Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - Newport Beach, California
December 8, 2002
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Lee Carroll
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The Celebration! - What's next?

Newport Beach, California – December 8, 2002

This Kryon live channelling was given in Newport Beach, California, the "Home Room" venue for Kryon. It was the next-to-last channelling given in public before the grid group was finished and departed from their grid-changing work. This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channelling.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service!


We paused a moment so that my partner could recover from an overwhelming feeling of joy. It's the joy of completion, the joy of endurance, and the joy we have for humanity.

Indeed in this very spot [speaking of the venue in Newport Beach], over and over, we've assembled year to year and washed the feet of those who have come to see us. Indeed, the words that were spoken have been published for others to read and feel. We have washed their feet as they read. And so it is that even this night, these words are spoken to a multitude that is not here, but who really are. For who am I to tell you, reader, that you're not here as you read these words? It is the "now," is it not, where we speak to groups seeming to be in the future, but who are also in the present? Today the group in front of me is in the present, and the readers are in the future. Later in your linear time-line, the readers will be both [since they don't all read at the same time], and this group will be the past. Yet we see all of you at the same time.

This message speaks to all of the layers of the DNA. May they resound with the message magnetically, that humanity has changed the planet to such a degree that they've allowed for the lifting of the veil and what we've called an Apocalypse - a grand dimensional shift, even a new dispensation on the planet.

It's the last time that we'll pour into this place when the grid is under construction. It's the last time that the entities whom you call "grid-workers" will be working with the magnetics. It's the last time! Yet there's no sorrow here. There's no good-bye...only celebration. We're going to give you the reasons for that in just a moment and expose things we've never ever talked about. We're going to talk esoteric. Sometimes we talk scientific, and other times we speak of practical things. But on a higher level, we wish to explain what is taking place in this completion of a 12-year cycle on your planet.

Oh, dear Human, do you know how safe you are here? Were you looking for a place where you could give your affirmations - where there would only be purity and love? This is it! We're arriving for a celebration and a ceremony. We're lining the walls - above you, below you. We're next to you. Those who wish to have ceremony a little later as you thank the grid-workers may feel them thank you back. You know, this process started way before the Kryon publications - a process you gave permission for - one that would change the very reality of the planet.

During the teachings today, some of you chuckled at the Armageddon you expected but that did not happen. Some find it amusing that it didn't happen and that few even noticed! Others are amused that the ones who counted on it simply keep moving the dates! They're so sure the old reality will eventually visit. Many are so used to the old reality that they'll deny that they're in the new one until the very end, even if the old prophecies never take place.

The death and destruction that would befall Earth by your own plan was changed - rewritten. What does it say about who humanity is, that they could rewrite history, rewrite the future? Many are starting to see the new reality and are now admitting, "Yes, it seems very different from what we were told," Yet these same Humans now doubt whether they can rewrite their own DNA! This is the grand Human duality at work. Sometimes the bias of doubt wins, no matter what the proof.

The magnetic grid of this planet was adjusted for you. There are many who will benefit, but it's still the free choice for those who wish to grasp the new arrangement and move forward that's the key. Those who don't wish to change won't have a penalty and won't be judged. It's always been this way, and the parable of the Prodigal Son was given to you long ago to show this process. The tools lie before you, should you pick them up, one at a time. And each one is "tuned" to a specific dimension, waiting for you to give the incredible power of intent to tune it in.

Let me tell you about this magnetic grid. Let me define some things we've never isolated before. It will make sense, especially for those who see the Kryon as masculine. Sister Kryon has always seemed to be both. On the other side of the veil, there's no gender. Therefore, Kryon is genderless. But to humanity, there has always been an overlay of gender. The magnetic grid of this planet also has a feminine quality. It always has been feminine. The magnetic grid of this planet speaks of love. I am of the family of Archangel Michael, and she is pleased with that, too! [Kryon laughs] It's always been this way. The feeling of unconditional love - the feeling of mother - it seems like a dichotomy, does it not, that the strong male presence would emanate the mother? That, dear ones, is the meld we wanted to present to you all along. It was so you could see that there can be balance. But the magnetic grid of the planet is feminine, and so is Kryon. Now, many of you have known that, haven't you?

