Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
June 19, 2004

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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The Venus Transit Gift

This live channelling was given on June 19, 2004 at the 7th Annual Kryon Summer Light Conference
in Mount Shasta, California.

[This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.]

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Oh, there's been more than just magnetic service today. Do you have any idea how much you're loved by the planet? There are some of you here who are healers and have marvelous gifts - interdimensional ones that allow you to see colors. Some can see the shadows of the entities in other dimensions. Some of you cannot see the interdimensional colors, but you can feel them. And some of you have even had situations where the aroma of Spirit will visit you. You may wish to use these gifts in the next few minutes.

This is a sweet place today. It has been anointed since this morning as the sanctuary of knowledge - a place where you will allow yourself to be touched by God. Typically of these kinds of channellings, I say to you today that there will be teaching and "touching." And why not? That's what a brother or sister does! So be ready for it.

Some have asked this question: "Dear Kryon, you say you meet us on an even playing field, yet sometimes you tell us that you actually come to see us! Can this really be so? What does a Human have to give to Spirit? It seems that Humans are the ones always asking the questions and being needy. What do we possibly have to offer God?"

Well, Human, first let us tell you that you're so linear! Why do you feel that these meetings are

always "one way"? Don't you understand that when one touches another, both are affected? It's that way with Human to Human, so why not with the family of God? Do you not understand when minds connect from the other side of the veil, minds who have known each other forever, that there's a spark of understanding and love? Do you not understand that what you give us is joy? Indeed it is so that you are "in the veil" at the moment. Indeed it is so that we come to give you information and help. But that's secondary to the real purpose and the true reason we come and sit before you. For the true reason is the reunion we have together. When you travel long distances to see your family, do you sit and listen while they give you a lecture, then you stand without saying anything and leave? No! You both participate. It's the same with us.

In these beginning moments, we invite the entourage of Gaia, and also of Kryon. We invite all those right now who wish to come and visit, in all appropriateness, to this sweet place. Let this include the entourage of Adama, and the Lemurians who have been waiting for something special to happen on Earth... for this energy is upon you. Let this be a very large gathering!

Some of you sitting here may feel the presence of those you've loved and lost even very recently on this earth. Perhaps, just perhaps, this veil doesn't separate you from them at all! Did you ever ponder this? Did you know that a part of the "interdimensional system" is that in their passing they've come back to be part of the wholeness of the earth - to walk upon it in a way that helps and guides you? Maybe you carry them around with you in ways you cannot even fathom. You're so linear! You don't yet understand the circle of interdimensional life? When we say life, we don't mean Human life; we mean the essence of God that you call Spirit. It is indeed, love is it not? Love is the essence of the glue that bonds the dimensions together, and which allows for communication at the spiritual level.

And so here is the invitation, even before we start: Sit where you are, hearing and reading, and disengage from what you think is real. Do this so that you might give yourself an allowance of wisdom and understanding. Sit before Spirit as a brother and a sister with a knowledge that goes way beyond your reality and that transcends what you think you know.

The Transit of Venus - the Great Gift

There is a coming together of a final picture tonight. Those of you who've read the words and attended the meetings when past messages were given will know how the pieces of this puzzle finally fit.

Let me start very far away. Let's visit, just for a moment, a planetary Form - the Goddess of Love. Let's visit the mythology that created the meaning behind the Transit of Venus. Let's look for just a moment upon what that means within the energies that are created from this event. It's what we're going to speak of on this night. We're prepared to explain astrology within physics. We're also prepared to have large esoteric questions explained regarding this solar system event. So we begin.

Let's say that the planetary movements of your calendars were known 5- or 6,000 years ago (and they were). If this were so, then humanity would have known all about the Transit of Venus that's before you now. They would have known of the cyclical attributes and the way the solar system works, and also it would be known that this transit has occurred before, and will yet again. Yet we're going to tell you something very special about this movement of Venus between the earth and the sun and how it has affected the earth profoundly in 2004 and how it opens yet another time window. So, it isn't really about the Venus Transit, but about the scenario of a "ready Earth."

