Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
"Invisible Things"
Mt. Shasta, California, June 18, 2005

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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This live channelling was Given in Mt. Shasta, California
8th Annual Kryon Summer-Light Conference
June 18, 2005

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. If you want to see the original (and appreciate the difference), it will soon be available on DVD as it happened live in Mt. Shasta. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given at the Annual Kryon Summer-Light Conference.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. The idea of getting messages from the other side of the veil through a Human Being as you have seen today, literally for hours, would stretch credibility for some. Yet I will tell you yet again that this has always been the way of it. All the scriptures on your planet - all of them - have been written by Human Beings who have been under the influence of love, speaking through the conduit of Spirit. The most profound words of God that you have in history were the words of Humans interpreting Spirit. There's always a way to connect, for this is built-in to your Humanism. And so it is again that we connect, and so it is that you're here.

There are so many here [in the audience and reading this channelling] that you can't see. Again, this something unbelievable to those in the four dimensions you feel is your reality. Let me take a moment and let the entourage settle. It's a sweet place. The core group is here, and there's so much excitement. There are so many of them who have been waiting so long and they're all flooding in here yet again today to meet with you personally. Earlier we invited you to feel these entities. We told you that if you could do anything for the planet and for them, it would be to at least believe it could be possible for them to exist. Your belief continues to remain tentative, for the things that we ask you to understand are always invisible... always invisible.

In addition, here's something really unbelievable: An ancient civilization existed that no one can find a trace of, and it planted the seeds of Human nature, had an extra dimension that you don't have, and lived on the planet for a very long time. It had high technology, although not as you describe it, and when things got to a certain state, this civilization realized it was about to be destroyed, so it prepared to shift some of its citizens dimensionally and take a portion of the whole and move to an obscure place within the earth itself. There they would wait for a potential time where the Earth again could use their help - a time that has arrived. And, dear ones, I will tell you that when this message falls on four-dimensional ears, it's a fairy tale! It's nonsense to many. Perhaps today's nonsense will be tomorrow's reality?

In a moment, we're going to talk about science yet again. Before we start, however, we have to bring you to a perceptual understanding of a nonunderstanding perception. "What did Kryon just say?" some are thinking. How can we help you to understand this discussion? We'll try by giving you stories.

If we're going to talk about interdimensional things, we're again going to have to give you some metaphors, so let me give you a couple of them now. You live in four dimensions, but some call it three. It's appropriate that it be limited, because that's your choice; that's how it was arranged; that this is the test. The challenge of the test is to see whether you can dig into that thing you call biology, what you think is 4D, and find the interdimensional spark that will allow for so much to happen. Some have called it activating pieces and parts of your DNA. Oh, that's such a linear description! It goes way beyond that, but you can't perceive it. I can't teach it to you, either, for it's completely beyond the bounds of your perception. It simply isn't explainable.

Let me give you a metaphor for how unexplainable it is. Imagine for a moment that you have landed on a planet where all those before you have vision in black and white. Now, that's their evolution and it serves them well. They see in millions of shades of gray, and they love it! It's beautiful for them. They can't imagine anything else and are very pleased with it. They see shades of gray, from the whitest white to the blackest black and they love going into the woods and seeing that particular gray and that particular gray and how beautiful that is to them. Oh, they enjoy nature so much! That's what evolution has given them and it's profound. But their eyes are different than yours.

As you land on their planet, your job is to tell them all about color! I'll tell you what will happen: It won't be long before they shun you. You'll hear them say, "Look! There goes the strange one who sees odd things. He tries to tell us we're not seeing it all, and he can see so much more. He's not 'all there,' you know? He wants us to see beyond the realities of what we know is there. Perhaps we shouldn't be around such a person." Does this sound familiar? Have you ever tried to explain to a friend about your spiritual Akashic energy? [past lives]. What has been the reaction? Perhaps they comment: "Do you have proof? How can you see such a thing? Who are you, to tell me about that?"

