Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
Nashua, New Hampshire, September 2004

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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The Challenge of Lineairty

This live channelling was Given in Nashua, New Hampshire
September, 2004

[This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Oh, it's a sweet place!

There are always those who would say that this truly cannot be happening. They will say that it's just the verbalization of a Human Being... no more than that, and that it must be a fraud.

I told my partner years ago to just "let the energy out, and let those around you on Earth see the reality of what you're doing. Sit before those spiritually acute who can tell the difference." And so he has. For 15 years he's gone around your globe and asked the highest of the high to discern and "feel" the connection. This is the only way any Human can "prove" that channelling is accurate - to sit before other spiritually minded Humans and ask for their discernment and wisdom. And so we say to the reader that there are some who will see the light around them and some who will not. This is all appropriate and is never in judgment. But the invitation is always open to feel the words hit your heart in a way that would say to your angelic discernment: "This is a sister speaking to you... a brother from beyond the reality that you pretend to understand. It's a reunion, and there's nothing here but honor and love."

And indeed there are those of you in the live audience who can discern tonight. So we say to you, "See the colors - they're here. Those of you who see the angelic properties and the structures that are here to observe, see them in their glory, for they're here, too." For this is what takes place when a group of angels begin to remember that they're angels [speaking of the energy created when Humans begin to remember who they are].

You may not see yourselves as angelic properties, but we do. Oh, true, there's the cycle of your lives on the planet, and eventually you ask yourself, "Who am I this time?" But we see the core. We see the real you. We see the entity in all its grandness of peace, of splendor, called God.

The irony is that you only give credibility to God if it's an energy always above you, always doing something for you, like a father or a parent. You never bring it to yourself. You never consider it to be a group, and you never consider that you might be a part in it all... and that, my dear Human Being, is what's going to change.

Right now, listener and reader, I'm with the family of God. There's nothing like this. It's precious and sweet. The masters and the planet's gurus all experienced this connection, and now it's for all.

What we have to say today may border on the unbelievable. We'll give you some things to consider about what has happened on this planet. We're going to give you some puzzles to think about. But we can't do it before we congratulate those who are participating in this message. We've said it before, that this energy is being actualized by many in real time and also those in another real time... the future, to you who are listening. So we greet those whose eyes are on the page, and we say to you, "How does it feel to be in the future?" [Smile] Listener, you don't seem them here, do you... the readers? Or do you? Let's test your linearity. For the title of this particular message is "The Challenge of Linearity."

We've said it before. How many of you sitting here in what you call your reality of the present have the ability to visit the reader? You see, the reader is in your future. And which set of Humans will you "see"? This is what I mean: Picture this - right now you might be the reader, but there will be tens of thousands of eyes who will eventually be touched by these words in many languages in the next years, so they are in your future, right? If you're beginning to get this picture, then you'll realize the limitation of your linearity. Can you greet them? What if you could do more than greet them? What if you might be able to bless these words to the degree where they feel your energy?

Let's test it: Reader in 2006, can you feel the energy of the listeners now, plus the readers of 2004 and 2005? What about 2007? Is this too much for you to consider? Do you see how you might be restricted to your own time frame? It's hard, isn't it? What is your reality, dear Human Being? Are you a train on a track, only considering the track you're actually on, or are you an observer removed from your train, in the middle of a circle that the track is making around you? See the difference? One only rides the train. The other sees the entire track that has been traveled, plus the potential track. One is linear and one is not. The trick is to ride the train, and also see it from a distance.

The Limitations of Linearity

We've visited this linearity puzzle in other ways, but here it is yet again: Linearity as defined, is time, and time is part of the construct of your reality. It's the way you think. It's the way you posture your lives. You live by the clock. You may say you don't, but you do... nature's clock, which includes your biology.

Now, there will be those who say, "I don't live by any clock, Kryon. I'm a free spirit and proud of it." Really? Let's consider some things before you say that. You posture your life around routine. The time frame of your planet says that the sun comes and goes at a certain time and you rest at a certain time. You're cyclical... one meal to the next. That's the clock we speak of. As a woman, can you control your menses? Your biology is geared around a linear existence, and so is your communication.

