Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
April 4, 2004

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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What's Happening? 2004

This live channelling was given on April 4, 2004 in Indianapolis, Indiana

[This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Let’s continue to feel the sweetness of this place [speaking of the seminar that began in Indianapolis on this morning]. The entourage that came in this morning is here - far more of them than you know. They come to sit in this place and be with you, and they extend way beyond the chairs that are here. We’ve said before that out of the time that is your construct of reality, we also "see" the reader. Oh, it’s a personal experience, is it not, reader? Two eyes on the page, sitting there alone. You have no idea that there are all these people in front of you, do you [speaking of the crowd that is listening]? This is the way we see it. It is out of time [linearity], and out of space [distance], and we’re able to greet all of you at once. This entourage is far larger than you think as it flows into this place. It goes past the limits of time to the eyes and hearts of all the readers.

Many of you feel so ordinary! You think you’re part of a large mass of humanity that’s faceless before God. For those listening, who sit here in this very venue, you see yourself as part of a group of biological creatures... a group that has a finite number [a number that has an absolute numeric value], a certain age range, with certain body types, and of both genders, sitting in a room in the month of April in 2004. That’s what you’d report about how you see yourselves. That isn’t what we see, though. We see an interdimensional group that’s uncountable, grand, filled with the wisdom of the ages, and who are divine thespians in the Human play of life.

What if we told you that as pieces of God, you contain an entire attribute that’s hidden from you, which is spectacular and glorious? Would you believe it? "There’s no evidence," many say. In addition, some Humans have asked this question: "Well, if I have a Higher-Self, why can’t I see it? Where does it go when I’m asleep? What happens to the guides when I’m not conscious?" All that compartmentalization! You cannot separate yourself from the love of God - ever. Why do you insist on trying? Do you lie awake at night agonizing about what your elbow does when you’re not looking? You say that’s ridiculous? Well, so is questioning your divinity. You cannot separate your everyday consciousness from the love of God! But you have the choice to accept or deny it. It’s always there, but you have to decide if you believe it or not. The entourage that is yours is stuck to you forever. It’s part of the agreement, something we’ve spoken of many times.

You walk from place to place, wondering if anybody’s listening. You meditate and you pray, and you wonder if any entity has ever heard you, never understanding that as a piece and a part of Spirit, you’ve spoken loudly to the family with every word you’ve uttered. They’ve sat right beside you in your darkest hours; they’ve cried when you cried, and they’ve laughed when you laughed. When you get up off the chair, if you listen carefully, you might even hear the rustling of wings as they all get up with you. [Laughter] There are far too many of them to fit in your car, you might think, but they’re there, too! They know who you are, and they know your name. They’re aware of your beginning contract, your predispositions, and they know what’s happening to you every day. They know when some of you shifted and began your spiritual search. They know that the Humans who calls themselves Lemurians are here. They know of your lineage and of the many old souls who are here with you now reading. They even know who the first-timers are, and there are three of them in the audience [in Indianapolis].

This is interesting [Kryon pauses]. Usually in these gatherings, the only ones who would come would be the old souls and those who feel a common energy. Yet we have three of you here who are new to this. This is an example of a changing Human nature. Normally the first-timers [those who are on Earth for the first incarnation] need at least three incarnations to get used to the Human experience. Suddenly, however, there are first-timers in this meeting. They’re here because there’s an energy among you that they remember. Even though they don’t have the lineage of Earth [past lives] to call on in their experience, there’s something very familiar to them here. They may not know how it all works here on this planet, and they may stand out as outcasts in society, which many new first-timers do, but they remember what it was like on the other side of the veil. They relate to the love of God. They relate to you.

You may ask, "Who am I to think that I could change anything, anywhere?" This is the doubting question that’s inbred into your very DNA, old soul. You ask it each time you arrive, and have to settle the issue with each incarnation. "Who am I?" you might ask. That is the big question, isn’t it? The simple answer is that you’re the one who creates change on the planet in a grand way. You’re the one who has the choice to stay as you are, or move into master-hood with free choice. The question has grown into a war of old versus new. Now the earth itself asks itself, "Who am I?"

You wouldn’t be sitting here in this meeting unless you had something awakening inside. Some of you would say, "Well, it’s actually just coincidence that I’m here. I’ve just come with another person," or "I’m just reading this page because I’m bored." Oh, really? Let me ask you this: You mean there’s nothing here for you? You can’t feel the love that’s here? Do you really feel that all energy is apart from you? Do you think you stumbled into this room of hearing and reading by accident? Do you think that God is unaware of you at this instant? No. You’re known to Spirit, and are part of a great potential discovery of self. Don’t cast away this synchronicity as though it were nothing.

