Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - The Pacific Ocean
September 11, 2003

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Perceptions of Masterhood II

This live channelling was given on September 11, 2003, on the NCL Cruise Ship Norwegian Star on the fourth annual Kryon Cruise. It is the second part of a two-part message. The ship was again under way on a trip from the Fanning islands, a small atoll group that's part of the Republic of Kiribati, back to the Hawaiian islands..

[This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. We would like to proclaim this a sanctuary. There is much activity around you on this experience you call "a cruise." Turn inward with us for a moment.

Have you started to feel the family yet? Have you started to understand that those Humans who may sit next to you - no matter where they are from on this planet - have something in common with you?

A long time ago, all of those in this room got together in a form - in a way that you cannot even conceive - where time did not exist. It's interesting, isn't it, that you consider planning sessions to occur before you get here? That makes sense in linear time, doesn't it? But which of you would consider a "planning session" for what has already taken place? Does this make your brain crazy? I can understand why.

So let's keep it simple. How many of you understand that there are planning sessions for your next incarnation under way, right now?

You might respond, "Wait a minute, Kryon, I haven't made that choice yet! I'm really not certain if I'm coming back. We shouldn't get the cart before the horse here."

Really? How do you know that? How do you know that you might not be in one continual planning session all the time? Free choice is the king here, but you are so linear that you always think that God is linear, also, but the fact is that the part of God that is you is in "now time." Perhaps you feel your work on Earth is done? That's assuming that you know what your work is! Feeling complete is much different from being tired, you know. Being tired is a very linear Human attribute! [Smile] Being finished on Earth is a very spiritual attribute. Most of you hearing and reading this will definitely be back! So what if this free choice planning was "free choice moment by moment" instead of "free choice in advance"? Are you confused yet?

Confusing Interdimensionality

Let me give you this example: All things are known as potentials in the "now." However, the potentials are also seen as everything being manifest at the same time. This isn't something you can understand easily. Can you conceive a circle of influence, perhaps like the inside of a giant balloon, where you sit in the middle? Around you, you can see all of the potentials of all things that ever were, are, or could be, on the inside surface. Indeed, the potentials of the past are there as well, and when we say "potentials of the past," that's not a mistake. For what is the past but an illusion that gives you a perception of where you are in the present? In addition, the reason it's in a circle is that it all combines continuously at all points... never ending, and without any points of origin or termination.

“Kryon, the past is not an illusion... it happened!" you might say. We say this: When the past "happened," where were you? The answer is that you were in the same place you are now. There is only one instant of true reality - the one that has your eyes moving between these words right now. To you, the words that you just read on the line above are not your reality. They are past. The words in the next paragraph are not either, since they are the future. But they both exist, don't they?

The truth is this: Your "actual" reality is all the words you just read, the ones you are reading now, and the ones coming up. If this is so, then they are all equal in your reading experience, but the ones a few sentences ago only helped set up the ones you are now reading and are about to read. It's a circle of logic, and one that's out of linear "time." So although something might have actually "happened" in your circle of reality, it's still "active" in your influence of control, how you feel about it, and what you do about it based on your feeling. It is all, therefore, part of your co-creation. The past isn't cemented in place. Instead, it's a setup that gets you to where you are, and it's still part of the "now" experience. When you change your "now," you change the setup, too... the past.

For instance, let's say you just read something startling and upsetting in the words above you. It can't be undone. It happened. You actually read the words. The "reading of the words" is the actual linear past. Later, in upcoming paragraphs, there's a statement that tells you what really happened regarding the startling information. You relax. "Oh... now I understand, and you smile." It's no longer upsetting, so... you just changed the past! The fact that you read the words didn't change, but your "now" attitude about them did. This is a very poor linear metaphor for an interdimensional concept, but it's the best we can do to help you understand that your entire reality can be changed anytime you wish.

Dear family, we all continue to sit in this balloon, taking a look at potentials... all of us, including your support group. What you don't understand is that a portion of "you" is still there with us! We are closer than brothers and sisters. We are "in love" with each other, connected to each other in ways that only God can understand.