When you speak to one another, you put one word next to the last one... just like the train on the track can only go where the track is. Have you ever thought about that? As you read these words, they're arranged one after the other in rows of consistency that are very linear. And now you might say in frustration, "Well, what else is there? That's the way it works." And we say, "Now you're asking the right question!" Have you ever thought about this? What if communication could be out of linearity? Right now you listen to the words as they're spun into the syntax of linear words - your eyes see them and your brain understands the lines of type before you... one letter after the other. That little brain train is quite linear that reads this page, and seemingly very limited. Have you noticed that everything has to be in a straight line?

What if, instead of that limitation of linearity, there was a system of communication where you were able to receive everything at once in an instant? Anything you needed to know would be presented to you all at once, and somehow you would "just know it." It would be a communication outside of linearity. Many reading this might say, "Well, that's not what we do as Humans. It's impossible." Now you know why I'm here. I'm here to tell you that not only is it possible, it is the way of things!

This nonlinear communication is not only the voice of Spirit, but is also the voice of your own mastery. It is communication at the cellular level and is divine. Human Beings often line up, so to speak, in front of what they consider to be God, and feature repetition. They reason, "Well, maybe if we ask for it over and over, it will eventually be heard by God, and we'll get some results. So we'll just keep asking and reading the same phrases over and over. Perhaps if God sees us suffering in our attempt, it will also help." They don't understand who God is, or what the communication method is.

What if I told you that around you right now is an entourage that has your name on it? What this means is difficult to explain. See your energy as a Human Being like an angelic radio station, always broadcasting your life in real time to all the entities of the universe. Therefore, your "spiritual radio station" would be in touch with the other side of the veil all the time. Everywhere you would walk, everything about you, would be known by God! Now, instead of a radio station, consider the radio waves to be an angelic entourage that was assigned to you, and others around you, for only one purpose... to be there if you ever discovered the seeds of mastery... a communication conduit that's an appropriate angelic property for you and the planet. If you can imagine this conduit, now see it as nonlinear. Every time you needed to know something, you would simply know it. To you, it would seem like massive intuition, and this is the real communication of Spirit and how it feels
I'll challenge you on this one: The next time you sit down for meditation or prayer, no matter what the challenge is before you, say nothing! Be still and know that you are God. Know that as soon as you get into that posturing, The Third Language takes over, and all is known instantly. The answers will come to you not in a linear fashion, but they will be known from a cellular standpoint all at once in an instant. Then spend the rest of what you call the meditation "time" celebrating solutions, or the beginning of solutions that have been delivered in an instant and seem to you like some kind of wonderful intuitive process.

Human Attributes That May Startle You

Oh, there's more - much more. There are some startling anomalies of linearity - of your very lives and of your very Human existence, that you never think about. Let's talk about miracles. We're going to ask you some questions, and then we'll revisit the answers.

What do you think happened in history when Humans would walk miles and miles so they could touch the hem of the garment of a master in order to be instantly healed? Or another situation where they'd make a sacred journey to a place where they knew that if they could only step in the door of a certain church, they'd be healed? What about that? How did that work? Many times they'd arrive and throw away their crutches and walk out instantly healed! It's recorded over and over in your sacred history. You can even go see the crutches in those buildings today, as they're still there. So did you ever wonder what was really happening within seemingly miraculous situations?

Let's review the first one: When the one who was crippled touched the hem of the master's garment and walked away healed... what about that? The common answer goes this way: "That is truly God in action. You see, God is magnificent and Humans are not. So if a person can simply get close to the master, it's like touching God. If they can just touch the master, they'll be healed." That's what you'd hear from many sacred leaders about miracles.

But truly, is that the real process? What's really going on with the miracles that you've read about or heard about... perhaps even some you've seen or experienced? Is it about groveling before God, or is it about something far grander? Listen, Human Being, we're going to talk to you in a practical way. We're going to give you information we've not really shared before in this fashion, so be ready to hear it. My partner, stand by for the letters [critical and angry correspondence], because you're going to get them... especially after what we have to say.

All of what we tell you is accurate and true. You may see this information as unprovable, esoteric information, but it's only because of your linear teachings that have set you up with previous information that, for linear reasons, you cling to. Everywhere you look around you, there are interesting anomalies of your reality that confirm what I'm going to tell you, yet your linear thinking keeps you from seeing it as unusual.

