Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
Sedona, Arizona
June 14 , 2008
"The Way to God"

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon
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This live channelling was Given in Sedona, Arizona
Summer Light Conference 2008
June 14, 2008

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Sedona, Arizona.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I've just prepared my partner for what we're going to do, for I wanted him to be alert that there would be some revelation, perhaps even an epiphany or two regarding the things that we wish to discuss this evening. These messages are never long and drawn out, and this one will be to the point. I know who you are. I know who's here and I know the reasons you're here, I know what brought you here and I know the synchronicities of having you in the chair.

In a crowd this size, you would think perhaps there would be a section of those who are struggling to believe what is going on right now, and there are - 12 of you. We might say that you were disbelievers. The synchronicity of the day finds you in the chair, so let me speak to you right now, dear one, who believes this is a Human Being who is pretending to channel: God knows what's going on in your life, why you're in the chair, what brought you here. It is the synchronicity that brought you here so that perhaps you could open your heart to things that, in the past, you felt were not real. Perhaps you're here to honor the one next to you? Perhaps you're here to see the rocks? [Sedona] But you are really ripe with healing tonight. There are 12 of you.

This is the time when Spirit unravels itself into a synchronistic linearity. It is almost as though you had a room full of Human Beings who could only draw straight lines. In this metaphor, however, God could only see and deal with circles. Humans, in their reality, must have something that has a beginning and an end. God, on the other hand, is nothing like that, for there is no beginning and no end. Therefore, in these moments, Spirit comes and uses a Human Being to unravel [deliver] these things in a straight line. That's why it's hard, and that's why the channel must be clear. For what we speak of tonight has simplicity in it, profundity in it, and truth in it. We're going to talk about the path to God.

Within the 12 who have come who are not believing any of this, there is a shaman... and he knows it. The reason he doesn't want to accept this is because the last time he came to the planet, it was difficult. He remembers this at a cellular level, and he doesn't want to awaken again. Even the energy of Sedona bothers him. Even talk about the love of God, about the spiritual jar that is inside of him filled with wisdom, bothers him. So he's pretending he doesn't believe.

You see, I know who you are, sir. If you do nothing from this point on, I will tell you that you are just as loved as the one who goes out with incredible interdimensional wisdom. The same number of angels, sir, are going to go out the door with you tonight, as the highest vibration healer in the room.

When I look at all of you, I see family. I don't see Human Beings and I don't see the names on your conference badges. Instead, I see the name that I know, the ones I sing in light. You're family to me, all of you, every single one. In these situations, you have no idea of the entourage who has arrived to sit next to you as these messages are given, just in case you decide to push on the door of a reality that you didn't have before, just in case you want a little more light. You don't know who came to see whom here. You just don't know, since your reality does not support it. This is not a Sedona event. This is a Universal event, and in this place there are thousands who are next to you, energies ready to spring into action with potential epiphanies, with permission, with allowance. That's who's here, and some of you will feel it as this channel unfolds. The readership is included.

The Path to God

I want to talk about the path to God. "Well, Kryon, you've talked about that before," some may say. Indeed, this is what we do, but perhaps more direct this time. God is no stranger to the planet, or of Human nature. It is why we continue to give the same messages with different words.

Let me remind you of some things that actually are the telltale signs of the proof that God exists. Your own history is filled with scriptures written just the way this channelling has been unfolding. Yet you don't see it that way, do you? If you went to the far corners of the earth and spoke of God in any language, you would be met with understanding, for Humans know about God. Humanity knows about God. In fact, humanity spends a great deal of time, effort, and resources searching for the Creator. It seems the earth continues to search for a way to touch the hand of the Creator. Ninety percent of humanity believes in God. Eighty-five percent of humanity believes in the afterlife. What does that tell you? It shouts that Humans intuitively expect God to exist.

You have nothing like this kind of consensus on the planet regarding anything else. That's because it's intuitive; it's in the cells. Humans know something that perhaps has not been verbalized before: God is real. Intuitively, you all know that when you take the last breath, it's not the end. You are born that way, and humanity spends so much time searching for the Creator. Is this not proof of God? Think about it. God is common to humanity.

Now, speaking to the New Age: It is the way you search that gets you in trouble with others. For when you speak of God, you speak of God in a different way. Your path to God seems odd and unusual to so many, since it's a nonlinear approach. The planet searches for God in 3D. Look around you. When you pass a chapel, when you pass a cathedral, when you pass a synagogue or a mosque, do you say, "Oh, how unusual?" You don't, do you? At some level, you know that the people who are inside these structures are doing the best they can to find God. It's common, but Humans tend to linearize everything because that is the reality at hand for you.

