Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
Smithfield, Utah - The Smithfield Theatre
December 9, 2007

"2007/2008 TRANSITION"

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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2007/2008 TRANSITION

This live channelling was Given in Smithfield, Utah
December 9, 2007

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live, has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Utah about the 2007/2008 transition.

Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. There are those here who have not seen this before who would say, indeed it is the Human Being. The voice is the same, the personality, the face... all is the same. How could a transition occur in such a short amount of time from
one side of the veil to the other? And I will tell you, it didn't. For what my partner has permitted in these years is a meld: A melding between the Higher-Self of a Human Being and that which you call Kryon. He has done this because the energy of the planet allows for it. My partner has refined and cleared the path for a transition of energy from one side of the veil to another... one that you would say is instantaneous. Seemingly there is no preparation. But that's because he's already ready. No preparation, because the room is ready. No preparation, because the hearts hearing and reading are ready.

This is the way of communication in these days, for those who have the intent to listen, for instant communication is possible and the days where massive preparation to prepare the Human body for this kind of thing are lessening. For the Human body is ready.

There is a group coming into this place that's going to surround you. If you choose, you can feel them. The group will press upon you and hold your hands and look into your eyes. They will say, "Listen up!" for this message is going to be given only one time, because it is a profound message. It's about the time you live in; the month you live in; the year that you're in. There will be those apart from the ones in what you call this time period who are listening now and who are reading now. I see them. I see you. I know who you are. This message is for you as well [the ones after the fact]. Listen up, for I'm going to explain some things you need to hear.

Before we start any teaching, any explanation, I want to give the group a moment to settle. There is energy here, should you choose to feel it, that represents the energy of love. Listen doubter: Are you too dense to feel the love of God? Could you believe perhaps just for a moment, that there is more to the universe than you think? Maybe there is indeed a power that is intelligent and loves you and knows your name? Even if you don't absorb any other metaphysical thing tonight, can you just sit and feel loved? Is that too much? Just sit and feel loved for a few moments. Can you open your heart and let that happen? And it would be a beginning of letting us in, a safe experience. Nothing is going to happen to you dear human being, other than an expanded consciousness.

I must precede this message with a short teaching about numerology... with a teaching about the equivalency of energy and year-sums. All this is to say that I must give you insight as to the numerological values of the years that you have been sitting in, including this one, and the energy of them. Numerology is the study of the energy of numbers. In your particular case it's limited numerology because you do it in base ten. There are ten integers you use, the whole numbers one through zero, and so that's what we will use too.

The explanation that follows is that no matter how big a number is, add it together until you get just one number. The exceptions are the master numbers which are double numbers as 11, 22, 33 and so on. Except for these master numbers, reduce everything else to one number by adding them together, and it will give you insight into the energy of what the number means. Keep adding them together until you have just one number. There are those who doubt the validity of this process. They don't understand the system, and feel that what you are doing is random. Let me say again that to you, randomness and chaos is what you often see as 3D creatures when you look at the interdimensional system of God. However, you're going to be surprised if you study numerology. It will tell a lot about who you are - and the potentials that might be there.

There are only nine numbers in your numerology: one through nine. You consider the zero as nothing within your math and toss it aside. So continue to do that for this example. Take for instance the year that is coming, 2008. If you add the numbers together they become a ten. So the numerological sum of 2008 is ten. However, you are not finished until you get one number. So continue adding. Add the one and zero of the ten together, to give you a ONE. So the energy of what is coming next year is one. I will tell you what that means in a moment if you are not already aware of it. There is something occurring - within the year's structure in front of you, that you are not honoring and have not thought of.

Let's play with energy and numbers: 1987 was the year of the Harmonic Convergence. Adding these numbers in that year gives you a seven (7). In numerological terms, seven has the energy of sacredness. It was a sacred year for a sacred event. Indeed it was! If you had seen that coming in numerology, you would have had an inkling as to what might have happened to your free choice. For in 1987 you made a sacred decision about changing your future.

If you would do the numerology regarding the year that Kryon arrived, 1989, as I told you in the first Kryon book, you will get a nine (9). I gave you two numbers to examine in the first book: The first was the number nine (9) and that was the number of the year 1989, or eleven (11). I said that there would be two numbers that would define the age. I also defined the numbers back then: The nine stood for completion, and that the other number (which is a master number) was eleven. Eleven stands for illumination. The 9:11 combo. Back in 1989 you had no concept of what 9:11 would become to you. Go look for these words I gave you. They are there! Oh doubter, look for it; go find it 19 years ago, it's there. We talked about those two numbers and think of what they now mean to you today. Do they mean fear or sorrow, or do you look at their numerological values and see the numerological message? It is: The end of the old, into the illumination of the new. That's what it's about.

The year 2002 is when the Kryon grid group finished the grid. I told you they would, and gave you that year. 2002 is a four (4). If you know your numerological energies, four is Gaia. It is Mother Earth, an Earth Energy. You see? It wasn't an accident that we selected that year, for the energy for it was correct. It all comes together; all part of the puzzle; all meaning something for those who wish to see it.

