Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - Chicago, Illinois
May 17, 2003

Casper Wyoming - June 1, 2003
Salt Lake City, Utah - June 14, 2003

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

This message is a combination of the transcriptions of three live channellings in three different cities.
It contains the concepts given in all three, packaged together into one message, for clarity.

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From Lee Carroll

There are a many these days throwing around the concept that if it didn't happen within the last few months, it's old! This is a direct result of marketing, and the concept that yesterday's news is old news. This message is repeatedly given to us by the spinmasters of our fast-paced culture... the news, advertising, and PR folks who want you to "buy the latest and greatest." It's alive and well in the New Age community as well. Therefore there is often confusion about some of the things we cherish the most... meditation, healing modalities, ceremony, even the consistency of Spirit itself.

The following channelling is part of Kryon's "Plain talk" approach, defining and clarifying these things. There is a consistency within the Kryon work of over a decade. Thirteen years ago Kryon brought us information that the New Energy was upon us, and that we could claim it and work with it. It could lead to ascension energy, and enhance the Human divine experience. With the completion of the grid and the beginning of the "Dispensation of Responsibility," we are now exactly within the new energy that Kryon described so long ago. Even some of the things he told us might happen... have. Seen any weather changes lately? How about changes in religion, where the leaders must begin to "live what they preach?" What about the profound Middle East changes or the magnetics of earth! Kryon spoke of the New Children that would help us into this new energy, and now the Indigos and Crystals are even being recognized by major school systems, reporting that "The children are changing!" All these things have been channelled by Kryon over the last decade, and are part of the message of the NEW energy we are beginning to create.

We often see these things in 25-year cycles, and we are right in the middle of one. The next ten years will carry with it the potentials of peace on the planet and the future of Humanity itself. Within God's process we are slowly creating the newest energy on the planet. Kryon celebrates us for this, and continues to elaborate on the process of creating the "New Jerusalem."

The only thing "old" these days is the spin of those who wish you to turn from this profound message and "buy something new." After this channelling... you decide what's old and what's new.

Lee Carroll

What's New... and What's Not!

This Kryon live channelling was given in Chicago, Illinois;
Casper, Wyoming; and Salt Lake City, Utah.
It is a combination of three independant messages, which were similar in content and energy. It contains the concepts given in all three, packaged together into one message, for clarity.

[This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.]

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There are those of you who are asking what the next step is. You feel the obvious energy pressing on you to expand yourself, or to ask the question, "Is there more?" There are those of you who should review the parable of the tar pit, given over a decade ago, yet still profoundly true. Many are still asking for outside help - not understanding at all why Spirit seems to have shut off the spiritual-communication spigot! So many of the facilitators who are here and reading, so many of the meditators and the prayer warriors who are here and reading... are all asking much the same question. We're going to speak about that. Specifically, on this night we're going to give a message in the nines... in a moment.

Let me review something: No matter who you are here, or reading this - no matter what your belief or disbelief, there's energy being created here that can only be created from the other side of the veil. It will permeate the space where you are if you allow it. There are those, by your invitation, who are arriving here, who have begun to slowly fill this place in these last few moments. Those who arrived three days ago are now starting to walk the aisles. Some of the ones you will feel around you are here not for the message that's going to be given, but rather just to stand next to you. Some of you will feel them touch you. Some may even smell them. There's nothing unusual about this, and nothing fearful. For this is the family. Some of these you "feel" have been with you all your life, yet many of you have never acknowledged them. They who are here are your family and your connection to the planet, ready and willing to help you understand the discussion that follows.

What's New and What's Not...

There have been those who have asked about what's new on the planet at this very moment. When we communicate to you in channelling, we often use terms such as new energy, New Age, new consciousness, and new reality. There are those who would then believe that new is some kind of blanket on the planet that we throw over everything that exists, and that what was yesterday is old, and what is today is therefore fresh. That's not so. Naturally, it's far more complex than this
Let's describe item by item, nine definitions of what's new and what's not. Perhaps it's time to qualify and verify some of the things that have slipped in between the many Kryon messages of the last years. Let's put them all in one message so you can understand more about the energy around you right now... an energy that's beginning to settle in exactly the way in which we described it might over a decade ago.