Spiritual windows of action are given to humanity by the Universe in linear ways (representing a period of consecutive years, often in multiples of 8). The profound window opened in 1987 with the energy of the Harmonic Convergence (celebrated later as the 11:11). It closed with the Harmonic Concordance of 2003. This window represented a number of years that were linearly presented, known to you, and even predicted. They all had to do with planetary motion and energy, and were explained by Kryon. Now here's another one with the Transit of Venus. This is a smaller window, something that doesn't happen any more often than every 130 years, and it's an 8-year window. For in eight years, in 2012, you'll have another Venus Transit.

Now we wish you to put together some of the things that Kryon has given you for the last decade, not just within the numerology, but also what we've told you were the possibilities of Earth. Listen: We told you of a changing consciousness of Earth, and we told you that astronomical attributes of your own solar system could create energy on the planet if it was ready. You're ready, and here it is! But logic might tell you that those astronomers of thousands of years ago would look at this same planetary motion and say, "What's the big deal? It would have happened anyway. So, Kryon, how can you give a large metaphysical attribute and assign special "new energy" to what we knew was going to happen thousands of years ago? Right now we know it's going to happen again. Does that mean that the planet is going to be changing yet again? Then what about the next time and the next? How can you make a big spiritual event out of ordinary planetary motion that's established and known?" This is the question we'll answer tonight.

Let's return to the transit window and information we've given you in the past. It's an eight-year window. We've given you a new publication (Kryon Book Ten - the 12th Kryon book), A New Dispensation. We gave you information about a new dispensation sometime ago, and we called it "The Dispensation of the Eight." We didn't tell you much about it. We wanted to wait until you had the whole book in your hand, and now you do. [This is speaking of the fact that this Kryon book was released the day of this channelling.]

Perhaps now you'll start to understand the eight even better. The eight means responsibility, and it begins with the Venus Transit. I know that what I'm about to say might sound overly grand, or even impossible. I know it might sound unbelievable. But I say to you, Lightworkers, stand by for peace on Earth! For this is the energy that you've developed... great change within difficult times. Let those who've entered this place from the interdimensional city in the mountain also hear these words, for that's why you've waited!

So let's begin, even before we get to the mechanics of it all, and address those who say, "Wait a minute, it would have happened anyway! Even if there was no 11:11, and humanity had gone through the Armageddon, this astronomical certainty called ‘Venus Transit' would have happened anyway. It would have happened even if humanity had been destroyed!" Not really. Already it has been explained by Gaia on this very day [speaking of the channelling of Pepper Lewis earlier in the conference]. Gaia has said to you, "It is the interdimensional perception of what you create that brings upon the energies that you wish." Let me go even further in the explanation so that you can understand it better. Let me first ask this: If an officially scheduled tennis game was created on a calendar for thousands of years in the future, does that mean that all the players would automatically attend? You can create this same question now on a piece of paper. Go ahead and make appointments for yourselves, and fill up your calendar for the next thousand years. Does that mean that you'll actually make those meetings? The answer is obvious. For the schedule is simply a pointer to what your potential is. It will sit there and still be a schedule even after your death. Perhaps the game, therefore, is more than the court and the preparation? Perhaps it takes you to show up to make it real?

Let's return to Venus, who's known to have the energy of the Goddess of Love. It's not an accident that those in mythology named it this. In the mythology, the lover [Venus] disappears for a number of days [which you call the retrograde], while it transits between your planet Earth and the sun. The sun is the core energy of the patterning, and is the fulcrum or balance center, which I'll explain in a moment.

