Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
"The New Healing Energy"
San Diego, California - August 19, 2006

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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The New Healing Engergy"

This live channelling was Given in San Diego, California
August 19, 2006

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live, has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in San Diego, California, August 19, 2006.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

I'm not in the dark, you know? I know who's here and I know the reasons they're here. I know who's reading. There are some here who would doubt that an angelic presence could inhabit a Human Being and speak in this fashion. You would doubt this and yet, if I asked, "Do you believe in love?" you would say, "Well, of course, I do, I can feel it around you." Then believe in this, my friend, for what you are seeing is a process of love - Universal love.

What you are experiencing is part of a large system that is love transcending physics. Even the quantum hologram responds in each of you when Kryon comes in. There is a relationship issue that has been described and shown on the screen with the teacher, Peggy. [Speaking of Peggy Phoenix Dubro, who just gave a presentation about divine relationships] Profound, it is. Now, I ask you to put it between the two of us. Do you think we have a relationship? Is it important to you? Well, now let me give you the rest of the story. You think that you have come today to hear something odd, perhaps. . .  this channelling on the stage? I will tell you, if you will open your heart just a little bit to the teachings that you've been given this day, and see the cosmic strings attached between us, you're going to remember me. Because I'm the one who said goodbye to you from the other side of the veil right before you leaned into the wind of birth and came into this planet. That was me. I was the last energy you felt as you traversed the veil to come and be where you are now. I'll also be the first one you see when you leave this planet and come back through the Hall of Honor and the Cave of Creation. You see, the energy of Kryon belongs to Gaia, and it's part of the family of Archangel Michael. Angelic, it is, just like you are. All of you remember me at some level, and those who would pick up the transcriptions that you call the books might go through them and say, "Well, this resounds with me and I understand it. For whatever reason, I can feel it." I'll tell you - it's because you remember me! And I remember you and that's why I'm here. These are the cosmic strings we have together. What a time this is!

There was a time on this planet when this could not be accomplished. . .  the idea that a Human Being could meld with Spirit in front of others, and they would accept it. In the past, society had to do it behind closed doors because of the persecution of those that didn't believe in such a thing. There are still many who would say this channelling is the work of the devil. . .  the mythology of the dark side, they say. And that's what will keep them away from the love of God. Little do they know that the God they worship is huge, much larger than they've been told.

Now, here you are, and I say to you, remember me? In the darkest of the darkest times, there is a door you can push on, and the energy of this angel I represent will come pouring in along with all the helpers and along with all the energies that you've been promised. I know there's technique to pushing on that door, and I know there are phases of learning. But I will tell you it all boils down to one thing: What is your belief that you'll remember me and the rest of the family? If you can remember me, then perhaps you can remember you, and that's the key!

Who are you? Can you remember the qualities of Kryon being within you? Can you remember being a profound angel? Perhaps that's a stretch, but I will tell you that's the way it was. For Kryon is a group entity, just like you. You were part of the cosmic intelligence of all things. Remember? When you start to remember, and you start to put these strings together, you're going to remember who you are. And that, my friends, is when mastery is available. There's even a layer of your own DNA that helps you to remember. Did you know that? This sacred part of your own lineage is activated when you say, "Dear Spirit, tell me what it is I need to know. I'm ready to remember." Then it goes into effect.

That's the profundity of a sacred system that revolves around your free choice. Oh, you could sit there all your life and say, "I'm very pleased with my life. I'm pleased with my belief system and it isn't like what you folks believe, but it's OK for me." And I'll tell you that the angelic realm just sits there on your shoulder and loves you anyway. It doesn't matter how far you go in your thought from the truth. If you've acknowledged a creator, and that's all you can do, the angelic realm is there and loves you just as much. But there's so much more if you want it. . .  so much more life enhancement. Oh, let me remind you. I want to go back with you for a moment, back into your own ancient knowledge of the way things really work.

The grand system of Gaia has a series of energetic phases that are greater than 1,000 years each. One of them is coming to a close and another is opening on 2012. The ancients in their observatories of the sun and the moon knew it, yet it is not taught correctly. But it will be. If you would dig into the Mayan phases of energy you will find this oscillation of Gaia. It's an actual vibratory shift of thousands of years, where it sets the stages for the potentials of the ages and all that is upon the planet. And we've told you this before - 2012 is the end of a very long phase. . .  more than 1,000 years. It represents moving into what the Mayans and the Aztecs and the Toltec's called "a new sun." This would be a time of promise and hope, where Gaia begins to vibrate in a whole different way and responds to the Humans on the planet.