1. God

Let's start with the biggest concept of all, the concept of God. Some of you have studied the scripture of the ages - some of the oldest writings known to humanity - ones that are filled with spiritual history. Perhaps you studied civilizations way back then and have seen how God was represented in that history. In fact, you would have seen what God did, as reported by those who were there... such is the way of history.

Some have even labeled and compartmentalized God, due to the writings. Some have spoken of an old God, called the "God of Law." Many have reported, "That was a very stern God back then. Look at what God did to humanity back then, when it misbehaved. There were many harsh punishments dealt out then."

And they might go on to say, "Well, I don't really recognize that God. I don't relate to Him." Then there would be others who might say, "There was another dispensation, the dispensation of love - that's where we saw the love of God. We saw healing - we saw compassion. That's more like it! That's the God I like. That's the One I relate to." Then some of you are discovering yet another God - One that walks with you, but Who has your face! And you might say, "That's the God that I claim, not the other two."

By implication, many feel that perhaps God has changed over the millennium. Here's the answer: However you define God - whatever that means to you - if God means the collective that is you - if it means all of the spiritual energy in the universe, filled with love - or even a God as an entity who watches over everything, let me set something straight: God never changes! God is family, and this family is stable. There has never been a change in the energy of God.

"Well," you might say, "then how can you then explain the actions of an Old Testament God and a New Testament God? Or for that matter, a New Age God? They seem so different!" Those who engage in this discussion have the entire concept backwards! What you're seeing is dramatic Human change! This has been our message since we began to give you the truth about the energy of Earth. Changes in the consciousness of humanity create profound changes in what's perceived as reality.

In an old consciousness, one that you called the dispensation of law, what was reported was how it was perceived, was through the "reality filter" of the times. What was written was what the Humans who were there thought about God as they wrote about the experience. In a dispensation of love, God didn't change. Instead, Humans did! Their consciousness brought in a brand-new energy of compassion within humanity. Humanity got to experience it, and that's how they saw it. That's how they reported and "felt" it. Indeed, as the consciousness of the reporter changed, it would appear as though divinity itself had shifted. It was all in the eyes of the perceiver.

The ones who were in a dense energy didn't see the unseen. Therefore, they didn't understand the compassion and the love. All they saw and reported was to the best of their ability in a limited dimensional capacity. Now, here you are in a predicted energy where the gifts of divinity are being exposed in a stronger way than ever before. The veil lifts. Some of you are in discovery - some are even seeing interdimensional things! The magnetic grid of the planet has shifted, the crystalline grid is being rewritten, and the cetaceans of the earth are about to be engaged for their memory. It's an amazing time - one that brings humanity in line with what the masters told you was possible.

So, indeed, it is a new time, but God is not one of those new things. For the family has remained staid, and its energy is the same today as it was when Earth was created. That's number one.

2. Energy

What about energy? Has it shifted? The answer is yes! Grandly and greatly, the energy of this Earth, which therefore has given you new opportunities, has shifted.

Some might ask, "Why are there so many on this planet who don't understand this - who don't feel it or don't see it?" This, dear one, is called free choice. The ones who have not given intent to be part of this interdimensional shift will pay no attention to the things that are potent to those who are.

We've told you this before, and I don't think we have to explain to many of you about this energy shift. In 1989 we told you that this planet would shift so dramatically that there would be massive magnetic grid changes. Indeed, as you sit here now, that has happened. What does that mean to you? Did you have any concept that perhaps the earth was shifting dimensionally, or that it was speeding up in time? The now has changed - actual time has been altered, and the geology of the planet is responding to a faster time frame. You're seeing things geologically that perhaps you wouldn't have seen in your lifetime. But things are relative to your existence, so you didn't see them. But you felt them, and you watched the things we told you could take place. Meanwhile, the individual who's not aware of energy shifts simply sees them as part of life on a changing planet. This individual is not wrong and is not judged by Spirit. It's about the free choice of humanity, and how Humans will change energy on their own, without interference.

The energy of the planet has shifted dramatically and profoundly, posturing itself for something grand. The potential of solutions to the seemingly unsolvable is what some of you have prayed for since you got here. Indeed, within the scope of your lifetime, you're now looking at the potential for peace on Earth. Oh, there will be skirmishes, and there will be those who are mad at others for centuries to come. That's part of Human nature. But we're talking about the overview - of nation with nation, a consensus on the planet that's evolving. Someday it will see trade and cultural compromise as far more acceptable than conquering war and religious intolerance. It's a profound shift in Human consciousness and even Human nature itself. This is why the Indigos are here, also! Did you consider that? Energy. That's what has shifted, and that's indeed new.

