Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - San Francisco, California
October 28, 2001
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon
(In combination with channelling in Denver, Colorado November 3 & 4)

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Lee Carroll
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Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service.

There will be those in this room who do not understand the preciousness of this time. There will be those who will say that the energies here are of the Human, not Spirit. Let us say to you, as we have said so many times previously, that the energy that flows into this place and that presses upon you from the front, the back and the sides, are from those who have come to wash your feet. Let that be the proof that this is not ordinary.

It is a precious time that allows Spirit, and the family of Spirit, to flow into this place. There are those who might come into this place this evening whom some of you didn't expect. Some of you have said that the entourage of Kryon is always the same - these who come and wash your feet in honor. For those of you who do not know, we tell you that this entourage is never the same! This group has your name upon it. We knew you were coming, for you had given intent. Even those who just decided this very day to come into this room had an energy potential of being here days ago. Let me tell you this, and it may give you pause, dear Human Being, ordinary piece of God - perhaps now you might understand exactly who came to see whom!

There is an entourage here that has been waiting for three days. Preparation of this room for the visitors and the readers began three days ago. The posturing for the names who would come in and for the "angels" who would walk through the door [Humans] started three days ago. Some of you have realized that we have created a very peaceful sanctuary, like a bubble isolated from the rest of Earth temporarily, letting you slowly remember who you really are. Feel the love of Spirit and family slowly break down the barriers of the intellect and biased reasoning of all those things that you call the veil. Perhaps it can crack open that shell; the shell of duality - the one that keeps you from truly feeling the love of God.

And so it is that you sit here in an energy that is new for the planet, an energy that lets these messages flow out even better than they even have before - an energy of love that is finally able to reach out and grasp you and say, "Now, family, do you remember what the potentials were?" Some of you have had your hearts opened in these last few weeks [following September 11]. We will talk of such things in a moment, for the energy of this time is different from the last time we were in this place, dear Human Being. There is potential like there never was before. An opening has occurred, one that was not predestined, but a powerful potential - one that we had hinted about to you over and over throughout the last decade. We gave you information about the chasm opening, and now you stare into it. We gave you information about the decisions for humanity "getting off the fence," and now you're looking at the fence. What none of you expected would touch you is now something you must live with for the rest of your lives. The decision is yours; the action is within you. That is what we wish to talk about this night.

You might say, "Dear Kryon, we feel so ordinary in this world. We watch the unfolding scenario, and it is abominable to our spirit. Some of it we understand the necessity for, but we feel helpless because we cannot change anything. We're so ordinary! We have leaders of the earth and watch their progress through our various systems through which news is given. We wring our hands and weep. We visualize and pray, but we feel so ordinary."

It is this evening that we're going to title this particular message to you: "The circle of energy from an ordinary angel." There is nothing ordinary about who sits in the chairs before us or who finds themselves casually reading these words, dear ones. It does not matter your age, what you feel are your talents, or where you are in some spiritual path that you seem to have as your own priority. It has nothing to do with any of those things.

How many of you understand the "now"? How many of you understand that this time in history in absolutely unique? Perhaps this time will be the only one that will allow you to open to Spirit in ways you never would have before? Perhaps this is the moment that you might give permission to do something that you never would have before?

Let me tell you about a profound spiritual process. It is called "The cycle of energy." I am here to tell you about something that has been known - something we've talked about and targeted over and over in our communications, but which may have not been clear. Dear ordinary Humans, you are the ones who are going to determine the outcome of what is before you in the news. When we say you, we mean the family of humanity - those listening right now in your now, and also the readers.

Dear reader, we speak to you now, for we see the eyes on the page and we see the mind we are connecting with. We ask the family who is in the room listening to reach up and take the hand of the reader. The ones listening, although they are not in your time frame, understand fully that there will be many more who will read this message than those who are listening. We are "here" with you, reader, as you pretend to visit the past through this transcription. The family who is here listening now reaches out in time to those through the years who will read this message over and over. For this is the circle of energy created by the ordinary Human Being.

