Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
Newport Beach, California, December 5, 2004

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Health and Healing - "Choosing to Dance"

This live channelling was Given in Newport Beach, California
December 5, 2004

[This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. If you are one of perception, who sees the colors, look at them now. They come pouring into this place and represent parts that are greater than the sum of the whole. You see? They represent the healing entities, some of whom have been here all day and some of whom have been waiting for this moment to arrive.

Imagine that the roof in this place isn't here. It's a beautiful, clear night... warm, just the temperature of this room. A stadium surrounds this place and it's filled to the brim with tens of thousands of entities looking at what's going on in this room. If you can fathom such a thing in your mind, then you have a small idea of the truth, and the truth is that you're all connected to the family at a level that you don't easily comprehend.

Although you feel alone, which your duality postures very well, you're not. Spirit is at your shoulder. God knows all about you and looks upon you and smiles and doesn't judge. For you're a piece of the whole, designed to be this way. We understand that you're filled with questions, but for these moments I'm going to ask you to suspend your linearity and your 3D lives, yet anchor in such a way that you don't float away. Because you're being examined, as you speak, by those who love you.

You think there are tens of thousands of entities in this stadium above you? Now expand that stadium to billions, all over the universe. If you understand that you're connected at a quantum level to all of these, that means that in all the multi-verses, they know about this meeting. And you might say, "Is this meeting that special?" Yes, it is. You're that special! This fact hides from you and you can't fathom it. You're a piece and part of an "interdimensional soup" - something that isn't complete without you. Therefore, your activities are all part of the God energy that you feel is apart from you, but it isn't. The Universe knows of this meeting because the angels who sit in the chairs, pretending to be Human, are part of the whole. And what are these entities doing? They're celebrating... they're dancing.

Spirit speaks to Humans this way, so let the colors show it to be so. Let the auric energy of my partner expand to 27 feet so you who are here now may see it. Let it be known that the proof is here for you to look at, interdimensional seer, if you choose to. Then you'll know what's taking place - this meld between my partner and myself called channelling.

We want to tell you today about health and healing. We're going to bring you some premises that we have discussed before, but then enhance them. Then we're going to give you things we've never spoken about, because now it's time. We are becoming more scientific and also more esoteric regarding DNA. We've spoken about the layers; we've spoken about the Hebrew names that they contain. We've given you their purposes. We've also spoken about how they mix together. We haven't identified all of them yet, but we will.

We've given the layer information in a linear fashion, even though they're not linear. When you as a Human speak of DNA, you speak of all of it together, even though there are billions of parts. Interdimensional DNA is far more complex even than that, yet we give you the names of the layers as though they're in boxes that you can open and look at, rather than the energetic "soup" that they actually are. But it's the best we can do. So let's start at the beginning: Let's discuss a big one.

What's happening right now to the Lightworkers of this planet? So many of them are discovering things within their own biology that might seem fearful. Logically, a Lightworker might think that this moment would bring an energy where he would be so much better off than before, because the energy is starting to be commensurate with that of the planet. In other words, the Lightworker has been waiting for this energy! Yet it seems that the opposite is happening.

Relationships are falling apart, both personally and internationally. Human bodies seem to be disintegrating health-wise, and things you never thought you'd see, you're seeing. It's the challenge of the time, and we told you to expect this. Now, we can't say that these challenges all exist in this room, but it applies generally for you, plus for the tens of thousands who will read this message.

Let me speak to the room and the readership - the two eyes that are on the page multiplied many times. We say again: In an interdimensional way, listener, do you understand that the readers are here, too? And reader, as I speak to you now, do you understand that this small group of people who you call your brothers and sisters - in this December time, sitting here with the decorations all lit, the chilly evening outside - are with you right now? Even if you're reading this in August, they're with you! You're all connected. This is the interdimensional attribute of reality that you never realize. So greet each other now!

Again I will remind you: Lighthouses were built for storms, and you know what I'm speaking of. It's not a time of testing, it's a time of adjusting. It's not something you've done that brings you these problems and these challenges; rather, it's a time of shift. So dear Human Being, as your DNA begins to shift, a change of your comfortable past reality is what often happens. Don't despair. There's reason for all these things, and if you're one of those who decides in the face of this fear, "I choose to dance," then you're going to make it through.

