Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - Reno, Nevada
February 23, 2002
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Lee Carroll
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Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

This is a greeting that I've given you for almost 12 years. It's a greeting that's filled with more than the energy of just a greeting. Rather, it's an energy transfer. For even though the veil is thick, there are those of you who will understand this greeting and say, "I am sister, I am brother, I am family."

I will say again that this moment is precious - a precious moment due to the fact that you've chosen to invite this entourage into your energy. Some of you felt, when you walked into this area, that this was a safe place. Some of you felt it when you sat down to read this. Some of you walked into this physical place and remarked, "This is what I expected. I don't know What's going to happen today, but I wish to sit here in a safe harbor within this energy." A safe harbor? Yes. There is safety here, spiritual and emotional. There's a welcoming here; there's love here.

And so it is that we take our place within you and prepare to give the lessons for today. If you only knew What's taking place at the moment! There's a thickness of energy on this planet, which has never been here before. There are changes taking place that we've never described, and it's here because of you. If you're one of those who "signed up" through intent to be what we call a lightworker, then you're feeling it. That's what we wish to talk about.

Here is a departure from the channellings and messages of the last months. We've talked about interdimensionality; we've talked about physics and science and calibration; we've spoken of the unspeakable; we've talked about things that we couldn't talk about because they weren't understandable - yet we did it anyway. We spoke of circles within the circles - and now we're going to rest that subject as much as we can.

Today we speak of personal things. We're going to answer some questions - 14 of them. These are questions being asked specifically in this room and also from other groups at the same time, right now. We'll do our best in this dimension to answer interdimensional questions. Every single one of these items may seem to be in your reality, but the answers are not. Get used to this. That's the way it's going to be from now on, for you've given permission to move beyond what you're used to . . . beyond the old reality . . . beyond 4D.

Many of you ask Spirit: "What about this? What about that? What am I supposed to do here? What about how I'm feeling?" The answers you expect to come to your ears are in a reality that is yours. What if the answers were slightly out of your reality? Would you hear them? Are you one of those who has waited and waited for answers, but only get silence? Answer this: If a sightless Human asked for light, and it was created all around him, would he know it, or would he continue to sit in his own personal darkness? We will try to give you answers that make sense, but they're often above the reality that you're used to. These answers aren't always easy to comprehend or understand, but that's the way of the new energy.

Blessed is the Human Being who understands that they do not see all that there is. We have said it before - that things are not always as they seem! Now, on this planet, this is a profound statement. You sit in the thickness of potential for huge change. Fourteen questions . . . and here is number one:

Question 1 – Why I am so tired?

"Dear Kryon, I'm tired. I'm more tired than I've ever been. I'm a lightworker, and. I've done everything that I think I should do. I anchor the spots I'm supposed to anchor. I go to places I'm supposed to go that I'm aware of - I try my best. I meditate. I walk through life with integrity, but I'm tired. Is it supposed to be this way? Will it change? What's next? What can I do? Is this normal?"

Dear Human Being, let me tell you this: On the 11th of September, you manifested a leap for this planet - an "exposure" of what it can be. Think of it as being an opening - the beginning of some profound solutions. You may look around the earth and say, "This doesn't look very promising right now!" We say this to you: You don't know everything! You don't see everything! Patience! It's because you gave permission for it on the 11:11, lightworker, that the weight of what you've just accepted has doubled. You knew that, didn't you? What happens when you take physical weights and clip them onto you and march around day to day? You become tired. The weights that you've taken are the new weights of the potential paradigms of interdimensionality that you gave permission for - the very ones we told you about almost 12 years ago! It won't always be this way. This year [2002] will mark the completion of the grid shift. It will be the beginning of a pattern that stays and remains . . . a pattern that will no longer shift and move as it does now.

Do you know what is so difficult for a lightworker? It's the fact that just when they start to get used to one energy, another is presented! This fact is going to come to an end soon. Some of you may say to yourselves, "Glory Be! It has been a long 12 years." Blessed is the Human that understands that what they're feeling now is not forever. What they're feeling now is not the new paradigm. It's transition. You bear a heavy load - heavier than ever. Your anchor is heavier than ever. Your concern for the planet has deepened and intensified every morning and every night. The angels that surround you have matured; the guides are no longer guides . . . but a different kind of enabler.