Is it possible, many have asked, that Spirit can speak to humanity in this way? Do you wonder about channelling in general? Again, we say that not only is it possible, it’s the way God has spoken to humanity since the beginning. Every word of scripture in all religions has been channelled from Spirit to a Human. Did you think of that? You might ask, "Well, then, what is it like from your perspective, Kryon?" I’ll tell you: We look forward to it! Sometimes it’s the only time you let us hold your hand! Did you know that? How many of you have meditations that are profound? Maybe it takes sitting with family for you to feel the love of family? Well, sit here and be loved.

Think of this for a moment: Many who may be strangers to you, who are sitting next to you, seemingly are only next to you because that’s how the rows of chairs are arranged in this place. That’s funny, if you think that! You don’t know them, you say? Oh, but you do! If I could lift the veil even for an instant, there would be a very strong reunion here. You would throw your arms around one another and say, "I didn’t know it was you! Forgive me. I didn’t know it was you. How’ve you been? Since I saw you last, how many lifetimes have you gone through? I didn’t even know you were still a worker on the planet! It’s so good to have you here. Oh, if I’d only known it was you, I would have spoken earlier."

That’s the feeling of family, and it’s what is hidden so completely here on the planet. It’s the feeling of oneness with the planet itself. How many of you walk on the planet without any awareness of who’s there? If I told you that the planet housed many entities and has been your energy partner in your incarnations many times, you wouldn’t really understand it. The planet has a consciousness that can be channelled [communicated with], and those who channel the energy of this planet Earth are channeling a group energy that’s also part of your family.

These things represent many pieces and parts of a great and sacred puzzle that works together in this energy, providing an awakening opportunity to all. That’s just the beginning. How can we tell you this as we sit here in admiration for you? Do you know where the good news on the planet is? It sits in front of me! That’s the good news of planet Earth. The good news of this planet resides in those who are reading these words. It’s the potential of those who have felt a shift - Lighthouses - Human Beings who go to work in dark places holding a light. They may not want to go there, and they’re even waiting for a time to be removed from there, yet they know they’re the only light that exists in a scenario of darkness - the only light. That’s called work.

What’s Happening? 2004

Each year we’ll endeavor to give you a channelling that we’ll call "What’s Happening?" We don’t see time as you do. You segment it, but because we fit within the structure that you’ve chosen for yourselves in order to exist, we honor it. We also understand it, and we speak about dates and times. There’s an energy and time setup in your solar array [solar system parts], the galaxy you’re a part of, and the universe that you live in. The movements of the planets honor time; and their positions create energy, magnetics, and dynamic communications with your single sun, which then sends it to you via an interdimensional aspect of what you call the Solar Wind.

This is all part of the puzzle that you call astrology, the oldest science on the planet. All this to say that even though we teach you about the "now," it’s an attribute that will always sit in the "couch" or construct of your familiar linear time. Your reality depends on it. So let’s speak briefly about some of the things that are taking place on the planet in your time frame so that you’ll have a better idea of what is, and what is not, happening.


These aren’t fearful discussions! They aren’t brought to you to create drama or to startle you. I’m going to give you information - advanced information for the masters who sit in the chairs and who read these words. It isn’t so there will be any fear. It isn’t even for idle speculation [gossip]. When masters get together and discuss the current situation, they do so for the purpose of identifying energy so they know how to proceed with the changes they have the power to create. This is the attitude in which these things are offered to you. This information is offered, therefore, to the council of masters who have their ears and eyes tuned to this message.


We start with a review. I speak now to those who claim citizenship of America [the USA]. I’ll repeat to you the things that we’ve told you before about the role that the country is now playing. It’s a role that you may never have expected that your country would play. Disappointing to some, encouraging to others, it’s a very different role than has ever been played before. "What’s going to happen, Kryon?" Some have asked about the political situation of this country. One side of what you call the political aisle features pleas for one thing, and the other side pleads for another. There is great polarization of opinion, and many Lightworkers are on both sides. This is because Human politics is apart from your spiritual search. It’s important for you to separate the two, yet hold the integrity of what you believe in both. However, the advice is the same: Get above the Human fray and see things in a spiritual perspective.

