Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - Del Mar, California
August 30, 2003

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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All About Self-Worth

This Kryon live channelling was given in Del Mar, California

[This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

This very day you've heard of the prophecies of healing, and the beginning of the discoveries on this planet of your real power. So what exactly do you think your role is? What do you think about those entities who are in this room with you now... the ones who are interdimensional, whom you cannot see? They have been here all day, you know. And what do you think our role is here? Many of us arrived three days ago because we expected you, dear Human Being, to be here. What do you think the role is that we play?

I will give you the answer: We weep in joy! That's our role. For we're beginning to see a balance on the planet start to move from where it's been for eons, to something that only the new-energy readers are seeing, and we're going to speak about that. It's a new paradigm where humanity begins to be empowered more to the degree that matches why they came. In other words, many of you are actually beginning to feel the planet's energy start to match yours instead of fight it... something you had only hoped for since you were born.

Many have already taken the Mantel of Spirit. We speak now of the teachers who have presented this day [Dr. Eric Pearl and Peggy Phoenix Dubro]. Both of them are in love with Spirit! Both of them are so focused on what we've given them that they spend little time doing anything else but teaching. The Mantel of God is upon them, and they see humanity differently than you do. They see those who can be enriched and enabled. They don't look at you in judgment, and they don't look at each other in judgment. For they understand the integrity and the intent of the heart. And so it is that there has been no accident that on this day, these two profound healers were brought together in the same room with Yawee, the twist-master [Dr. Todd Ovokaitys]. [See the Mt. Shasta channelling for more information about what this means.]

More on DNA
So we'll talk about DNA yet again. In order to do this properly, we must speak about a piece and a part of it that is not difficult to understand. It's "in your face." We'll do more plain talk, more teaching of the core information that you're ready to hear.

Within the last three or four transmissions, we've given you the names of two of the three layers of DNA that you've been working with and studying. None of you are being given any information past layer three at the moment. Ask either of the healers who presented their divine information today, "How many layers are there?" Their answer? "Twelve." Indeed! We've given you this identical information. We've also taught you how these layers are organized. We told you that they're not strands, but rather, are layers. We've told you that in all 12 there's only one that's in your dimensionality, but we didn't name it yet.

We told you about the second layer, which carries much of the emotion. Interdimensional, it is, but you understand it because this is often where you "feel." Sometimes it's the feeling of anger or worry, and sometimes it's the feeling of love. Sometimes it's the experience of the love of God. It's the emotion layer. We asked you to think to yourself, does emotion affect chemistry? The answer is an obvious yes. Worry, love, anger, and drama will all drastically affect your biology. So layer two is a key layer for balance. We told you its name was Torah E'ser Sphirot. Its meaning is "Divine Blueprint," or "The Blueprint of Law."

We told you about the third layer and gave it a name, also. It was called Netzach Merkava Eliyahu, which means "Ascension and activation." We told you it was the "Ascension layer," and that it greatly modified the other adjacent two... almost as a catalyst does in chemistry. Then we gave you stories that were very hard for you to understand. We told you about the wisdom of the master, and we invited you to understand it.
But we never labeled and named layer number one, even though we've talked about number one more than any of them. Number one is the human genome, the biochemical layer that is within your dimensional perception. I will now give you its name.

You might ask, "Kryon, why didn't you give us the name of layer number one sooner? You gave us the names of two and three, but not the most common one? Why now?" And the reason is that we wanted to give it to you in the presence of the healers whom you honored today, and who know all about it. They know how it's affected by the energies of the universe. They know about the divinity in the Human body and what happens when you claim that sacred energy. Their entire purpose is to try and teach it while showing that it's common and available, so it's not frightening or scary. They're trying to show you how each of you can practice it within your own divine power.

The name of the first layer of DNA is Keter Etz Chayim. It means "The Tree of Life." All of these names are given in the core spiritual language of the earth. Each name is meant to be heard as a spoken phrase, strung together for the full meaning in Hebrew.

