Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
"Viewing the Other Side of the Veil"
Longmont, Colorado - January 7, 2007

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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"Viewing the Other Side of the Veil"

This live channelling was Given in Longmont, Colorado
January 7, 2007

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live, has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Longmont, Colorado - January 7, 2007.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service... words spoken for so many years to the Human Beings... by a Human partner, who at this moment is overcome with the love of God.

It is the promise that I have given to humanity, that for as long as there will be ears to listen, I will be here to teach. It is only because of the veil and the duality that I bring these things forward. Things that, when I touch upon them, will resound within you. For there's no guru-ship represented here; there's no prophet speaking to you here. Instead, there's a family member who, when you are not in this place called Earth, is your best friend. For we have made this journey together, dear ones, so often.

I am known as the support group for you, and you know who I am. For when you make the transition yet again, I will seemingly meet you on the other side of the veil... yet again. And I will say, "Welcome home, brother, sister. Welcome home. Job well done." And we would touch each other energetically, as a Human would hug a Human, and we would reach out and entwine the energy one with another in this embrace. Then you would know me and I would know you yet again. It would be almost like nothing had ever occurred since you left the first time.

Timelessness would again be a staple of your existence. The interdimensional persona of light that you are, the piece of God that you are, would come flowing back in. Then you would immediately start preparing the energy of your group for yet another run at Earth. Indeed, even if you think it's your last time, it isn't. I know this because I know the rest of the intelligence that you're not allowed to have, as you sit in the chairs in 3D in front of me, and in 3D reading and hearing.

I live with it, you know? What you call your Higher-Self... I live with it. It is part of me and part of you. We are connected in ways that you cannot even imagine, in a quantum state that serves us both. This is not a higher source speaking to you. It is THE source. It is you with you, through the voice of a Human Being, in a process that is not new called channelling.

The entourage is different each time we come in, and it mirrors of the energy of you. No matter what the teaching is this day, no matter what is going to be said this day, there's an energy of reunion that I invite you to feel during these moments. It goes way beyond the teaching. It's me with you. It's the God source. It's part of your DNA starting to resound with sitting in this kind of new energy. Some of you are going to feel different and with the senses outside of 3D, you'll know this is real.

There are always those who would say, "Is this a Human talking? Is this real? God, show me a sign." I'll give you the sign: Sit there in pure belief and wait. You'll be touched. Your heart will start to resound. There'll be parts of your body that may vibrate. You may find it difficult to move your shoulders or your knees or your feet because we're sitting upon you. A pressure is upon you that is internal and external. I'm telling you that this is a private matter. Each to his own. Each in his own way. But the love of God is thick and always has been. It is what has pressed those prophets into the earth when they stood before the angels of spirit. It is what has made it difficult to breathe when the interdimensional energy is present when God speaks to men and women personally. Let this never be commonplace.

When you sit within yourself, in your own meditations, and you speak to Spirit, say, "Oh, God, meet me here. Tell me what it is I need to know." When you do that, feel this thickness of Spirit we talk about now. Take in all there is to take in. There's such a shift that is possible, Human Being. We invite you to dip into that veil in a way perhaps you never have before. Ask for the belief that you need and feel the love of God in your life. Speak in ways you've never spoken. Is it casual for you? Well, if it is, you're not doing it right! Let these things resound with you so that you weep with the joy of the experience and no matter what is happening in your life, no matter what it is... learn to proclaim, "It is well in my soul, for I have gone and transcended beyond the troubles of Earth and I sit in a sacred place that is my place. It is the God place while I'm alive as a Human Being and it suits me for now." Let that rotate around you. I say these things because of what we teach next.

I haven't enough metaphors for this teaching, yet I'll put many forth. I wish to give you what Human Beings need to know about seers, psychics, readers and those prophets who would go beyond the veil and give you the future. I am not in a vacuum. I am Kryon. Indeed, I am aware of your earthly time, so I know what has transpired. I know this is the new year, of course. The year of the nine [2007]. We'll speak of that in just a moment. What does it mean? What's going to happen?

