Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
November 15, 2003

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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The Interdimensional Universe

This live channelling was given on November 15th, 2003 in East Rutherford, New Jersey

[This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

God is not linear and neither are you. When you're not here [on Earth], you participate in an interdimensional life-force called God. We've given you this information for years, yet it has never been so important as it is now.

The energy of Kryon has been here all day long [speaking of the all-day seminar]. It's part of the entourage that came here three days before you did. Spirit is also like that, you know? The potential of your visit was known. It was not known as a predestined thing, but as a potential where you gave permission for today as part of your free choice... just like the reader right now has free choice to read or not to read.

As I mentioned earlier this morning, you were greeted and celebrated when you arrived. Those of you who came later were greeted and celebrated when you arrived, too. Some of you felt it profoundly, and some of you did not. Perhaps readers know right now about the changes going on around them? This is the basis of free choice. How much you wish to participate in an event that features your own divinity is up to you.

Many of you know others who "would make wonderful Lightworkers." You wish they would read this book or that book, yet all of their lives they just "hang on the periphery" of spirituality and never wish to open that spiritual locker, so to speak, and put on the Lightworker suit. They are "hanging back," yet there's an appropriateness in these things. There's respect and ceremony and free will involved. We've also told you that there's no judgment of family in these things. There's also no rule that says you have to make them open that locker. This is their choice this time around. Some of them are very spiritual, too! It's part of your frustration, isn't it... that you see the giant in the small body and wish they could see what you do?

Each of you is here doing the work, and walking through Human life is not an easy task. If you've chosen to open that spiritual locker and be a "light house," you find yourself metaphorically shining a light on the rocks - helping others to find their way around the challenges, wishing they had the same light you had. The more your light shines, the more you have compassion for those around you.

All of this is to say that all of you are "known by God - fully and completely." You're part of the whole. "Known by God" actually means "known by you." If there was no you, there would be no God. You're not just known; you ARE. The phrase "I am that I am" seems to be circular in logic. It is an interdimensional phrase that claims your own divinity. It's one that's difficult to explain in any language on the planet, for it's given in a reality that you don't study or live in. Humans will always perceptually separate themselves from God, for this is part of the duality. The joke here is that this would be like Humans deciding that their own thoughts belong to someone else, since they can't "see" them.

Let me tell you more about you. You're here at a special time on this planet. This last weekend ushered in an energy that many of you knew was coming [the Harmonic Concordance]. In addition, accompanying the energy of not only the alignment of the Star of David but the eclipse was something that some of you noticed. The sun is in an 11-year radiance cycle, and you have amazing energy being delivered to the planet's magnetics by the solar flares. Now, there would be those who would say, "What a coincidence that this is taking place at the same time a spiritual alignment on the planet is also taking place." Naturally, there is be no "proof" that the two are aligned. However, let me give you something to think about. These convergences are like bookends: the Harmonic Convergence (the 11:11 which we have told you so much about) and the Harmonic Concordance (which you just went through) are indeed like balanced bookends. Both of these events asked questions of humanity, both were windows of opportunity, and both delivered to the earth necessary energies.

Now, I challenge you to go back, scientist, and tell me when the last time was that there were solar flares that approximated the intensity that you experienced this last week or two. When was it? You'll find that it was in 1987! Oh, what a coincidence! [Kryon humor] And there you are with the bookends. This is not simply a spiritual event. This current delivery of balance to the planet is what some of you actually came here for! It's the beginning of what you've worked for. It involves the heavens, the solar system, the alignments, and the energies of all of them combined.

Let me tell you that all over the Universe they know about this. Family in different places, whom I cannot describe to you, know about this. All divinity watches this planet of free choice. And you? Well, here you sit thinking that you're the ordinary Human. Yet again I tell you this. Ordinary or not, these are not ordinary times. Old souls are being awakened, and hidden consciousnesses are coming out of the actual planet to facilitate what's coming.

