Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
Hamburg, Germany
April 12, 2008
"The Story of Mary - One Life"

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon
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This live channelling was Given in Hamburg, Germany
The first International Kryon Konferenz
April 12, 2008

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. In addition, this particular message was given in Germany, where there was another language being consecutively translated (back and forth). So to eliminate short sentences and incomplete thoughts, much had to be changed. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Hamburg, Germany.

A note from Lee Carroll: Kryon is not proprietary. This means that many can channel this loving being. In the past years, many have begun to do this, mainly in Europe. In April on this date, we invited five other Kryon channels to join with us in Hamburg, Germany, for the First International Kryon Konferenz (German spelling). They came from other parts of Germany, from South America, and from South Africa. All of them channelled Kryon for the weekend event. The channelling that follows was my channelling, given on the first evening of the event. It is the year of unity, and we wanted to show that we are not in competition, but we are united in our own uniqueness to bring the earth a common message about the love of God.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This is a sweet place... a place of allowance. There must be a reason why you would sit in the chair and come to experience things that many would laugh at. There has to be a reason! There is an energy here that is thick with purpose. It's going to go way beyond the words tonight. It's an energy that walks between the chairs and the aisles. It will touch many with the attribute of free choice.

There may be those here who are in denial. Many will say, "This can't be happening," since they are disbelievers. Well, I wish to address the disbeliever for a moment. You don't think this is actually happening, do you? Here is my message for you: You are loved beyond measure! There is no judgment for your unbelief. There is no negative thing that is going to happen because you came and didn't believe. There is an entourage of angels standing by you, just as for everyone else here. If you choose to open your heart tonight, should you choose that, you might even be touched by one of them! What is it you brought here tonight that you would like to leave here? Is it sorrow tonight? What is it? Perhaps it's the unsolvable problem in your life? Maybe it's pain or disease? Well, here's the promise: This building has been filled all day with precious energy so that you could bathe in it if you wish - if you wish. You can leave here lighter than you came. You can leave the things you feel are unsolvable right here in your chair! That's because you are a piece of God.

There are those who still cannot believe that this is actually happening. They say that all day long there have been Human Beings here on this stage "pretending to channel." They have been pretending because this whole thing called channelling is not possible. God doesn't work that way. Again, let me give you something to think about: Do you not understand that every single piece of sacred communication that you have has been written and given to you by Human Beings? All the precious scriptures in all the languages on Earth, all the cultures and their books have been written by Humans. God did not come down and write any of it! God uses Humans. That's what family does with family - every single communication.

Some of you hold up books and shout, "This is the word of God!" Be clear on this: It's the word of Human Beings who are in touch with God. Sometimes the words ring so true and are so beautiful! It's because the Human was in touch with God... that's channelling and it has been with you from the beginning of time. Perhaps you miss the special trappings, the building, the rules? Perhaps you feel that is what is needed to find God and for this to be real? Well, let me tell you what is "needed" for this to be real: It's for you to open your heart and "see it" and feel it. Human, you're going to feel very different about this when you walk out of this place different than you came in. And if that happens to you, there is no Human Being or organization who can pry away the belief in you that this wasn't real. That's why we've come here... to touch the hearts of everyone who wishes to be touched. Is it you? Will you let it be you? Do you know the love that has been put into getting you here? 

I'm going to tell you a story from beginning to end. It's about a life on this planet, but it's not exactly a parable. It's a story, a real story about a woman named Mary. In this visualization, you observe what I observe. Mary is an ordinary Human and I'm going to take you from her birth to her death. As I do this, I want you to put your name in place of Mary, for I'll reveal the way life works from beginning to end, and I hope that when I'm done, you have an epiphany - a realization of exactly who you are - since everything that I reveal about Mary is a revelation about your own life.

Before I tell you this story, it must start in a place that I have spoken about before. Twenty years ago, I told my partner that there is a place called "The Cave of Creation." It is very much part of what we have called The Crystalline Grid. It's a real cave on this planet, one that never will be discovered by any Human, ever. No amount of technical searching will find it or be able to broach it. It will remain hidden, even though it is in your three-dimensional reality. Much of Earth's crust is crystalline, as any geologist will acknowledge. Finding this sacred place will be impossible, for it looks just like everything else on Earth. It's deep enough never to be visited by a normal Human.

