Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
"Kryon in Moscow - 2007"

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon
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This live channelling was Given in Moscow, Russia
May 19, 2007

This is the first time Kryon has visited Russia. The large auditorium was filled with those who had never heard a channelling… some had never even heard anything about metaphysics! This made it a milestone event, with much energy and emotion. These Russian Lightworkers are breaking the paradigm of almost a half century of culture in their huge land. They are serious about this new energy, and we invite you to send them your own light and keep them in your prayers. They are strong of intent and were joyful to be there!

This channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Many times the foreign meetings contain very basic information from Kryon, but much is emotionally transmitted, which the printed page just can’t reveal.

The live channelling features a back and forth translation process from English to Russian and is very awkward when read from the original transcript. It creates many short sentences in English and is fragmented (since you can’t hear the translator). So to facilitate better reading and increased understanding, editing has been done to make it flow better. In addition, it has been expanded by Kryon to include the clarity that is only present during a live event. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Moscow, Russia, on May 19th, 2007.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Some will say that the Human Being cannot do exactly what you just saw. [Lee went into channel as soon as he sat in the chair.] "Too quick," they will say. "For this kind of a communication to happen, the Human must spend more time going into this altered state." Well, welcome to a new concept: The Human Being who vibrates high, walks with one foot on the other side of the veil. This requires much less time for energy preparation. See? I walk with my partner. Many times, even when he thinks he's presenting himself, I'll jump in and help him. You see how this works? What do you think it would feel like to have a 100-percent walk with Spirit? Well, there are those in the room who know. There are healers here who live with this energy, and every time they are in front of a Human Being for a healing, they know what to do, and they don't have to warm up for it; they don't have to spend time in certain positions on the floor. They don't have to go through protocol or surround themselves with energetic stones. It happens because they are complete. This represents a Human who is tuned up for this.

There are many here. There are some who have come to check out the channeller. You see, I know who's here. So let me be the first to say that I honor you in this group. I know what you're doing for the planet and I know what's in your hearts. There are legions of angels that follow you home and work with you every day. Let it be known that it is an honor that you sit here. Old soul, you know who you are, whom I speak of. There are many of you here who have been here many times. Know that you are dearly loved as you work in this land. Those who are working with humanity, who have compassionate hearts, shine very brightly in this group. But the potential of the other souls awakening is also grand.

There are those who are wondering still, "Could this be real? What is it all about?" The teaching tonight is about enlightenment. But some of you may wish to ignore the teaching completely and instead you might want to just sit in the energy, for it gets higher every moment. As you allow yourself to feel these things, the amount of entities increase in this room. I'm using three-dimensional terminology since they can't really be counted, but you can feel them. Some of them wish to surround you - press upon you. Some of them want to sit right on your lap! There's nothing to fear here. This is a safe place. There may be no safer place than this in your life right now.

Safe, it is, to think out of the box of your reality and ask the question, "Is this real?" Some of you may ask this question about what you see. You say, "If it is real, God, give me a sign to show me it is." And we will. If you do your part, we'll do ours. If you open your hearts, we'll fill you. We'll fill you up like an empty jar waiting for the love of God in your life... we'll fill you up. And you'll know it, and you'll leave here differently than you came.

Everything we create today is one half of a whole experience [speaking of the fact that there is continued channelling on the next day]. It is designed in this fashion for you to hear all of the messages and participate in all of the energies - the balancing of science, the words, the music and the love [speaking of the messages of the whole Kryon team during the weekend]. So when we finish this evening, I'm not leaving this place, and some of you will feel this when you walk in tomorrow morning. You'll know this is a sacred place, and not just a show created by someone from a foreign land. It's where a piece of home is, where pieces of God can come together and feel the music from the other side of the veil... no matter what the language or the relationship between the countries they represent.


There are those who have said, "I would like to become enlightened." It's a grand word, is it not, for it has the word "light" within it. I'm here to tell you what it is and what it is not. This is one of two basic teachings [today and tomorrow], and this is a good way to start... to go to the simple core of information and build upon it.

There are those who have said, "Well, enlightenment is this, and enlightenment is that..." Therefore, one Human Being's enlightenment could be seen as another's foolishness, and indeed, you have that very thing today in this room. Humanity searches for a God, if you've noticed. It's interesting, is it not, that 85 percent of humanity belongs to some kind of religious belief system? Oh, they may not have signed up for it, since they're often born into it. But they go along with it from birth because the search for the Creator is intuitive and built into the DNA. The Human Being is built to search for God!