Human Being, some of you waited on the other side of the veil. You wouldn't come in until you could be this age right now. Did you hear me? "This age right now." Some of you have said, "Well now, I'm older than I should be in order to generate the energies I need to participate fully in these things that Kryon is speaking of." Oh, really? So why don't you stop aging? This is beginning to be well within the purview of your ability, Human Being, to slow down that biological process.

Aging is only an agreement with the cells. That's all it is! It isn't even fully biological. It's part of the DNA that has an agreement with your divinity that states: "Here is the potential of how long you'll last." That's very changeable, you know? At the same time you drop those old vows, why don't you also tell your body to readjust the clock. You think we're kidding? Wait until science catches up with this knowledge! Then perhaps these words won't sound so odd. Will you remember where you heard them first? The next time we're with you, we'll discuss The Agreement.

Let the energies of the healings that you've come for, descend upon this group. Let there be healings in abundance, relationships, cellular communication, and personal growth. How long does it take to heal a body that's been injured? Perhaps it's time to throw away the old experiential concepts. Why don't you cut that time in half? You know who I'm talking to, reader. Why don't you prove it to yourself that you can talk to your own cells, to promote healing long before it was scheduled within an old paradigm. All of this is possible.

Let me tell you something interesting, Human Being: You're about ready to broach interdimensionality in many, many ways. What this last weekend was about [the Harmonic Concordance] wasn't just energy delivered to the planet. It was also about a slight lifting of the veil. It was about allowance of things unseen. Let me tell you that we're going to take a trip. We're about to become scientific, kind of.

Take an imaginary trip...
Step with me into the middle of your atomic structure. Pretend for a moment that you're the size of a proton. It's very, very small, you know. There you are, in the glory of atomic structure. Now, you might say, "Well, I think I can pretend what that's like. If I'm the size of a proton, I'm going to see those electrons just zipping around. There's probably going to be light, and it's going to be like fireworks, and there's going to be a wonderful show." Think again. It's dark. Real dark. If you [as in Human size] really represent the size of a proton in the middle, those electrons are a mile away! Did you know that? You're going to have to hike to find them! That's the average scale of atomic structure. There's a lot of very empty space in each atom's makeup.

Most scientists are still puzzled about this. Why would the basic building blocks of your reality feature a structure where the objects involved are in a proportion that are an alarming distance apart? Perhaps you weren't aware of this fact. If you were the size of a proton in a helium atom, you would walk and walk and walk with your little proton legs before you would ever see anything that even resembled the electron haze around atomic structure (still pretending, please). And the entire walk would be in the dark! Then you might say to yourself, "Well, this isn't what I expected. It's actually kind of boring."

Indeed! In past scientific channellings, we've indicated to you that the micro and the macro have many things in common within their physics. Even within your biology there's an order that follows the larger Universe. Let me tell you what's in that space that is invisible between the protons at the center of the atom and the electron haze, which, proportionately, is very far away. It's packed with information! It's packed with physics. There's matter there that you cannot see; some of it we will even call "spiritual matter." Your interdimensional awareness is yet to manifest itself. You still look at everything in a linear fashion within your four-dimensional reality. So when you take a look at the mathematics at the center of the atom, you only see what four dimensions will tell you is there. You will not see what is really there.

The difference between your old energy reality and now is this: Pretend you're still a proton, taking that long journey to find your tiny friends, the fast-moving electrons, who you know are circling. In an old-Earth energy, you will "see" nothing until you finally reach the outside circle where they're whizzing around. Now, however, within a new energy, and a slightly lifting veil, you're actually beginning to "see" something in this vast void in your journey from the middle of the atom to its outside circumference: You're beginning to "see" other dimensions! They show themselves at first as "shadows" that vibrate. Now, reader and listener, this is a fantasy voyage, correct? Yes. However, I just gave science a hint about what interdimensionality may look like as your science begins to broach the visualization of it as well.

