Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
"The End Times Revisited"
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - August 12, 2006

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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The End Times Revisited"

This live channelling was Given in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
August 12, 2006

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live, has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on August 12, 2006.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

I'm more than that, you know? For those of you who can see the colors, they're here now. They have come in quickly because those who sit in the chairs have expected them and want them. The entourage sits at your feet. They come into this place full of love, and I am more than Kryon of Magnetic Service. I'm an angel, just like you, speaking through a Human Being, and you call it channelling. We invite you to feel that in this place there is a sacred energy, which is beyond the sum of the whole. Some of you will not just feel it, you'll experience it; you will become it and you'll leave differently than you came. As you experience this energy, you'll slowly know that this message is real, and perhaps you'll wonder about who God must be. Beyond the doctrine of the religions that you celebrate and that you enjoy and that you love, there is a greater energy - one that encompasses you in a far grander way than you have ever felt could be so.

My partner remarked to you that in came the 11:11 energy in 1987 - the Harmonic Convergence. He spoke of that energy and how it drastically affected this planet and all who are on it. In free choice, most of you didn't feel it, and some of you didn't even know about it. And that's as it should be since it was an event that dealt with potentials, futures and energies that you cannot easily reach up and touch. But I'm going to ask you this: What happens now that you do know it? Does that change anything?

I'm looking at this group and I tell you this, I know your names. I know who's here. It's glorious to me to be here! I'm the one who said goodbye to you on the other side of the veil when you came in. I saw those colors, and how magnificent you were in transition. With the energy of a communication that is nonlinear, I spoke to you and I said, "Are you ready to go do it?" And you said, "I've never been more ready. I'm going to go during a time of promise and make a difference."

I'm going to tell you something, Human Beings: Those who are reading and hearing this are the ones who will change the planet and bring it to the vibration, which the 2012 is expecting. It is your lineage. It is your divine purpose in life within free choice. It is why you came. It is why you're reading the words on this page. I see those who are reading, even though you cannot. Stuck in a time frame, you are, which is appropriate for who you are. I see the potentials of those whose eyes are on the page and those whose ears are listening to this on their electronic devices. So I ask you, each one: Do you look at yourselves as a warrior of a light? Do you look at yourselves as a spiritual Lighthouse, or are you just making do, day by day? Do you think of yourselves as a spiritual person? Could it be that there's an angel inside of you? When you look in the mirror, what does it tell you? Do you see just a Human Being who's aging, or do you see divinity? Do you see something to love? We love to activate those energies within your DNA of awareness, of God in you. Layer 10 is the interdimensional DNA energy that allows belief. . . an actual layer of energy within you that cooperates with your spiritual curiosity to reveal God in you! Think about how complex and beautiful this it! It represents awareness of God in you. If you start looking at yourself differently, you will see the divinity inside. You will see the masters of the ages in your eyes. Then you'll know what I'm doing here is correct and true and timed perfectly.

All of the information I have ever given you was to allow you some choice of belief so you might steer this planet toward peace. I give this message in the middle of August 2006 [The flaring up of events in Israel on two fronts]. I rarely date these messages, but I want you to know right now why I'm doing it. There are those who are afraid and they're stirring in duality. Their worries surface because there is trouble in Israel, they say, and the marker is that when there's trouble in Israel, beware of other things. The mythology of major religion will tell you that there's much more to it even than that. "Get ready to go," some will say, "There's going to be a change on the planet when Israel is involved and the faithful will be removed soon." So, to many it's about escape. To others it's about fear. To still others, it's about a signal to ramp up the light and get into the battle.

I will remind you what I told you in 1989. Remember these words, because we're going to talk about the Jews. "As go the Jews, go Earth." I said those words and they are still very meaningful. I wanted you to remember them and listen to what follows, for I will say them again and provide a review that may give you a hint that when there's trouble in Israel, indeed, there will be changes on Earth.