All of these things speak of another kind of planetary potential. Here you sit as a lighthouse, as the new planet steers itself among the rocks. Is it any wonder you're tired? Here's our advice: Endure until the end of this year. We're telling you that at the beginning of the year of change, much will be settled. The end of the grid shift is this year - the year of grounding [2002]. The year of change [2003], is the year of the stabilization. That sounds contradictory, but it is so. Spiritually, things will become more stable, but physically in 4D, your planet will begin to change. Think of it like this: The new textbook is finalized so that the teachers may have a syllabus to begin the changing of the energy of the planet. Much will begin to clear for the lightworker. It's different for each, but that's the truth. Endure. There is hope; there is a new paradigm to follow.

Question #2 – How can I communicate better with Spirit?

"Dear Kryon: What am I going to do about communication with Spirit? You see, it hasn't gotten any better. I try so hard to recapture the feelings that I used to have. That was my measure of connection. That's what I considered to be "normal." I know when I'm speaking to Spirit because I can feel it in my heart - my cells. I tingle a certain way, and I know it's happening. When is that going to come back?"

Lightworkers, say "good-bye" to that! You're going to have to look for new signs in a new energy in a new earth. We told you about this early on. The energy being developed is the beginning of something you could never have imagined. It didn't start out the way you imagined either, but here you are in a position you've never been in before - a communicating position. Our advice? Disengage, relax, and love Spirit! Sit on the floor, if you choose, and have a "meditation moment" where you say, "Dear Spirit, tell me what it is you want me to hear - what it is you want me to know." Then I'll just be quiet. Disengage and love the family. You're learning "The Third Language," which we have spoken of many times . . . a continual marriage to a piece of you that enables a communication that is 100 percent of the time . . . not confined only to specific "meditation moments."
Something happens when you develop compassion. That energy marries the intellect and creates a window of opportunity. It's a time-space where there's a tremendous amount of information given. It's going to take compassion to create action. Feel free to weep if you wish, because you're dearly loved - because the earth is changing - because you asked for it - because you've eliminated the energy of "the Armageddon," and because you've changed tracks of reality. Weep with joy because you're in love with the earth! Weep with joy because the earth can talk to you through your feet. Did you know that? You're so stuck in that odd paradigm that everything comes from above! It must be shocking to know that so much comes from below! [Laughter] It comes from your partner, Planet Earth.

Question #3 – What am I supposed to do here? I'm tired of waiting!

"Dear Spirit, dear Kryon: When am I going to find out what I'm supposed to do here? I've been looking a long time, and of course I'm making an assumption that what I'm doing now sure isn't it!"

Really? Oh, dear Human, let me tell you something that maybe you never considered. You're too goal oriented! You want a time line for everything. You think you're climbing some ladder, and when you get to the top, you're going to breathe a sigh of relief. You think you'll reach a summit or plateau. Perhaps there will be some kind of a cot there for you to rest? Then you will announce to Spirit, "Oh, thank you, I'm here. I know what I'm doing now!" [Laughter]

That's not the way it is. Every moment of your life is what you're doing for the planet. Oh, yes, some of you are working toward something specific, but remember the axiom: As you work, as you vibrate higher, as you walk on this planet and change the vibration where you move from place to place, you're working it. Perhaps that's why you're surprised that you're tired?

Many ask, "When am I going to find out what I'm here for?" Here is the answer: You're here for now . . . not something coming up. What have you got going on in your life that you don't like? What's happening right now that you wish would move out of your life? What is it that you don't understand? Perhaps you ask yourself each day, "Will it be better tomorrow?" Dear ones, make this the day that's the summit. Take the situation of today and mold it into something that's beautiful for you now. In dire, difficult circumstances, anchor and celebrate all that's around you. Claim the love of God, and let the compassion of Spirit fill you. Then keep on going . . . even in doubt. Instead of striving for something at the top of the ladder, strive for understanding the circle of energy that makes up your new "now" reality. When you see the circle "I AM that I AM," do you understand that it's a statement of nonlinearity? Do you understand that it's a statement of you and the family? Be the angel, the lighthouse, each moment of your life.

Question #4 – When am I going to get a break from the people around me?

