Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - Philadelphia, PA
June 9, 2002
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Lee Carroll
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Attributes of Ascension and
The Power of Human Consciousness

Philadelphia – June 2002

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.
Here is a familiar voice that is accompanied by those flowing with me through a crack in the veil. It is a flow from our side of interdimensionality to the side you call four dimensions. This is voice that brings with it an energy-one that may be confusing to some. It's difficult to explain how such a thing can be. I don't know how many times we've started this message with, "Today we explain the unexplainable." Suffice it to say that out of time and out of space, this room fills itself with an interdimensional family...some of whom you might even recognize.

If Human consciousness really has power [as was explained in the seminar before the channelling], then can you imagine the power of Human consciousness intermingled with those from my side of the veil who have decided to come in for a few moments and sit with you and surround you?

This evening is already different from the others [speaking of other channelling sessions]. It seems like each time we come before you, there's an enhancement caused from the acceptance-from the understanding-from the core of those who sit in the chairs. Some are beginning to "recognize" family. It's more than just energy, you know. You're starting to recognize the personalities of those who stand around you, pieces and parts of who you've called the guides. Pieces and parts of what we call you.

So here you are, dear Human Being, brother and sister. It has been so long since we've seen you! Do you realize that you all have something in common? You have all emanated from where I stand [speaking of Kryon's interdimensional position on the other side of the veil]. There is so much respect on the other side for you who come into this planet! Yet in your reality, you dilute all the things that you are. You do not see your magnificence, and you think of yourself in a singular way. You walk around in a linear reality with no seeming evidence of what's actually taking place at the moment.

So we say to you, let the evidence that this is real be in the emotions that touch you, the pressures that you feel, and the colors that you see during these moments as we explain some things to you.

Did you ever ask why we arrive like this? Why would Spirit have such a process as this? Perhaps you're beginning to understand that regardless of what is said today, and regardless of the teachings that are presented here today, something is going on for you that is completely apart from all of it. Reader, what are you feeling at this moment? Is it a casual read, or do you understand that it's no accident that your eyes are on the page at the same moment that we're saying these words?

There is something happening that is out of the 4D reality that you have here, and I'll tell you what it is: Each one of you has a group around you-a group that you know. You know them as well as you know yourself! You may say, "Well, there's really not room for that, Kryon" [speaking of the fact that the crowd is tight with the chairs in the room]. Oh, yes, there is! Into this room pours those whom you've known and lost even in your lifetime. Some of you may smell them! You'll know they're here. They'll touch you if you want. It's all part of the teaching tonight. They must be here for this.

So what do they want? you might ask. Why are they looking so expectant? you might ask. It is the intent of one Lightworker who indicates, "I'm ready" that suddenly changes everything. These around you come into your auric energy and you have a party! And in this party, you have a smiling group of entities-more than you can count. These are pieces and parts of a puzzle that you've been asking yourself about all of your life. Is there more than meets the eye? The answer is yes. There's more of you to be discovered. There's more love here than you can see or feel. There is compassion, which creates the energy of solution, stability, and joy. There are answers to questions around you that you've been asking for a long time: "How can I go through this? What's next? Please God, I can't do this alone." We're saying that it was never intended that you do anything alone! Isn't it about time you let us in? Isn't it about time you let the family in? When you do, you create the definition of what we brought you in 1989: It's the definition of implant-implanting yourself with the pieces of you that have been standing on the outside patiently waiting for your intent. It's implanting yourself with the pieces and the parts of family that have been standing on the outside longing to come in.

This energy around you has been seen and identified for ages! Many have actually seen it, and believe it is angelic energy...or perhaps even those from the past. Who ever thought it might be divine parts of you? Who ever thought it might be part of a grand completion [more about that in future channellings]? This energy has been called everything from evil to mysterious, and many have feared it. All along, it has been about love.