3. Time-line for the Planet

What about the time-line of the planet... the prophecies that have been given through the ages that all seem to validate each other? There are those who would say, "These have always been the same and will never change. Certain things will take place because the prophecies all said they would."

Let me give you some information that you won't understand. Part of this information is simplified and metaphoric in order for you to receive and understand it in a clearer way.

There's an Earth somewhere that's all by itself - you're not there. But it exists in another reality. Call it an alternate reality, if you wish, and this is actually true. To compound this vision, the actuality is that there are many Earths! But all are in another time frame, within something you and your science have called another dimension. This other Earth is one that you grew up within, but you moved out of that reality and changed the very matter under your feet. You changed the time frame, the biology, and the geology. Earth is now on another track... one that the prophets never foresaw.

Where is the proof of such an outlandish statement? It's all around you. Answer these questions seriously, and do your own evaluation of what you observe before you. How do you explain the fact that the Armageddon didn't happen? It was an event that seemed to triangulate and be consistently prophesied by many over the ages? Why wasn't the fall of the Soviet Union within any of the prophecies? Where was your 9/11 event in the scheme of prophecy? Have you seen any weather changes lately that might actually give you a hint that geological change has sped up in the past decade? How do you explain that the magnetic grid of the earth moved exactly as we told you it would over the past 12 years? Have there been any odd elections lately that were not foreseen... unusual leadership decisions that seemed out of the "norm"... old alliances broken? Have you personally felt that time has increased in the past three or four years?

You're in a different reality... one that has no prophecy around it, and one that's absolutely new. There's not one entity on the other side of the veil who knows what you're going to do tomorrow or what's going to happen to this planet. Instead, it's held in your hands. The days of turning to ancient prophecy for your guidance is over.

"But what about the ancient Mayans, who said that in 2012 we would see the end of time?" Think metaphorically, just like all messages are given from Spirit. First of all, this date is a marker and corresponds with one of the 25-year measurements of the planet (as we told you many years ago). The last important measurement was 1987, when the 11:11 took place. The Mayan message isn't prophecy of the end of the earth, but rather a description of the end of an old paradigm. It's an energy marker, and not to be feared. It's just a date.

We will give you another potential around 2012: You have until the end of 2012 to set a standard for the energy of the next 25 years (to 2037). The end of time? No. The potential is that 2012 is the end of an old paradigm of time - a new Human consciousness that will bring great change.

Finally, does it now start to make sense that the new children of Earth that you call Indigo and Crystal have started to arrive at this new time? Why now? Perhaps you're beginning to see the correlation of events, both spiritual and physical, which all validate that something's happening? It's all around you to examine. Is it new? Yes.

4. Ancient Texts

What about the ancient texts? We've spoken of this before, but let's clarify. Are they all to be thrown on the floor and never used again? No, of course not. Let me differentiate their energies and tell you how this works.

If you have old texts and they give information about the healing of the Human body, of the processes, of the energies of discovery, these texts, if authentic, are revolutionary. They'll reveal much. There are still many of them that are hidden and yet to be discovered. When they're finally seen, they'll tie your own biology to the workings of the earth and even to the workings of the solar system! They'll expose ratios between your DNA and the geology of the planet... things that have yet to be discovered, hidden in the texts. Let's call them the energy texts.

Then there are the historical texts. Many of these have also been seen as spiritual texts, since they're a combination of history and spiritual reports. They're the ones that were created that told you about God - and about the how, when, and where. They were also part of the training of humanity, and they represent exposure of the divinity within.

Let me ask you this, dear Human Being: How many of you still have your first-grade primers? And if you do, how many of you refer to them daily? The answer is obvious. Why would you turn to a textbook that gave you elementary information, long after you graduated? You wouldn't.

Many of the ancient texts are exactly that way. They carry an energy just like I've given you regarding the dispensation of law. They're historic primers, and you're beyond them. These books are not for Humans who sit in an enlightened energy... a master energy.