The reason it is in three dimensions is because it is a sacred process of your life here, and you are in three dimensions. In this crystalline energy, there are many physical crystals. They are actually much more than crystals. Each one represents a soul energy, not a singular Human Being. It's the soul energy of the core sacred Higher-Self of every Human Being here. In this place is every single soul that has ever been on this planet or ever will be. This is not predestination, but the knowledge of the potentials of what you are creating. Therefore, there is enough of the entire future of the planet, representing all that has passed and all that is to come.

A separate, beautiful crystal is there for each of you, but here's what you don't expect: Each singular crystal is "filled" with your many incarnations or "expressions" on this planet. In other words, each one represents one Higher-Self, but with many past lives. You come and you go from this planet, because that's what you do - because you are in love with the earth. That is why you do this. No matter who you think you are, most have been here before. The ones who would find themselves in an esoteric seat tonight have been here before! Of all those here in this room, only 17 of you are new to the planet. 

Listen to me, you've been here before. You know that at an intuitive level. There is a crystal with your sacred name on it in this Cave of Creation, and every time you come to this place you deposit your Human soul into this crystal. What happens next is that the current sacred DNA that will be yours at birth joins with the past sacred DNA that you created before... and you become joined with the past. This, then, joins all of the other lives that you have ever had on this planet to the one you are about to live.

You activate this crystal when you arrive, and you deactivate it when you leave. That means it stays here, even when your core Higher-Self leaves. For what you have done on the planet, the very steps that you have taken, vibrate within this crystal even after your soul energy is gone. Because it is crystalline, it carries a remembrance of everything you have been, and transfers that to the Crystalline Grid of the planet. Think of that for a moment. All that you have done for the planet and all that you have learned remains in the Crystalline Grid. It's part of the mechanics of why you're here. It's part of the contribution you make through eons of Earth experience, and it's part of what makes the "system" work at all.

The Story of Mary

Let me introduce you to Mary. This is Mary to you, but to me she's not a woman and she's not a man. She is a beautiful angelic being - on my side of the veil, the perfect creature, the perfect energy, and not singular. That is to say that on my side, Mary is a group like I am. Energy is not singular. It's a "soup" of many kinds of attributes and not a "thing." Do you understand? So on my side, Mary is a collection of attributes, and not a body as you see yourselves. Mary isn't really Mary yet, but she's about to be.

There is no time where I am standing on my side of the veil. There is no time for Mary, either. In the interdimensional space that we have, there is no singularity and there is no linearity. Mary is a piece of God in its purest form, and is about ready to leave half of her essence behind and go into what I have called The Wind of Birth. Does that make sense to you? Mary is a piece of God is about to become a female on planet Earth. It will be Mary's 343rd time there, and she's ready to go.

The mechanics of this entire story are unbelievable to you, for you cannot fathom something that does not have linearity and singularity. Every time an angel has visited this planet in 3D and shown himself to anyone, in order to make sense of it, the Human mind puts skin and wings on it, and gives it a singular name. Humans must call it one thing, but that's not the way it is at all. Angelic energy is a multiple of many attributes, has no body, no singularity, and no name. But it must for you in order to make sense of it.

This beautiful creature called Mary - this piece of God - is about to split up into many sacred energetic fragments, and one piece of her is going to become the Human Being that is on its way to the birth canal. The rest? It stays here. It is not part of your sacred teaching, but here it is: There is a tremendous amount energy that is "you," which stays in a suspended form of energy and that manifests itself on the magnetic and Crystalline Grids of the planet.

Now, I've just given you a secret and yet none of you are going to believe it. You're just like Mary, and you think you're singular. You're not. Did you know that you're part of a group? Did you know that the other part of you is somewhere else? The "place" where it is becomes the  Higher-Self. That's the connection, you know? You say it as being part of you (self), but you still somehow think it's apart from you. It isn't. It is you, the rest of you that you separated from. Perhaps you're starting to understand why the connection to the Higher-Self is so important? It connects you with you.