You know one of the things linearity does to you? Your train is always in motion. It's always got a place to go, doesn't it? One heartbeat after the next - it follows a clock, right? It has to, since it's the setup for your reality. Yet your angel consciousness and your mastery don't have that clock. I'd like to give you some information all about you. It has to do with anthropology and evolution. It has to do with your seed biology, and the beginning of things.

Human Being, as you sit here listening and reading, the blood that you call "the life" of your biology, your very DNA, isn't from here. It isn't from here [meaning the earth]. No. It has been imported! More than that, it's been glorified. More than that, you've had help from others in the process. Biological seeds have been planted at separate times from various places in the universe, a long, long time ago. And there's actually evidentiary proof of this, yet there's no scientist standing on a soapbox asking you to take a look. Part of what being linear does to you is to keep you from looking at a larger picture. You're always in motion, so much of your energy is spent simply "stoking the engine of your being" so it can stay on the track. You really seldom look around to see if you might actually have multiple tracks!

I'll tell you what happened to your biology: All that is before you biologically is a setup so that you can work the challenge of Earth within the puzzle you created. You're not here to suffer or "work through" some kind of punishment. None of you are lab rats for God! All of you are workers and are seen as part of God. You work a puzzle that's meaningful, but which requires that you be in a place that's limited in consciousness. The test is more than meaningful - it's a test that's fair and requires angels left alone on a planet, not knowing who they are, let the energy fall where it naturally will. Where will the energy of Earth go? How will it settle itself on this even playing field of energy? Where will the energy go when all is over and it's settled? The answer? Whatever it is, the outcome energy from the "test of Earth" will be applied to new universes, affecting trillions of life-forms to come... many who will look just like you.

Here you are working the grand puzzle, and not only are you working it, but you've done something remarkable in the last 15 years - you've created a shift on the planet that some have called the Great Shift, and the planet is cooperating. And all you have to do is look out the window to see proof of that. Lighthouses, you are, each one, but I'm telling you that your biology isn't from here! You couldn't be, and make this test work. The evolutionary process of the planet would never have given you the limitations or the grandness you need to work the puzzle. In addition, it had to look "reasonable" to you [and Earth science] so that it didn't give itself away as strange.

Your DNA represents an eclectic collection of intergalactic interdimensional chemistry. Not only that, but I'm going to tell you something we've never said before. When it was time to plant these seeds, we did it to all mammals on the planet. Why? Because it would have been too obvious if it wasn't done this way. Let me ask you this: Have you ever looked into the eyes of an animal you love and seen any karmic attributes [that is, known who they were]? Now we're getting esoteric. Did you ever face off with an animal and see that its consciousness was more than just biology? Did you ever lose an animal and then have it reincarnate again? And the answer is yes! Many of you have.

The non-Human mammals of the planet come and go with you for different reasons than why you're here, but they all have altered DNA along with yours! I told you this would be odd for you to grasp. Although your Human purpose on the planet is very different from theirs, they're a support group for you. These animal-support groups come and go with you all over the planet. Some of you know it, and you've seen it in their eyes. They're a part of this whole scenario as helpers in a way that's far more significant than non-mammals. Their DNA was altered, too. Just think... some of you have interdimensional galactic pets. [Kryon smile]

"Kryon, can you prove any of this?" I'll give you some things to think about, and it's going to challenge the very essence of statistical probability... yet no one's shouting from the scientific lectern, "Look at this, look at this." Evolution is real. And those Earth biology entities who have evolved from the very beginning of the planet's history carry with them nature's way... the evolvement of a species based on efficient survival. You're a product (in part) of this evolutionary process of the planet, but with an alteration that we've told you was given to you over a hundred thousand years ago.

When it took place, the time was ripe for it, and as we've previously told you, you carry with you pieces and parts of Pleiadian biology. However, that's just one group of many. This isn't spooky or fearful information. It's beautiful! It's also complex. It's grand, if you think about it. But there are some Human and mammal anomalies that you should look at that show it clearly.

Natural selection and Earth evolution do certain kinds of predictable things. First, the process is very efficient... very efficient. Let me give you some things to think about that perhaps you haven't considered before. The way evolutionary principles work is that they create an efficient, biological being over thousands of years. They create one that can survive when it needs to, change when it needs to, and never use energy it doesn't need to. That's why it only takes a few thousand years (or less) to create eyeless creatures who only live in the dark, or drop limbs off those who now only swim. You understand? Survival is the issue, and energy efficiency is the key. It's everywhere for you to see in plants, animals, and insects on your planet.

