Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
"Becoming Masters"
St. Augustine, Florida - March 11, 2006
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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This live channelling was Given in St. Augustine, Florida
as well as several other places where it was given as a warm-up to this one!
March 11, 2006

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live, has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in St. Augustine, Florida in March.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Yet again this meld takes place, does it not, between the Human Being and the Higher-Self. The process you would call "melding with family" may sound a great deal like what you've heard for the last few hours [speaking of listening to Lee] - the Human Being in lecture mode. But it's not that way.

In these next moments, I invite you to feel the energy of a legion of what you would call angelic beings fill this place. They will "sit" upon you in a way that makes you know this experience is real. For by intent, each one of you have invited this situation into your reality at this time. The multitude can sit upon your lap and surround you, can hug you, can hold you around the neck and the head, yet the person next to you who gives no intent whatsoever will feel nothing. Here is an interdimensional attribute: you can sit in the stadium with us or you can sit alone, and that is your free choice. Therefore, you might say that your intent is your reality creator, for many will "go somewhere" tonight with it, while others remain static.

There are so many at this moment who have come prepared - have come ready. Wouldn't you like to move to the next level? Wouldn't you like to know more about the divine master inside you? Wouldn't you like to know who you used to be, who you are, and who you'll be when you're finished with this expression of humanism? All of that information is available. Did you know that? This is a precious place that is sweet beyond measure.

My partner makes fun and he makes a joke. He talks to the rug. He talks to the ceiling. [This is a reference to Lee, telling the audience earlier about his dialogue with a new hotel room almost every other day. He talks to the elements in the rooms]. Well, I'll tell you, the elements in here are talking to you right now. All of the things that you think are static and without life-force are part of the bigger picture. It may shock and surprise you to know that they are all in support of you. The trees that went into making the pieces and the parts of the wood here still have their interdimensional life-force. The fibers - even those pieces of what you would call inanimate metal - have a life-force. The air you breathe has interdimensional life within it, and all of these know the master who is inside you.

Many of you want proof of this, don't you? It's just too strange in your 3D reality to think that "things" can have awareness. How about proof that comes from an internal engine of discernment? Is your own validation of awareness and intuition, proof enough, or do you need an outside authority? [Lee laughs, knowing there is no such thing as an authority on "thing awareness"]. Why not ask your Higher-Self? It knows all, and each of you have this. It's actually a spiritual part of you, but Humans love to think of it as a separate part. This helps to separate the 3D from the multiple D... something you almost have to do to maintain sanity in a 3D perception.

Right now, this room is a safe place - an ultimate safe place. You can silently talk to your guides and ask them the questions you've always wanted to ask them. Many of you will receive interdimensional answers. Oh, not necessarily the 3D ones you expected. Instead, sometimes you may only get hugged and touched. But I'll tell that if you get either, you've allowed a two-way conversation through the veil and that's just the beginning.

Reader, are you getting this? This is a safe place for you, too... while your eyes are on this page. Get used to it, for as you read this, we know what is happening and see you as you do it. You think you are just reading something that happened in the past? Think again. These words and the energy of them will last an eternity if those in charge of the legacy of my partner's words wish it to be so.

Tonight some of you may ask for one thing, yet will walk out with another. Do you believe in divine intuition? It's a guidance system that will help you to know how fast to go and which way to turn. It won't happen in advance and you won't have the answer when you leave. It's going to happen when you least think it should, at the point in which you need it the most. Humans don't like that, but that's the now of it. They would rather have advance information to "tuck it into their pockets" and then use it when they need it. So think of it this way: We are giving you a package that is interdimensional. You will walk out of here with more than you came with. The reader will, too. But it won't manifest as a specific answer until you need it the most. Indeed, it's a bag of valuable treasure... but you don't get to see it until you need it. There is a legion of angelic beings here, and yes, they're all invisible. [Kryon smiles. Lee teaches the difficulty of proving invisible things to those with a 3D perception.]

Before we even begin the teaching, the invitation goes out: How many reading and hearing this message would like to leave differently than they came in? Isn't that why you're here? I am Kryon. I am your sister, and I present myself when you leave this planet and arrive on the other side of the veil. I am there when you lean against the wind of birth and are placed into the birth canal. That's where I say "goodbye" to you. That's what I do. I'm well known to you, since I am related. If you read my words and you feel something within them that you recognize, it's because I am your brother. I know all about you. We all do, and we sit in awe, not in judgment. We sit in awe that you would do this at all.

