Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - Vancouver BC, Canada
August 18 14, 2001
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon
(One month before the U.S. Twin Tower tragedy)

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Lee Carroll

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(This channelling was transcribed from the last Kryon event
before the September 11, 2001 tragedy.)

Greetings, Dear Ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service.

Dear Human Beings, angels each one, we tell you this: There is a presence in this place that is the presence of home. We flow in here gently, quietly, and with reverence for the angels who sit in these chairs. I am speaking to two ears, and my communication is being read by two eyes. We invite the readers at this moment to join all of those who are listening. Readers, we understand who you are and when you picked up this material to begin to read. There is no accident that finds your eyes on this page. We are all here together, listeners and readers.

We have said this so often, but we must emphasize this to you: Listener, does it feel like now to you? Most of you would say yes. Reader, does it feel like the now to you, also? Those who are reading will say yes. Then who is right? Which now is it? We point out that we're all here together, and it has always been this way. If you can understand this concept, it is not that much more trouble to understand that next to you are all of the energies of those who have ever lived!

Perhaps you think that when you put those visualizations into seeming space, nobody is listening? Everyone is listening! When you cry from your heart with pain or frustration and you wonder, "Is anyone listening?" Everyone is listening! That is why the now is so-profound-filled with potential and waiting for creative energy to come out of the body of the Human Being, who is the only one who can change the very fabric of reality in this lifetime, in the next one, and also the one that used to be!

All that you ever were is wrapped into who you are now. All of the energy of what you call your past lives is still with you. You are still living them. Is it any wonder that we say to you, "Isn't it about time you dropped the vows? Isn't it about time that you changed the reality you feel is unchangeable?" A new paradigm has arisen. It's about changing. The last time we met with you, we told you that the grid change was going to be finished soon. We gave you some time frames of when these things might occur. We told you that it's not going to be that far away in your linear time when things will begin to be manifested for you.

Let me ask you this: Are there potential projects of yours that have seemed to last forever? Perhaps you cannot complete them. Have there been blockages in the way? Has it been frustrating for you? Have you tried to reach out but have been unable to touch those things that you were intuitively promised from God? Our time is not your time. We use this phrase now and we've used it before: There will come a time when things will quicken for you and the manifestation of what you've asked for, expected, and been told are yours will begin to take shape as you create them - all in an atmosphere of spiritual stability and appropriateness. You will get used to the new energy; the third language will come upon you, and you'll know what it is like to have an interdimensional connection with Spirit all of the time, not just in meditation.

These things will stay cemented in your reality and you will build upon them. It is difficult to build a house on moving ground, and we have told you this now for ten years. The grid change will come to fruition and will stabilize. So what is frustrating to you and blocks your way are what we call spiritual stalling tactics, keeping you from building too quickly - keeping you from building on shaky ground, building on the wrong ground - all given in love. We hear your cries of frustration. We do not mean to trivialize any of this, but we say enjoy the rest, dear ones, for there will come a time when the future becomes now. The reader is different from the listener, the eyes are different from the ears, yet you are one family.

We give you information this day, but underlying all this information is the love that Spirit has for the family - the one who has gathered here listening and reading. We give you information about unity. This is information that you need to hear, understand, and pass on. Some have asked, "Dear Kryon, you have indicated that we are entering a period of unity, but all around us is chaos. What can we do about unity? Where is it?" Let me give you some answers. I'm going to give them to you in the order of the least important to the most important. We must start with the definition of The New Jerusalem. Here's a phrase that we've used again and again. Naturally it's a metaphor, but one with meaning that will become clearer for you as you think about it. For, literally, it is at the center of the end of your time frame, and represents the lineage of the Jews.

Quite often we have used their lineage in our messages and have used what has happened in their history as the metaphor for a beginning of the New Earth. We have done this because theirs is the lineage that decided to be part of the end, and of the beginning. It does not make them more special than anyone else. It is simply their task in the overview of the Earth's energy, and how we measure the energy of the planet.

We have told you this before: The New Jerusalem metaphor is not about a city. We have spoken of the rebuilding of the third temple. This is not about a building. These are metaphors about the earth. The New Jerusalem is a metaphor about the potential for this earth to draw itself to the completion of the old energy - emphasizing that all of the old paradigms of struggle and hatred are in vain. Whereas for eons, the way of things was conquering and war, this energy has the potential of having that old paradigm draw to a close. The New Jerusalem is the final Jerusalem. We've spoken of the third rebuilding of the temple and the metaphor of the lineage of the Jews, but let it be known that it is also a metaphor of humanity - information that you are not truly understanding yet. Lemuria and Atlantis were involved in the metaphor of the energy of "temple number one." They were destroyed. Some have felt that these were a myth. Others felt that perhaps they were real, and were destroyed in the great flood.