Dear Human Being, there are very real pieces and parts of this "interdimensional sight" happening right now in this very group. Some of you are becoming interdimensional! Oh, not fully, but you're broaching the issue of the "unseen." One of the most fun questions we ask about humanity is what will happen when some of these things start to occur where you see the shadows of something that you never saw before, within places that you've been looking for years. Out of the corner of your eye, motion may occur that in the past would have frightened you, but which is now appropriate. We've told you for more than ten years that you're "not alone." Oh, that sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Perhaps to some it's scary? When you start seeing what's really there, what will your reaction be? Fright or celebration? We're not talking about ghosts here; we're talking about the love of God [Spirit]. We're talking about you with family and interdimensional things that are going to be able to be seen - some clearly, some not. You just wait. And it isn't just for Lightworkers. Some will see this in laboratories, and some will see attributes of it all by themselves.

Does it make sense to you that when the earth reached a point of high vibration where it earned this kind of delivery system [the Harmonic Concordance], it would only be for a few? No. It's for all of those who wish to examine it. It's humanity-wide, this new energy of Earth.

There's more. I just took you on a trip to the center of a simple atom and told you that there's far more there for you to see than how it appears in 4D. Let me give you a prediction: Scientists will begin to understand this on a grander scale as they continue to look at the Universe. There's something missing within the energy measurement of "everything that should be there" for the motion and scope to exist as you see it. So what's missing? Why can't you see it? Already scientists are postulating the possibility of dark matter. This would be matter you can't see, but which must exist to enable the energy equation to be balanced. No one has said anything about interdimensionality yet, but they will. They have to, for the elegance of the math eventually will show them very clearly that perhaps what's going on in the Universe is interdimensional in its scope. What's missing in their energy computations is very real interdimensional matter.

Who said that the cosmic lattice was linear? Who said that the energy that you can't see follows the same paradigm as what you can see? Oh, before this channel is over, I'm going to give you some puzzles. So here's another prediction: Science will begin to look for missing dimensions to explain missing energy! And it's about time. And that's the way of it. So it's time to reveal the shape of the Universe, and the push/pull action within dimensional shifts that cause your Universe to do what it does, and show you what it does. Many of the things that you continually observe are hints of it, but they're misinterpreted.

In four dimensions, your physics makes a lot of sense. When you step out of 4D and become interdimensional, however, all those logical rules of physics change. We even told you the last time we were here that when you get small enough, the laws of basic physics changes, too. It also changes when you get very large. It also changes with time frames. Stay with me here, for this will be simplified in a moment.

The Speed of Light - Discarding a rule of physics
Before we get into the puzzle of the actual shape of the Universe, I have another prediction. In order to give it, however, I have to lay the groundwork. Let me engage in some plain talk here. I'll give you one of the postulates of your modern scientific thinking: The speed of light is absolute, and everything, speedwise, is measured against it, since it's the fastest thing you can see or measure. It has become a yardstick of astronomy and a standard. The idea of "time" being variable (and it is) is also dependent upon how fast you travel. All of this has become your reality using that magic number, the speed of light. Watch for this; it's going to happen. There's going to come a time when there's an acknowledgment that the speed of light is variable! The reality is that it is indeed different all over the Universe depending on the dimensionality attributes of where it's being measured. There are many speeds of light, and it depends upon where you're standing and what you're looking at.

Now, this statement is at considerable odds with almost everything that you've learned, and with almost everything that has been postulated about the way things work. So the idea won't come easy, or fast. But it has to come. It also messes up the distance measurements in astronomy, but it's about time. Look for it - it's just around the corner. Some will start to issue the proclamations that the speed of light must be variable for things to be the new way you're seeing them. As the eyes of your astronomers get better (meaning the equipment), so it will be that you will have to change the reasons behind what you're seeing. Look for postulates of multidimensional areas in space, and also postulates of light changing its speed from place to place, depending upon the formula around localized reality, especially the time frame. By the way, this will also begin to explain why there was no "big bang," but instead, a "big revelation." Again, I ask you this: When unseen things become seen, does that mean that they didn't exist before you saw them? Think about it.