Do you know what it's like to split yourself - to give away the knowledge that you're a piece of God so that you could come to Earth in total ignorance? Why would an angelic being do that? Why? I'll tell you: It's because they love this planet, that's why; and they love humanity, that's why. There's something to do here on Earth, that's why. Are you beginning to understand what I'm telling you? There is purpose for your being here.

We have often spoken of The Wind of Birth. From my standpoint, it is the energy that pours through a vortex on my side of the veil, which represents a three-dimensional clash with an interdimensional reality (mine). Therefore, it is a collision that is remarkable, and Mary is about ready to fall into that portal. It is the process of birth for every Human Being and each one of you has done this.

Do you understand why Kryon washes your feet? This is difficult what you do! Mary is about ready to be born. She's chosen her parents and they have chosen her... and they didn't do it eons ago as some of you think. They did it in a timeless place that represents the wisdom of the ages and the immediacy of your "now." It's an ancient decision, yet represents your current needs and this is impossible to describe to you.

Each Human is split, and therefore, there is an entourage of spiritual planning going on at all times with all of you. You choose each other for lessons and for reward and for testing and for experience. This is complex to the max, and cannot be taught to you in a day, but it represents the potentials that have always existed, and yet can be changed by a simple Human choice.

This energy that is Mary leans into the Wind of Birth. She's about ready to go, and I'm there. I am there for the event as I always am, and I always will be. It's what I do. I watch humans transform from angels, over and over, in a process that is about the love of humanity.

Now, we reach the juncture in Human logic where the intellectual Human Being wishes to trap Spirit with word and time puzzles. They ask questions that seem to be high minded to them about three-dimensional ethics:

Kryon, you're about ready to describe the birth of Mary. Is that correct?"

Yes, I am.

Then we wish you to identify for us at what point life began for Mary. Is it the fertilization of the egg? Is it biological or spiritual? When does it happen? When does life begin?"

Oh, how 3D of you! You can't trick Spirit with questions that represent the limitation of three-dimensional thinking. The highest intellectual thinker on Earth can only reason within their own jar, never understanding there is a real world on the other side of the glass. I'll tell you when Mary's life began and you're not going to like the answer, because it's an interdimensional one. It started when the contract was put forward with Mary's parents and with Mary, in a timeless place where they agreed on the potential of her birth. That's the actual time when life began and it took place, and it represents the potentials before the earth was formed, yet has the energy of "yesterday afternoon." That's when it took place. Do you, therefore, understand that your life began at the potential of your parents' meeting? And what do you now think of the potential of your grandparents' meeting in order to manifest the birth of your parents? Yes, you were there planning it then, too. And to make it really, really fun, you were often times related to your own grandparents at that very time! Intellectual, you are like a goldfish who is trying to figure out the meaning of the sound of the tapping on the glass. Your world is small and simple, and your questions are the same. Break this paradigm and become an interdimensional thinker, and really expand your mind to include the sacredness of why you think the way you do. Then is when your potential to think will really soar.

I want to tell all of you something. But there is someone here (and reading) that this will make some sense to: There are angelic beings who go through this birth experience, with all the beauty and all the joy, with all the love and complexity... just so that they can come in and be a stillbirth. Did you know that? Some will come in and they will die at age three. And when you experience that, know this: The potential of all of that is known in advance, and there are reasons for it. Blessed is that angel who will go through all of that - come into your reality and die when they're young, perhaps before they can speak or think or reason, in order to plant the seeds of compassion in certain individuals, for certain circumstances that will change lives around them.

Maybe this happened to you? Mother, father, is this your circumstance? You know who I'm talking to, don't you? And if that was you, did you celebrate it? Could you? An agreement like that is profound, and you'll never forget it, will you? Well, neither will they. It's a system that creates compassion on the planet and it works well. You may have been part of that. You may have actually helped this very planet with the compassion for such an event, and the earth may never be the same. Did you think of that? Many hate God after something like that, never understanding that they lifted the very vibration of the earth itself. Mary doesn't have that contract, however. That's not her agreement. Mary's going to come in full-term and live a long life.

