Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
Kryon in Moscow - 2007

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon
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This live channelling was Given in Moscow, Russia
May 20, 2007

This is the first time Kryon has visited Russia, and this channeling is the second meeting there. The large auditorium was filled with those who had never heard a channelling… some had never even heard anything about metaphysics! This made it a milestone event, with much energy and emotion. These Russian Lightworkers are breaking the paradigm of almost a half century of culture in their huge land. They are serious about this new energy, and we invite you to send them your own light and keep them in your prayers. They are strong of intent and were joyful to be there!

This channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Many times the foreign meetings contain very basic information from Kryon, but much is emotionally transmitted, which the printed page just can’t reveal.

The live channelling features a back and forth translation process from English to Russian and is very awkward when read from the original transcript. It creates many short sentences in English and is fragmented (since you can’t hear the translator). So to facilitate better reading and increased understanding, editing has been done to make it flow better. In addition, it has been expanded by Kryon to include the clarity that is only present during a live event. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Moscow, Russia, on May 20th, 2007.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There are those here who know the entourage who was here yesterday, indeed, has not gone. It felt blessed when you came in the room, didn’t it? Perhaps even now there is a greatest awareness of what is happening now than there was yesterday.

Perhaps you have allowed yourself to be surrounded with angelic entities that are in love with you? For some of you, it is a stretch of the imagination to think that you would walk with angels. Some will say, "It sounds a little too sweet for me, Kryon." And maybe that’s because you do not understand what an angel is. What about a large, powerful creature that stands between you and fear, that slays the image you have of your enemy? What about a powerful entity that clears the way for your path, arranges synchronicities in your life or gives you peace? Is that a little too sweet for you? Would you accept that?

Oh, dear ones, if you only knew who God is! Maybe this is the time to let you know, for I’ve asked my partner to present core information for his first visit in this great land, and now I am going to do the same. It is core information that will resound from this point forward in this classic language [Russian] whose lineage spans thousands of years. It is a message that is constructed so that they would hear it and not be afraid of it. It is a message that states that God is bigger than you think.

"You mean, Kryon, you’re going to actually tell us who God is?" Yes, I’m going to do that. I’m going to organize it, for my partner loves linearity. So this is for him: I’m going to present 11 points in honor of those who are here. I’ll present three about who God is; three about the ways of God, and four about the misunderstandings of God. Then I’ll present one that is what God wants of you. Now, this really makes my partner nervous, because now he thinks he has to keep track of all 11. Don’t worry, I’ll do it for you, my partner.

Who Is God?

Number one: Is God even definable? It is the energy that represents love. It is a giant word that means so much to so many. Can you handle the splendor of it? Can you hear the music of it or see the colors of it? Can you see the gold? It’s beautiful! When you’re on the other side of the veil, dear ones, all frequencies are available to you. An infinite storehouse of frequencies are there, where sound turns into light and they exist together, not separated by your Human senses. You’ve never seen or heard anything like it on Earth. How can I define that? When light and sound together vibrate so high they actually create harmonies together. There’s nothing more beautiful than when the Human hears and sees us sing his name in light, for that is the point when the Human comes home. How do I describe that?

God is infinite. God is the creative, cosmic intelligence of the Universe. God is the core love of all things. God is infinite in its parts, yet specific in its identity. If there’s one piece of God missing, then God does not exist… and many of the pieces are here.

Would it be too grand if I told you that if you ceased to exist, God would also? I know your name. I’ve sung it in light, and I’ll do it again when you return from this journey. God is the intelligent, creative source of the Universe, and you were here when the earth was placed (created) because you’re a piece of God, like me. You are just like Kryon and you sing my name, also, for I am your sister, your brother. Indeed, we sat together as the earth was formed. Is that a little too grand for you? Do you question this? Oh, go back and intuitively pull this out of your consciousness and you will feel it is true, old soul. That’s number one, that you are a piece of the creative force of the Universe, and a part of everything that is. It may not feel like it to you, but this is what is truly hidden from the Human.