Your science gave you the postulate that when you travel almost at the speed of light, your time changes. So work that backwards: What happens to the speed of light when you change your time instead? It works both ways, and magnetics and gravity play the role of changing time.

All of this "new sight" and understanding is actually tied in to what happened at the 11:11 (1987). At that time, you gave permission to change your time frame, if you've noticed. All of these years later, we can say to you that your train of reality has sped up. We told you in 1989 that the magnetic grid of the earth would change, and it did. We told you in 1989 that the future, the potential of the earth, would feature massive weather changes. Have you seen any? The vibration of the planet is vastly different from how it was in 1987, isn't it? And what about your senses? Is there anybody here, perhaps those who are reading this as well, who would admit: "Yes, I've felt the speed-up of time in the last two or three year"?

The Human Being has felt it, the earth is physically showing it, and here you are in a time frame that's different from the one you were raised in. You're not aware that the speed of light changed for you, are you? It did. That's what happens with a higher-vibrating planet (and everything around it). The potential of science is to begin a new understanding of relativity... one that reaches far beyond anything that has ever been postulated before. However, if everything is relative to everything else, then where's the constant? There has to be one for the wise scientist to breathe easy and know that chaos is not the way of such a grand plan. There is a constant, and it's called the "love of God."

The Shape of the Universe
We'd like to explain the shape of the Universe to you. This becomes difficult, and again we'll say this: In scientific discussions of this nature, I can't give you interdimensional information within a single-digit reality. There's no way I can present to you the way it is without giving you oversimplified metaphors and analogies. Some of you will understand this despite the fact that you're functioning within a single-digit dimension with a metaphor that's only true to a certain extent. There have been those who would say, "Kryon, what is the shape of the Universe?" The shape of the Universe, in your dimension, looks like a toroid. Now, for those of you who do not know what a toroid is, it's a shape that looks like a tire or a doughnut. Within any 4D toroidal shape, there are mathematical relationships that are unique. These relationships have to do with efficiency and distance, and you're also going to find them (the relationships and toroidal shapes) within your DNA. This is only to say that the macro is similar to the micro within nature, as you observe it. This is no accident. We invite you to study why this might be.

So I've just given you the shape of the Universe, but it hasn't helped you one bit. Even so, now I'm going to complicate it. The Universe as you know it is pasted upon the inside and the outside of this toroidal tube. You look out and see the Universe as a shape that suits your expected reality. You don't see the curves, since light is supposed to travel in a straight line. It doesn't... it never has. In an interdimensional paradigm, you could be looking at something where the light from an object comes to you through a convoluted, twisting path, but within your 4D reality, you would swear that it was a "straight shot" to the object, since this is what you expect to see. The truth lies within a scope of reality outside what you expect or have experienced, so it's tough to describe it to you.

Now, in a closed, contained 4D shape like a toroid, there's no path from the inside to the outside. (Think of it as a closed pipe in a circle, with the ends connected together.) Yet, I've just told you that your Universe exists on both the inside and outside surfaces at once. So you might go to a model of a toroid and examine it to see how this might work... to have something on the surface of the inside and the outside at the same time. However, there's nothing you can do in 4D to create that path, even if you snip the toroid, straighten it out, and experiment with reconnecting the ends in clever ways. But no matter what you do, the inside surface always ends up connecting to itself, and the outside attributes are the same... no matter how many times you might twist and turn the ends and reconnect them. And here's where it gets very strange and interdimensional. We'll describe how it works, but you won't understand it.

Some of you understand the attributes of a Mobius strip. We've discussed this before. A Mobius strip is a ribbon, except that it's been snipped with a half-twist and re-pasted together. This creates an interesting situation. If you consider the ribbon as a road, you can travel this ribbon and walk and walk, eventually walking on what used to be both the inside and outside surfaces of that ribbon. It's a very efficient shape. This Mobius strip is a well-known phenomenon in mathematics and physics.