Regarding what you see before you: Historians will look back upon the events of this time and say there’s only one country in the world who had the power, the will, and the reason to put a large stick into the Middle East and stir it vigorously. And these historians will say in retrospect that without the placeholder that you call your President, the things that will take place in the Middle East [in your potential future] would never have happened.

The energies in those old lands would have stayed the same for another thousand years. Take a look at the energy there [the Middle East]. It’s ancient. It’s tribal. Things don’t move; things don’t change. They stay the same. There’s a tremendous upheaval with those who wish it to stay the same and those who wish it to change. It’s almost a war between the old and new energy, isn’t it? [Kryon wink - this has been the prophecy of Kryon since 1989]

So although it may be difficult for many of you to understand any of it, we tell you that it fits in with the prophecies [potentials] we gave you years ago, and it’s in progress. Remember, sometimes there are agreements on the other side of the veil to play difficult and seemingly ugly roles on Earth. There are Lightworkers who are stressed, thinking that their country would initiate a war, yet others who feel it’s a very appropriate part of the a new energy battle... all depending on the politics. Our advice is not to let the politics pull you apart. There’s appropriateness in all things. Send light to your leaders so that there will be some integrity inserted in all this, for it will be needed very soon.

So many American Lightworkers have asked, "What’s going to happen in our 2004 election?" That’s up to you, but let me give you some information that some of you won’t like. No matter what you do, it’s not going to make any difference! They [the candidates) are cut from the same cloth of old energy. In the year 2000 my partner [Lee] sat in Tel Aviv, Israel, at the core of the issue [the beginning of the hostilities] and we channelled to those who were gathered there (of the lineage of Jews), that this planet would not see anything significant take place regarding peace until 2008.

There were very few back then who put together the logic that this time frame would correspond with another election in your country. So you might say, "Well, how could it be that there would be no change even with new leadership?" Have any of you truly looked at the choices you have? Where is the spiritual integrity of the new energy in either choice? It doesn’t exist. Have any of you wondered where the visionaries have gone in your country? Have any of you wondered where those who had spiritual vision for your country have gone? I’ll tell you. They’re not here yet, and it’s not time yet. Some of them are young, and some of them are Indigos, waiting for the right time. The ones who might have been your leaders were carefully removed starting in the 1960s, if you noticed. Other removals have even taken place in the last decade. This was by your design, but it left a vacuum of political consciousness that’s now very apparent to some and is responsible for what’s happening.

Don’t despair. See things happening at a metaphysical level that was predisposed to happen if you moved into this period of Human development. With a man at the helm [Bush] we called the placeholder, the one who would make difficult decisions around the set-up of 9/11, much prophecy has now been fulfilled that we gave you the potentials of. Remember that we’ve told you for almost 15 years about the eventual war of old and new? We told you in 2000 in Tel Aviv that nothing would happen on this planet until the "draw to zero." At that time you didn’t know about the potential "Ground Zero" in Manhattan, did you? You can now see that the 9/11 energy has driven the events in the USA.

More than a decade ago, we told you that if you’re going to change the energy of Earth, there would be a war between the old and new energy and that a Bridge of Swords would exist. These are the metaphors that are now unfolding for you. In addition, we also told you that most of the actual wars of the future of the earth would begin to be tribal. Are you beginning to understand? In 2001, the United States declared war on a tribe! The Bridge of Swords we so often spoke about is a metaphor for battle, peace, and celebration. The bridge is a connection between the old and the new. The swords represent many functions, including ceremony. This bridge won’t exist forever, and although you don’t understand it now, it eventually will be removed, and the chasm between the old and the new will drift apart forever.

Understand the Good News

Don’t despair, for we tell you that there’s good news among all of these things. It may seem to you that the sameness that you’ve experienced for the last 25 years is starting to unravel. It is. We told you three years ago that there would come a time when there could be no more fence-sitting - that there would be a tremendous polarity politically and religiously on the planet, and that the polarities would be torn apart. You would be either this or that, but not both. It would be the beginning of those who had a very bright light turned on them, and they’d scamper from under the rocks. Evil would be exposed in darkened areas that were illuminated by your light. Religious leaders would say one thing, yet do another, and that would be seen. That’s what’s going on. Can you see? The earth is indeed under construction, but it’s you who are the construction workers.