Blessed is the Human Being who understands this premise-looking to Spirit through the mechanism of a divine self, for good things. It's about taking your power-a power that does not equate with the word force. Instead it's a power that equates with love. The more powerful you are, sometimes the quieter you are. Did you know that? The more powerful you are, the more you sit with yourself in full awareness that you are a group! That's what we want, dear Human Being...for you to begin to understand that much of your help is from a personality who understands you better than anyone,

You sit in a time that no entity, anywhere, predicted. Yet here you are. Almost 13 years ago, we told you of the changes that were your potential. Now you've manifested it. The earth is doing a housecleaning, and it's about integrity and wisdom: what is, and is not, appropriate for the planet. Not for a country, but for individuals...for civilization. You're now deciding the value of humanity-the rules of how it's to be seen and treated. You're making the difficult decisions we told would never have to be made unless you made the switch to a new reality...and you made that switch.

You're on another track now...firmly. You have to identify and define civilization. What is the appropriateness of one helping another? How far does it go? What should you demand from your leaders in government, business, and religion? Seen any changes in these areas lately? Have you equated it with what we told you two years ago? We indicated that your highest institutions would have to reevaluate themselves and restructure because of integrity reasons. We told you that they would break apart due to a new energy of integrity. We told you that gone were the days when your spiritual leaders could claim the love of God, yet not live it. Now you sit in this very energy. How many of you remember that this was what we said?

In addition, now you know all about the power of Human consciousness [speaking of the scientific validation that was presented at the seminar]. When you sit in a group and visualize peace for another area, do some of you walk away thinking, I don't know whether that did any good or not? I'll tell you what you're doing, Human Being. You're visualizing light in places that are dark. There is spiritual integrity in this! Visualize light in places that are dark, and leave it to Spirit to do the rest. As you visualize light in the dark places, it provides a better view for Human Beings who are struggling to find answers and solutions in those places. Because of you, they're able to see better. There you are, sitting in a remote place-without any specific answers-without any specific solutions, ready to help. Take the piece of divinity that you are, and project light into their area so they can use their own free choice while sitting in a place that has more light. And that's the process. Blessed is the Human Being who understands how this works...that the power of Human consciousness works! It works from anyplace to anyplace. Do you have any concept of how interdimensional this energy is? You can't see it work, so you often don't believe it. Yet it is so, more today than at any other time in Human history.

Knowing this, how would you like to project your light today to the darkest places on the planet? How about the Oval Office? Let me tell you something: There is family there, too-a family that, inside their divine part, is saying, "We can use all that you can send!" The willingness is there to receive light. Another place: Send it into the heart of Africa. See smiling faces of those cured of disease. See families united, knowing that they'll live a long time. Do you understand what we're saying? All over this planet, humanity is coming to the realization that completion is the energy at hand. Final solutions that really work are needed. In the Middle East, they long for it. There is the feeling that "this is it." Whatever happens next must create a lasting and wise solution to thousand-year-old problems [more on this solution energy is coming in future channellings] .

Meanwhile, here you are, going through a process you've called "ascension." Here is the definition of ascension: a new spiritual overlay that's so profoundly different from the energy you were born into this planet with, that it feels like, and often is, another life. Ascension is moving into the next life without dying. You don't "go" anywhere. You stay right where you are [speaking of Earth]. However, everything else changes around you. Your passions change-who you are changes. The dimensional reality that your DNA works within, changes. It changes so much that some of you even look different! Many will measure their entire lives as "before and after" this change, being very aware of who they are now, compared to who they were before.

The ascended Human is willing to take on the new interdimensional energies and the new powers-willing to take the gifts of Spirit-willing to do the work. Now, finally, you may understand what we mean when we say, "warriors of the light." The word warrior indicates a battle, does it not? We told you the battle was in front of you and now you are in it. The battle is not between Human and Human, but instead is a battle between old and new consciousness. Both have power, but yours my dear Human Being, is the only one that has the light of love connected to it. The more of you who decide to use it, the quicker the solutions will be found.

