Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
Mexico City
October 21, 2007
"The Eight Shifts of Enlightenment Part Two"

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon
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The Eight Shifts of Enlightenment Part Two

This live channelling was Given in Mexico City
October 21, 2007

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live, has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Mexico City about the shifts in enlightenment.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Some have said, "How is this possible? How could a man sit in a chair and seemingly, in the blink of an eye, be speaking to the other side of the veil? Is it, indeed, true?" So again, we turn to you and ask, what does it feel like? Does it feel like the man is speaking or does it feel like the love of God is flowing into this place? What if you had within you the ability to know instantly if it were true or not? Well, you do! This is part of the lesson today, for within the shifts in a Human Being's spiritual path comes that gift. Indeed, there are those sitting here who have that gift and they know what's happening. Could it be that God loves humanity so much that we would wash your feet? Why don't you ask those who are having their feet washed? So we come in quietly with a powerful message. But we don't want to start teaching just yet.

What is it you feel now? There are things going on in the room right now because you have requested them. Many of you have given permission for gifts this night... even more than last night. You have an allowance - that is to say, you have given permission for yourself tonight. For many of those who have spoken to you spiritually today [the speakers in the conference] have given you a message that I will give you also: You are not alone. You are together in this spiritual boat today, and maybe you're starting to feel that the one who is sitting next to you, who you might not know, is part of your process, too. Perhaps there is a spiritual system that includes all Humans? Indeed, this is part of the teaching tonight.

I say this even before we begin, dear Human Being: I know who you are. Every angelic being in the Universe knows you are here. Could you truly be that important that the Universe would know your name? The answer is yes. The thing that keeps you from believing all this is called the veil and it works well, keeping you from seeing that very fact. The veil is strong. The last thing you see in yourselves is the spiritual mastery we spoke of yesterday [part one of the message].

Today I'm going to continue the revelation and discussion of the eight shifts of spiritual attributes of a Human Being between awareness and ascension. I want you to remember what was stated before... that there is no timetable on any of these. You cannot decide for yourself how long it takes between the shifts. For with free choice, it is possible that you might only shift between one or two of them. You may stop at number two. It is up to you, and there is no penalty. The things that play into this are complex and personal. Do not judge any Human Being who in your sight and is not doing what you think they're supposed to spiritually. It's possible that it's the best they can do within their search for God. Perhaps it looks shallow to you, but maybe on a larger universal scope they need the shelter of an organization that tells them how to worship. You can't tell the personal attributes of a person's eternal soul from your perspective looking at them in 3D. So celebrate their life. Do not look at them and say, "Well, I wish they knew what I know," for within free choice and synchronicity, they have every opportunity you do spiritually.

The energy on the planet is changing so greatly that it is literally awakening DNA. "Kryon, why do you speak of DNA so much?" Because within it is the core of everything spiritual. It contains your Higher-Self. It contains the Akashic Record of your existence on Earth. It contains healing and mastery, consciousness of ascension. That's how it works biologically with you, and that's why we speak of it at all. That is why those today spoke of it [the speakers at the conference]. It's not just chemistry. It's the building blocks of ascension within your body. Some will see it and some will not.

Continuing the Last Four Shifts

The four shifts we have spoken of already are profound. We left off with the Human who had discovered how to void their karma and move into a clean slate of spiritualness. The more shifts we talk about, the more complex it gets. Many, many Human Beings simply stay at four and never move any further, and there's no judgment of that. They are just as profound a Lightworker as those who go through all eight. You see, there is no hierarchy of expectation from God. Did you know that? We are not linear, so there is no ladder of expectations that you so often base your spiritual reality upon. The one who sits in church on their knees is blessed by God as much as the one who goes through the ascension process in a metaphysical way. For the love of God is the same for both individuals, and there is no bias on how you get there. At the end of the two Human lives, both will look into the same energy and will be welcomed back through this veil with open arms. There is no judgment of you, only love. What you do on this planet is your free choice. It is part of the puzzle of dark and light. Some of it raises the planet's vibration, and some of it does not. But the puzzle belongs to you and you are the ones who are working the puzzle. God does not interfere, if you've noticed. That's how much you are loved.

Shift Number Five

The fifth shift is profound. It is when the Human Being discovers that they can actually change matter. The last four shifts have to do with how a Human will affect the earth around them, beyond just themselves. The first four shifts have to do only with themselves, and their own growth. The last four have to do with them, and also the rest of humanity.