The Circle of Energy
There is a circle of energy that operates and affects the planet. It is created almost solely by what the Human Beings do on the planet, as pieces of God, walking this Earth in duality. It is not about judgment, for there is none. We have given you this message over and over. It is not about works - who did well and who did not. It is not about social status - who became a leader and who did not. It is instead about solutions. What have you solved lately? What have you discovered lately? What are the spiritual and interdimensional things that we have told you about that you've grasped onto and begun to make a part of your life? How many of you are more peaceful today than you were a year ago or the year before that? How many of you are more joyful? How many of you can elicit those feelings at will, even in the face of pain, sorrow, suffering, or profound empathy?
I would like to tell you about the circle of energy. When you solve the problems, when you do certain kinds of spiritual things, when you become interdimensional and begin to connect with Spirit and peel that onion of duality to discover your divinity inside, energy is released. We have labeled this energy many things in the past, but it's an energy of the divine Human Being who does the work of solution on Earth. This may sound odd and strange, but in a day when the actual energy field of consciousness is being examined by your scientists, it may start to make sense.

When this energy of solution is released, it goes to two places . . . if you really need to identify a location. This is when this explanation becomes difficult in your four-dimensional lives. For the energy goes to a location that is not in your experiential spectrum, and I cannot explain it well. I can tell you where the energy goes, but you may not fully understand it, for it's a circle.

The energy goes two places and then returns. It goes into the magnetic grid system of the earth, and also into the dirt of the earth - two directions, above and below. What it does there, dear ordinary Human divine being, is to change the actual measured energy of the earth! For those of you familiar with the messages of Kryon and with how these things work, you know that the earth is measured, not the Human Being - the physical living earth is measured every 25 years. These measurements are why you're here: Can pieces of God - angels disguised as Humans - come to planet Earth on an even-consciousness playing field, not recognizing who they are while they're here, yet discover love or spiritual awareness? What will they endure and go through to change the planet? What reality will they choose? What solutions will they discover within? When the test is over and the energy of the earth is measured, the result of all of the eons of preparation - the tens of thousands of cycles of past lives and lives ongoing - will be taken and applied to another place in the universe that you have no concept of.

While you are in this Earthly body, you will not know any of this. I am going to tell you that the energy that you provide for what you do now and how you solve things now is going to affect millions in places you cannot even fathom. This is the truth. It is the test of the "only planet of free choice." The circle? We will get to that in a moment.

Let us speak about some of these things, especially the new things. Let us speak about what creates reality, changing energy from ordinary Human Beings. The first item seems to be a review, but we must tell you again, for this first one is critical. There is the Human and there is challenge. When these come together and create spiritual solution, energy is released and is the "third energy" in what we have called "The Third Language." We have told you about The Third Language repeatedly. The information is old enough now that it has been published and read by many.

We are telling you that there is a language that is interdimensional - a language of the avatar. It's a language that can be yours with a 100 percent walking connection with Spirit. It's a language that transforms physics, and goes beyond the laws of your 4-D. Here is what may be new to you: When we say Spirit, we mean you with you. Some of you will understand what we mean this time.

The piece of God that you are - which is on the other side of the veil - reaches through and wishes to touch you. It is not unusual, and it is not frightening. It is a reunion of the highest order. Some have made this look frightening in the past, since the veil firmly hides this. Do you know what you with you can do with this revelation? It creates a partner! This Third Language is a connection energy. "Kryon, are you saying we should do this instead of meditating?" Absolutely not. Spirit loves ceremony and loves to be loved. The family loves to talk to you and have you speak to them, but this is beyond that.

When you stand up and walk from this place, or the place where you're reading, we're saying that there's a language or energy that can be with you that's a constant connection to God. As you remove your body from this area and get into your vehicle and go about doing seemingly mundane tasks in your ordinary day, dear Human, it's still there. When you reach up and take the hand of the Higher Self, you actually create energy! When you say to Spirit, "I would like to know more about this. I wish to be connected as the grid finishes its scheduled move and the bow is tied on a new earth-energy gift at the end of 2002. I want to cross this bridge of swords and be counted!" This creates energy! It's profound, spiritual, and affects the earth itself.

The real Kryon work begins in 2003. The grid will be settled, and the solutions of unsolvable items on your planet will have begun to move off their peg of impossibility. The Third Language is here and is an interdimensional energy that says, "Connect with me, and when you connect, you'll know it." That's just one way that the ordinary Human creates energy that changes everything.

Oh, there's so very much more. Some have said, "I'm so ordinary that I'm never going to meet these leaders of Earth. I can't affect anything. Nobody is going to listen to any wisdom I might feel I have. Not only that, but in my life, I feel stuck, going places I don't want to go, having to do things I really don't want to do. Dear Spirit, I can't have that ‘Third Language.’ You don't know where I work!" [Laughter.] Oh, yes, we do!