Number two: God is a partnership, not a singular entity. You may pray to God or you might have a painting of God. Like any Human, you think God is singular; however, it is not. God is spectacular in numbers, like a legion of light, yet it’s a partner to you. Some wish to ask, "Well, if God is my partner, then what am I doing on Earth?" Oh, dear one, the answer is so obvious! You’re here only for a little while and you’re working a puzzle that you have agreed to do. The core of the puzzle is this: Can you discover who you are while you’re here? Because if you can, it changes the reality of the planet.

You see, what happens to the earth is part of a solution that is needed for the Universe. It’s a solution only solvable with free choice of Humans who do not know they’re divine. That’s who you are. You’re a partner with the cosmos, in duality, in the dark.

Some have said, "Well, Kryon, I don’t share the feeling I’m a partner with the cosmos." Now that’s the puzzle, isn’t it? Unbelief! Many of those who sit in this room will tell you differently, for they feel the love wash even as I speak now. They see the colors, even as I speak now, around me. And they feel the partnership with the creator of the Universe. They absolutely know it flows in their veins. It’s part of their DNA... a spectacular partnership.

Number three: God is a very large collection of universal entities whose energy looks just like you. There is mastery in your DNA. You have the same tools that the greatest masters of the planet had. Did you know that? Go back and look at them. Who is your favorite master of history? Remember that they were Human!

Some might say, "No. They were beyond Human. One was even the son of God." Indeed, and didn’t he tell you that you were, too? Didn’t he try and tell you how powerful you were? They all were just Humans who had activated all the tools in their spiritual toolbox… the same one you have now. That’s who they were. Now what about you? You may say, "I can’t do that. I could never be a master, for it’s beyond me." Well, now that is your free choice, is it not? So that’s what we speak of, as we do so often. The Human decides on his own who he is and how grand he wishes to be. This is the puzzle before you, that you have the ability to discover your part in the cosmos… or not.

I’ve taken three short points to describe God. Each one of them included you. If that’s all you understand tonight, then understand this: You are part of God. There’s more in this event than you think. There’s more going on in the room than you think, and those see-ers and those healers in this room know it. They’re starting to feel a shift and a change right here in this audience. What if this was the night it happened? What if this was the night when things change inside you? Would you allow it? That’s the free choice, isn’t it? Some may go from this place changed, and some may not. Some may come so very close, to have sat here and felt the energy but instead hardened their hearts - that’s when angels cry, but this is Human free choice. We’ll discuss that in a moment.

The Way God Works

There are three points here, and they may sound familiar, as though you have heard them before. But you need to hear them again.

Number four: All of the miracles of this planet that you know about that affect humanity have been created by Human Beings. Every one! But you might say, "Yes, but when I read about the miracles in my culture, it wasn’t a Human Being. It was the Messiah." You forget, don’t you? The grandest masters you can think of, who created the greatest miracle works on Earth, were all Human - Humans working for Humans, changing the vibration of the planet. Never did God send down an angel to affect a miracle. No matter what your mythology says, the Humans did all the divine work.

Did you ever think that you were someone else’s miracle? Did you ever give that any thought? We have told you before that you can’t really decide for someone else, you know? You cannot make them believe anything. You also cannot really heal them with your power. All you can do is allow them to see the healing for themselves. But what if you carried so much light that they could actually see God in you? Then perhaps they could see through the door that you had opened when you started your spiritual journey. They could feel they had used your light to start their own process. Then what if they had a miracle in their life? You would stand back and praise God, wouldn’t you? Then you’d say, "This is wonderful! Thank you, God." But you’d have no idea that you were the one who let it happen, who opened the door for them.

There are parents in this room who have done this for their children, and have brought their children to awareness. There are children in this audience who have brought their parents to awareness! There are best friends in this audience who have brought each other to awareness. There is no greater love than this, that you would open the door of healing for another, then stand back and watch them in their magnificence. This is the way God works… through you.

Know this. The way God works is through the divinity of the Human Beings on the earth. There is no other way. You are pieces of God who then raise the vibration of the planet through your working of "the puzzle." God does not come down and touch Human Beings. Humans, through free choice, open the portals within themselves and allow the light of God through them. This is the way God works… through the Human Beings on the planet who call themselves Lightworkers.