How can anyone explain color to somebody who only sees in black and white? I'll give you another one: How can you explain color to a sightless person? Think about that! They don't even have the concepts of the shapes. They don't even see the black and white, yet you're going to tell them all about color? It can't be done, you might say. And if you say that, you're right! It's as difficult as telling a 4D Human about 12D, yet that's what we're trying to do.

Let me give you another example of something that we're going to revisit later in this little journey today. Here's yet another story for you: You're landing on a planet where all the inhabitants are sightless. They get around quite well, however, since through the ages, they've measured the distances to everything in "steps." They have very computer-like brains, so even as they walk, they know the ground they walk on, and they know where the bumps are and where the hills are. They've even traveled to faraway places and through trial and error they know where the danger spots are. They know where the mountains are, the lakes, and the valleys. Through an evolved civilization, they've traveled to these places at great peril and at great distance. Through their history they've lost many in this quest, and they now sing about them. They can walk from place to place without tripping or stumbling since they know precisely where everything is, and they have advanced brains that have adapted to counting steps and remembering everything.

Suddenly, you show up on their planet with Human sight. Let's imagine the conversation. You land and look around. They greet you and they're pleased to see you! Anyone from another planet is welcome on their world, and here you are. You're their guest. You look over to the mountain and it has a very odd shape and a very beautiful color. So you say, "You know, there's a beautiful mountain with an odd shape to the west. What's the name of it?" They immediately take several steps back. "How could you know about that place? You haven't visited it! It took us years to find that - a journey of three years where we lost 18 people. We had to find out where the crags and the crannies and the cliffs and the rivers were. And you know where they are without the trip?"

They back away from you. You're very different and they're afraid. Some think you're a fake, or that you're trying to impress them with your otherworldy powers. How could you possibly know about the exact shape of the mountain, and that it's in the west? You're just guessing. You've never been there and you didn't take the time. You couldn't possibly know these things.

Well, dear ones, I've just described the difference between you and a Lemurian. I'm going to get into that in a minute. The object of this lesson is try to give you real science that's invisible. Then maybe it isn't such a fantasy after all - that is, extending your logic to things that are out of your reality, but which are actually in it, and invisible.

I'll give you some perceptions to think about, dear ones. Think of two objects on a table. Make them apples if you wish. What do you see? "Well, Kryon, I see one object and then there's a space between them and then I see another object. Then I also see the table." This is very 4D, and is appropriate within your reality. But here's some information we're going to give you that is science: There's no such thing as a "space between them." They all exist in a constant and ever-changing wholeness continuum of energy. And if you had interdimensional glasses, you wouldn't see two objects and a table. Instead, you'd see a process! And within this process the colors would tell you where the energy differences were to create what you think is solid or space. They're not objects at all! They're a process of energy that's constantly in motion. I can't explain it, except that these metaphoric interdimensional glasses are going to tell you something dramatic: they'll show you that there's no such thing as a space between objects.

Are you separated from a loved one? Maybe they're on the other side of the earth? There's no such thing as space between you! It doesn't exist. You're connected right now. At a quantum level, you're connected. Oh, let me give you the big one... something you need to hear yet again. What do you think separates you from someone you've loved and lost recently? Listen to me, I'm talking to you! [Kryon knows who is here, and who is reading.] What do you think separates you? A vast space? Do you think it's death? I'll tell you the truth: There is no space between you - only an interdimensional perception.

Within real dimensionality (not 4D), there's no linear time no distance. Life is forever. Your perception of life is your Human life, as though that was all there is. And that's laughable, Lemurian, and you know it! Here you are again on the planet. But you don't see that, do you? To you, this is the only time. There is no space between you and those you've loved and lost. None at all. But in 4D you say there is, and you mourn these who, in four dimensions, have removed themselves by what you call Human death. But when you put on those interdimensional glasses, they're here!

