Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
"Human Lighthouse Filters"
Newport Beach, California - December 3, 2006

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Human Lighthouse Filters"

This live channelling was Given in San Diego, California
December 3, 2006

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live, has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Newport Beach, California - December 3, 2006.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. 

There are those who've said, "Well, what does that greeting mean exactly?" And now after all of these years, perhaps some of you know who I am really? Although the magnetic changes of the planet have been accomplished for your shift, my service is still to humanity – still within the magnetics of your DNA. I will always remain "The Magnetic Master."

Let this room be gradually filled to a degree where you can feel it heat up. The legion of entities who we call the entourage are different every time. They are filled with beings who know you, filled with guides, filled with what you would call angelic entities standing around you.

The most esoteric thing we do besides the channelling itself is to suggest that this meeting is a reunion – a meeting that is going to be beyond your belief. And each one of these who reunite with you can touch you personally. It's possible because you allow that with your spiritual heart. Now, in 3D I ask you Human, do you want to stay in this time we have together, only a few minutes we have together? How 3D do you want to be? It's a safe place here, you know? It's safe to allow things to take place here. It's safe for you to think things that perhaps you didn't allow yourself to think before... even things out of 3D.

How many Human Beings will actually sit and ask themselves, "Is there a reason I'm here?" Oh, not because you're in trouble, not because there might be difficulty or challenge. Instead, it's a blessed question. It's honored that the Human Being enjoy a full celebration of life, yet say, "Is there a reason why I'm here, and in this place?"

That's why Kryon is here. Did you yet realize this? That's why this channelling is taking place. That is why I came to give you these words, one at a time in linear fashion, and the channellings... one at a time, continuing for the life of my partner. There are divine tools in your DNA and there is profound divinity there, too. There's a purpose and a plan, and you are sitting in a place where you can do something about the earth around you, even though you might not know it. But you feel it, don't you? Don't you feel that you are here for a reason?

The entourage is almost settled here. Some of you will feel them during this time of instruction; you'll feel them press upon you. Some of you, who are seers, will see the light that is here on the stage and will know that there's something going on besides the obvious 3D. They may see my partner morph, for he always does for those who choose to see it.

The seers in the group will be able to verify and see the morphing and the colors that are always here, dear ones, because it reflects on the interdimensional side of those who are gifted in that way. It's time to again speak of the divinity of Human Being, but in a new way.

The Human Filters

Today's teaching is a grand message, but it's also a profound one – one that will be transcribed, and we're going to call it "What are you going to do with your filters?" Did you know that as a transmitter of energy, divinity, light and thought, you are filtering al of it as it goes out from you?

The premise that we have given all of these years is this: the metaphor of a Lightworker is one who sends light. This constant metaphor expands also to the 3D image of the physical lighthouse on the beach. It proclaims that lighthouses are never built in safe places. They send light to souls who need to see it, and help to guide ships into the harbors of safety. Few are needed to affect many, and they are rock solid. Therefore many of you are, indeed, spiritual lighthouses for the planet in these difficult and shifting times.

You walk among society all over the earth. You have brother and sister Lightworkers in lands you will never visit, where the languages and customs would be foreign to you. Yet your light is the same as theirs – a divine and clear presence that affects the darkness around humanity, giving choices in all cultures.

There are three groups of you right now and I see you all. There's a readership, a "now" listenership [the attendees] and a future listenership [those listening to recordings]. So let me address the readers. This is a precious, precious time. You either truly get this message or you don't, but please give it a read and feel the energy that is here. For the future listenership, I will say to you, this is a direct message for you to hear. It puts you in a time frame with those who are listening live in your 3D "now." I know who you are, listener. You don't think I do because I'm talking out of time here. To you, this is a recording. But to me, I'm on your lap, right now – just like I am with those here.

Something's in the air and those here feel the thickness of it as it closes in upon them. Perhaps even the third language is upon their lips? [a spiritual interdimensional language that is not linear and that broaches all time and space] They celebrate divinity in the room. They're home! It's a thick energy, isn't it, and some of you know it and can feel it changing. Oh, some of you are even asking, "Could this really be? Could it be real? A voice from the other side of the veil speaking with us?" I tell you, look at the stage sometime during this, and you'll see it is real. Some of you may even see the beings that always accompany my partner during channel. They come and they stand next to him. They're big. He knows it and he can feel them. They snuggle into him. And that's when the teaching begins and it's always that way. He seldom speaks of it for it's an anointment that has come with years of practice.