You might say, "Well, how do I know the difference between the texts that still apply and the ones that don't?" It's easy. Read them! How does the information resound with you? Does it feel fresh and accurate? You have a wonderful divine "discernment engine" within you that knows what's new and what's not. You can never wave a hand and say that all of the ancient texts are wrong. This is a generalization and isn't valid. Use that discernment engine for yourself. How does it feel when you read something? Does it touch you, or does it seem like you're beyond what it says?

Then you might ask the question, "Well, if that's the case, there may be no spiritual texts for us at all! We're moving into ascension status, so where are the texts for that?" What a wonderful question! The new texts are in the pen being held in your hand... ready to be written. The ones in this room and rooms like this everywhere are writing them.

You are prophets each one - pieces of God each one - on the Earth - with purpose. Some of you carry the texts of the future within your consciousness. Historians, you are, of the now. If you understand the now, then you also have a conundrum, a puzzle before you... for the now also contains all time, both ancient and future. Therefore, as you pen these new texts, you draw upon the learning of the ancients as well. Such is the challenge of becoming interdimensional.

Here is the admonishment for those who have been waiting for this - do it! The wisdom will flow onto the page. Don't pay any attention to what others say; don't listen to your head when it says you're making it up. Let it flow. The words are already there; just trace them! And you know who I'm talking to, don't you? Perhaps that's why you're reading this page, or why you came here? And that was number four.

5. Masters of the Planet

"Kryon, what about the ancient masters of the planet? Weren't they in the old energy?" Not the real masters, no. The true masters who walked this Earth are all one family, all of them. You can name them from the oldest lineage of Abraham, through Mohammad, to the cultures of the Far East, to the current messages of the avatars alive today. Take a look at their basic message.

Go back to the source. Don't depend on what people tell you they meant. Don't give away your power of discernment to someone who's going to interpret the words of a master for you. You're entitled and are as good as the best of the "trained" interpreters. Go back to the source and discover what they said! They spoke about compromise and unity. They unified tribes that were apart - they gave solutions to the unsolvable. Many stood on mountaintops for all to hear and spoke about Human enablement. They told those around them that Humans could be just like them! They gave all of you things to ponder for the ages... practical, spiritual, and historic.

The masters of the earth knew of the potentials - and they told you what you could do, all of them did. Ancient and recent, they all spoke about these things. Master after master told you that humanity was a part of all that is, some even inviting you to be "Sons and Daughters of God." Those masters were new then, and they're new now. They will always be fresh. They're profound pieces of God, unchangeable, for they represent the love of God that's the same forever. Not one of them desired to be worshiped. That was what men did, not what they asked for.

So all those masters represented now energy, and they knew all about the potentials of the New Age Human. They are, therefore, as new today as the day they came to Earth. Remember this: They're still here!

6. Guides

There has been so much information about guides! Some will tell you that there are no more. Others will tell you the opposite - that there are far more than ever! What's new and what's not? Let's begin by again asking you some 4D questions that will help you to understand multiple-D. Hold out your hands and ask someone, "How many hands do I have?" The person will report that there are two. Now, put one behind your back. Ask again. The person in front of you only sees one, but actually knows that there are still two (or course). But what should they say - one or two? At that point, they might ask for clarity. "Is the question how many do you have, or how many are seen?" They won't be able to answer clearly without that information. So you might say that this situation exemplifies a simple rule of 4D: There's a consistency in reality that supersedes what is perceived.

In an older consciousness, all we could tell you was that you had divinity standing next to you called guides, and that your perception told you there were two or three (for example). In this old energy of linearity, that's all that we could convey. It was overly simplistic, but it was the way of things before the completion of the grid shift. When we told you that there were two or three, or even none (in the case of a temporary condition during an energy shift), we were giving you the best description we could of what your own perceptions would verify. In fact, you were feeling the energy of the "guide soup," something that's always there, but that changes as you do.

We can tell you now that guides are an infinite number. We can also tell you that they are as much a part of you as your hand is, and also as much as your Higher-Self is. They are always there. Some of you have asked, "Okay, but even if they can't be counted, who are they?" This is the most difficult question of all, since the very concept is not an Earthly one, and goes far beyond what you wish to consider or hear.

In a past example, we told you that you can't number a soup as it sits in front of you. You cannot ask, "How many soups are in my spoon?" The real identity of your soup is the flavor instead of a numerical identification. So, the guides are that way. They're an infinite number of changeable energies that appear to clump in a grouplike fashion, and are part of you forever. They're felt, not numbered. They're energy, not entities.

