Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
"New Information for 2006"
Longmont, Colorado - January 22, 2006
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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This live channelling was Given in Longmont, Colorado
January 22, 2006

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live, has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Longmont Colorado in January.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This is a sweet place. Let the entourage flow into this place in a way where no one here will question what is happening or what is real or not. Let the perfection that is interdimensional visit you in a way that will touch you physically. Some of you may even smell what is going on - the essences of the flowers, indicating a sacred presence - proof that this message indeed represents a visitation from a higher source.

I have chosen this time for my partner to impart new information that is matched to this new year of 2006. There has been a time of recuperation for my partner from his last events, where he could ponder in advance some of these things that I have given him, for it is very new. Now, it may not sound like it is profoundly new until you start to analyze what I'm going to deliver to you. It's often difficult to explain - difficult to present, and there are no real metaphors for it. But let's pause for a moment and ask a question: Dear Human, do you understand how "included" you are right now? You think you're sitting in an auditorium, listening to a Human Being speak words that are not his. Perhaps you are somewhere reading the words that were spoken in the past... yet you don't understand the "quantum connection" that is here. You are actually all together in this experience.

My partner has spent almost five hours giving you quantum information... the profundity of the connection between you and the one next to you; the connection between you and Gaia; the connection between you and the Lemurians. It's the connection between you and the old soul that you are. And, of course, it's the connection between you and me – something that we have only barely broached in the past.

We've told you before that you have no concept of who I am unless you're not here [speaking of being in Human form on the earth]. And when that occurs, you're on the other side of the veil. That's when you suddenly remember me, because you see me when you're coming and you see me when you're going. I'm a staple of Earth... no older than you are... no younger than you are. We just "are" together. I have the energy of a sister or brother to you, and some of you have had me in your dreams as a sister and you know of what I speak.

I remember when you arrived back home [speaking of earthly death]. I remember when you left us the last time and the time before that [speaking of your birth]. I remember your spark of fear, laying on your deathbed, right before you closed your eyes, fearing what death would be... wondering what was real and what was not... then suddenly awakening and realizing what "life" really was about. It's "the big charade." The "paper tiger," as you say.

We've said it before: Death is a transition and it's very, very common to all of you. In other words, it's a cyclical event, and all of you have been through it many times. The little one who joins us here, let's talk about her [a baby in the audience who is only a few weeks old]. She is an old soul, and I was just there when her magnificence was transferred to the body of a Human infant. There are many new ones coming into this planet, but not this one... she is an old soul. And she will test her parents accordingly, for they chose each other for this dance to come. But there is beauty in this, for I just said goodbye to her from my side. I remember it well. She didn't look the way she looks now to you. Her energy was 27 feet wide, to use Earth standards. That's what it would look like to you if you could be there in the 3D reality you have here. There were magnificent colors, with a profound and beautiful lineage. It's often this way. She is returning to her karmic group to play a part, a role... within the same group she left the last time she departed. And she is here.

You might ask, "What is her role?" So I will tell you. Her role is that she and the many others are going to have something presented to them in 2007. This may be a confusing message for those of you who have not followed what we have said in the past. But we will try to catch you up to speed.

Who are you? We've called you Lemurians – old souls. We've described you as a Lightworker, and we've called you a "master." How many of you are really seeing the truths of the potential of why you came? So many say, "I'm so ordinary, I'm so normal, I'm too old – I've got too much to do. I'm busy."

You see, you're in a land of plenty... a place called Colorado. It's beautiful and serene. It's a great place to live. I'll tell you something. You're in the one-half percent of the planet who doesn't have to go home hungry! Do you remember this daily? You have a vehicle to get into when you leave, and you won't freeze when you leave here. You'll go home to a bed with the warmth of family and friends. You think that's an accident? At the same time, you're living in an attribute of magnetics that supports enlightenment. You're not on the equator and you're not at the poles. You're in-between... in a balanced area. Do you think that's an accident? I'm telling you that there is something upon you - a mantle of purpose - an energy of responsibility - that cries out for you to take a little time every day and use the divinity you carry! Use it to exploit the quantumness of your relationship to the rest of the Human family. Do it just in your spare time and it will change the earth.

