Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - The Pacific Ocean
September 8, 2003

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Perceptions of Masterhood I

This live channelling was given on September 9, 2003, on the NCL Cruise Ship Norwegian Star on the fourth annual Kryon Cruise. The ship was under way at about 23 knots (a fairly brisk speed) on a trip from the Hawaiian islands, south to the equator to visit the Fanning islands, a small atoll group that's part of the Republic of Kiribati. The channelling took place in a meeting room on Deck 12, about eight stories above the water. The room featured floor-to-ceiling glass windows that looked out upon the moving ocean. There was no land in sight, just the magnificence of the great Pacific ocean as far as you could see. The day was crystal clear, and the calm ocean created a straight-line horizon that seemed to be surreal in its flatness. The ship plowed its way south, and the dolphins danced in front of the bow, "smiling," as though they knew what we were about to do.

[This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

The focus of this New Age is on the discovery of divinity inside the Human Being. That is the focus of our teaching as well. So in the chairs where you sit, the focus of this teacher who sits in front of you called Kryon is about you. So let the entities that I've brought with me, who have been here for days and who didn't have to board like you did, begin their work. Let them begin to show themselves in many ways, but ways in which you will feel or smell. Then, perhaps, you'll understand that this is indeed a time where the Human touches a piece and part of the other side of the interdimensional veil.

Although we are not Human, we are family, and very conscious of your humanity. We are so well aware of your biology, of what you're going through now, that we feel that we are "one" with you. And that is why the entourage comes in here, an energy specialized just for you, and one that sits next to you... reader and listener alike.

There's nothing unknown to us. Even the things around you that are brewing, which you have not yet seen, are known to us. Your potentials are a reality to us, but not yet to you. And that, dear Human Being, is what you call the changing interdimensional road map. It is one that you can alter at a moment's notice, making prophecy impossible and your life perspective so interesting at the moment.

Now the waves slip beneath us, do they not? Oh, if you had any concept of what took place on the land beneath them! You sit here on a very high perch looking at the water that covers the depths, yet there's so much underneath us now that involves you, setting the stage for a planet in another time.

The master Makua, whose lineage is grand, gave you information recently [speaking of the Hawaiian "grandfather" who had led the Kryon group on a sacred tour of the big island of Hawaii the day before]. His lineage is that of a spiritualist and historian. He knows the great secrets of his own people, and the magnificence of his ancestors. You might say, "Well, Makua's attitude must then be biased toward his own race, what they have said, and what they had done." Yet Makua has no bias. He understands the great truths of Earth. Those who are spiritually evolved in any race, called "the grandfathers," also know of it. When they get together, they realize that their truths are not just similar, they're almost identical.

And so it was that Makua, the Polynesian, the Hawaiian, mentioned Lemuria to you. And so it was that Makua also asked you the question: "Who are you?" That was the question, was it not, of all the spiritual teachings yesterday? Who are you? What the master Makua was asking you to do was to get above yourselves. Could it be that your spiritual lineage is just like his? Do you understand that his question is not just who are you, but who were you? Do you understand that the past is now the present?

What did you feel when you set foot upon those islands that stick up out of the ocean [Hawaii], the parts that never were submerged like the rest of Lemuria? Did you feel the energy? When Makua introduced you to his ancestors at the rim of the volcano, did you feel the rush? Did you feel his love? Makua was giving you an invitation to understand that you actually might be part of his own ancestry! Did you get that? Can you fathom the depth of the information that you were actually walking on a part of Lemuria that still exists as it did as a mountaintop in past times?

As a master, Makua sees it all in one perspective, as many masters do. He sees you as family and invites you to examine who you are, within this scope of history, even his own. He's actually asking you to remember Lemuria.

And so the stage is set, is it not, for the teaching of today. My partner has indicated to you that there's no grounding when it comes to traveling on the ocean. There's no connection to the earth as you move along the waves. However, just because you travel over the earth that you once danced upon doesn't mean that you can't relate to it. It's just that you're now floating above it.