I say goodbye to Mary, and she falls into the portal of birth. The first thing that happens is that Mary visits the Cave of Creation. She finds that crystal, which has her soul energy, and it glows with activation. Have you figured something out yet? How many past lives do you think you have had? Let me give you some things to think about. It doesn't matter how many you had. The same Higher-Self was in every one of them! The same core soul was the "boss" in every life. That means your Higher-Self was there for all of them; therefore, these lives all had something in common. Does this give you any ideas of what you might be able to do with this information? When some of you start connecting to your Higher-Selves, you're actually connecting to every single energy you have ever been on this planet. Mary places her new energy within the ancient crystal that has all her former lives within it. It reciprocates by placing all its energy and spiritual learning within Mary's new DNA. She is about to carry around within her new life everything she ever was. Mary is born, and she's a beautiful female child. Her parents are so happy and delighted with Mary!

Politically Incorrect Thinking... Truth Prevails

Right away within the first few months of her life, Mary shows that she is going to be an artist, a good one. Here we stop the story yet again. For Mary's artistic abilities are carry-overs from a past life, and it's obvious. Humans carry attributes from lifetime to lifetime. These attributes go way beyond the genealogy that is biological of the parent. Do you realize that in your politically correct society, you are told that Human Beings are all born equal? Ask any mother if this is so, for they may have a number of children vastly different from each other. One might be a singer, and the other one can't sing at all. One might be very interested in reading, yet one wants only to dance. The parents look at this and say, "How could I have children so vastly different from the same set of parents?" It might not be politically correct, but it's true. The children come in very different, and hardly equal! Look at the fears that some of these individuals have when they're born. These are the insecurities and fears... hold-overs from things that they have been through before they got here. Ask a mother about that, how is it one child can be so secure and another one so afraid of their own shadow? It's part of the system and it's on purpose. Born equal? Indeed, you are all equally endowed with the power to change how you were born! But all of you come in with the overlay of what was before, and for those who are here for the first time, of which there are many, you come in with the attributes of "each ignorance." This is easy to spot, for it's the Human who is shocked at how things work, and never quite gets used to how Humans react to Humans on this planet. This is the life where they get their "Earth legs" and figure everything out.

Mary was still an infant and she was doing what all infants do. You see, when you're that young, you see the energies that are around you. Ask a mother about that! Have you ever been holding your infant and the infant is seeing something in the corner? His face is all aglow and he is laughing and having so much fun, playing with whatever is in the corner. Then you turn and look and there's nothing there! You know I'm right, don't you? Have you ever wondered what that is? Infants can still see the other side of the veil for a number of months after their birth. It's part of their survival. It's part of home, it stays with them so they can grow into another kind of love - Human love. Then slowly the interdimensional things go away. But you all got to see them when you arrived.

We're not going to take you through her entire life, but we'll just tell you a little bit. Mary becomes an artist and a good one. She did not become an esoteric leader [New Age teacher]. Kryon never occurred in her life and she never read a Kryon book. She was never drawn to a meeting like this, but Mary actually was able to heal people with her art. Mary became a world-famous artist - she could really paint! Many found a spiritual connection through her artwork, and Mary would say, "I only paint what I feel." She was feeing her Higher-Self with every stroke of the brush.

The Big Misconception – God Cares How You Find Enlightenment

Now, let me back up for a minute. I just told you that Mary found God. You might say, "Well, how could she do that? She didn't follow the spiritual rules that you hear about in so many religions. The world is filled with structures that have doctrines with rules. Also, how could Mary find God when she never even came to an esoteric meeting? No religion, no New Age?"

I want you to remember this. When you open that door of allowance, no matter how you get there, you're opening the door to home, and that's what we want you to do - to care enough to find that door. That's what the whole purpose of life is, to find that door, and there are many ways to do it.

There are those in this room, teachers here, who have created steps for you to find the door, because they know you want the steps! Your reality needs the steps. There are also those who will say that you don't need steps, and this is for those who don't want steps! Do you understand what I'm telling you? God is in all the Human systems who respect the sacredness of the process, and there is allowance for many ways of opening the door. There is no right and wrong process if it takes you to self-realization of God inside... discovering the Higher-Self.

Many immediately say, "Kryon, I don't like this! There has to be a ‘right way to God.' After all, God is complex and sacred, and we are simple and 3D. You said so! How can you tell us that there is no ‘right way?'" I didn't. I said there was no right or wrong process. There absolutely is a "right way." Love and compassion are the keys to finding the Higher-Self, but there are many loving and compassionate systems that allow you to discover the love of God inside.