Some of you say you don't have any time. You have plenty of time! You know who doesn't have any spare time? It's the rest of humanity... the ones in survival mode, who are always hungry, and never have real time for themselves. That's the one that has no time, and that's most of the earth! They are busy trying to find food and shelter and warmth. But you have it... and that's no accident either. It's not an accident that you would sit here for a message like this.

Now, readership, if you have just picked up this book, that's not an accident either. Your two eyes on the page were expected, you know? I know who you are, and we are all here together... listener and reader.  Yet for those in this place, they might say, "How could this be, Kryon? You are describing an event in the future as though it's happening now." Indeed! Because it's all tied into one quantum energy that is all wrapped up in one bundle. I know who's reading and I know who's listening. And you're not in survival mode either, reader. You could take a moment, couldn't you, maybe to send a light to those places that are the darkest on the planet? Perhaps this is why you are actually here on Earth? Now I'll tell you why that is especially profound right now.

Before I start this teaching, I'm going to give this to you in somewhat backwards linearity. I'm going to give you the story that I would normally give you at the end of the message, but I'm giving it at the beginning. It will help to set up what I have to say. And if my partner will go slow and ponder these things clearly, it will be presented even better. [an admonishment to Lee to slow down his delivery]

The two travelers

Here is an old and set perception that you may apply to a person who goes on a journey. This traveler, this Human Being, this voyager, might depart his home with an idea of where he is going. So his actual reality, the way things work for him, is that he would have to be careful how far he went, because of the resources that he would obviously need to keep him alive. This is how you all travel. He would not stray too far away from where he knew there was food. If he was prone to health issues, he would not stray too far away from where he knew there was medical help. If he was a Lightworker, he would not stray too far away from other Lightworkers, for this is his support group for him when he needs it. So his journey might be tempered, guided, even directed, by where the resources are.

Now this description is very 3D, is it not? For you, you go where the planning takes you. You have to stop for food, and if there's no food, then you will have to go find it. If you have a health issue, you're going to have to go where there is either a facilitator or a hospital perhaps... someone who can help. You support one another and you lean on one another. This is all appropriate, but your path is often tempered and guided by where the resources are... even where those are who you might lean on. You don't even think about it. That's just the way of it. So you might say right now, "That's just normal life. What is the meaning of this example?" It's only meaningful when I give you another story to compare to it.

I want to give you the situation of another voyager... the interdimensional traveler. He is a Human Being, just like you, except that he does not plan his journey based upon the resources around him. The reason is that he is aware that the resources are "in his pocket." Are you still with me? Counter-intuitively to the way things work for you, when he needs something, he stops, reaches into his pocket, and gets what he needs! The odd thing about this is that the moment before, there was nothing in his pocket!

Let me add to this quandary: Sometimes he needs things that are very big and yet his pockets are very small. After all, they're in his outfit...all he has with him. It doesn't seem to matter. Sometimes he extracts very large things from very small pockets! Doesn't make sense, does it? When circumstances beckon him in one direction or another, he simply goes in that direction. He doesn't stop to think about where the resources will be. He looks at the energy involved and the appropriateness of its being that way and he just goes. He's the interdimensional traveler, and some of you know him as a master.

Now, I'm going to stop there and begin the teaching. But I want you to remember these two kinds of stories... the two kinds of traveler, because it's going to represent an old and new kind of energy. But I want to give you information that I have never given before and I want to give you the rest of the puzzle.

Let the message begin

The big picture, as you have seen it and it has been described over these last years, involved the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. This has come to be known as the 11:11, a time of great shift and potential change. It was a time of agreement with other parts of yourselves on the other side of the veil - a planning session. All humanity that had been here and was going to come here was involved in this shift, not just those on the planet at the time. Therefore, it was a quantum decision and the pieces and parts of all of you, most of who were not actually on the planet, were polled. And this polled group decided to shift. And if that shifting process was going to work for you, new types of energy would have to be delivered to this planet... a lineage of activities and deliveries would have to occur in a certain order for other physical and non-physical attributes of Earth to be activated. It's these "other things" I wanted to tell you about. Every single thing I'm going to mention now I have mentioned in the past, but I have never put them together like this and it's time you heard it.