Now, what I'm going to tell you makes no sense at all. Nothing will make sense from here on in 4D. You've never heard of a Mobius toroid, have you? Well, that's exactly the attribute of the interdimensional toroid that is your Universe. Multidimensional physics is different from your 4D physics. It allows for paths and portals outside of your linear thinking, and it seems to allow for objects (and light) to be in two places at the same time. They're not, but when you take away linear time, it looks that way to you.

Let me give you an example. You're used to linearity and to the elements around you behaving in a certain way every day. When you sat on the chair tonight [speaking of the seminar in a hotel], you knew its shape. You knew that it would support you. You knew how to pick it up and put it in a stack, if need be, for storage. These are the kinds of things you're used to. But what if I told you that there's a situation where you could place the chair on the top of a chair-stack, and it would become the bottom chair! That doesn't make sense, does it? You can't have matter going through matter. You can't have things connected to other things that "go through themselves." Not in 4D, anyway. Let me tell you why the chair really stays on the top in your reality. It's because you placed it there last. It has less to do with the fact that it's solid, as the linearity of the time frame it's part of. In interdimensional things, their "place" in the Universe is often driven by the time frame. Objects in the "now" always think they're together, even if you think they're galaxies apart!

Your reality contains two attributes that are strongly interdimensional. Both violate the rules of 4D physics, only because you don't know what the actual rules are yet. The two things are gravity and magnetism. Isn't it true that gravity goes through everything? It doesn't seem to matter what you have, or what element you present, gravity always wins [affects the object], if you've noticed. Gravity is an interdimensional force that's related to time and the shape of the Universe itself. It's actually very related to the toroid. It goes through everything, almost as though your dimension was invisible to it.

Magnetism, to some degree, does the same thing. In your reality, magnetism is the basis for all of your broadcasting. You broadcast a modulated magnetic frequency, and it goes through buildings, through walls, and most objects, and it comes right into your home. If you have a receiver, you can manifest what it contains in your reality. It's an interdimensional thing, this magnetics... just like gravity.

Your science still doesn't understand either one, so apply these principles to what I'm about to show you, metaphorically. The shape of the Universe is upon the inside and the outside of a toroid, yet they're connected in a way you cannot visualize in your four-dimensional mind. Think of your Universe as having the same attributes of gravity and magnetism, which seem to be able to permeate almost everything. With that in mind, the pieces and parts might be like the chair that somehow goes to the bottom of the stack, even when placed on the stack last. It goes through the others because there are rules of interdimensional physics that demand that it find its true universal location based on things other than what you think they should in 4D linearity.

Universal Distances
Here's something you can visualize that may help you understand what I'll call the deception of one dimension looking at another. I'm going to show you how the Universe isn't really that big.
Take this toroid we've created in our metaphor, and visualize it. Now, change the metal-pipe scenario to one of soft cloth. The toroid is now flexible. Take scissors and cut it anywhere you want. Straighten it out so it's a tube, like a tube sock. Make it big enough so that you could put your hand inside.

Reach in through the tube, and grab the other end and pull it through. Visualize doing this many times from each side until, instead of a pipe that used to be a tube sock, you now have collapsed it until it's a fraction of its original size and shape through pulling the ends through the sock many times. When you're finished with that, cleverly connect the ends again. You can do it. It's not that hard. You can wrap one end over and connect it to the one inside. Question: Is it still a toroid? The answer: Yes. The shape is the shape, and it has only been modified in three dimensions. Also, it still contains the mathematical "magic" of the toroid, only it's now collapsed.

Now, let me take you to the middle of this collapsed toroid for a moment. You're the size of a molecule, inside the sock. Metaphorically, there you are in a special Universe, vast beyond belief, yet layered and collapsed. If you begin to "walk" the surface of the toroid (inside or outside), you'll still have to walk and walk and walk to make one full round-trip journey, even though the sock is collapsed. Why do that when the adjacent layer is only a fraction of an inch away? The answer? You can't get through the layers. You can't even see through the layers to know where you are. So you're stuck with walking and walking and walking to get anywhere at all.

