Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
"The Seven Great Human Illusions of God"
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - July 8, 2006

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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The Seven Great Human Illusions of God"

This live channelling was Given in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
July 8, 2006

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live, has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on July 8, 2006.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.
It's a precious time here, tonight. I want my partner settled down, because the emotion of this moment might be too much for him, for there will be a message. But beyond that, there's something waiting to happen that may seem miraculous to some of you. There are those here who will leave differently than they came and all of the preparation of the day is centered on this moment.

So the message is secondary to the healing that is going to occur tonight. Perhaps you're the one. But more than one has the potential. Reader, it's no accident you also walked into our room, for everything we are saying in the "now" refers to you, also. There are those hearing and reading who need a healing of the heart, and I don't mean physically. I know who's here in this room or listeners and readers. I know who you are. You know me and the duality separates us so completely in your life that you cannot see your sister as she sits here. Partners, we are, in this test called Earth. I see you coming and I see you leaving. And I see the duality that separates us... especially those who say, "This cannot be happening." The energy is impacting into this place and your allowance of it is strong and the entourage feels it as they pour in here and stand among you.

There are those here who need, and will receive, a complete healing of heart. That's why you came and you don't have to tell us the circumstances around anything in your life, because we've walked it with you, every day of it. We've been there for every single step of the way. We know where it hurts. We know why it hurts, and you're going to stand from this place and feel the peace of Spirit and recognize the mastery in your veins. I'll say it again. You'll walk out of this space with a different perspective. Strong. Peaceful. Wise. Understanding. Then you may see certain individuals differently than you ever saw them before. I guarantee it. You'll see them as enablers, enabling you to move from where you are... and you know who I'm talking to, don't you?

Then there's the one who actually came for the physical healing. Oh, dear one, do you think that's really impossible? You don't have to wait until the end, you know, you can have it right now. What is your reality and your truth about these things? Let me tell you about DNA. There are those who'd say, "Well, we ought to be able to see evolution in DNA." You're right. If you could really see DNA, you could! But you only see one-twelfth of it. You don't even see that much, because even in the one layer you study, you don't know what's going on. There has been a profound change in Human DNA over the years, even in the last 10, but not in the 3D chemistry. Instead it's in the seemingly random characters of the pointers to the non-protein encoded parts. What changes, therefore, is the relationship of the 3D layer to the other 11 layers that I have given you. Interactive, they are, and as you make decisions, they change and they shift.

What do you think happens to the ascension layer and the communication layer when you open that door of pure intent? [Speaking of the DNA interdimensional layers] I'll tell you – they change colors. That's what some of you are going to do tonight... change colors for good. And then, indeed, there will be what we call the seeds planted that can be used any time you want to, for illumination and information. There is energy here in this place that will help those in just a few weeks. There are entities here... all invisible. Some of them are going to make themselves known to certain individuals who are in the room. Some of you will smell them. Don't be surprised if their fragrance smells like the roses or the violets, the land, the flowers. Sometimes some of you will be aware of an aroma you didn't expect, that of those you loved and lost and you'll know they're here. And they are! You see, that's what happens when you give permission to do this [place yourself into meditation in front of Kryon]. You put yourself in a quantum state for just a little while, when we can talk about these things of the planet, and share the love of God for a few moments.

I'm going to give you some no-nonsense information today. It's always loving, but some see it as criticism. Instead, it's truth and exposé. I'll give you information that to some may seem like it's a review. It isn't. It's the only time we've ever put these things together like this for you. You've got to hear it, for you'll need it soon. It's time you moved off of the mythology and into the reality of your mastery. The earth calls, and times are approaching in which you will need to know the difference between God and the Human stories of God.

This particular channelling is long overdue, but now you've reached a place where there can be even more plain talk. I'm going to give you seven attributes and we're going to identify them as "The Seven Great Human Illusions of God." It's hard to know where to start, so in honor of the interdimensional, I'll start with seven. [Laughter] The seventh one is the sacred one, you know? After it, then I'll back up and start with number one... just to make you feel linear. [More laughter] This seventh, which would normally be the end, is instead the beginning and will represent the overall view of God... the greatest Human illusion of all.