It is intuitive that you will awaken past the fourth shift to the understanding of what you're here for. The fifth shift has to do with sending light to the rest of the planet. How do you do it? Can you do it? Can it make a difference? So much of this sounds so simple, almost childish. If you tell a group of Human Beings who have no idea what you know and what you are into that you're going to a meeting where you're going to send light someplace on the planet, they'll pat you on the head and say, "Oh, how sweet, how nice." Then they will turn their back and roll their eyes. The reason? There is no understanding of anything esoteric as having 3D substance. They don't think it does anything. They have no idea, and wouldn't understand it even if you tried to explain it.

Imagine if you lived in world without sight, and someone told you they could see. You would scoff at the idea of "seeing." Not only that, they would then attempt to describe color to you. You, of course, would roll your eyes with their strange talk. This is the metaphor, for there you stand having gone through four shifts of DNA, clearly placing you very apart from those who have gone through no shifts at all. It doesn't make you any better than any other Human Being. For all of you have the same free will to do whatever you wish with the tools before you.

By the time you get to the fifth shift, you are able to change matter with your mind. As you use your power to envision light being sent to dark places, there is a vibrational shift around you. This is the master in the making, for the elements are responding to your energy. This is the one who has no job on this planet other than to send light to humanity. They have no karmic problems to solve, and they are now specialists in being partners with the earth. There are many here who have done this.

I often let my partner feel the energy that I feel during these moments. Sometimes there is much appreciation, much love, and so much awe and inspiration from our side of the veil to those who are actually changing the earth with their light. Many of them sit here now. They have discovered the mechanics of the way it works. Long ago, they discovered they are not to send an attitude or an idea, or even a visualization within their meditations. For their visualization would be a visualization of what their own mind was creating for someone else. No. Instead, the one who sends light that can change this earth has learned the mechanics of how it works, and the mechanics are these: Pure light can be sent without bias or idea, for it cannot have any bias attached to it. "Wait a minute, Kryon, I want peace on Earth, so I am sending the light of peace on Earth. That's OK, isn't it?" If you do that, you're biased. As grand as an idea that is, it's your idea, is it not? How would you instead like to send the light of God to a place without your idea attached, so that the trillions of entities who make up what you call God could take that light and put it exactly where it belongs today? Do you really want to carry the burden of the visualization, or can you get above that and instead visualize a vast synchronicity creating the perfect scenario... in the right time and in the right place. That's the way you send light.

It's not so easy, either. For you have to go to that place where the bias goes away and you take on the energy of the mantle of God. You can feel it. You can feel the light becoming so white that it washes away all of your attitudes and ideas about anything. Then you send it to the darkest places imaginable. And without the bias, that light then illuminates those places with a divine blueprint that is perfect. If there are any Humans in those dark places, they get to see things they didn't see before. So with free choice they can now use things that used to be in the dark, but now they're illuminated. Then that Human may do with those things anything they wish. Some of those things that get illuminated are wisdom, better ways of thinking about things, peaceful solutions and changed lives.  

That's how you send light. It's not like you imagined, is it? In our description there is integrity in what you're doing, for you're not casting your ideas upon the planet. Instead, you are simply casting only illumination.

Are any of you seeing the numbers 11:11? Do you know what that means in numerological terms? Illumination, illumination. How does that make you feel? What if your job was to illuminate a dark earth? Well, those who have gone through this fifth shift know it works. It's the first shift that makes a difference to the earth.

Now I'll tell you something we've said before. This Lightworker literally changes the vibration of the planet wherever they walk. Is that too grand for you? Have you been taught that you're nothing, born dirty?  Have you ever been told that you cannot ever touch God? Well, it's time to erase that. Would you believe an angel if they sat before you and told you that was not true? Instead, you are born grand and the veil hides this from you. Therefore, the challenge at hand is to find mastery in the puzzle. Everywhere you walk you make a difference. That was number five.