There are hundreds and hundreds of belief systems about God. Most Humans, when they think they find God, put Him in a building. Then they turn their back on others and say, "We are enlightened, and you are not. We have found the true God and he is in our building. If you come to our building, you will find enlightenment with us." That's not enlightenment, for these are still in a searching mode. Let it be known that there is nothing wrong with searching for God. However, blessed is the Human Being who knows when they have found it or not! So few have.

The search for God is one of the most revered things Spirit sees within humanity. That's why there is no judgment of you, no matter what you call yourself spiritually, or what belief system you may or may not embrace. However, most of humanity has found the residual of God... felt it and saw it and was awed by its majesty... and then didn't go the extra distance to find out about the core. It would be like worshipping a telephone, since that's where the voice comes from, without going the extra distance to consider "who" was actually on the other end of the conversation, or "where" it was coming from. Therefore, there become hundreds of brands of telephones with various names and ideas of who is qualified to listen, without any knowledge of the real source.

Blessed is the Human who says, "I want to know about God." For the search is honored above all things. Beautiful, it is, for this is the Human Being who is looking for home and wants to know what's missing inside. "I want to be enlightened," he says. So let me define what we are talking about:

Enlightenment is the "God attribute" that the Human Being looks for and finds inside themselves. Enlightenment is the solution to the search for God, and it's not found in an external place, but rather it is found internally. For that is the way it is designed to be, yet it is the least intuitive. For Humans think God is grander than anything they might be. It's the last thing they would do... to look inside, yet the solution is there.

Look to your history, dear ones. Every master who walked the earth has told you this. Some of their words have been misunderstood and actually removed because they have said this. And some of the masters told you, "You are sons of God; you are daughters of the Creator, and you are eternal, every one." You think life ends when you pass over, but you are an eternal being. Your life is simply one journey of many. Those who would fill the seats in a place like this are old souls. In fact, 80 percent or more of you in this room are old souls. These are the ones who awaken first, and these are the ones who are curious first. These are the ones who are not afraid of channelling and not afraid to open their heart and feel the love of God inside. So you might say enlightenment is the discovery of truth inside.


Then we get into this discussion... one that's so interesting, for it's a three-dimensional argument in an interdimensional world. "Kryon, what is truth? Truth has to be one thing. It must be one thing for everyone... one central truth for all. So who is right?" And we say, Oh, how singular of you! How 3D of you! Everything in your life is linear, isn't it? You look in the mirror, and how many entities do you count? Do you say, "Well, there's only one of me." If you do, I say, how singular of you! There are many of you, and you have no idea of your size. But your 3D limits keep you from seeing any of this. Many of you speak about a Higher-Self, don't you? So I ask, who is that? The answer from Humans: "Well, that's part of the spiritual Human." Indeed! So now you've got the one in the mirror and the Higher-Self. There's two, so how many do you need for a group? How about another higher and another higher and another higher after that? Interdimensionally, each one of you is a highly complex group of melded entities with spiritual purpose. Yet you only "see" the one face in the mirror.

So now let me tell you about truth. There is, indeed, one primary core truth to the Universe and it's simple and profound and many of you know what it is. There is one core energy of truth, and it is the love of God. This is the energy at the center of the atom, for it is creator energy. And what a Human Being does with that core love is the 3D Human Being's private, unique truth. That means that each one of you has a core truth for you, based on what you do with the love of God.

Some will say, "I don't like that, Kryon. Too many truths. I'm not comfortable with many truths." Then I'll give you a metaphor for you. What is the sustenance of a Human Being's biology? And you might say, "Well, it is obviously food." So I ask you, is it one food? You'll say, "Of course not. There are many foods. And I eat one kind and my partner eats another kind, for we chose the sustenance that matches our bodies." And so it is with the spiritual sustenance of each Human regarding truth. You have the love quotient that matches your body energy. And that's why some of you are mediators and some of you are healers. Some of you just want to feel what this is about. Why don't you discover your truth today? Whatever it is, it will connect you permanently to God and create light in your life. This is your truth, and what enlightenment is for you.