Regarding the ground, let me tell you about something that's happening within it. You'll get information as this week goes forward [on the cruise] regarding the Crystalline Grid. That information is being specialized and left to my partner's partner to give to you [Jan Tober]. But based upon the things that we've told you that are already taking place on this planet, there are also some other things that must also happen.

We gave you information that the magnetic grid finished its adjustment at the end of 2002. We told you that the next grid to begin being adjusted is the grid of the earth, the dirt of the earth, the Crystalline. We gave you information about its creation, and even some of the names that it was known by, such as the Grid of Light—the second of three grids to change upon the planet. We told you that the third grid was that of Human consciousness, which is a force, and one that interfaces with the other two simultaneously as they all shift. The three of them make a pyramid of grids, if you want to look at a shape.

Then we gave you information about those who helped create the grid that is Crystalline. We gave you some words that you've never heard from Kryon before. We cautioned you not to take these words and create in them a vision of your mythology, but rather to take them at face value and for what they mean spiritually. We told you about the creators of the Crystalline Grid—of the dragon energy and nobility—not the mythological dragon in your history, the animal that destroys. No. It's the nobility and the magic of creation, the dragon energy. Then we told you that this dragon energy was reawakening. We also told you what was happening with the Crystalline Grid—that you were seeing the actual crystalline structure, both spiritually and physically, being rewritten on the planet. That's what we told you.

Even at the basic level, those of you who understand crystals will understand that there's a storage modality there. Crystals store frequencies, and frequencies are a language. Frequencies, arranged properly, are the language of Spirit—numbers and cycles. Even the Cosmic Lattice is made up entirely of frequencies. So follow this, because this is new information: The Dragon Energy awakens, and the creators of the Crystalline begin to alter it with the help of humanity. You're rewriting the information that's stored in the Crystalline structure of the planet. What are you rewriting? Instructions, perhaps, No. You're rewriting the history of the planet.

In a dimensionality that's not three or four or even five, there is no time, as you perceive it. You are creatures of interdimensionality, angels each one. Within the Crystalline, you begin a process that's difficult to explain to any of you, for it's outside of the purview of a structure of linear time. You're rewriting what happened on Earth. It's a new planet, in a new energy.

Some might say, "Well, Kryon, you've already lost me on this one. Because what has happened, has happened! The history of Earth is layered with wars, with conquerors, with civilizations. You can't change that. It's history! So no matter what you do with the Crystalline Grid, all of that history will remain. You can't change that." Correct. You cannot change the facts of what happened in the physical, but you can change all of the DNA history around the past that's "living" today. This DNA information will cease to react to those "history layers" the way they used to. You're rewriting the history of the living grid called Human consciousness, which, in reality, is your "living" past. In order to really get to the focus of this rewrite, you're going to have to visit a certain place that is sacred on the planet, one we told you about more than 13 years ago.

There's a cave, a real one, called the Cave of Creation. And in that cave, in four dimensions [your reality], you would find physical crystalline energy—many crystals. The cave will never be discovered, as we told you before. It is protected and shielded from detection. But if it were to be seen, those outside of spirituality would look at it and say, "Isn't this a grand cave? Isn't it unusual... with all these crystals?" That's all they would see. But it's a lot like this room, filled with entities that are interdimensional, which your old reality cannot see, but which you feel and sense. The Cave of Creation is like the Akashic Records of humanity on Earth. It's a complex system of the comings and goings of all the angels, called Human, from all the galaxies to this one, the only planet of free choice. Your planet is the fulcrum of the decision about the future of certain parts of the universe. That's what your world is all about.

As you might imagine, this cave is an active place! It's where there's much coming and going. Oh, if you could see the records written into the crystals of the Indigo Children—and who they've been! Let me tell you something. There are very few first-timers in the Indigo experience. This is difficult for you to understand, especially if you know the dynamics of geometric numbers and the amount of Humans being born on the earth. But let me just say that most of the Indigos being born today have a history on the planet.

Now let me ask you a question: What do you think is happening within the Akashic Records in the dirt of the earth that would allow the Indigo experience to be written into the crystals? Ah, we're getting esoteric, are we not? What happens when you leave this planet and come back to a record that has a certain energy about it that lies in the Cave of Creation? Are you aware that your DNA attributes are imprinted upon them as you come and go? There's a profound relationship between the Akashic Records and your DNA. One is the master storage of everything, and one is the current storage of the active part.