It would seem odd, would it not, that there seems to be an epidemic of challenge with Lightworkers? After all, it's the Lighthouse that's the strongest element in the storm! Take a look at the messages that I've given you just in these last few months as I spoke about a "winter of spirituality" [Kryon channelling, September 2004 - The Winter of Spirituality]*. There seems to be a darkness over the land. It's a shift, and a time of scraping the foundation clean before the new building of civilization can be built, which will be called "peace on earth." And it takes Lightworkers to do that! The Lightworker is the one who's doing the scraping!


That's why it's often the Lightworkers who are the ones going through shifts and changes, and that's what some of you are experiencing. Indeed, this shift takes on many forms, but it's still a challenge, isn't it? Within this challenge we [Spirit] get asked many things: For instance, "What's happening to the health of those especially in North America regarding food allergies? There seems to be so much of this." And so we'll answer that very clearly so that you can hear it, for it has to do with your health. It has to do with a changing consciousness, believe it or not, and it's very esoteric.

Food Allergies

Did you ever notice that for the most part, the children on small farms aren't allergic to milk? But children in urban areas often are. The children in the areas that you call home are often allergic to many things. Why would there be this difference? I now say things that we haven't literally put into transcription in this way before: If you don't honor the animals, you're not going to get the nutrition! But this fact hasn't been put together yet by those who are responsible for producing your food. In fact, it sounds very silly to them.

Here's the premise: Those who want efficiency and try to create a factory-farm approach to food will put the cows so close together that they touch all the time - all their lives. They're strapped in containers or small spaces and are milked and fed... and you wonder why you're allergic to milk? But the farm that has one or two cows that are cared for correctly will create milk that your body sees differently. This requires an interdimensional realization that you and the Earth and the cows are very connected. Your cellular structure knows the difference and reacts.

Some take chickens and put them in containers so that all their lives they get two square feet - no light except when they're supposed to have it - just to produce many eggs. If this continues, soon you may have a population of Humans who won't tolerate eggs! And it has to do with something that we're going to mention a little later on in this channel, something that you don't expect that's starting to occur... even more than an interdimensional consecutiveness.

The reason is mainly because you're now free and clear of the Harmonic Concordance - the bookend of a measured energy time - that started with the Harmonic Convergence. After the Harmonic Concordance, by your own design, we started delivering energy to this earth that will literally change Gaia. One of these energies was the Venus Transit. At that time, we asked you to look back and see the kind of energy and balance that is delivered to the planet, for this shift is changing many things. [Kryon channelling, June 2004 - The Venus Transit Gift]*


 This new energy is going to accelerate certain things, like allergies to foods, unless you decide to change how foods are developed and collected and preserved. Almost everything you buy that's canned is bad for you, yet the whole idea of canned food is to keep food from becoming bad for you! Yet these are your storehouses, are they not, in case of trouble? You have all the canned food on the shelves. You open a can and you'll find what's in there seemingly to be fresh, tasting very good - but there's a price to pay for this. And when you consume it, know this dear Human Being, you're putting a substance into your body that has never been seen before in nature. And how can you do that - at the same time expecting that through your veins will surge awareness, understanding, wisdom, balance and peace - when your biology is working overtime trying to balance the foods that you're eating? Maybe it's time to take a look at this for what it is. Make some choices that will take you away from factory foods. In certain cultures, it will require some work to do this, but after all, that's why you're here (Kryon smile).


Here's a question that may seem to have nothing whatsoever to do with the subject, but it does because of the way Humans connect it. They ask this question: "I have children; I have grandchildren, and they're about to be vaccinated. What do you say, Kryon, about vaccination? We've heard many different attitudes about this."

The premise of vaccination is accurate. It works for biology and it has for many years. It has voided and almost completely eliminated certain killer diseases from the planet and has saved countless lives by now. It works. However, will vaccinations continue to work? I'm going to say this, and as I do, some will understand and some won't: In the spirit that it was developed, and in the form that it was brought to you as many as 50 years ago, it will continue to work. However, there's been an attempt to put medicine with the vaccinations, which are also supposedly helping to stop other diseases, as many as 17 or 18 of them, instead of the 7 or 8 of the original design.

Here is our advice: Doctors, rewind time and go back to the 7 or 8 substances. Don't put the others into the vaccinations. Treat the others separately and give parents choices as to which substance they want: the original formula, or two formulas at different times. What you don't yet "see" in your science is that there is indeed an energy of consciousness when you combine too many of these together. It can actually void the purpose, and some cellular attributes cancel them completely if they're given together. And yes, there can be problems that won't show for years when you give these substances together, simply because they're not doing what you asked them to. They open a door for later imbalance.