You might sit there and say, "Oh, Kryon, I've come today because I want to hear from the lips of the channeller about what's going to happen. What can we expect in 2007, 2008 and beyond." I'm also aware that these are the first channelling words that my partner has spoken in this energy that you call 2007. Unique, therefore, this meeting will be. It is the first one of the year that Kryon speaks, and yet I have to warn you about this: The Human Being still does not know what he asks for when he wants to know the future. It lays upon you in a biased fashion because you only are aware of a linear strip of time before you – a very narrow one – and you want to know what's going to happen on that small strip of time you call reality. Not only that, you're not willing to hear certain potentials. You want absolutes. Oh, not all of you, but I'm going to give you an example of what humanity often does to the prophet, to the psychic, when it goes to them and asks, "Tell me what's going to happen in the future?" There the Humans sit in anticipation.

Human bias in perception

Here's the first metaphor of the day among many. It's going to highlight Human bias in the reality of your 3D – what you expect and how you think.

There's a woman who goes to the doctor. She says to the doctor, "Doctor, something's wrong with me. I don't feel well. I need you to tell me what it is that's wrong with me."

And the doctor says, "OK, give me your symptoms."

She says, "I don't have the energy I used to. I'm gaining weight and I don't want to. I feel funny. There's something wrong with me, doctor. Tell me what it is."

"Fine. We'll do the tests," the doctor replies.

She comes back later and the doctor tells her, "Well, I've got some good news for you."

But she says, "I don't want good news. I want to know what's wrong with me. It's my body, and I know I've got something wrong with me! If you can't tell me, I'll get another doctor."

"I've got some things to tell you maybe you don't expect," says the doctor.

But she quickly replies, "If you can't tell me what's wrong with me, I'm leaving." And she leaves! And... sitting on the doctor's desk is the piece of paper that shows that she's pregnant.

This is the typical Human spirit, born into a situation of three dimension where she is biased on what she thinks her reality is, closed to any other message. Because if she feels odds, then it's got to be bad news, doesn't it? If she's gaining weight, it's got to be bad news, doesn't it? So, Human Being, I say to you that when you come to a place where the future is going to be discussed, what is the bias that you carry? Do you have the ability to understand what is being given? Will you give leeway and slack to those who go beyond the veil and come back and give you information? And will you understand it if they did, or ask for another opinion since it's not what you expect? It's linear, you know. "Kryon, tell us the future," you say. And then if this channel doesn't give you the same message as another channel, you'll say, "Well, which one shall I believe? They both were channels, weren't they?" What are you going to do about that? Your future, your past, your present – all you see is the narrow strip in front of you – the road, one tiny road, and there's only room for one thing on it.

Going to the other side of the veil

I have another story for you. There once was a village. Next to this village, over the hill, was an ocean. Now, the villagers respected the ocean, for within the ocean they felt was God, for this was their sustenance. The water they knew somehow came over the mountain and gave them rain and grew their crops. "God must be under the water," they said.

In this village, there were no lakes or rivers. The only thing they had ever seen with lots of water was that sacred thing called the ocean, and it was over the hill. They didn't dare touch it because God was in the ocean, you see? Nobody went there. It was sacred ground, and no one in history had ever seen God.

And so, as things go, they eventually sent the highest and best holy man they had to find God. They said to him, "We need you to go to the ocean. We need you actually to dip your body as far under the water as you can. Then tell us what God looks like. We need to know who is God."

The holy man was very afraid. He thought, perhaps, that when he touched the water, he'd vaporize! He'd never been in deep water. He didn't even know he couldn't breathe underwater, but he found out fast. The holy man did his job and according to his faith, he said, "Dear God, please forgive me if I'm doing something that is out of the permission of sacredness." Then he made all the signs that he was supposed to make and did it... he got into the water and he dipped his body down as far as he dared.

This was a foreign place. He couldn't breathe. He couldn't stay down very long. It was murky there. He opened his eyes and he realized he was submerged with sacredness and he was vibrating. He could barely exist and he knew he had to come up fast. Then he opened his eyes to see God, and behold... a fish was looking right at him!