Number five is very difficult for you to believe: Many times as we’ve given this, there are many who cry that is can’t be… can’t be! Listen to this: There is no judgment for your actions from God while you are on Earth. There’s no judgment because the Human Being is totally responsible for what they do. You were brought here in order for you to decide to go to the light or the dark, and if you decide to go into the darkness, it is your decision. It’s what you came here for, and it’s part of free choice. God is not going to then judge you for your free choice. It’s part of the test, the puzzle. It creates the answers that are needed for the cosmos.

 But there are those who say, "Surely there must be a price to pay for those who have chosen such bad things." Yet again, I’ll remind you of the parable of the Prodigal Son, one from the scriptures of your own culture. It was given a long time ago, so go read it and understand it differently. It’s a parable, a metaphor. In the parable, the father sent two sons out from his family to develop their own lives. Now, this is a metaphor for God sending two Humans down to Earth. In the parable, one does everything right and one does everything wrong. Now, go read for yourselves about what happened next: for when they came back home to the father, they both had a party… the same party! The celebration was identical for both of them. You see, there was no judgment.

God is not a judging God. For it is the Human Being’s free choice in which direction they wish to go. God does not stand over you with a hammer, for God loves you just for sitting in the chair… just for being on the journey that you’re on! Listen, the very story of an angel becoming Lucifer is the metaphor for the power of a Human to develop evil. It’s within your power to become light or dark, angel. Do you understand? This is part of the puzzle. You represent the brightest light and the darkest dark on the planet… no outside force is needed.

There are those here with heavy hearts. There are those reading with heavy hearts. They are saying to themselves, "God will never forgive me for what I’ve done." I will tell you, dear Human Being, that the Universe knows what you’ve done and there’s nothing but love that pours out for you. Erase those thoughts that you have created yourself. Those who break the laws of humanity will be judged by Humans. Humans have created this system of punishment and reward. It is not a divine system. Heaven and Hell are a 3D manifestation of what the Human thinks, not what God has created. It is an extension of mythology of what men think God must be like.

When you see a play of a murder, and the curtain closes, do you think the police come and get the actor who shot the gun? No! Instead, they all go have a cast party until they are again needed to play another part. This is the way of it with the "play of Earth."

Number six: Communication with God is direct - Human Being to God. You don’t need to sit in a group to communicate. You don’t need to write it down and pass it to somebody else who will then read it and talk to God. There is no standing in line for God. There is no right or wrong time for God, for communication is always "now."  What are you going to do with that information? Act on it? Do it later? Think about it?

Some may say, "I went to this meeting where I heard a man channel an entity named Kryon. I’m going to have to think about everything he said, for some of the things were very interesting, but I don’t think I’m going to do it now." And the truth is that you’ll probably never do it.

We’ve said this before. Why do you think you’re sitting in the seat here? Do you think you came for a good time, or did you come for a life’s decision? No one here is going to be embarrassed with what you do, for it’s between you and your Higher-Self. This is sacred space, you know? It’s a safe place. There’s no better time for you to push on that door of communication. Even the unbeliever here can say, "Dear God, show me it’s real." It is real, and this will open the door! And what this does is to start a process that is divine. It will be as slow or as fast as you want to have it… gradually revealing the truth that I speak. Remember the promise I gave you last night? Blessed is the Human who asks, for indeed if he may truly wish to find what is inside, the process will begin. And those beautiful entities who guide you will start pushing on that door. It is then you’ll begin to feel it, and know that what I say is, indeed, real.

Misunderstandings About God

There are great misunderstandings about God. These have been created by cultural experiences and by men. Some of them have been in integrity and some have not. Some have been simple 3D misinterpretations of a multiple-D God, and some have been malicious by those in control to create fear and give more power to themselves.

Number seven: Let me be very clear about this first one: There is no one on Earth who must suffer for God. This is not the way of God. Don’t you think you’ve had enough suffering without God creating rules for more of it? I speak to those who have been in the dark so long, who may be depressed and unhappy. Your health may be suffering or you may have an unsolvable relationship. You must understand, dear Human Beings, that suffering is something you do well on your own! It’s not what God wants for you. God would never, ever ask a Human Being to suffer.