Humans only have one model of consciousness to compare anything to. One model – themselves. So Humans considering God naturally feel that God must have Human attributes. Many of you don't even know what I'm talking about. You see, when you are at the top of the evolved ladder of consciousness and creation, there is only you to evaluate anything to. Your knowledge has always limited your imagination, for everything you think about references the great Human "self." In addition, scripture seems to indicate that you were "made in His image," so now you also have what you feel is credibility that, indeed, God has Human form, and that since there is nothing higher that you can see, it must be the highest in the Universe.

I'm going to give you a cute little metaphor to ponder. Imagine for a moment that Earth was made up of all dogs. No humans, just dogs. And imagine that dogs had your intelligence. Evolution had somehow gone differently, and intelligent dogs now ran the world, just like you do now. They also have their problems, just like you do now. And dogs, just like you, have their own spiritual thoughts on what God must be like, and naturally they have religion. They pray and ponder, and have intellectual ideas, just like you.

Now, if I could take you to this metaphoric place where all of these intelligent dogs lived in their civilization, let me tell you what their religion would look like. First of all, God would be a dog! [Laughter] And each breed of dog would have a photo of God represented as their own breed, of course. All of the angels would be dogs with wings, and one of the things they would do would be to constantly smell each other! [Laughter] How far do you want me to go with this? You know what's coming next, don't you? Society's proof that God is a dog is that the very name of their kind, spelled backwards, is God! Shall I continue? And you know, even though it's funny, that I'm right.

Do you understand? It's the only consciousness they have. It's the only thing they know. The way they are is what God becomes in their mind. They cannot think past the highest consciousness they understand, which is themselves. Humans do that, and they place upon God all of the attributes of humanity. Some of the basic things that you think are intuitive in the Universe are not! It's just you thinking that everything is like you. Human attributes only belong where you exist. Oh, you might say they belong also to the dimension you're in, including some of the planets that are in your dimension, and you'd be right. But they don't apply to God. The very word Universe to you means what you can see with your telescopes. And again, we say, that's very 3D of you! The word Universe to us means God! There is so much more than Humans in the real Universe.

What about "made in his image," you might ask. "Doesn't this indicate that we must look like God?" Step out of your own enclosure for a moment and think about it. If you had the power to bestow your "image" on a group of ants in a far away place, would you suddenly look like an ant? No. Instead, you bestow upon them the light you carry and your spiritual intellect. Your interdimensional divine "image" is not what you see in the mirror, but far beyond that. It's an interdimensional image that can easily fit into an ant, if you understand about such things. Now come back and realize that everything we have been teaching all day long [during the lecture series] shouts that God is in you. It doesn't mean that God looks like a Human. The image of God is within the mastery that is in the Human DNA.

So, attribute number seven, therefore, is the propensity for Human Beings to see God in Human form, but it goes way beyond that... way beyond that. You see God as doing what Humans do, enjoying what Humans enjoy, fearing like Humans, going through drama like Humans, and also having all the Human evolutionary residuals. Did you every realize that? Read on.


 Number One. You want to assign war to God. Did you know that? All your mythology has it. These particular gods went to war with these other gods, etc. Many have said, "There must have been wars in Heaven, in order to have only one God... the one who won over the others! After all, just look at humanity: To have one peace, we have to regularly slaughter each other. Since we are like God, and in his image, this must be universal." Now, of course, in your modern religion, you say that you have no mythology. That's not so. What you think is sacred and true is very much mythology, but you don't think of it that way. Your story of Heaven and Hell is something that came right from duality and the Human mind. Can you imagine a battlefield with a bunch of dead angels? We can't! And where do angels go when they die? [Laughter] Many will say, "Scripture says that there was war between the angels." And we say, "Scripture says?" Did God write that or did a Human? Humans put upon God all their own traits to make things make sense to them.