Let me tell you about ascension: There are still so many misunderstandings about what it is and what you are able to do with it. The last time we sat together, the question was asked, "How many steps are there to ascension?" I gave the answer: "One." The one step is the intent to start the process with purity. It's the intent of your "God-self" that says, "I'm ready. I give intent to know more than I know. I give intent to sit quietly and let Spirit tell me what I need to know-without pretense-without ego-without agenda." That's the one beginning step, and that's the only one. From there on, we call it ascension because you literally vibrate higher. Your biology and all that you feel is you, ascends in vibration.

There will come a day, dear Human, when your science will actually be able to measure the choir in their cells. We have spoken of this before within a biological and scientific channelling setting. Now we're going to mention it in an ascension setting. There will come a time when scientists can measure that choir in the cells, and they'll find out that those of you who are "youthing" and those of you who know about the core of Spirit inside, have cells who are "singing" a different tune than others...a tune with a much higher vibration. The vibration is the metaphor of music-a higher note. So when you hear the phrase "vibrating higher," we are now telling you that it's not necessarily always metaphoric.

Here are some questions, concepts, and things you need to know about the subject of ascension. Some of them have never been broached before, but all of them have been asked. In addition to ascension, I'll also give you some information about enlightenment in general...and even about the way some things work that we haven't discussed before.

Emotional Habits
"Dear Spirit," you might say. "I have some emotional habits I cannot get rid of. I split my time between certain kinds of things that I know intuitively are not right, since they are out of balance and I indulge them with excess. Emotionally, they lay upon me. I think about these things all the time, yet I want the ascension status. I want all that Spirit has for me. My habits don't seem to hurt anyone else, but they consume me. I've been told by some that I can never vibrate higher and also keep these excessive habits. What about it?"

I want you to listen carefully, for you're going to hear this over and over: God, Spirit, your family-are not in a vacuum considering these things. You think we don't know? We stand next to you wherever you go. We know of your trials, and we know of your habits. There is no judgment from any of us. You are the one directing the path...the one in charge of your own energy. All we see is a split of energy, by your own choice. This choice of yours is absolute.

If you've chosen to make these things part of your life, then you've decided to segment your time, spending only so much time with spiritual things and so much time on the other things of your choice. There's no judgment! You're a child of Spirit, loved as much as anyone on this planet, and you'll choose on your own how much of your time to dedicate to your ascension passion and how much to the emotional baggage that you choose to have. And that's the truth. You're all honored, each one.

The segment of effort and time that you dedicate to your ascension work, we will enhance as you're able to work it. We stand ready to fill the glass to whatever degree you allow.

"You mean I can start the process anyway?" you might ask? Yes. "You mean there's no judgment around me?" Yes. In this situation, you're not serving two masters, as some have told you. You're instead admitting that you wish to start a that will proceed at your own pace. You're in charge of your cells and your body, and you may choose to divide it with an energy that belongs specifically to you. And in the process, dear one, the solution to your balance will be enhanced. Don't be surprised if those things that seemed out of balance become easier to deal with and solve.

Substance Abuse
Others go to the next step. They say, "Kryon, I've got something even worse. I have substance abuse. I'm addicted to substances, and I'm aware of it. I'm aware of what it's doing to my body, but I have a very difficult time stopping. There have been those who have told me the two don't mix. I cannot choose a spiritual path and then go and abuse my body at the same time. What about that?"

Oh, a very good question! Are you listening? There's a family around you that loves you unconditionally and eternally. They're supporting you-everything you do and everything you want to do. If you openly choose to abuse your own cellular structure with substances that are harmful, there's no judgment. You're the boss of your cells. They see this, however, as you telling your cellular structure that you're not going to be here as long as you might be. There's no judgment in this. It's literal and honored.

Some of you have wondered why you feel an accelerated life...where time is sped up for you. I'll tell you why. It's often because Spirit looks at you and says, "We couldn't help but notice that you've chosen not to live as long. So we're going to accelerate some spiritual things so that you'll get them done more quickly! This may explain some things that you never knew before. There's no judgment around what you do to your own body.