What we're telling you is this. Your science and logical observation tells you that you're literally hundreds of millions of light years away from objects. But what if this is an illusion, and a multidimensional Universe has attributes of the model tube sock? Could it be that what appears to be a linear 100-million light-year trip might be next door? The answer is a positive and strong "yes." Although difficult to conceive of, yes, the vastness is real, just like the perception of the molecule that believes it has to walk the entire interior of the sock to get where it wants to go. The universal shape is also curved in such a way that there's a predictable and mathematical way of broaching the "wall" (just like gravity does), that allows you to jump to other parts of the socks inner and outer surfaces.

That is the shape of the Universe. Now, however, let me give you some more information about "broaching the wall" between the layers of the collapsed toroid (are you still with me?). The Universe is a push/pull arrangement of energy. It's constantly creating itself. It's never destroying itself, but rather simply moving between dimensions in an arrangement where time and magnetism and gravity demand that it rebalance itself. There are facilities within the Universe to take away and replenish matter. Entire galaxies may seem to disappear and come back (as viewed from one dimensional paradigm). Dimensional shift is therefore the engine of your Universe, and all that you currently see in 4D. It's responsible for what you feel is the beginning of your Universe, although it doesn't have anything to do with a "bang," What you call "black holes," which are present at the center of every galaxy, are part of the engine of dimensional shift. They are the portals that broach the walls of the tube sock. We've also told you that in each galaxy center, there are at least two black holes. They always come in pairs, and one pushes and one pulls. Only one, however, is obvious to you. The other one belongs to the other side of the wall and hides. However, you'll see it soon.

Dimensional shift is also the engine of The Cosmic Lattice. You're becoming interdimensional, Human Being, because you've shifted your reality on your own planet. You are the only creatures in the Universe who are in duality, but also able to change your planet's dimension! Many can change it with machinery and for travel, but only you can change your entire reality scenario.

Let me give you another hint about the mechanics of your Universe. We've talked about gamma-ray activity for almost a decade. We told you to "look for intense gamma-ray activity." We told you that when you see it, you'll know that there's creation going on - something special happening. Now we identify this as dimensional shift. It's always accompanied by powerful gamma rays, specifically of extreme high intensity. This is an attribute of dimensional shift, and also tells you that something is happening. You see this at the edge of your galaxy, and you know that something is changing there. It's a "mini-big bang," if you want to use your own terms. It's part of a constantly changing Universe, one that's moving in a push/pull fashion.

Although it may seem to be billions of light years away, it isn't. It's really in your backyard, but you're never in danger, dear Human Being, of having a collapse of time around you, or a new Universe showing up in your solar system. The physics of it keeps it separate and in its own time frame. This also means that the "center" of the Universe is everywhere.

However, there's a special, sacred place in your Universe, and it seems to be in a very ordinary place. It's a place called Earth that exists with angels upon it disguised as Human Beings. They're there working a puzzle for Universes yet to make a shift. They're called "the only planet of free choice"... the only one that can change its own reality. It's the only planet where the inhabitants can take control and change the time frame of their reality and actually create dimensional shift. And this fact, dear Human Being, is the difference between yesterday and today.

This last weekend [the Harmonic Concordance] was significant, just like the Harmonic Convergence was significant. Human Beings decided to change the way they've been. Even at the cellular level, this will be felt. DNA's "permission" structure will actually change because of what you've done. How can I tell you this? How can I show this to you? You're going to have the beginning of interdimensional sight, which is going to aid with your co-creation. Each of you has the ability to co-create a reality for yourselves that will match the energy of the planet, and those around you. Perhaps this reality means bringing peace in your own life while you work on the puzzles that have given you the most challenges?

What if you had interdimensional sight - the kind that could reveal the things that are hiding, but which are literally the sustenance of what you need? What if I told you that the secret of co-creation is subtraction? "Kryon," you might say, "you're talking nonsense again."