So think of it: The auditorium is filled with Human Beings in their seats, yet somehow there's also a thousand Lemurians here from a mountain right behind me. And there's also an entourage of angels from the other side of the veil that have come with Kryon. And there's also an entourage from each and every single one of you [your guide groups]. Some of you might say, "Well, where are they all going to sit?" [Laughter] How about on the tip of my finger! [Lee holds up his finger.] You're not going to understand that, are you? But they all fit there. That's high physics - no distance, no time frame.

It's possible, you know? In interdimensionality, shape, form, time, distance - it's not like yours at all. So we get into some subjects of science that are very interesting to many. In four dimensions, when your science started looking at the shape of the atom and its parts, you discovered that there was a tremendous amount of space between the nucleus and the electron haze of each atom. It was an enormous amount of space compared to the unit itself [the matter in the atom]. There's so much space between the parts that a scientist now looks at matter and says, "Did you know that most of that matter is made up of nothing... just space?" Does that even make sense? Does your 4D logic support a concept where physical objects in your reality are mostly emptiness between atomic parts? No, it doesn't.

Now put on those fun interdimensional glasses and I'll tell you there's no space between the nucleus and the electron haze. Instead, there's a process and it's filled with something that you have no name for whatsoever, and we don't either. You're going to have to come upon it all by yourself, but it's the name of a partnership of two energies called Magnetism and Gravity. And these two brother-energies are absolutely inseparable. You'll never find one without the other.

Here on Earth, your scientists have labeled two major forces on the planet magnetism and gravity. This is incorrect. There's one force with two attributes, but you don't see it that way yet, since you're not totally aware of the process. "Let's study magnetism," some might say. Or, "Let's study gravity." You can't study one without studying the other. Experiments with one trigger the other. Sometimes what happens in the experiments isn't understood and they say, "Well, that's odd. We just can't understand what's going on here." This is due to the fact that the scientists are trying to separate a process. They want to put gravity and magnetism in separate boxes, but they can't do that.

Magnetism and gravity are inseparable, and when you see anomalies in one, the other is what's causing it. It's an invisible process, you know? Experiments with magnetism will alter gravity and change the phase displacement of matter itself! Distance parameters change, and so does time. But your linear minds keep you from seeing the process. It's invisible to you.

Let me give you an example that perhaps you haven't considered about a process. It's something very common - invisible, yet very powerful. Your children often play with toy "bar" magnets. Two of them together make a wonderful child's toy. When you take the two bar magnets, each several inches long, and you connect them in one position, you can hardly get them apart! Pull with all your might. "They're stuck together!" you might exclaim. Yet in another alignment, they push - repel - one another with so much force you can't put them together, no matter how hard you push. With these two forces at work, you can have a lot of fun. Recreationally, you find all manner of things to do with this force. Some of you have toys on your desks where objects are forever suspended between the positive and the negative polls of a large magnet. They seem to float in midair.

Now has anybody asked, "What's causing this?" A child would look at the scenario these days and say, "Where are the batteries? And how often do you have to replace them?" Then the adult might reply, "Well, there are no batteries and you never have to replace them since the power is forever." That's when the child might look up you and say, "Well, where's the power coming from?" Even children realize this! Think about it. What would cause such a constant force... an attraction or repulsion of that strength for all your life, and beyond? Did you ever consider this? Nothing's connected to it, there's no batteries, it's not plugged into the wall, and yet it's physically powerful and you can see it and feel it with your own eyes and body anytime you wish. Are you perhaps seeing a process? Invisible?

How many of you have ever thought about that specific power? I'll tell you what it is: It's a process of magnetism and gravity. These overlap to create an interaction where anomalies in both fields are created, which unbalance the cosmic lattice just enough to pull from seeming nothing, physical power [force] from the universe. If the force is large enough, it can actually change distance, time, and matter attributes (the space between the nucleus of an atom and the electron haze). It's interdimensional power, and it's forever! You want to see an energy-free engine? Look at two bar magnets! It doesn't get better than that. It also doesn't get more simple than that. No working parts. Free energy forever. Did you ever think about that?