More about Layer Two
Today we wish to speak more about layer two. Hiding in layer two is a duality attribute that you deal with every day. If we could rewind this day of teaching and listen to the questions that have been asked of the healers on this very stage, they would often be about the hows and the whys and the doubts of life. Some have said, "I feel this way, I feel that way, why can't I do this, and why can't I do that?"

If you could again listen to the healers as they told you about their lives, you would even hear expressions of their own doubt. They asked themselves, "Am I doing it right? Am I doing it wrong? What should I do next?" They expressed a situation when they didn't always know what to do. So in retrospect, you might ask yourself, "Why does such a condition exist? Why is there so much doubt and difficulty, even with divine direction?" With this question we open a subject that we've never identified before in this kind of detail. It's for the Lemurians in the room, which accounts for almost everyone here [speaking of the attendees of the healing meeting].

Human Being, examine your heart. Talk to your cellular structure and ask it: "How many times have I been here?" The answer may surprise you, for most of you have been here long before the experts in Human history perceived the possibility of your existence. There are pieces and parts of the layers of your DNA that you haven't discovered yet, which know all about every single past expression [past life] that arrives on Earth with you. It's part of your biology, and it's part of the chemistry that's interdimensional. It encompasses all the names you've had and all the lives you've lived. So we have a room filled with old souls and you know it! We have young people here who know it. We have seniors here who know it. For a moment right now, you're all one age, and that age is forever in both directions [past and future]. That's what an interdimensional being has in common with another interdimensional being.

You pretend not to know each other here in this room. When you stand in a few minutes and leave this place, you'll still pretend not to know each other. The truth, however, is that here are moms and dads and cousins and grandmothers. Don't look at the gender, don't look at the race, and don't look at the nationality. Instead, look at the wings. We have seen you before. You've seen each other before. So the invitation is given right now to feel this, and the teaching begins in these moments.

Self-Worth--Core of the Duality
We're going to talk about self-worth today, and it's about time. We've told you over and over that the duality of humanity features a balance of energy. We're going to get into a subject that's difficult to describe because we only have several English words that will work. We talk about the balance of "dark and light," yet we don't mean what you think. Some have called it a balance of energy. Some have even called it old and new. But none of those labels are correct. Instead, we see it as an energy quotient, a seesaw of added and subtracted attributes created in much the same way as a puzzle... a puzzle that creates a struggle of one kind of energy with another.

For eons, this particular self-worth balance in the Human Being has been biased toward the dark side. In review, I'm going to make a statement, and I hope that you fully grasp and understand it.

DARK: There's nothing on this planet more evil or more dark than what is possible to conjure up in the Human mind. There's no evil that stands by itself on the planet. All evil is contained in the consciousness of humanity. There's no dark entity or group of entities that stands around waiting for you to slip and fall so they can take you away or capture your soul. Such stories are fear based and do not reflect the magnificence, power, or responsibility of the true Human situation.

But there is darkness, isn't there? It's created with free choice by those Humans who choose to take their consciousness to a darker or denser side. So, dear Human Being, the darkest place on the planet is therefore what Humans have created by choice.

Remember this: You are creators of energy. Humans have the power to create darkness just as they create light. There's no judgment about this from anything around you, so the very elements of the planet will actually respond to this kind of energy and create the kind of dark magic that so many Humans are afraid of, and what many feel comes from some kind of dark place, or storehouse of evil. It doesn't. It comes from Humans.

Also remember what we've been telling you for years: Dark and light are not equal energies. If you have a dark place and light comes in, darkness does not creep away into another dark place. Instead, it's transformed! Of the two, light is the only one that has an active component and a physical presence. You cannot "beam darkness" into a light place! It can only be the other way around. This is because they aren't equal. One is the absence of the other.

LIGHT: The most divine place on Earth, where there is the most light on this planet, exists in the Human mind within Human energy. It's within the angelic part of humanity that wishes to show itself, enable itself, and claim its divinity. There's no group of bright, white angels who are standing by to take your hand and whip you into heaven should you choose to go. No. Instead, they're standing by in full regalia, willing to celebrate and love and press upon you with their energies to let you know they're there. The planet of free choice is like that. It's the Human who's enabled, and it's the Human who will make the difference in the history of the planet. It's the Human who has the responsibility for dark and light, not an outside force that's vying for your soul. But you've always known that, haven't you?