And so the metaphor goes, you are challenged to send light. It's why you exist, and it's the protocol of how even the most meek of the planet will have a profound stamp upon what happens next. But it must be pure light and it cannot have anything "on it." Therefore, anything you put upon this light that is not pure and divine is created by the Human Being, and it's a filter that you metaphorically place in front of it. It would be just like a real lighthouse might place a filter over its light, changing the character and color of what is sent out. Now, there's no reason why a lighthouse would ever do such a thing. And there's also no reason why a Human would willingly do it either, but esoterically it's done every day, and that is the subject of this teaching.

Imagine for a moment a whole box of filters stored around your light. I'm going to identify what they are. At this point you might even deny they exist, saying, "My light is as pure as my intent to make it that way." Indeed, you are a grand lighthouse! Your pure, intent light is as bright and as white as anything you have ever imagined in your life, yet (gasp) here come the filters! Look carefully at the box of filters, for it's got your name on it. This is not just a fluffy channelling, dear ones, for now I'm giving you the profound "next step" in defining how to change the earth.

The Human Being shows up at the top of the lighthouse and begins to do his work. He meditates, creates a sacred space, and begins his transmission. Perhaps you haven't thought about these things before. Perhaps you think you can separate the sending of the light from your personal life, but you can't. You can't. When masters walk the earth and heal those around them, they must be masters first and healers second. Mastery demands a scenario of purity that is very attainable, for it's built into your DNA and ready to be activated. But it's time to understand what it is you are up against.


What are you worried about right now? I know who's here. I know who's reading. I know what you're worried about. So I know that many of you are worried! Do you know what that looks like? Oh, it's a great dark filter over your light. Did you know that this puts the "worry filter" right in front of your sacred light? So when you sit down and meditate and you want to send light to the rest of this planet, it's like a lighthouse. It goes around and around, and it transmits worry, worry, worry, worry. [Lee makes the motions that Kryon gives him, of a light going around and around.] Did you know that? It's a filter! It goes right on that interdimensional communication line that is so precious to the Lightworker, and to the planet.

Perhaps before you sit down and you meditate you might like to clean yourself of all worry? That would be valuable. But you say, "I don't know how to do that. I mean, I would have to go to another space completely, one that wouldn't be me. Because I worry!" Well, I've got a solution. Why don't you go into that ascension status that we have talked about so many times, and pull upon the energy of that hidden DNA, which is yours, and eliminate the worry? Eliminate that filter. There's no reason for it to be on that light anymore.

"Kryon, I can't just make worry go away. There are 3D things that produce it, and make the Human create it. You can't just ‘think' it away. We worry because there are reasons to worry. I can't believe that Spirit would simply tell us to stop. It's like asking us not to be hungry or not to feel pain."

This, my dear Human friend, is where the teaching gets difficult. If you are to be a Lighthouse for this planet, doing what you came to do, you have to get out of the 3D box you were born in and readjust the perception of what you can and cannot do as a Human Being. Many of the masters who walked this earth were constantly under attack. Study their lives. Were they filled with worry and hopelessness? No. They were filled with love, tenderness, empathy and celebration. How did they do that? They claimed a power inside that gave them something you don't even believe can happen! How can you approach this task of being the Lighthouse, when you don't even believe in the light?

It's time to understand the premise that there are things outside your Human perception that are yours for the asking, and yours for the duration of your life. When you see these listed in the rest of this channelling, think, "I can" rather than "how can I?" For these things are what we have taught now for 18 years. And, by the way, masters can stop hunger and pain, too. Study their lives and you will see this over and over. There is mastery in you! Adjust your perception.