The actual guides are just like you... they exist on both sides of the veil. You're a group, and so are they. They're part of your spiritual makeup, but their energy can change daily, if that's how often you change your vibration. Think of them as a helper energy group that is as much you as your Higher-Self is you. The real you is angelic. It's interdimensional and infinite. It's a piece of God.

When you come to Earth, only a part of who you actually are comes into 4D. The rest exists in an interdimensional state, and part of that energy is what you've called the "guides and the Higher-Self." Therefore, the answer of "who are they" must be: "they are family." This also must mean that the God part of you is far larger than you think.

Begin to understand that the duality works overtime to keep you isolated so that you can make independent choices and not be biased by the group that you belong to. This is all part of the test of Earth, and the grand plan of being a Human Being.

Perhaps you might now be ready to understand that being "part of God" means that you're actually immense in your energy potential... just like the master said. The truth is that all those you loved and lost in your lifetime are part of this guide-set, as well as those in what you would call "past lives." The truth is that you're also part of others, and will be this way even after you leave the earth-plane. This is more complex than can be explained, but filled with awe and wonderful potentials. It's all there for your enablement, and not as a hindrance of any kind. It's there to complement your vibration, to help others and the planet, and to amp-up when you need it the most. So the answer to the question about whether there are guides or not goes back to clarifying the question: "Do you mean the reality, or what is perceived?"

This energy that you call guides is being redefined as you move into ascension status. The new energy of the earth is beginning to turn on the light and expose what they really are - a piece of God - a piece of you.

If you're still confused, it's time to relax and know that you're never alone. Sometimes it's okay to just know how things are without having to understand all the mechanics of them. Does it bother you to step on the accelerator in your vehicle and not know the inner workings of the automatic transmission that's allowing for the transfer of engine power to the wheels? The answer is obvious. Just drive the car... you have places to go!

The next time you see 11:11 on the clock, just say "Thank you." All is well, as that interdimensional guide part of you taps you on the shoulder to remind you of their presence and their love.

The Human is encouraged to stop numbering and naming everything. For that practice will keep you forever in 4D.

7. Meditation

"Dear Kryon, there have been some that say that all meditation is over. We have to throw it away. In fact, they say that we're not supposed to meditate anymore. Who's right and who's wrong? Did it change or did it not? Is it old or is it new?"

Again, we'll turn to the interdimensional truth. There's nothing like it when you sit in ceremony and speak to Spirit! God loves it when you dedicate time to just sit in the presence of family. Can this be any clearer? Do it!

But there's so much more! There's a new invitation to communicate interdimensionally. Spirit will never tell you to stop meditating. But we've invited you to change the modality from where you meditate once in a while or once a day, to that where you have a 100-percent connection!

Think of it this way: In an old energy, meditation was tuning in to a radio station. In the new energy, that station got stronger and increased its frequency. Now, with the same radio, the old station seems to be gone! Did it really stop broadcasting? No! Instead, it became more powerful, with a new identity that's beyond the senses of the old receiver. It invites you to turn the dial and find the new frequency. When you do, you'll reach up and take the hand of Spirit and never let go.

It's not once in a while anymore. It's all the time. And that, dear Human Being, is one of the keys to ascension. If you're going to move into what we've called ascension (which we will speak of in a moment), you're going to have to have a constant connection to Spirit.

So, like the guides, we're telling you that if you define meditation as it was a decade ago, then you would have to say it's old. If you define it within the scope of the new energy and the changes that have occurred, then it's new. But communication with God is what it is, and that will never go away. In fact, it just got much stronger.

8. Intent

The power of intent is the divine catalyst for co-creation. It drives humanity forward, as it's the power behind Earth's response to the consciousness of humanity.

Although the power of intent has changed, and there are new ways to modify it into a more powerful tool, it has always been the driver of your reality. It was Human intent that caused the new energy of Earth. It was Human intent that voided out the Armageddon. It's Human intent that's creating the conditions on the planet right now that will lead to the potential of The New Jerusalem.

Dear one, if you find any human or entity who tells you that intent is old and not needed anymore, you should examine that message carefully. That's far from the truth. Some will tell you that intent has graduated into something else. Yes, it has... more powerful intent!