"Ahh," he said, "There He is! There's God." He came bursting out of the water, ran up the shore, crossed the mountains, and back to the village. They all stand back as he draws on the sand a depiction of God for his village. It's a fish. So together they worship this fish. They finally know what God looks like, and they are happy. "This is what's on the other side of the veil," they say. Underneath the water is where God lives. God is great. And the fish becomes for them their symbol of worship.

Now, there's nothing wrong with this at all. You see, in 3D they needed something that would remind them of God. They needed a 3D symbol that they could take with them, put in their homes perhaps. Anything that reminds you of the divine, Human Being, is fine. And they liked it and it helped them to pray and visualize God.

The years went by and a younger holy man emerged through the lineage. He decided to cross the mountains, too. He said to his elder, "I want to see God for myself, but I need authorization from of the rest of you." The very much older holy man, who had gone first, said, "Go ahead. It's a wonderful experience. I hope you see God like I did." He sent him on his way.

The young shaman crossed the mountains and went into the water just like his elder had. He went through the same protocol the first holy man did, then submerged and held his breath. It was murky there and he opened his eyes... and behold, he saw... an octopus! That was very different than the fish!

So this younger man bursts out of the water, runs across the mountains, draws it for the village, and says, "The first man's wrong! This is what God looks like." Ah. The village had no idea what to think about which one was right. They both went to the same place. They both looked under the water, and they both came back with two ideas firmly embedded in their mind of what God should look like. "We cannot tell which one of you really is right," they said. "One of you is right, one of you is not." This, by the way, was the beginning of two churches... need I say more?

Some, who didn't want to believe either one, sent a third holy man to verify the other two. Under the water he opened his eyes and ... saw an eel! He came back and said, "They're both wrong!" A third religious sect was born.

Here is the quandary. Three channellers, three psychics, three prophets, three holy men, all go to the other side of the veil and bring back three kinds of information. They go to the same place and all of them see something different... just like the story. And the reason is because of the simplicity of their belief, what they expected, and how they viewed the reality of God. They expected God to be a creature, have a face, and be singular in 3D, just like themselves (one being). Therefore, when they reached the other side of the veil and took a look, they captured the image of the one thing they saw, and pasted it upon their perception. Take a look at the singularity and linearity of your own churches today in your own culture [USA]. When you have more than 300 kinds of Christian churches in your country, you can see how this happened. Each time there was a unique vision, another sector of belief was created. How linear of you!

So here we are already exposing the quandary that many humans have regarding those who would give you information that is beyond the veil. It encompasses visions of both the future and the way things are in the present. One will not necessarily coordinate with the other, and you sit there on your one track deciding which one is right, when perhaps they're all right.

The other side of the veil is truly interdimensional, filled with multiple, co-existing realities in many forms. But you're expecting to only see one thing, aren't you? You feel that a Human should be able to go to the other side of the veil and see how the "one thing" is, come back, and report it. That's as silly as going to the map store and asking for the "one map." But your bias keeps you from seeing this.

Here is the truth of it. On the other side of the veil, there is no time. This is the hardest for you to grasp.  So another metaphor is coming, and again we present this to you in a way that hopefully a 3D Human Being might understand: As a channeller or reader, you sit in the middle of a circle called the other side of the veil. Make it a table. Make this easy. You're in the middle of that table, a round table, and there are pieces of a vast puzzle all around you on all sides. When you turn them over, some of them say, "future," some of them say, "past." All of them have energy. They all glow a certain way, and there are colors to each of them, indicating if they have been manifested (happened in 3D) or not (past, not manifested in 3D – future manifested into past, past manifested into future action... etc.). To make things more complex, when you turn them over again in a moment, they have changed again, and their "labels" are different. The future now reads, past. Do you understand this? Probably not, so get ready for it. [Coming in this channelling] I'll list all of those again after I'm finished, with definitions. But it's really confusing for a one-track creature like the Human, who only expects to see one energy called "future."

Now, your task is to select which one you're going to look at, and which one you're going to take back to your 3D side of the veil. You are going to have to decide which one might be the one that places itself on the one track of what you call reality. Which one is appropriate for what is going to be manifested on that one track in the future? How do you know? Is this even possible to figure out?