The Venus Transit is like a pair of bookends. It represents a new energy window of eight years. There are many eights to be explained. We even told you about one you may not have recognized. Back in 2000 when we were in Israel, we told you that there was the potential that nothing significant would happen on this planet with respect to peace until the year 2008. Begin to put this together. Don't be surprised if the window of eight involves Jerusalem! Don't be surprised if this window of eight requires a new Jerusalem, for this is where we gave you the original message! How many of you in 2000 were thinking about a specific election in your country in 2008? How many of you put together the "Dispensation of Responsibility" with the eight-year Venus Transit that was scheduled to happen in 2004? The answer is that few did. Now it all starts to come together. You might also now see how these channellings work. For more than just a piece here and a piece there, the information of Kryon has always been meant as a larger puzzle that combines itself when you're ready to see and understand it. This is the beauty of discovery, is it not?

Let me return to the planetary system for a moment and explain some things that I haven't explained before, with more clarity. There are those reading and hearing who might say, "Well, I believe in many things, even this channelling, but I have a hard time believing that planetary motion affects my life. It seems that everything spiritual is also invisible, and that doesn't make it very believable." Is it really invisible? I'll explain how it works, and I'll use physics. Then you can decide.

Let's start with magnetism and gravity. These are the two little-understood forces on the earth that are profoundly interdimensional. They're only understood by science within the context of what's observed and then built around the observations. Almost everything science does with magnetism and gravity is simply invention around a known force. A true understanding of them would allow the forces to be manipulated and controlled. Nothing like that has ever happened with either, and it won't until "mathematical interdimensional engines" are conceived and built.

Let me tell you something that I've never stated before. These two forces exist as partners; they must exist together and are a part of each other. No one has really defined gravity. It's very difficult because it's interdimensional. You would have to understand the time-scape [the time posturing that gravity depends on] to fully understand what gravity is. Gravity is the response to matter in a time frame. That's all it is. It has less to do with matter and more to do with time than you realize. Magnetism is its partner, and both are a part of the pieces of a larger picture that is interdimensional, but a staple of the Universe's existence.

Let's discuss astronomy and astrology just for a moment, for they have a physical effect upon your consciousness, and are not some mysterious mythological forces only understandable by certain individuals wearing crystals and using a lot of candles [Kryon humor]. The sun is the fulcrum of the solar system. Solar systems are the building blocks of galaxies. Galaxies are the building blocks of a Universe system. For earth, the solar system is the closest magnetic and gravitational force that affects it. For many years we've tried to explain how the magnetic grid of the planet "talks" to your DNA. Now even your science admits that Human cellular structure responds to magnetic messages. Why stop there? Let me tell you how astrology works, for it's the same principle.

Astrology Explained

If you were the sun and you could pretend for a moment that you have these planetary children that go around you every single time they orbit - every moment of the day - every position they're in, they pull upon you. That's gravity. These children are demanding, and they affect you with their pulling. Like a real set of children, they may even affect your personality as they pull and pull and pull.

Now here's what we haven't discussed with anyone, for it's an interdimensional aspect that's difficult to describe: Your sun carries an attribute that I'll call gravitational and magnetic patterning. Think of it as the energy of the "planetary children" pulling on the parent sun. As the planets pull upon this fulcrum [the sun], it patterns itself interdimensionally through gravity and magnetism. Every moment of its existence, the sun has a different interdimensional patterning based upon what the planets present to it in the form of gravitational force. Retrogrades present an entire different pattern when they're not present. The sun even responds to those small objects that you don't even call planets, some of which you haven't even catalogued. It's very complex, but very real. It's physics, and there's no mythology around it or candles either [Kryon smile].

Right now, as is normal, the sun is being pushed and pulled upon by the bodies around it [planets], and is being patterned in a way that's interdimensional. It's a gravity/magnetic patterning. This pattern is then broadcast by what you know as the solar wind, an energy that's naturally blasted out from the sun to all of the planets and beyond. This solar wind is what you can see in the aurora borealis as it literally meets the magnetic field of the earth and delivers energy to this grid of the planet through a process called inductance. Not so invisible, you say? Go take a look. Think of it, if you wish, as a broadcast. The magnetic and gravitational patterning of the sun is a "message" that's broadcast by the solar wind to the magnetic grid. Where do you think this message goes?