Oh, the physicists will say, "You can't get something for nothing. There's always a trade-off." They're right about that. They have formulas discussing it and describing it, but they don't know where the power comes from, and they really don't know the "trade-off." It's not "something for nothing." It's part of a giant engine that's always ready to be tapped for power, and which has "trading" attributes in place that replace it instantly from a source that is the constant of the Universe. That means that somehow, somewhere, even the force of a simple bar-magnet is being replaced within the universe through these universal "laws" of physics.

Let me tell you a little more about the engine of magnetics, since we're talking about this very thing. Think of your earth and the north and south poles, which are just like the magnets. What are the attributes of this engine? Some have asked for scientific information about this. They ask, "Is there a some kind of connection between the north and the south pole energy perhaps, that you can't really see?" And the answer is absolutely yes! There's an interdimensional reconnection that you can't see, but which is as thick as anything you can imagine. Many of you don't care to understand this so I'll make it very simple and very quick. Between the poles of any magnetic field, there's an engine that is interdimensional and always "on." Between the poles is a process, not empty space. In the case of your earth, it's you who are sitting within the process [between the poles], and that, my dear Human, is the secret to why the magnetics of earth relate to your biology and your DNA. You have already seen the "force" of the magnets. So how about now you begin to admit that perhaps this invisible force carries with it something for you?

Think of it: Seeming power out of nothing. That's pure science, and even the child's toy shows it. Now we'll give you one more to think about. You compartmentalize light, sound, and color. You say "Oh, it's beautiful," and then you assign the colors to certain things and the lights to other things, and the sounds to yet other things - never understanding that every single thing on the planet has all three! They're integrated as one, and you can't mention anything on the earth that doesn't have all three. Yet you separate the study of them.

Oh, you could look at them independently if you chose to. But that would be like going to the symphony orchestra and asking to listen to one violin, while the rest of the orchestra plays without you hearing it. Why would you do that when the choir and the orchestra is so profound? Why would you isolate out one attribute and say, "Well, let's just study the one thing and ignore all the others." That's because you can't hear and see and appreciate the others. Why? Because they're often invisible to your perception.

"Kryon, are you telling us that ordinary things have light in them?" Yes, that's exactly what I'm telling you. Did you think light was its own energy? Did you consider that it might be an actual building block of matter, part of a process? You have yet to discover this. And when you do there's going to be an uproar. And the news will be, "Well, it seems as though we don't really truly understand matter at all, since we're finding light in all of it."

Do the experiments to see if I'm telling you the truth. You'll find light in all matter, even a rock! Oh, it may be subtle, but it's there. We challenge your scientists to find light-tight chambers where you can place ordinary objects. Then dissect them, open them up if you wish. With ultra-sensitive light instruments, leave them in there for a week or a month... or more. With a highly sensitive photographic plate, collect the photons that might escape from this rock within total blackness. I guarantee that when you pull them out of that chamber and develop that film, you'll find there's light in the rock! And if you want to start analyzing that light, you'll find a vibration that doesn't make any sense: It's way too high for what you might expect.

That new vibration is actually a color! When you start talking about very high vibrations you don't think about colors because it's beyond Human sight. Oh, but it's there in our sight, and it's beautiful. How do I know? Because I'm looking at it! I'm looking at you and you're beautiful. Everything has light. There are attributes of light that you have yet to measure or understand, but all vibration is a color and sound. What an orchestra! What a sound, light makes. You see, light is always sound, too, but you don't hear it, do you. I do, and you do, too, when you're not in Human form.

Who among you has heard light lately? Many doubt me. Watch for this: Someday your science is going to show that DNA actually sings! Instruments will show that DNA sings [has vibrations of sound] and you're going to say, "Wow, this sounds like something Kryon told us." [Laughter] Why don't you save some energy and simply believe it now instead of waiting for your scientists to tell it to you? Is it because it's invisible? Well so is magnetism and gravity. I'm telling you that some of these things that I'm discussing this minute are very close to discovery.