The moth to the flame

That brings us to the next subject of understanding. This is the key to becoming savvy regarding the puzzle before you on the table, but we again must use a metaphor, and again we say that it is about 3D Human bias. The bias of a 3D Human Being, whether they're a master or whether they're not, comes with the duality. This is important. I'm giving you the attributes of how to see the future.

Let's visualize a Human Being who goes beyond the veil. He is not a master; in fact, he's very, very young and inexperienced at this. But he knows how to go there, and he can spend time there and feels that he is seeing clearly. Indeed, the young always feel they are seeing clearly, until they are seniors. Then they laugh at themselves for how they thought they were seeing.

The tools of the new energy before him have given him the ability to move freely to the other side, and so there he is. But these same tools have not given him wisdom. And so there he is, looking around. He immediately observes the freeway of life before him. The cars whiz by. The metaphor here is that this freeway is life on Earth, and he knows this. He is even smart enough to know that he must interpret things, since they are multiple D and not 3D. He knows the freeway is linear, just like he is, and he knows that Spirit is trying to show him the future.

So he is immediately attracted to the most dramatic thing happening on the freeway... the 15-car pile-up. He views it all... the smoke, the fire, the sorrow, the death, the destruction. He sees the wreckage. So he comes back and reports it and says, "There's going to be a pile-up. I don't know exactly when, and I don't know how. I just know it's just up the road. You'd better get ready and prepare. That is what is there. I saw it clearly."

Now the plot thickens (as they say). Here comes another Human. This Human is a master. He has worked with his DNA and is experienced in mastery. He also goes across the veil and looks at the freeway of life. There it is... same freeway. Then he sees it! "Oh, did you see what almost happened there?" he cries. "If that Human Being hadn't swerved right then, there would have been a 15-car pile-up!" Then he says those wise words... unbiased, "I am here to celebrate what didn't happen. Indeed, you dodged that accident. Indeed, let us celebrate life at its fullest. All of these people were saved. Praise God for the grace of intuitive swerving!" he says. Then he comes back and he says to his constituency, "It's clear sailing ahead. I've been there. I saw it clearly."

I've just given you two Human Beings with opposite biases. One of them saw only the drama and brought back that. It's the most typical, and you have had this kind of prediction most of your lives. That's the Human Being who goes to the other side of the veil, sees an angel holding two futures, and selects the one which has the most smoke and fire! [Laughter] Drama! It's because the Human Being is drawn to that in 3D. At some level, that's what you respond to. You know this; your media knows this; all the advertisers on Earth know this. It's a fact.

The master, the one who's experienced in seeing the beauty, sees what didn't happen as having the same energy of what the 3D visitor saw. He balances both, and reports the one that has the greatest potential, not the most smoke and fire. So, you're in the same quandary, aren't you? "Well, which one is right?" you say. "What are we going to do with this?"

Now I will tell you about the talent required for a prophet, a seer, the teller of the future of the planet. It is not just mastery; it's not just being in tune with your DNA. It is being carefully balanced over years of experience... going to the veil without a bias. I return with you to the table metaphor. There you sit in the middle. And before you, you see all of the potentials of the planet, past and future. Now it is that you might say, "How can you have a past potential?" I'll tell you in a moment. But for now, which one do you choose? Is it the one that unenlightened Human Beings would choose... the ones that have the most drama and smoke? Or is it the one that the master chooses, something that didn't even happen? Neither, in a certain way. You carry the energy of the earth, and the choice to see the fish, the octopus or the eel. Which one to choose? The energy of the planet comes with you and you match the energy of the planet to whatever the energy is of all of the potentials before you. You select the piece of the puzzle that vibrates the closest to what you bring as the vibration of the earth at that moment.

This takes talent, experience, and practice. Instead of trusting Human bias, it's the feeling of energy with energy. It is the feeling of what the earth brings to you as you submerge yourself to the other side of the veil so you can match it with the potentials before you. Whatever the potential feels like, match it to the energy of the planet. Choose that one and bring it back, for it will be the most accurate for that day. You don't like that, do you?