So, here you and other mammals are, at the top of the evolutionary ladder. Feels good, doesn't it? But let me ask you this: Why is it that when the spinal cord is severed on any mammal on the planet, chemistry races to the site to keep the nerves from growing together again? Does this make sense to you? Is this efficient? Does it help survival? No! Yet you have this limitation. Your history will show that it was in 1999 that your science identified the chemistry that's responsible for this in all mammals, and even named this chemistry... the no-go! You all have it in common.

When there's an accident involving the spinal cord, your body actively keeps the nerves from growing back together! How does that sound when comparing it to the evolutionary processes? Your scientists identified this no-go, and in experiments, removed this chemistry from certain mammals in the laboratory. Then they cut their spinal cords. Much to their shock, the nerves all grew back together perfectly! Are mammals flawed in some way? The answer is no. This was given by design, dear Human Being... your design. It's a divine design. It means that when certain things happen to you, you may be in the chair for the rest of your life. Now, you didn't want to hear that, did you? But it's a plan that you put in place, yet it doesn't make any evolutionary sense, does it? Could it be that your DNA isn't a result of Earth evolution? Other mammals have this, too, so that it won't seem to be that unusual. But it is!

There are many other species on Earth (other than mammalian) that don't have this limitation - especially the creatures in the ocean. The starfish can grow back an arm, but you can't. How does that feel to be at the top of the evolutionary ladder, Human Being? You can't do it, yet you were supposed to have evolved form them! What's wrong with you? What happened? Was a mistake made in evolution? The answer is no.

Let me give you another one that you haven't thought about. Scientists will tell you that you only use 10 to 15 percent of your brain. Does that even make evolutional sense... that evolution gave you 80 percent junk in your brain? No. Evolution doesn't work that way. So let me give you something else to think about. Here's the truth: One hundred percent of your brain is working all the time, and about 80 percent of it is dealing with something you don't even believe in... interdimensional instructions to your 12-layered DNA. It's talking to 11 more layers that you don't even know you have. Everything works perfectly. The brain is the perfect size, and all of it is active.

Here's another one: Those who have mapped the Human genome have said, "Well, we can see the ‘stop-and-start code indicators' within the genome, but there's also a bunch of ‘DNA junk' that has no seeming purpose. We can't see any repeating patterns, and there's absolutely no normal chemical code here. It's just junk!" Human Being, it's so interesting about your science: Quite often, when you can't figure out something, then it's junk!

Well, it isn't junk! It's part of interdimensional DNA, and you can't "see" the other parts of it that make sense to those who would try to decode it. You see, the first layer of DNA that you can see under the microscope is also interdimensional in its scope, even though it exists in 4D. It has a coding scheme that talks to the other layers that are out of linearity and out of 4D. That's the activation process! It's ready to go. It's even seeable in the Human genome, but you called it "junk" simply because it's out of linearity!

Let me give you the big one - one we mentioned years ago but is now needed to examine again within this context: I challenge the statisticians to look at what you would call in mathematics the "P factor" [mathematical statistical coincidence of something being accurate within an experiment] of what I'm about to tell you. All the species on Earth evolved in a certain way. The mammals directly under you [monkeys, apes, gorillas, etc.] all have dozens, if not hundreds, of variations... spectacular differences. Some have tails; some don't. Some look alike; some don't. Many are shaped dramatically different from others. Some are huge and many are small. You get the idea. When you take a look at nature, it's that way. Evolution creates variations that seem unlimited. Monkeys and gorillas are no exception.

Yet there is one large exception: the Human Being! Did you realize that? There's only one kind of Human Being. And what are the statistical chances of that? Anthropologists will tell you that anthropologic evidence shows that there were 14 or 15 kinds of Humans, all evolving along the Human evolutionary line, up to a hundred thousand years ago. Then suddenly all but one disappeared, and it's the one that developed.... only one kind. Isn't that counter-intuitive to the evolutionary process? More than that... it's counter-intuitive to all of nature! Yet you don't hear scientists on the soapbox saying, "Wow! Look at this, it's really different." Instead they simply report it and say, "Well, it just is what it is."