The Sixth Shift

Number six is difficult to explain. It's when the Lightworker begins to understand the interdimensional system of how things work for them on Earth. They start to understand co-creation. Let me ask you a question about integrity: If you are allowed to co-create a reality for yourself, wouldn't that then affect somebody else around you? The answer is, of course it does. Anything you co-create affects someone else around you. If you do something grand like creating what you need in your life, it's going to impact those around you. So, what have you done, really? Have you co-created something for yourself that literally steamrolled over someone else? Think about that. How, therefore, can you have integrity in co-creating for yourself? Have you ever thought about that? So number six is the understanding of how co-creation works within the system of everyone with you. It's a puzzle beyond 3D. It demands something we have talked about in the past called synchronicity.

We again give you a cute story that you will remember. This has been given two other times in channel, even transcribed two other times. But it needs to be here for the collection to be complete, and the consolidation of these eight shifts. You live in a very busy, busy city [Mexico City]. Almost more than anyone else on Earth, when you travel out into the streets with an automobile, you need something called the Parking Angel. You know who that is, don't you? Many of you use the Parking Angel. There you are, and you need to be in that certain building and there is no place to park. It seems to take forever to go around the block, since traffic is dense and heavy. "Please, Parking Angel," you say. "Let me into some parking spot. Let it open up." And then it does! Someone's pulling out right in front of you, and you pull in. Then you say, "Thank you, Parking Angel."

Now, as nice as that sounds, what do you think the spiritual mechanics of this scenario was? There are actual Human Beings who are very much in their 3D boxes, who believe it goes this way: You arrive and you need a parking place. The Parking Angel, therefore, goes into the building and drags some unsuspecting, unenlightened Human Being into the sidewalk. Then the angel throws them in their car and says, "Get out!" Frightened to death and shaking, they pull away, and you pull in. You say, "Thank you, Parking Angel."

It doesn't work that way, does it? You know better than that. That scenario doesn't have integrity; it doesn't have love, does it? So I ask you with your 3D brain, dear Human Being, how do you think it works? Here, you could postulate and compute for a year with your 3D concepts and still never understand it. So instead, put yourself in an interdimensional place where there is no time. It's a system that sees your need long before you have it. It provides a potential and an answer that can help you if you need it. It provides a system where all things are known about the potentials of those in the building. It provides something that is against all odds and something that is out of 3D. It provides someone who is willing to leave exactly when you need to come in. There is no loser here and there is no competition for enlightenment. To others it looks like a coincidence or an accident. But you very well know that what you have created is a synchronistic experience taking advantage of the tools you have to do so. How many "coincidences" do there have to be before others start to see the magic?

Number six is a major shift. It is a divine shift, for it creates a Human Being who begins to work with the lattice... a lattice that is filled with potential. It's beautiful. It's out of logic, and it doesn't make sense to you. But you learn to expect it anyway and it's called synchronicity. It's a tough concept to live by, since it goes against everything your brain tells you. We've spoken of this so many times. You can go find it in the channels through the years. It tells of how the simple needs of life are taken care of through synchronicity. But it does not work with the Human Beings who are staying in their homes waiting for God to shine some light upon them. Instead, it requires the Human Being to get out of the house and push on the doors of potential. Because synchronicity has your name on it, prepared through within this interdimensional soup long before you needed it. These are high concepts and are not understood easily, for you're getting closer to ascension status... true mastery.

The Seventh Shift

What do you know about the number seven? [numerology] Seven is often seen as the most sacred number. It is the number most often connected with spiritual things. Most of your scripture in many cultures can attest to this.

The seventh shift is the ability to heal your own body. Why is it number seven of eight? Why should it be so difficult? Why is it so high up on the list of spiritual shifts? Because one of the hardest things for a Human Being to do is to heal themselves. Ask any healer in the room, "What do you do when you get sick?" They'll say, "Well, I go to a healer, of course." You might then say, "I thought you were a healer." And they'll say, "Of course, but not of myself!"

Why is it this way? Because it's hard! So the seventh shift is the understanding of cellular structure. It represents the Human who has the interdimensional sense of going into their own bodies and actually working with their own DNA. Have you heard about the miracles? Have you heard about those who had disease and then suddenly it's gone? Would you like to know how that's done? It's done inside the DNA. Inside your DNA there is a layer [energy], one of 12 interdimensional layers, which is responsible for this. It is a beautiful thing, but the healing is far more than you think.