That brings us to the Lemurians. How should we talk to you about this? [Kryon pondering] Here is this odd concept... unbelievable. Some would even call it "lunatic fringe." On a mountain not too far away is a vortal you call Shasta. Within it there's an interdimensional city. Maybe it could fit on the end of my finger? It might. But you don't want to hear that because it doesn't fit within the purview of your understanding and perceptions of reality. The Lemurians are here anyway, even without your belief. And there are those who would say, "Well, this is just ridiculous. It would take high science to do anything like this - to place a partially Human Being into an interdimensional state. And the Lemurians, if they even existed, didn't have computers, telescopes, or even electricity as far as we know. There's no shred of evidence that they had anything at all. We can't even find evidence of their civilization. But if they had had any of those things, they would have evolved, we would have known it; we would have found it.

Let me take you back to that planet of sightless people for a moment. I want you to go back there one thousand years later. Now they have evolved. Technology reigns and each one of the citizens is wearing an apparatus on his head. It's like a small radar device that lets them actually see what's in front of them by scanning it like radar. They still don't have sight, or color, or even black and white visual perception, but they know when something is in front of them and they are rejoicing in their technology - it's high science. Now they have computers, they've got electricity, and they've got a way to let these devices fit on their heads that wires signals into their brains. In their own way, using this technology, they can now "see."

They're very happy with their technology and you land and greet them. And you again say, "Well, that's an interesting mountain over there. What an interesting shape; what a beautiful color it is." And again they say, "How could you know that? You don't have an apparatus! You don't have a device on your head." And you say, "Yes, but I've got sight." And they say, "We don't believe you." Pretty soon they again shun you. You're just too different! This is very much like what you do with those in the mountain. You put them in a 4D Human thought-box using your own history and capabilities and you say, "Because they didn't have the apparatus - the computer, the telescope, the electricity - therefore, they couldn't do this or that."

We sat on this stage one year ago and told you about the evolved Sumerians who came right out of the Lemurian culture. The Sumerians not only had base-six math, but they drew pictures of the planets in your solar system [The Berlin Seal]. And you'd say, "Well, how could such a thing be? They didn't have computers or telescopes." And I'll tell you, it's because they could see it! Like the visitor in the story that you were. They had a kind of sight that was so different from yours that you can't relate to it. They were connected. There's no space between them and Jupiter. For them, they could see it clearly without a telescope, without a computer, and without the apparatus. That's the truth.

"Well, Kryon, even if the Lemurians had an interdimensional layer to them, they've been in the mountain how long? How many thousands of years? Wouldn't they be old? Wouldn't they have all died by now? How does that work?" And again we say this is your 4D perception. In your old energy, with your current reality, you get old and die. Oh dear ones, there's so much DNA you have in your biology that isn't yet active! There's the Lemurian layer, which we told you about last year [DNA layer number seven]. You haven't touched it, you know? Some of you are just discovering layer six, the communication layer. But the Lemurians had a number of layers of DNA activated that you still don't about. How's that for evolution?

How could they live so long? I want to give you a 4D example of eternal life, and it's within your biological system on the planet. I give this as an example of how you posture your reality. Under the methane shelf in your oceans, hundreds of feet below the sea floor, there are microbes that have been discovered recently, but not fully studied and realized. When brought to the surface and analyzed, scientists found that some of them have been around since the dinosaurs! Yet they're still alive. I'm not talking about the offspring of the microbes. I'm talking about the actual singular microbes. Then it was realized that where they found these microbes, there was no light, incredible pressure, and nothing for the microbes to eat! In fact, these "live" earth microbes have no discernable metabolism in them! There's no waste products, either. Yet they're alive and are so old they've been here since the dinosaurs! That makes them older than life in the mountain you call Shasta, doesn't it?