At the same time, however, we tell you this. Those things that you feel you have no control over, which your cells call out to have, and that you feel addicted to, can change! When you start the process of vibrating higher, the cells know it. There's a process that we're going to discuss soon [later this year] within your DNA that responds to these new interdimensional gifts. This process changes your cellular structure. You can drop habits you never thought you could drop. This is the new power of the cells we speak of. You are the boss of you. This new power is your consciousness finally talking to your cellular structure, taking charge and becoming part of you. Why do you question this, when the yogis showed it to you in 4D?

Dear ones, we need to say this again: How many of you sit in fear of your body? You've been told in the old energy that you can't control anything. Instead you sit and worry, hoping that the things called cells will behave themselves. You hope they won't allow a disease. You hope they don't grow inappropriately into a cancer. It's as though you had nothing whatsoever to say about it! Who taught you that? I tell you that this is an old energy concept. You actually have control over all of them! The process needs to be relearned, and with the new grid alignment, this invitation lays before you. It's time to talk to the cells! It's time to have a meeting.

"Dear Spirit, I have areas in my life where I cannot forgive. I know the process, and I read the books. I've listened to your messages. You talked about forgiveness and compassion being the catalysts for enlightenment. I have areas where I'm having trouble forgiving others. These things stick with me, and I honestly want to take them away, but it's very hard. How ‘clean' do I have to be in this area to start the process of ascension?"

Oh Human, if you only knew about those who "stand on the outside." Some of those entities that surround you have your name on them! They have your face on them. This is hard to describe for you. How can I talk about the divine you... with you? You feature a linearity where there's only one you. How can I speak about that? Can you visualize part of you that's missing, wishing to come in? All the while, the singular, biological you beats itself up with doubt, saying, "I'm not ready." There's no limit to the love of Spirit. Why don't you see yourself as pure? Start the process and watch what happens to the forgiveness issue. What we're telling you is that maybe, just maybe, it's time for you to understand that you don't have to be one thing in order to start another. Stop that linear thinking. On the other side of the veil, you don't have to put on your socks before you put on your shoes! You can put them on in any order you wish. I know this is a difficult concept, but it is so! What is your greatest challenge? Is it in your way? No. The interdimensional Human proceeds anyway, knowing that out of linearity, it's gone!

Why don't you just surrender and let it happen? Understand this: There's no judgment about those areas you have. Don't be shocked and surprised if down the line you'll begin the forgiving process in a way that will make you weep with joy. You can't help but do that, because at the cellular level when you start letting Spirit in-peeling that onion of duality-you begin to understand where your power really is. You start to expand the "you with you," and something happens. Some of the hardest things in life drop away as frivolous. Some of the most compassionate things you never thought you'd be aware of start to become important. You begin to fall in love with Spirit. You begin to fall in love with you. You change. 

Near-Death Experiences
"Kryon," some have asked, "I wish to know about ‘near-death experiences.' What are they, really? Do you almost die? I even have this question: Do I have to experience one in order to become a Lightworker?"

I'm about to broach issues that I've never broached before. I'm about to tell you a truth that has not been mentioned before in any of my messages. What you call a near-death experience (NDE) is very different from what you think.

First, there's no such thing as an accidental near-death experience. Humans who have this experience give permission for it before they get here-to have this spiritual experience-one that may or may not (depending on their free choice), change their spiritual lives. With their permission, although they might not remember giving it, they experience an NDE.

Here's another fact: No one who experiences an NDE even gets close to actually dying! Oh, it may seem like it and it may feel like it, but they don't. They don't even leave the planet. I'm going to tell you what happens with an NDE, and it's going to be different from what some of you have heard or have imagined.

An NDE experience is set up by the preconception and energy of the Human who experiences it. Not all Humans have the same story when they "return." I remind you that some have come out of a near-death experience (so-called) to say it was awful. "I saw hell," they might report. "I'm now very afraid of dying," they tell you. Some have said just the opposite. "I saw heaven; I saw the tunnel; I saw the Light; I felt the love; I saw the family!" It's all there to "see." It's true. Every shade of energy is there to see, but there are such different reactions! The reason? It's all about what's at the core, or the individual's essence who is experiencing it. Humans have free choice to choose their own core energy. Is it fear? Is it hope? Is it grand?