It's time you all understood how many hints there are around you that you Humans are very different from all other life forms around you, even your own mammalian species in many ways. What are the statistics and probabilities of one animal stopping the evolutionary process in its tracks and only emerging with one kind when all the others have generous diversity? Oh, there are different colors and shapes of Humans, but biologically speaking, there's only one kind. And that kind has intergalactic DNA energy surging through it. It has to, because of what's going on with respect to the planet right now.

Now let's revisit the miracles. Human Beings want linear answers regarding activating their DNA. I've sat here in the past and said: "The masters of the earth have activated DNA." By the way, you always think I'm speaking of the past, but there are still three of those masters today who walk the planet with full DNA activation - total and complete control over nature, over physics, and over their own bodies. Three of them. They're not all known, either. It's part of the balance of what has to exist on the planet.

Some of the past masters became famous, were worshiped, and some even started great religions all over the planet. The history of what they did and what they said was given to you through time. However, what if I told you that those exact master attributes exist in each of you? Would you believe me? Even those who would believe it might get excited and say, "Kryon, if so, please give us the information on how to activate this. What do we do first? What do we do second?" And that, dear Human Being, is the problem. There's no first and there's no second.

Again, I'll give you an example I've given before of Peter, who walked on the water. Let me just revisit this wonderful story one more time. You see, Peter was told by a master that he could walk on the water. He had a purpose, since he really wanted to cross the water to get to the master. There he was, facing a master... a Human Being whom he'd seen quell storms and talk to nature itself. And the master said, "Peter, you as a Human Being have the ability to walk on the water. Do it." And Peter did! It's not a fairy tale, you see? It's in the pages of history.

Now let me ask you this. Where was Peter's training? Where was Peter's list? What do you think went through Peter's mind at that moment when he was told he could walk on water? Perhaps he thought, Well, master, what's first? What's second? How many years should I study this process or that process? What should I know about physics? Where are the ‘walk on water' books? Where's the procedure? And the answers are that there were no books or training manuals or processes to study. It was as simple as A-B-C: acceptance of who you are, belief in the fact that you can do it, and contract adjustment. A-B-C. We'll talk about the last one in a moment as we close.

Those who touched the hem of the master's garment had complete and total assurance and belief that at upon being touched, they would be healed. Actually, they healed themselves through their own process of belief. Those who walked the steps in a crippled fashion and entered the doorway where they became miraculously healed and hung their crutches up and walked away, knew that a miracle would happen. If only they could cross the threshold of that certain church, they'd be healed. They believed there was something magical, and they'd seen it before with others. They believed in it so strongly that it was a certainty..

Right now in your sciences you study the "placebo effect." How is it that a Human Being can take a sugar-coated pill, believing it's a strong drug, yet get the same benefits of the drug? Science sees it all the time... Humans healing themselves because they thought they were being given outside help, when actually there was none at all!

So we say to you, dear Human Being, that if you will truly understand your place in the universe, and you will know of your interdimensional, intergalactic DNA, you'll realize what has happened. Seeds of mastery have been planted within your DNA for you to harvest. It's no different from touching the hem of the master's garment, walking on the water with the master present, or walking through the doorway of a healing church. You see, the process of creating miracles is within each Human. Miracles can happen in the chair where you sit right now!

Here's a challenge, and I give it right now to some very specific female Humans who are hearing and reading... and you'll know who you are as I proceed. Some in this assemblage are afraid of their lineage. They say, "My sister died early of a disease that runs in my family. Mom did, too, and her mom, too. I'm afraid of this genetic flaw that's obviously surging through my veins - through my DNA right now. You see, now I know I've got it, too, and the clock is running out on my life. It's going to hit me like it hit them, and we're all going to die early... all the women of my family. I'm also afraid for my children."


Let me tell you, dear Human Being, you've got a choice. It's called contract adjustment, and we'll talk about that in just a moment. But let's speak of the actual choice and what happens. The junk DNA and that large part of your brain that science feels isn't being used is about to be activated! My dear female Human Being, change the chemistry in your DNA! Watch the genes rearrange themselves. Activate the pieces and parts so that this disease will not happen to you or your future children or your children's children! You can stop this "disease train" right now!

Listen: The spiritual contract you believe you have is much different than you think. You're so stuck in linearity! You say, "I've got a contract with the universe that concerns my life on Earth. I'm supposed to fulfill this contract on a spiritual level where I come and I go from Earth, do certain things, face certain challenges, perhaps die early or even suffer a bit for God." Human, you don't understand. When you step out of linearity, the contract is renewed and signed every day. Every day! That's divine choice, but it's out of singularity and linearity for you.

