate attention.) Let's have a little drama stirred in:
"Because something happened."
"What was it?"
"It was this, it was that… bad things."

You see, I've been listening to how humans communicate. I live with you. Did you know that? I am a piece of the creative energy that is around you all of the time. I know who you are, I know who's here. Listen to these words come out of your mouth as you speak them. Quite often it's a bad habit, but it tells the cells how you feel, since they are listening, too! It reinforces a negative energy. Is there joy there? Often not. If there is not, then there is no love of self.

Who wants to talk to a complainer or one who is in drama all the time? Would you seek this person out for help with your spiritual quest? Yet many of you claim to have spirituality, but you walk with a dark cloud around you all the time. How can this be?

All of the things I've mentioned today are just a ladder of processes. You can have as much academic and intellectual information you can carry, but if you have no joy, you are nothing but a book with words that lays there unread.

Perhaps you'll eventually get a piece of paper that says you graduated and that you understand everything that Kryon teaches? But the angels around you will cry in sorrow, because you never understood the little child inside. That's the secret of mastery - understanding the emotion of self-love and the energy it creates.

I want you to envision for a moment your favorite master. Who was this person? Perhaps it was Christ? Perhaps the mother of Christ? More recently, perhaps it was the Prophet Mohammed? Perhaps it was more ancient and the Buddha? Perhaps it's very recent. Perhaps it's a guru like Paramahansa Yogananda? Perhaps it's one of those? It doesn't matter, for they all taught the same basic message for their culture - unity of humanity and the love of God inside. So visualize them before you.

Look in their faces. What do you see? You see a Human Being at peace with himself. What are the masters known for? Peace, patience, lack of drama, love and understanding - all of these things. Do you think this came with an intellectual pursuit? What have you been told about their lives? Perhaps you were told that where their footprints were, flowers grew. Their faces would shine like the sun and little children would come around them. Even animals knew who they were! All this because they were in love with the God inside. That is the secret of mastery. If you have trouble with that, I'll give you a vision.

Look past the face in the mirror and see the beauty of God in you. While you look at yourself, love that. Slowly, you'll start loving yourself. Do you dare be loved tonight like this? Do you dare open your heart and feel these things? Why not? What are you afraid of? Do you think it's going to hurt? Is it culturally inappropriate? Your real family is here, invisible before you.

So that's the request of Kryon at this time, in this place. A piece of the Creator is before you [the Kryon energy]. It's what you're hearing and feeling in this third language. Some of you are feeling it even as you read this and you are wondering what it is. Well, that's the way truth presents itself when your door is open! Those with an open door right now know this is real.

There's validation of the energy being presented here. Some of you here who can see the colors on the stage around my partner know that this cannot be faked or created artificially. Neither can the epiphanies that are happening in the room or the healing that is going on at the moment in one of the chairs here. Leave this place different than you came. That's the love of self. That is what the masters had that you cannot learn with steps or processes or with the intellectual mind. You must become it.

And so it is.


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