Let me tell you what's happening. The crystals of the Akashic Records are being charged with Dragon Energy. Within the rewrite of the Crystalline Grid comes the rewrite of the Akashic Records. That is the secret behind the rewrite of Human consciousness as it's being changed on the planet right now. You're being imbued with [dragon] nobility and a profound change in your relationship to history on the planet. The rewrite will actually change your views on what happened, not the actual history of what happened. Was it drama or lesson? Was it part of a plan or chaos? Does it create anger and hatred, or a model of what not to do? Does it call for action? If so, is the action revenge or solution? Do you understand what "rewrite" really means? It's happening now even within the sacred halls of this cave.


Now, let's get more practical. We've given you channeling after channeling about "masterhood." What does the master see through his/her "eyes of ascension"? Not what does Kryon see, or an angelic being, but what does the Human Being see and feel who has the energy of the ascended energy?

These masters are not the masters of old that you read about. No. Instead, these are you, the Human Beings of your time who have taken masterhood, the ones who have activated the third layer of DNA and are learning all about ascension while staying on the planet. What are they experiencing? Through their eyes, what are the perceptions on subjects that are ordinary and common to you? So let this be part one of a two-part teaching called "Through the Eyes of Ascension: Ordinary Thoughts." And when this is finished, you may see the difference between an old-energy thought and a new-energy thought, and where this is going and what is taking place. There are seven. Let's talk about number one.

1. God
Through the eyes of ascension, what does the Human master think when you say the word God? It might be different than you think. You see, the Human master understands the difference between the old Human perception and the energy of truth. God is not sequestered to a system made by Humans. You will find the essence of God in the center of every atom of every molecule in existence. You will find the love of God in every cell that is biological in the Human body. God is not sequestered in what Humans "think" God is. God is not definable. God cannot be placed into a set of rules. God cannot be placed into a sole lineage either. The focus of God is the Human Being. It is not history. It is not doctrine. It cannot be compartmentalized.

So when the master thinks about God, the master is in love with all humanity. God is all that is, and is seen and felt and experienced equally without judgment. This differs greatly with what humans have tried forever to define God as. Humans have tried to explain it, compartmentalize it, systemize it, name it, organize it, and worship it. And none of those things have worked, have they? For each group claims they have the definition, and they say the others do not. Some even kill each other in the name of God.

The master sits quietly with a broad smile and sees God in all things. The very thought creates a peace of mind in the master, realizing what God is and what it is not. Human systems and doctrines fall flat in comparison to the magnificence of what the master sees. And there's a cosmic joke here: Religious leaders on the planet who would claim to have God, often do! For the healings occur, even in the compartmentalized boxes and the many doctrines and the many "faces" of religion. Indeed, the healings occur, and the love of God is there, even within the systems that are limited and opposed to each other. You see, since God is in everything, it matters not what the name is of the organization or the religion. When Humans call on God, they're calling on a divinity that is inside each and every cell. That's where God is... where the Humans are, not the buildings. The master laughs in joy in the knowledge that God is in the Human Being. It also means that no Human is ever alone.

2. Evil
What does the Master see when you say the word evil? Through the eyes of the ascended master, who sits and encompasses and thinks and meditates upon words and concepts, what does the master think about evil? This is information we gave you the last time we were with you, but we will give it to you again. You should hear it over and over.

Human Beings, you're indoctrinated with the idea that the entities around you are vying for your soul. They want your consciousness. You were brought up with information that said that there are evil entities and divine entities, and depending upon what you decided to do with your free choice, one side or the other wins. It's either the devils or the angels. There you are, riding a seesaw, being pulled between the two of them. Supposedly each has power, and you don't. So you better hook up to one of them so that you'll have some direction. Some have called this situation duality.