What about frustration? There are so many of you who are frustrated over this and that, saying, "What am I going to do? Where am I going to go? What's happening next? Why did that happen to me? And WHEN am I going to get this and that?" You are frustrated! Do you know that frustration is also a filter? We ask again, when you looked into the eyes of the masters of the planet, whether they were called Christ or Buddha or Paramahansa Yogananda or Sai Baba, did you see frustration? No! You saw joy! You saw peace. You saw clarity and balance. And again you might say (in your frustration), "Well, those Humans were masters. What do you expect?" And if you said that, you haven't been listening to Kryon very long, have you? What do I expect? I expect the same divine energy that made those Humans masters to well up inside you and start the same process, for it's internal, installed, available and ripe with manifestation.

What do you think is inside you, shaman? It's called mastery. Are you're going to be history's first frustrated master? You say, "Well, Kryon, I'm frustrated, and I have reason to be frustrated. I'm a Human Being and there are things that frustrate me." Again, along comes the voice of Spirit in these times that says, how would you like to drop that? How would you like to be a Human Being and have the same situations before you, but they don't frustrate you? Is that a possibility? If it is, and you can allow for that, open your heart, open that third eye for a moment. Welcome to mastery! Welcome to ascension. Are you getting this? Try pushing on that door of "what's next," the one you are curiously afraid of. One of the things that happens is all these frustrating things drop from you and your light becomes pure. Otherwise, you're going to send frustration, frustration, frustration. [Again, Lee makes the motion of a light going around.]

I can just see it now. [looking off in the distance] An angel on the other side of the earth is saying, "Look, there's a Human Lightworker now. Glory be, he's sending much needed divine light. Oh no, it's the light of frustration." [Laughter]

Human Bias

What about bias – Human bias? "Kryon, I'm not biased," you might say. Of all things you could be, many of you claim to be unbiased. You say you have been careful about this. All right, I will challenge you. Gear up to meditate right now and send light to your government seat without any bias. Oops! I think I just hit a nerve. Remember, sending light it not the same thing as what you want to say to your American president. That's not what the angels want to hear. That's not what he wants to hear. That's not what you're supposed to be doing. What's the bias that you've got going in this? Can you get above it? Can you send light to the president without Human political interference? Can you instead let the idea of the cosmic intelligence take over and shine a light into an area that the U.S. leadership needs? Can you do that? I'll tell you – most of you can't!

Let me give you the example of the master who sends light to his leadership. He sits and sees the president as a fellow angel in a dark place who needs as much light as possible. There is no assignment of party affiliation, no assignment of what the master wishes would happen, no assignment of any kind. Instead, the light becomes the engine of God, sending wisdom, peace and clarity to the Oval Office for the president to see and use when he has the free choice to do it. One angel to another. One equal to another. A divine contract that, at some level, is expected from those in leadership who have portions of their DNA as profoundly ready as yours, to play important parts in the upcoming shift of your planet. Again, it's a partnership.

You have Human bias, and it's a filter. You slap it on the front of that light and out it goes. "Well, how can we keep from doing that? It's part of being a Human Being, Kryon. How can we tear that filter up? The one of bias just seems to come with the territory. We're built like we're built." Oh no, you're not. That's the old paradigm perception. Oh, you come in that way, and you go through life that way, until along comes a message that tweaks your mind. Do you remember my message of 1989? My partner released that message in 1993 for you. It said, and I paraphrase it, "you can change your stripes!" That was the message. Remember? "How would you like to change your karmic attributes?" I said to you. "There's a new energy," I said to you. "Magnetics are being changed so that your DNA will be changed," I said to you. "How would you like to not even be affected by your astrological sign anymore? How would you like to do things in a retrograde nobody would ever do?" I said that. Go back and look.

And what do you call a person who could do such things? A master! Mastery is at hand, dear ones, and it doesn't mean that you stand there taller and everybody worships you. It doesn't mean that you have to make some kind of light shine upon you so all see you. It means that in the darkness, even in your own closet, your light is so pure that it changes things on the planet even if you are the only one who knows about it. You don't have to shout it from the hilltop either, and nobody's going to come running to your door and say, "Wow, you've got a bright light." You'll know it because you're going to feel peace from it; you're not going to have fear; you're not going to worry; you're not going to have frustration. Instead, you're going to have the love of God in you. As for the others, they won't see an odd New Age light, but they will see balance, and it will make them wish to be with you. Oh, what a concept this is for a Human! Mastery is yours.