Now, think for a moment of what 1987 brought you in the Harmonic Convergence. You were headed for the Armageddon, but that specific energy has gone and will not take place. The end of humanity was at hand, but with your free choice, you circumvented it. You went beyond it. You changed it. And we celebrate that change all the time. We don't celebrate it because you didn't transit, for you do that all the time. No. Instead we celebrate it because it means that you loved the planet so much that you have decided to go forward into the energy of the transition of 2012 and live on an enhanced Gaia. We celebrate the 11:11, for it represents pure illumination.

Here's an esoteric question. "Dear Kryon, if the Armageddon had taken place, and the end of the world had taken place with it, and if humanity ceased to have existed, what would have happened in 2012? Without Humans, would there still have been a high vibration?" I will tell you: The time clock of Gaia is the time clock of Gaia. This "clock" of the energy of the ages would still happen. It's linked to the stars and the planets around you, and your own sun. The free choice of humanity is separate from that clock, but linked to it if Humans are here. The experiment would continue, perhaps even with a rebirth of humanity. But that's speculation, isn't it? Because that's not the way of it, is it? No. Instead, you will be here, and will be part of a marker that starts a gradual change at or about 2012.

There are those who have said, "The marker of 2012 has been advanced, and it is now going to be 2007." This is not so, because the clock is the clock. It is part of the solar system's behavior, and responds to a long-standing cosmic cycle. However, what that idea is about is that certain parts of humanity are ready for the 2012 energy next year! This is about how you react to the coming change, isn't it?

The Crystalline Grid is a direct link between you and Gaia, and will vibrate higher because it is affected by those who walk upon this planet of enlightenment. Oh, there is so much to reveal about this, yet is not understood. But let me reveal this one: All those alive right now know of this quest at their core level. All know, but only a fraction of one percent will do anything about it. One half of one percent will be enough to meld with the Crystalline. We've got old souls in this room, and reading this, so I challenge you: Do you feel the Lemurian energies? I know you do. That's who's here.

Oh, you may deny that this race ever existed, and there are those here who will do just that. But I will say to you anyway, "How does it feel to be one of them?" "Not me, Kryon, I'm not." But you are, dear one. When you go inside, you will remember. Old souls you are, with an awakened interdimensional sense that is going to change this planet. That's why you came. That's why you're in this room, listening to the weird guy [Lee's name for himself]. Because you know about it all, don't you? What else calls you here? What is the core reason you actually came here or picked up this book? It doesn't matter what age you are, either. I know who's here.

I know some of you are lamenting when you look in the mirror. I hear your mind saying, "Why me? Why do I look like this? Why am I this way? Why am I this age? It would have been so much better with different timing. I could do so much more as a younger person, looking different and having a better effect on the planet, being young and vibrant again."


I just want you to stop for a minute and I want to tell you about 10,000 angels who are loving you right now, exactly the way you are, in the right place, at the right time. There's a reason for this. . .  all of it. You can work the way you are, the age you are, the way you look. This planet needs you this way because you can send the light where it needs it most because of the way you are and the age you are. Don't decide for God when you think you are the most efficient in the "light department." Think back to 20 years ago. Are you the same person? Did you learn anything since then? Some will even laugh to think of the way they were back then? No! Instead, you are wiser now and far more ready to send this sacred light.

Send it to the forgotten continent, Africa. They need you right now. Right now. Send it to Palestine [which is the large area renamed Lebanon and Israel, parts of Jordan and Egypt]! That's what you can do because you're a Lighthouse and we need your wisdom. We may even need your size! Listen to me. There's a reason for everything. You are known by God and loved the way you are. Do you remember me yet? I told you this might happen when you came in [when you were born]. "Look at that timeline," I said. "Look at the propensities of what you might do. Look at what you might become. It is grand." And you're sitting here saying, "What happened? It's not grand." And we're saying, "Oh, it's very grand, alright." You don't see it like we do. We look through the quantum hologram at who you are and what effect you are having on the Crystalline Grid.