"As go the Jews, go Earth." What are you going to do with this information? Are you going to be afraid? I'll ask you some questions in a moment about that, but I want to do a review. This is for the Jews, too. Yes, there are Jews reading this. Yes, there are Jews hearing this. There are Jews here now in this meeting. Let me tell you yet again about this lineage and let me explain some things to the rest of you that may clear up some misunderstandings. I will present this in a way I have not before, with more clarity.

The Jews

The Jews are not a race. Anthropologists will look at the Jewish civilization and say it has every attribute of a race, but it can't be defined as such since it does not qualify scientifically. However, even the anthropologists and sociologists know that it has a different attribute than any civilization that's ever existed. Intuitively, they're picking up on the Akash. Here are the astral rules: There must be a core, karmic group that lies on the Crystalline Grid of the planet and never changes. It cannot change, for it is the hub. That means it is the staple of humanity. This is not in your science or your mythology, but it is very real and the proof is in the history.

In this particular case, the Jews are the hub. They have come into the earth for this purpose and they were called "God's Chosen People." And before you lift your head and say, "Why them, and not others? Why do they get to be chosen instead of some of the other deserving kinds?," let me finish the sentence. They are "God's Chosen People" to suffer the hub energy. . . to be moved around the planet and be chased and hated. Wherever they go, others will be after them to wipe them out or enslave them. That's their purpose because they hold the hub of the Human Akash, a powerful position of astral importance.

All your history will show this. There is no other group who has consistently been pursued for annihilation through more than 4,000 years. Intuitively, the dictators, the masters, the Caesars all knew it. Intuitively, if they could eliminate the Jews, they themselves would take on the power of the Akash, or so they felt. They would become the core! That's how it continues even this day. Some will say, "Well, that's an interesting story, Kryon. Do you have any proof of that?" I say to you, just look at your history and tell me what other people have been pursued in this fashion all the way through their history? From enslavement by the Egyptians to elimination by the Romans, it goes on to the present day. From the recent events of the Nazis to current verbiage of Iran in the Middle East, they all wanted this "race" gone or enslaved. Oh, they all had their 3D reasons, but it's more than a coincidence that Jews are chased wherever they go. This is what they were chosen for. Are you beginning to understand? Now let me tell you the other side of that.

In return for this Earth service as a Jew, they have a pure karmic attribute that each time they return in a new life, they get to be Jewish again. How do you like this plan? It sounds unfair, does it not? But it must be this way. When Jews move into a non-Jewish lifetime, they never come back within the "race" of Judaism. It also has another attribute you can clearly see on the planet. Instead of passing around the torch of experience, as some of you have done through civilization, they've always been Jewish. Once a Jew, always a Jew, until they step out of that circle and then they cannot go back. The karmic attribute is a pure one. Now, perhaps in today's energy it's not politically correct to say it, but as you look around the earth, can you not see that Jews run things? They are in important places and seem to remain there. They're the masters of the shops and the corporate captains of industry. They understand how Human nature works because they've been there and they've done that for eons and eons. They have an edge on the rest of you, since their "experience jars" are filled with riding the same bicycle over and over and never having to learn on another one. But they pay for it. That's who the Jews are.

These End Times

This, then, plays in to these end times that we talked about in 1989. These end times are really the beginning times. How many of you have seen 11:11 on the clock? When you see it, does the energy of it say "end times" to you? Is it a fear number? Eleven in numerological terms is illumination. So 11:11 is illumination squared, if you want to say that. Illumination. Illumination. That's not the end of anything! It's a promise!

There are those who say that this is the energy of elimination. It's not. It's illumination. "Then why are things so bad right now, Kryon? Why is there so much fighting? Why are there enemies all around us, raising their heads?" And I'm telling you yet again, dear ones, that this is exactly what we told you about 18 years ago. In 1989, we told you about this battle. This is not new to those who have studies the writings of Kryon. You are approaching the "Bridge of Swords."