It has been the Kryon teaching for over 15 years that the magnetics of this planet are interdimensional forces, and they affect Human DNA. This is the connection between the magnetic master and your reality. So get a picture of how all of this works: Your solar system moving around your sun creates a gravitational and magnetic pattern that is then broadcast to the earth. It's delivered and "seen" by your magnetic grid, and then right to your DNA. This is astrology. It's the oldest science on the planet, and it's based on high concepts that aren't even understood by modern science.

There are still those who'd say, "Well, that's a nice explanation, Kryon, but you know, I don't believe it. It's still invisible. Planetary mechanics affecting Human consciousness is still a stretch of logic." All right, then let me give you something that's invisible, yet profoundly "seeable" in your reality. If you're one who doubts that such a thing could be, then let us talk about the gravity and the magnetism that is the closest to you that you call your moon. Let's put this in your reality for a moment, doubter. Don't look at a metaphysical magazine - don't go to a channelling. Instead, for positive proof of the effect of magnetism and gravity upon your own cellular structure and your consciousness, go to the emergency room of any hospital and ask them about the full moon. Go to your police stations and ask them about the full-moon effect on society. Neither of these institutions are biased in astrology, yet they'll tell you that they put extra staff on for a full moon! It doesn't make sense, does it? Go ahead and ask them: "You mean the effect of a planetary object around the earth creates a difference in Human behavior?" The answer is yes. They may not believe in astrology, but they'll hire extra help when the moon is full. How is this for proof that something is happening?!

You see, it's very real! Gravity and magnetics, even from the moon around this planet, affects you. That's also why the moon must be taken into consideration in the whole astrological scheme. It's a direct player in changing the energy that's also given by the sun.

Astrology is not a life-controlling aspect. It's a posturing aspect. That's much different. When you sit on a couch, it postures your weight and then folds itself around you. When you sit on it, you might say that you and the couch are together in cooperation for those moments of sitting. By agreement, you trust the couch. By agreement, it supports your weight. That's posturing. It's not controlling, for you may leave the couch anytime you wish. You may also readjust your position or sit on another couch. Planetary alignments are the same. They aren't controlling, but personal energy posturing. Astrology is this way. It provides a beginning posturing to your life, and it creates different kinds of Human behavior. Why should that be? We've said this before: What kind of a test would it be if you were all alike? You're not, if you noticed. Fifteen years ago in a small white book, we also told you that you have the ability and the right to change how the planets affect you. Do you remember? Are you willing to start connecting these teachings and seeing the big picture?

Back to Venus

Now let's return to Venus, and so also to the Goddess of Love who's between the earth and the sun in what is called the transit. As we've explained, it's helping to develop an energy that's "earth specific," and which is sending a pattern to the sun, which is then broadcast to you through the grid.

I will first tell you what this specific energy is, as delivered to this earth through the process I just gave you, and then I'll reveal some esoterics about why it should be. I do all of these things to clear the air so you'll understand the profundity of what's before you. It's not an accident, you know, that mythology named Venus for love. The energy being transmitted to this planet now, and for the next eight years, is a loving feminine balance of love. You're going to see a balance take place that you've never seen in your lifetime. It's a balance of both Gaia and the Human in a new way.

At the moment, your earth isn't balanced. It's masculine-heavy. This has nothing to do with your gender. There is masculine and feminine energy in every Human. No matter what your gender is, the most balanced man reading and hearing this is one who has the balance of the feminine and the masculine, equally. The most balanced woman listening and reading is the one who has the masculine and the feminine equally balanced in their lives.

You've grown up on a planet where the balance hasn't been equal, and where the masculine energy has far outweighed anything else. Now, due to your efforts, the consciousness changes on Earth. The beginning of this was the 11:11, then the 12:12, then the Concordance. Now the new window brings in the best yet! Because of the new path you took, it demanded the energy of the eight. The balance and the responsibility being delivered to this planet, therefore, is energy that will eventually balance this planet, masculine and feminine.