Within these times there are smaller dispensations that we like to break up into 25 years. You call that a generation. It's not a 12-base number, like so many of the calendars of the ages, but we do it because it's a seven energy. There's divinity in the generations. Take a look. From 1987 to 2012 is 25 years. Now, project 2012 to the next dispensation of 25 years and you'll find it is going to be an 11 year. There are reasons for all of these things, and there is a sacred system. [Lee note: Obviously the year 2037 is not an 11, so Kryon is speaking here of the energy of the 11 (as in 11:11) and not the numerical value. These are the kinds of things the Myans worked with... the energy of the phases of time. However, it's interesting to see that 2037 is a 12, and thereby also fits into the 12-based scenario somehow.]

Let me tell you about the dispensation you sit in. . .  the Armageddon dispensation, to those of you of this culture. Up until 1987, healing of the kind that you have asked for and have come for this very day was few and far between. Oh, there were masters walking the earth and there were healers, of course. But when you compare it to what's available today, it's almost like the Dark Ages. I'm talking about the '60s, '70s, '80s. The demarcation was the 11:11 energy of 1987 (a 25, or seven in numerological terms). This Harmonic Convergence changed it all. This was the permission marker where humanity gave permission for tremendous advancement and acceleration in knowledge, awareness and energy. And that's what you've been experiencing, and some of you expected nirvana! Instead, you get school!

Ask the teacher, Peggy. She knows about school. Look at what she went through in order to arrive at the place where she could be given the information. And when she had gone through her purification, she was ready to settle down and see the strings [referring to the cosmic strings of energy that connect all of us together]. That's when they started coming to her, and until then it wasn't ready to be taught. Profound applications of energy is only the start of the teaching. This particular age you are in - starting in '87 going to 2012 - is only a stepping stone to "beyond 2012." It's when you're supposed to make the difference. It is supposed to be where you'll set up peace on Earth.

Some are saying, "Well, we're not doing a very good job." Would you stop judging yourself and look around? Who is it who has exposed the darkness on the planet in these last years? It has been you and those like you. Who are the prayer warriors, the ones who send the light even when things are dark? It's you. Who is it who exposed the enemy in these times. . .  the old, old energy on this planet that wants to hold you back? You have. Free choice, it is, within those Humans who are setting up this battle between the dark and light. . .  old energy versus new energy. It's you. Yes, there will be a battle, but do not fear this, for it is one you were born for.

Lighthouse, when this battle begins, the Lighthouse is the one who says, "It's here. Time to strike the light." The Lighthouse is the one that says, "I'm built for storms. Here it is. Let's go to work." The Lighthouse is not the one who runs in the closet and fears the storm it was built for. And it may not be the battle you expect, of swords and blood between Human and Human. It may be an entirely different battle. It may be a metaphoric battle. We've even called it the Bridge of Swords.

Since 1989, when we came in and began the channelling, we've spoken of this battle, and here it is! You're sitting in it; you're part of it. Twenty-five years you have, from 1987 to 2012, to begin the generation of your light. And in that time, we have promised to increase the energy of the planet, and to allow the strings to show, increasing your power and your ability to accomplish your goal. You might even say it's a partnership with God, allowing you to create peace on Earth.

And this energy has even changed the way healing works, and some of you know of what I speak. In the past, those wanting healing would come to the healer and say, "I've got disease and I want it healed." And the healer would do their best to work with the disease. Today, the healer would say, "Well, you really must have a ‘whole-body balancing.' For today, the mastery in you must heal the disease in you." And they might say, "No, thank you, just treat the disease, please." It's not going to work that way anymore. Those who only want to treat the disease will perish. It's an age of responsibility, and those who awaken to the mastery within will survive. This is the new paradigm of healing on the planet, and the new way of survival.

Things have already started to move off of that old energy peg of reality, you see? You can't have a jalopy in the backyard and expect to put new tires on it and suddenly have a race car. And that's the way we're teaching this. It's a whole-body experience, not just a new way of working with the old Human. It goes with the territory as Earth begins to vibrate higher, and all the things around it and all the systems that have been inactive slowly begin to activate. It will create something different than you expect. Healing will not be the same. Have any of you noticed that your hospitals are one of the most dangerous places to be for your health? Does this make any sense? Perhaps there is something different that you are supposed to be doing that is far safer? How about studying the healer within?