During these past 12 years, we've been aware that the grid movement would disrupt many of you who came into this planet with spiritual overlays - healers doing their work - ordinary Human Beings, not understanding their "angel-hood." Many have gone from day to day in their spiritual work, meditating, but all the time asking, "Why is there such a disconnection?" Many were desperate for answers, asking, "What is happening to me? Why doesn't this or that work anymore?" And so it is that we set out to explain and explain. These lessons consumed much of the time we were with you, and will continue to, for there's far more to explain now that the grid is almost settled and the veil has been lifted slightly.

As long as my partner wishes, the Kryon group will remain with him and will continue to explain and explain. But the explaining will take on a slightly different flavor, for there will be different spiritual aspects of the planet. There's a residual energy of the grid shift that we've discussed many times, which will last at least three more months. Things don't happen all at once with Spirit, if you've noticed. Our clock is very different. Basically, the grid is beginning to stabilize even as we speak. What does that mean to you? Not only does it mean that there's finally going to be some stability in what has been a moving target of spiritual energy, but there's more to it than that. The new settled grid brings a new dispensation to this planet.

We're going to talk about a lot of things in groups of three tonight. There have been those who believe that there have been two spiritual dispensations already on the planet. Indeed, this is the third. We've spoken over and over about "moving from the two to the three," and this, then, is still another example of that. The first dispensation was the dispensation of law. The second, the dispensation of love. Now, here comes a new one.

When I give you the word associated with this new dispensation, many of you aren't going to like it. For the word means something to many of you that's not pleasant. To others, it's totally understandable. It comes with a number, too (of course), an actual number in numerology as well as a name. This magnetic grid finishing is a piece of a giant Earth puzzle. The magnetic grid, as it finishes moving, is only the finishing of one of three events.

This is the first time we've ever been able to give you this spiritual lineage, and we now can because the grid is almost finished. But let's give you the name and numerical value of this new dispensation. For those of you who follow numerology, you'll understand. And it's not a number that has been Kryonesque in the past. It's not a number we've ever spoken about in the past that belonged to Kryon or the grid group or the entourage that accompanies Kryon.

The Energy of the New Dispensation

We wish to introduce to you the dispensation of responsibility, and we wish to introduce you to the number eight. On its side, this number represents infinity. Standing up end to end, it can be turned any way, yet it means the same thing. There's no up and there's no down to the number symbol. It's in the now, and it's balanced. It's an eight. If there was going to be a numerological energy assigned to the dispensation of responsibility, this is it. The eight speaks of stability and structure, and it's about time, isn't it?

This magnetic grid has postured itself in anticipation of invitations from those who wish to broach the veil. If you sit here as one who doesn't believe any of these things, nothing will happen to you or for you or against you. You have complete and total free choice - there's nothing beyond honoring what you desire, and then intent will take place. This is the way of it. But the instructions from the Human Being are paramount and powerful. What is it you wish? Have you gone far enough with your searching? Perhaps you wish to go no further? Than that's what you'll have. If you wish to ignore the new tools, they won't activate. Perhaps you're afraid of them? Perhaps you're tired and are saying, "Not now." So be it. It's as you wish. All of the guides around you will honor this decision together, and that's what you'll receive.

Then there are those who say, "Show me the tools! I'm ready to go forward." For those, we say this: You enter the year of the three [2003] and that represents change [a 5 total]. How can you have stability and change together? Welcome to the Kryon energy [the grid-work] For 5 and 8 together are 13, or 4. This is the foundation number.

Oh, there's so much here to tell you, but let's start with some information we've never spoken of before. About the grid group: Some have asked, "How many are there, Kryon?" The answer is yes. [Laughter] There's no counting them! When it comes to these entities, some of them are part of you, and you are part of them. There's no counting these. How do you count air on your planet? It's all around you, isn't it? It's real and it's physical and there's a lot of it. Did you ever ask, "How many air is there?" This group energy has been part of the work of the earth since it began. It's an energy that moves between two of the three grid structures on this planet and deals with them as they need adjusting. Here's some news: They're not actually the magnetic grid group at all! That's only the name they've had for the past 12 years.