Dear ones, that is mythology! I'll give you the truth. The darkest thing you can imagine on this planet that has ever happened, or is happening, or that ever could ever be conceived, has been co-created and manifested by a Human. The evilest of the evil, the darkest of the dark, is no darker than the darkest place of the Human mind. Evil is what is created by a Human Being, not by another entity sent to Earth to capture you. Human Beings are powerful. They can manifest the dark as well as the light. It explains what you would call black magic. It is within the Human Beings, oddly enough, using the powers of their divinity [this means that the Universe responds no matter what] to create evil. It is the Human's free choice, and it always has been.

Now let me give you the other side of that. The most heavenly thing you can imagine on this planet, the brightest light, the greatest love ever in the history of humanity, resides in the Human Being. What we are telling you is that the dark and the light of it, angelic or evil, lies within the power structure and the grasp of every single Human Being on the planet. It is what we teach and what we have told you from the beginning. And the master knows this. The master is not afraid to stand in the pentagram of the most evil of ceremonies, for he knows that there's nothing more than the Human Being. There are no evil powers that can grasp him to take him anywhere. Only the dark side of the Human Being.

Here's what else the master knows: The tide is turning. It sounds trite, does it not, to say that you're moving toward the light? What else can we tell you? It's a higher vibration now. And when you measure the resonant frequency between the dirt of the earth and the top of the ionosphere [Schuman Resonance], you'll get a geological measurement that has almost doubled in the last ten years. So what do you make of that? The earth is physically responding to a light force that's being created within the Human consciousness of the planet. The master knows that, so when he hears the word evil, he understands that it is what the Human creates. The master is not afraid, for the master also understands that the Human is therefore able to manage what he creates, and has masterhood over it.

Simple as it may sound, again we tell you that light is active, and dark is passive. When you stand in a dark room and turn on the light, the dark does not leak out and go somewhere else. Instead, it's transformed, and that's what has been happening on this planet. The balance between dark and light is a measurement of Human consciousness, not armies of demons and angels fighting one another, as you might have been told. This means that humanity has the power over all evil, as well as divinity. This is an empowering message. Don't be shocked if it meets with criticism.

3. Death
Number three is a profound one that we will not dwell upon, for it has been told over and over. What is the master's perception, through the eyes of ascension, of Human death? We touched upon this in last month's work. We saw and described to you what the master does with the third layer, the ascension layer, regarding death.

Dear Human Beings, all of you are designed for peace on Earth. All of you are designed to find the spark of love in one another. Did you know that you have to actively decide to do otherwise? Death is appropriate within the balance of a grand system, and we don't have to tell you this. All death is appropriate, even the kinds that you think are not. Let me give you the bigger picture again, for the master has it.

There are extremely complex agreements going on between all of you that give potentials for a spiritual cycle on this earth called Human life. It is interdimensional and goes beyond anything you thought happened in a cycle of life, death, rebirth, and life again. It's a system so complex in its profundity that it would astonish you. The reason? Because it "sees" you as a group, and it's not linear. Your life is linear, but the planning isn't. It deals also with the life and death of others around you, and within the dynamics of free will. Did you ever consider that there may not be an "established contract" that was just for you? What if it's a multi-contract! In fact, you have to ask, "Who are you?"

"You" are not all here! How could you be, if you have a Higher-Self? Who is the Higher Self? Is it you, or not? Is it "self," or not? If it's an actual part of you, and it isn't here, then you're not complete, are you? It's on the other side of the veil. Did you think about that? So really, you're not all here. This opens a door of understanding for you to also realize that perhaps you're a spiritual group (more than two), who may actually be in many places!

The Higher-Self of each Human is involved with the other Higher-Selves of other Humans. How do you think co-creation could work otherwise? You don't co-create in a vacuum, you know. Each time you change your reality and create a situation, you're interfacing into someone else's reality. Each time you change your own situation, you affect those around you. So what kind of free will would humanity have if only a few could push around the energy for the many? A great deal is happening outside of what you would call your own awareness, and death—or the potential for death—is one of them.