Wo and the Block of Granite
We're going to give you still another parable of Wo. We haven't given a parable of Wo for a long time, and so with this we close. Wo is a Human who is genderless. He/she is a Wo-man, but we will call Wo a "he" for the purposes of this story.

Wo was disappointed with his life. Oh, he was working hard and was also a Lightworker, but he was depressed. He said, "I want something precious in my life. I want something meaningful and beautiful in my life." Wo knew that he could manifest. He was just a little unsure of what he would manifest if he tried. He also didn't really know what to ask for within his manifestation. He was cautioned never to ask Spirit for anything specific, but instead to say, "Let me manifest only what I need, which is appropriate for my own divine plan." Wo had the wisdom of a Lightworker, so he prayed, "Dear Spirit, I want to manifest something large in my life. It's time. You choose what it's going to be, God, Higher-Self. You have the wisdom... choose what it's going to be. I need to manifest something large so I can get on in life."

And he did! One day Wo came out of his house to find a large cement block in front of his door! It was 30 feet by 30 feet. He was mortified! "Is this what I really needed, Spirit? What is this?" And Wo's Higher-Self said, "We're not done yet, Wo. Just wait." Wo waited, but the block just stayed there. He became impatient, as always, and thought that perhaps he had misunderstood the messages. Then his neighbors started complaining about the block. Wo was certain that a mistake had been made. Really! Spirit shouldn't deliver a block of cement! It's not really very Godlike. So he brought in a large mechanical crane and tried to move the block. It wouldn't move. He then brought in all manner of granite-block-moving-experts.

"Can we please move this block?" Wo requested.

"No, we cannot," they said. It's just too big.

Then it happened. Wo heard a knock on his door, and he opened it. There stood a small man with a chisel.

"Who are you?" Wo asked.

"I'm sorry I'm late," the small man replied. "I'm the sculptor."

"I didn't order a sculptor," said Wo. "We've been trying to move this block and get it out of here. Can you perhaps break it up?" The little man was horrified!

"Please, please, that's a beautiful work of art - you can't destroy that! Isn't that what you asked for? Isn't that what you wanted? You're about to have something valuable and precious and wonderful and forever in your front yard. It will be in a place that you'd like, and all will admire it and come from distances to see it." The little man was panting and out of breath. Wo just looked at him and paused.

"It's a block of cement," Wo replied slowly. "Why would anyone admire such a thing?"

"No, it isn't. Can't you see it?"

"I see a large, irritating, and unmovable block of cement," said Wo. "It's killing my lawn."

Although Wo didn't understand, he tolerated the little man in his font yard for the next month or so, and slowly began to understand. The sculptor didn't see a block of cement at all. He saw art! He proceeded to remove all of the cement that didn't belong around the art sculpture the artist "saw" inside the cement. Carefully, he chiseled away what wasn't precious until finally an object of art appeared to take shape, which was much, much smaller than the block had been. Oh, it was beautiful!

Wo was so happy! "I have something precious in my life that I never knew existed in that ugly block! I can't believe I tried to take the block away. How silly!" Wo's neighbors noticed immediately, and came to "ooh" and "aah." Wo was very proud.

When the sculptor was finished, he came to the door.

"Well, now it's time," said the man.

"Time for what? Do you have to go?" asked Wo.

"Oh, no. It doesn't work that way, Wo."

"You mean I'm going to have to live with you being in my front yard?"

"Oh, it's even better than that," replied the man with a smile.

With a flash of light, the sculptor transformed. He became part of Wo, taking his place within the angelic attributes that Wo perceived as guides. He became a soul mate, a spiritual twin-flame, and an advisor. His disguise came away, and his divinity shown brightly.

It's funny, you know. Wo never asked the sculptor's name. Now he realized that the sculptor's name was Wo! Not only did Wo receive the manifestation he wanted, but he also got an active wisdom partner to work with at the same time! Wo had just been given a new perception: Perhaps what is unseen is of the most import, and it's what gets subtracted from reality that allows for miracles.