"Kryon, are you telling us that the best prophets around can only give what is good for today?" Yes, dear ones, because tomorrow may change everything. What if some of those in this audience woke up [became more enlightened] and sent light to a certain place that had only darkness before? What if, collectively, you make a shift and a change that would change this planet dramatically? Then tomorrow would contain different potentials than today, wouldn't it? You see, it's because you're in charge, and I've said this for 18 years. This is the message of Kryon. It always has been.

This is no difference, dear ones, with the master, world-class tarot reader. Think for a moment of the mechanics of what you know about tarot. It's designed as a science to vibrate with your energy and give you tools of direction. Even though the tarot reader may be the only one to touch the cards, you are sitting in front of him, or he is tuning into you intuitively. It is your energy that is on the cards whether you touch them or not. The intelligence that is cosmic [source] knows who you are, and that you're there for direction. It uses the tarot reader's talent to sense your energy then allows him to place the card spread upon the table. It may seem random to you, but it is not. So what then becomes what you would call the tarot spread is a reflection of your energy. It tells you about your potential for that day only, since you have the power of free choice. It is no different than the planet. Simple, is it not? Yet, difficult for a 3D mind.

Difficult Concept... the NOW

So, as for the pieces on that "now" table before you, and for those who are beginning to understand this, let me define some interdimensional terms. These are terms that do not make sense in 3D:

MANIFESTED PAST – This means something that has happened in your 3D timeline, but which still has the energy of change upon it. For things in your past can create emotions and solutions in your spiritual development. Therefore, the energy of something past still has the power to offer you understanding, thereby changing what you might do in the future because of new, profound wisdom about it.

NON-MANIFESTED PAST – Things that did not happen in your 3D timeline, but which carry with them an energy of potential anyway. For instance, your Armageddon did not happen, even though it was a strong potential piece of the puzzle. The piece still lies there, with all the smoke and fire and the reality as if it had happened. If you could "visit" a piece, you could dip into what it would have been like... your death included. So can you see that this piece, although not manifested, still has energy around it? It has so much energy that some still claim it, even though your 3D clock has passed the time of possibility.

FUTURE MANIFESTED INTO PAST – This is where a Human Being sees a future vibration coming and does something about it. On your singular ribbon of time, your future eventually becomes the past. Therefore, what you do today about the earth will eventually become a "past puzzle piece." Since all the puzzle pieces relate to each other (interactive), when you change one, the others also vibrate together and change. These are concepts that we don't expect you to see right away. The best thing is just to understand that there is no predestination, and that what you do today affects all the pieces.

PAST MANIFESTED INTO THE FUTURE – This is a piece that is actually created by altering a manifested past piece. An example would be the Human Being who sees what has happened on the 3D timeline that was manifested, and then changes direction because of it. Therefore, the past has affected the free choice of the future, and both pieces take on a different vibration.

All these pieces change vibration and energy constantly, so can you see how your future is actually created by what you do now? There is nothing ahead that lays there uncontrollable. You are part of all the pieces on the table. When the channeller or psychic goes out to view the pieces, are you beginning to understand what is being called upon? It requires wisdom and unbias, and a touch of mastery. So now we come to some other interesting concepts that you might practice, as a step to becoming more interdimensional: Celebrating things that didn't happen.

Celebration of things unseen, which didn't happen!

Let me again give you the big example in 3D of what you just went through: I want you to really listen carefully, for there are those in this room who are old enough to relate to what I'm going to tell you. From 1945 to 1989, almost a half a century, you were on your way to the Armageddon, you know? For years and years, the earth energy had not changed... an old energy, an old path, an old potential. Those were the days of the Cold War, and where two powerful countries faced off in a scenario that would build and support the Armageddon future. All the prophets reported it.