Here's a filter that you haven't even thought of: What about things that have happened in your lifetime that have given you trouble? What about the Human you can't forgive? Don't you think I know who's here? Don't you think I know who's reading? Oh, you've tried to forgive, but betrayal is a tough one, isn't it? Yes. It's almost like when they betrayed you, they betrayed the whole contract and spoiled an entire life experience. They put you through it, didn't they? Maybe it was a mom or a dad. That even makes it worse, doesn't it? And I know who's here! Maybe it's a daughter or a son you just can't forgive for what they did, you know? Maybe there was abuse. Maybe it continues to happen and you are just tolerating it. Oh, I'm talking to you now. That's why you came and sat in the chair, dear one. If you don't feel touched now, you're not going to feel touched at all because I'm talking to you, listener. I just touched more than one of you. What do you do with that? You can't forgive them.

It's a filter, you know? I could just see that same angel on the hill now. [Lee makes a motion as though he is looking far away.] "Oh, there's a light. It's coming from thousands of miles away. Oh, it's a beautiful light. Oops, I see that it's filled with unforgiveness! We'll use as much of the light as we can, but it's going to be tough with that filter on it." Do you see what I'm saying? Whatever you've got going on in your life just "sticks to the light." Up to this point, perhaps you thought you could just go in a corner and send that light, meditate, have a great time, and somehow all these things might be suspended while you got "spiritual"? No. Who you are is imprinted onto the light you generate.

"All right, Kryon, you tell me how I'm going to forgive this person. You put it out on the table, so you tell me. I can't do it. I could never do it. I'm having trouble now. How does one do this?" Have you ever asked for help? Or do you sit there and think, "I can't do it, I can't do it, I can't do it." What about creating a life change so grand and so great that those feelings just fall on the floor and you sweep them away with time? How about that one? How about you never thinking about it again, instead of every moment of every day. How about that?

I'll tell you, Lightworker, that forgiveness is one of the staples of mastery. No matter what the situation, your perception changes. Do you remember the child who may have said something to you in school in the third grade? Probably not. It's because your life experience is so far above that now that it's not important. It passed from a place when you were not mature yet, so it doesn't affect you anymore. You grew up! Think of this same thing with mastery, because then you will start to see the scheme of the way things work; you become wiser and far more interdimensional in your perception. Things that haunt you now no longer have energy, and they are a waste of time. You go beyond it. Are you ready for such a thing? Daughter, are you ready? Can you forgive? Can you even love them? I challenge you, dear one. Clean up the light. Make that happen today.

I've just given you about four filters common to man, common to all in various degrees. Have you ever thought about how that affects your ability to send out this purity that you want to send out? Isn't it beautiful that they give a white light that is so bright that it illuminates the corners of darkness worldwide? Do you know what lies on the floor that nobody can see, even amongst those who are so dense? They will never come to a meeting like this, never read the words that some of you are reading now, or hear this message that some of you are listening to. That is the one who is going to be affected by you, because this light of yours shines in their corner and suddenly they see things they never saw before. Now, of course, they'll think it's their idea when they discover it. In many ways, it is, since it was their free choice to see it after your light shined upon it. It's a partnership then, is it not? What does that tell you? The sending of pure, bright light, without frustration, anger, fear, bias is what you are supposed to be part of! How many "partners" out there are waiting for you to do this? How many of them may be influential to stop wars, make peace, or find cures for disease? Did you think of that? It's a cosmic partnership that will totally escape 3D logic or time.

The Akashic Filters

If you thought it was difficult to clear out all those filters, wait until you hear the next section. There's another box of filters over here in this corner – an esoteric box. It's got your name right on it, too! If the other ones weren't bad enough, wait until you see the esoteric ones. And they're labeled Akash.

Let me tell you something. You are a product of all the yous that have ever been on Earth. Think of that for a moment, Lemurian. Who have you been, what have you done? What's been done to you, victim? It's right there in the Akash of your own interdimensional DNA, and you know it. How many times have you been victimized, shaman? Let's talk about the last time you were burned at the stake. You're here, too, reader. What does the Akashic record of who you were do to you now? Does it make you a little hesitant to come to channelling meetings? It should.