For Healers: Enhancement in the New Energy

I have some advice for healers. My partner [speaking of Lee], you've never given some of this before, so get this right. [Kryon admonishes  Lee, with a smile, to go slowly.] Here they sit - many healers. But many more are reading. Some use energy, some have physical facilitations, and they know who they are.

I have some advice for you if you're a healer. Would you like to make your healing abilities more profound? Well, first of all, let's discuss what's actually happening. Some of you have stopped your healing work because things aren't working the way they used to. There's often a question, in this new energy: "Will my past healing modalities still work?" The answer is yes - in fact you will, by intuition, be able to use them even better than before - but there is some advice also. The first is this: It's time to do something that not all of you are doing: Practice mastery! If you're going to be the vessel for balance, be balanced! Gone are the days when the healers can have the information and the knowledge, open the book, do the work, then go on and do whatever they choose with their own bodies. For the first time I'm going to tell you that your healing abilities will be connected to the work you're doing on yourselves - physically and spiritually.

You are a pure vessel for balancing others, and that's going to be "seen" at the cellular level by those you work on or advise. And if you want to stop a healing practice immediately, then I'll tell you it's easy. All you have to do, healer, is become unbalanced and everything will grind to a halt. And it didn't used to be that way.

Healer, in the old energy, the principles worked no matter what you did when you were alone. Over and over you may have put the crystals or needles in the right place, or created the correct colors and practiced the ancient ways. Perhaps you would visualize the right symbols and give the correct energy focus. Then you might get a healing in front of you! Not anymore.

So here's the advice: Tune yourselves up! Do you have a habit that's killing your own cells? And you think you can hide that from the one you're working on? In the old days, yes. But since the Venus Transit, no. Remember, the attributes of the Venus Transit are a balance of masculine and feminine. Part of that balance was a creation of intuition abilities at the cellular level for Humanity. It's starting to work, and that's why so many are "awakening." The Human body is no longer "unaware" of what's around it, or what's happening to it. It's starting to react to frequencies of consciousness, and that's often you. That's number one.

Now the second one also has to do with tuning. The frequency of your reality has changed. Oh, your healing modalities will still work, but they're going to begin to fall flat unless you start searching for the new frequency where they will be activated. We know this isn't 3D information and is difficult to describe. So think of it like this: Your favorite radio station has increased its power and is slowly changing to a new place on the dial [a new frequency of transmission]. If you keep the dial set at the old frequency, gradually it's going to go away. Pretty soon there will be no music and you're going to have to reach down and turn the dial and actively search. "Where's the new channel?" You might ask.

It's not a mystery where the frequency is going, but don't let this take you by surprise after the fact. Flow with it now. If you're aware of this, you'll receive the information intuitively and gradually. But you must understand the premise. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow unless you tune up yourself and also find the new frequency that everything is shifting to. Now, we speak metaphorically and generally. The reason we do this is that it's impossible to communicate each detail of the many attributes facing each of you personally. So we give the overview. But healer, you know what I speak of.

Perhaps you've discovered a premise and you've worked with it for a long time? You've done scientific research - perhaps you've even proved it in your own healing parlor. Now it starts to evade you. Things aren't working quite as well, and you might say, "Well, that's because the population is no longer as receptive. They're denser now." No, they're not! It's the opposite. It's time for you to make a shift. The population has been given new tools and they're starting to awaken and know the difference.

Bizarre Stuff

Here's one you may not understand: Healer, as you make this shift, look for the bizarre! There are some premises waiting for you to discover within your own work, which you think you know so well, that you haven't discovered yet. Look for the bizarre. I'll give you an example: The master acupuncturist will treat the 12 meridians of the body. And there are only 12 - that's ancient science that has stayed the same, since it's the way the body works energetically. That's the process they'll stay with. Now, I'm going to tell you how many meridians there really are for this time. For a starter this year, there are 24! "Kryon do you mean that we are gaining meridians? Isn't this something that either ‘is' or ‘is not'? How can a health practitioner even begin to treat a Human if the rules of how health works shifts all the time?" If you asked this question, then you're very astute! Yes the Human is changing. The answer to your question of "how" is to change the healer!