One country was the Soviet Union, who had taken over many other countries, and who had built arsenals unto itself for 50 years. It had a different philosophy and was at war with doctrine with the country where I speak right now [USA]. Those of you who survived that Cold War will remember the incredible Human resources that were put into it, the fear that was put into it, the spies, the trickery, the death. Remember? Seemingly, two countries faced off with equal power. Then one of them shot a rocket into space and changed everything. The fear factor went up. Obviously, it was ahead. Great fear resulted, and created a race with even bigger missiles. Great fear, difficult times. Think about that for a moment, for some of you spent the majority of your lives in that energy.

The reason I talk to you about this is because this scenario was the beginning of the buildup of what would become the Armageddon, as prophesied in Scripture, as given by the priest, Nostradamus. He saw it. Many saw it, even some of the indigenous saw it and included it in their own prophesy about what was going to take place in the year 2000-2001. Many felt that the "ball was rolling too fast and for too long" to ever change something so big.

When you had the Harmonic Convergence, you collectively decided that this would not happen on the planet. This was humans deciding at a spiritual level, that something almost a half a century old, involving two huge powerful countries, would be dissolved. Within two years after the Harmonic Convergence, after you had made the decision, the Soviet Union fell over all by itself. It fell over because the consciousness of the Russian people who would no longer support it! It disintegrated due to those who said, "No more, no longer."

The unthinkable happened! No prophet gave you that information because it was unthinkable, impossible and out of 3D. If somebody had told you that this powerful country would have simple stopped working, would you have believed them? It was, in your lifetime, the biggest thing that ever happened. Period. Now, almost a half a century of trouble and fear and worry were erased. OK, Human, where is your monument? Where is the planetary celebration building? Shouldn't the earth have gotten together at that point and built something? Shouldn't you have had long lines of appreciation, perhaps... all waiting to give their thanks for stopping the end of the earth... to celebrate and give thanks for the "Armageddon that did not happen"? If you were not alive then, you don't know about the unsolvable problem... the country called the Evil Empire, fell over all by itself, almost overnight. Where's your monument?

And you'll say, "Well, there isn't one." That's when I remind you that Human Beings, build monuments to drama... the ends of the wars, massive death and destruction, remembrance of horror. But when it comes to the things that didn't happen, you're mute. You don't see them in the same way as the things that did. And so, dear ones, I am telling you that this is an adjustment that you're going to have to make in your perception.

Your Own Death

I ought to tell you, dear Human Being, that there is no set time for your demise. Not one of you knows when you're going to check out. Only you will understand and know when this Human life is over. That's how much control you have in your life. And I even mean to the degree you might say, "Well, I've got a disease, Kryon. I certainly didn't have anything to do with that." Oh, yes you did. And you have all things to do with getting rid of it, too. All of the divinity in you, all the choices of life and death, are in the DNA, dear Human Being. Get used to this. You're in control, and always have been. An old energy had you doubting all of this, but in this new energy, it's there for the taking.

So, dear ones, are you going to celebrate the things that didn't happen? There are more than 20 in this room who had one set of death circumstances when they arrived on this planet, but voided them all with their spiritual free choice. This is not predestination, but rather predisposition. What you had planned for yourself when you got here, which many call "contract," was circumvented with free choice to change it. That was because what you found while you were here changed you. Did you build a monument after that car accident that almost killed you? Do you even know when it was that you passed that time? Some of you do. Some of you have had dreams about it. Some of you have narrowly escaped death and you know when those times were. And you might have said, "Oh, I sure am glad I got through that." It's more than that. You should have built a monument!

2007 - 2008

Now you're sitting at the beginning of 2007 and you want this entity to channel for you what's going to happen next? So you want to know about the future, do you? All right, using the method I have described, I will tell you this: Two thousand and seven is the year of the nine [2+0+0+7=9]. It is a year of potential, for the nine energy speaks of completion. Remember the story of the woman who was pregnant and thought something was wrong with her? There are many who don't understand completion. Completion of what? "Oh, no, I'm going to die. That means I'm completing my life and that means I'm going to die. That's completion, isn't it, Kryon?" Then there will be those who say, "Well, tell me what else is going to happen that's bad." The Human bias reads what it wants to hear into the fabric of potentials.