Your 3D concept of healing is on a fixed timeline where there is constant movement, but only in one direction. You can't go into the past. Therefore, you see healing as one way. It's biased thinking, and you don't even know it. You think the Human who was healed had a disease, and somehow it was removed. However, that's not correct. Instead,  your body goes into an interdimensional state, back before the disease was there. You might say that inside you is a time machine that rewinds biological events. The result is a DNA cellular structure that will not go back into disease, since it never had it!

Each one of you comes equipped with this tool. Did you truly understand what I just said? When you decide to heal yourself of something so profound as a disease, no magic energy comes in and cleans you. Instead, the mastery within, which is yours, gears up and takes your cellular structure to a place before the disease occurred. Do you see why this is number seven? Beautiful, it is! Learn to speak to your cells. Every day do an exercise where your cellular structure hears you speak to them.. all of them. Say anything, but let them know that "the boss" is there and directing the show. For the Human Being tends to believe that they live only in their head. "Where is your enlightenment," some may ask. "Well, it's here, in my head, my third eye, in my pinea."

If DNA contains your enlightenment, and it does, is it only in your head? How many of you ever looked down at your big toe and celebrated how enlightened it is? The question is cute and funny, isn't it? Is the toe part of your enlightenment or is it not? How many trillion pieces of DNA do you think are in your toe? If they all have enlightenment in them, doesn't your toe deserve to be celebrated? Start talking to your cells. Literally, if all you do each morning is to greet them and celebrate them, you're doing your job. Odd, isn't it? Here is advice coming from an angel who was never a Human, giving you hints about your own body. So you know why I can do that? Because I can see your enlightenment head to toe.

The Eighth Shift

Let's go to the last one, and with this one we will close. The shift of ascension. The word is an interesting word, for you've had reports of ascended beings, have you not? We've told you before that in your own cultural scriptures, in the place you call Second Kings, you can read about the ascension of the prophet, Elijah. It's reported clearly by the one who watched, Elisha. Oh, Elisha reports about the grandness of the event, and he talks about the light. He says,"One minute Elijah is there and one minute he's gone." So you carry that vision as a definition of ascension... one who "goes up."

Therefore, there are those who say, "I can hardly wait to get through this life and ascend." It's almost like saying, "I will have done my part and I get to go home early." However, the energy has changed greatly on this planet since those times of Elijah. Ascension is not what you think. It's actually harder now. I give you the new definition of ascension: It is the Human with free choice who moves into the next lifetime without death. It's the Human Being who's gone through the first seven shifts, and looks around and says, "I am not who I used to be." It literally is an ascension of the Akashic Record, going beyond 3D, going beyond what a Human considers time and reason. It is the one who claims his mastery so completely that he becomes someone else. That is ascension.

Some will say, "That must be very rare, Kryon." It is not. They're here! Humans who have gone through all eight shifts are here. When they look backwards in their lives, they see someone else, not who they are today. They leave a trail of light wherever they walk. Oh, they're still Human Beings; they still go to work, just like you. They have the challenges of the earth around them just like you. However, they look into the eyes of fear and the fear goes away by itself. It has to. They walk into the dark places and the places glow with light. They carry the calmness and the peace of God in every situation. They are slow to anger, and fast to have wisdom. They are never judgmental, and they are those who you love to be with, and they're here. No, not in angelic form. Instead, they're sitting in a chair listening to this and reading this. They are Humans who have gone through the shifts.

My partner takes me in his travels to many 3D places and lets this process called channelling take place. Everywhere we go, the ascended ones are there. Blessed is the Human Being who is making a difference on this planet, who has walked through his fear, the fear of pushing on the door of light, the fear of understanding his own grandness, and the fear of leaving something comfortable behind called his old self. These are the ones who understand light and co-creation. Let us celebrate them now, for they sit around you, looking ordinary.

I see something different than you see. I see the love of God. There have been four healings in this room tonight. Ask them. They know who they are. They have felt the angel next to them the whole time. They're finally getting the picture and they've allowed synchronicity to happen tonight. Four Humans here are going to walk out of this place different than they came in. And they are family to you! Can you take a moment and celebrate their lives? You don't have to know their name, do you? Can you just say, "Thank you," for the synchronicity of their being here at the right time and the right place? That's the way of it. Blessed is the Human Being who has taken the time to come and sit in the chair, for he has received energy this day and the last. Much energy will go home with them that they didn't expect.

I am Kryon, in love with humanity. And so it is.