The Effect of the Venus Transit and Its Potential

What a change this has the potential to make! Let me tell you, there will be those who will go crazy with this new potential. It doesn't fit them and it doesn't fit what they consider to be their reality. I'll make two statements, and both of them will be of the kind called "unbelievable." (1) Masculine-heavy governments won't be able to exist on the planet. (2) No masculine-heavy religion will be able to exist on this planet. Neither one can be supported, and they won't make sense to a changing consciousness. They'll fall into the ashes of civilization. Remember that. I'll say it again before I'm done. This is the profound time we talked about that was coming. And this, by the way, is why the mountain behind you comes alive [Mt. Shasta]. You see, it's all related. I'll get to that. One cannot exist without the other; one has been waiting for the other.

Now let's get into the esoteric questions, and very interesting they are. If the Venus Transit was known for so long as an astronomical certainty, why is it affecting the earth in a way that would only work if humanity had voided the Armageddon and come forward to this date? The question, therefore, is: Wouldn't it have happened anyway? Let me try to answer in the best way I can.

There's a great physicist in his 90s who dared to broach the esoteric physics of this question. He asked this: "Would the universe exist if humanity wasn't looking?" And he was serious! Is there a connection between the reality of the Universe and Human consciousness? It's hard to answer for you, and remains so. But it was asked at the highest level in physics. There's another question that you've pondered, which is almost a joke. It has a solution, however, by defining the parts. If a tree falls in the woods and there's no one to hear it, does it make a sound? This is an easy question if you define the parts. Sound is defined as vibrations in the air. Hearing is defined as a consciousness that picks it up and interprets it. Now, remember these definitions, for they answer the esoteric question about the Venus Transit energy.

The Metaphor of the Venus Transit Message

What if humanity was walking around normally, but on the other side of the veil there was a very, sweet, sweet message being created? In fact, let's make this message a song, since we're surrounded by music [speaking of the music of Robert Coxon that's being played live]. Let's say that there's a song being sung on the other side of the veil. It's a song that was scheduled to be sung for thousands of years, so the singing begins. Let's call it the song of Venus Transit. The song speaks of love and balance. Perhaps the lyrics of the song speak about coming closer to Spirit. Maybe they even speak about getting out of pain and suffering... maybe they do. Perhaps the song has lyrics that celebrate change and help with what to do next in your life. Maybe they make you comfortable with time-shifting. The lyrics have your name on them, and the song is the same, but the lyrics are different for every Human on the planet. The lyrics help you to balance. The lyrics are anointed and beautiful, but the song is a very quiet one.

In this metaphor, in order to hear the song, you've got to have a receiver - almost like a radio receiver. But now let's say that humanity had no radios whatsoever. So with this established so far, let me ask you a question: If a sweet, soft, lovely, sacred song was being broadcast, but humanity had no radios to receive it, would it make a difference? (The question is kind of like the tree in the woods.) The answer is no. Now, think of this: The song would happen anyway, even without anybody to hear it. It would go forward on schedule as a solar-system certainty, but its beauty wouldn't be received. But if the earth was prepared to "hear," then the song would be discerned, interpreted, and would bring potential to the group doing the hearing.

In the case of the Venus Transit, nothing would have taken place on the planet if the Humans were not in a potential to "hear" it. In our metaphor, Human consciousness is the receiver. The 11:11, the 12:12, and all of the things around this that you studied in these years has culminated and come together... and given you the receiver. It's in your pocket. But now you've got another problem. You've got to find the station it's being broadcast on! This is where it gets good [Kryon smile]. Think of the overview: There's a beautiful song being sung. I wish I could give you the lyrics, but the tune is personal. I'll give you a hint, however, about the song: The lyrics are in the Lemurian language!