In an interdimensional perspective, there is no such thing as a past life. We've said that before. Therefore, they're all present lives, are they not? Well, then let's start looking at them. What do you have that irritates you? Perhaps there are things that you have and you don't know where they came from? What are you trying to get over? I'll tell you, it's all in the Akash. It comes from past incarnations when you used to be someone else. It's called a residual imprint, if you want a name for it, but here is an irony – it seems unfair, does it not, that as you begin this journey, which is a spiritual path, that as you become interdimensional, the very things that you hoped you'd get rid of show up! Your journey into the interdimensional actually opens the door to make these things come alive to you, like victimization.

What about self-esteem? You ever feel like you don't have much? I'm going to give you a fact I've never stated before and I'll just tell you the way it is. Lightworkers in general feel beat up. As a group, they don't have a lot of self-esteem and there's a reason – a good reason. When you start this journey, and become even slightly interdimensional, all of those lifetimes come forward and surface and you get to see who you are, what you've done, and where you've been. Suddenly, you don't feel worthy anymore.

Some of you just want to crawl in a corner and weep. This is because that's what the enormity of the Akashic record does to you. It shows all the struggles of you becoming the being you are today. You get to feel many of them and it hurts. What you don't take into account is the fact that all those different consciousnesses through the ages that you participated in were stair steps to your enlightened being in this present life. They don't represent who you are now, but the feelings are there and they surface.

What about the vows you took? What do you think those do to you? Think how many vows you took – nun, priest, shaman, medicine man. You sit in these chairs and pretend to be ordinary folks, yet you're sitting there with all of those sacred colors. I see them; I know who's here. I know what you've done and where you've been. I know what you've gone through. Yet you came back, didn't you, to sit in these chairs in the 11:11 energy? In numerological terms, the 11:11 means enlightenment and illumination. You came for the final struggle, and the one which represents a generation before 2012.

This generation, the next generation and one more after that, will be the ones that turn the earth around. You are the forerunners. You are setting the stage, and the ones who decided to have Indigo children. You have them as children and your grandchildren, to teach them what a light without a filter looks like. You're the ones. You're the generation to do it. You're the ones who came in and turned it around in 1987. Your spiritual energy on Earth decided there wouldn't be any Armageddon! That's who you are. But suddenly, as you discover your power, you've got those vows and you've got victimhood, don't you? We've said this before: Do you want to know how to get rid of that, all of it right now? Why don't we all just do it together? Listener, why don't you do it with me? You don't have to say anything out loud, just say it within yourself:

"Dear Spirit. I am alive in the years that will save the earth, and I am here to make a change on the planet. I hereby drop all the vows that would get in the way of that, for they belong to another consciousness and another energy. Instead, I renew my vows with the same Akashic energy that took them originally. All of the lifetimes that are now under me are my support. And like a rod of energy that I will put down this line through my own history, I take control of them all now. I will need the help of all the consciousness of these many souls who I was, from the time I first came to this planet. Together we will create a white light like the planet has never seen. The light of the many mes, focused through the current me. That's why I came this time, and that's why I have existed through the ages – to be here now."

How about that? You are in charge of you, divine one. You don't have to worry about these things. You don't have to say, "How do I do this? What is the procedure? Where do I start?" Instead, why don't you just do it? Watch what takes place when the boss speaks – the divine one who is alive in 3D right now on this planet. You are speaking to your own Akashic record, and it will respond and light up, you know? Watch what takes place. Watch what takes place with your phobias. You've all got them to some degree. We addressed that issue once in a book called The Journey Home with Michael Thomas. [Kryon Book Five] Michael Thomas was the man learning about ascension, and what it meant in 3D. In the story, he had claustrophobia, and part of his training had to do with phobias. He was actually nailed into a box like a coffin. And what was Michael Thomas' reaction to that? He sang a song! There was no fear, no panic. The only emotion he had was, "I'm free of fear and I'm going to sing about it until they open the box." It was well with his soul, and he celebrated instead of the old paradigm of having a panic attack.

You can drop so many of these esoteric things because so much of it is residual from past expressions on the planet. You have total control over the Akashic energy within your DNA. It works like that. The current living resident has control over all that has happened, and the energy of what has happened. But if you don't take that control, it becomes a filter.

Can you imagine sending a bright light to the Middle East – with victimization all over it? With vows that you took? With biases that you have? Can you imagine that? That's that box of filters to my right, here. [Lee gestures.]