What did I tell you about number two? I said there’s a partnership here, did I not? So I’ll tell you again: You don’t have to suffer to be part of this family. Throw away that notion that there’s a little trouble ahead or there’s some suffering that must be accomplished in order to move ahead spiritually. No. Would you want that for your family? Would you? Would you say to your sister, "I’d like you to come over to my house, but on the way I’d like you to suffer a little… walk on some nails, climb some difficult stairs… et cetera"? No, you would not, because you love her. You’d pray for her on the way, would you not? You might even go get her so she was safe! You see? That’s not what family does with family. There’s no suffering except that what the Human Being creates in his relationships with others or his environment with himself.

"Wait a minute, Kryon. What about those born with pain and disabilities? Humans didn’t set that up." Yes, you did, dear ones. It’s all part of the play and the puzzle that you have written for yourselves. Believe me, these things were agreed to in advance. Blessed is the Human Being who comes to this planet to walk through these difficulties, for the reasons are normally to facilitate the lives of others, or to create compassion, which is the oil of the engine of vibrational shift. This is so difficult for you to understand.

Number eight: God does not require or desire worship of any kind. I’m going to paint a picture for you and ask you to role play for a moment. Let us say that you pass on and go to the other side of the veil. Let us also imagine for a moment that you are allowed to come back to Earth and be with your children who are still alive, but in an invisible way. Let us say that you can hover around them, perhaps even touch them with energy and love. Let us say that in the right kind of an energy situation, they might even feel you touch them! Wouldn’t that be grand?

So, here you are helping them in an invisible way with your love and you touch them with your energy… and they say, "Oh, I’m afraid! I was just touched by something much bigger than me... perhaps something that might hurt me! I think I’m going to worship it because it is so grand and so big. I certainly don’t want it to hurt me. Maybe if I get down on my knees and worship it, it might leave me alone. Perhaps if I grovel enough, it might even give me things!" How would that feel? You’ve just changed your children’s lives, just because you were on the other side of the veil, but wanted to touch them and hold their hands. That’s the way God looks to many people. They feel the grandness, and feel the touch, so they go down on their knees and build great buildings and create statues. But in actuality, they are on their knees worshipping their sister or brother. How does that feel to you? Is that what you would want?

That’s not what we want, either! Listen, that’s not what we are asking. Blessed is the Human who searches for God and finds love! Blessed is the Human who takes the hand of God and stands as an equal partner! That’s the one who is going to have a long life and who walks in balance. That’s the one with mastery inside, and that’s the one everybody wants to be with.

Now to the next one: Number 9. How much schooling do you need to do this? How much training should you have to open the door of interdimensionality within your DNA? Oh, there are those who say, "You’d better begin the schooling." They want you to study things and memorize things and put lists together in order to find enlightenment. They manufacture their own kinds of rules of what you must do, and often they are in charge of you while you do it. They wish you to graduate and have a license to find your own mastery, and they say, "You’ll get to know God a lot better if you’ll follow these steps we have created."

So I ask you, how much training did the masters of Earth have? What schools did they graduate from? Dear ones, you have the school inside. You don’t have to go to school to recognize your own face or to touch the hand of God. Make no mistake, in this new energy, there are those who now have processes for you that will help develop your ability to better recognize your mastery inside. What they’re doing is helping you to exercise the new tools in your DNA; helping you to see the new tools of your own awareness. They’re not asking you to memorize useless textbooks of history so that you could climb their stairs and get to a certain plateau. They are not telling you that you need them to find God. No. God doesn’t care if you can even read or not. God just wants to touch you and develop the partnership within your own mastery inside. But when you have opened that door and wish to know more about what is there for you, there are those representing new energy tools who are ready to help you see in an interdimensional way.