Indeed, the latter is so. Continents moved around. There were shifts, and it took years. Societies and cultures more than 10,000 years old were lost. The first temple of consciousness was torn down. This is a metaphoric first temple, not the real one. Not so obvious, but every bit as potent in the history of consciousness within humanity, is that in the early 1900s you had another chance for shift... another chance to rebuild. Consciousness actually began to raise, and the earth felt that it had a chance to move forward in other ways that it never had before. But free choice prevailed as it should, and this did not happen. The choice of a few affected the many, and instead, there was famine and war, mass destruction and death. The temple was torn down. That was number two.

An empowered humanity could have changed this, but you were not in that position yet. The few had power, and the many were changed. Now, here you are at the millennium shift. Let me tell you what is different from what it was in the early 1900s. You have already shifted the energy of this planet greatly. It is not about shifting the energy now; it is about solutions. At the 11:11, you gave permission to shift, and now the energy is shifing. Suddenly, there is a mass consciousness of this planet that actually desires to rebuild that temple. The third temple being rebuilt, therefore, is a new consciousness - the last temple. This is the potential, and this is why we were excited 12 years ago. We responded by moving the grid. We knew it would take 12 years and told you so. Now you sit in the 11th year of the 12th. Do the math. Does anyone understand the phrase "moving from the 2 to the 3"? It's part of this new scenario. And when this new consciousness has been rebuilt, the grid will respond, and the metaphors will start to be explained.

What a time in humanity! And as you move to rebuild the third temple, there will be great opposition... just as we have told you. But this time, the few cannot enslave you as before, due to your new paradigm.

Religion - The Biggest Hurdle to Unity?
"Kryon, you speak of unity. What are we going to do about religion? There have been those who have said that this is the biggest stumbling block for peace, for it is religion that has caused so many of the wars, the dissension between those who believe in God in different ways. There's no tolerance!" Really? This subject is the least important of all of them! Let me give you some concepts. In the beginning, Abraham, the father of monotheism, knew about one God. He was given the information very early on. He built the tribes around one God, worshipped the one God, understood about the creation, and gave honor to the one God. Out of the grids of the Indus Valley came the great Hindu religion. It was about everything being one. They honored the soul of the oneness with everything. There are those who would say, "Yes, but look what has happened. Now they have many, many gods."

We say this to you: All of the Gods of the Hindus are reminders of the one. In their process, the many become the one, and the one are the many. It's much like what Abraham believed about God creating all things. Out of the same great energy arose Lord Buddha, and he proclaimed that there is a oneness of all things - the dirt you walk on, the sun - everything you see and feel is one. It is God, and it is you. And then he said something before he passed on that many don't remember. He said, "We never want you to worship any Human Being. I appoint no successor, for we are all one."

It's just like the Hindus and just like Abraham. Buddha knew about Human nature and was asking for those who followed the teachings to find their own center, not one in some other Human. The master of love came along and said, "God is love." The Christ gave the message of the oneness of the love of God. He enabled Human Beings and gave them new information of how honored they were. He gave the beatitudes. "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth," He said. And here you sit, meek warriors! Perhaps it is prophecy? He also showed how to manifest healing, and even abundance, while in the Human body. He taught that the unity of God was in the power of love. Muhammad spoke to an angel in a cave, and that angel was Gabriel. It is the same angel who spoke to Moses in the burning bush - the angel of communication. I know this, for I was there. He gave Muhammad information that helped him create the great nation of Islam, and the message was: "There is only one God." And what did Muhammad do with this message? He united the tribes of the Arabs. His purpose? To give them the joy and peace of the one God of Israel!

Muhammad honored Abraham. Did you know that? Go back and read his words. Did you know that the rugs of prayer originally faced toward Jerusalem? Did you know that on his ascension, he consulted Abraham and the Christ? It is written in his book! And so it is that the nations of Islam joined together with Abraham’s vision, and with the master of Love. And that is the truth. That is how it all began. Muhammad was about unity. He died young in his vision, killed in his hometown by the very tribal family whom he was trying to unify.

We tell you this: Religion is not the issue, for the core is all the same as given by the creators of every major religion on Earth. The core is unity. The core is wisdom and the love for God. It is what Humans have done with all of this that is the issue.