Perception of Past Masters

The masters of this planet all had something in common. Have you put this together yet? They walked this planet in divinity. They healed people when they touched them. They went from place to place and gatherings arose. They had miracles of matter manifestation. Some created things out of nothing. That's what masters do. Some continue to do that on this planet, right now. They are alive now and not parts of history, performing the same kinds of miracles. All that was, in the way of the energy of master-hood, is still here.

What do you do with the knowledge of these past and present masters, and how do you look at them? Ponder these things for a moment. All these masters seem to have a divine complement. The Human perception is that it is manifested divinity - from God, whatever that word means to you... "from God." God has touched them and that allowed them to have control over matter, over disease – ahh, control over seemingly life itself. What do you think of that? They are worshipped and most of them in the past were killed. That's what Humans do when they have things they don't understand. They worship it or get rid of it... or both simultaneously. Even in the new energy, this fact is so.

So I ask you to ponder for a moment what it is that they had – for this pondering has created every religion on the planet! Humans often ponder their prophets. And if they didn't have prophets, they ponder their Gods - and the pondering creates the doctrines, and the doctrines create the religions. Every one of the many religions on this planet was created through the pondering of the masters... what they said and what they did... what they taught.

There is an assumption that all divine things are separate from Human Beings. This assumption actually makes good sense, for it follows three-dimensional thinking. It's logical. You know how to separate the tangible from the intangible, and the things that are marvelous, unseen, invisible and miraculous belong to God. Things that are mundane and ordinary belong to you, the Human. And that's an old energy concept, if you know that or not, and it's a paradigm that's about to be shattered. What if those masters who walked this planet, who did grand things, were just like you?

"Oh no," you might say, "No, they weren't like me." Yes, they were! Have you heard the term, "Made in His image?" They were just like you, and you're just like them. The only difference is that they had activated certain parts of their Human interdimensional DNA, the divine parts that made them seem supernatural to you. And as you viewed that, you called it "God."

Here is the truth. In the old energy of your past, when you had masters appear, their lives shined like a lighthouse in the dark. Everyone saw it, and everyone considered it unusual and God-like. There is now a new energy, which I'll go on to explain a little more about in a moment, that actually promotes mastery. It invites you to take the light and enhance your own process to the degree where you begin an ascension process that has your DNA vibration ascending to a level of master or near-master. It's an energy that was actually present in the body of those who you worship.

It's not here so that you might walk the earth as prophets, as the old masters did. No, it's so you will walk the earth as your own prophet, answerable only to your own mastery as you walk in the light and the love of God - able to heal yourself first and foremost - and able to move from one place to another without being affected by other Humans or the drama of the moment. In a new-energy perspective, it's an attribute of divine power that I have been teaching you, and in an old energy perspective, it's what the masters told you that you could do.

So the truth is that you are just like them, but you haven't got the internal knowledge of what to do next to activate the toolbox that will begin to change the interdimensional layers of your DNA. This is appropriate and falls into the category of free choice. But the age of illumination approaches, and fulfills the circle of energy that the ancients saw in their calendars.

Perception of Good and Evil

You have this odd perception of good and evil, for it's biased in 3D and imprisons you into a concept of mythology that you feel is real. You think things that are good belong to God and things that are evil belong to another entity called Satan. Somehow, according to your beliefs, they are both supernatural, and they are after something you have, in a struggle of the ages.

In the middle of this dark and light struggle there is the bulk of humanity, and God and Satan are locked into some kind of a struggle to get your soul. Odd as it might sound in the overview of this dark and light, the Human is seen as worthless, born in sin, and will be discarded unless they somehow find a form of God known only by those who are in charge of the mythology. What's odd is that the battle for the Human's soul is so intense in this story. Does it make sense that the forces of good and evil should battle over the souls of worthless Humans? No. So even in this dichotomy, there is a hint that for whatever reason, the Human is precious to God and Satan both.

Oh, how convenient this all is! It explains so much. It excuses you from taking the responsibility, does it not, to create light or dark yourself? Supposedly, you just sit there and wonder, "Who is going to get you." What if the darkest of the dark on this planet, the most evil you can imagine, the supernatural occult... was Human generated and sustained? No devil, no Satan, just you. Would that bother you?