When you gave permission to change reality on this planet, did you think for a moment that all that was going to happen was a magnetic grid shift? What about the other grids? When would they get their turn? The magnetics had to come first. It postures the planet for what is to come. This magnetic grid group now moves and shifts to the next place where they will then alter something else - another grid - a grid we've never spoken about, and one that is not in the purview of the Kryon work.

Therefore, this grid group doesn't actually, leave. It simply changes jobs. The only thing that changes is that this grid group leaves its post as magnetic changers, and moves to the next profound work. All of these who have been working for 12 years to produce a lessening of the veil have done so for the next step to take place. It's to move or alter the energy of a grid that we've never spoken about, and may not again. It's not our specialty, and there are others who will take it from here and speak of this next grid. We'll continue to teach about the new magnetic grid and what it will mean to you and what you can do in conjunction with the next one that's being changed.

The Three Grids of Earth

There are three grid structures of the planet, but in order for me to talk about them, you have to understand something that may or may not make sense. I wish to discuss "three." There are many kinds of "threes." If I presented a triangle to you on a piece of paper [2D], you'd see three sides. "Yes," you would say, "that's a triangle." If, however, the triangle had volume to it, that is to say, it was a shape that could hold air and became three-dimensional, even four-dimensional [if you add time], that triangle might have three, four, or even five sides, depending on the volume and the triangle shape. So, is it still a three? "Yes," you would have to say. "It's still a triangle." Suddenly, however, we have something that you still speak of as a "triangle" (which means three), but which may have five sides or more. So the triangle, named for its three sides, has more than three elements. The difference? It changes with the dimension in which it's viewed.

We tell you this so you can grasp that although we speak of three things, there are more than three, depending on the dimension you're part of. This is difficult. So when we give you three energies for the grids of the earth, we tell you that there are actually more. That's why, when there are those who will speak and teach about other kinds of grids, the identities may not sound like the ones I have given...but they are. Then you'll remember that there are attributes within the three...even a multitude depending on the dimension. In this teaching, I'll talk about three in your dimension, and it may surprise you.

Where is the grid group going when they're finished? They're going to the next grid, and they begin their work in 2003. Let me tell you about this grid that they're going to. This grid is called many things, and I'll give you some of the various names. But for now, let's call it the Crystalline Grid.

The Crystalline Grid has always been here. It's not new, any more than the magnetic grid is. In fact, it was set on the planet at the same time the magnetics were. It has always worked hand-in-hand in conjunction with the magnetics. There are those who would have said that Kryon only dealt with the magnetics, so this was the only grid that was important. We never said that, did we? Our specialty was the magnetic grid, and that's the one we spoke of. The Crystalline Grid is next. Workers move from one to the other, seemingly from above to below, yet out of your 4D, that's not the case. This Crystalline Grid has been called many things. Let's first examine who created it.

There are specific places on this planet where the Crystalline Grid is manifested physically in the form of a crystalline structure. These will always remain in the same physical place no matter what the magnetics do and no matter how the crystalline grid energy is altered. The Crystalline Grid won't be moved like the magnetic grid was, where you could actually measure a shift in physical location. Instead, the alteration is an energy attribute that will be an alteration of the crystalline structure. The structure itself remains where it is . . .and, dear ones, parts of the crystalline structures of this planet are in the most sacred places that you can imagine. And they'll remain sacred.

There are many who understand the spiritual creatures of the ground [dirt of the earth]. There are also many who misunderstand the creatures of the ground. Some have said they're evil. They're not. They never were. They love Humanity, those who set the crystalline grids. They not only had interdimensionality, they also had physical attributes. I'm going to make a statement, and I hope that no one listening or reading misunderstands the meaning. In an interdimensional, metaphoric way, we'll give you a name associated with those who physically set the Crystalline Grid, and I'm going to use a word - do not misunderstand this. For some, the word will create all manner of visions within your mythology. The word is dragon.