What about expectation? That's a filter, too. "Well, Kryon, there is nothing wrong with positive thinking. I'm sending the light and I expect that there will be good energy due to it, and a positive outcome. I expect that this is going to be a peaceful light." Well, Human, this is very supportive of the light, but you just biased it. How can cosmic intelligence be placed upon a pure light when you've already decided what it's for and what it's going to do? You see? Part of the issue, is it not, is the ability for you to send a light that is pure and generic and free and clear of you. Only the divine part is what we're asking for, and only the divine part will then allow cosmic intelligence to go to the right place and create the correct energy for the time. That's why you're here.

This process of cosmic intelligence is well known. In the quantum hologram, it is well known. Cosmic intelligence is the definition of that energy that knows where it's going, what it's going to do, and who it's going to affect. It does not put itself upon any Human Being, other than a light for them to see clearer. Thereby, it allows free choice of the person it's shined upon. And this has to do with healing, too. That's why you can't heal anybody, dear ones. Oh, you can balance them. You could tell them what's wrong. You can give them things that will help them, but they have to take it themselves, see it themselves, and work with it themselves to be healed. Sometimes that takes about three seconds, and sometimes a lifetime.

What about expectations? As simple as this. "We're getting together and we're praying for peace on Earth." Really? Is that what you're going to do? "Well, that's what you told us to do." Oh, no. I told you that Human Beings, especially those who are listening, hearing and in the room, could create peace on Earth. That's what I said. I didn't tell you to send light with peace on Earth on it, did I? No, angel. Here is your task: Get together and send a light that is so powerful, you don't have to touch it. In fact, to touch it and think about it might be even something that would be filtering it. Give it intent to create the highest good for all, through a divine intelligence that you have, but may not understand. Generate the light and let the cosmic intelligence take it wherever it's going to go. You are the engine, for it's the Human who must generate it. But then God is the facilitator of what happens after it leaves you.

That's what a physical lighthouse does. Think about an earthly lighthouse. What does it do? Do you think it sends a message on the light for ships at sea? It does not. It just says, "Look around you. I'm a light in the darkness. I'm here for a reason, so look for the reason and find safety." Then it's the master of the ship who actually turns the rudder, is it not? It illuminates the dark and creates choice. And that's what you're supposed to do. Some of you who are listening and reading do this so well! And you've learned all of these things; yet I know who else is in this very big room where time is not important, and many are reading and listening over years of what you call the fabric of time.


The last one is unbelief! This seems like an oxymoron, does it not? "Kryon, how can you be a Lighthouse and not believe?" There are actually a lot of you on the edge of belief, trying to be a Lighthouse, going through the steps. But really, when you get out of the room, you begin to question certain things. "Is this really true? Is it right? Was that man on the stage really channelling? Was there an angel really coming through? Are these words from Spirit or are they from a man?" Oh, you want the answer to that? On the stage there are two figures right now. They're part of the entourage that comes in with my partner every time he does this. I don't expect you to see them, although some can and some do, and they often report it. This is real, and the message should resound in your heart and in your mind that I'm real. This entity of mine doesn't ask you to do anything you wouldn't want to do, does it? It doesn't call for a conclusion, and it doesn't give you a doctrine, does it? Instead, it just praises you and tells you how beautiful you are. It describes what's inside you and what can be done. Isn't that what it is? Doesn't it give you free choice? That's the love of God at work, dear one. That's who's here.

I'm your partner, Kryon, and some of you are beginning to recognize who I am, and what I'm here for. If you'll get rid of the disbelief, all of it, your light will become so much brighter. It's up to you. The duality builds into you unbelief. It's an appropriate tool that makes it so you must search to find divinity. Although it's intuitive to search for your divine roots, it's not intuitive that you actually have it. Blessed are those who search, for they will find what they search for – God inside.

What is your path today? Where does it take you, and what does it do for the planet? "Kryon, I want to know how to proceed to get rid of my filters." I've told you how. So many of you want to compartmentalize it, as though it were in 3D. "Kryon, I wish you'd give us 12 steps. I wish you'd give us something that we can handle that's more Human-like." And I say to you, why do you want to make it so complex, Human Being? Making it Human-like gives it complexity and structure. But it's much more simple – between you and Spirit. Why don't you just get to it? Faith is not structured.