The perception of God varies greatly within humanity. Let's look at that for a moment. Human Beings have no idea that they are a piece of God. You, as a Human, don't have the remembrance that we speak of. It's not in 3D. You don't remember what I remember. I was there at the Wind of Birth. I could tell you, dear one, what it was like, for it shouts your magnificence. Who do you really think you are? Do you know who sits in front of me? Old souls sit in front of me! They're the ones who are attracted to a place like this [the conference], who would decide to live in a place like this [Sedona]. They're attracted to the love of God! Oh, they call it a portal, but it feels very good, doesn't it?

The old souls who sit in front of me are known by God. I was there when you finally dropped into that whirlwind that took you to Earth yet again. It's a portal represented by energies that are dichotomous: One is the linearity of a portal going to the birth canal, and the other is the quantum energy of the angelic majesty of God. They clash and come together to create what I call a vortex, a wind of energy that races in a circle in my face. Then I looked at you and I said, "Are you ready to do it again?" And you said, "Yes." Then I said, "Blessed is the angel who makes the choice to become a Human Being yet again, knowing what he will face, knowing the potentials that could be." Then you disappear into that vortex on your way to the process of becoming a Human. That's why your feet are washed when you are here.

I was there when you dropped into that portal yet again, old soul. And when you're not here, you're with me in a place that you cannot imagine. I tell you these things for one reason, because at the end of this channel, I want you to remember something. You have to remember this: This is how you're seen by God. Remember this, since it is far different than what many tell you about how a Human relates to God.

In linearity, Human Beings search for God in an odd way: They cannot conceive that they are part of the system. All they want to do is touch the hand of the Creator. They think that God is huge and they are not, and that mistaken construct often shapes the box that they choose to worship in. Sometimes they feel they have to be subservient. Sometimes they feel they have to suffer a little because God is big and they're not, and this is the perception because Humans are linear. Many times, they flog themselves because they are told they are retched and not worthy. They couldn't conceive that the Creator may actually be within them. They don't see themselves as family. They don't see what I see. They can't.

So there is the search for God and the religions are born. "Kryon, are you going to talk about religion? Who's right and wrong?" Yes, I am. Any Human who is searching is on the right track. Blessed is the Human Being who searches for God, because the Creator wants to be found. The Creator wants to be found! Did you ever think about that? It doesn't matter what religious box you're in. God doesn't care how you make your discovery and I'm going to land hard on that in a minute, and you're going to see what I'm talking about. "Kryon, do you mean to tell me that those people over there in that funny building we've been told not to go to, they have it, too?" Indeed, they do. And here's something they don't speak of: You see, in linearity you create these boxes of worship; you create members; you create groups and then you give them instructions not to go to the other boxes! You know why? Because they don't want you to know that the love of God is there, too! There have been healings in all of them, miracles in all of them, because there is family there.

They may dress differently and speak differently and they may wear hats differently - and God is there. The family is there, and our metaphoric hands are out to them. The profound healings that have happened in the mosques - you never hear about that, do you? What about the ones in the synagogues? You don't hear about that either. Many have happened on the sawdust floors of those who are evangelistic, and they claim that they have the one truth, because they got the healing! The religions never compare notes! God's in all the boxes.

I want you to digest this for a moment, because what you are seeing is the love of God. You see, we really don't care how you get here! "Well, then why is it so difficult, Kryon? What is going on here to make it so doggone hard? Why isn't it more obvious?" Let me speak about you and your ways as you sit in front of me, those who call yourselves metaphysical or esoteric. There's a new energy on this planet that is awakening hearts and minds to a new way of worship, a new way of understanding Spirit. And it's beginning to yell to you that you are, indeed, a piece of the Creator. This is difficult to comprehend!

The first reason it's hard is because it is not linear. Suddenly, you're in a nonlinear, interdimensional area where the things that you say are not acceptable to those who feature a linear perception of God. You say things like, "There are no accidents. There is a plan that is bigger. I'm responsible for what happens to me." And those who are linear look at you and walk the other way. It's not logical. It separates families and you know what I speak of. It separates friends, does it not, just because you have chosen not to take the linear path? The reason? Because in your DNA, old soul, you feel the wisdom of the ages. That's what's changing. The shift that we have spoken of for all of these years, almost 20, is affecting the DNA at its core level. There is an awakening going on and there are those sitting in the room that know what I speak. It's hard! It's hard to become interdimensional because it's odd to those around you, is it not? It's certainly odd to the 12. [Kryon smile]