"Spirit, Kryon, family: When are these people around me going to change? I'm really tired of tolerating them. How long do I have to go through this?"

You think we don't know? You think that somehow Spirit is in a vacuum? So, you think that when you have challenges, somebody has turned off the "God spigot," and when you feel real good, it's on again? No. We sit with you and hold your hand through all of it, even the intolerable.

Let me give you the answer to this question, very clearly: Dear Human Being, dear lighthouse, you give intent and take on the anchor energy, the lighthouse energy, and here's what happens. The emotional "buttons" that you've allowed to be pushed, that make you intolerant and angry (and tired), slowly dissolve. Those people who, you wish would change . . . may never change! It is you who will change.

There may come a day, in all naiveté, when you'll announce to Spirit, "Thank you for changing those people!" The humor in this is that all along, what happened, dear Human Being, is that you changed to such a degree that they no longer bother you anymore! What they do no longer pushes your buttons. What they think, how they act, what they say behind your back, the drama . . . nothing gets to you! It's because you know who you are. It's because you've stripped away the peeling of duality and claimed the core, which is divine. You've seen the angel inside, and you've said, "I know who I am. I am that I am!" Then you walk the planet differently, oblivious to those who you only barely tolerated before. That's the truth. Do you long for that day? Then take care of yourself, and watch everyone around you "change."

Question #5 – Get me out of this job!

"Dear Kryon: I can't believe where I'm working. It doesn't celebrate my magnificence, you know. It's not commensurate with my angel inside. Dear Spirit, get me out of this job so I can be a lightworker!"

This is a review. We've said this in the past, but many of you have to hear it in context with all of the other things involved. What do you think your work is here, lightworker? Perhaps you've said this to Spirit: "I want so bad to be a lightworker, but I just go to work. I come home tired, and I just go to work and I come home tired. What's this about? I sure don't like where I have to go, and I don't like the people who are there with me. I would never have chosen them as my friends. I'm the only one there who has any concept of higher consciousness. Everyone else just walks from place to place. I'm alone. I want out!"

I will tell you this, dear lightworker: Do you remember when you gave intent to be a lighthouse? Do you remember at what point you said, "I'll do whatever it takes - to vibrate higher - to experience the love of God?" Well, here you are at the very place where you're doing the most good and you can't wait to be removed! [Laughter] Maybe you're the only light there at that workplace. Maybe it's dark there. The metaphor is this: Imagine the lighthouse, anchored, standing tall on the rocks. The large ocean-going vehicles feature their masters searching for a path into a safe harbor. There you are, shining the only light! Metaphoric, oh yes. But that's the way it is!

You shine a light that illuminates places that would normally not be illuminated if you didn't stand there, anchor! Did you think of this? Let me tell you something: The energies of this year [2002] feature a storm that has increased. It batters the lighthouse more. It makes it harder for the masters of the ships in the dark. The power of the sea is awesome, and there you stand, anchored, with a guiding light. Blow after blow hits you, and what are you asking? Imagine if the lighthouse keeper said, "I'm tired of this, I want out. Put out the light and get me out of here!" It's free choice, you know. You could do that. But for those of you who wondered if Spirit was listening to your pleas, the answer is yes. We have been all along.

What you're enduring is not permanent, so the answer is this: Celebrate where you are - every day. Regardless of your goal, what you wish for, what you think may be happening, celebrate the way it is now. Does this sound familiar? Is it the answer to another question in this series? Yes. Be compassionate with everything around you, because the compassion creates an action, an interdimensional action. It increases your light; it tells Spirit about your energy. It sends out your name. It calibrates you to the rest of us. Did you know that?

When you ask to be removed from such a place, do you mean it? It's very much like question one, is it not? We say, endure it for the duration. It won't be that long, and as you walk it, walk it in celebration and honor. How many of you have the courage to come home and thank God for where you are, where you work, and the people there? Don't you think we know where you are? Don't you think we walk next to you the whole time? We do

Question #6 – When do I get to the next level? I'm tired of this one.

"Dear Spirit: When am I going to go to the next spiritual level? I feel like I've been stuck at this level for a very long time. I want to go to the next one."

Of course this relates to question five, question three, and question one, does it not? It's all the same, you know. It's perception of where you are. You keep expecting that the next level is going to be something that's a far cry from where you are . . . a nice place that has less energy expended? Perhaps one where you're happier and more joyful? Do you know why we call you a lightworker? Do you understand that this is work?