There's no manual for this. It's not in 3D. You sit and you push on that door of your own spiritual awakening with pure intent, saying, "God, tell me what it is I need to know." Do you feel the entourage right now, asking you, "Are you ready to do that?" It's not accomplished all at once, you know? You do it in various and many steps, but they are your steps, and unique to you, not something you will find in a manual. Even those of you who have gone into what you would call ascension status are still ready to go to the next level and do it again. You watch what happens, then advance again. Watch what happens, then move forward again. This is because the energy is shifting and it's changing every single month on your planet. Nothing is static, and for some of you, this is your frustration! [Kryon smile] Don't let it be, for it is you and those around you who are changing it. You are driving this train called Earth, so that means you are not a victim of where it takes you. It is you who are laying the track.

There are new tools opening your DNA energy and this entire message is about that, for it's time to start this mastery teaching. We hinted at it long ago when we told you not to "think like a Human." Now it's time to tell you that in order to go forward with this shift, you must be able to be part Human and part master – the very thing you came for – but it requires the change of perception, and walking between two realities, one which you have little experience with.

Envision with me, will you? See this wonderful, beautiful lighthouse made of concrete, if you wish, because it's not going to move. It's not vacillating in the wind. It's sure of itself, because it's in belief. It knows who it is. And the keeper of the lighthouse is you. It's your home, your body. It is you who climbs to the top of the stairway inside, and it is you who makes certain that the light has no filters at all. Envision with me, this light is so bright and so white. You are the keeper of this light and you send it on its way. You bless it and you celebrate it, yet you don't know where it's going. Oh, you might give it direction with intent and, say, "Today I would like to send light to the Sudanese." You know, there's so much sorrow and death there, can you even imagine? It's a good direction to send it, but at the same time you give permission for God to send it wherever it's supposed to go at that moment. Sometimes things are known only unto God, and the partnership you have will be one where the light will go to places you can't even imagine, helping those in dark places who you may never meet on Earth.

Do you know how powerful this is when you do it in a group? I'll say it again. Less than one half of one percent of humanity has to wake up and do this for it to make a difference – where you'll see it on the news, where the earth starts to change and shift, and wisdom starts to be the norm. You'll see things happen you've never seen happen before and you wonder, how did something so unusual take place? And I'll tell you: it's because this interdimensional light is what causes civilizations to shift, and for inappropriate energies and governments to fall. Dear ones, know that you are doing the work of the planet. It's the reason you came. And that's the truth.

This has been the Kryon message for these 18 years. Eighteen is a nine in numerology. So it's a completed message. The message is not going to get any better than this, but there is still much to teach. Some of you feel that it's a tough thing to accomplish and it is. But I know who's here and I know what you can do. And that's why they call it a test, dear ones. That's why they call you Lightworkers.

It would be a good day to be healed, would it not? How about a group effort in this room? Now we're talking to those in this room. You see, there are three here who have things in their blood that they don't want. I know who's here. How would you like to help clean that up... actually reverse the Akash? If they give permission, this can happen. The three of you know who you are, and perhaps right now, you would give permission for the rest of these angels to send you light? Will you? The ones in the room don't have to know who you are. This is how cosmic intelligence works.

Listen to me right now, all of you. For this time is ripe with healing, life-changing energy. Will you visualize the light for them? Let the cosmic intelligence do its job. Just visualize the light for the three of them, so that when they walk out of here, they're going to be different. With their permission, their blood will be different. It will return to a place before it was tainted. Do you understand what I say here? Healing often is the miracle of time reversal... taking the individual to a place in the Akashic energy before the disease happened to them. That, dear one, explains why healings are forever. The disease never comes back, since it never was there!

I know who's here. It would be a good time to be healed. Will the three of you give permission for that? Because the rest of us are on your side, you know? It's a good time for family to help family.

Don't forget this moment. Because one of you has already been shifted and changed; it's underway. How about the other two? Oh, it's coming. It will. Blessed is the Human Being who crosses the bridge of unbelief and finds the love that's there. The unsolvable is solvable. There's light where you thought there was darkness and you can have the miracle you asked for.

And so it is.