Ordinary, you're not. Some of you go to very dark places every day. We have said this before. Some of you say to Spirit, "Oh, please remove me from this place. It's not commensurate with the magnificence of God, and I'm not accomplishing anything here. People don't understand me here. It's not for me. Get me out!" Do you want to know how light-energy is created? Do you want to know how energy goes into the grid and into the earth? It happens when you go to those places you don't want to go to and spread your light! You may be the only one there who knows about the light!

Let me remind you how you change lives, for you do not impose your energy upon the other person. You never have to communicate it verbally. You can just go and "be the light," and in the process of going to a place where you think you don't belong, you're right where you asked to be when you gave permission for God to place you in your sweet spot! You're right there helping other Humans. Oh, you may say you're not and they don't even really know you at all, but we must remind you that in those dark places, you may be the ONLY light!

We must remind you again of this phenomenon that we've talked about over and over, but maybe you didn't understand. It's about the energy created when you fill a room with light. It lets the others around you see their choices more clearly. You never have to verbally communicate with them. They may never know your name, and you may come and go many, many times. Your presence actually might enhance their paths - not in an evangelistic way, but in a way that allows them to see things they may not have seen before in the dark. They may make better choices for themselves due to what you brought. And while you're creating that solution, you're praying to be released from that place. [Laughter.] Do you really mean it? That's what a lightworker does. And so we say to you, if this is your plight, we've heard your prayer. We ask you to celebrate where you're going every day. There will come a time when you're finished spreading light there, and you'll move on to a more appropriate place, but while you're there, do the work and enjoy the journey.
There may be darkness, negativity, confrontation, and sadness. But you might be the only one there with a bubble of energy where these things can bounce off of you, and instead, you'll place light in that dark place. How many people around you are afraid wherever they walk? There is much fear right now - everywhere! It's a great time to show them your joy. It's a great time to walk with confidence. Oh, you're sensitive, compassionate, loving, and you mourn with them also about the events of the recent past, but there's something different about you: You've got the light of Spirit within you that shines light in dark places. When you do that, energy goes to the grid - to the earth - and creates the cycle of energy. That's all done by angels, calling themselves ordinary Human Beings - the ones who have been here over and over and over. There has never been a more profound setup to help change the planet than right now!

Let us speak about being afraid. "Kryon, what are we going to do about fear? There's fear everywhere we go right now." Perhaps you're noticing that you can't remember a time when you saw more people afraid on a collective basis? We say something to you that we've given you over and over. Perhaps now you can put it into a context that fits into life's puzzle. Blessed is that Human Being who understands what fear is. It's an appropriate energy. It's a balance. It's a shade of love that presents itself to the Human Being in all correctness and challenge, and it's powerful. For those of you who have analyzed it, you know where fear starts. Listen: Fear does not start at the crown chakra! That's where it's headed, however. If you let it, it will go there, and it will control how you think and will paralyze your mind and take over.

You have time from the place where it starts, to where it's going. You have time to recognize it, identify it, and say to it: "Not this time. Get behind me, for I'm driving today!" And the vehicle you're driving is your life! It's how you choose to feel about the things around you and the spiritual connection that gives you peace. It's not about what the emotions will do "to you," which can overcome and control you. Those days are gone.

When an ordinary Human identifies and cancels fear as it creeps up, interdimensional energy is created . . . lots of it! It is absolute energy that flows to the grid and the earth. Now you may say that one person's energy is minuscule and very small and that it cannot play an important part. This is where you're wrong! This is far more potent than you realize. How many times can you put fear away? Every time you do it, you create energy. Energy is solution. The one who is holding the hand of the higher self via The Third Language is able to help the planet, themselves, and everyone around them. There will come a time when as you wake up in the morning, all you do is send energy to the grid and to the dirt of the earth, dear ordinary angel! Then . . . you may begin to understand what ascension truly means.

"Kryon, we've heard you talk about co-creation. How does that fit into this?" It fits very well! How would you like to co-create a meld that you didn't think possible? We keep talking about the Higher Self. It is a misnomer. It truly is not the Higher Self at all, but rather, it is your "other self." It is equal to yours and is on the other side of the veil. It's you with you, a phenomenon that you still do not fully understand or recognize.