Dragon energy...not evil. Don't misunderstand this. Metaphorically, what did the dragon mean to the planet in your mythology? Living underground and powerful, it was the mythology that made it a monster. It went from village to village, killing. That is not the dragon energy we speak of. It's hard to describe why we would identify this to you in this fashion, but again, it's totally metaphoric and not explainable within your 4D. It means strength. It's stability. It's the Crystalline Grid creator energy! Another name for the crystalline grid as given by those who are in charge of it is The Grid of Light. Others have called it The Grid of Stability...the foundation of the planet, spiritually. It has many names. It's the next scheduled to change, and it will "shake hands" in its alteration with the age of responsibility. That's what's next.

Part of the Crystalline Grid's energy is responsible for the storehouse of the knowledge of the planet. All that ever was - all that exists - all the potentials of what can be, are located in the Crystalline Grid. There's another section of this Crystalline Grid that's a safeguard. There's a section of this Crystalline Grid that's alive. It's a mammal. It contains the storehouse of the planet - the knowledge of everything - within its DNA.

We've spoken of this before, and now, perhaps, you'll understand. The age of the whale has begun. As the Crystalline Grid is moved, the knowledge centers of the storehouse of energy will also be altered within the mammals of the planet. This information is esoteric, unprovable, and true.

What will the changes be?

What do you think the alteration of the energy of this Crystalline Grid is going to be? This is complex, my partner, so get it right [Kryon speaking to Lee, asking him to go slowly]. I'm going to give you a statement that only the physicists will understand. The group that you've come to celebrate as the grid group moves from the magnetic grid to the crystalline structure and changes form. They'll spend the next ten years rewriting the past, until 2012.

Right now on Earth, there are two tribes going at it. They have much in common, and even have the same father. They're brothers, sisters, and they're locked in a battle that seems unsolvable - a battle that's odd in that it's fought in terms of the past. In Palestine, there isn't a lot of joy. In Israel, there isn't a lot of joy. They are brothers and sisters at war, one with the other, angry because of what's taken place. And there are very few of them who actually remember being there when any of these things happened. They're fighting over concepts of linearity..."the past." Who owns what? Who came first? What did who do to whom? It's a reality that has its entire basis in a concept - the past - something that's no longer happening.

What would happen to a planet if the past suddenly didn't hold the energy that it does now? This grid group, which has shifted the magnetics of this planet, now moves into the crystalline energy and begins to rewrite the past! How can you do such a thing? "The past is the past," you might say. "You can't change what happened, right?" Perhaps that's so if you think you're on the same Earth, but you're not! You changed your own reality, remember? This past you cling to belonged to a whole other reality! This is the real test. Do you actually believe that you're in new reality or not? Why didn't the Armageddon happen on schedule? Why didn't the prophecies take place? Maybe they did! But in another reality...not yours. You're on a virgin track called The New Jerusalem...the new earth. In the "now," that virginity expands to past, present, and future...all unwritten.

The Circle of Responsibilities

The age of responsibility. There are many who don't even like that word. They don't want to be responsible. Yet it's a word dripping with truth and joy. The Human Being who is responsible is the one who knows their God! Let's give you some of these responsibilities. They exist in a circle, with one not taking precedence over the other.

To God
What is your responsibility to God? Whatever that word means to you - Spirit, Source, Family? What is your responsibility to God? It's easy, yet so difficult. It's easy for the feminine Kryon to invite you to see the wings, yet so hard for you to believe that such a thing could be. What's your responsibility to God? I'll tell you what it is: It's to understand that you're it. It's the responsibility to seek out that part of you that will finally acknowledge that you're divine. Do you think that it's some kind of mysterious error that most of humanity believes in eternal life after death? Do you think that's it's just mass wishful thinking? It isn't. It's intuition! It's knowing! Let me give you another "accident." What do you think about one mammal on the planet, only one - the whale - that has treaties around it signed by hundreds of countries - even ones that have no water - to protect it? Do you think that's an accident? When all humanity is gathered together, despite all the differences and the fights and the religious ideas, they vote to protect one mammal. You want to know why? Because the whales carry the storehouse of knowledge on how to change the past! Humanity at the cellular level knows it.