There are many entities here right now who are Lemurian. They're interdimensional and have been waiting and waiting for this exact moment in time. They see you sitting and reading... listening. They've been waiting to literally walk among you and pass out the frequencies of the broadcast of the Venus Transit! Thousands of years they've waited. They are the key to the understanding of what you're hearing.

You think this is fantasy, don't you? It's not. It's part of the plan. This is an interdimensional system, a complex one. It's not about a strange civilization under a mountain. It's about the love of family so strong that it's waited to support you. If you believe in angels and guides and interdimensional spiritual entities such as Kryon, then take a look at your Lemurian family, for they're here! Take a look at the joy that went into their quest. Take a look at the magnificence of the culminating timing of you reading this page! Then get ready for their assistance.

Yesterday, many in this room heard the Lemurian high priest speak. Do you remember what Adama said? [This was the channelling of Louise Jones, author of the Lemurian Telos books.] Is it possible that there could be a civilization, a city within and under the mountain? Yes. Interdimensionally, it's invisible, yet it's there. Why is it important now? When will they come out?

(1) Why? Because you asked for it, and because Venus is now broadcasting the very message that was scheduled through normal astronomy. The ones who are hearing and reading are part of this Lemurian family! Have you got that yet, after all these years of me calling you "Lemurian"? You think it's a giant coincidence that in 2004 we moved the central Kryon yearly meeting to Mt. Shasta, or that we proclaimed the new dispensation the energy of eight?

(2) When... is now. There's a sweet song being sung, and the interdimensional Lemurian family is slowly coming forth at a time that was predicted, and for the reasons that you've created. It isn't spooky or weird any more than the love of God is. It's a process of Lemurian with Lemurian. It's family with family. One is in 4D, and one is not.

How real is it? Human, I challenge you to make your way up the mountain in back of you some day [Mt. Shasta] and "present yourself" for a meeting with those who honor you. Don't be surprised if you get a 4D experience with many multiple-D family members.

The Song of Venus

Now, in this metaphor there's still another challenge. The sweetness of the song being sung to humanity is very quiet. And those Lemurians who walk among you and wish to help you to decipher it are very quiet. Yet Humans aren't quiet at all. They feature a lot of chatter. Human Being, when you sit before Spirit in meditation and prayer, why don't you stop the itemizations of all that's wrong in your lives? Why not be still instead, and listen for the answers instead of dictating the problems? Don't you think we know what you've been through? Do you think we have to be told? Listen to these words:

Be still and know that you are God.

For the Lemurians wish to sing to you. Each path is different here. Every single one of you has a different dimensional potential. There's a cellular structure in each of you that's struggling to move between the dimensions, so the song is different for each of you. But it's the Lemurians who want to pass on to you the secrets of how to listen, and if you're going to get this, then you're going to have to learn to be still.

It's a good time for it, this new quietness, and it's a good place for it as you sit and listen and read. If you find yourself out on the mountainside with the Gaia energy, you may very well hear the music! Nothing that you have in your life is unknown to Spirit. Now listen: You've got Human consciousness that has prepared itself for the Venus Transit; the metaphoric radios are there; many already have the frequencies set, and if you wish to compare metaphors, the song is being sung and the tree in the woods is making a sound as it falls... but there are many who can hear it now. That's why you're here... to do the heavy spiritual lifting on Earth.

Many cultures are represented in this room - many languages, and many lives. If you add the readership to this group at this moment, there are even more. But you all have something in common, even if you're hearing and reading at different times: Each of you at one time leaned into the wind of birth and knew what you were doing as you came to this planet. You saw potentials of what is happening on the planet right now, and they were known to you... and you developed them on schedule. And here you are. So think about it. It's not an accident that you're here listening and reading.