Regarding that next level: I'd like to tell you something profound. Do you know why you're exhausted and often despondent? It's because you've just gone to the next level! You didn't expect that, did you? Here you sit at the very place you're asking to be taken to! Here's a fun example: Do you remember what it was like in school? At whatever grade level you were, if you sat next to someone two grades higher, you might have glanced at their textbook. Wow! You didn't understand anything. It looked too hard! Secretly, inside, you might have said, "I hope I never have to do that lesson; it's just too hard. How do they understand all that? How am I ever going to do it when I get to that level?"

Let me tell you something: This planet of yours just skipped a grade! The difficult books are open, and you're climbing uphill. You're learning a new language. It's the language of communication. It's the language of how to feel joyful under these new "hard" circumstances. It's the language of tolerance! How do you calibrate to something that's interdimensional, that seems to exist in a way that you can't identify or see? This is hard! Yet it will become easier and easier as the earth moves into an energy that's more commensurate with your vibration. That's what's going on as the grids shift, pulling the energy of the planet into a new calibration and alignment.

Congratulations! You're at the next level, working with the book that always seemed too difficult, and you're indeed working with it. Is it any wonder that we marvel at you and your lives? How can we explain that it is you who are the heroes of this new energy? You walk from here to there making a difference for the entirety of planet Earth, all the while asking when you're going to make a difference!

Question #7 – I'm worried about my young adult children.

"Dear Spirit: I have children who are almost grown. At least they think they are. I'm losing contact with them. They don't pay attention to me anymore. I fear for them. I don't know what to do. I've been a good parent and a lightworker. I've tried to show them love, but they don't listen. I'm afraid for them as they walk into a new Earth. I don't know what they're into or what they might do. I don't know - I just don't. What can I do?"

Well, dear one, let's take first things first. Why don't you sit down and let us hug you for a while? There's nothing for you to do at this moment except to understand some spiritual dynamics. We say this, mother and father: When they were small children, you opened your jar of love and you poured it into that child. For all of these years, your jar poured and poured. Here is new information, yet intuitive. It's also ancient information and lasts forever.

Every single Human Being, as a child, has a jar that's empty, ready to be filled. Whatever the energy is of the parent around them, that jar is permanently open during childhood and will be filled with whatever energy and whatever light or dark goes on within the parent. Now, if you've filled that child's jar with white light, and if you've given them love - a responsible spiritual home - if they've been able to see how love works, then you stand clean in this. Oh, you may worry about them, and that's a typical Human fact. That's where we come in as family to help you . . . to sit next to you and hold your hand and say, "It's done. Your work is finished."

Whatever happens now is their choice, and it's the way of it. You know that. It was the same with you. But here is what you may not have known: Even after you may be gone, that child still has the free choice to reach down and open that jar and discover you! Do you understand what I'm saying? There comes a time in that child's life when they may wish to open the jar. And if they do, they'll discover the love you gave them! They'll start experiencing the memories and the responsibility issues - the things that you told them were the truth. They'll experience the now of you, the truth of what you taught, even if you're not here . . . even if you're a long way away. That is an axiom . . .a rule. It is forever.

The jar is full, and that's the way you send them out . . . prepared and ready, if they don't see it. You haven't failed. It's free choice for the child, but if they wish to open the jar, they're going to find the love that you gave them. And the beauty of this is that from your wisdom, they'll take the jar and they'll pour its contents into their children. Therefore, this is your lineage . . . that what you give a child today may be good for many generations down the line. Sometimes you only see the immediate problems and challenges, never understanding how profound you affect the energy of those who follow you. We speak in love . . . just wanting you to know and understand this . . . to capture for a moment the compassion of what may happen in a special moment with that precious soul who entrusted their childhood to you . . . when they someday open the jar.

Question #8 – How do I talk to my body?

"Dear Kryon: I have heard you say that we can talk to our cells. What does that mean? How do I do that? There are those in graduate status in this room who have come in with situations where they had to talk to their cellular structure in order to still be here."