These mammals also know how to work with the Indigos. Did you ever think about that? And who are the whale's first cousins? The dolphins. Let me tell you about the dolphins and the Indigos. These new children are going to bring you the potential of peace on Earth, and it may not be fast enough for some of you, but believe me, it's in the works. Someday Indigos will stand up in that troubled area called the Middle East and cause a real stir. Palestinians and Israelis will look at each other and say, "It's about time to drop the past. Let's talk about now. Let's talk about what can happen now, away from anything that was on the old track that your parents traveled."

We made the statement long ago: "As go the Jews, so goes Earth." Let's be very clear that we include the Palestinians in the Jewish attribute. Same father. We see them as one family. We also don't see Earth's destruction. Perhaps there are those who would say, "Well, you know you're on the other side of the veil, Kryon. You don't have to walk in Human's shoes." Oh, are we aware of that! That's why we love you so much. Blessed is the angel pretending to be Human. He gets out of bed in the morning and stumbles to the mirror and doesn't see the whales...doesn't think about them. Instead, he wonders how his day is going to go. He worries about the processes within his body. He worries about his society, his lack of abundance, and about the things that are in the dark that he can't see. He seldom sees the angel in the mirror. Well, we have some advice for you: Perhaps it's time to turn on the light! And when you do, all of those things you've been stumbling over will be your treasures. Some of you have done that. We know who's hearing and reading. Some can look backwards and say, "I've changed my past. I've changed my past." Blessed are those who are moving into that dimension!

To Society
What's your responsibility to those around you? What's your responsibility to the one who competes with you, seemingly for the same ideas, within your society? What's your responsibility to yourself? Some of you are stewarding energies - information that has been given to you, and you're alone in that stewardship. What's your responsibility there? I'll tell you: Do you think it's just to steward what you have? Honor what you have, but what about the rest? What about the others who have their stewardships, too? Priests, do you sequester what you have and protect it? Or do you see the other ideas and spiritual ways and figure out how they work with yours? Rabbi, can you sing in the choir? Honor the others who have their work, too. Bless the others so much that they can see themselves in you, and vice versa. Connect the dots. We've spoken of this before. How can the orchestra play when so many leaders are insisting on being soloist? You must play together. [Kryon is speaking here of multiple religions on Earth, and how they tend to climb into their own boxes and never honor the others.]
To Family

What is your responsibility to family - biological family? I mean the brothers and the sisters and the cousins - the moms - the dads? Oh, Human, this responsibility has never changed. This is the pillar of what Kryon has told you, and she has gone over this and over this. The first parable ever given to you is The Parable of the Tar Pit. So let me give you the meaning of that parable: If everyone around you is wallowing in mud, somebody's eventually going to notice the clean diamond you've become! They're going to want to know how that diamond got to be the diamond, and why the diamond is untouched by the mud! They're going to notice you.

So what is it you can do for your family? Turn on the light! Let the treasures show. And those around you? They'll notice. They might not see the treasures that only you can see, but they'll see you! There will be those who will suddenly say, "I really want to be like you!" There may even be those in your family on whom you've given up. They'll never understand what you believe, you've decided. Dear one, they don't have to! Perhaps the closest they'll ever get to God is to love you! Some, very close to you, may say, "I've fallen in love with you again because you've changed." Believe it. And what do you think you've really changed? You turned on the light and just changed the past. Yes, some will shrink from the light and leave your life. Believe me, it's appropriate that this is so.

To Outsiders
What's your responsibility in this circle of responsibilities to outsiders? Who's the outsider? That's the one who makes fun of you. Maybe that's the one who wants to destroy you. I've said it before: You're going to see a lot of this. And, dear Human Being, it's not going to originate from where you expect it. Let's review what we told you four years ago. The biggest opposition to turning on the light will be Lightworkers in the dark. There will be splits of consciousness even within the movement you call the New Age. Some will go their way, and you'll go yours. Some will call you evil because you turned on the light and it's blinded them. They fear what they can't experience. You will burn brightly, and they won't understand it. When they can no longer put you in focus, they'll cast you away as evil, according to their way of thinking.