God has a "hands off" policy

Now, there are rules that Spirit follows regarding enlightenment. You may have heard this before, but it is core information. Some of you still believe God is an outside power and are waiting for God to come down and do something for you. Some will grovel on the floor and say, "Look, I am suffering. Please God, help me. Do something!" God can't do anything for you, did you know that? The rules of the God-Human relationship on this planet are about free choice. God can only work through the Human Being, after the Human asks for enlightenment... not just help. It goes like this. "Dear God, I am here and I know God is a part of me. I join with you. Please tell me what it is I need to know. I'm ready to change." This is the Human Being who opens the door and lets this energy shine through him. Like points of light on the earth, God then works through those Human doors that open, helping not only the individual Human, but using the Human to work with the whole planet. God cannot do anything on this planet unless it is through the Human Being. Perhaps this now explains why becoming a Lightworker is so important. Do you think you are nothing and you don't make any difference? You might walk around this grand city and say, "I'm one of millions. I can't do anything." But that's where you're wrong, for yours is a 3D perception, and not an interdimensional one. Let me give you an example. We love to give this example.

Imagine a glass of pure water... millions of molecules [From Lee: Actually, it's a one followed by 25 zeros... a very big number.]. Absolutely pure. Imagine one tiny drop of intense flavoring somehow drips into the glass. It isn't long before you have a glass of flavored water! That's what happens when you have one light in the darkness. For darkness, even in a very large area, cannot exist when one light is there. So you might say, you could have millions of darknesses, but with one light, you've flavored the group with light. And maybe it's at your workplace and maybe it's in your home. The rule is that God works through those who shine the light. And there are also many Lightworkers who have labels on them in many religions [belonging to many kinds of religion]. Lightworkers of the earth are the balanced ones, the ones you want to be with - those who are compassionate, who don't turn you away. You can look in their eyes, and see the love of God in there. Know them by their eyes! There are so many on the planet, even in places you cannot even imagine. Those are the rules. God works with humanity only through those who have connected to the light and are allowing this compassion to shine through.

God's perception of the Human Being

Let me tell you about a perception we have... something humorous to Spirit. It comes from watching what Humans do. Humans tend to relate all of their successes and failures to something above them or below them, always an outside power. And it's most prevalent coming from spiritual Humans. When something wonderful happens, they say, "God blessed me. I got a miracle today from God. Something good happened." And then when something awful happens, they say, "The devil visited me today. Pulled me down, he did. Bad things took place today. It was Satan's fault." Therefore, the Human thinks that he is sitting there incapable of anything at all, and some kind of a tugging contest between dark and light is constantly going on. If anything good happens, it's God. If anything bad happens, it's the devil. So he assigns entities to all of these things, and there he sits, neutral... without any say in any of it! The truth? There is no pushing and pulling from any outside source. Instead, there is a dark/light balance in each Human that's extremely powerful. It's called duality and that's the test of Earth. We've said it before: The seeds of dark and light reside in every single Human Being. Again, it's free choice for the Human to become the lightest light or the darkest dark. He is a creature of Spirit, and the ultimate creator of reality on Earth. This means that you are powerful on this planet. What you do changes the entire scope of what happens on Earth within your own culture, within your own country. Indeed, free choice is a beautiful system, is it not? When you become compassionate, it affects everyone around you, everywhere around you, and even the angels in far away places know what you are doing.

Why so difficult?

"Why is it so difficult, Kryon? Why should this system to find truth be so obscure?" It is designed that way. It is designed that way so it is not easy, for those who would join this way of life must have pure intent to do it. They will become the light of the earth, so they must not be afraid of change or fear when finding God in themselves.

The first thing that makes it difficult is tremendous disbelief. It's even here [in the auditorium]. There's no judgment of that. I look on this crowd and I see those I love, and know. I am Kryon, I am the Gatekeeper. I see you when you come into the planet, and I see when you leave. I know your name - your angelic name - the one I sing in light. The one that is hidden from you as you sit here listening. Whatever decision you make is blessed. So, Doubter, I speak to you [speaking of those who came in disbelief only to have a look at the weird American]. You may go out of this place thinking this is not real and this is foolish. But the angels will walk out with you, too. You may never speak to them all your life, but they're ready for you to. There's no judgment of you or if you believe this or not, for that last day when you take that last breath, you'll see these angels. Then we'll all celebrate your life. I promise we will, and you will remember everything.

Fear is the other thing that keeps those from doing what we are talking about. "I don't want to become enlightened," some say, for they are afraid. Some of the oldest souls on the planet are afraid. The last time they became enlightened on this planet, they stuck out, and they were killed for carrying their light. They carry that history around in their DNA and their Akashic Record. They run the other way when it comes to spiritual things and don't want anything to do with them. We've got a few in here just like that... I know who's here. We've got Shamans in the room, pretending to be technicians! I know who you are. But you don't want to touch it this time, do you? Perhaps next time? Oh, so many of you don't want to go much further, do you? I promise if you push on that door, the entourage is going to be there. The very mechanism of faith is in your DNA.