Where are you, really? What part of masterhood are you receiving, dear Human Being? Do you understand that only a part of you is on the planet doing the work? The other parts are still in the bubble, with all the rest of you... co-creating, planning, and implementing the instructions of the energy of the boss - the part of you that walks the earth in duality.

The Polarity Split
Here is a postulate [a spiritual rule]: There is not another Human Being on the planet who can affect your truth or your spiritual path unless you let them.

These are trying times for some. Years ago we said it is the beginning of a time when many will show their true selves to you. We told you that they would get off the fence, and they would no longer be able to hide what they really felt and thought. There would be new alliances coming together, and many would be broken apart. These would all be appropriate because the energy is dividing itself, and the polarity is beginning to show itself. We told you this would happen with business, politics, with governments, religions and personally. Much of this would be due to integrity, something that's beginning to show itself in a new Human consciousness equation of reality.

What we mean is that it will not be easy to be neutral anymore regarding the energy of your reality. The question is: What am I going to do with the angel inside me? I am sensing things that I never have before about what is truth and what is not. I'm beginning to see the insignificance in much of what I'm doing. I'm beginning to sense that integrity in all things is the most important attribute in life. I'm beginning to expect it in others! I must decide if this is a new reality for me, or not... and if it is, what do I do about it?

Those who deny this is happening will be kidding themselves. It will be obvious, as their lives react dramatically to this new energy on Earth. Those who always let their charisma get them by will suddenly lose friends. It's not going to work anymore. Those who were always "lucky" in life will also find reverses in the paradigm they expect. In both cases, they will have to examine who they are, to proceed.

Those who wish to wait in their choice, thinking, Is this real? will have a harder time making any kind of decision. Whereas we have told you that God works slowly and that you have plenty to time to do this and that, here is one subject that's now at hand, even in this room... even as you read. You're not alone in this. Have you noticed that governments are having to wrestle with the same thing? So are corporations. So is organized religion on Earth! It's all around you, and at some point you have to take notice, and "connect the dots," as a popular phrase in your culture indicates, as it describes a Human in recognition of a situation.

Some are asking, "What am I going to do with this question?" If it's true that you're eternal and that you're only here for a short time, hiding in duality, then the real test is for you to find out if this is actually so! This is a good start. Unfortunately, there will be no empirical proof for you, as there is in 4D science with other questions of physics. Instead, there will be interdimensional proof... all around you. Will you let your cells talk to you about this? They know. Will you let your emotional-self marry the intellectual-self and give you an answer? It requires that you let go of old paradigms and ask God., "Please tell me what it is I should know." Then within free choice, it's up to you to decide if any of this is spiritual fact or not.

“Perceptions of Masterhood II"
We will continue, then, with the teaching of the perceptions of masterhood. Two days ago, we gave you seven attributes and attitudes of those who are in masterhood [as published in Sedona Journal last month]. Only the Human Being can look at these things and report them, not Spirit. So we only report what the Humans are saying, and what they're doing. This is an honoring of the process of Human Masterhood.

Human ascension is that way: It is a Human attribute, unique in the Universe, and one that can only be achieved in duality. You might say, "It's easy to be an angel; it's tough to be a Human Being." Yes, that's the way we see it, also, and that is why we wash your feet. There are some of you here that have entirely different lineages than others. Think of your country of origin; think of the countries that are represented in the room and the readership. Think of what your countries have been through in their history. Think of what brought you to where you are reading and listening, and what you're doing in life right now. Now, multiply the complexity in all that by ten-thousand fold. That's your spiritual lineage. Let me give you something really big to think about: Is it possible you have done this before on other "earths"? Is it possible that this is "one more time" in a four-billion-year project? The answer may shock you, angel.

Here are some more masterhood tributes, more esoteric ones, perhaps, but in some cases, more grounded ones. We ask the question, "What does the master think of these things? As the master Human Being in ascension status looks at these things, what does she say? What does he say and think?" And so, through the eyes of the Human master, we will give you more to ponder. The reason? It helps you "see ahead," and to understand more about what the masters of Earth are like, and what are beginning to be the teachings showing you what you also may become. Think about that for a moment... then celebrate the new energy around you.