Is the Human Being suddenly adding meridians? Not really. They were always there. But now in an energy where you're becoming balanced and interdimensionally aware, what was always there, but invisible is starting to show itself more clearly. The result? Enhanced healing! But it requires an interdimensionally-aware healer. Interdimensionality is bizarre to a 3D Human! Don't let some of the intellectual 3D questions that you may have stop your search. For instance, where are the other 12 meridians? Don't look for them in physical places on the body. They're above the original twelve!

"What?" You might say. "How are we going to do accurate acupuncture and insert needles into open space?" And that's where it gets bizarre. What about the intent of the healer? You put one in, and intend it be two! Does it work? Indeed. If you understand and recognize that that particular meridian exists above the ancient one, then you're on the right track. The one above is an interdimensional meridian that starts to tune the bodies in interdimensional ways, but which relate to the physical ones purpose also.

If you can understand this, then you're way ahead of the game.

Remember that acupuncture is an energy science: It's about the movement of energy within the body. When the energy of the planet is shifting and affecting everything, did you really expect that the Human Body would not also shift in the way it deals with energy? Just by acknowledging that, you've increased your knowledge and your potency as a healer. And when you insert the needle into the meridian that you always did, make it two needles in your mind. Now, perhaps you understand why the health of the healer's mind and body is important? A healer who is just "walking through the process" can never go beyond the 3D of it all. All of this, by the way, is for what? Is it healing? The answer is no. It's for balance. Acupuncture is a system of balance. Energy healing is a system of balance. Healers don't heal, they balance. The individual Human reaction to a balancing by a balanced healer is what heals the Human.

Involve the Patient's Consciousness

We gave you instructions over a decade ago and we're going to practice this premise even tonight with the listeners here. We can't get away from this basic premise and we encourage every healer in here to do what we are about to review every single time they see a patient. Interact with your patients in a specific way: Ask them if they give permission for a healing that day. Don't let a situation take place where they come to you thinking you're going to do something for them where they simply lay on the table and you supply magic, then they leave. No - instead make them participate in the process.

Before they ever lie down, look upon them - look in their eyes and ask them if they give permission for their own cellular structure to change. It has to do with intent. Perhaps you might say, "Do you give permission today to have your DNA changed?" Make them verbalize yes or no. Of course they'll say yes. After all, they probably paid to be there. But just the sound in the air when their own body hears that they're giving permission sets the stage for their own healing. If you want to carry it a little further, you might even ask them the second question: "Do you understand that only you are responsible for what takes place in your body?" Now they've got to think a little. "Yes," they may say. Then do your work. This is profound, healer. You need to understand that it's part of the package of healing... truly part of the package. Make them responsible with you, and as a team, do your work. And here's something we recently have mentioned, but never in channel: We know a secret about healers - one that even they won't admit. You see, when they're alone and nobody's looking, and they can think about all the things that are going on, many of them feel guilty. They're feeling guilty about the ones they couldn't help - the ones that they couldn't heal. Their self-worth suffers due to it!

Healers are Lightworkers who literally have the gift of touching people physically and energetically and helping them in their lives, yet when they're alone, they feel so small. They often wonder whether they're doing any good on the planet. Oh, they know better at some level, but in 3D they suffer from negative self-worth. Healer, if this is you, you've got about a trillion entities who want to put their arms around you right now and say, "You have no idea how you're helping the planet!"

Did you know, dear one, that when a Human gets off your table, and this person has had an improvement in their biology, it actually changes Gaia? Did you know that? Did you know that every step you take with integrity and spiritual awareness helps Gaia? Say you may make a trip to the store and on the way you make a little prayer. You've helped the planet! Yet you feel so ordinary and you wonder whether you're doing anything. Let us take a moment to dance and to celebrate you! For the veil keeps you from seeing your own results!

Imagine walking through fertile lands for years. Everywhere you go, you plant seeds. These seeds are planted automatically, because wherever you step, your very presence leaves them. Years pass and you sit at home wondering if you've done anything at all for planet Earth. You agonize over your seeming nothingness since you never get to return to the place where you walked and take a look. If you could see it, you'd see forests and giant plants, spectacular flowering fields, all with your name on them. Such is the way it works when you're in duality.