The ones you speak of [in the seminar of the day] have learned that their enlightenment is not in their heads. Every single cell knows everything! That means your toe, your knee, and your elbow are important - as important as is the crown chakra, that creative spark at the top where you think your spiritual wisdom is happening. It isn't, you know. There are those in this room who are living extended lives right now because they learned a long time ago what it's like to recognize the divinity in every cell within their body - every one.

So the invitation is open to examine that very issue within you and start learning to communicate with yourself. This is much like question two, is it not? You're always wanting to communicate up, aren't you? What about communicating in? Did you know that the more you talk to your cellular structure about who you are and your divinity, the more the communication with family and Spirit will increase? You know it's all tied together, don't you? Your DNA is what is the issue, for all of it carries all the information . . . not just the amount at the top of your head within your brain.

Begin to understand the wholeness of this episode called ascension, spiritual communication, and co-creation. All of it requires a "whole-body" experience. Gone are the days when everything that you are seems to reside at the top of your head. For years we've told you that this was coming . . . and now it's here. The ancient yogis knew it, and showed you how to involve the whole body. Now you're going to find it necessary even to communicate, much less to heal yourselves! Meditation is not an exercise of the brain. It's an exercise of the Human Being - all of it! It's an exercise in compassion, and every cell will know you're in touch. It's a new language you're learning. And that's the truth . . . and that was question eight.

Question #9 – Why are some healed and some not?

Appropriately, questions nine and ten are about healers. Healers in this room and reading this have learned something, and I will tell you in a moment what they've learned. Here's a question that they may have asked and that you may have asked.

"Dear Spirit, I'm a healer. I perform the same energy balance on different people, yet there are totally different reactions. Some are healed, and some are not. Am I doing something wrong?"

Here's what experienced healers will tell you: Healers don't heal; they balance! There's nothing you or anyone else can do on this planet to heal another person without their entire and total consent and intent. But what you can do, lighthouse, is to shine your light so bright that they'll find that safe harbor called "healing" because you balance them to the degree that they can move forward on their own.

You've anchored your light, healer, and you've balanced the person. It's up them, is it not, to decide whether the balancing is sufficient for them to move forward? And this is free choice. So do not be in a position where you admonish yourself for a seeming failure . . . ever! You're doing the work of Spirit, and some of you are doing it in a profound fashion. Yet there are many who will get up from your healing table and never "see" what you do. They'll never feel any of it. They'll go on their way because they chose not to open their compassion, or actively chose not to be healed at this time.

There is a scenario about synchronicity, about co-creation, that isn't always what you think. Sometimes, many of you stay in a certain position or in a condition of nonhealing, waiting for something else to align itself, so that when you finally go for that condition of healing it's going be better than ever! We've said this before. Sometimes a "no" from Spirit at the present means a celebration later. And how would you know that, dear linear person, dear healer? How would you know if you had planted a seed of balance that would later bloom into an amazing flower? The answer is, you don't.

Here is something else for those who regularly sit before energy healers. You go to healer after healer, perhaps involving process after process, then you do something very interesting, dear linear Human Being. If you got a "no" from Spirit [no healing took place], you often throw away the healer, and the healing process . . . and you never return to it. Let me ask you this: If you planted a seed, then gave it two days and nothing happened, would you then throw away the pot, the soil, and the gardener? No! Instead, you often wait . . . knowing about the seasons . . . knowing the way these things work.

Those healers are still around, and the processes they use do work! Perhaps the energy didn't seem to work on you? Well, perhaps you weren't ready yet. Perhaps the timing of everything around you wasn't appropriate. Perhaps your individual path didn't have the wisdom to accept the "whole body" experience yet? Wait, and try again. Don't throw anything away, ever!

Human, are you listening to this? It isn't just with healing. How about the vision you've had of something you feel you should be doing . . . but nothing happened? Did you throw away the idea just because it didn't seem to work? You're not honoring the interdimensionality that we've been teaching you. You must work the linear against the nonlinear! Try it again. Understand that just because it didn't work at the moment you tried it on your linear track, that doesn't mean it's over! Honor the vision and the love that went into it. Honor timing, and the incredible amount of work that goes into preparing to fulfill your greatest intent. What a shame it is to have all the answers just an arm's length away, but unavailable because you thought that the door was linear and could only be opened one time!

Question #10 – Is it appropriate to heal someone who can't decide for themselves?