Under the category of old and new, intent is very, very old... and profoundly needed in the new energy. From the beginning, it's been seen as the one thing that could be measured within humanity to make history itself change. It's the divine tool of creation, placing the ultimate power within the purview of humanity to rewrite history, and therefore change the vibration of planet Earth. We've taught for 12 years that the power of intent has always been one of the keys to personal co-creation. Pure intent is seen in the Human Being as divine energy. It's awesome. In the energy spectrum, it's gold - and precious. Intent is everything! This teaching hasn't changed in all our messages to you, and will not in the future.

In a new-energy Earth, with new magnetic and crystalline alignments, the power of intent is being reshaped completely. It's becoming a grander and greater tool. What's your intent for your biology? How often do you talk to your cells? How often do you tell them what the boss (you) wants them to do? What if you were to tell them to revert to a pristine condition similar to when you were ten years old? You may laugh at that until you start doing it. Start talking to your cellular structure; start talking to your blood groups; start realizing that the cells are listening to intent of your own mind, and then take your blood tests regularly to verify what you're doing. Create your own 4D proof about intent in this new energy.

When you start chasing away the imbalances within, and the diseases begin to retreat, you'll remember where you heard this. Intent has to do with tuning in to that new station. The nine items in this message are all related. They're in a circle of nine. Within the question of old versus the new, which it is? Sometimes it's both!

Blessed is the Human Being who practices pure intent in all aspects of their life. For this is the one who will climb the stairs of ascension. This is the one who will see the face of God, and it will be their own. This is the one who will reach up and take the hand of the guide groups that are around them and will never let go. Intent is the energy of the New Age. Not all that is old is to be cast away. Sometimes the oldest is the newest. Such is the way of the now.

9. Ascension

There's more being given this year about ascension than at any time. In these last two months, we've given you two parts of information and training that we won't review here. But we must revisit the definition. Ascension is defined in the new energy as stepping into the next life without death - taking control of your biology, of your chronological age, of all the potentials you came in with, rewriting your contract, vibrating higher and living a longer life. Some of you will even change your names, and some will actually become a different people.

Way beyond the concept of a walk-in, ascension status includes many things. But let me just give you the summary of it: It represents a divine energy represented by the Human who takes the hand of Spirit and never lets go. It's the energy of the masters who walked the earth, the ones who told you that you could be just like them.

"Peter, you can walk on the water, you know? Do it!" Did you hear that? Do you remember reading that? It's about enabling a Human Being to go beyond physics. Go read it again, for Peter did it, and he did it without help, until he doubted the reality of it.

The energy beginning to close in on some of you is literally a return to the earth of a collective master energy. It's part of the energy that's shifting within the guides, meditation and intent. It's part of what you're feeling, which is energy shifting, and it's part of what some of you are actually feeling as "anxiety." We told you of this potential all those years ago. Remember, there's no predestination. There's only predisposition, an energy that says that you have a direction, but one that can be changed at any time.

So the energy of the Ascension Status is indeed a very new concept for humanity. Before, this exact energy would vaporize Humans. Now it enhances them. That's a result of the grid shift, and of the crystalline rewrite. It's an awesome new tool in the divine tool group that you're being given in response to what you've created.


The energy in this room is ripe for change. We've only spent a few hours together, yet there are those who will walk from here differently from how they came in. They'll go from here with a full understanding that there's an energy with them that wasn't with them when they arrived. Those entities and helpers who came three days ago, came with the intent to leave with you if you allowed for it. There will be some who will recognize them and say, "Yes, this is what I always wanted. I want to leave with more than I came."

It's nothing that God is going to do for you, you know? It's an allowance... attributes given with your permission. It's you with you. It is the recognition of the divine energy inside you saying, "Indeed, I deserve this. It's why I came to the planet, and now I remember." And so it is about remembering, is it not? Collectively, why not remember this, Human Being: You are a piece of God, divine in every way, enabled in every way. It's time to move forward. It's time for solutions. Patience is the key. Intent is the catalyst, and even when you're finished reading this channelling, the energy of what you have remembered is with you.

That is our promise... that you're never alone. Some of you will establish tendrils, connections with us, where everything is connected to everything. And you'll begin to understand the lattice, the physics of it, the divinity of it, the beauty of it. That's why we're here. That's why we speak to you as we do. Let it be known this day that we came to see you... and in the process, we weren't disappointed.

And so it is.