What is the master's attitude about ego? You've heard this all your life, about suppressing ego in order to let your spirituality grow. So what is ego? What is egotistical behavior, and what is not? What is appropriate, and what is not? There are many conflicting teachings here.

Perhaps you've felt some things in your life... reactions to challenges or life's situations, and you ask yourself, "Is this ego, or is it not? Is it appropriate, or is it not? Can a master have ego?" Let's be clear. There's a big difference between ego and stewardship. Ego is vanity. Stewardship is energy in spiritual passion. Let us give you an example: If you have a truth that has been given to you in all appropriateness, one you feel is divine, and someone tramples upon it, or would say that their truth is higher than your truth, you might react. Others around you may say that you're having "an ego flare-up." They assume that your reaction stems from vanity. But masters don't do that. They weigh everything appropriately and react not with ego but with the authority of stewardship. They know what is true for them. They also know that there's no other Human Being on Earth that can touch their truth.

The master truly has no "ego buttons" left. Many times the appropriate action is "nothing at all," or sometimes just a knowing smile. This is what was known as "turning the other cheek." This phrase was never about a person allowing themselves to be beaten up repeatedly in the name of God, groveling on the ground in the dirt, and not standing up for truth. Instead, it meant "knowing what was important to react to, and what wasn't." You can stand there all day with humanity shouting at you, and it will never change your truth. Therefore, whose problem is it? That should be obvious. It's the shouters' problem, not yours. They're the ones who are upset! In that situation, if there's anything to say at all, the master might say, "I'm sorry that you're having such a bad day. What can I offer you?" Do you understand this? "Turning the other cheek" is a statement relating to having wisdom about the energy before you. It's not an invitation to endure abuse.

Stewarding your truth is different. When a Human comes at you with a lower vibration and in some way violates what you believe, or violates your sanctity, you might take action. If you do, it is the action of the integrity of your stewardship. Instead of anger, there's disappointment. Instead of vanity, there's self-assurance. So when you see master Lightworkers being self-assured, don't confuse it with ego. Look at them and what they're doing. Lightworkers will not defend their positions. They don't have to. Lightworkers will let the energy go by, often turning the other cheek when they know that their truth stands tall by itself, and that nothing the other is saying can touch it.

Truth seeks its highest level. Some of these things are difficult to explain to you, but watch the master when she needs to assert the truth. Watch the love at work, even that which she has for the attacker. Can you do that? When there are those who betray you in ways that only you know about, what is your initial reaction? Will you steward your truth? If you're stewarding your truth, there is no ego. You will stand back and understand, and know that what would have wounded you in the past, simply bounces off with love. Can you love the betrayer? Yes, you can. It is a study, is it not, outside of the box of Human nature. And that, my dear Human Being, is what ascension is all about.

Before we leave this subject, I have to ask this: In the past, you might have reacted differently to challenge. Now, your reaction is much more balanced. So... did the past change? The present? What about the future? The answer: They all did.

Here is one that is common, and one we have discussed before: competition.
You might think that competition is something that you would only have in a Western-world economic structure. It isn't. For do you not compete for energies? Do you not compete for favor? Do you not compete often for resources? Let us take one of the most important ones, competing for energy and favor, a common Human attribute.

You want to be liked, don't you? You want to be important, not in an ego sense, but important in an "Earth sense." You wish to be an important part of all that is, and do your part. But often there is this feeling that in the paradigm of your culture, there seems to be only so much importance to go around! It would be impossible for all of you to be important. In your reality, there must be the ones that are important, and the ones who are not... only one person wins a race. There's only so much favor to be dispensed, and not everyone gets it.

Now, look at the folly in this! Each of you is an eternal spiritual being... an old soul who has been in expression [incarnation] many times, and who is being asked to change the reality of Earth itself! You are all known to God, because you are God. Yet it is Human nature, is it not, to see your reality differently, and compete for things?