Immediately after the Harmonic Convergence, the energy began to shift and you got to see it. You got to see it on the politics of your Earth. We told you in 1989 that your Armageddon would not happen. For those who believed in prophesy, it should have been good news. But often, instead, it was confusing. Many didn't believe it. After all, it was prophesy and was "expected." But even after it did not happen, many were still confused and fearful. It's an odd thing about humanity. You would rather know about something bad coming up on your train track than to be told that the track had been taken away!

 Then my group arrived and gave you the information directly that the magnetic grid of the planet would shift greatly over 12 years, and it began to do so. Along the way, there was proof that it had, and even geologists knew it was so as they measured the magnetic shift – one that was greater than it had ever been. Then we started to give you the esoteric reasons as to why the grid was shifting, if you had paid attention. We told you it had to do with your DNA. If you were going to accomplish peace on Earth, if you were going to manifest the potential of what you felt was your purpose, this magnetic grid would have to shift, thus somehow changing the potential of your actual biological DNA. That's why the grid group came and did what it did.

Kryon did not arrive in 1989. I have always been here. The grid group arrived in 1989. They left in 2002. The magnetic adjustment was complete and then another lineage of happenings began to occur. These were things that some of you did not logically "line up" or think about. One of them, I believe most of humanity absolutely missed completely! [more in a moment] But they're all related. Every single one. Some of them contain the 11 energy... easy for you to see. The 11 energy is the energy of Kryon, which is also the energy of the shift. This is not new news. We gave it to you in 1989. It's also the energy of the grid group. It is also the energy of much of what has taken place on this planet up to now, and you can read that lineage of energy right in your current events. We also told you that the nine energy was its partner [Kryon Book One – 1989] and had the energy of "completion."

We have spoken of the Venus Transit. It represented a much-needed delivery to a very timeworn planet that really needed what it gave. It was organized and ordained. Some of you felt it was simply an astronomy event. Some of you felt it was an astrological event. Actually, it was an energy event! We told you what it was about when it was taking place. We said it would be an event to deliver feminine balance to the planet. It is one of the reasons why you're having so much political turmoil at the moment. The most macho of the leaders of the countries on this planet are the angriest at the moment. Did you notice? They're angry about a feminine balance that has occurred on this earth. It's intuitive anger – in the DNA – an anger about just being here and being uncomfortable. Watch for this. If they're going to throw missiles at one another, it's because it's a contest of masculinity, and they know they don't have much time before they lose control.

It all boils down to the masculine and the feminine balance. You may not equate the problems of the planet in that fashion, but that is the truth. The ones who will be the most affected by a feminine balance on this planet of male and female polarity are the ones who are out of balance. And if they're leading a country where it's supposed to be a male-dominated society, they're in trouble. And they are beginning to feel it. Look around. You'll see what I'm talking about. This masculine/feminine balance will be a key to a balanced Human Being. It's also the reason that the feminine energy will play such a major part of your upcoming election. Think that's an accident? It will be the first time in the history of your country. What a coincidence that it would happen just as the fires of masculine/feminine balance are applied!

That's not the news I wanted to give you, though. It's just the run-up and the history. There have been other things that have taken place in this lineage of happenings. The grid was complete. The Venus Transit came in. Next, the Harmonic Concordance was like a bookend to the Convergence. We've talked about that before. All of this represented a period of years where the shift was seen and began to be completed. To us, these things didn't necessarily happen in a linear order as they did for you, but in an order nevertheless... a kind of circle (in our thinking). And this circle of energy made way for something else.

One of the most profound energetic events that has ever happened on this planet took place recently, but most of you missed it. And I will tell you why. It's not because you were sleeping, or that perhaps you were not looking. But rather it's because, (1) you were not expecting it, and (2) if you had really seen it, you would not have believed it.

On March 5, 2005, a grand event occurred. Some saw it and named it. In Human language, I will give you the name. It was called the Paradise Matrix. I'll tell you what it was, and when I do, you'll know why the grid was shifted and more about the set up. The Paradise Matrix, on March 5, 2005, I will call "Ascension Day." It was a moment in time, yet out of time, when all of the masters who had ever lived on this planet came back to Gaia. They returned.

If you recall, most of them had said they were coming back in some form or another, and their time of return would be when peace on Earth was imminent! This promise of return, for all of them, has now been fulfilled. They're here right now - oh, not their biological bodies, but their combined consciousness.