The first myth is that there was a giant struggle on our side of the veil, which created war. That's a description of duality, dear Human, not God. You are looking in the mirror and placing your own limits on an energy that encompasses the all of everything, and the creation of everything. But you have inserted it in your religion anyway, so you would feel somehow close to the way everything works and relate to it better.

There was no such thing as a war between angels and there never will be. You see, that story reeks with Human struggle. Intuitive and at the cellular level, it is, and so you build it into every expression of being, even placing it on the highest of the high. There are stories in your mythology of how God got to be God, as though we had to climb some mountain of victory and war in order to become what we are. That would be like all the dogs deciding that God must have dug under many fences and warded off legions of fleas to become God.

No, dear Human Beings, there were no wars – no wars between angels, or even near angels. The love of God is stable and it is pure. It always was and it always will be and you know that inside. It's who you are when you're not here and the system that is here on this side of the veil had no war. There would be those who will argue with this immediately, "Well, that's not what I was told." And I will say to you in all love, "Told by whom... God? Or a Human?" Use your divine intuition. Does it really make sense, or does it simply appeal to that Human part who loves a good story? Even the greatest spiritual men used the metaphor of only what they understood to interpret the grandest of the creation stories that you needed to hear. Not everything is what you think it means. That was number one.


The one that is so difficult for you to understand and is so sad for us is where you say there has to be black and white everywhere. There's got to be good and evil. "Kryon, you mean there isn't good and evil on the other side of the veil?" And I will tell you, just like there was no duality or war, there is no struggle on our side of the veil.

Listen: Your mythology says that evil is not your own, and that you have it because there was "trouble in heaven." One of the angels, it seems, just couldn't get it right and fell from grace. His name was Lucifer and he, of course, is responsible for trying to get your soul and making you do bad things. It is the devil that creates the difficulties on Earth, the mythology goes, and it is the test of Earth to defeat this bad angel. And dear ones, I just gave you your most modern religious doctrine, not the ones practiced hundreds of years ago. As odd as it sounds, this mythology continues and continues.

Good and evil. This concept belongs to Human Beings because it is so much a part of the test of your own duality and existence. Oh, it belongs to others in the Universe, too, but not God. "Wait a minute, Kryon, do you mean there's no light and dark on the other side of the veil?" That's exactly what I'm telling you, at least not the way you see it. There is no light and dark on our side of the veil that creates struggle and imbalance. The light and dark on our side of the veil is simply energy that moves around. Some need to argue and say, "Well, there has to be! It's part of everything." It isn't. It's only part of your everything. And I will tell you it is just as absurd as the angels smelling each other. That's not God.

The duality represents free choice. That's the duality set-up of Humanism within planet Earth, and has nothing whatsoever to do with what you call God. There is no evil angel who wants your soul. We told you over and over that the darkest of the dark is the power of the Human Being, who's decided that the dark is what they wish to create. We have said it before, that you are masters at energy and you can go to the light or go to the dark and make either of them powerful. The ones who chose light have an edge, however, because they are then using the "image of God" in their lives. They can create the lightest of the light, the ascension status, and represent the one who has chosen the pathway of sacredness and unity.

Many Humans laugh at this and say, "Well, Kryon, or whoever you are, I don't agree with you, for you have not seen what I and others have seen. We've seen demon possession." No, you haven't. You've seen the energy of Human dark possession, posing as the darkest and most fearful thing you can imagine, which is demons. Fear will do that to you, and many will see the same thing and report many truths instead of seeing the real energy. In the case of the occult, it is the Human who is fully in control of all the darkness, conjuring up the worst of the worst for you to wallow in and believe in. That's all about the Human. How does it feel to be so deceived? And when you are, you say, "It was the devil." No. It's the Human who has taken power to a very deep and low level. Look at your history, or what's going on in some dark places on the planet. You won't find the devil there. Instead, you will find evil within the free choice of Humans who are making it work for them. This is what the duality test is all about right now on Earth.