Let me tell you what the master does. Within a group of Human Beings standing around, with none of them knowing each other, and all of them trying to top the other with interesting and important conversation, the master will walk in and just listen. As he absorbs the stories of the others, sometimes he feels the joy in their celebrations and their humor. Sometimes he listens to the troubles of others and feels their frustrations. The master absorbs it all in a way that you have not known before. The energy of the moment does not "paste itself" upon his persona. Instead, it goes into a place where it is reflected. Some can see energy.

If you were one of these at this time, you could see that the energy of the master was one of the reflection of healing. My partner [Lee] is championing the information that Human consciousness changes energy and even matter. He constantly looks for your 4D science to back this up, and it's finally happening. So many of you might now understand better how the master focuses this reflection in a healing manner... one that becomes available to those in the room.

The very presence of the master tends to change the telling of the stories! You see, there's enough importance to go around. So I ask you: In this scenario, who is the important one? The one on the platform who has captured the attention of those around, or the one sitting in wisdom and reflecting the energy that can do the best to help those telling and hearing? The master understands this, and the invitation is for you, too. The master does not force energy on any Human. He just places it in the room for all to do with as they choose. Some will absorb it, and some will reject it. This is free choice. When you come into a room where there is water for you, some will partake and some will not. It's about your own thirst and the appropriateness of what you need. But the water does not become indignant that you didn't drink it, does it? It doesn't follow you home, demanding that you taste it. No. It just sits there as nourishment for those who wish it. This is the way of it, even when the water is the water of life.

So perhaps you would apply the word competition to your economic structure? I will tell you this: It's folly for you to think that you must glean a certain portion of a market share. There's enough to go around. You often don't even understand the principles of your own economics! You limit yourself. Whereas you focus on one thing and say, "I must have this happen or that happen" for your success, hiding around the corner is an entirely separate success structure that you haven't even considered.

A perfectly balanced economic structure is one where everyone wins. In this "race," everyone can win! Those who have paid, receive and love what they've purchased. Those who have supplied the product or service have been compensated appropriately, and they love what they've sold. In between these scenarios there are those who struggle with the process, never understanding or knowing that there is even divinity in competition. So we say this to you: Competitors, can you bless the one who is competing with you? If you can, you have one of the attributes of the master. Can you relax and not worry, knowing that all things will come together, and truth will seek its highest level when you work in integrity? Do you feel that the one who won a linear race automatically makes all the rest losers? Or, like the master, do you understand that those who ran the race are all interdimensional winners? How can this be? Because the master sees the whole picture... the potentials of the winners of the next race, and the energies of the race itself. The master can go to a party and never say a word... never become "important," yet will come away blessed beyond belief!

It's difficult for you to understand all this in a competitive world. The next time you walk into a group of people and you feel very small, perhaps you'll feel the urge to speak up and be important. Instead, stop for a moment. Understand that your very presence enhances them. Smile, feel your own divinity, and think, I will simply be quiet and listen. I'll absorb the joys of what they have to say. I'll be a better Human Being by hearing their experiences, even if I tell none of my own. The master knows about that. It's part of a new paradigm... quiet wisdom.

Last, the driver, or catalyst of this new competitive understanding, is about integrity. Are the words big business and integrity at odds in your mind? They used to be! Watch this change on Earth. There may come a day when profits are delegated to stockholders based on the integrity factor of a corporate structure. This is so new that most of you have no concept of such an arrangement. Believe me, it is in the potential structure in that bubble of the "now." You think that's amazing? Wait until you see what might happen in politics! Can you imagine a political situation where the integrity of what is done and not done within the election campaign actually might help elect the official? A pipe dream? Watch.

The Earth
What does the master in this new energy think about the earth? Oh, there's much going on right now, and the master knows it. The master understands that the earth is coming alive. Interdimensionally, the earth is awakening. There has never been a better time in Human history to heal the earth than now. If you live in a land - in a country - that has had war after war after war, you live in a layered energy. It's wounded land. Yet even with everything you see around you that is challenging on Earth, there's never been a time like this when you could clear it.