What if the most divine thing on the planet, the brightest white, the lightest light was also you, evolved and sustained? What if the most awesome healing power on the planet came from within instead of without? I will tell you: This is the way of it, and I have just explained the power of the Human Being to be whatever he wishes... free choice with supernatural abilities.

In a darker energy of the past, things that were of a lower vibration were easily sustained, easily developed. And now the light starts to turn on and burn them with truth. There are less opportunities for those things to be sustained and developed and far more opportunities for the masters to emerge and the light to be turned on. I'm telling you the truth, and it puts the responsibility of good and evil into your lap. Which direction do you want the vibrations in you to go? Which kind of energy do you wish to have around your family and your work place? You totally control how dark or light your soul energy will be. It's part of the test, you know? It's part of the free will.

Many have doubted that this could be so. They say, "If we are angels disguised as Humans, what possible system would allow us to create evil and go to the darkness? It simply doesn't make sense, Kryon. Angels can't do that." However, you totally ignore your mythology in the process, where an angel somehow magically falls from grace and becomes Lucifer... Satan, and the lord of darkness. You see? The system is there even in your story telling. The metaphors of your spiritual history gave you that, but you took it as reality instead of seeing it as your own potential. Does that give you a hint that you have the choice to choose to develop either side? You do! But the mastery in your DNA is suddenly awakening you to what is coming on the planet... a time of awakening and renaissance .

How are you going to do this? How are you going to create a change in your own DNA? We have told you over and over there are no steps. It's an interdimensional puzzle. It has no answer. You want an empirical answer and you desire the exact steps in a linear system. You want a clear generic answer, but it's different for every Human Being. Where are you in this chain of events? Some of you are ready and some of you are just awakening. Some need time to think about it. Some are ready to jump in right now. You want to know more? "Kryon, at least tell us what to do first!" you say. We have... many times. You can read it and you can hear it. For 18 years, as my partner says, the same message has been given over and over by this entity you call Kryon. We'll never run out of ways of telling you about this. It's precious information: You start with intent, and the door opens. Then it starts to become difficult.

The History of Planetary Change

We're going to tell you a little bit about some of the things that you're facing. But let me remind you of the esoteric history involved. You have the various stages that we have put you through since 1987. You have the 11:11 experience, which you really acknowledged in 1992. The 11:11 experience had to do with the decision to change history... to wipe away the prophecy, which you did. It was a decision that was made, by the way, not only by all of you, but by all of you who had ever lived on the planet or who would ever lived on this planet. We're talking about a decision made at a level that is beyond Human understanding, by those who hadn't even been "born" yet. This decision affects everything on the planet, including the Gaia energy. Don't you think you would have to include those who would be born into it? Indeed!

The 12:12 experience was the passing of the torch. We've told you this before. It is the significant expression that described those of you who passed the torch from the old to the new. It's significant because it was needed and necessary as a symbol of moving into a new dispensation. Now, you see these numbers repeatedly: the nines, the 11s, the 12s. It is not a repeated coincidence that you see the 11:11 on your clocks. It is a "wink" from Spirit to remind you why you are here.

 The Harmonic Convergence, the Harmonic Concordance, the Venus Transit - all of these things were deliveries of energy. One year ago the most magnificent one happened and few even noticed. It's too esoteric and unexpected by all but a few. On March 5, 2005, it happened. We told you about it, too, and we'll tell you again because you ought to know. It was called the Paradise Matrix. We described it as a time of revival when the masters who said they were going to return to Earth, all did. Not in body, not even in spirit, but as an energy delivered to the magnetic grid of your planet! And now, perhaps you understand why I am the magnetic master? It took 12 years to prepare the magnetic grid. Now you know what we were preparing it for.

We gave you the dates 18 years ago... when the magnetic changes would start, when they would stop, and now even your science showed that it did. Your compasses showed that the magnetics of the planet had changed oddly, mysteriously, in a way that it never had before in your lifetime, or your parent's lifetime or even your grandparent's lifetime. The movement of the grid was complete in 2002. And now, you know why it was moved.

In an esoteric way, but one that involves the interdimensional attributes of magnetics, we've prepared your planetary grid for the masters to come back, to begin the tool kit you will need to proceed. They are here - all are back - and they sit here with you who are hearing and reading.