And so, dear Human Beings, I am telling you yet again that free choice is the key. I'll also say to you that my very existence in this room is because there is more light than dark on this planet, believe it or not. It is the reason you are here at all. It is the reason you did not have your Armageddon, and won't. It is the reason for the 11:11 energy [the Harmonic Convergence]. Celebrate the fact that this planet is beginning to illuminate. There are more of those holding the light than not. There are thousands who want to hold the light, they just don't know how, yet they are awakening inside. This awakening is not yet representative of the leaders of the planet or of your governments. I'm talking about the people of Earth, not what you see on the news, which is all about a whole different generation.

There is an awakening going on. Indeed, leadership will change and show that awakening. It's about illumination. We'll say it again. Light is active and dark is passive. If you have a dark room and light appears it in, it illuminates the whole room, does it not? Darkness goes away and can't continue in the light. If, instead, you have a light room and darkness walks in, nothing happens at all. What does that tell you about your light and abilities? Do not be afraid of those who are dark. You carry an energy that is very strong, yet you don't even have to think about it... ever!

 There are so many who fear those who are dark, who fear the dark energy they carry, and they say, "Well, I have to protect myself." No, you don't! You are your own protection. Just shine your light with the love of God. That's your protection. They can't touch you. They can't touch you! This battle I told you about 18 years ago is here and you're fighting it. And it is, indeed, a battle between a dark and a light energy on Earth and it's called civilization. Duality is the reason there is a battle at all, and you're in the heart of it and many of you know it. It doesn't feel very comfortable to you either.

I tell you that there are angels in this room. All of you, when you're not here, are angelic beings. We have said that over and over. We've heard the arguments from the intellectuals in your midst who would say, "Aha, how can a Humanized angel ever become so dark that they seem like the devil?" And we remind you yet again that this is what you made up to explain for yourselves when you had an angel fall from grace named Lucifer. It is the metaphor of a Human Being who falls from their mastery with choice. So much of your mythology is about you! Yet you say it's about God. It is not. That was number two.


Number three. Timing. You apply Human 3D timing to the timing of God. "Dear God," you say, "I've got to pay the rent in three days and I don't have the money. Would you help me with this, please?" The Human brain says, "Nothing will happen in three days. That's way too short of a time." And then it doesn't! Yet again, you scramble, don't you? Blessed is the Human Being who understands that if they've already made up their minds what can and cannot be done, then they have sealed it, have they not? Your mastery in your own veins is the catalyst for the miracles you're asking for, and if you don't believe them, they won't happen. Blessed is the Human who understands that God's timing is where forever equals a minute.

It's almost like God can stop everything and have universal committee meetings about your rent for 100 years. Your three days is our forever. That's how we see it. This is how it works. This is how synchronicity works, and the complexity would astonish you. When you seem to meet those you're supposed to meet in places you didn't expect to meet anybody, you can't then think you were there by accident. Did that happen today to anyone here? [Kryon smile, since it did] You put Human timing on God, and you make up your mind what cannot be accomplished because there is simply no time to do it. Now, maybe it's time to revise that? The next time you ask for impossible timing, I want you to understand some other things about timing. You may go past the point at which you say your prayer needed to be answered. In other words, you gave up and disengaged the prayer.

You see, the solution didn't happen, and the prayer didn't get answered, at least not the way you envisioned. You were asking for your rent to be paid, but Spirit was in the process of giving you abundance for the rest of your life! But you just disengaged the whole idea. What you're asking for when you are asking for the rent to be paid is not what the words mean. I will tell you what your soul is asking for – it's saying, "Dear Spirit, I don't want to worry about this anymore." That's what you're asking for and we know it and the angels around you know it. "Dear Spirit, I want sustenance so I don't have to worry about this every month." That's the definition of abundance, isn't it? The definition of abundance is not money in the bank. But it is so that your needs are met day by day. The abundance of Spirit will always be there. It may come at what you think is the last minute from the storehouse of God, or it may come in the abundance of peace around how you feel, even if you didn't make it! Ever think of that? That's abundance. I know who's here. I know what your fears are – so many of them are based on these assumptions and illusions of humanity and God. Throw away that clock when it comes to God and expect the miracles that are there for you! That was number three.