But with all this, isn't it odd that you arrive on the planet with your self-worth attribute like a flag at half-mast? It isn't balanced, is it? Why? Because your self-worth is tempered by the quotient of the energy of the planet. It's a measurement of what you've developed through the actions of humanity--what you've done and what you're doing. Therefore, personal self-worth reflects a planetary energy balance.

The New Self-Worth Balance
Did you ever ask yourself what happened on Earth that would have voided your Armageddon? Did you notice that despite all the prophets' predictions, the Armageddon didn't happen? This prediction of Kryon, given many years ago on a hill right in back of you, is now your reality. [The Kryon work started not far from where this channelling is being given.] In those days, I came through my partner and said, "You've changed tracks or reality, and changed the essence of Human consciousness. There will be no Armageddon."

(Many religious leaders will tell you to ignore this message of Kryon, that Kryon is a false prophet, even though the events on Earth unfold as we told you they might many years ago. They will tell you that the Armageddon is still going to happen--and soon! Our answer is this: We don't ask you to do anything but look around and judge for yourself. Why do they postpone their own prophecy? Use your own discernment, and meditate for answers that are correct. You can "wait them out" if you wish, riding the fence just in case they're right. If you do, however, you'll have to make this decision again and again as they try to explain why an old Earth paradigm of their doctrine didn't take place. Meanwhile, you will have lost years of action, a wasted potential of using your own divine power to help create peace on Earth.)

We told you of the enablement of humanity, and we gave you information regarding a 10- to 12-year window of time where the magnetics of your planet would change... and they did. We told you that the weather would begin to change... and it did. Four years ago we said that there would come a day when the greatest religious leaders of your planet could no longer say one thing yet do another [speaking of the current challenge of priests molesting children]. Now, all of this is your reality. Have you noticed? Are you beginning to "connect the dots" for yourself?

The Armageddon that didn't happen sits within an earth you are no longer on! Now, here you are, dear ones, in a new energy. Yet there is still the issue of self-worth. It's not automatic, you see? Your personal self-worth represents an energy at your birth, not a changed earth. A new self-worth doesn't automatically take place just because of your new path.

Why Is Life So Difficult?
Don't you find it interesting that most of the religions on your planet see you as being born dirty? It's an odd posturing, is it not, for a creature of divine creation? Does it even sound reasonable that you would be born into a spiritual system where you didn't have a chance when you arrived because of something that happened eons before you got here? Does this really sound like being "made in the image of God"?

Is it not so that there are nonspiritual industries all over the earth--large ones--spending great resources trying to help Humans out of the hole of self-doubt? You call it a self-help industry. Why would this exist at all if you had come into this planet equipped with good, balanced self-worth? The reason? The self-worth that you possess was given to you appropriate to the energy of the balance of light and dark on the planet when you were born.

Now that the energy of the planet is vibrating faster, this planetary dark-light balance has changed. Let me give you information that's going to make sense: There's a newly created energy on the planet, one that you began in 1987 and that you'll finish in 2012. This is the 25-year energy window that you're working within. You were born in older energy. That's why your self-worth attribute is at half-mast. But for the Humans who are born right now, it isn't that way at all. Who am I talking about? The new children! We've called them Indigos. Some have called them Crystals. Some have called them Children of the New Earth, Children of the New Millennium, the New Kids--call then what you wish.

Everyone's noticing, aren't they? The children are different! They arrive enabled in the self-worth department. Their flag of self-worth flies high and proud. What happens when you take a child with high, balanced self-worth and put them with adults who came in with theirs at half-staff? The children seem a bit headstrong, perhaps? Maybe it's because they know who they are! Has a child ever looked at you curiously and you could see in their eyes that they're asking, "Why are you that way?" [Laughter] It's one consciousness looking at another! It's an enabled consciousness that comes in balanced, looking at one that came in in an old energy of uncertainty and doubt. They are your kids at the moment, which makes it worse. These children don't mean to be difficult! But to you, who have never had the attributes of balanced self-worth, they often seem overbearing.