We told you that the temple in Israel would be rebuilt. This is a metaphor. But in the process, we also indicated that international alliances would change, and they’re in process of that right now. Internationally, look for an odd restructuring in the next four years and a reshuffle of European power. Look for small former Soviet-bloc nations to rise in a positive way. It’s starting now. It’s not going to have much to do with the past anymore [as it has for 50 years], but rather it’s going to have to do with the now. Don’t despair.

Lightworker, the lighthouse doesn’t worry when the storm approaches. Do you know what the lighthouse thinks about when the storm is in sight? It thinks to itself: This is what I was built for! I’m in the right place at the right time. Let’s strike the light and hold it high! The lighthouse doesn’t cower in the dark and say, "I hope I’m not in danger! I’m afraid!" For the lighthouse knows better. So, Lightworkers, regardless of what you see around you, remember that things aren’t always what they seem. Continue sending out the light to the dark places where the planet needs it. Send light, not politics. Send light, not your ideas of what should be done. Send the love of God, not the intellect of a Human. That is your task.


What about Israel? We’ll say it again. Nothing will happen until 2008. Did you notice that there’s no peace plan? Did you notice with all of the turmoil on the planet and with the core issue of peace on Earth literally being with Israel and Palestine, that there’s no peace plan? Did you notice that nobody is working toward anything? Instead, it seems like the leaders are trying to make it worse! Doesn’t that seem counterintuitive? It does, does it not? Would that tell you something metaphysically? The energy of peace is waiting for the old guard to die, and it will. They’re waiting for the youngsters; they’re waiting for the Indigos.

There is good news. There is an up-and-coming crop of young people in that troubled area who are of a different consciousness. It’s subtle now, since they’re all in danger if they meet in the open. But they’re there - representing a different consciousness of Human that by the year 2012 will have taken hold of that area and will have made a beginning statement: "We don’t care what happened in the past - we intend to rewrite it!" They’ll throw away all of the reasons why they should hate one another, and instead, stand upon the holy ground that they both share and say, "We have something in common - we’re brothers. We love the same God. We share the same ancestry. We will no longer be driven by the hatred of the events of history or by the drama of what we’re told. Instead, we choose the logic of peace." And that will be their cry to the rest of their society. It won’t be easy, and many will perish, but they will be the lighthouses of Israel and Palestine. They will be the ones to solve the unsolvable and to bring the beginning agreement, one that may take many generations to accomplish... until there isn’t one Israeli or Palestinian who can actively remember why they’re supposed to hate each other. Impossible, you say? If you say that, then you contribute to their problem. Instead, send them light!

These times aren’t here yet, so it seems like nothing happens but negative energy. Now perhaps you see what a placeholder does. He holds a place around an area where a solution will eventually manifest itself. Don’t despair! Instead, send him light.


Why is it, Human Being, that you’re so afraid of change? When is it going to occur to you that change is like the refreshing sweet stream of spring water? Why is it a virtue to some of you to be rooted in one place? So many Lightworkers have said: "Well, I’m stable, you know. I’m balanced. No one’s going to move me off this center. I’m grounded in my faith and will not move." Then you go outside and look at nature, and it’s not stable at all! It moves constantly.

Life is always rebalancing itself. It’s always shifting. There’s no spiritual postulate that says you must reach a plateau and stay there. Nothing stays the same around you, did you notice? Put something out in the weather and see how fast it changes. Even large past civilizations are quickly buried so well that they’re often hidden forever. Nature takes over the landscape because it’s always shifting and changing. It’s not afraid, you see? It’s constantly rebalancing itself. This is a subject we’ll begin to teach about soon - that fear of change is a very old energy paradigm that must be realized and conquered.

Oh why, Human Being, do you resist? What if the caterpillar complained about being a butterfly? And would he do that if he knew that he might fly? Yet this is what’s taking place. You’re sitting upon a great and massive consciousness shift and you fear it. Why don’t you be part of it? Why don’t you send the light and let it go. Let the earth change as it will change; let your societies change as they will, and don’t hold them back with what you think is a plea for stability. Stability is in the change, since change is the great teacher of wisdom.

Get above all the confusion that’s before you [with a higher consciousness]. And if Spirit says, "Go here and go there," then "Go here and go there!" If you pray for one thing and God gives you another, what do you do with that? Some of you complain, "Dear God, that’s not what I asked for." Then you start over in frustration, and you say to others, "I’m so stuck!" You often don’t realize that what you got is truly what you asked for... just different from what you expected, yet you don’t see the gift. You’re stuck in a situation where you honestly don’t understand what co-creation means.