No matter who it is you lose on this planet, whether you feel it's too soon [an accident, perhaps] or if you feel it's appropriate [old age], a piece and a part of them [that you don't understand about yet] is transferred to you. Therefore, what you have considered as a single soul is instead spread out within your family! "How can this be?" you say. "Isn't the Human soul one entity?" No, it isn't. If you're a piece of God, then you have the attributes of God. You don't have any problem with the idea that God can be everywhere, yet you balk at the very thought that you are the same. You think "you" are singular and God is huge. The truth? You have the attributes of divinity, and that's God.

Your ancestors are therefore with you right now. They surge through the interdimensional parts of your DNA... some of the layers we will eventually describe to you. The ones who are the closest to you are the most recent. They're part of you and they stay with you until your death. They can talk to you and you can talk to them. This is how "talking to those on the other side of the veil" works. It's not some mystical, spooky experience—getting in touch with your departed grandmother in a seance or a talk-show. It's a trip into your own cellular structure! And you don't need a mystic to facilitate it either. You can do it daily and with joy...while you walk along in ordinary life.

When you pass over, part of you remains with your family. Listen... this is out of your time-frame understanding. It's not linear. Even if you've reincarnated, there's a piece and a part of you that's still with a living person on the planet. You could reincarnate into a new expression and there would still be a piece and part of you who's with another Human Being until their passing. This is also what creates the system of karmic groups. How does it make you feel when Mom passes away or Dad passes away? Are they lost forever? Let me tell you something. Mom and Dad are here! They'll be with you until it's your time to leave, and when it's your time, you'll be with your children until it's their time, and they'll be with their children until it's their time. What a system! It's written in your DNA. You don't believe it, do you? It's just too complex. Perhaps it's just too grand? Perhaps it's just too wonderful?

What are you going to do with this information? Here's what we ask you to do. Why don't you take it in and believe it? Maybe for a moment, suspend your belief of the things you can't see, and call upon these we speak about and ask, "Are you here? Why don't you touch me so I can know you're here?" And then stand back and feel the touch of your departed parents or the one that you lost, perhaps "inappropriately"? They died too soon, you feel. Well, they're here, and it's all part of a system within the love of God, that you helped put together. And the master smiles and sees that. The master understands that death is a change of energy, not the end of anything.

4. Others
How does the master see others? How do you see others? The duality would have you compartmentalize them into many boxes. The ones who are enlightened, the ones who are not, the ones who are of your culture, the ones who are not, the ones who speak your language, the ones who don't. The ones who were brought up differently, the ones who are your gender, the ones who are not. You have so many boxes in which to place "others," and Human Beings do that.

In a past energy, this was a protective system. It's understandable. Humans are more inclined to get along with those of like characteristics and experience, so that's what you seek out. Find the ones who speak your language, or who may be of your race, and they will have a commonality with you. So you would seek them out for protection of your culture. This is very tribal, is it not? However, the way things work now, this is no longer needed.

Look at anyone on this vessel [the ship has 3,000 people on it]... any one of them. Here's a challenge: I want you to find the most unlikely person that you'd ever want to meet. Look at the faces, the cultures and the races, what they stand for, what you stand for—and I want you to look at them... and love them. Can you stand back and be out of judgment of the "box" you might have put them in, and instead see the angel inside? Can you tune in to a broadcast program, hear someone who is spouting a doctrine that's not yours, yet love them dearly? Can you truly love someone who has a political affiliation contrary to yours? Can you see their divinity inside? The master does. No matter who approaches the master, the first thing the master sees is the divinity inside. To the master, there are no "others." All are family.

5. Politics
Here's one of the most difficult of all: politics. How does the master see politics? "Oh," you might say, "here we go! Kryon's going to tell us who we should vote for. Isn't it grand that he's going to tell us that?" No, he's not. He's just going to muddy the waters of what you think you stand for.

The master understands that politics is the way that Earth-based systems try to create change and sometimes govern. If I had to give you any advice, Human Being, as to what affiliation you would want to look at, I would say to follow the integrity. There will come a day when all of you can read the energy of these systems. Some of you will be able to see the colors. But until then, follow the integrity.