The Truth
Do you wish to know the truth about the balance between the duality--you and the spiritual you? Go back and read the parable we gave you called The Journey Home [Kryon Book Five]. In the parable, there's a man called Michael Thomas. Michael stands for the archangel Michael; and Thomas, for the Doubting Thomas. When Michael stood in that last house [in the book] and saw the last angel coming down the stairs, the angel was so grand that Michael Thomas could hardly breathe! All through the parable, the angels he had formerly met said, "Wait until you meet the last angel. It's going to be the best one. Wait--just wait." And when he did meet this angel, who revealed himself slowly, it was the most divine one of all in his journey. Gold was the angel's color. When the angel came down the golden steps and his face was revealed, it was the face of Michael Thomas. Michael saw himself as the face of God, and he was astounded.

You see, dear Human, that's the truth, yet you arrive without the ability of seeing it. Born dirty? Oh no! Born hobbled, maybe, only in your awareness of who you are, but not dirty. Instead, you are born divine, but with a puzzle before you to discover it, including navigating the traps of believing those who wish to tear your divinity down to nothing.

Creating Balanced Self-Worth
How would you like to take that imbalance and correct it? How about taking that imbalance and making it equal? It's possible, and the invitation is extended for you to begin, and there are seven attributes that can help you with this. Some of them are easy, some of them are hard, some of them are simple in their explanation, and some of them are not. Some of them are going to sound overly simplistic. "Well, I knew that," you might say. So I will say back to you, "Then why aren't you doing it?"

Here are seven attributes that we guarantee, if you practice them all regularly, will begin to increase your angelic awareness and provide self-worth balance.

1. Get Creative
The first is this: Do something creative! You may say, "I have nothing whatsoever that is creative." Yes, you do. All of you do. How many of you have tried channelling? And you might say, "Well, now, I don't think I want to do that." Why don't you try it when you're alone? Why don't you try it on paper? Why don't you see what your cells and your Higher-Self want to say to you once you let it flow out? You might be shocked and surprised. You don't have to show what you do to anyone, ever.

Doing creative things takes that God-part of you and spills it in to the duality part of you, and it's interesting to watch the light develop. Do something creative. Perhaps you don't consider yourself a singer, so instead, write a tune. Let someone else sing it. Perhaps you're not a painter? Paint anyway. Let the child out to paint pictures that you painted when you were a child. Do something creative. That's number one. It sounds overly simplistic, doesn't it? You watch how these things will meld one into another, when number one becomes number seven. The circle of attributes that I'm giving you now will be far more profound than they sound now. Creativity accomplishes something for you that almost nothing else can. It knocks at the door of the God-self, and begins to exercise the parts of you that need to be awakened.

2. Help Others
Number two: Help others. This one sounds simple until I elaborate on it. So I'll just get right to it: We challenge you to volunteer in a place where people are dying. Go find the darkest place in the hospital you can find, Lightworker. Go find the place where the children are dying, and plant yourself there. Find those dying with the cancers and viruses, and put yourself there. Read to them, hold their hands, and tell them stories. Volunteer. You have time for the children... and you know it. Have you ever thought of this?

"Kryon, you've just given us a horrible thing to try to accomplish. We cannot. I could never go there," you might say. "I would sob at the door and be no good to anyone." Dear one, this is a common misconception... that humanitarians could not help because they're so sensitive. So I'm going to give you a postulate and then ask you to go prove it for yourself: When you stand at the door of that place where those children are dying, and you open that door, your light spills into that area and their love spills onto you. You will feel uplifted and blessed. You may sit and hold the hand of a child when he dies, and you may weep for his life, but you'll feel enhanced and uplifted because the divine in you touches the divine in him. There's nothing like it, Human Being... nothing like it. You become part of a divine process! Can you celebrate being there and helping?