The master knows this, but you do not. Listen: Everything you do for another Human Being clears the land under your feet. Seemingly unclearable woundings of the cauldron of Human experience - war after war, is now able to be cleared. It's part of why you're here to hear and read this. But you knew that, didn't you? It wasn't long ago where we sat with you and said that there will be those who will come out of the earth, interdimensionally. They will put the energy of themselves onto you, if you allow it. Call it a partnership of energy, perhaps. They've all been waiting until the dispensation of eight [speaking of the number eight being the energy of the new dispensation] when the crystalline energy will start to appear on the planet in a greater way.

It was only a few months ago that we told you that there would be those living around the place you call Mt. Shasta who are free to go. Many of them had held and anchored an energy even without knowing it, and had helped steward an area that would keep it spiritually pristine. In your own terms, this means kept and anchored a place against the development of major hotels. It's one of the few, you know. Take a look at the other portals and vortices on the planet known to have spiritual attributes, and you'll find hotels, golf courses, and tennis courts. Not in Mt. Shasta.

This was not an accident, and we told you that these Humans were the stewards of the land. Now we'll give you more information about them - many of them hermits - many of them very difficult to get along with! You see, most of them are of the crystal life-force energy, and it only makes sense that they would be this way. [This information goes along with the study of colors and energies that were given in a lecture on the cruise, where this channelling is being given.] The master knows about the earth and the changes that are occurring. He also knows about the interdimensional cities of life-force that are being opened right now to spill out upon Human consciousness.

Two days ago we mentioned the dragon energy. Think of this word as meaning regal energy. Think of the masters with the dragon energy as being those of spiritual Earth royalty. They are interdimensional - the kings and the queens who created the very dirt of the earth in a way that would be commensurate with humanity. You have them to thank, for when you moved into the dispensation of the eight, the earth was ready for you. But the grand information is that within the dirt of the earth, more queen-energy will be emerging to help with the balance of the planet. This is a crystalline function, and is part of the rewrite that we've been speaking of for almost a year. It's time to balance the feminine and masculine energies of the planet.

Flow of Energy/Co-creation
Number four and five go together. It's difficult to describe this, since these are interactive. Number four is the flow of energy, and number five is co-creation. How does the master see these? Today, in a dispensation of the energy of eight, we will give you a short review and then another metaphor.

There was a time for many of the spiritually-minded, in an older energy, where co-creation was done as follows: You would meditate and ask God for answers. You would ask and ask. Then you might go places, certain portals (we call vortals now). And you would collect energy where you could. Once this was accomplished, you would receive energy and information, collect them until the right time, and then take action upon them. This created a situation where meditation was far different then than it is now, and where the actual flow of energy in the Human Being for co-creative purposes was far, far different. We call this the collection method. You did your best to collect the energy you needed for the task at hand.

In this older energy, the duality was so strong that you literally had to think of it as a storehouse. You had to go get it. Whether it was on the floor in the lotus position or whether it was someplace specific on the planet, you had to go and collect it. Not until you did these things did you feel fulfilled or feel that you had the answers. Dear Human Being, this is what many of you have done all your lives.

Let me tell you what the master thinks, and we will use a metaphor. On this great vessel [in the kitchen on the cruise ship], there are at least two Human Beings whose job it is to find magic in a block of ice. Perhaps you have seen their handiwork? It's in the grand places of food consumption, a process Humans love to celebrate. These are the ice sculptures in the dinning rooms.

Let me tell you what the sculptor sees. The block of ice weighs hundreds of pounds and is probably difficult to deliver and handle. That master of architecture, the sculptor, rather than seeing a task ahead that's unwieldy, sees the completed piece of art as already finished and hiding in the ice! It's delicate and beautiful. Now it's his job to chip away what doesn't belong. To you, this object would be a very heavy block of cold ice, probably something you would want to get out of your way before it melts all over your floor. To him, it's already a completed work of art. So he begins. He carefully chips away everything that isn't a sculpture. Notice that he's creating, using subtraction. This might seem counterintuitive to you. How can you manifest anything by taking something away?

The new energy is exactly that way. You walk around and think that things are ordinary. However, hiding in the ordinary are the miracles of co-creation. What you must learn to do is chip away the things that don't belong. And how do you do that? The answer is this: You tune in to the sculpture. You tune in to your co-creation. You see it and visualize it as already having been done. You see inappropriate energies like the ice parts that don't belong, and you cast them aside.