There are those right now who don't understand this and they're frightened. They're fearful of even calling themselves Lightworkers. So I say to these Lightworkers: Were you truly ever a Lightworker, or did you just give yourself that label? Maybe it's time to examine yourself. Are you claiming to be the chef and yet you're afraid to go into the kitchen because it's hot? Are you claiming to be the windmill that generates electricity, but you're afraid of the wind? And what about the lighthouse who is afraid of the storm? Such things don't exist. Dichotomous, it is. And if that's you, perhaps it's time for self-examination, since you can change it! That's why I'm giving you this message. Don't fear the energy of these times. Look upon these things with the wisdom of the ages and say, "Here is what we expected. This is correct for the times. Now, let's temper it by sending light there. Let's make this a short battle because there is so much enlightenment present. Let me make a difference."

"Kryon, how can we possibly do this when the greatest minds of this century are trying to figure it out and they're having trouble? Nothing is happening. It just seems like they never come to a solution. It doesn't seem to make any difference how hard they try." If that's your reality and your truth, then that's exactly what it will be. But I have another scenario for you to consider: You send the intelligence of the cosmos through a spiritual beam of light. You climb those stairs of your spiritual lighthouse, strike that light, and send this intelligence of the cosmos into those areas where those in frustration will have an illuminated area, exposing things they've never thought of before. What about that one? Be one who stands in your lighthouse and says, "I have no idea how profound this light is, but I can feel the divinity in it. I'm sending messages that are so divine that the leaders at the United Nations and other countries will see their way through this. We may not be able to convince a terrorist of anything, but we can make the rest of the earth change in a way where terrorism is not possible any longer. This light is not logic, but the wisdom of the ages. It can surpass anything the men can do or can think of. It's divine light."

I told you years ago about this battle, did I not? The old energy and the new would clash. I told you about spiritual rage [Kryon Book Eight]. In a day when you didn't use the word or the terminology, I used it. I told you spiritual rage was something you could watch for in these times, and here it is. It is the word these days as you sit here. It is the old energy. How many of you expected the battle of the ages to be about God? If you did, then you understand Human nature very well. These end battles will never be about land or oil. Those things don't change an age. But a spiritual shift will.

There will be those who will continue to say, "In the name of God, the Jews must go." But these who say this represent an old energy. . . the one you are in battle with. I want to remind you about those who chose the old energy by choice. You look at them in sorrow for what might happen to them, but it is their choice to have chosen it and to believe this way. It is their choice to turn to the energy they wish when there is plenty of choice around them. It's part of the battle. You may not like it, but go back and read the first transmission of Kryon in Book One. I told you that up to one percent of your population may have to transition on this planet. And if that is so, it's one percent that have come for that reason. Understand this, but do not fear this. Later, I told you that this potential had drastically changed, and it has. Through your free choice, it looks like far fewer will be involved, but there still is going to be challenge and death. Most see this and understand about those who choose it at a very high level.

The Potentials of the Future

And now I will give you another statement: 2007 looms as a pivotal year, and 2008 will be one that brings massive change. It's also an election year for the United States. 2008 is a 10 year and represents a one in numerology. It means new beginnings. 2007 is a nine year - completion of some old patterns will occur. This is all part of what we see coming through the energy of your own making. But it's not going to be achieved by those who are running the other way. It's not going to be achieved by those who are afraid to show their light, and it's not going to be achieved by chefs who never cook a meal. Instead, it's going to be achieved by those who fearlessly face it and say, "Tell me what is happening. I want to know where to send the light." These are the ones who make time in their day specifically for three minutes, five minutes, 10 minutes, to say, "I don't know exactly how this helps, but I know intuitively that there's something to it. I'm going to gather my friends together to pray for our leadership."

These Lighthouses are actually sending intelligent cosmic energy to places that need it greatly. That's energy that knows what to do. It's energy that cooperates with the Human mind and soul, and is uplifting in its perception. It's wise, balanced energy, and is the real ammunition in this spiritual battle. So many years ago, we told you about the battle and now it begins. Indeed! We gave you a phrase many times over the last three years: Lighthouses were never built in safe places! Are you OK with that?

