Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
Seattle, Washington
January 17, 2009

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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This live channelling was Given in Seattle, Washington
January 17, 2009

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Seattle on January 17th, 2009.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I've said those words so many times, some before believing Human Beings, some not believing, all of whom I know, every single one. The truth is that I am a sister, a brother, and a piece of God. I'm not something to be worshipped any more than your sister and brother on Earth are. I am family, and the only reason for these communications and the only reason I would be here at all is to sit at your feet and to wash them and to give you information about what you've done.

There has never been a time when this situation between us has been different. I always come in love, ready to give you appropriate information. Oh, there have been many who have made a lot of it, saying that it was impossible or not really happening. Some say that this event is just the antics of a man who is pretending. You may say it's a fraud, a fake. I'll tell you this: It's going to be hard to convince the one who's going to go away with a healing today, for his healing will be real. The colors many are seeing are real, too.

There has never been a more exciting time than this! It just seems like yesterday, even for some of you, when I began communicating to my partner [Lee]. Those were the days when he really couldn't translate much, but that changed. Even he can't believe the amount of time that has gone by [20 years]. Today's message is not much different than many of the others over that time, except that you now sit in an even newer energy. It's an energy you've only recently created, dear Human Beings, and now you're beginning to see the puzzle unfold.

Oh, there are still those sitting here saying, "It's a Human talking, nothing more." Really? Is it the Human creating the energy in this room? How can that be? Some of you are starting to feel it. Could it be that God is speaking through this man? What is that definition of God? The word is a man-made word, you know? God is an essence of the Universe imbued into the Human Being, that's what God is. For I sit in front of entities of biological source and universal lineage, who are ageless. You always were, and you always will be, Human Being. There are those who still don't believe this is real, and it can't be happening. They will tell you that God doesn't talk like this to Humans. But we again tell you that this is the way Spirit has always talked to Human Beings. Always.

Let me put this channelling energy into a more common framework for a moment, so that you will understand better. Imagine there's a man in a cell. It is approximately 30 to 35 years after the death of his master, and he's known as Saul. But he is not really Saul, for he has renamed himself Paul. For the epiphany he had when he saw God through his master changed his spiritual fabric. He understood Human enablement and he wrote to his friends in Ephesus and in Corinth while he was in jail. He wrote and told them about his joy. He told them how amazing it was, for the information that he had from this master, whom he had never even met, was profound. This man is Paul the Apostle, and the letters he wrote became scripture in this culture and that scripture is now known as the Word of God. Now, let me ask you, who is God when you're reading Corinthians or Ephesians? Is it the word of God, or the word of Paul just writing to his friends? The answer - it's Paul the Apostle, under the influence of an energy of love that cannot be denied. This is the way it works and the process is called channelling. That's the way it has always been.

So here we are again with the attribute where there will be those who will listen with the ears, and those who are "hearing" with their eyes [the later readership]. That puts those hearing later [playing the recording] plus those reading [you] in a quantum state with those in the "now" who are here. Therefore, we quantumize the whole audience as a timeless group, for this message will endure past the lifetimes of many who are currently alive now.

The message is about choice. What are you doing? What do you want to do? Where are you? What have you done? I am Kryon, a piece of the God-family who you are of, and that means that I'm not just on the other side of the veil, unreachable and untouchable. Instead, I walk with each one of you daily because Spirit walks with you daily. You don't think of this often enough. You tend to compartmentalize our spiritual experience. As those here tonight walk out the door, you're done with the meditations; you're done with the channelling and you're in a social time. Perhaps you're even going to go and have a nice dinner. All of those things are normal, but you must understand that we walk out the door with you because we're in love with you, because we're part of the process with you, and because we know what you're going through. You may call us guides or angels, even call us energy. Call us whatever you want to, but the fact is that you're never alone. What a promise! Listen: The one who doesn't believe the truth of this today has the same amount of angels who walk out the door with him as with you! Did you know that? Then what does that tell you about the love of God?