Co-Creation Defined (again)

Co-creation: Some of you feel that the definition of co-creation is this: "A spiritual process where I decide what I need, pray for it, and God grants it. The two of us have therefore created what I need in my life. I’m the Human, so I provide the Human requests and Spirit then provides the way to accomplish them."

The above is a very 4D approach to existence, and it won’t work in the new energy. Consider this definition, instead: Co-creation: "A natural process whereby a meld takes place between Human and divine consciousness. An unseen plan is manifested that represents the highest good for the individual and humanity - a plan that’s complex, interdimensional, and which rises above the wisdom of the individual Human, but one that’s available through this divine meld. It then can result in a joyful and peaceful life for the individual, who continues to change and grow spiritually as long as the meld is maintained."

It’s time to reexamine how you pray. Again, the prayer that we suggest is this: "Dear God, show me what it is I need to know." And then when you receive it, understand that it’s perfect for you. Don’t make up your mind in advance who you are, why you’re here, what you should be doing, and what must be the next step. This approach is so limiting! Consider that a grander plan is known by your Higher-Self, and that’s the goal... something that you can’t know or see, but something you can get to!

Earth Changes - Earthquakes

The next two items aren’t given in fear, but they represent change. In addition, I present this question for you: As a Lighthouse, wouldn’t you like to know about the approaching storms? Again, real lighthouses remember that they’re built to work in storms. Otherwise they just sit there doing nothing, like a precise, gleaming, high-tech tool that just sits in the toolbox in the dark. The lighthouse gets excited to go to work as the clouds of darkness approach. The lighthouse prepares.

Earth movements are afoot [coming]. Movements of the earth in common places where it has moved before is imminent. The earth must shift. Do not despair! Here are your instructions, Lightworkers... Lighthouses: don’t keep the earth from shifting. Don’t pray to hold this back, for it’s needed and it’s necessary as the earth develops in a normal way. It’s all part of the geology that’s part of the partner you have with you [Ghia]. As the storm approaches, the lighthouse doesn’t try to stop the storm! Instead, it endeavors to help those in its path.

Your job: Create the location of these movements slightly outside of populated areas. Do you understand? It doesn’t have to shift exactly in the same place, for Human consciousness can help to adjust it. These places of shift are very vast and underneath the planet, even larger than you think. You know where the surface lines are, but many places far underneath the surface can shift and end up creating movement in many different places on the surface than you’ve expected, relieving the same tension. It will still accomplish the shifting that’s needed, without occurring on the exact lines you’ve scoped out.

In other words, we say this to you: Shifts will occur soon. They’re ready to occur in the places that are most common for them to occur. If you’re living where these places are, and you know this, then send light to the planet and see it shifting in appropriate ways that are just outside the populated areas. Now, I’m asking you to manifest something grand, am I not? Reader, are you really getting this? There’s a whole group of you who are reading this now who need to know of this and take on this appropriate task. Remember the scripture that states that you might move mountains with your thoughts? This is it! Visualize the release of this energy in total appropriateness to a grander plan, in areas that aren’t in the center of the coastal populations, and where the release isn’t as strong as it might otherwise have been. If you do this, even your media will comment upon it! They will remark just how "lucky" you all were... then you can just smile and say, "Thank you, family!"

Earth Changes - Geothermal

There are pressures building up that are geothermal. This is all part of a changing planet, a fast-changing planet. It’s part of the weather system that has changed - one you haven’t understood yet. Believe it or not, it’s part of the warming oceans we’ve discussed, which is also part of a phenomenon you consider "global warming." There’s geothermal pressure building up in some very common areas where it’s known to build up. This is obvious to those who watch these things, for the cyclical release of this energy has either stopped or has been interrupted, and there’s great concern, some of which has been suppressed.

So here’s what I say to you, masters: Visualize it being released appropriately so that there’s no inappropriate loss of life. Whatever that means to you, let the earth decide what that would be. Sounds like co-creation, doesn’t it? It is.

Masters… Lemurians, I’m asking you to start changing this planet so that these natural Earth movements are not Human disasters. I hope you understand this. I’m challenging the sacred Lighthouses in this readership and those who hear me to increase your light and send it to the earth! Make the planet your partner in these things. Then when they actually occur, I want you to celebrate what you’ve done and realize that it was no accident that they were slightly off-center, or when the geologists tell you it was "lucky" they weren’t here or there. It’s more than lucky! It’s what you came here for. Do you think you can do it? You can. Do you think you’re that powerful? You are.