You want to be a Lighthouse? You could be a Lighthouse here in this great city [Toronto]. Yet some say, "Well, it doesn't seem to be a very dangerous place. How could I be a Lighthouse in the battle here?" I'll tell you where the danger is: It's when you turn on your light and all of those who are dark on the planet see it. At some level, you become a target. You show yourself, do you not? You show yourself to your neighbors, do you not? You show what you stand for. When you turn on the light, suddenly you're no longer invisible, are you? Are you ready for that? What is your family going to say? What are those workers going to say around you? Are you ready for that? Let me give you some advice. You don't have to evangelize anything, ever. All you have to do is say to those who ask, "I believe in prayer. Who wants to pray with me?" Humans who believe in the love of God ALL have a light! Did you know that? You don't have to mention Kryon and you don't have to say anything about the New Age or any religious preferences. All you have to say is, "Who wants to pray with me?" Maybe you'll get some volunteers and the light will become stronger. They may be Hindu or Muslim. Do you care?

The Religious - Are You There?

I'm going to address this right now for the readership, for the earth, for anyone who wants to hear it. Dear Hindu, what is it your doctrine says you should do right now? What is it that you have been taught, that you are feeling, that is so true in you? Those who are the Hindu masters of the earth, what is it that your elders have taught you is appropriate right now? What should you do about this energy? Can you feel something happening? Are you working on it? Have you been told that you're a part of the earth energy in any way? Hindu, let me ask you this: Who are you this time around and why are you here? What is it that the accumulation of lifetimes has brought you that can help the earth right now?

Buddhist, what have you been taught that you might do? Are you truly part of everything? Is there really a oneness that involves all that is? If so, that puts you in the middle of the challenge, does it not? Through the energy that you generate, can you not see how you might affect the others? So sit and generate that energy, for you are powerful, my friend. You are a peaceful person in the middle of the storm, and your vibration is important on this planet.

Jew, what have you been told that you can do about this? You are in survival mode, as you always have been. You shudder in fear, but not all of you are in Israel. What can you do? Do you believe in prayer? Of all the stories of the ages, yours are known the best. You've seen the miracles of God. Remember how you escaped Egypt? Those things actually took place. You were fed from heaven. Those things took place. Isn't such a thing a miracle? Could it happen again, but this time in a way that delivers the entire planet? What does your faith say about it? Is there a limit?

Jew, did you know that your lineage was set up in this fashion so that someday these puzzles could be solved? You are part of the solution, not the problem. You are the core karmic race, the civilization that can make the difference and can help be the catalyst to peace on Earth. With that knowledge, do you shudder in fear? "There is no solution. There never was. It's going to last forever. The problems are unsolvable." Is that you? Which one are you going to be, Jew? Look back on the words of your master profit, Elijah. Look at what a Human Being is capable of. Look at the wisdom of your lineage, and keep your eyes on Jerusalem. Temper your anger, for it is not commensurate with your magnificence, yet it is your major issue.

Christian, what are you going to do? What have you been taught? How about the light of the master, Christ? What did He say? Have you been taught that you could change things with prayer? Was there something about "moving a mountain?" The answer is, yes. Is it not so that part of everything you've learned is to start with prayer, end with prayer, go home and pray before you eat, pray before you sleep? What is that all about? I will tell you. That is communication with God. It is strong, and you are up to it. Join the Hindu and the Buddhist and the Jew and send that light to those places that need it. Now is the time. You're part of the issue - a profound part, a beautiful part. Your light is so great.