You sit in 2007, and there is something remarkable about this transition. The 2007/2008 transition is the first time this particular transition math has happened in this, the first millennium of the 2000s. It is the first occurrence after the millennium shift. Add this up and it represents a nine (9) and a one (1) together. Indeed this combination happens every decade, but this is the first occurrence. It is the first one within the generation of the 2012 transition! All of this should have been flagged for you. You should have looked at it very carefully and said: "What might happen when you're going from 2007, which is a
nine (9), to 2008, which is a one (1)?" Nine represents "completion" and one represents "New beginnings." Wouldn't you think it means something?

Now look at the numerological meaning of the number representing the distance between this "completion" year 2007, and 2012. The distance between 2007 and 2012 is five years. You say, "and what's a five (5) mean, Kryon?" Five is change! What is the numerological value of 2012? It's also five (5). Just think: change/change. Tell me, if you believe in energy, do you think this sequence of events is trying to tell you something? Dear Ones, I have just given you a scenario of what I wanted you to hear and see, because of what you've gone through this year (2007) and especially within the last four months, heading into 2008.

I'm going to explain something to you now that is very difficult for my partner to relate to, for it is not linear. It's the second time that I have given him this picture, but this is the time I chose for the recording and transcription. I like him to have seen the information one time before. It gives him more clarity, and this message needs it. [This message was also given the day before in San Raphael, California].

2007 is an end year - completion - the very number shouts "the end." Let me tell you what it is really: It's a reconfiguration of an energy platform which will allow you to go into a new beginning platform, fresh and clean. It is not an upgrade. It does not take an old energy and add to it. That is linear. You expect linear change; you expect all things to happen in a linear fashion. If you exercise a muscle, over time you expect it to get bigger and bigger. The more you exercise it, the bigger it will get. And you apply that same logic to energy in general. But that's not the way it works from Spirit.

The energy that we give to you is interdimensional and spiritual in nature. It is not linear. There is an attribute that took place this year... Listen up! this is for you. [Kryon reawakening those who are floating]. This is something that you need to know about, because in these last four months the energy you depended on; the energy you thought would always be there; the things that should have happened in clarity... did not!

Seemingly a collapse began instead of an advance to better things. Many of you had life challenges. Some of you lost connection to spirit altogether! Some of you began wondering where this is going and what has happened, and why you didn't get what you were working toward.
So I'll tell you: All that is taking place at this moment is a winding down of all the gifts and the tools you have come to depend on, in order to bring them to zero. Then they will reconfigure and burst upon the scene with renewed and more powerful potential. But not until at least the middle of the month of January in 2008, will they all be back.

And so there is a space of time from now til then for you to work through. We have some advice in a moment, but before we go any further we would like to tell you this: This reconfiguration is not linear. It doesn't make sense to you why the energy would have to go away just so it could come back! But that is the way of it in a reality you don't experience on earth. Some of you have been through challenging times in these last months. I know who sits before me, and who reads these words. I know who hears this message. Oh, dear human being, do not blame yourself, for what has transpired or what has not transpired. I want you just to hold on. Don't blame yourself! For it is common with Human Beings and reflects a 3D "cause and effect" relationship. It's common for Humans to blame themselves profusely when things don't go the way they think they should, spiritually. You are used to being responsible. But right now, you are not!

Now I give you two examples and they may shock you. You didn't expect that I would talk about these people in this lesson - precious people - a man and a woman - 2000 years apart.

In your mind, I want to take you to a place that you know well. I know where I am, and I know where I am speaking. I know of the energy of this place of this land, so I'm about to give you an example you'll understand for your culture. Consider for a moment the Jew called Jesus. He's on the cross, being crucified, and seemingly at the point of death. Recorded history will say, and not accurately by the way, that he cried out: "My God, why have You forsaken me?" He didn't say that, actually. What he said is "Where have You gone?" Jesus the master felt a withdrawal. He felt all of the guides, all of the entities which he counted on, were gone. All of the wisdom drained from his body. He felt the darkness and the blackness invade him. It went through the bubble of security that he had counted on all of his life, as the Master of Wisdom and Love that he was, and he cried out for help. It was noted, transcribed, and given to you. It's history.

Now, did you ever ask yourself how someone so close to God could have had such an experience? Just when he needed his entourage the most... they left! Let me tell you this: What he experienced was a non-linear shift of energy. He was taken to zero for just a moment... just a moment, so he could go into something called ascension. Then it all came back. Unrecorded was what happened after that. You didn't know what happened next. You didn't hear him go "ahhh." It wasn't recorded, you see? The love of God poured into him, with more power than he ever had before. That's the way it works, and for a moment he blamed himself as the human he was. For just a moment... for a moment... just a moment, he questioned his faith.