Why is it difficult? The second reason? Because the Creator wants to be found! What happens, dear ones, when you start pushing on that door, is that there is a portal to your Higher-Self inside each one of you. Picture it as a door that you are able to push upon and there's a light behind it, a very bright light. The light is one you want to see. It is a direct pipeline to home, and some of you work with it every day in your healings, in your meditations. Yet you continue to push because you want a little more, don't you? And here's what's hard and what you don't expect: When you begin to push on the door, on the other side is a Creator who wants to be found. So the door reacts! That door starts to open by itself when you just push it a little bit, and Humans get frightened. That's when you back away and may say, "I didn't expect it would open by itself! I didn't think there really was anybody on the other side. I'm trying to touch the face of the Creator. I'm just trying to absorb a little energy from God, to peek into the room."

You didn't expect the hand to come out from behind the door, did you? You didn't expect this spiritual hand to hold yours and say, "Don't let go. Don't let go!" It's scary! That's why it's hard. There is an axiom that we have taught for years, and that is this: The Human mind cannot un-know anything. You cannot deconstruct a reality you've experienced. It is impossible right now for you to un-remember this day. You cannot forget it voluntarily. It is there, etched into your brain, and will be until the day you take your last breath. The reason this process is hidden is because there are only a certain amount of Human Beings who can touch the face of the Creator and remain balanced. Less than one half of one percent of humanity will do what some of you are willing to do. Did you know that? It's not going to be a "New Age Earth." Only old souls can do this.

The shift is about you. It's about the way Humans are beginning to think, but it's about you, old souls - Lemurians, each one. That's what we wanted to tell you now. There's more. Oh, there's more. And here it comes.


"Kryon, how do we do it?"

It's not that hard. Number one: The first thing you're going to have to do is become interdimensional. Here's why it's not hard, because you can suspend belief with help from the other side of that door. That beautiful hand that comes through it wants to touch you, and will help you suspend belief and start thinking in a circle. Something else happens when you become interdimensional. Oh, how do I say this?


There are 17 people in this room in the last three years who have lost another Human Being who they loved, who was close to them. Seventeen of you. Mates, moms, dads, kids. Seventeen of you have something in common. You've got a hole in your heart, 17 of you. And I want to talk to you for a moment. It won't take long. Blessed is that Human Being who comes to this planet with a plan where they agree to leave in this way, creating an allowance to pass over and become grander in energy than they could have been if they had stayed. And you have allowed them to do that. I want to tell you today that this suffering in your heart is something you have put upon yourself. It's hard to say that, because when the heart hurts, it hurts! You don't analyze it. You just hurt. And you say, "Well, how could I keep it from hurting?"

I'll give you a picture and it's a tough one to believe. It's even hard for my partner to say. It's difficult, because it requires the Human to become interdimensional in thought. The one who you lost is going to stand by your side for the rest of your life, until you take your last breath. They drop their body so they can be grander in the scheme of things than they could be alive. Often, the agreement is to help you more than they could have alive! Did you think of that? Dear one, you can still hold their hand until the end of your life! There doesn't have to be suffering. Oh, it may not be the same because they're not in physical form, but if you start becoming interdimensional, you'll know they're there. You'll feel their presence and you can call them by name.

Go outside and look at the stars tonight and know that they're right there next to you. Have an epiphany tonight. That's the difference between a linear Human Being and one who is willing to put the string in a circle. They're not gone! How do I know? Because I see them. There's a contract between you and them. It's not over. It has just begun. It's hard, isn't it? Well, that's why there's so few of you on this planet who are going to go there and do this. It's tough.

Number two: You've got to really understand that you're part of God's family. You cannot even begin to approach this belief system without feeling the family connection from Spirit. There can't be "God and you." You can't separate it like that. You've got to stand here and say, "I'm a piece of the whole. I was there when the earth was created." And you were! You were with me. We watched it together. How can I convince you of this? You've got to start thinking family, and when you do there's going to be a revelation within you that slowly grows into reality.

Number three: Become compassionate. In all things, become compassionate. I've just given you the three rules to touch the face of God - an interdimensional understanding, a realization of family, and a compassionate spirit. And you might say, "Well, Kryon, those are attitudes. What are the steps that we have to do?" And the answer is yes.


Dear ones, stop asking for three-dimensional rules for an interdimensional process! Steps and sayings and rules do not work when you are in a quantum state. I'll tell you what happens, dear Human Being. When you start those three attributes and you combine them together, you cannot keep that door from flying open and that hand from coming out, because you've just given permission for the Higher-Self to join you. As much as you can take, as much as you want, in your own way, within your own path, with your own timeline, that hand will come out and take yours, and you never have to let go of it.