Muslim, you love the Prophet, don't you? All right, let me take you back to the cave. I'm going to give you something to think about. You pray as much as anyone on the earth and you do it on a schedule that is regular. You believe in prayer! So why not start these prayers differently. You will not violate anything that you've been taught, for you're going to be praying for peace on Earth. In the cave, the prophet Mohammed met with the angel, and I want you to remember what has been written and what the angel said to him, "Go out and unite the tribes of Arabia and give them the God of Israel." And that's the truth. Look at where the prayer rugs faced, for they faced Jerusalem before they were changed to Mecca for political reasons. Look at this. Look at the core information and the beauty of the unity that the prophet asked you to have. . . not just with Arabs. What can you do? You can pray! Powerful, you are. A billion strong, you are. Part of the solution, you are. Oh, there are others who I've not mentioned, and I invite you to place your name in this list. But I just included the majority of religious beliefs on the planet.

Time to Make the Difference

So, what do you think about God? Do you think you could make a difference or not? Do you think God is just pushing the parts around to make your life miserable? Some do! Well, if you're a reader of this message and you're a hearer or you're in the room, I invite you to feel the love that we have for you... all of you. We've known that you were coming to hear, to see, to experience. It's a beautiful time, for it's a precious time here.

I'm going to review for you, finally, who the Lightworker really is. Let me paint a picture yet again for who the Lightworker is on this planet. Imagine with me: There she stands, there he stands. Oh, look at them. They don't look like giant spiritual beings, do they? They look ordinary and average. But when you start going inside, you find things that the masters all had. These Lightworkers are balanced. That's the first way you can tell. . . they're balanced. They're so balanced that you want to be with them. Have you ever met someone who you just want to be with? You just want to walk with them? It's because they're not judging you; they're beautiful inside and they listen when you talk. They say things that are appropriate and wise. They're not judging anyone, or making fun of anyone. There's no drama around them. There's a radiance that you can feel. There's a joy. That's a Lightworker. And that didn't come easy; it's not natural in your busy civilization, and it takes an activated DNA. That's another phrase for "a Human Being working on themselves spiritually."

There's a vibration from the Lightworker that touches the Crystalline Grid. They know all about the Akash at an intuitive level, and pull from it regularly. This is a balanced Human Being! They've been able to solve the duality! Duality is a puzzle, is it not? You've got free choice, but you've got an angelic countenance. What are you going to do with that? You're placed upon the earth, where the darkest dark and the lightest light are working around you. How are you going to navigate your soul within it? It's a condition that you sit in for life. That's the duality. That's the piece of darkness that chases you around. It's the consciousness that you all joke about that makes you do things. For the Lightworker, it's a solved issue. They balanced it. They're centered. That's a Lightworker.

They stand tall, even though they may not be physically tall. Their countenance seems bigger than it is; that's the Lightworker. They're sure of themselves, but they are not filled with themselves. That's the Lightworker. They look at you with compassionate eyes. They care about you, no matter who you are or what you look like or where you've been. That's the Lightworker. Perhaps this sounds like it's echoing some of the masters that you have followed? Does it sound like the Buddha or the Christ, does it sound like perhaps the prophet Muhammad? Well, it should, because those are the attributes of the masters of the planet.

Inside your DNA there is mastery, waiting for completion. The spiritual Lighthouse is intuitive; they know when to speak. They do not say inappropriate things. They're intuitive enough to know when to pray and what to pray for. They can look at somebody and know if they're telling the truth or not. They're not judgmental in all of this, but rather they use it to navigate through their own lives and they're no different than you are. Their lives are just like yours. One day they might be doing the laundry and one day they may be sending profound light energy to the Middle East. But they're a spiritual Lighthouse and they know how to do both with the same kind of divine approach. Did you ever think of that? Ordinary things in your life might not be so ordinary. Can you celebrate the ordinary? Can you send light to your country's leadership as you wash the dishes? A Lightworker can.

The Lightworker is one who strikes the light and walks up those lighthouse stairs when the storm approaches. They know how to put things in balance. They know what to do with a dark energy. Many say, "Kryon, what can I do with that darkness in my life?" The Lightworker knows what to do with it. Long ago, they put it in the back seat. They don't let it drive anymore. [Kryon smile] There's no more depression and there's no more worry. Anger? No. Against Human nature, the Lightworker is slow to anger, very slow to anger, and wise to respond. They look at life far differently, as the masters of old did. . . even while they do the dishes.