What's your choice right now, dear one? For you have some choices to make. You get a chance to fear what's coming, because there are plenty of Human Beings who are going to tell you to fear 2012. Every single thing we have uttered for 20 years has been about this profound shift. It's about what you've done, the potentials of what you can do, and the enlightened state that this planet has the potential to move into about now. You're preparing for 2012 - not for the doom that has been told to you from your fear mongers, but for the amazing truth that has been given to you from the ancients who even carved the message into the rock [the glyphs of the Mayans].

The Galactic Alignment is occurring as you speak. It's not something you are going to get in December of 2012, but something that has already occurred! Check out the truth of this with the current astronomers, and you will see that the 26,000-year cycle has already reached the precession peak. Why do you fear something in 2012, when the "event" is already in progress? In addition, you have been feeling this shift since 1998! How can you deny all the things around you, as they shift and move and affect your lives? Isn't it obvious that you are already within the apex of this alignment?*

Uninformed humanity is preparing for what most Human Beings feel might be a challenge in 2012, but I tell you it won't be unless you personally create it. It won't be a challenge if the Lightworkers have their way. It won't be any different than the 2000 millennium shift or any of the other "doom" markers that have been created by Humans for you to worry about. The creation of these doom markers is big business for them. Start seeing the truth in this.

Now, I want to address those who are listening and those who may be reading this and I want to tell you that 2012 is not the end of time. Those who built their esoteric calendar [Mayans] got it right, which is to say that they saw a cyclical arrangement of vibratory increase for this planet eventually affecting consciousness. The new Crystalline Grid is also in alignment with this positive shift, and this fact is a "wild card" that was not foreseen by the ancients. It wasn't on their calendar, yet it coincides with their prophesy of a higher vibrating Earth. The Crystalline Grid was created in approximately 2002 to carry the Human consciousness shift and create real-time change. It is a product of the unforeseen 1987 Harmonic Convergence shift and is one of the reasons that you feel so much shift and change in such a collapsed amount of time. Yet, this crystalline was not in their prophecies, nor was it in the prophecies of Nostradamus. What does that tell you about this planet? It should shout that there is no Human who can tell you what's going to happen!

You're looking at a new arrangement of these things. Where do you stand in the fear department? What's your choice about that? What's your choice today about that? If you want to fear it, you can. That is your free choice. However, if you wish to find out the truth, you might look at the source! For the Mayans gave it to you. They said that it is the beginning of a very high energy and a time when Human consciousness might indeed move.

However, 2012 has the potential right now of being treated exactly like your millennium turnover - lots of fear, remember? There was seemingly much Holy Scripture about it, wasn't there? There were seemingly lots of quatrains, wasn't there? Yet what happened? Not much. We're telling you that right now, as I sit here in 2014, I'm giving you a message: Isn't it interesting what didn't happen! [This is Kryon jumping to the future potential that we have created and giving us a message as we look backwards at 2012.] So, where do you stand on this subject, Human Beings? Your choice is to fear or not to fear. For what you do today goes into the grid and stays there. It's a collective, you know?


What's your participation, your choice, today when it comes to your economy? We've said it before. We said it in December 2008. Do you have the courage to celebrate the recession? Dear Human Being, in this country called America, congratulations for what you just did! Never in the history of humanity has any citizenship tackled the greed issue in a major force like this major economy - one of the largest on Earth, the most significant on Earth and the most powerful on Earth. But you have chosen to clean it up. And if you're looking at your media, it's a horror story. If you're looking at your media, it was a surprise! Let me ask you this: How could something be such a surprise when we told you about it more than a year ago? Doesn't that tell you that the potential of this clean up was in the process? It isn't a surprise at all!

The media will tell you that this is going to last a long time and they're not really sure that you can climb out of this hole, if at all! However, the potentials are clear that you're going to get through this, just as you got through the other challenges of a shifting time. In the process, you're going to become stronger. That's what pruning is!

"Well Kryon, the trees of our sinking economy look pretty ugly, don't they?" Yes, but when you cut off all the branches in pruning, it's like you have killed the tree, but you all know what happens when the sun comes out and spring arrives. It's the same with your situation. The winter of spirituality is coming to a close and the spring is upon you. You will see I'm right, for this is the potential right now as I communicate to you [beginning of 2009].