I will tell you what an NDE is, and it's spiritually logical: It's when you meet you. Yes, it's often the first part of the death experience, but an NDE is just the first few seconds of death. You never actually broach the outside of the core energy that you've set up. Real death is very different. At the point of death, the first thing that happens to the Human Being is the marriage of self and remembrance and connection. After you meet yourself-which is a grand experience-one where you're meeting the "God energy," there's an alliance, then a three-day journey. It takes three earth days before you ever leave the earth. And those days are spent collecting what we can only call-oh, this is so difficult-information on the cosmic question.

Listen to me, family member, because we haven't discussed this before. Every single one of you knows what the big issue is-the reason you're here-the reason you disguise yourselves as Humans and walk around on an even playing field called Earth-the reason you're going through what you're going through-the reason you come back and come back and come back. What's it all about? What's going on in the universe that would create something like this? I'm telling you that not one of you here knows this, yet all of you do. It is the biggest question of all. It is the one you ask about before you arrive, and the one that you ask about when you exit.

The first thing you do when you have full awareness is to ask, "How did we do?" There's a reason why you're here, dear Human Being...a good, logical reason. Blessed are you who take it in faith that there's a loving reason why you're going through what you're going through. For what you're doing is helping trillions of life forms at another place-seemingly another universe-even another reality. It's not about sacrifice! It is, instead, about work.

Therefore, an NDE is a manifested opportunity to change...something you gave yourself. It isn't about dying at all. It's about the potential of change. Those who come back having had a grand experience have made the choice to find out more about themselves, and they do. Those who come back frightened have made the choice not to seek more. And...need I say, there's no judgment of either. In each case, the Human's energy guided them to the experience they had.

Listen: The next time you think you're alone and suffering and you ask God, "Why me?" I have a suggestion. Instead of shouting "Why me?" Instead, why don't you feel our spiritual hands around you and our arms around you and the hugs around you? Why don't you take it, in faith, that there's an entourage around you saying, "Hang in there! Vibrate higher. You have no idea how you're helping the rest of idea."
Your earth is called "the only planet of free choice." It is. Oh, are there are other planets with life? Of course. We told you this before. You are the only one, however, that's going through this specific test for this specific reason, and the only one populated by what we call "pieces of God." We've hidden you all in an arm of your galaxy where you don't even have the two suns that most of the life planets do. We've indicated this before. It's not in your understanding to know why it normally takes two suns to create life, but someday, when you find the others, they will mostly have two suns! We have also explained how life got to Earth [a channelling last year]. The "free choice" is the choice to select your ascension!

So, many of you stood on-line [metaphorically] with other angels, waiting to get back here for this age. You said, "I can hardly wait to get back!" You knew what your potential future was. You were on the train of Armageddon, yet you wanted to come back! Why? Such is the mind of God when you are on the other side of the veil. It seems silly to some of you. Why would I come back? This would have been a good lifetime to skip! [Laughter] But here you are, sitting in the chair anyway.

Oh, powerful shaman-oh, monk-this earth needs you more now than at any time in the history of the universe. Here you sit, thinking about ascension status. Do you have any idea why we love you so much? It's because you're actually thinking about ascension! It's so different than what you thought you would be doing here right now.

Talking to Loved Ones on the Other Side of the Veil
Some have asked: "Dear Spirit, is it possible to talk to past loved ones on the other side of the veil?" I almost didn't bring this subject up, because I can't answer it properly to your satisfaction. All I can give you are scenarios of difficulty. It's a 4D question with multiple-D answers.

You're in a linear reality with four dimensions. When you decide to involve those with the gifts [psychics], to move to the other side of the veil and communicate even briefly, they experience an interdimensionality that you can't understand. It's completely out of linearity. There's no time on the other side of the veil. All things are happening at once. Potentials are intermingled with the past, and, by the way, that's why your intent today can change your past. Did you know that? It has always been that way.