Number four is reward and punishment. We have said it before, and we'll talk about it again. "There has to be reward and punishment in Heaven," they say. "After all, it's fair and it's correct... just like God. If you're good, you get a reward. If you're bad, you get punished." Well, it's not that way on my side of the veil, dear ones. You won't find that in Heaven. You won't find that in any angelic realm, either. There is no reward and punishment. It's an entire different culture. It's divine culture and it doesn't work in duality like yours. Yet you put reward and punishment right on God, don't you? If you're good, you go to Heaven. If you're bad, you don't. One has you spending time in eternity with the Heavenly Father – what an image! The other has you spending time with the fallen angel, Lucifer. What a vision! It's not like that, of course. First of all, in an interdimensional place that has no time, what would "time in Heaven" be like? Do you see how this fits so nicely with your version of punishment and reward? An eternity in Hell might be three minutes to me!

We've told you again and again that this is simply not the way it works with God. Yet there are those intellectuals who would say, "Well, there has to be a system like that. How would you control anything?" And we say to you, that's your system. That's your duality, so control it. That's not what God's system is, however. We don't need to control angels or Humans on this side of the veil. "You mean to tell me, Kryon, that a Human can come into this planet and become the most evil Human that ever exists and kill millions of people in genocide and then when he gets to the other side of the veil, there's no punishment?" And I'll say it again. That's exactly right. Because you don't understand the test. You are free to do whatever you choose while you're here in duality. Don't assume, however, that on the other side of the veil that system is extended. It's only for you, here.

Again, we say that this was clearly given to you even in the scriptures you have in the parable of the Prodigal Son. That parable represented the father, who is God, sending two sons into the world, which is sending two angels to be Humans on Earth. One does everything right, one does everything wrong; one does everything good, one does everything bad - very black and white for you. Yet your scriptures tell you that when they come back across the veil, they get the same party! What does that tell you? Let me review it. It means that the test of Earth is not carried back to where you came from. You don't carry the test back here either.

It's about the test of the planet and it's about Human duality. It's why you're here and what you do with the planet while you're here. It doesn't mean it's what's on the other side of the veil. Oh, if I could disengage this in your mind. The perceptions of humanity are that you must somehow please God with your goodness. I want to tell you, angels, you've already pleased God because you're here! It's the reason there's going to be healings here today because you're sitting here - because you are waking up to who you are and you are finding the divinity inside. You've already pleased God! You don't have to think about being fearful or worry about what you might do to displease God because of some kind of a super reward and punishment system on the other side of the veil. There isn't one. It's hard enough while you're here, isn't it? If you ever knew how much you were loved, you would never think for a moment there'd be punishment on the other side of the veil, even for the darkest among you. Yet your major religions are all based around this feature. A billion of you feel that you arrived "dirty," already broken and carrying the burden of humanity's darkest deeds. Then, if you join and perform certain rituals and beliefs, you can overcome this horrible fate. In the process, those who never find out about how it works go to Hell! Therefore, God loves you so much that the majority of you will burn in Hell. Does this make any spiritual sense to you? It's time to understand how Human this concept is.

If you are going to accomplish something and please anyone, then please the divinity that you came with. Seek peace on Earth and see yourself as an instrument of the divine intelligence that created you. Claim the angel inside; stand up and claim that you are ready to be the Lighthouse you came to be in a trying and difficult time. It's time to drop all the energy of divine punishment and reward, for it harbors feelings of defeat, depression, an unfulfilled life, openness to control by others, and a fearful countenance... some religion, huh? You need a religion? Then seek one that amplifies the power of the Human spirit and teaches that you are a divine piece of the God Universe. Blessed are those who gather together and celebrate the power of the love of God within the Human Being, and all that can be accomplished for the planet.