This is not a shift just for New Age people. If you're going to have a shift for the planet, it's going to have an effect on the mainstream of society. Where does that mainstream exist the strongest? Financial! And you're changing it first. The hardest thing you could do is to revamp the rules of lending and credit within your credit-based economy, and you are doing it. Perhaps at the same time your politics are changing? So, are you going to be afraid of it? Are you going to be one of those who hides? What's your choice today, listener, reader? For what you do today is going to affect the crystalline, and that affects the entire planet. A Lightworker who makes a choice today not to fear is worth a stadium filled with those who choose to fear. Did you know that? The reason is because you have the light! That means that many will "see in the dark" because of what you do, and light creates the lack of fear. When you are no longer in a dark place, you do not have near the anxiety about what is around you. Indeed, I have used the metaphor so many times, but it's the truth.


What is your choice quantumly about the earth? Now, we're going to get odd. If you didn't think channelling was odd enough to begin with, this is odd. [Laughter] Why are you here? What was your choice regarding that? Did you choose to come at this time? What is your feeling on that? If you are reading these words, if you're sitting in the chair before me, if you're listening to this or reading this, the chances are that you realize that you chose this experience. For that is the information that has been taught for a long time. And yet it's still odd. "You mean I chose to come here and be here now?" Oh yes, you did.

What is your spiritual lineage and what have you chosen to be your lineage, dear Human Being? Is it your choice to carry light? Perhaps, but the quantum choice is the one I wish to speak of now, the one that has your name on it in the Cave of Creation, part of the teaching of today. Do you realize your choice of today is going to change the very essence of that crystalline structure of Earth, and will affect who you come back as? Your choice of today also affects the earth's energy today. This is new, and was not the case 20 years ago.

You actively agreed to come in within this time frame on this planet. This is what is very significant, Lemurian. I'll say this again: There's so many of you saying, "I'm just ordinary. I go to work. I have a family. I'm in survival mode most of the time. I take care of myself, I take care of them, and that's all I can do." Really? Then why are you here? Is it your choice to just be a survivor? Why are you spiritually here? If you're reading this, why? What prompted you to do that, survivor, or is there more? You know there's more.

Your very thoughts carry light. The very idea that you can raise your vibration on this planet carries the light of the earth. It's going to result, within two generations, in a very different planet. That's what we see, and that's what we've always seen. What if just being here is enough? Few of you think that way, for in 3D you feel you have to do something to seem to be of value. What if just being is enough? Remember what we have said: A higher consciousness sends light to the earth, period. It does not have to heal people, write books, or speak to crowds. The true Lightworkers of Earth are the ones who simply exist in a society and spread their joy through interactions and normal society living.

Lightworker, you are making a difference on this planet, and you are on schedule. There were those who might say to you, "Well, the choice to come during this time is a very odd one, because you have chosen a hard time to be here. Look what's going on with the planet! In addition, you're going to hit that 2012 marker, and of course, you'll all die. What a funny choice."

Oh, this is so laughable! It's worth a good chuckle from Spirit because the opposite is what is true. The love of God does not bring you to this place so that it can bury you in a dirt pile. It doesn't bring you here so you can die a horrible death as the earth turns upside down and gets hit by a meteor. It doesn't do that. That's not why you're here. You came by choice, one made while on the other side of the veil. Now you're here with the mind of a 3D Human Being, not the mind of God. So, what do you choose now? Do you want to hold the light that you came to hold or not? Oh, it's no accident that you're in the chair, reading this, or listening later to the channeller.

Some of you are beginning to realize that this message is for you, and this is a real event. You are beginning to understand the truth that this is a voice coming from the other side of the veil, and the voice is passionate because it's in love with you. It wants to honor you. It wants to wash your feet. Are you listening? Detractor, are you listening? Unbeliever, are you listening to me? I'm telling you your feet are being washed even if you don't believe it, even if you don't want it. You are loved beyond measure and you always will be, and there's no judgment of you walking out the door, laughing.

Truly, I know who you are, brother, sister, and when it's all over and you take your last breath, we'll be together yet again. Then we'll all laugh about this day when you came and said, "That's not for me." Creator of Earth, you are! You were there when it was molten and without form, knowing that some day you would inhabit it when the time was correct.