What if it was the completion of war? What if it was the completion of a thought that now comes together and gives you peace? What if it's a completion of strife in a romance and brings about peace in a family? What if it's a completion of those who would remove themselves finally from bad habits? What if it's a completion of your children on drugs? What if it's the completion of things that need to be completed? This is the year for it, and whereas you would ask me what's going to happen with your government and what's going to happen with those around you, I'm going to say, look to yourself! For what you do with you will determine the rest of the story.

Whatever humanity needs to complete, this is the year for it. The numerology will give you the energy tools. They lay upon you as a posturing of help. Two thousand and seven is the year and the number. Then what happens when you get a nine with a nine with a nine? A day in September 2007 is one case. [9-9-9, but not necessarily the 9th of September. It could be the 9th, 18th, or 27th... all "9" days] "Kryon, is anything going to happen in September of 2007?" Indeed, the potential is there, yes, and you might look to this as being a beautiful thing. What if it was in the United Nations, a place where I've taken my partner over and over to celebrate what Humans do with Humans... to celebrate those who have saved the children in villages because they gave them water and clean crops to rid them of disease? Most don't pay much attention to that; after all, it didn't require force or weapons – only work and the free choice to do it.

Look to 2007 as a year to wrap up things because of what's going to happen in 2008. Now I've spoken of this before. Great potentials are part of the energy of 2008. And as you lay all the potentials out on the table, I'll tell you the ones in 2008 are glowing. They are glowing more for your energy than the ones labeled 2007. Two thousand and seven is like a utility year: accomplishment, responsibility. All the things you don't want to hear, to bring you to the place of the year of the "1" [2008].

Two thousand and eight has the potential of new beginnings in a grand sense. Yet there would be those who say, "Yes, the beginning of the end!" [Laughter] Dear ones, if that's where you want to go with it, then go there. But here is the potential: It is the beginning of what must be cleared for 2012. Four years will remain on your 3D timeline at that point.

We stood on the stage in Tel Aviv some years ago, my partner and I. I channelled to him the information that he needed to tell the Israelis who were there. Two thousand and eight would be a potential year for Israel. This is still the potential, and what it means is the beginnings of a consciousness that would create the final resolution structure between them and their neighbors in a way that will affect generations to come. Oh, you're not going to have Israelis and Palestinians loving each other in 2008. God works in slow ways, but what if the beginning of a wise structure was created so that within two generations, they would be trading with each other?

So I want to ask you this, creature of the generation of the Cold War, what was it that you felt was impossible? In 1960, if I had asked, what was going to be your future then? If I had said the soviets would cease to exist, would you have told me that there was simply too much fear? Too much power, perhaps? Too much structure? Too much history? Well, it happened, didn't it? And it happened without a war. It happened because your consciousness shifted!

So, what if 2007 becomes the completion of old habits and the renewal of ones that will put you into a new paradigm on the planet? How many minutes a day do you send light to other places on this planet? Why do you think you're still here? Maybe you ought to reevaluate things. Will you say to me, "There is too much hate?" Will you tell me that eons have shown that this peace cannot exist? Will you look at the history of the Harmonic Convergence... or will you wallow in 3D and build a shelter yet again for the approaching doom? Can you see how this is a repeat of the same energy of fear?

And if you're going to do that, why don't you reevaluate how much you are loved by this Universe? The other side of the veil doesn't contain a fish, an octopus or an eel. The other side of the veil is your family who loves you dearly and knows who you are, and that you're working with that family to rearrange the energies of this planet. In this very room we have those of you who send light daily, working with the indigenous, working with the wisdom of the planet, working with the healing energies, with the crystals – we know who you are!

Out of time and space, it seems you're on my table of potentials. I see you perched there; I see you listening to and reading this message. You are all things to this planet. Did you know that? The God in you is the potential for peace on Earth. Let this message resound and go to literally thousands who will give us two minutes a day, sending their light. Less than one half of one percent of this earth has to awaken and do these things for you to have peace in the generations to come – for you, your children and your grandchildren. That's what consciousness can do, and as proof... you've seen it in your lifetime. Now... time to do it again. Time to celebrate the challenge and say, "It is well in my soul." Bless those here; bless those hearing and reading.

And so it is.