Why you? Why are they looking at you? That's because they're talking to old souls, who have come for a reason and a purpose. These are old souls know they are here to become metaphoric Lighthouses to a changing planet. They are the catalysts for you to use to start your DNA shift and develop this mastery to whatever degree you can, to move forward, to create the energy called, "The New Jerusalem" on this planet before 2012. That's only six years away, you might say. But things are not always as they seem.

When the lighthouse strikes its light, it does not measure the storm. It does not judge the storm. It does not say to itself, "I must understand where this is all going" before it shines the light. All it knows it that it was built to endure darkness, mighty wind and the waves that will crash endlessly over its structure. It's not afraid, either. It doesn't know when the storm will end, how powerful it will become, or the reasoning behind its creation. All the lighthouse knows is that it's safe, and that it must shine a light in the darkness to help others find the safety of the harbor. It never questions how it became light, either, but it knows who it is, and what it's for. It also knows that the light it carries is expected and those in the dark are looking for it. Do you see what I'm saying? You knew all this when you came in. Profound it is! Emotional for my partner, it is!

[Lee stops for a moment]

This [Human emotion] is because, when I talk about this, I show him the potentials of the planet! I show him smiling faces in Iran. I show him smiling faces in Palestine. I show him laughter and joy in Israel. I show him things that you would think are impossible, created by individuals who sit here right now. The news has a profundity to it that makes humanity weep with the joy of the potential.

Three "Impossible" Tasks

How are you going to do it? I'll give you three impossible tasks. They're not really impossible, but they're going to be impossible within an old way of thinking. And you're not going to like them either, because they fly in the face of old Human nature. When I start to tell you about them, you're going to say, "This is tough," and it is. You're going to realize that it requires you to drop the "old Human" and also drop almost everything you have been taught from the beginning of your life and rebalance it.

I'll give you three examples of things that you're going to have to deal with in order to begin this journey. In each example, I ask you to compare it to the master of your choice and you'll see I'm right. They had to throw away Human nature to become the masters they became. They had to rebalance all they were given into a new paradigm of humanism.

Number One

I invite you to get rid of survival instinct. Are you ready for that one? You come in with that built into every cell, don't you? It's imprinted upon you, isn't it? Indeed, it is, but it's an old energy imprint. Survival instinct has a powerful message to each Human Being. It silently fills the Human mind with these thoughts: "I am alone. Everything that I do, I must do myself. I've got to clear the path before me because no one's going to clear it for me. Therefore, I will survive by knocking over the ones in front, or on the sides, or in back. I will compete for the space on the planet. I have to to survive. Otherwise I'll be overrun by the others who know what I know. I'll compete for relationships, for food, for money. I'll compete for love. I've got to do it. I've got to take care of myself because I must survive." Sounds like a song, doesn't it? [Kryon smiles.]

What about this thought from the mind of the master? "I now understand and realize that I am not alone. I have divinity in my pocket for the asking. I have the power of the Universe at my disposal. I have interdimensional tools that will clear the space in love, and everywhere my bubble is spread in light. Those around me will see better and in free choice will steer a safe path into the harbor. They will survive with me and will be part of a family that I help create with my balanced light. I am the master Lighthouse. Everywhere I go, I'll be blessed. I don't need survival instinct, because I represent ultimate survival. I am the definition of survival... a master of humanity. I am light."

How about that? This is the master's voice, but it's also yours. You begin to realize that you can trust in interdimensional forces that are mastery forces that you don't understand, but know are always there. You begin to realize that in the mastery department, you've got deep pockets when it comes to love. Ahh yes, deep pockets when it comes to survival. How about that? That's number one. Drop that survival instinct. It's an old energy that says you have to compete for everything. You don't. There's plenty. But it's against your old Human nature, isn't it?

You've got deep pockets when it comes to energy and miracles. You could walk out of here differently than you came in. You can change before you put this book down! Is it part of your belief system or does that matter... or does it matter? How would you like to go out differently than you came in? How would you like to go out healed? And that, my friends, is the potential of this evening's experience, is it not? And that, my reading friend, is the potential of why you picked up this book, is it not? That is called free choice. How much can you put away of the old baggage you think is imbedded within you?