"Dear Spirit, I'm a healer. Is it appropriate and proper to work a healing on a Human Being who doesn't seem to have the ability to ask for it? This would be a Human Being, for instance, in a coma. It would also be a person in a mental state where they're not balanced. What's the difference between an appropriate life lesson and interference? Is it proper?"

So it would seem that the Human Being in front of you has their free choice "muted," and you ask the question of the appropriateness of a forced healing? There are two answers here: (1) Remember that you don't heal; you balance. Is it therefore appropriate to turn on a light on a dark room? Do you force the occupants to see? No. You enable them to choose! Therefore, the question is, really, "Is it appropriate to balance without permission?" (2) Every Human Being that's imbalanced or is unconscious has a piece of pure balance in every single cell. If the Human brain is in dysfunction, quite often the other cells (billions of them) are fine . . . and they're yelling for balance - every single one! This is no different than when the brain is awake and other parts of the body are in trouble . . . they hurt! Pain is the great communicator of biology to alert the brain that correction and balance are needed at a given area. It's the same in reverse. If the Human is in a comatose state, the cells in the body are trying to balance. They wish to be awake! There's a cry of intent in the brain to the unbalanced person to be balanced. This is often the reason for their anxiety. Although they may be dysfunctional, they're also often depressed, since part of them wishes to be whole . . . but they can't express it.

They may not be able to say it, and they may not be able to communicate it, but that's the truth, for the Human body desires the balance that you call "normal." When "normal" is not there, even though you may not hear it come out of the mouths or even out of the eyes, every cell craves it and asks for it. So, yes, it is appropriate that you would work and balance that person. Yes, it is appropriate to send light into a dark area. It's not forcing anything. It's only illuminating. Remember this: Sometimes you're the catalyst for an awakening of that Human, which never would have occurred unless you had done something. Sometimes you're their synchronicity! You're their angel! Think about it the next time you pass by someone who seems to be in a state that's beyond conscious reach. Put the energy of balance around them. Send light into them, and then let the free choice of their cells do its work.

Question #11 – Is it proper to heal those around me?

A third healing question comes from a non-healer. It comes from the lightworker who sees those around him who he wishes to help.

"Dear Kryon, dear Spirit: I have relatives and friends, and I have joyful, spiritual information for them. I have healing for them. I have so many things that I've learned about the way things work. I could help make them whole; I could help make them feel better. I could give them exercises and information, and I might even give them a book that could help. What is it I should do? Is it appropriate? Kryon, you've said that this new energy is non-evangelical. Then what should I do?"

Lightworker, this is perhaps the most profound question of them all. You're the commensurate Humanitarian, are you not? You've learned compassion for self and for others. You're more alert to inhumanity than many, and you grieve harder for the earth than you ever did before. The answer is as it always was: You take care of you. Does that seem like a non-answer? Let me give you the mechanics, and you decide.

The higher the lighthouse stands, the farther the light shines and can be seen. The more anchored the lighthouse is, the less the storm will affect it. As you walk this planet sharing this light, you're going to shine into areas that are dark. The dark areas are where that ever-present "free choice" will be, which is so revered by us all . . . and so pivotal for those around you.

Do you have a relative who lives with you? Perhaps it's a friend whom you love and cherish? And everything within you wishes you could help them - but they're not interested? I'll tell you how they might be interested. Let them see you! Let them see you "live what you believe." Celebrate the job that you don't like. Become tolerant of the person who's intolerable. Smile a joyful smile from day to day - and mean it. Celebrate your life! Heal your body and talk to your cells. Then maybe, just maybe, that person will come to you someday, and say this: "Although I may not believe what you believe, I can see that it's working for you. Where do I begin? How can I have what you have?" Oh, family, don't you long to hear those words? You know who I'm talking to here, don't you? And that's the answer. Could it be so simple? Who said that was simple! Taking care of yourself, vibrating higher, going into ascension status . . . that's not simple. That's work.

Question #12 – How many steps are there in the ascension process?

"Dear Kryon, how many steps are there to ascension? I'd like a definitive answer, please. I've heard many versions."
Here's the truth: There's only one step. One. That's it. It exists at that point in time when you give intent to move past where you are - to go to the next level - to allow permission to change your vibration. That is the "ascension beginning."