 This combined ascension consciousness resides perfectly on a tuned magnetic grid, one that took 12 years to accomplish. And that perfectly tuned magnetic grid was created so that this master energy could reside upon it. As they reside upon it, the energy that it generates is then transferred to your DNA as a potential of manifestation.

Let me define some of this. The grid's energetic shift was like a "bed" that was then prepared for this master energy. The master energy was then delivered on March 5, 2005, to complete the grid's purpose, 27 months after it was prepared. It has become a catalyst that allows the grid to work as a master transmitter to your DNA. This information that is transmitted, however, is only that... an interdimensional transmission. You are the receiver, and through free choice, you can now "tune in" or not to this beautiful, balanced energy. Can you see how it now "shakes hands" with the Venus Transit?

Here's what I'm telling you. In 1987 (the 11:11), you made a decision to create the impossible. Can you really have peace on Earth? Look around you. Does it look like you're going to be successful? [many are saying "no."] Well, this entity thinks so! Because I see what's cooking "under the hood." The magnetic grid of this planet has the attributes right now of mastery, and that's why it was shifted and that's why it was created. This is news we never shared... the real purpose of the grid shift was all about Ascension Day. It's now perfectly tuned for DNA reception in the Human Being. Remember, Human DNA has its own magnetic field. The actual attributes of DNA are as a loop, and this loop creates a magnetic field. This field has been noticed recently within your own science [Dr. Vladimir Poponion], and even has been said to be a quantum field. Therefore, it's no longer an esoteric stretch of your imagination to see that your Earth's magnetic field can affect your DNA through electrical inductance... the name given when two magnetic fields interact with each other to create a shift in attributes.

The Human Being is now being given permission to allow this shift to begin changing the DNA in his body – through free choice. You see, not all of the things that are happening are invisible, and some might even start making some sense. The ironic thing here is that these changes were foretold within the calendars of your most ancient races!

There's something else coming. We don't talk about it much. It was mentioned in 1999, yet few speak of it. There is a date coming of September 9, 2007, that is a marker point. Dates given by Spirit indicate a center point of change. It's a shift potential and not a "happening" where you can get out your lawn chair and watch something [Kryon humor]. So these dates we give you are broad-spectrum energy shift markers, and not appointments to observe an event.

September 9, 2007, is when the Indigo Children of this earth get their "plan." We had to wait until there were enough of them, and there are so many now... more Indigo than not. Some of them are now young adults. You'll find them in far away places, too. There's a whole group of them in Iran. Did you know that? You haven't heard from them yet, but you will. September 9, 2007, is when they all get their plan. This "plan" is a universal delivery of energy to the new consciousness of children on the planet. As my partner said, this is not a "flash bulb" experience. It won't happen all at once. It is something that will gradually occur and you will see a shift in attitude. Some of you won't like it, but you'll know they're somehow organized.

Many will wonder what kind of energetic organization would cause such a thing and then you'll realize it is a consciousness shift and now they have their collective purpose. So the "organization" is that their "plan" is beginning to be intuitively felt by them. As in all these things, all of them have free choice and may do what they wish, but you will see a slow and collective movement of the young people of Earth to create some very unusual moves that will fly in the face of what you may feel is current wisdom or logic.

Don't be shocked and surprised if they tweak governments, set up things that seemingly are impossible, buck the systems, and throw out some sacred rules – because this is the only way The New Jerusalem can be created. The old paradigm must go. You'll find them in Palestine, Israel and you'll find them in Jordan and Syria. You'll find them in the Emirates and in Kuwait, and you'll find them in Iraq and Iran. I mention all of these places because they are the places that this congregation may think they couldn't exist. These are the places where the Indigos are going to make the biggest difference. We give you the date as the beginning of their plan. It is not when they will make the affect. But watch, for there will be things to see. There always are.

Now I want to return to my initial story about the journey.

Within the magnetic grid of this planet, at the moment, are all the returned ascended masters. They are all one energy and do not representing a segmented group of religious thought. They're all one energy without separation. Every single Human Being in this room and reading this has free choice to accept this or not to accept it, to go into certain ways and methods of their own processing or not. But the information is profound, and you may consider what it might mean to you as you analyze it.