Number Two

This one will be even harder than number one for some of you. You're going to have to dispense with, then balance, your ego. Did you hear that? How can you balance something you get rid of first? I just gave you the answer. You've got to toss it away. By tossing away your ego, you gain balance. Because you think your ego is one thing and it is not. I'll give you some exercises or examples of what it's like to have a balanced ego: Can you sit in a situation where somebody is calling you names and not feel it? Hmm? Even if they're right? [Kryon smiles.] Can you? Can you sit and take that kind of verbal abuse and not feel it? Can you smile in the joy of the moment while it's taking place? Can you be detached, watching the movie, as they say... can you?

I'll give you something to do, an exercise. The next time this situation occurs, I want you to try to disengage. And when you are looking at the person abusing you, in their anger, in their unbalance, in their turmoil, I want you to love them. At this moment, they are the ones who are out of balance, not you. Their abuse of you is an invitation for you to join them in an "out-of-balance experience." [Laughter] So sit there and endure their unbalance, don't join it. Then when they're finished, if they're within touching distance, you might touch their arm gently and say, "I'm sorry you're having a bad day." [Laughter] Can you do that?

Do you know what happens when they don't get the reaction from you that the drama they're putting forward is supposed to create? They are completely and totally disarmed. And that, my friend, is when communication can happen. That's when the love of God is best seen. This can only take place with a person who has a balanced ego.

A balanced ego is an ego that is present only in respect to a Human who truly knows who they are. It's a piece of divinity and survival that nothing can touch. No other Human can touch you in death or in life and change your mind about anything if you have a divine countenance. No matter what words are presented to you, no matter what situations are given to you, no matter how loud they yell... they can't change a thing because of your mastery. Remember the four attributes of love that we taught you? [Kryon Book 5] Your reaction will not be anger. It will be solution. As they are yelling, all you can think of is how to solve the issue, not how to yell back or get even. A balanced ego says to you, "I know who I am. I'm a loving individual who can solve problems. I don't have to defend anything. I'm not in survival mode, and I am concerned about the one who is in trouble in front of me."

Number Three

Let me give you the third one. Get rid of your gender bias. You think just because you have the parts of a certain gender that you've got to be a certain way, don't you? Well, it's pretty laughable, since there are those in this room who have female parts who came from a male warrior background. They are used to wearing the armor and they have slayed large men in battle. And you know who you are reading this, don't you?

It's a joke. All of you have been both genders. What you do with your current gender is your free choice. But you have a bias within it to release. Most of you say, "I am male or female," and this defines you. It's a giant bias, since you then act certain ways to conform to what is expected of you. Some of you even campaign for your gender, against the other, again, for survival and what you think is a fair and just placement in your culture.

On this planet, for thousands of years, there has been an unequal balance between masculine and feminine conscious energy. It's been masculine heavy and you know this. The Venus Transit energy of last year was a tool that placed a potential balance into Gaia itself, to allow for those who wished to become more balanced in the masculine/feminine area. This would mean that men would be comfortable with a feminine side. They would see with a "sweeter countenance." Women would be more comfortable with the masculine side, looking at some things in a very different way. It's a balancing of the two, and when it sweeps your culture and the other cultures around you, it will start to create a better communication between the leaders of this planet.

We've said it before: There is a potential present for masculine, macho leaders of various countries to do dumb things just because they can. You will see their masculine bias, for it will drive their actions, rather than the idea of balanced solutions being considered. It's part of a macho club that exists, and has existed for centuries. Suddenly, however, these macho leaders are uncomfortable – more so than usual – and they don't know why. They are irritated, yet they don't know why - unhappy and illogical. And I'll tell you why – because Gaia just shifted and there's more feminine energy than there ever was before, and that will drive them crazy, for it doesn't work in the energy they are use to and wish to create! It affects their populations, their subordinates, and also their plans.

Watch for it. There will be last-ditch, dying efforts to hold on to an energy of control, but they'll fail. This is part of something new on this planet, but something we have told you to expect. It's coming very slowly, but now you will see what the reactions are.

Can you personal balance this within yourselves? It's against Human nature, you know? Women want to be feminine and men want to be masculine. What if you were both of these all the time, yet balanced in your thinking about the two? Think of the differences in relationships that would solve themselves far easier if they could see both sides and weigh them in their thoughts. Imagine what the leaders of the earth would be able to do together if there was a more balanced process of thought. But it's not intuitive, not easy, and against the way you have been taught to think.