A bigger view: Get above it all for a moment. All of it. Pretend you're arriving on Earth for the first time and you're just looking around, without bias. Here's what you'd see: Planet Earth has changed its future in a "play" where angels come and go, acting in different faces and races. During the play, the angels acting the roles decided to change the future, to rewrite the ending of the play! In order to do that, there had to be significant and profound changes taking place within all things political on the planet. Situations that were setups to the end of the earth [Armageddon] had to be undone fairly quickly. What took thousands of years to create would have to be changed within a decade. You would find an earth going through upheavals of political shifts, some very unexpected.

I will tell you some things that you may not agree with or understand, but it's the truth. What's taking place in the Middle East at this moment, facilitated by a country called America, is what you asked to happen to provide a fast track to an eventual shift. It would seem that a giant stick has been placed into the soup called the Middle East, and it's stirring everything up. Why would this be something needed for shift? The old ways that provided the setup for Armageddon are so old that they would remain unchanged for decades and decades. Remember the issue about protectionism (above)? Without that big stick being inserted and moved around, nothing would ever change. So you all gave permission for something to facilitate it.

The "stick" that's working to stir thing up would never have been possible without the event that took place that you call 9-11. It was a precursor of allowance, another setup for change... another type of permission given by you. Historians will look back and say that this time was the beginning of the great shift in changing the polarization of the planet politically and culturally.

Right or wrong, within your own political view, the bigger overview may be different. The master sees and understands this. So it's no accident that the country you call America is the only superpower of its time, and the only one who could accomplish certain kinds of things on the planet that will force change. In your political overview, that would provide a commotion that might not sit well with a humanitarian.

The "stick" will continue to be inserted and stirred, perhaps inappropriately in your view. It will inflame the beehive until the hive realizes it has choice. What will then take place will advance the history of the planet as the Crystalline Grid is being rewritten. It breaks the chain of hatred creating more hatred. It stops an old history that's stale and stuck within its ways of revenge and war.

That's what the master sees. He sees the overview above what you personally think about politics. It gives you something to think about, doesn't it? You're humanitarians, every single one. None of you want war, ever. You're humanitarians, every single one, and are filled with the love of Spirit. All you want to do is heal and help. You are the precursors of the peaceful ones on the planet who will make the decisions that will bring the countries together. We stood in a place in Tel Aviv not too long ago and said to Lightworkers there that the Temple will be rebuilt. It's a Temple without walls. But in order to rebuild the Temple, the old one has to be scraped clean, and the foundation has to be exposed with all of its dirt and ugliness. This is what you're now seeing on your news. This isn't an endorsement for any government or a criticism of it. It is simply a manifestation of something far larger... the beginning of massive change.

You can't have the old intermixed with the new. The house has to be completely rebuilt. Yes, that means that there's more trouble to come, if you want to look at it that way. So, Lightworker, don't fear what you create. Lightworker, listen: Do not fear the love of God. Ask to be in the right place at the right time—all of you. The master does. The master is unafraid, for the master celebrates the shift. He also sends light to those in power, daily, so that the time of the shift will be short.

6. Information
Number six is information. It seems that there's so much new information! How does the master see the fact that there are so many people today bringing in new processes, new information, new healing, and new channellings? How can anyone tell if these are correct or not? What if they're just fads? Worse, what if they're marketing schemes, riding on the new fads? What if some are fraudulent? It all seems so confusing. The master stands back and he knows something. You see, the master knows about a postulate: Truth seeks its highest level.

There's something else going on on the planet. It's an energy of co-creation that provides an enhancement of the postulate. Things that aren't appropriate or accurate or true will not be supported by the new energy. Eventually they'll fall upon the floor along with all of the other trash and be swept away. Truth seeks its highest level, and this perception is becoming more prevalent. It won't take a hundred years anymore for a false or inappropriate system to be exposed. Now it will be less than ten years... sometimes even faster. Those things that lack integrity can't stand in the light of the new energy.

Not only that, but the master understands that new sight is being given, even for those who don't call themselves masters. They'll be able to "feel" whether something rings true or not. Beware of systems that require you to join and be and do. Instead, look for new ideas that have very little or no organization around them. These are the ones that will be of the new energy—that provide for individual growth within a non-system that somehow has all the attributes of an organization without walls or rules or membership.