Number 10. Difficult, it is, for your culture to understand. God is not political! But there are those who would say, "OK, Kryon, now you have crossed the line. Everything is political." No, it isn’t. Do not misunderstand what I say to you. Some have asked, "How can I be the best citizen of my country?" And the answer is the same in every country. The best Russian citizen is one who finds compassion in their lives. The best Estonian or Latvian citizen is the one who finds compassion in their lives. The best Lithuanian citizen is the one who finds compassion. The best American citizen is the one who finds compassion. For within your own society and your own culture, the compassioned citizen is the one who is going to make the difference for your leadership and for your country. They will make the best citizens you have. Can you imagine an Earth where all leadership is compassionate? Can you imagine an Earth where Humans care about each other, no matter where they live?

And you might say, "I don’t think I’ll live long enough for that." Well, dear Human Being, that is what the plan is! And it’s not God’s plan - it’s yours! That’s what you decided at the Harmonic Convergence, that eventually this earth will have compassion for one another - compassion and understanding from country to country. Compassion to Gaia [Mother Earth] and compassion to the environment.

Oh, this is not the start of a one-world government, for that will never happen. It’s not the start of a one-world religion, for that won’t happen either… ever. It’s the start of Human Beings going about their daily lives in their own cultures who have compassion for each other. Wait until you see it! Indeed, it may not be in your lifetime, but you are part of it, for you are starting the engine that will become it. Poised in a place, you are, that has no other parallel in history. You represent a world movement of old souls who are awakening and creating a vibrational shift on Earth… one that will result in a very big change.

It is the beginning of an enlightened age where slowly Earth moves toward peace. It’s not just possible, but in the works. The Mayans showed you this and so did the ancient Chinese! Do you really think that 2012 is the end of the world? Or is it the end of the old way?

"Oh, Kryon, I look at the news and it’s so awful. We call each other names, we kill one another. It’s not civilized; it’s awful." And I tell you again that this is what it looks like when you shine a giant light in the darkness. For you expose horrible things that were always there, but that were hiding in the dark. You can’t defeat the enemy unless you see his face, and this is what is happening. And his face is fear, evil, ego, hate and apathy.

Trust that there are many things happening that are beautiful on the planet. They go unreported because they don’t report good news. They represent the compassion of humanity, but that’s not very interesting to those who crave drama. Be patient and endure this battle between the light and the dark. Eighteen years ago, we told you of the battle and now you sit in it, and to some of you, it tears you apart. What kind of a warrior are you, afraid of battle? Why don’t you relax with it, knowing you’ve got the armor and the light? Begin that journey that we speak of and become part of the army of Lightworkers who are old souls and have the wisdom to make a difference.

We’re almost finished, almost ready to say goodbye, almost ready to put away the bowls of tears we have as we wash your feet with them. We’re going to hold the veil open just a little longer, waiting for just those last moments to be with you.

Odd things can still happen here. Will you go away saying, "God visited me today?" What will be your evaluation of what is happening here? Is it foolishness, something that someone brought you from another country? Or did a spiritual brother speak to you from the other side of the veil? What’s your evaluation? Is it possible that this sister/brother is speaking through this man - one who you held hands with for years or eons on the other side of the veil? Is it possible that you can feel that you’ve skipped through the Universe with this friend who sits here?

What God Wants

You see, if you can do that, that’s Number 11, because that’s what God wants. What God really wants is for you on your own to see who you really are. Bravery and courage - that’s what it takes, for this particular belief will change you forever. Indeed, there will be those who watch your change. Indeed, there will be those who don’t like it. Those are the ones who don’t like any change, for they depend on you remaining without your power. And maybe those are the ones you don’t need in your life? That’s free choice. Everything revolves around it. Everything.

Blessed is the Human who has come this day in search of information and has felt the touch of Kryon in their heart. For I am, indeed, a partner with you in this great land, ready to start an intuitiveness of love… ready to start a revelation in compassion, and to stir the very DNA in each of you. I wish to say, "Remember me, remember me." I am the Gatekeeper and I will see you again. When you come and you go from this planet, I’m the energy you see first and last. That’s how well I know you. I’m the servant of humanity - never to be worshipped, always ready to be your equal. Did you wonder today who came to see whom? Oh, you might be surprised.

For that I thank you.

And so it is.