The Zero
There will come a day when your science will honor the zero within your coming interdimensional math. Right now, you see the zero as nothing. Some have said, "Well, we know that zero doesn't really mean nothing. We think that an interdimensional zero will be infinity. That's what a zero is." No, it isn't.

We've told you about 12-based math for over a decade. The elegance of it will astonish you, especially its computational simplicity. It's the only math that "shakes hands" with nature. You cannot consider 12-based math without making the zero an integer of special value. It cannot be a placeholder; it cannot be "nothing," and it doesn't represent infinity. Again we'll tell you this: The zero is the magic of interdimensional math. It's the magic of base-12.

The zero is the potential of all that ever was, is, or can be. It's the "now" of universal math. It represents potential, or an energy of possibility. Therefore, the zero is variable depending upon the equation. You're not used to this. You're used to mathematical equations being empirical, and you wish that to remain. But it can't be that way when you begin to compute outside of linearity. Within that scheme is revealed the elegance of the math. The zero removes what is not needed, and reveals the solution. It becomes the facilitator of the reality of the puzzle itself, and is often the core number. We don't expect you to fully understand this. In fact, we don't expect any understanding at all. Not yet.

The Harmonic Concordance
Finally, I'll tell you what really happened last week. There's a place on this planet called the Cave of Creation, which we spoke about the last time we were with you. That was our name for it early on. But you have called it the Akashic Record. It's a precious place, where the lineage of you is stored. I wish to take you there for a moment. The walls glow. The crystalline is everywhere. It's cool, even though geologically it shouldn't be. There's a crystal for every man, woman, and child on the planet. Many of the crystals are very old, but they don't look that way. When you come and go, your many expressions (lives) simply update the crystals. You might say that there's a system there that even goes beyond what we've talked about.

Some of you have indicated that you feel that this is your last lifetime. For most, it isn't. What you don't know is that for most of you, "this is what you do" in the Universe. You might say you're universal professional Human! Why? Because you're in love with the earth! You're in love with the family! When this play is over and your "life" ends, you just change energies. Part of you becomes another Humans' guide; part of you goes on the other side of the veil, comes back, and reincarnates. The group that is you is always working. You'll do it again and again, and it's because you refuse to miss the ending! You worked too long, Lemurian, to miss this. You've been part of this for a very, very long time, and you've seen and shared the love of God. You've seen it work. You volunteered for the hard things, and here you are yet again in one of the last waves that no one ever, ever thought would take place.

In that Cave of Creation, over the weekend, crystalline energies that are the very life-force of who you are were changed. Only two or three times in the spiritual history of Earth has the Cave of Creation and the Akashic Record been altered. This was one. The crystalline grid of the earth is starting to be rewritten and realigned. So, therefore, will be the crystals that have your life-force and your lineage and your records of the soul on this planet. They changed, too. It has to be this way. There comes a time when the esoteric is also the physics. It's a system that has to be updated, for you see, the Humans are getting a lot closer to being angels. It was the same with the 11:11. Did you realize that? That's why we wash your feet.

Today we've given you interdimensional information about science. You might say, "Well, that's not my subject, Kryon. I would rather have pure spiritual information." You'd better get used to this, for this scientific information would never, ever have been given to an earth in a lower vibration. There's a reason why this is given in a spiritual venue. You're about to broach many changes, including a grander explanation of the Universe. This is so you may eventually go places you never thought you could go. A grander explanation of your reality is needed so you might do things with your biology that you never thought you could do.

The earth is in the process of being repaired - counterintuitive, perhaps, to what you see on your news, but there is great hope for peace on this great planet. There is hope for the end of hatred as you've seen it in these past years, and for an understanding and wisdom that has not been here before. There are those who sit here who give energy and light for the earth, and we wash your feet for this.

And so it that the entourage has removed itself... all in appropriateness.
And so it is that this message is complete.