When you read the stories of the masters who walked this planet, were you impressed? Let me tell you what it feels like, Human Being, to be a master. You're walking along a path and you say, "It's time for a resource" [like food] and you look down and it's in your pocket! Then you say, "I knew that. I expected that." Pretty soon, you expect what you need to be at your doorstep when you need it, then you realize you're creating it as you go. It's a process filled with mystery to many, but to others it's the way the Universe works.

Blessed is the Human Being who, when they find out they have a disease raging in their body, does not go into fear and panic, does not call all of their friends for help, but who instead, looks down and says, "I'm so glad that I've got my pocket. Because that's where the healing is... it's already with me." Masters are a bastion unto themselves, a complete system without outside assistance. But the true master understands that his resource is the collective energy of everything, and therefore is "known by God." He is then part of God, and therefore has the resources built in.

Blessed is the Human Being who wonders, "Shall I go here, or shall I go there," yet never ponders about the resources along the way. "Good thing I've got my pockets," he says, as he walks into the unknown. How many are here who will be responsible for that kind of energy?

"Kryon, this doesn't sound right. Do you mean that eventually every Human on this planet is going to be a master?" No, but there will be enough of you master-craftsmen who will recognize the tool kit that's been presented before you. Then you will start learning how to use it. The tool kit is on the grid, you see? It's in place and ready. It's time for you to start the building process, and how many of you can do that? It is counter-intuitive to the way Human perception works, yet some of you are going to begin the process.

You heard the stories, perhaps, in your own culture, of the loaves and the fishes? Could that have been real? Oh, yes. It was. And this kind of situation is duplicated every day in parts of India. Did you know that? It's a process of seemingly creating something out of nothing. That's what's in a master's pocket! Blessed is that Human whose journey from now on will not be based upon where the resources are, but instead upon the passion of where he wishes to go, no matter what. For the Universe follows him with the resources always ready.

Do you find the story of the Israeli's in the desert a myth? They were fed every day – all the tribes – for 40 years. Where did the food come from? Could this have been real, or perhaps (you might say), it's a myth? The fact is that they followed a master, and his pockets were deep indeed with universal truth, appropriateness and wisdom. History actually shows you how this worked.

There are those in this room who've experienced this. Some of them have experienced it in a mild fashion, and others have lived their lives by it. But for all of these, this new energy on the gird will be enhanced beyond what you think, even beyond what you've experienced so far. There are some in this room who have accomplished things that would have been thwarted if they had stopped to look for the resources before they began. The 3D perception of "where will the resources come from?" would have stopped them, but it didn't. It's because they looked down and said, "It's a good thing I've got this pocket here."

Can we make it any clearer, masters? There are a few of you who are going to do this. However, the invitation is there for all of you to take whatever part of this that seems right. What was not ready before is now prepared. All this represents a new paradigm – a new shift. And the Indigos, well, some of them already know about it, intuitively. Some of them are already using this new paradigm... and this explains their frustration with you, who have to be so close to your resources. And that's the message, that this process of tuning the planet for your journey is continuing, and ever shifting, and yes... improving your chances for a peaceful Earth in the places that are in need the most.

It's a grand place, this earth. The play that unfolds is starting to get interesting. You're right on schedule and some of the biggest challenges of the planet are yet to come. And that's why you're here, Lighthouse. I'll say it again. Lighthouses are never built in safe areas, and that's why you're here. Strike the light! You're going to need it. But this is not bad news, anymore than news of a dark, cold night with high winds. It's part of what you do, you know? It's what you came here for. And it will pass soon. You are the ones who can make the difference right now, while the darkness rages.

There is a quantum connection between you and the Israelis, and you and the Palestinians. If you choose to understand and use this connection, you can send light to them so that, indeed, they will see their purpose on Earth and make the adjustments that are needed. We have foreseen things in the Middle East that will fly in the face of logic - even the logic of the protocol of their lineage. How will they accomplish this? Light from you! Can you do that? Send light there and watch the shifts occur. Pick up this tool kit and begin the personal shift right where you sit.

Remember this day as a turning point, an epiphany of what you really came to do. And if you can do this, I'll be by your side celebrating, applauding, and washing your feet, because that's why I'm here. I am in love with humanity. And so it is.