Each Human Being can then intellectualize all they wish to about how many steps it may take for them to get to that goal. They may climb any number of rungs they wish. They may go through whatever procedures to achieve the same goal. Some may go through two, some may go through twelve, and some will say it's just too hard - too many steps, and stop. So the real answer is that there's one step - the step where the Human Being says to Spirit, "I'm ready. I want to go beyond where I am and move into a lighter, higher vibration." Then let your own free choice decide what you wish to do, and how many steps you wish to climb. The one step of intent starts the process, and the rest is variable depending on the individual.

Question #13 – Is shining your light into dark places considered an invasion?

"Dear Kryon, what is the appropriateness and the integrity of shining our light into areas of the earth, whether it's at the job or in the family, when it wasn't asked for? I want to be honest. I want to have integrity. I want to be a lightworker, but isn't this evangelistic? This isn't about healing. It's about living ordinary life."

Here is something we've given you before, but here it is again. You can't hear it too much! It's the core issue of your lives. It's the guiding principle behind what you do and why you do it. It's also similar to question eleven.

You show up in a dark place and hold the light. Those who are in that place, searching for a path, are doing their very best. Suddenly, however, they have more choices than they ever did before, due to the light being shown. This is not evangelistic. They don't know your name or what you stand for. All they're aware of is that they can now see better! Instead of forcing your truth on them, or even speaking at all, instead you're giving them choice. They, like you, have free choice to go where they wish. But now they have better light in which to make their decisions.

Let me ask you this, lighthouse: When the master of the vessel steers his grand ship into the safety of the harbor because the lighthouse showed the way, does he leave his ship and run to meet the lighthouse keeper? No. They never meet. The light didn't convince this captain of anything, either. It simply gave him the choice to see something that was in front of him. He made his own choices when he steered his ship with his own hands.

Indeed, it's appropriate to illuminate those paths that are dark and those places that need illuminating. Speaking of this, would you like to know where the best places you could illuminate right now, are? Right this minute - right this instant? Earlier today you were shown the profound influence that science now admits is part of Human consciousness. You're actually beginning to see what "the light" might be!

Today, direct your Human consciousness and the light that it gives into the darkest areas of the planet. Take it to the Oval Office of your land! Don't force an energy there; instead, simply place it there as wisdom. Take it to those areas that need it the most. Why not take it to Kashmir right now? There's much going on there. Why not take it into Palestine and Jerusalem right now, for there's much going on there. Why don't you take it to the mothers of all of these who are wondering what the future will bring for their sons and daughters ten years from now? They need it! Why don't you give them love and hug them while you're at it. All of what I've said is possible. It's what a lightworker does. It's what Human consciousness is all about. It's interdimensional and awesome in its power to create change through illumination.

Question #14 – Kryon, are you leaving at the end of the year?

"Dear Kryon, we understand that you're leaving at the end of this year when the grids are done. In the first book, you talked of this. Is this true?"

In 1989, we gave you information that we were here to help set the grids and that many were involved. This was "The Kryon Group" we spoke of. We indicated the arrival time and departure time of that group. We also told you that the energy of Kryon has always been on the planet. I set the grids originally, and I am a permanent fixture here. I did not arrive in 1989, but rather, the grid entourage changing-group did . . . in response to your changing of the planet's goals. That is the group that will leave at the end of this year. That is the energy that will depart, but I remain as I always have been, in service to the family who sits before me.

My energy is just like yours: It's angelic, yet it's part physics and part love. And that, dear Human Being, is also the energy at the heart and the center of every atom in the universe. It's not a dichotomous situation, since both belong together, intertwined. For it was the love of God that created the planet . . . all the spiritual and physical attributes together. I remain on this earth until the last Human. Then and only then will I depart.

- - - - - - -

The hardest thing we do is to retreat from a place like this . . . where we've had an energy exchange with you. As we leave this room, some of you will see the colors, for it's a compassionate time, creating energy that's pure. We raise from where you are and begin to retreat back to the crack in the veil that you allowed to take place today. We sat in an awesome place by invitation. Someday you might think about this meeting. You may ask yourself, who came to see whom? Know that this day, this entourage, came to see you, and some of you know that, for you have felt it this very day.

And so it is.