We have yet another story of Wo for you. Now Wo is not a male or a female, as we have said before. Wo is a wo-man. So Wo can be either gender in your mind, but we'll call him a "he" because my partner is a he. You realize that in your languages everything is gendered, don't you? English, the language that my partner speaks, is the least-gendered language on the planet. Almost all of the other languages spoken on Earth must have every object be masculine or feminine. You're consumed with it. It's not that way on the other side of the veil, dear Human Beings. There's no gender on my side of the veil. Get used to it!

This is number five and it's about Wo, who asked for ascension status. He sat before Spirit and indicated that he wanted ascension status. "I have pure intent," he said. "May I begin the process?" And God saw the purity and said, "YES!" The angels were excited.

Then Wo, on his own, examined what to do next. He stood from that meeting and said, "I've got it! Now, what I will do is work hard in order to climb this ascension mountain, because I know that an ascension energy is the goal and I'm going to climb this mountain to get there. I know what to do. I've got these steps over here, and I'm going to do this and this, for it is the way of it. I'm on my way to ascension."

So Wo started climbing the mountain, and climb he did, for three years. He went here and he went there; he attended classes; he read books; he fasted; he prayed; he meditated; and he followed the many steps that he felt were leading him to the top. Oh, he slipped a few times, bruised his elbow, hurt his toe. [Kryon smile] But he got right up and started again. "I can do this," Wo would mutter to himself. "I know I can get to the top since Spirit said I could have ascension. I'll get to the top!" And he did.

There he stood, at the top of the mountain, and claimed his ascension status and it was beautiful. "Oh, I feel peaceful. I know this is the beginning of a better life," he said, "and I know I have a lot to learn, but this is the first step and I've worked hard to get to it and it took years!"

Wo was congratulating himself when he happened to look over on the back side of the mountain and he gasped in horror! There was a ski lift! A real ski lift! And there were people like him on that ski lift. They were all coming up the mountain one at a time. The total time from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain was three minutes! They were experiencing ascension status!

Wo cried, "It's not fair. It's not fair."

He went into meditation and said, "Dear Spirit, it's not fair. Why is it this way? I've spent all that time and all that hard work getting up the mountain. Why didn't you tell me about the ski lift?"

And Spirit says, "Wo, you never asked, did you? You took a Human assumption to the maximum and never once examined anything else. You felt you had figured it out, had to work for it, and so you did. It was your choice to make the climb difficult.”

Human Being, let me tell you where the ski lift is. Each one of you carries in your DNA the profundity of lifetimes of sacred experience. Shamans, you know who you are in the room. Have you ever wondered, regarding your past lives, who you've been and what you've done? I'll tell you: Those who spend time in a room like this have been there and done that [massive experience with hard work on Earth] and carry with them in their Akashic Record all of the mastery and the Shamanship and experience they'll ever need to go into this ascension status.

Do you understand? The "work" is cumulative, and you've already done most of it by the time you ever have the conscious thought to ask to work on yourself spiritually. You don't have to work and you don't have to climb that mountain and it won't take years. Just go to the Akash and open that jar that carries the sacredness in it of your experiences on this planet, and put it upon yourself and walk out as a Shaman. You can do it now if you wish! So for Wo, we say that if he had only looked at the divine instead of the Human way of doing things, he would not have spent three years climbing a mountain that he didn't have to climb.

How many of you feel that you've got to work for it? "Kryon, I'm not sure I like your message,” you say. “We don't have to work for some of these things?" No, that's not what I said. I'm telling you that you already did! You want to do it again? You want to go through it again? Why use Human logic with a spiritual attribute? Reach in and take your divinity and pull it out of your own that surpasses almost anything you could dream of. That is, unless you buy into the Human idea that in order to progress spiritually, you have to suffer a bit? Does that sound like God's logic or the idea of men? Some of you will feel wiser tomorrow because you have given intent for your mastery.