Let me tell you about the promise of God. Spirit will not fail you. If you let that door open, it starts in a completely new kind of energy within you. Those in your family will notice. You're a kinder person, a gentler person, a balanced person, one who knows how to heal themselves emotionally.

I'm speaking to somebody in this audience right now, and you know who you are. Isn't it about time you drop the sorrow? Listen to me. You don't have to wake up with that feeling ever again. I know who's here! This is an invitation for you right now. There's no reason why you have to carry that sorrow around. You're too magnificent for this! You're too grand for this! You should be able to look at yourself in the mirror and claim God inside. The promise is that we are there to help you and flood you with the energy of God. Get out of your depression and stop your crying. You came here thinking we didn't know who you were, but we do. We know who needs the healing here tonight. You've got two days with us... only two days. Wouldn't you like to leave differently than you came? Isn't that the reason you are here?

The time line

There are those who think the enlightenment process is like purchasing a ticket. There are no procedures, you know? There is no line to stand in and no protocol to follow. Enlightenment starts in one Human Being at a time when they begin to start realizing that they are a piece of the whole of God. They may say, "Dear God, I'm ready. What do I do? God, help me and I will open myself to Spirit and become the master that I can be." So they feel like they have received a ticket for something... now they are going to look for the changes, and expect them right away. The Human feels that they have asked the questions, and that the answers will be in the ticket. So metaphorically, they go to the spiritual train station to get on the train, where they believe they will travel to the answers.

But then there is disappointment. Here is the metaphor: The Human Being says, "Well, the ticket didn't work for me. I went to the train station and there was no train. Then I went to a metaphysical person and they said, ‘Try again.' So, I asked again and I got the ticket again. I went to the train station and this time there was no track! That really disturbed me. So I went back and said, ‘What's going on?' And the teacher said, ‘Try it one more time.' So I got another ticket. This time I couldn't find the train station! It's getting worse."

Let me tell you what's happening to you when you sit before Spirit and expect some answers to your life's problems. You're starting to experience and work with the interdimensional aspects of God. So the first thing is this: Don't decide what's going to happen and when it's going to happen! I'll tell you what you've got a ticket for. You've got a ticket for a communication that is interdimensional, cosmic! Once you start pushing on that door, release your ideas about the way things should work or may work for you. Again, that's the 3D approach, and doesn't work with God-like energy. Instead, learn to let Cosmic Intelligence take over. Do you trust God? Some say they trust, but then they meditate and say, "Well, here's what I need. I need this and I need this and I need this." You have a list, don't you? Sometimes Humans sit in front of us and they tell us everything that happened that day. "Oh," they say, "Dear Spirit, you're not going to believe what happened to me today. Now I'm in trouble. I had this and I had this and I had this." Don't you realize that we were there? Don't you understand that we were with you? We are part of you! Think of us as you walk from place to place. If there is sorrow or there are difficulties, we were there. If there were joys in your life, we were there. Blessed is the Human Being who can sit and meditate and say nothing... knowing that God was with you all day long.

You want to know when angels cry? I'll tell you when angels cry - when you don't ever recognize that they're part of your life! Oh, I know it's esoteric. I know you can't prove that they are there, but you can't prove love either. It's invisible just like the guides and angels are. You come into this life with so many angels around you. You walk from place to place and you grow up, find jobs and partners, and have experiences. Some never understand that they are there. You might have difficulty, and then there would be sorrow. And when that occurs, they are ready... ready to hold your hand and give you peace and love. But you never pushed on the door of enlightenment; you don't even know how. That's when an angel cries... when they are intertwined with you, yet don't have permission to help, and you think you are alone.

We're almost ready to go. You know what enlightenment is? It's when a Human is so balanced that they have compassion for everyone... everyone. There is no judgment in their eyes of you. Others love to be with them! That's enlightenment. You see, they've found their truth, and it suits their heart. They are not afraid of the love of God. Instead, they radiate it.

 There are some who are saying, "Well, it's just a little too sweet, it's a little too gentle for me." And I say, you have forgotten who you are. Oh, gentle one, oh, precious one, this is for you. It's for all. Don't be afraid of the love of God.

Until tomorrow...

And so it is.