In your meditations, instead of asking for answers, ask for balance. That will let you see the inappropriate parts to chip away. Instead of asking God to be the sculptor of your reality, you are becoming the sculptor and are being trained as the artist. Are there difficulties in your life right now that you cannot understand? Ask for insight. You're being given the gift of seeing the inappropriate. To some, that means there are challenges there. What are you going to do with it? Many, instead of chipping it away, actually wallow in it! It's free choice, you know. Instead of seeing what's appropriate and what is not, the old-energy Human sees it all as something that must remain and be dealt with. Seemingly it's their own reality, and therefore it's there forever and not changeable.

The master sees life as perfect. He creates what he wants by constantly deciding what energy is to be removed. Sometimes it's with the mind. Sometimes it's with real action. The master does it with both. So the master walks in a perfect place, even with dying children around him, even with crime, even with those who are hurting. Another Human's suffering, anger, drama or even imbalance never changes the truth... the perfect sculpture within the master's reality.

The secret to your co-creation is tuning in to the choir. We've given you this metaphor before. The sculpture sings to you in that big block of ice called reality and says, "I'm here, come get me." The closer you get to it and the more you remove what is inappropriate in your lives, the clearer is the tune that you can hear, and the more perfect the sculpture. Then when you finally start singing the same tune that the perfection within the sculpture is singing, you get manifestation. The key is listening. You begin that process by claiming integrity.

Number six is life-force. We're going to give you information now that we haven't given in this fashion before. There's something new going on with your biology. The master sees a new life-force. There's much to tell you here. Are you having relationship problems? Perhaps it's brother with brother, sister with sister, husband and wife? Perhaps mother and father, mother and sister, friend with friend? How about your business?
Every time a divine Human Being, especially one who's vibrating at a higher level, makes a bond of love or partnership with another Human Being, a third energy is created that has the attributes of both. This third energy that is created can be called an entity, if you wish. You can even give it a name! It sits there waiting to be nourished. The entity has the attributes of a Human child. It should be handled gently and considered precious.
Listen: Husband and wife, handle it gently - it's precious! What are you going to say to the child? Are you going to nurture it, or are you going to ignore it? When you begin to work on that third energy that is the child, a new life-force flows between you like it never did before. It's a hidden attribute, yet you've always known about it. All partnerships will benefit from this new awareness.

There's more. Biologically there's a new kind of life-force available, especially to those who vibrate higher. It's time to awaken something that has been there all along - something you've been toying with for eons. We will call this awakening cellular intelligence. The cellular structure of the Human body is designed to connect itself to the life-force of Earth. Think of the times that you've used things like kinesiology [muscle testing]. Did you ever wonder how the Human body knows more than you do? Things you don't know, your cells know. Does this make sense to you? What if you could build a bridge between what the body knows and what your conscious mind knows?

Did you ever wonder how homeopathy works? When a tincture with less than one part in one million of a substance is ingested into your body, how can your cells "see" it, when modern medical analytical machines can't even detect it? The truth? The Human body recognizes the intent of the substance! For more than 200 years, you've been working with this, yet it's still not understood. Healing occurs. Information is passed to the cellular structure of the intent of the maker of the cure. Wouldn't it be great to build a bridge from your conscious mind to the part of your cellular structure that is the master chemist?

Did you ever use a pendulum? Did you ever wonder how the muscles in your hand responded out of your control to give a yes or no answer regarding your health or the energy around you? It's cellular intelligence, and it's time you started to meld with it. It's time for a marriage of the intellect, the intuition, and cellular intelligence.

The master knows what his elbow is doing. The master has a meeting of the cells every day. The master can tell you how his toe is feeling, spiritually. The body is one. The master does not live in his head. Instead, he lives as one unified entity, head to toe. He sees his body as one cell, with intelligence. The master knows what is good for him biologically and what isn't, even without muscle testing. The master has an alliance with the intelligence within - a DNA attribute that has always been there. Did you ever hear the phrase "awakening DNA"? That's partially what this is all about.