New Esoteric Information

Now we get into the esoterics. There will be those who will leave this place of hearing and reading and never absorb anything we're going to say in this last section, because they're not ready for it. The last time we were together we spoke technically about DNA. We gave some revelations even about the structure of DNA. We told you that your science will eventually prove what we told you, and it won't take that long. Let us review this big premise:

Imagine a race car is in front of you and it's, metaphorically, your own DNA. It sits there idling and you can barely hear the engine. It's filled with three billion parts and they all work perfectly; that is, until something goes wrong. And when something goes wrong, the engine sputters and it knocks a little, and indeed, if it isn't taken care of and there's no understanding of it, the engine will eventually stop.

So it seems like the whole purpose of the study of DNA is to find out how it works so that it won't stop. How does this engine idle? How does it run so smoothly? This is what you're in doing now, studying this. The encyclopedia of DNA is before you and the Human Genome has been revealed. You now can examine the parts and all the resources around the parts. It's the first time in the history of Humanity that this attribute lays before you. Yet all the efforts for this are going into what? They're going into discovering how this engine idles so well. And that's it. That's it!

But what did we say is in front of you? It's a race car. And every once in a while a Human Being in history will sit behind the wheel, step on the gas, and go around the circle at a blazing pace. And all the other Human Beings remark, "That is absolutely astonishing. That's a master!" There have been many masters on this planet who have stepped into the race car and pressed the pedal. And whereas you are content to study an idling engine, what we are telling you is that DNA is built for speed! It's built for mastery!

This is the time we're inviting you to step into the car and press the metal to the floor. It's not about an idling DNA, it's about what else is there that it was built to do. Did you understand that even the prophet of your culture, Jesus the Jew, had the same DNA you have? But His was in mastery mode. He knew what was there and activated it. When the great Jewish master Elijah, with his aid Elisha watching, decided to ascend, the best Elisha could do was to give the description of his master's ascension as that of a chariot coming down - the "wheel within the wheel." Elisha really was unaware or ready for what actually took place that day. And if you could have seen this, we'll tell you that what happened was that Elijah decided to turn into light! That's what masters do. That's what ascension often is.

In this day we give a message that ascension has not changed much, except you turn into light and you stay here! How would you like to run that race car around the track - be an ascended one - and discover mastery? Remember, go slowly at first so you don't crash into the wall and have to start over [laughter]. We talk metaphorically, don't we? Elisha went on to do great works. Some say they were even greater than his own master. But Elisha didn't vanish when it was his time. He took the mantle of his master, but then he added to it. When Elisha ascended, he stayed on the Earth. His ascension didn't have anything to do with leaving or death; it had to do with staying here and dancing!

The Energy of Gaia and Your Own Biology

Now, my partner, I'm going to ask to go slow and make this correct, even though there is the commotion [pause] tune them out [A band starts playing in the next room!]. There is an energy going on within this planet that we call planetary life-force. It's the very energy you call Gaia. Gaia is a combination of entities, but which has a feeling of only one energy, much like what you call the Kryon. It's not singular and it's not linear. But Gaia is related to you and you are related to Gaia.

In general, what happens on this planet regarding consciousness literally changes the cellular structure of your body. You're connected way past what you understand or expect. You're about to have something very, very interesting take place. The potential is for the life-force of this planet, the Gaia force, to shift in such a way that it will change the diseases that Humanity is used to dealing with. And you might say, "Wait a minute! That's just biology. We catch viruses, we spread AIDS, or we have tuberculosis... these things are just Human biology. They don't have anything to do with the dirt of the earth."

Let me tell you, this above statement represents an older energy Gaia, where you were blocked from full participation with the vibration of the planet. You're about to see shift and change, dear one, and you wonder why you're so tired? Some of you are actually detoxifying an old Gaia energy! The life-force of your planet is going to change and literally put a lid on some of the diseases that have been uncontrollable. The reason is because you have chosen to change this planet, and with it, you're going to change "planetary health consciousness." Get used to it. There's a consciousness of the planet that allows for certain kinds of disease to even exist. Remember that your biology is part of the dirt of the earth. You can't separate the two. Therefore, the planet is a major player in what diseases ravage Humanity, and you are about to change that. Time will show a slowing of certain kinds of viruses, and the time has come for AIDS to be conquered.