Can you speak to somebody on the other side of the veil? The answer is "yes." It's done every day. But those who help you do it, who have the gift, are translators. They're interdimensional translators. They have to try to sort out what they see and feel in a very confusing place, bring it back to you in a very simple place, and present it in a succinct fashion that you'll understand. And they know this.

Let me give you an example of how difficult this is: Let's say that you wish to talk to your grandmother who has passed on, so you involve a translator with the gift. They go over to the other side to find and speak to the entity who used to be your grandmother. When they get there, what do they find? Instead of finding a little old lady called "Grandmother" somewhere in the ethers, they find a multiple-presence-a beautiful, grand, interdimensional one who is experiencing many lives at once-one life that used to be that of your grandmothers'. Now, what part of this group are they going to talk to? It would be like finding a huge bowl of soup, where all you wanted to do was talk to the salt! Unfortunately, the salt is mixed in with everything else.

To make things even more complex, what if your grandmother had recently reincarnated as your neighbor's son? Wouldn't it save a lot of trouble to just go and talk to your neighbor's son? [Laughter] You laugh! Indeed, this is how it is. When you go to the other side, you touch only a fragment and a fiber of what used to be a Human Being called "Grandmother." This small inexplicable piece is what is often "brought back" with messages. It's disjointed and sometimes makes no sense. Often there are no validations of it either.

How do you know if it's real? Let me tell you, because real messages will always have a commonality if the translator is actually in touch. Here will be one message to look for: "I love you as I always have. Stay the path and love God." The message won't necessarily be where the treasure is buried! [Laughter] Human Being, it's tough for you to even touch the divinity in your own core, yet you expect so much of these translators that go to the other side of the veil and bring you back messages from beyond. As far as, "Is it possible?" what do you think this communication is?

Better Places on Earth to Be for Ascension and Enlightenment?
"Kryon, you've said in the past that there are parts of Earth that are more conducive to enlightenment than other parts. Where are they?"

Yes, indeed there are. Fair or not, the magnetic grid of this planet postures itself with some very interesting phenomena. The grid talks to your cellular structure. Do you wish to know what the magnetic grid is really about? It's not about a language that speaks to the two strands of DNA you can see. Instead, it's about the ones you can't see. It's about your setups-the magnetic imprint from your solar system [astrology sign]-and about the predispositions that you bring in as a blueprint of potential. It's about all of the lives you're living at the same time right now as you pretend to live one. It's about phobias that cannot be explained...all within the 12 interdimensional layers of your DNA. Do you realize that there's no such thing as a "past life"? Go figure that one out! In your interdimensional DNA layers, modulated by the grid system, all your past lives and potential future ones are affecting you all at once...right now! It's active; it vibrates; it's part of you. It's the personal essence inside you that's timeless, but who pretends to be in a linear time frame on Earth in the year 2002. It's a cosmic joke. It's part of the revelation when you step away and remember what's it's about. Therefore, the grid affects you greatly-especially the part that prods you to ask, "Is there more?"

The question would then be, "If there are places on Earth that are better, which ones are they?" Let me give you a generality: It isn't at the equator. There's a "zero point" there...a null. Take a look at the problems there-the consciousness there. Did you ever correlate this?
I'll tell you where the best places are: They are where the magnetic grid is the least effective but that are closer to the poles in very defined regions between enlightenment and imbalance. But you knew that, didn't you? Some of you have even been told by your friends that this phrase defines who you are! [Laughter]

Over 12 years ago, we said, "Go to where it's cold." Go to where it's cool. Go to places where you can still live, but that are closer to the poles. There is a greater chance in the cooler parts of the earth, toward the poles, for you to discover things you cannot find in places that are heavier or neutral, like the equator. The worst places of all to live? In fact, a place where no Human Being can ever live? It's the magnetic pole itself.