Ahh, old souls, what's your choice today? You've got so many. What's your choice about healing? You want it or not? Well, you're not going to have it in a 3D mode. Instead, you're going to have to get a bit interdimensional, and the tools have arrived for that. It's not easy. What do you choose to do? Do you choose to go there, to open that door, or is it too hard. Is it just a little too much out of 3D reality where you don't want to attempt it, or maybe your mind can't get into the program? Perhaps you would like to, but don't know where to start?

Here are your instructions. Sit before God and be loved! Say, "I'm ready to become interdimensional, to broach the veil without knowing why or how. I'm wide open, to feel the hand from the other side come out and grasp mine." Do you dare do that? Do you dare connect with the Higher-Self? What's your choice? Is this too hard, too unusual, too spooky? If you only knew how spooky each one of you were now! [Laughter] The definition of spooky: Things that don't fit into 3D!

There is a beautiful system. Beautiful and perfect, it is. Old souls, I see you complete. I don't see you in this lifetime with the gender that's pasted on your face. I see the precious Human Being as a piece of God. I'm your brother, I'm your sister. You're just like me. Choices.


Did you know that if you mine the Akash, you change it all? [To mine the Akash is a new concept from Kryon where you go and pick up attributes of previously lived lives. Kryon calls it a storehouse of what you have already earned.] Did you know that if you go into the Akash and change anything, it affects what happens next in your next lifetime? Did you know that? If you've created a healed energy of self-worth, it stays healed. Did you know that? Just like the spiritual jar that continues to fill up, all is available to you the next time around. If you are able to create health and a longer life for yourself in this lifetime, that's etched into your interdimensional DNA. When you come back, no matter what soul you choose to be, that is the attribute that will be in your DNA. Think of what that means for humanity! What you do today is the face of humanity tomorrow.


How many of you are willing to touch the face of God? What's your choice about shift today? These two are related, you know? A shift is at hand, and it has been happening for some time now. You should have known it when the world and the geopolitical scene changed so greatly recently. You're in the middle of it. What's your choice? Are you going to be part of it and enhance it? Or are you going to fear it? For these things are what drives the next stage. One of the things it will drive is how fast you come out of this recession. If you look at the experts, they will give you all manner of things to consider. No one has the answer. No expert guaranteed you would be in it, and no expert is here to tell you what is going to happen. Therefore, it's your choice! Therefore, a fast recovery is your choice! "Buy into" the experts or not. Fear the situation or not. Participate in the recovery or not. It's a big, energetic issue, isn't it? However, you are in control of it by the choices you make around it.

Do you want to touch the face of the Creator? It's not that hard because it's you. There is peace there. Dear Human Being, there are those in this room who say, "I'd love to do all these things, Kryon. I'd love to do all of this, but it's just hard for me. I just don't know what's going on." There are those who always say, "Kryon, you don't know what's going on with me. If you did, you couldn't say these things." Dear Human Being, we know everything that's going on! These things are said in integrity and they are real. They're for you. We know what you're going through, for we walk with you daily. The moment you turn loose of the fear, you'll find manifestation. Touch the face of the Higher-Self! This has been the invitation to you for years, to find your own spiritual self, to find the God-part of you, to find the divine part of you.

Touch the face of the Higher-Self today. I'm aware of who's here. A beautiful system, it is, run by you, planned by you, and here you are hearing and reading this. You must know that you are not a helpless pawn in all this. You control it, and when you realize that and take that control, peace starts to be yours forever. No drama. There'll be challenges, for that is humanity, isn't it? But they never had to affect you the same. Never.

And so it is that this entity comes before you this day in this way with the words that I have spoken this day about choice and about the love of Spirit for humanity. Know this: You are no different than I. Like me, you belong on the other side of the veil. This challenge called Human life is temporary. Consider it a voice from home, if you wish. There'll come a day, I promise, I promise, when we'll meet again in that Hall of Honor and we'll discuss this day with you and when we had this brief time together, a day when you let me wash your feet.

And so it is.


* For more information about this Galactic Alignment, please see