"Kryon, what is mastery?" I'll tell you what it is, Human Being. It's when you walk around and you're not afraid of life. It's when you're peaceful when others are not. The situations that would cause drama in others do not in you. It's when the world around you is in chaos and you walk into it and you don't feel chaos. Instead, at some level you feel the wisdom of the ages. You absolutely know it doesn't have to affect you, and it doesn't have to touch you. It's when somebody yells at you and calls you a name and your first reaction is to wonder if they're right! That's mastery. A Human's first reaction is to fight back. A master's first reaction is to check themselves for integrity. Blessed is the Human Being who's asked for that this night for you're going to start to see a change in your life, and the earth will be a better place because of what you've done.


The last one is number six, since we already covered seven. Remember? I love doing things in circles, since you think in a straight line and it makes you have to adjust. It's good practice.

You think you know about love, don't you? There are many kinds of love. There is Human to Human - the beauty of a simple partnership between humans. There's nothing like it. It's designed perfectly so that you would enjoy it in its most intimate sacredness. Yet it is painted by some religions as evil, carnal, even though it is one of the most sacred things you do to create precious life between two Human Beings who are in love.

We told you that before. That's just one kind of love. Oh, there's the love of the mother for her children. That's profound, is it not? For the mothers are all ready to give their lives for their children in a heartbeat. Sacrificial, it is; beautiful, it is; but that's not the love of God. I cannot tell you what the love of God is like. I could press it upon you and I could give it to you and I can fill you with it. You would feel the compassion of the ages and would weep... but not because it's heavy. It's a release.

Did you know you're eternal? Do you know that there are answers to every issue you have? Did you know you could leave this room differently than you came? That's the love of God talking to you. Every cell of your body cries for this because when you're not here, you are a piece of this process... a piece of God, you are. That's why every DNA strand has the name of God in Hebrew stamped upon it. Do you think that was an error? [The work of Gregg Braden and "The God Code”]

The love of God is beyond your comprehension. It's what brought you to this room. It's part of the synchronicity that is here, and it's that love of God that your DNA layer nine will respond to and layer six wants to be part of. [speaking of the new DNA identification that Kryon is teaching] It's beyond anything you can even reach for, since your Human mind cannot grasp it. It is interdimensional and beyond comprehension, and has to simply be trusted. Can you do that? Faith is trusting in the unseen, and it's needed to even begin to imagine the concept of love from the Universal core... an energy that is home to you.

Dear Lightworkers, we are together tonight to help create peace on Earth. We will start the seeds of light that will, indeed, spread from this place and make a difference within the planet. There are so many who feel this is foolish - that visualization and conceptualization can never stop the fighting. They are stuck in 3D and will be the ones to hide when the storm comes. You are in training to instead hold your light tall. We have the young and we have the seniors here. Yet you all have one thing in common on the other side of the veil – there is no age. All of you are ancient and eternal. And I sing your name in light and I will continue to, over and over. Each of you has arrived on purpose to this planet, where you can make the biggest difference you have ever been able to make in all your earthly expressions. If you'll vibrate higher, you're going to have a light that will shine brighter, and that is what will change Human minds and the very dirt of the earth.

The entourage stirs here. It's about time I leave. I'm about ready to say the words, but the entourage is telling me something else. The ones who wanted the healing of the heart have it. They feel it. They know it. And the ones who came for the physical healing – there isn't one, but three. That's what happened here in this room tonight. Perhaps they'll share it with you when it's time and you can leave this place and know it's real.

Blessed are you who leave differently than you came. And that is why you come to a place like this - to sit in the energy of home. The entourage pulls away, back through the crack in the veil that they came through. This experience is called channelling. We don't call it that. We don't call it that at all. When it's time to do this, we gather our forces and we ring the bell. And we say, "They're letting us in again! It's time for the reunion." Then we come to see you, and love you yet again with a compassion that goes way beyond anything you've ever experienced. And so it is you've come.

And so it is that when you leave this room, you take a piece of me with you. You didn't expect that, did you? But then, that's always the way it has been. Until I see you again.

And so it is.