Listen: Imagine for a moment that you are a loving parent and you have not seen your children in decades. In addition, imagine that they were taken from you at a very early age. Imagine for a moment that you get a phone call from one of those children.

"Mom, Dad, I know where you are and I'm coming to see you!"

Oh, your heart would swell, would it not? I've found my children! Better than that, they found me! And you'd say on the phone, "Come! Please come see me. I can hardly wait to touch you."

Now, let me ask you something. If the child showed up in a red car, would you look at him and say, "Oops, sorry! Go back. I really wanted you to be in a green car."

You wouldn't do that, would you? Would you even care about the vehicle at all? All you want to do is hold them. The answer is you don't care how they get there. If they said, "Mom, Dad, I found this wonderful process and the process got me right to thinking about where you were - and I found you!" Would you care about the process? You would! You'd celebrate it, that's what you'd do. Another child may say, "I didn't need a process because I thought of it all by myself." Would you then cast them out because they didn't use the process of the first child? No!

Blessed is the process or non-process that brings any Human Being home. And that's the truth of it - that Humans need to feel comfortable in their search for God so that they eventually can have the truth of meeting the "rest of the parts."

The Return of Mary

Mary grew old, as all humans do. She eventually knew her days were numbered, as all Humans do. The young don't really think about this, but slowly grow into it as they age. It's the brain beginning to long for home, and Mary's brain knew she wasn't going to be around much longer.

By this time, Mary had her own children and they were beautiful. Most of them could not draw or paint! They were not created equal either, since they didn't have Mary's sacred crystalline energy or her past lives. Instead, they had their own. All of you do and are shaped by what you've done on the planet. That's why you are not equal, and all so different, and all so unique.

It was time for Mary to go. This is not a sad story, for every single one except for the very few here have been through this over and over. Mary was surrounded by her family when she passed over and they celebrated her life. They brought some of her wonderful paintings into the hospital room, the paintings that had touched the hearts and the souls of so many. Ah, Human Beings would sit and weep in front of her work. Some of them would weep with the joy of touching the face of God. Think of the energy that she had left on this planet! In her own way, in her own process, she knew God.

The first thing that happened after Mary's soul was apart from her body was a trip to the Cave of Creation. It's a three-day process to integrate back into the other side of the veil. Those are Earth days. Mary deactivated her crystal. Think about what that crystal now contained! It now had the energy and experience of all of the past lives that Mary experienced on the planet, plus the energy of this one, with all her art. Now she was leaving it on the planet. None of it was going with her. It all stayed right on Earth.

Now listen to me: That crystal made the earth vibrate higher. Even after Mary left, it continued to work for her. Are you getting the picture? You think you're ordinary and you're sitting in this room. Well, think of the work that you have done in your life. Think of those that you have helped, and you all have done this! Think of that... it all stays here! You may think you're ordinary, but believe me when you pass over, the planet will always know you were here. What a system! What a honoring of the Human life!

I welcomed Mary back. It seemed like she had only been gone a moment. Oh, what a party we had! "It's good to be home," she said, as she reintegrated herself into the energy that you call God. The entity called Mary ceased to exist, except in that very sacred place that speaks to the crystalline structure of the earth.

Human Being, this is who you are. Many don't believe it. You are a piece of God, and a piece of this planet's history. Profound! It's why we wash your feet.

It's time for us to go. Perhaps this night you might allow yourself to believe it. Maybe it will start to make sense to you. This would be a good time to release the things you came with that you don't want to take home. How about fear? I know who's here. Wouldn't you like to have that release? How about forgiveness? Did you forgive the betrayal? I know who's here. How would you like to release sorrow? Push on that door within yourself, for there's a connection waiting for you. When that's made, all of those things begin to diminish. You become a balanced Human Being - not a religious Human Being, not a spiritual Human Being - but a balanced Human Being filled with joy.

It's hard for us to leave. So we stay here. And when the channelling is closed, we stay here, ready for tomorrow. It's hard for us to go. I've said this so many times: Are you aware of who came to see whom? We knew you'd sit in the chair. Maybe we came to see you? Maybe this is what we do? It is. Did you hear us?

And so it is.