We told you sometime ago that there would come a time when the greatest religious leaders of your planet could no longer say one thing yet do another. Now you're seeing the pruning, are you not, of even some of the largest spiritual organizations on the planet? It's the same thing with new information. It will prune itself as you observe it.

Some of the fresh new information will be difficult to grasp, and it will need you to dedicate yourself to its understanding. But as you study it, it will feed you and ring true. You'll be in a steep learning curve of how the new energy works, and if you wish to become a master of it, there will be a time of adjustment. Look for new books and new physics. The shifting of dimensions will not always seem intuitive until you're able to grasp what's actually happening. These studies will bring results immediately to you.

7. The Human Being
This is number seven. Oh, there are many more than these seven—seemingly common things to think about through the eyes of the ascension. But for now, this is the last one. What does the master think about the power within a Human Being?

Let's define power. In the language that this is being presented in [English], power does not mean force. Power, as we are saying it now, means enablement. Enablement means the ability to move beyond former restriction. That's powerful for a Human, especially when the restriction has been one of Human perception... what is real and what is not. So an empowered Human is one who's able to think past his own former reality, and perform tasks formerly thought impossible.

Let's speak about the power, or enablement, of humanity. The master has a broad grin right now. There's nothing more profound on the planet than what's taking place within the enablement of humanity. Do you realize that part of the uncomfortable-ness that many of you feel is simply the fact that there's no future for you at the moment? When you arrived on this planet, dear Human Being, the prophecy was far different, wasn't it? But look what has taken place. You changed it, and metaphorically changed tracks of reality on your Humanity train. Therefore those old prophesies are gone [didn't happen], and there are no new ones yet.

There is no prophet who can arrive at this moment and give you an absolute, empirical statement about what's going to take place a week from Thursday! The reason? There's no track in front of the train! You're creating your new planetary energy as you go forward, and laying the track every day.

Last month [August] on the "radar screen" of some of your new prophets, there was something that could be a challenge to the earth. There was something brewing that would have taken some of you away quickly, and it was "seen" as a strong potential, and reported. Was it real? As much as anything is. Was it really a prophecy? As much as anything can be today, yes. Today's prophecy is like this ship... unlike a train, there's now no track. The vessel can steer anywhere it wants to on the ocean, immediately. If you go and stand on the bow, you might see something coming up that's a challenge, but if the captain steers differently, the whole scenario is voided. When he turns the wheel even one degree, the entire prophecy is gone. It vanishes since you're on a new course. It's gone before you can even print the prophecy.

What was a slim potential was thwarted completely and totally. I'd like to give you this information, dear Human Beings, that the "captain" of your ship of humanity changes course all the time. This "captain" is a collective consciousness of your earth. It happens constantly these days. I hope this information stirs within you some logical thought of what you're able to create from here on. How would you like to have a peaceful planet? How would you like to have an extended life span simply by the fact that you now have incredible new power to talk to your cells? How would you like to have wonderful health regardless of your age? All of that is doable. The master knows this.

This is when the master has a tendency to giggle a lot. Masters are not sad Human Beings, for they see that the power of humanity has the potential for peace on Earth. Humanity has turned a corner, you know. And we've said it before: Now the work begins. So much is changing! Look carefully at alliances before you throw them away, for there will be a tendency for you to say, "Shift is upon me, and it's not upon them. Therefore, I will remove myself from them." We speak of the workplace and the home. There's time to let the things surface that will surface, and fall where they will fall. So give these things the time it takes. Perhaps this is a plea for patience, is it not? But you have much of that, don't you? [Smile]

Through the eyes of the ascended master, all of the lives he/she has ever lived are alive now. The culmination of all that you are is alive now. Once you wipe away the concept of the past, you have to embrace the fact that all the expressions [past lives] that you ever were are with you at the moment. So, who are you? That's who you are... all that you have ever been. Now that's a group!

And so it is, dear Humans, that we knew of your coming. We knew who you were. We know who you are. It's not an accident that you find yourself here, hearing these words or reading these pages. We will continue this message: Through the Eyes of the Ascended, when we gather again.

And so it is.