There's even more: Apoptosis is a biological term used to describe a Human cellular system designed to diagnose inappropriateness in the body and self-destruct. Well, it doesn't work well, does it? Where is it with cancer? Where is it with AIDS? Where is it with tuberculosis? You could name the diseases for a very long time that "fool" this natural body process. It doesn't work very well, does it? There's a new life-force at hand that will change this, too - a force available to all of you where cellular structure is awakened and the intelligence will increase. Apoptosis will be allowed to work the way it was designed. The only disease within a master's body will be that which he allows to be attached if it's appropriate, through free choice. The new life-force on this planet will enhance your ability to control your own cellular structure. Haven't the gurus showed this to you over the years? Now it's your turn.

Focus at the Moment
We will finish with this one - number seven. Perhaps you would like to ask the master, "Dear master, what should be our focus as Human Beings on Earth at the moment? It seems there is so much strife! Where should we send our light, and what should we do? What is the key? Where's the focus?"
The dispensation of the eight is one of responsibility. Within the first two weeks in November 2003, you will get a chance, along with that great entourage which is what you call your higher selves, to make a decision about the most important things on Earth [Harmonic Concordance].

A question will be asked much like it was on the 11:11 [Harmonic Convergence]. This question will be this: Are you ready to meld the spiritual and the biological so that life-force will be melded, so that ego will be what I described, so that co-creation will be what I described, so that you can enhance your DNA? Are you ready to let the masculine and feminine energy of Humanity finally be equal? It's an important time on the planet. Those reading this after this has occurred should know that it is no less profound simply because it was yesterday. The study of yesterday is the wisdom of tomorrow.

What is the focus? There has never been a time on Earth where your actions and thoughts are more profoundly measurable as energy. The focus is inward. The first parable ever given to you by this Kryon group over a decade ago was that of The Tar Pit. It spoke of a metaphor, a parable, where one Human Being discovered something that helped him. No one else was involved. He discovered something personal and implemented it. He applied it only to himself, and he didn't shout it from the rooftops. He went about his business without saying anything, enjoying his new personal discovery, yet everybody noticed what he had done? How? From what was happening around him.
This is what happens when you balance yourself. One Human Being who tunes in to the choir and finds the sculpture in the ice will affect all the ones around him. He gives them something to see. This allows more choice than the others around him would have had, otherwise. It actually turns on a light for others to see in a dim place.

Not all of those who see your progress will like it. Some of the others will look at you and run the other way. Some of them will look at you and hate you. Some of them will betray you. Dear Human Being, this is nothing new. The medicine man lived alone, even without a mate, on the edge of the village. Yet he was the healer for all of them when they got in trouble. Does that make any sense? Because he vibrated high and had unusual information, that seemed odd to them, and they only visited when they had to.

And so this transition of focusing on self will truly cut to the quick when it comes to energy decisions. There will be those around you who don't want what you have. They're not ready for what you have. Without saying a word and without being evangelical in what you've discovered, things will take care of themselves. The premise? Take care of yourself. What is the focus? It's on self. Not ego... but self-balance and finding the tune. Let others decide for themselves if they wish to share in the "new you" or not. That's their issue. Steward your truth, and never let another Human being force you from the love of God.

As it is within, so it will eventually become without. Human consciousness is the third grid. Therefore, perhaps you will understand that the magnetic is healed, the crystalline is being worked on, and in the process the third grid, which is the top of the triangle of Human consciousness, turns inward. Put these together and you will see the potential of The New Jerusalem. As you are, so is Earth. As you take care of yourself, the earth responds.

Dear Human Beings, historians will point to this time and say, "This is where it started. When humanity made decisions that it would create a planet that would pull itself out of the dark, they began to understand the process of peace, the wisdom of trade, and they were not fearful of different cultures. They understood that each one needs the other, and that somehow they were all connected." How do we know this? We are seeing it within the bubble of the balloon that contains everything in the now that ever happened or can happen. It is written in your potential! It is actually written in your DNA!

Blessed is the Human Being who sees the whole - the completeness of the planet in this way. Blessed is the Human who sees Earth as the block of ice that contains a beautiful sculpture called "Peace on Earth."

And so it is!