An Unbelievable Tool

I told you earlier that Lemurians were interdimensional. The Lemurians had an attribute that you do not - a fifth-dimensional awareness. They understood much of what I'm about to tell you and this is the reason that the Temples of Rejuvenation worked so well for them. This is also the reason that this particular race, which has never even been validated or discovered, had so much going for them. In an interdimensional state, Lemurians knew something I'm about to tell you. They understood it and they practiced it. There's only one more premise to give you, and it's very esoteric.

We want you to appreciate what's happening in the next room. They're dancing! [The band is playing and people are having a Christmas party.] So celebrate them and listen to this, for it is the final, and the best.

Never before have we broached this, yet it's been before you for a very long time. Some have even studied it. I speak to the many females in this room and reading the page. Many of you live in fear of something that you're going to contract because your genealogy says you will. It's a very 3D thing - that your mother had cancer and your sister had cancer and they died. And you consider it just a DNA ticking clock and eventually you're going to get it, too. It "runs" in the family.

You can change this! You can rewrite the DNA and make that race car rev up and start moving this attribute and literally take that away. Now, that's old information and we've given it before. What we wish to tell you now is something unbelievable to some, and that's because it requires interdimensional attributes of reality. Again, listen carefully and get this right, my partner [a further admonition for Lee not to rush simply because there is a party next door and a potential distraction].

Dear one - in this audience, reading this - if you're one who's going to work on your particular genealogy and stop this disease from occurring in you, I'm going to tell you what the potential is down the line, both past and present. I'll try to be succinct if I can in an interdimensional way, but it's simply not explainable in 3D. When you void this potential within your own DNA, the whole lineage - your existing daughters, the daughters that they're going to have, and the daughters that they're going to have, will also be cleared. It's a clearing of your DNA that literally will change them all, no matter how far into the future you go. It's a total restructure of your DNA in that regard to that disease potential - one that actually changes your family history, and your karmic group from now on.

Then the questions begin: "Wait a minute Kryon. You've told us many times that we can't heal others. They must do it themselves as we help balance them. So how could we change an existing daughter's DNA? I understand that if I change my actual DNA, that my unborn children will inherit this attribute and be clear, but how does it work with a living daughter?" Let us say that in already living female, the propensity for the genome to have that problem may remain, but the surety that it's going to occur will vanish. It's going to be about choice within the female. Think of it this way: Your action will plant a seed in her DNA. It's a seed that will grow only if watered, but it's a divine seed that can, with her permission and understanding, change her, her children, and so on.

"Kryon, this is actually changing the past! She is already born, and has the potential." Yes, dear one. Exactly. See how this might be confusing? But in a reality that is beyond your single-digit dimensional existence, time isn't in a forward linear fashion, and these things are not only possible, but very real. The Lemurians knew it well. Did you think all the rejuvenation in those temples in Lemurian were just for individuals? No. They were for families, represented by one individual! Think about it.

Now, dear ones, this is for the men. If you are one who has a lineage of certain kinds of cancers and your father had it and your brother had it and you have it, you need to hear this: When you work on yours, when you accomplish the eradication of it and stand free and clear of it, the sons of your sons of your sons won't have it either! And this, dear Human, is part of the new energy of Gaia that is being developed. We wouldn't say these things unless they were so. This should make you dance!

We're going to do something we've never done before in closing. We're going to declare this a healing meeting. One of the advices we gave for healers was this: Involve the one to be healed, verbally. And so I'm going to ask the question to all of you, reader and listener: Is there anyone here who gives permission to be healed? [Audience answers verbally with a strong yes!] Let those responsible for enhancing the healing process, who have come here for that person, place their energy upon you. Let their weight be known, that you would feel them here, for you've given the answer that we expected. It's a cooperation and a new partnership with the new energy of Gaia that some of you are beginning to feel.

Permission has been given, and the reality is understood. Oh, there's a lot more, but the concepts are complicated, so we'll wait. Let's just say this: More will be given to you as we go. Did you say yes [referring to the question a moment ago]? If you did, that means some of you aren't going to sleep well tonight. Consider the challenge to be the angelic disco ball that will be your bedroom! There's a lot of dancing going on, isn't there? [The crowd in the next room is getting noisier as they dance to the increasingly loud band.] It may be the first time you ever gave that kind of permission. Maybe it's the first time you ever said it aloud? If it is, then it's not too late to say it again, if you wish. Right now as you read these pages.

And that's today's message. It's time to take your power... the power of a new earth. Time to dance.

And so it is.