And you might say, "That's a difficult thing, Kryon. Who are these people?" They're right here. They're reading and listening. They're in the room. They may surprise you, what they look like and how old they are or how young they are, but they're here in various stages of training and action. They are like the warriors who train and train to be part of a perfect army, carrying swords that are not for killing, but for celebrating - the Bridge of Swords. We speak of this again. The Bridge of Swords is part of the final battle. Indeed, we speak in metaphoric tones, but it's the only picture we can give you, which is that this battle will indeed be solved and will have a solution to it. Lightworkers all carry swords. They will be held high as those who are the victors pass under them. And who are these victors? The civilization called Earth and the New Jerusalem, that's who they are.

Does it warm your heart to know that you all are part of this? Listen, reader. What are you going to do when you put the book down? Will you give God 30 seconds? Will you give God some time? Peace. No phones. No televisions or radios. Just 30 seconds. Now, would you perhaps even dare to say, "I am that I am, and the divinity in me is going to make a difference on this planet. I feel the truth when I hear it and when I read it. Even my small efforts will create an energy that is larger than I can imagine, combined with others, to create peace on Earth." How are you with that?

What about you right now in this meeting? Oh, there are so many involved today. You have no idea as you sit in this meeting. You think it's just Kryon, and you're in a channelling meeting, and that's all there is. You have no idea what is also happening. What about the readership in here? They're with you now - ask them! And so I invite you to join them, even though they're out of time with you, and I want you to celebrate their healing, for they're having some as they read this. They're having epiphanies, healings and revelations, just like you. They are important and there are far more of them than you. Perhaps you are one of them? [Kryon smiling at the thought of the paradox of time that a live listener could also be a future reader]

"Kryon, why do you talk about healing so much?" And I'll tell you this. It's because the Lightworker does a far better job of making a white light when the body is balanced health-wise. That's why. We want you to stick around a long time. But not everybody in this room thinks they will. I know who's here. I know what's wrong with you. How would you like to change it? These are the times for that, with the angelic entourage that comes upon you when you decide to attend something like this, or read it later.

We're going to leave. The message has been stated and it's a precious one. My partner reacts. [Lee becomes sad.] Every time we say we're going to leave, I give him the feeling that we have. Oh yes, there are indeed emotions on the other side of the veil - profound ones, mostly of love. And he reacts every time we say that we're leaving. He doesn't know how many times we're going to do this. Like you, he works a day at a time in his life, but he feels it profoundly when we say we're leaving. He feels the tug that we feel to the Humans who we have spoken to.

The readership, the listenership and all those who would spend a moment and look at these things are included in this blessing: Blessed are the Humans who have made it their goal for self-improvement. . . to know more about the vibrational level of where they are in the cosmos. Do not leave here with questions about how to do these things. Just do them. Sit in front of Spirit and ask the question, "God, tell me what it is I need to know." And then expect the answers and move forward with a cosmic intelligence that is there. Call it what you wish. You just have to be able to start, and the rest will be added by God as you climb the steps of your sacred journey.

That's the message of Kryon and always has been. Through all of these years, we continue to inform you that you're here for a reason. You have divinity inside, you have self-healing that is profound. You have the ability to solve the unsolvable in your life. Relationship issues, issues at work. . . you can get rid of the drama completely. You never have to experience worry again. You can become a very patient person. All of those things are yours, just like the masters said. Mastery is what we teach.

The magnetic grid has been in final alignment for years. Now you're in the thick of the battle. We are here as we always have been, to hold your hand, to wash your feet, to teach you profound things about how precious you are and how beautiful life is. Claim it every day. Look in the mirror and state your truth: I am that I am. Make each day of your life one filled with light. Cast out the things that do not belong in a life of light and claim your power, angel.

We pick up the bowls we've been using to wash your feet and we exit this place until next time. It is a profound time, a sweet place, filled with sacredness. Blessed are you who have heard and read these words.

And so it is.