There are those who will say, "I want a lot of energy. I want to go to the healer and get a lot of energy." And today's healer will tell them that they need to balance themselves in all ways in order to get the energy they crave. But they will say, "No, thank you, just the energy, that's all I want." Are you starting to see the change? The system is changing from "please help me" to "please help me to help myself." The largest change in metaphysical people around this planet will be from "poor me" to "master me." That, dear Human, is why the profound balancing systems that are being taught today are only a few years old. They only came in when you passed the marker of the Harmonic Convergence. Perhaps you feel that was all coincidental?

There are those who, when dealing with the mind, say to the healer, "I'm filled with fear. I've gone to the psychologists, yet I'm filled with fear. If only I could get out of fear and be happy." And the healer would say, "Well, let's take care of that. Let's start a process where you can learn about yourself and take care of everything." And they would answer, "No, thank you, just the fear. Everything else is fine." Well, everything else is not fine, or there wouldn't be fear! It's the same with anger, you know? "Can you do something about the anger please? Got a pill for that, doctor? Just the anger, nothing else. I'll be fine, you know." That kind of past compartmentalization does not work anymore.

It is magnificent and it's a whole-body experience. There are those who will come to you and say, "I'm so tired of the duality. I don't know what to do. There's so much darkness on Earth. I have so much trouble watching the news, it depresses me. If only I could feel joy in my life. Could you give me some joy? You got a pill for that, doctor?" And the answer is no. It doesn't work that way anymore. You're going to see this more and more, this whole-body experience. It's also the same with spirituality. Knowledge will no longer fill the hungry soul. Many will still come and say, "I want to increase the Godliness in me. I want more awareness. Can you give me more knowledge so I can become more aware? Then everything will fall into place." Not anymore. Those who thrived on "knowing things" will not have a full-body experience through the knowledge alone. This creates a partial awareness without balance.

Do you know what would happen if you were able to give someone the healing of "no fear?" You would create a fearless Human Being, and the potential of a raging monster on your hands. . .  arrogant in all ways. You see, a true no fear Human is not afraid because of what their intuition tells them within their DNA, not what a book tells them on the shelf. Spirit doesn't give healings in this fashion any longer. The energy has changed.

The True Lightworker - An Example

I want to take you someplace and introduce you to someone. It's a Lightworker. This Lightworker's going to be nameless, but I'm going to make it a female. I'm going to introduce you to this Lightworker to give you the definition of whole-body healing.

First of all, as you approach her, you feel good. One Human to another, you feel good. You don't know why, but you feel good. You haven't even met her, yet you've already made up your mind, "This is a good person, I like this person, I can hardly wait to meet this person." She radiates the love of God. This is important for you to note. She's not evangelistic. She may not even seem that spiritual. She doesn't wear religion on her sleeve. She's sweet. She reminds you of something you can't really put your finger on, but you don't know what it is. Is it mother energy? You don't know. But I'll tell you what it is. You're remembering the love of God! Because her strings are out, you see? [Again this is a reference to the quantum strings that we all have between us, but that are not felt or used by all. It is a spiritual attribute that needs to be developed and enhanced.]

When you get in her field, then you feel it. Her strings are out, you see? This Lightworker is balanced. She's spiritually balanced. She's centered. She listens. She's interested in you. She makes you feel good. She has no agenda, and you don't feel like she's got a story that she wants to force upon you or anything like that. She's wide open. Oh, don't you just love being around her? What is this attraction?

To some of you, it's the mother you always wanted. To others, it's the mother you had. What is that feeling? What is that? I'll tell you, dear one. Her strings are touching you and they are the love of God. It's not evangelistic, either. They are compassionate, invitational strings, and they speak to your DNA. She's intuitive and balanced, and she knows who you are. She knows what you need. She knows so much, because her strings are out.

Her DNA has been activated, and it's resounding. She's on this earth, seeming like one foot in one dimension and the other foot in the other. Even the cells of her body know it. They all know it. She's got her strings out. Intuitively, she knows where to send the light. And you might say, "Well, how can any Human Being know that much? Where to send the light? There's so much going on. She knows them by name? Who to send to and where?" No, dear one. Instead, she understands something that we're going to talk about a little more someday. She knows all about cosmic intelligence. It's a source, a pool of energy that you can dip into and be part of, a force that knows everything about everything. You don't have to know the specifics.