The Activation of Crystal Humanity

Even this day, Gaia mentioned the Crystalline Healing within the planet. What does that mean to you, and what has to be healed? Connect the dots, dear ones, for this is being given to you on many fronts from many channels, and from many consciousnesses: The Crystalline Energy is a metaphor for "that which has memory." In the crystals of this planet, there is memory, and it remembers Human history. And what part of history does it remember? The events? No. For the events are like the tree that falls in the woods and makes a sound that isn't heard or remembered. Instead, the Crystalline remembers the history of what really makes the sound: the emotions of the humanity reacting to the events. It remembers what it felt like and what it sounded like through Human ears as the tree fell [referring again to the metaphor earlier]. It remembers the sorrow of death and the joy of birth. It remembers the tragedy of war and how the land was wounded, too. It remembers the hatred that's still there, and the wounds of past lives that won't heal due to a masculine-heavy aspect.

In other words, the Crystalline memory is the consciousness of Earth - what it felt like to go through history. A rewrite of that is what's happening as the healing takes place in these next eight years. The Crystalline is being healed. It's being rewritten by humanity. How can you rewrite history? The part that's being rewritten isn't the history of the planet, but instead the reactions to the history of the planet. The healing is rewriting a consciousness where long ago one Human would pick up a stick at an angry time and harm another. It's a rewriting of the current hatred that's prevalent right now that fuels your current situation. This is part of a new grid group that is Crystalline [information we've given you before, when the Kryon magnetic group left at the end of 2002].

The new news is that you're rewriting the masculine/feminine balance of this planet with the help of a new energy being delivered through the Venus Transit and the opening of this eight-year window. It's time you understood - it's time you became quiet. Some have said, "Kryon, can we really get quiet when the news is the way it is? There's nothing but bad news! It's difficult to concentrate on the subtle things when there's such a racket." You're correct! So how about this: Turn off the news! Do you understand that all you're getting on your highly technical news is a small negative drama portion of what's happening on Earth? Do you understand that your entire earthly news communication system is a very unsophisticated journey into the mind-set of a Human who thinks like a child? It's dictating to you how you should feel about a small portion of the dramatic things that happen on the planet. It doesn't suit your intellect or your logic. It even uses music to go with its negative message to help shape your attitude!

It has no reporting on the good news of Earth... the Indigo experience... the new energy at hand... the potentials of healing Earth itself! But it's part of your culture, and it's also Human nature for many to glue themselves to these sticky half-truths, then go to bed in fear. So, what to do? It's time to stop thinking like a Human and more like who you really are - a pure Lemurian who has interdimensional qualities. This is the one who can help to rewrite the Crystalline Grid of the planet. This is the wise one who knows that there's something good happening right now to all of you! This rewrite replaces hatred with balance and begins a process that will change your futures.

Don't you find it an interesting coincidence that many are calling certain of the new births, Crystal Children? What does this mean to you? Kryon never told you about the Crystal Children, yet here they are! The metaphor is that they're part of the rewrite of the Crystalline - of Gaia itself. They were mentioned even on this day. Who are they? They're specialists in balance.

We spoke many times of the Indigo Children. These are "new consciousness" children being born today, which include all the subgroups. They're the many names in addition to these, but all of them are to be considered "warriors of change." Look at these children as activists for peace, but with a consciousness you didn't expect. Don't expect them to carry signs and do rallies. Don't expect to tell them anything you want them to hear, or control them in any way. For they will not have any of the old consciousness. That is the difference, dear ones, between you and them. You see, they come in balanced, left and right, masculine/feminine. They're the ones who are being activated for the Venus Transit. In all humanity, these are the ones who will vibrate the earliest with the Venus Transit energy. These are the ones who are waiting to be the new leaders in this eight-year window. Even if they're too young (don't tell them that), they'll be at the right hand of those who will be guiding countries, corporations, and those in charge of the healing of continents. Watch their influence, and marvel. Then remember that you heard it here.

Your Part in All This...