What do you want to be today? How about mastery? There's no contract that's going to put you in a box for life where you just have to plow through it and "go with it." It's just the opposite! Spiritual contracts are signed every single day by individual Humans. They might go like this: "Dear Spirit, I write a new contract; I feel the mastery of my own biology; I know that I have help and know there's more than I can see. I claim the pieces and parts of my DNA that are begging to be activated, and I rearrange my genes. I rearrange the time clock and hereby slow it down. I'm going to last a lot longer than my beginning contract said I was when I was born because I'm rewriting it, you see. And I'm going to sign it today. Then tomorrow if I see increased wisdom to improve it, I'm going to sign a better one then."

Some of you are stuck in linearity, a condition that says that your spiritual contract is singular for life, and you're on a clock when you get here, and what you came here for is set in stone and will never change. Step back a moment. Do you think this system is sacred and the best thing God has to offer as a plan for your existence? Begin to understand that the challenge of coming to Earth is basically a setup to see if you can discover you can change anything through free spiritual choice!

Here's another linearity metaphor. You think that you're born to live on the ground floor of a building, since that's the only floor you can "see." What if, by your own discovery, you find that there is really a second floor, but that it's interdimensional. Unbelievable, you say? If you think that, then you deny your best physics, which says that you can only "see" less than half of the reality of the universe! When you begin to climb the steps to the second floor, everything that was the first floor goes away and somehow comes with you to the second. The difference? It's a new floor with a new view and new opportunities. The nice thing about this metaphor is that you create it. God doesn't hand it to you. It's within your scope of reality all the time. Look! Could it be that there's a third floor, and a fourth, too? I think you understand.

Step out of linearity - it's the challenge of a lifetime. There are no lists for mastery. It has to be discovered and implemented individually. Peter did it. So have so many who felt that they were part of some divine miracle, but actually were not. They claimed mastery themselves and never knew it. Now it's time for you to understand the process and begin it for yourself. Dear humanity in this room and reading this: Be still and know that you are God. When you do, all will be revealed and you can begin the process. A-B-C: Accept who you are. Believe that it can be done. Change the contract to allow it.

And that's the message. Could it be more clear? And why do we give you this information at this point in time? Because you're the ones who have come to literally shine your light in a dark place in time. You're scraping the foundation clean, and a new temple is about to be rebuilt. Understand your purpose. It's to hold this light and continue through this current storm. You've come this far, Lighthouses, so keep the light strong. The storm isn't over. We've said it over and over, but you need to hear it again: Lighthouses will never be found in safe places. Think about this before you wring your hands and ask, "Why me?" You're the Lighthouse, built right where you need to be in the center of where storms are expected.

"Dear Kryon, I'm just an average person; I don't have a lot of energy," you say. "What can I do for the planet?" I'll tell you: Sit and know that you are God! You activate Gaia through your knowledge of your mastery. Remember that where the masters walked on this planet, where their feet touched the ground, nature itself knew who it was. I'm telling you that as you leave this place, the very walls, the very floor, the very air you breathe... celebrates who you are. Gaia knows what you've done and why you're here.

For those who walk from this place saying, "Now, wasn't that interesting?" and do nothing, are just as loved as the ones who will go out and cure themselves of the incurable. This is the setup and the free choice of humanity. Lighthouse, peace on Earth is the goal. It's going to take a lot of masters living a long time in health to create it. They must shine their light to places like Africa, the Sudan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Argentina, Portugal, Russia, and to the many brothers and sisters in humanity who need the light.

And so it is that we've given you the truth this night. So it is that many have received it. If we had anything at all that we could leave in parting, we would say this: There will come a day when I'll meet you face-to-face. We'll talk about this time when we met. We'll laugh together and we'll weep together. And when I see you again in your angelic form, what will you be doing? I'll tell you: Regardless of what you think, warriors of the light, you'll be getting ready to turn right around and go back to Earth! I know this because you did it last time, and the time before. You see, you're in love with Gaia and the mammals around you and the whole purpose of the planet. It's what you do in the universe. And that, dear Human, is why you're so dearly loved.

And so it is.