Perception of the Parent

I'm going to give you a perception tonight that I've only given two other times in the history of my channelling. I'm going to give it to a group that can understand it. [speaking of those at the conference and those reading] All of you can understand it. I'm going to give you the perception of the search for God from my standpoint, not from yours. Then, perhaps, finally you'll understand a little more about why it's acceptable to be in a cathedral on your knees in a place that perhaps some of you would not want to be and touch the face of God.

In order to do this, I have to set up a metaphor. I want to talk to the parents in the room, which is most of you, but especially the moms. Mom, mother, I want to take you on a journey. Do you remember when your first child was born? Do you know how precious that moment is? Can I take you there for a moment, just a moment? Do you remember when the infant first looked at you and you looked at the child? Remember the connection that was there? Doesn't it make your heart flutter, just a little bit, to remember those things? There's nothing like it, nothing like the love of a mother and a child.

When you leave the other side of the veil and you come through that birth canal and start this journey of yours, it's like the child that leaves home. We have that same feeling for you. Not as children, but the love bond is the same. We look into your energy, seemingly eye to eye before you leave and release you. What you do from there is like we have lost you unless you elect to find us again.

Now, mother, just suppose that you lost track of your kids. Indeed, it has happened on this planet, but pretend that you lost track of the children. You knew where they were, perhaps the country they were in, but it was vast and huge and you couldn't contact them. You hoped that at some point in time they would find you. It was the only chance to see them again.

Imagine that for a , that you are heartbroken. You're waiting for that call, which may never come from the child. Where are they? What is happening? Do they miss you? Can you even think of such a thing? Then one day, you get the call and you pick up the phone. There is this small voice... precious, it is!

"Mom, is that you? I found you!"

What a day of rejoicing! Wouldn't that be a day of rejoicing? Mom, can you feel it? That sweet little voice on the other end of the line. Now, perhaps, there's two of them, a brother and a sister, two children.

"Mom, we found you!" And then there's the question, "Mom, can we come home?"

What are you going to say? You know what you're going to say! You're going to say the same thing that Spirit says when you push on that door. "Yes! Please do it! Please come home."

The metaphor of coming home is the connection with the Higher-Self, which gets you back into remembrance, back into the reunion with the love of God.

"Mom, can I come home?"

You're so excited! The children are coming home. Indeed, they are. Then you wait and you wait, and then you see it: Down the road there are two cars coming, and each car has a child in it. The reunion is about to be complete. You're about ready to see them again and you've missed them for so long! You're about ready to look in their eyes yet again and rejoice at the reunion of hearts. It's something you didn't know if you were ever going to be able to do.

Your heart is beating out of your chest, and the tears are flowing. You can hardly wait these last moments. Now, follow this metaphor and understand it for what it's teaching. One child shows up in a green car, and one child shows up in a red car. Do you care? Mom, do you care? NO! You just want them in your arms!

There will be those who will tell you that God will say, "Stop! The color of the car is wrong. Go back! You can't come now." It's silly, isn't it? It's silly. No, we don't care what color the car is. All we care is about the reunion; we care about the heart; we care about the connection; we care about the integrity of the search, and we care about taking your hand and starting a new life of remembrance with the love we shared. That's what we care about. There will be those who would even tell you that if you come in the wrong car, God will cast you into a pit of suffering forever! Does this sound sensible to you? Mom, does this sound like love?


You see, the Creator wants to be found, and the Creator doesn't care how you get to that place of reunion. That's something they seldom tell you in church. That's the message. That's it in its entirety. If you never heard another message from this channel, then it will be complete.

I want to tell you something. I want you to remember something because we're going to close now. From my side of the veil, do you know what makes angels rejoice? I'll tell you: When they get the phone call saying, "Mom, can I come home?"

That's when they start their party. How about you? Are you ready to push on the door or not? There are some of you who will say, "Well, I've been doing that all my life." Yes, but I want to give you a bigger door tonight. Push a little harder, because the light's about to get a lot brighter. Healings have occurred in this area tonight in this room in this evening. You're starting to understand, aren't you? Some of the things that escaped you are now starting to be understood.

We want to be found! It's not that hard. You don't have to climb that many steps. You don't have to suffer. You don't need trappings or doctrines or costumes or hats. You don't need a special book or a special prophet.

That's what we wanted to tell you. That's what we wanted to tell you.


So it is, that the Human Beings in this room are honored for their presence this evening. It's hard to say goodbye. We are aware of the linearity of the moment. Kryon knows what time it is. It doesn't make it easy to leave, because we have established a bond, you and I. Have you found it? Did you feel it? I know who you are.

And so it is.