All right, Lighthouse, what's going to happen next for you? There's a storm coming. Then again, that doesn't bother you, does it? Last time we were together we said these words: Lighthouses don't fear storms. They were built for them. Lighthouses stand when the clouds start to darken and say, "Well, it's about time! I thought it would never happen. The weather has just been too nice for too long. It's time to go to work. Strike the light and let's get to it!"

You're going to discover some more dark places on the planet. That's what happens when the light gets turned on. Things that have been in the dark forever can't tolerate much light. They scramble away trying to find other dark places to hide. But because of what's happening on this planet, there are fewer and fewer dark places. So when these energies are illuminated, they have to make a choice: stay or not, and in the process they'll fight to stay in the dark. That's what's happening on the planet.

The Goddess of Love moves between the earth and the sun. This gives the potential of changing the planet. Watch for these things. Watch for integrity to make a difference on this planet like it never has before. Watch for other balancing attributes to begin to raise their heads too. This always starts by causing trouble. But did you expect anything less? That's what happens when a chasm opens between the old and the new... as we've told you for over 15 years. Remember what we said? "This chasm will open grandly and greatly, and the polarization of the planet will occur, and people will have to decide to get off the fence or leave the earth." This battle has begun. It's a war between the old and the new - a major event on the planet... and you sit in the middle of it with the keys to the light.

We told you that some would leave quickly and come back as Indigos and Crystals, and they have. We told you that great men and women who seem to be poised and ready on this planet, doing wonderful work as Lightworkers, would leave... and they have. And you can look for them in a three-month return! Three months! This is the difference and the timing of what was, and what is. It's a spiritual profundity that should startle you based upon what you know and what you've been taught in the past about such things. Dear ones, that's what masters do! It should tell you a lot about the importance of what's happening here.

The lighthouse keeper runs up the stairs, lights the light, and yells at the waves: "Bring 'em on. You can't touch me, for that's what I was built for! I was here when the house was constructed, and I've improved it with age. Now it's strong and you can't break it. My light - you can't put it out. Nothing that happens will damage this sacred vessel." You see, the lighthouse keeper has something... knowledge and a wisdom that he's actually connected to the light. Oh... and something else. He seems to be very quiet lately, listening to a beautiful song.

And so, dear Human Being, we close with these thoughts. It's one thing to talk about the grandness of Venus and the planets and to talk about the history of Earth and why you may be here. That's one thing. But when you leave the room, we're still faced with putting each foot in front of the other. In another day, go down off this mountain in a changed way [speaking to the attendees]. Tune in to the song that's being sung, and start a very special activation.

If you get nothing else this day, I want you to understand that you've collected yourselves in this place while hearing and reading, and you've interdimensionally opened yourselves to activation. The next time we meet [the next day's channelling], I'll even tell you the layer of DNA that you're feeling being activated; we'll give it a name and a number. Then the next time, we'll do it again, for there are really two layers being activated at this time. The reason you're now open for this is because with this activation, you'll indeed leave differently than how you came in.

This isn't a doctrine, and it's not a set of rules. It's not a big list for you to somehow perform in a challenging way. Interdimensionally, you're being given answers by listening to a beautiful personal song that's being sung very quietly by those you know and love, called the family of God. Because you're learning to be still and know of your sacredness, you're letting the answers flow into you so that they'll be intuitive. Relax. Stop pushing the reality that you think is in front of you, and instead let the family work for your benefit in a reality that isn't seen. The timing is perfect.

Do not despair over what you see on this planet! See it as a major adjustment. Do you wring your hands each winter and mourn the trees? Or do you have the wisdom to know about the seasons and the renewal they bring? Stand by for peace on Earth! Let the New Jerusalem unfold under your direction over these next four years and build a platform for 2008. Then hold your light high and endure the battle through 2012. Understand that out of the darkness always comes the light. Go through this battle with the light that you carry, but be quiet and listen to the song. It is sweet with power and direction.

Listen to the new energy song of the goddess who is balancing, and your Lemurian family who's coming forth to fill in the lyrics of love. Then be still and know that YOU are God.

And so it is.