"Kryon, that's hard for me. I've got to know the specifics to do anything accurately." Really? You're going to your car after this channelling, and going to eat. Now, you're telling me that you require the manual to figure out the engine before you get in? I don't think so. You just want to go, don't you? Cosmic intelligence is the engine of the Universe and you don't have to think about it, either. Those with mastery know how to use this cosmic intelligence engine. That's their intuition. That helps them to turn left and to turn right, whom to send prayers to, when to assemble the group and pray, and when not to. It tells them when to say something and when not to speak at all. Cosmic intelligence. It's hooked to the master plan through her strings.

She handled her duality a long time ago and put it in the back seat. That's how she did it. It's with her for life, you know? That polarity of Human versus divine is there forever. But in her case, in the back seat, irritating her every day! But it's never in charge, you see. When others would be fearful, she recognizes where the fear comes from. It comes from what we call the second brain. It doesn't come from the head, it comes from the stomach, or the lower energy. Fear starts to come up from that, and she intercepts it. . .  puts it in the back seat. She knows all about duality. She's balanced, you know?

This Lightworker doesn't have anger! You say, "That's impossible! All Humans have anger. It's a Human trait." On this, dear one, I will agree. . .  very Human. Raw anger is not part of a Lightworker, however, for Lightworkers are enhanced Humans. Anger is not part of the countenance of an enlightened master. Think about it. Every time raw anger appears and you act on it, what do you want to do later? You want to go back and apologize that it happened. "Oops!," you say, "It just slipped out." That's your way of saying it was inappropriate behavior, right? Think about it. Anger is the duality in charge of you. "I'm sorry," you say. "Somehow it got out of the back seat into my lap!" This Lightworker has it in the back seat forever. It doesn't pop out. She's doesn't get angry. Instead, she gets disappointed. She has compassion. Oh, don't you just want to be with her? Don't you just want to walk next to her, side by side? These are the attributes of what the masters had on the earth. Go back and study your history. All the children wanted to be with them. The adults just loved them, too. "Oh, just to be next to this person!" they would say, as they placed their hand on their hearts. That's the energy the masters of the earth all had, but I'm telling you, Human Being, that this is what you are headed for and is your promise.

Now, let me tell you what's going on inside her body. Disease. No, don't worry. It's there, but, you see, it can't attach itself. This is not part of her program, because she's got her strings out. She talks to her cellular structure and it listens to the boss and she's the boss. How many of you have talked to your cells lately? Do you understand where your enlightenment is? It's in your toe, in your elbow, in your arm, your brain? It's everywhere your cells are, not just in your consciousness or your mind. It's a full-body enlightenment. Do you realize that if you talked to your cells regularly and they understood who's talking, disease would not touch you? Do you understand? That's what mastery is. We wouldn't tell you this unless it were so.

I'll give you the last one. She knows who she is, because she remembers. Some would say, "Well, tell me more about this person. Does she have a mate? Does she have a partner?" I'll tell you. This one? No, she does not. And you'll say, "Well, that's sad." Let me tell you about her, because she remembers who she is and she says to herself every day, "I am sufficient. It is well within my soul. If alone is the way to be, I'll do my work alone. Thanks be to God, I am who I am." She has the love of God in her life and she is not alone.

She is not lonely, either. Oh, she enjoys those Humans who come over and enrich her life, but the intimacy that might be enjoyed within a relationship is not on her mind. At the end of the day, when she goes home alone, she makes a statement to the door every time she walks into that place. She says, "I am that I am. And I need only what I am." She's giving permission and free choice for anything to take place, but she is not lonely, and she's not desperate, and she's not despondent because she remembers the cosmic feeling of being in love with God. That's what happens when you fall in love with the Human race, too. And the Lightworker is in love with humanity.

Who are you? Are you a Lightworker? If not, do you want to be? That's our message. That's all we've got. This could be the message to the very end of our time. . .  until there are no more messages. Oh, there will be those who will carry Kryon long after my partner is with me. Their message will be the same as his. It will be about mastery, and a celebration of how you all created peace on Earth. . .  and I just opened the door for you to look into the future - a future you can't even consider now because of what's going on around the planet. But I'll tell you, the sun's going to come out. But it's not going to do it without everyone who is here reading and hearing joining this battle of Human survival. When's the last time you sent your light to those who are not as fortunate - those in survival, who do not have food on their tables or are worried about their lives this night? There are so many of those, and so few of you. Perhaps that's a mandate that you came here to do something? It is.

Lighthouses, do your work.

And so it is.