Here is our advice toward the outsider: Don't try to change them. Honor free choice, but also don't let them change you unless, of course, it's your choice. Hold the integrity of what you believe and have found to be your truth. Let go of them, and send them on their way. Even the ones who are your friends. Break the attachments, for you'll be better off for it. Remember this, dear Human Being, to them you're the outsider. It goes both ways, and may I remind you, it's brother against brother. The family is still one, no matter what each brother believes.

To Earth
What's your responsibility to Earth? It's important that you hear this. The indigenous knew it. The indigenous all over this planet knew it. It was intuitive information, no matter if it was North or South American or Polynesian or European or Australian or African. They all knew it! They knew the earth is alive! It has consciousness. They knew you can speak to it, and it to you. They knew that if you honor it, it will honor you back...and that you should never take more than you give. The earth is an entity that is vibrant and living. What can you do for the earth? I'll tell you: Acknowledge it daily! Why don't you take a hint and a cue from those who used to walk the land in this very place? In the morning they would greet the west and the north and the east and the south. Those are magnetic grid lines! And they knew it. Say hello to the earth. You'll have a better day because of it. You'll be in harmony. It's trite to say that you would be "in harmony with nature." But that's the goal. That's what you can do for the planet...your responsibility is to love it.

To Self
We've come to the last one.. or is it the first? What is your responsibility to self? What can you do for yourself? This is where the circle is complete. The circle of responsibilities ends where it started. Know you are God! What is your responsibility to self? Know you are God.

The Third Grid
We've given you many messages right in this space, but never one so profound as this. It's the end of one thing and the beginning of another. 2012 will be the end of the Crystalline Grid realignment of energies. "So, Kryon," you might say at this point, "what is that elusive third grid" It's the one that's also invisible like the other two. It's also living. It's the one that's influenced by the first two. This third one responds to dimensional shift. It has free choice. The third grid of the earth is Human consciousness. Instead of it shifting last, it shifts simultaneously with the other two...making the puzzle all that more intriguing.

Let me tell you about portals [not vortices]. Portals are created based upon the magnetics, the crystalline energy and the consciousness of the earth [as modified by humanity]. It takes all three together to create a portal. They come and they go. Time is also involved. Sometimes they're very brief, and sometimes they're very small. Sometimes they're large and they remain. The largest portals on the planet that remain portals for a very long time have large crystalline structures under them. We won't dwell upon those things that are not our specialty, but we'd like to identify the parts. What is the polarity of gender in the crystalline grid? Is it masculine? Is it feminine? Neither. It's balanced male and female, and there's the stability of it. Fundamentally stable it is, it's the dirt of the earth.


Something has been happening in this room. This grid group changes jobs, and it wishes to participate in ceremony with you. It wants to thank humanity for tolerating the shifts that have been so difficult. These who have moved the grid, and who are among you now, move from their place next to you into a ceremony of honor. Those who wish to are invited to say "Thank you." In your own way, silently, give love back for what has been accomplished. This is not about you for now. This is a moment that's about them. Collectively in this room, and outside of it - collectively to those who are reading - send love to those who have done so much for so many. Their job is now finished.

So, it's that time. The entourage of Kryon is not the grid group. Did you know that? Instead, it's the entourage of Kryon. This entourage comes with Kryon every time she shows up, and that's what you're used to feeling, coming and going. Perhaps this evening before you retire, you might shut your eyes and whisper "Thank you." And if you do, it will be heard all over the earth. That's our promise to you. The entourage of Kryon joins you in this thanks to the grid group.

It's difficult to leave this place. Much has been spoken and much has been taught. Just so you know, we'll be back. And when we return, let the teaching begin! Let the "plain talk" brought from a lessening of the veil begin!

Blessed is the Human Being who has seen the shapes this day - who has participated in the colors that have been presented this day - who has seen the interdimensionality glow in this place. Blessed is the Human Being who's taken time out of their day to be with this family. Blessed is the Human who sits here and who reads this, for indeed, they're richly blessed; for indeed, they're the ones who have the potential to make the difference on this planet Earth, a glorious place to be!

And so it is.