Let me tell you about a precious woman whose whole life was lived under the umbrella of compassion. The older she became, the more compassionate she became. And she is one of you [in your modern times] and her name was Mother Teresa. I would like to tell you about this woman. Did you know she died in sorrow? You might ask, "Why would such a woman who is so close to God, die in sorrow? With all the things that she had been doing - with the reverence that had been placed upon her very name - allowing for sainthood itself - why would she die in sorrow?" It's because she was a linear Human Being who did not understand the shift of energy upon her.

Years before her death, along her path, her energy shifted. She had earned it, and it went to zero for a moment. The old station she used to tune to was gone, and a new frequency was there, begging her to change the way she did things so she could find it and be joyful... with more power and compassion than ever. But she didn't understand. She thought that she had been left alone - lost her connection.

Why would God do such a thing? Why would God depart from a saint of compassion? And I'll tell you the truth: God never did! What happened was that she misinterpreted the change of energy. It's the same thing that is happening in a general way right now. It's going away slightly, so it can come back strong with new attributes. And this compassionate beautiful woman did not understand that she was being asked to tune to the next station, literally change the way that she meditated, the way she contacted spirit. She would have to go around the protocol she had been trained in and speak to the master directly. But she stayed with her teaching and nothing happened. Her training in an older energy kept her in a prison of protocol, and then she died in sorrow. Oh, but she never lost her compassion, for that was her gift right to the end.

Don't blame yourself for what has transpired in these last months, for these are trying times. We have some advice for you during this time: (1) Do not change your path. Don't make any startling moves because of what's happened, or what you feel right now. These are times that are difficult especially for Lightworkers. You seemingly have lost your connection for a little bit. Go through the rest of this year. Know that the energy will start to change very soon. By the second week in January, you will know it is back and will start feeling the refreshing breeze of your light... what you are used to.

Some of you have felt this more than others. Some of you have stayed centered so that you have felt only a little of this. Others of you have been devastated! You have not understood that I speak to many that are not in the room [reading and listening later] Don't blame yourself!

I've got some other advice: Many of you will feel like the energy is in a constant ongoing retrograde. Communications is interrupted, one of the attributes of a common retrograde, but in this particular case it's communications with the system. When you leave the place it will continue like a constant ongoing retrograde. It explains why you're not sleeping - why meditation is more difficult.

The second advice is this: Be circumspect and careful - slow to anger, and fast to be patient. Lightworker, listen to me. In these next weeks be slow to anger and be patient please. Some of the tools that you have counted on in these last years, right now are at their lowest ebb. They have to go down in order to come back.

This holiday season brings families together, but that's when sometimes the sparks fly, don't they? If you're assaulted verbally, I want you to answer in love. It's time to practice what you know, even without the enhancement of the angel standing next to you. Be slow to anger - slow to speak - answer with love - cry later. Relationships have the ability to burst apart at this time. The glue that holds them together quite often is strained to the max during these times of diminishing energy, before it comes back. I tell you this so you will make no decisions rashly. Answer these challenges with love and hold on. You've been in it for four months now, and it's not going to get worse. But it will continue for awhile.

Now let's talk about the Good News. 2008 brings you a new toolset. Those who know how to co-create will find this to be far easier than it ever was before. Some of the things that you have been waiting for, the messages that you have been waiting for, the abundance of the synchronicity you have been waiting for, is there for you to finally realize.

I know who is here. I know who is listening. I know who is reading. This is a message for a few months, but it's a timeless message on how Spirit works with these kinds of stairsteps of energy within important times. This is especially true in the first part of a millennium shift, especially as you are heading towards the 2012. New co-creative gifts are upon you. My partner gave you some advice today [during the seminar] which I gave him to give you, and that was that co-creation requires synchronicity. Synchronicity requires that you stand up and go and be and do, in order to meet those who'll create the synchronicity with you and for you. God is not going to fall on you with a miracle as you sit there praying.

So in these times the advice is this: Don't move too fast. Answer with love. Be patient. And while this is happening, feel the Love of God that never goes away. All the tools may vanish for a little while, but the Love of God is forever.

And so it is that the entourage who comes in with me leaves... or perhaps doesn't? [Kryon humor] We tell you this: As some of you rise from the chairs or stop listening or stop reading... how would you like to take some of us with you? Some of the energy that I bring in right now is available to take with you. So even though Kryon goes away some of the energy remains in an interdimensional state, hovering with you, ready to go in to your consciousness and soothe the Higher-Self. It's your choice.

Dear Lightworker, dear changer of the planet, there is a potential in you that you don't realize. Even those who don't believe any of what's happening right now are involved. Medicine-man? [Kryon is speaking to someone in the audience who is a doubter] (Kryon pause) You have known all your life, haven't you? Believe what you choose my friend, but don't ever sacrifice the love of God.

Go peacefully – answer with love – until the next time – I'm Kryon, Lover of humanity.
And so it is.


Thanks to Kaare Beck of Denmark for this quick transcription.