Politics - Is Unity Possible?
[The country being channelled in here is Canada. The country right below is the United States.]
"Kryon, what are we going to do about countries and politics? We'll never get around that! If we are going to have unity on Earth, how are we ever going to get around that?" Let me tell you this. You are all in training! Did you notice? The country right below the one we channel in just had an unusual election [USA]. It is a country founded on "majority rule," but it now has no real majority! Did you notice? In order for it to do anything in its Congress, many more than ever before must cross the bridge of differences - the aisle, as they call it - and join the others who do not believe as they do. And they must do this on a daily basis, even for the small decisions of governmental business. Tolerance is the key, and they have produced a situation where they must do this. Did you notice? Therefore, the United States is currently in its greatest learning period. This country is going through something right now that is "old energy awareness." Will it work, or will it not work? An issue that is very old will be tested. Call it the last gasp of testing, if you will. Below you, in that country [U.S.A], is the old energy concept of isolationism. Is it proper or not proper? How much can the United States join the world, and how much can it remain separate? It is a profound issue in its scope.

When was the last time you saw rioting and death and destruction over trading with one another? Part of the old earth is reacting to new concepts, and they are reacting in fear! Now, what you face in your country [Canada] are decisions over another fearful issue called "separatism." It is also a last-gasp scenario that will either work for you or not. You must make up your minds, for it is an old energy that cannot carry into the new millennium very far. There must be a decision. It cannot exist in the form that it is in now. It represents an entire attitude based around fear - the fear of losing a culture, fear that this or that will happen. It is not commensurate with the energy of co-creation, or wisdom, or even peaceful coexistence.

[For both countries] Watch for this, for there must be decisions. Things cannot remain the same. Honored are those who understand that important changes are afoot. The biggest changes in all of these places will be the old vs. the new. We're here to tell you that the Human Being who sits here and who reads these words is the one who can change this. It cannot stand as it is. The potential for the most profound creative changes come in the year of the three. [2001]

The Biggest Solution

"So, Kryon, that's the biggest unity problem, right? Politics?" No, it is not. The biggest issue doesn't have anything to do with politics or religion. Then what is the biggest issue regarding unity on earth? Let me ask you a personal unity question: How are you with your family? We have asked this before and we'll ask it again: Who won't you speak to? What energy do you carry around that is inappropriate? You know what I speak of, don't you? What won't you release that separates you from love? What energy will you hang on to and hang on to and hang on to? You will not have unity in your own heart or your own biology until that old energy contract is dismissed. It takes two to write a contract, you know. Sometimes it's you and you!

Are you still abusing your body? Why? You might feel that this is a small issue, but it might also shorten your life on Earth... making you a far less effective healer or lightworker. Did you consider this? What about the family at work? What's going on there? Are you joyful when you go to that vocation of yours, surrounded by those who you would never have personally picked to be with? You think What's happening there is an accident?

What about the one at home? What about your partnering? Now we're starting to get to the hard parts, aren't we? "Kryon, why do you ask this? What does it have to do with peace on Earth or the rebuilding of the third temple?" What can you do for Earth? It sounds too simple: What about unity between you and you? We have broached this interdimensional issue in past Kryon channellings. We told you that part of you is on the other side of the veil. All of you is not here! I would like to tell you who came in a little while ago and sat next to you. Were you aware of a feeling of home flooding into your space, perhaps? Was there something very special? Who was it? You came to sit with you! The entity that has taken its place before you is the one on the other side of the veil who also has your face. Here is what that entity wants to ask you, dear Human Being: How much do you smile when no one is around? Do you really know who's inside? Are you letting the duality work overtime?

How would you like to peel that onion of duality around you and expose your spiritual core? Do you laugh when you're alone? Is there joy when you're alone? If the answer is no, then you haven't discovered who is there! For if you truly knew about the core, the unity, the angel inside, you might be astonished to realize it is a child! Angels never grow up, you know. They're always one age - youthful, joyful, playful, laughing, and smiling. That's who's in there. That's the one who can create unity on the planet. How about you with you? Will you let yourself go there and let yourself do that? Blessed is the Human Being who understands where the angel is - the consciousness of joy and celebration.

This is the Human Being who will create unity on the planet. This is the Human Being cooperating with the new grid system, with the tools that can create the third temple of consciousness, that can create The New Jerusalem on the planet. With this understanding, all of the other things will fall into place. When YOU unite with YOU, it is the beginning of laying the cornerstone for the last temple. It will also gird you against anything that may oppose you... fear, sorrow, or the last gasp of old energy. This is the Kryon message and always has been.

As we close, let the healing begin!

And so it is.