If you wish to touch the family, that's where you do it. Go volunteer where the seniors are, where they're close to passing. Read them stories. Ask about their lives. Celebrate their youth, and be there when they pass over. Your divinity will celebrate their divinity, and the two of you will be enhanced.

Helping those in passing, no matter what their age, creates and stimulates a part of you that will surprise you. You will ask to do it again and again, understanding that what you're doing is truly sacred work.

Dear Human Being, those are only two of the points, and already you're going to start feeling different. "Maybe I am someone!" you might say. "Perhaps there really is something to this." The dark parts of you will begin to diminish as they see the light begin to develop in areas that were dim before. That's number two. Go help someone.

3. Exercise and Meditate
This is the most difficult one, and the one you're not going to like. Exercise! In your culture you're no longer chasing animals for food! [Laughter] You need to balance this lack of activity with exercise. Biologically, when you exercise there is chemical balance that is shifted and changed. In addition, you take in much needed additional oxygen, a real needed fuel for the body for a Human Being trying to enhance new parts of their thinking. Oxygenation has been overlooked in the past. This is very needed!

Let me give you another secret: Go exercise then follow it up with meditation. Watch what happens. An oxygenated brain creates a new palette for the artist of meditation. That's the order of things. Get it right: Exercise, then meditate. Don't cheat. Some of you will say, "Let me see, that's meditate and meditate, right?" [Laughter] That's number three, as important as any.

4. Personal Verbal Affirmations
Number four may be difficult to explain to you, and it's oversimplified. Watch what you say! The words out of your mouth are constructs of energy that are divine. They go into the air and they're fulfilled, as best can be, by those energies in your body, and those around you (who you cannot see) try their best to fulfill what you wish to co-create. Perhaps in a negative situation you might say, "Oh, great! I knew that would happen." Your cellular structure says, "Did you hear the boss? She liked it!" The entities around you hear it, too. "Did you hear the boss? She thinks it's great. Let's do it again!" Did you ever think of that? The cells hear it, and they'll do their best to make sure it happens again!

Watch what you say. Instead of negative posturing, give yourself affirmations. Blessed is the Human Being who understands the power of Human speech. Who are you? Say your name out loud. "I am [your name goes here]." And put the emphasis on "am" and watch what happens. Let me tell you what that phrase means. If your name is Paul and you say "I am Paul," the first two words are the statement of who you are. "I AM." Paul is then the added identifier of what you're called. It's two statements in three words.

You manifest the energy that you place into the air through speech. The very elements "hear it" at a universal level. You're so used to making a great noise only when things are challenging. Try to balance that! It's time to speak your joy!

5. Challenge Your Darkest Part
This sounds like a frightening thing, but it isn't. Listen: Challenge the dark side of you to a fight! Throw the gauntlet out. Tell it where you're going to meet and at what time, then wait for it. Dare this part to meet you head-on. Do you have parts of yourself that you don't like? Of course you do, since you're in duality. I just gave you that information. Do you have dark parts that you'd like to scrub clean or perhaps put away or defeat? Well, then, challenge that darkest part of you to a fight. Set an appointment. Do you really want to be brave? Then challenge it to a fight in the dark, on its own turf! (gasp).

And the reason we tell you this is because these dark and horrible parts are not going to show up! They're afraid of the light part of you, and especially the parts that are becoming stronger. You will have won this fight just standing there in the dark and daring them to show up. Soon, there you will be, in the dark, singing! Unafraid, and laughing at this whole situation. If you remember nothing else today, it's that this energy that you think is so ferocious is actually afraid of divine intent! The intent to balance will defeat this dark part every time. Empower yourself, and the dark parts of you begin to abandon ship. They don't dare show up, and they won't..

6. Claim the Angel Inside
After you realize that the dark part of you is a coward, it's time to claim the angel that's always been there. This is about understanding who you really are. Although you may never be able to see this angelic part of you, it's the true self, and it's ready to be claimed. Again, use your power of speech if you want to enhance this process. Hold a ceremony if it helps you make this process real for yourself.