There are masters who walk the earth who can manifest matter with their hands. It would seem that they have control over matter, but they don’t. Instead, they’ve partnered with creation. They’re talking to the sixth layer of their DNA! That’s the master-layer. That’s what you can do, too. When you can do that, you can also talk to the partner you call Earth and make the shifts appropriate to humanity. You haven’t understood this yet, but you can do the same thing for storms, and you may consider that when the next one comes in your life. Believe me, this channelling is going to mean more to you a little later.

Those Who Are Leaving You

Let me tell you something else that’s happening. You’re losing a lot of people around you in death whom you didn’t expect to go. I’m not speaking of Earth changes now, but something more personal for each of you. It may even appear as "inappropriate death" [death that seems to be out of the scope of what should have happened]. For some it’s "those who are dying too soon." To you, it would seem that they had unfinished business and their deaths are therefore a total spiritual surprise. Some have said, "They seemed like they were so ready to be Lightworkers, or they were in the middle of being a Lightworker. Some were actual healers or masters-in-training, yet they’re gone. It seems that they had so much to give, yet they’re suddenly taken away... way too soon!" This is sorrowful, and confusing to many.

More than the normal numbers are leaving the planet now. Some of you have seen it, and some of you have not. But many will. Don’t despair! I want to give you some advice: When you see this occur, and it affects your life, I want the first reaction from the master within you, not the Human within you, to hold up your hand when you hear the news and say, "Thank you, dear Sprit!" Be the first to celebrate their lives. Thank Spirit for the release, and celebrate their lives. Grieve appropriately, but see the overview. Understand that these things aren’t punishment, nor are they meant to be events filled with great sorrow. They’re not inappropriate, either.

Did any of you grasp the concept that perhaps something else was happening? What if this was a reward? Did you think of that? What if this soul needed to take the master-hood energy and place it in a new, young body? Did you think of that? What if it’s a soul that needs to turn around fast and come back to change the planet? What if it’s a soul that needs to go to Israel, or one that needs to understand politics in America or Europe for the future? What if it’s a grand plan that will use the spiritual growth and wisdom of who you think you "knew and lost" to accomplish something in the next generation?

I hope this makes sense to you. The picture is far larger than you realize, and it’s all appropriate. It’s time you started to understand how to celebrate death instead of mourning it - how to be part of family instead of fearing it - how to not get mad at God when things seem to go wrong in your perspective - never understanding the metaphor of the lighthouse in the storm. The lighthouse keeper yells at the waves: "Bring them on! It’s why I exist. Bring them on. You can’t quench my light!" He yells out affirmations as the water of sorrow and grief temporarily crash over his structure. He’s wise. He knows who built the lighthouse and why he exists on the planet. His tears of sorrow are mixed in with the water of the planet [the storm], but in the end his light remains strong until it’s his time to go home, also.


I’ll finish with this. It is 2004, and many of you feel tired. Many have said to Spirit: "Isn’t this supposed to be the energy that matches what I waited for? Isn’t this supposed to match who I am? Isn’t this the New Energy? If it is, why am I so tired?"

We’ve answered this before. It’s you who are doing the heavy lifting, the ones who stand in the hurricane shining your light. This makes you tired! But let me give you another attribute that’s starting to appear, one that we can’t fully explain to you yet, but which synchronizes with what’s happening now. On certain days you won’t just be tired, you’re going to be exhausted, abnormally exhausted. This won’t follow a pattern, except when you call your friends, they will be, too! Something’s going on.

Look at it as a wave of change that would create an attribute that greatly affects the Lightworker - specifically, the Lightworker. The Lightworker is the kind of Human who would be reading this article - the kind who would be sitting in this assembly - the kind of Human who cares about this planet and who sees divinity in themselves.

And so when this exhaustion takes place, again we say to you, do you have the courage, the strength, and the energy to say thank you? If you do, you chose the wisdom of Spirit. This is an indication to Spirit that you can see out of the box of humanity, and who you are in the grand plan of the whole picture.

Can you accept that Spirit has selected you for the heavy lifting? Can you accept that you are God? These things are changing the planet, dear Human Beings, in ways that you cannot imagine. It’s the good news that you can’t see yet. It’s the grandness of what’s happening on Earth.

And so it is.