All of you is not here, as we've said before. Sometime ago, we gave you a picture in history that we'd like to revisit. It is of the Prophet Elijah, walking into a field with his assistant, Elisha, looking on. For Elijah told Elisha that is was time to go and he was going to ascend. And in 4-D, Elisha witnessed this ascension. In the reality of his Humanism, Elisha reported the ascension of the master, Elijah. You can read it in your scripture history.

There were bright lights, seeming vaporization, energy everywhere! Elisha said that Elijah ceased to exist as he witnessed it. In that energy from those days, I would like to tell you what took place: Elijah was not taken by God. What Elijah did was to claim the spectacular energy of The Third Language - to touch the hands of the Higher (other) Self. The two parts of Elijah joined and became the piece of God that we talk about. Therefore, what Elisha reported was a meld of a total spiritual being, not an ascension or a departure. The Human Elijah, plus the connection energy, plus the High -Self of Elijah - three energies - combined to give Elijah his whole divinity . . . an energy that could not stay on Earth at that time.

When the meld took place in those days - in that older energy - the interdimensionality of it seemingly vaporized Elijah. Now were saying that the earth has changed - the grid has changed - the consciousness of Humanity has changed - even the weather has changed! All has created a new reality so that you can hold more energy and stay here - and even do almost what Elijah did: create tremendous energy by a melding of the selves. In your case, the energy that Elisha saw is still real, but you do not vaporize. You stay and walk the earth as a potential to shine light into dark places, and help this planet move into its next phase. We would not tell you these things if they were not so, and we say, co-create the meld!

Here's a big one. How would you like to create amazing energy? It's time to straighten out some of the relationships in your life, family to family. We say it again: Who is it you wont talk to? Dead or alive, who is it you won't talk to? Now we bring you the news of who is in the room, or by your chair. The pieces and the parts of those people whom you have issues with, stand around you. It would be the right time, would it not, to solve this? Then watch! Sparks will fly and the energy you create through solution will go to the grid and to the living earth.

Dear ordinary Human Being, this energy vibrates so high that it will continue to move the consciousness of the earth. Some of you continue to say, "That's all very well for me, but it doesn't change the decisions that our leaders are going to make or help the wisdom factor." Oh, yes, it does! Perhaps you have not yet understood clearly what we're saying. The more of you who hold this vision, the more energy is created. It shines light into dark places, on paths that have yet to be trod, on decisions yet to be made. It goes into those inner offices where those leaders are, famous ones who you may never meet, dear Human Being. It places light in a place where they would not have had light. In the process it does not push upon them in any way. Instead, it enhances things for them. It's placed on the ground where they walk, metaphorically - the light of Spirit, helping them to see more choices in their path. All because you solved a problem in your life - because you had The Third Language - because you created a meld. And that's the way it works.

Some have said, "What can we really do to enhance our understanding about God?" I will give you an answer that perhaps you didn't expect: A beautiful energy has arrived on the grid this year. Things happen in balance, even though it may not always appear so. When there is tragedy, there is also miracle. We would not give you problems without solutions. There would never be challenges without answers. We have said this before. There is always a balance.

With the event that you all know as September 11, 2001, before it ever happened, there was another event. On the grid arrived all of the masters that have ever walked this Earth who said they would come back, and all the ones who were expected for the first time as well. Not in the flesh - better than that - unified together and posturing a potential that will respond to your action. It's part of the grid change that is the sole reason the Kryon grid entourage came in 1989. It's part of why the grid is important, and is being shaped and coming to completion in 2002. This completes it.

Almost every religion on your planet was expecting a master to return or come for the first time, and they have arrived. Part of reaching up and touching the Higher (other) Self is also reaching into the grid and understanding what God really is. The returning avatars - the returning masters - the prophets - are all here as a direct result of the 11:11, that time after the Harmonic Convergence where you gave permission to move beyond the track of an Armageddon and instead changed your earth paradigm of spiritual reality. Your tragedy of September 11 was not the beginning of anything you ever were given in your old prophecy. Instead, it was a beginning of what you gave permission for within your new one.

These masters and avatars, almost too numerous to count, all together holding hands, are looking upon this planet and communicating with you together as one energy. There has never been a resource - a well of wisdom - like this on the planet . . . never. It is the interdimensional Human who starts to search, who gives pure intent for divine communication, who will reach up to touch that energy. And the wisdom will flow into that Human, and then the energy of this profound decision will go to the grid, to the dirt of the earth, and it will shine light in dark places . . . all created from the ordinary Human angel.