Now, remember, it moves, so that place isn't stable. But if you could live in that place that would be the culmination of where the ley-lines attach and come together, you would find yourselves neutralized to a point at which disease is allowed to attach itself to you. For there would be no defense, and there would be no communication from the grid to the cells in your body. It would be very difficult to meditate, too.

Let me tell you, there will be a correlation someday with those who have made the trek to study certain polar aspects and found themselves in this very energy we speak of...only to have been brought back with a disease. Go check the correlations of how many researchers in those areas have developed the cancers, and you're going to be alarmed. You'll find that it does not correlate at all with the regular norm. The magnetic grid postures your enlightenment. This is our core information, and what we told you originally when the grid entourage arrived. When it moves, it's purposeful and is with your permission. It's part of the "free choice" engine.

We've repostured and repositioned it, and we're almost ready to tie a bow on it. Then we've told you that the grid group leaves in the end of 2002. What we mean by this is that this group is an "Earth-working group" who has focused on the grid for12 years. We gave you a metaphor about it in the past: of a grid-entourage called "Excalibur." We used your own mythology in this metaphor about a magic sword, an emblem of battle, that could be pulled from a stone only at the right time and right place, by a Human who had the magic. That is you, dear Human Being. You were the ones that did it. It's alchemy-a metaphor not to be lost on any of you. This is what you have done as a Human race.

Listen: In a linear sense, the grid group leaves. But in actuality, that group is only reassigned. It does not go flying through space to some other planet to do something else. This group is here now, and it will always be here, but not as a grid group. Difficult to explain: "The soup will stay, but it will change its flavor and become a different size." It is a metaphor that says, yes...they are leaving. The "I AM" of who they were in the group will leave. But the parts are only leaving their positions of work as they flow into other places of the earth as the new guardians of the canyons. They'll be placed into the rocks and into the volcanoes, and to the places of the earth that need to remain steady, even when the geology says they shouldn't. There are other tasks at hand that we've never described to you. There are many new things in this message today. We will close with one more.

The Appropriateness of Worship
"Dear Spirit," some have asked, "what is the relevance of worship on Earth? What is the appropriateness of worship? Whom should we worship? Where should we worship?"

Why don't you try going inside first? Why don't you see if you can honor the core inside, and worship the angel with your face and your name? That's the truth. A grander truth there never has been! What men and women have made of it is what you see on the planet-in all degrees of light and dark-with many names and beliefs. When you are safe with yourself, you can love yourself. When you find God in your own essence, you can carry it to any church or building or temple, and it will always serve you. You can move from organization to organization, and even call yourself this or that, but as long as you are in love with "God in you," you will have a grandness that will shine through.


We're going to do something different. This is where we leave. We've always said that it's difficult to leave. Some of the hardest things we do in this new energy, after we've been accepted and hugged, is to move away and return through the crack in the veil that we came from. Today, however, it's different. For many Humans in this room are becoming interdimensional. Whereas there was a finite group of us who came in through the crack in the veil, not all of us are leaving! How about that? No. Instead, some of us are going home with you!

Reader, listen: Do you feel included? You are. As I give this message, you are seen in the place where you read. You are seen in all of this because it's no accident you picked up this book. Many of you gave permission for this moment, and you said, "Yes, I wish to know more about these spiritual things. I wish to sit alone and know that I am surrounded by Spirit. I wish to be quiet and let God tell me what it is I need to know. I wish to start a path where for a short time each day, I visualize light in dark places. I wish to combine with others of like mind and send light into those places. I'm beginning to understand the power of Human consciousness. I'm beginning to believe that I am indeed eternal."

And if that's you, dear one, I hope you have room in your house for the additional energy! Some of us are going to stay with you. Such is the love of God. You are family. I tell you that when I see you next time on my side of things, we will sing your name in light, just like so many who have recently come over en masse...all smiling...all remembering...all reconnecting.

Stay the path. Do the work. Then when you ask the big question, "How did it go while I was gone?" I will be able to stand in front of you and give you the good news...of miracles created by angels pretending to be Humans. And that's the truth.

And so it is.