Do you understand how these above attributes are fitting together? Here you are being creative, helping other Human Beings, exercising, watching what you say, realizing that the dark side has no power over you, starting to feel your own life potential, and now it's time to call your angel out of hiding([hiding only because you buried it)!

Reader, listener, you think that this is just "channel talk," don't you? You just wait. How would you like the drama in your life to go away? How would you like to be able to face any situation and know that you are absolutely 100 percent safe in your truth? Nobody can mold you in any direction, or in any way, when your angel is in charge. When the angel has come out, the third layer of DNA begins to be activated. We talked about that last time. Self-worth is no longer an issue. You know who you are. It's empowering to know of your divinity. It creates a situation in your life that's joyful.

7. Melding
The last one, number seven, is about melding polarity. Right now on this planet, one of the things that's going on with the earth, with the rocks, with the ground, with the portals, is a blending action that you can share in. There's beginning to be a meld of masculine and feminine. Those attributes of your gender that you've taken for granted--one gender is this way, one gender is that way--they'll never get together in thought--is beginning to change. Each of you is here in one gender, so we ask you to begin to accept the attributes of the other. You just thought I asked you to look at another person, didn't you? No. I want you to see the attributes of the other gender in YOU.

You exist with the ability to meld a healthy balance of both genders within yourself to allow you to understand and therefore co-exist with the other gender on the planet. It makes you a far better Human Being to have a balanced mind of both polarities, even though you're the obvious biological gender of only one of them.

Let me tell you what this balance does. It brings humanity closer together! It's called consciousness melding, and it's the start of another Human consciousness change on the planet. We spoke about portals and vortexes becoming vortals. We talked about the yin and the yang [opposites] coming together and creating something you haven't seen before... a new kind of Human balance. You may not fully understand what we're telling you at this moment, but we're telling you something that some of you are beginning to feel--women becoming stronger--men becoming more sensitive--together, looking at each other differently and sharing the planet far better for it. Stop seeing each other as opposites or as adversaries, but rather as a spiritual family. Stop seeing the other gender within you as a weakness! Begin to understand how each of you needs the consciousness of the other. The result? The balanced Human Being is now able to see an overview of balance because she sees with different eyes... ones that are walking in the other's shoes, and ones that have awesome self-worth! We wouldn't tell you these things unless they were so.

So it is we have reached the end of this teaching. Some of you came today saying, "If I can sit in this energy long enough, perhaps I'll leave differently; maybe I'll even have a healing. Perhaps I'll learn something and get rid of this or that. I'm tired carrying it around." Indeed, this power is in your grasp right now. Reader, listener, if you want to interview any of the healers who spoke this day, they'll tell you that it's in your grasp right now. Perhaps it's a healing of attitude, or of anger, of worry. This shift is yours for the taking. There's no greater time than this for you to reach out and grab this self-worth, and the healings that come with it.

And so we have come again to this place after all these years, to celebrate the seeds and the core of the work. In 1989 we worked here to bless and help my partner begin the work of Kryon. We never returned until now. Now, in 2003, we have Lemurians awakening on a changed earth that you've created (if you noticed). Much of what we taught could happen, did. Much that we taught about that might be accomplished, has been. Note that we didn't create anything. You did. We just watch and help in your grand plan.

Blessed is the Human Being who sees the planet's glass half full, and who understands that the changes on the planet are needed and necessary. Blessed is the Human who also understands that in order to create a new temple, the old one must be removed, and its foundation scrubbed clean. The new temple is called The New Jerusalem, a metaphor that means peace on earth. And just like those who wondered in 1989 if the things we told them would ever happen, so it is that you might look around in 2003 and wonder about what we say now. Could it be that things are not what they seem? Could it be that historians will speak about these revolutionary times before the great awakening, the shift of humanity... as the beginning of a time that created a more peaceful earth?

Only the Lemurians will be able to tell you the answer to that.

And so it is.