The circle? Some have figured it out by now. As this energy is sent into the grid and the living earth called Gaia; it changes the fabric of what is possible, of what a Human can call "reality" and collectively can accomplish. It circles back to the earth through the connection called The Third Language - a perfect circle of divinity for the ordinary Human! Your solutions cause energy, and the energy enhances your connection. Notice that it has involved the earth and the sky, and the life force that is in between. Can you change the reality of your planet? You just did.

I'm going to explain something that has happened to some of you that perhaps you haven't understood. There is a dichotomy in the emotions of some of you regarding September 11, 2001. You and many others felt incredible grief, horror, and shock. An outpouring of love took place - yes, even a rearrangement of your priorities, perhaps. A fuller understanding of what is taking place on the earth, perhaps. But there is one seemingly dichotomous emotion that so many of you are having that you cannot explain. It doesn't seem to align with the other emotions and might be confusing.
Some of you have not even breathed a word of it because you could not "go there" in your minds yet. In your own psyche, you can't understand What's taking place, and it doesn't seem to be commensurate with the grief of the tragedy. We will tell you what the word is, and some of you will honestly know when I tell you that the word is: RELEASE.

The world has been stuck in old challenges, and we told you that there would come a time when things would un-stick themselves and involve the entire planet [Kryon Book Eight]. This has been the Kryon information since 1989, and was even enhanced in the year 2000. This was your plan in your new reality, and in this process, there has been tremendous release! An anchor has been broken - an anchor connected to the past paradigm that you have been in for ages. Your event of September 11, although horrible beyond Human comprehension, released an energy that now has allowed things to move forward at an accelerated pace. Was it foreseen? Yes. Go back and find the Kryon energy around 9 and 11, given even in 1989. Our message in 1989? That you had changed the paradigm of the planet, and were moving into a new reality. We began moving the grid, and now you're beginning to understand how, as the grid begins to settle, this puzzle is coming together. See the synchronicity of the 11’s everywhere, but know that nothing is predestined. Instead, you manifested the potentials that we saw and reported to you over a decade ago. When this planet starts to move forward with an increasing pace within this new decade, there's nothing ordinary about what you can now do with it.

Let me close with this. On the morning of September 11, 2001, ordinary Human Beings reporting to work in several buildings around your country. At some level, there was cellular information that they would be in the right place at the right time, and they all had free choice to be where they chose. Naturally, none of them, with information from their four-dimensional reality, would have knowingly gone. But in a spiritual way, they made an appointment and were there, as planned.

All of them were ordinary Human angels. Now, what you see on the earth as a result is what ordinary people chose to do on that day for the planet. Right "now," they file one at a time into the "hall of honor," and we sing their spiritual name in light and take our time recounting the lives they have been, where they have been, and where they're going . . . and the beautiful children they will be as they return again. I don't know if you've thought of this as being beautiful, but let me tell you . . . it is. They are okay. They are joyful! Do not mourn for them. Pour your prayer on those who are left.

I don't know if you can conceive of this in the context in which Spirit sees it, but the September 11 event was a "marker." In Tel-Aviv, Israel, in 2000, my partner [Lee] told you that before the earth could move forward and before there could be solutions in the Middle East, there would have to be a "draw to zero." This was channelled information. Almost all of those who sat in that assemblage [Israel] felt deep grief. It reflected their own challenge, and they wondered what "draw to zero" meant. All of them felt it might be some prophecy as to what they were going to experience in Israel. None of them saw the "draw to zero" occurring in lower Manhattan. None of them realized that "ground zero" is what was meant. How does an event in America start a solution in Israel? It's the circle of energy, and you will soon see.

Here you sit, a family member with the earth - with the challenge of the old and the new before you. How ordinary are you? You are spectacular! When we "see" you at the various times that you come into the "hall of honor," and when we sing your spiritual name in light, there is nothing ordinary about the angel who receives the colors. The interdimensional being that you are is veiled completely from you while you're here!

And that is the message of Kryon - there has never been a time in Earth history with more potential than right now. There has never been a grander time for solution than right now, and all of it will happen with ordinary Human Beings within the circle of energy - sending it to the grid, to the earth-spreading light, walking through challenges, connecting with the third language, shining light into places where kings make decisions, shaping nations, and bringing peace and promise to lands that thought they would never see it.

Ordinary? Hardly. That is why we love you the way we do. That is why we say that "you are dearly loved."

And so it is.