That's three, only three. We have presented three "impossible things." Get rid of your survival mode, throw away the ego, and pretend your gender doesn't matter. That's a good beginning to what masters do. Look at your favorite master, dead or alive, and you will see all three of these things within them. Did you notice? Now, perhaps, you will see it in yourselves?

How do you begin? How do you create energies and emotions that are counter-intuitive to you Humanism? The answer? You give intent for it, and begin a slow process of working the puzzle. But your DNA is there, ready to be activated. The tools are in place, the masters from the matrix are on the planet, and they're ready to go. Therefore, there is far more energy available to work in your behalf than ever before. This is the real renaissance. The difference is that you now have so much internal help.


And so it is, there's only one thing else we want to say before we close. It's about one of the most misunderstood concepts you have today.

The Place of Emotion in the Divine Plan

There has been a question for some years about the actual purpose of Human emotion on the planet. I wish to set the record straight. There are those who would say, "Human emotion is a horrible weakness. It's too bad we have it and it gets in the way of logical thought. Kryon is too emotional, and might sway your intellect." Think for a moment: Pure love exists in a grand form on the other side of the veil. You know this, since you can't experience the joy of enlightenment and the love of God without the emotion of it. You weep with joy when you think about birth, the joy of healing, and even peace on Earth. Therefore, if you are one of these who wishes to eliminate this, you are going to alter a divine attribute that has been passed to you through the veil when you were born! It's not something that is a weakness, but instead one of the greatest powers you have.

When I come to you and I say, "I honor and love humanity," I have in me a presence, a female presence of motherly love that says, "I am so proud of you!" Where did this come from? You think that's Human? It is not! It's divine and from Source. That is universal divine love. Love has a place in your divine schedule and so does compassion.

Here's the truth. There are certain kinds of Human emotions that are designed to change Gaia itself. Oh, if you want to spin with anger, drama and hate, you'll get one kind of reaction. If you want to create compassion and love, you'll get another. It's all part of the free choice of dark and light, you know? But it is all given to you to use as a tool.

Human compassion, used through prayer and the sending of light, is perhaps the most powerful thing on the planet. It's why the tsunami happened... to generate compassion. It's part of the 9:11 scenario, too. These things and others have developed a compassion wave that has actually changed Gaia in ways you could never have done unless those things had occurred.

You might say, "Well, Kryon, why does it have to involve so much loss of life and so much sorrow?" That is your 3D reaction to these kinds of things. Again, we ask you to look at those that you've lost in these years. 2005 – an amazing year for catastrophe, yet all those who were lost, including those that perhaps you had loved, are still here. They're working the earth, perhaps in another way, but they are still here. Some of them have returned in Human form already, and some of them are staying as helpers. Who are you, in your limited dimension, to tell the Universe that's this is not the way it's done? Who are you to tell Spirit that you want them kept here? This is your Human bias at its best. If you were to interview them right now, they would say, "We're fine. We are in joy. We did what we did and we're glad we did it." It's a different perception than you have, and a far larger picture. It's beautiful! Life goes on forever... never terminated. It simply changes form in front of you, but you can't see it, since you are in 3D.

Those you lose in death, who you are mourning for, needed to leave because they needed to work in other ways, in another area, in order to push this earth toward peace. And you don't know anything about it! All you feel is your sorrow, yet I'm telling you that there is appropriateness in all things and they're working with you, next to you, side by side, if you allow them.

I know who's here. Listen to me. Why don't you form a partnership with those you loved and lost and keep going? It won't be long before it's your turn to do the same thing [speaking of again moving into death and rebirth]. Encourage this understanding within your children. Tell them in advance. "When I'm gone from the earth, celebrate my life. Hold my interdimensional hand and keep going." Because that is the truth. And that's the way of it, masters.

Healing energy is here. Are you receiving what I'm feeling you're receiving? Are you being touched yet? Do you feel the tingle yet? Reader, do you actually think this communication is just "words in a book"? There's far more here than you think right now, and it's precious. Some of you have been touched tonight. Some of you will put down the book and be different than when you picked it up. And if that's you, then you know we had an appointment, didn't we? Is it emotional? I hope so, for this is the compassion that will heal you, create a peaceful countenance, and help to heal the planet.

And so it is.