How could such a thing be? It must be a mistake, you might say. Things aren't always as they seem, dear ones. There's life on your planet that's older than the Lemurians in the mountain. Yet you wish to assign a "spooky" attitude to what we're telling you. You believe in angels? Almost the entire earth believes in angels. Yet when you talk about a creature that went interdimensional and has been here waiting for you to develop an energy on the planet that's just now coming to fruition, there are many who will walk out and say, "It can't be; it just can't be." What if we told you that they were angels? "Well, that's different Kryon, since angels are divine." Well, so are you! So are you! That's the message of Kryon. That's the message of those Lemurians who sit here in their invisible state - just like the angels and your guides. Why do you separate these things?

The Lemurian message is this: "Not only did we [the Lemurians] do it, but we're waiting for the energy of your divinity to match what we know is possible. And what is possible between all of us is peace on earth! There's an awakening on the earth. Glory be! We never knew what would happen, but the potentials were always there. There's a vibration that's letting us actually show ourselves in light to those who will go up on the mountain and look and feel. We never thought it would happen." So their message to all is "It's happening!!"

They're dancing in the streets of their city. Did you know that? Think on this: How long have they waited for a group of enlightened Humans to come to this room and invite them into their consciousness? They've got messages for you. We're hearing them cheering. What are you hearing them do?

"Well, Kryon, I don't really hear anything." Why don't you listen harder, Human? Perhaps you can activate pieces and parts of your DNA to finally hear the light. Invisible, you say? Oh, there's so much you believe in that's invisible. But Lemurians in a mountain? Well, maybe this is the time to start thinking differently.

I'll tell you what I'll do. Let me introduce you to an old one who just happens to be a Human Being in the room. Many of you think it's Yawee, the one I told you about last year [Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, DNA researcher, who is in the audience]. No. I've got another one for you. Yawee is here, and he's the one who supplied the science for the Temple of Rejuvenation. His science became holy to the Lemurians, for it kept them alive physically, way past what Human evolution would otherwise have done, due to a full understanding of the songs that DNA sing.

But Yawee seldom did the work of the healing in the temple. He was too busy in his laboratory using his interdimensional sight to see the twists inside the DNA. He had a gift, you know? He put it together. He developed the mechanisms. He understood magnetism and gravity and how it worked with the Human body. But there was another famous one inside the temple doing the healing. It was Yawee who had the science, but it was the other one among you today who was doing the healing. And who might that sound like? I will tell you his Lemurian name, and then you'll put it together. Because the name came from the mountaintop, one of the highest mountains on earth, which is now called the big island of Hawaii. It was one of the higher islands that never submerged where the temples were active. His Lemurian name was Ka-oo [pronounces kaw-oow].

Today in your midst, there is this Human Being who intuitively, one year ago, decided to call himself Kahu. [Kahu Fred Sterling]. What a coincidence! And so indeed it's the one who sits among you who has the healing attributes of Lemuria and he's part of the mountain because he's got his brothers and sisters there. They recognize Ka-oo like they recognize Yawee and they won't miss a moment keeping them awake at night while they're in the shadow of this mountain. [Kryon smile] I wouldn't tell you these things unless they were so. Clearly, the family comes together in this place.

I've got two more things to reveal, and they are both regarding DNA. This next one you're not going to believe! We'll give you an attribute of DNA that we have only briefly spoken about, but now it's time to discuss it, and the implications of it. The Human consciousness system has an attribute of divinity that's built into the DNA. One of the attributes that's the most awesome and unbelievable is this: Wherever you go, there's a residual from your DNA that you leave behind, one that then stays there depending upon the amount of energy that was developed around it. It therefore becomes part of the process, and it involves light.

We have said before: Where you walk, Gaia knows you. We've said before that you leave something of you behind, wherever you go. This isn't just a metaphor of your time on the planet. It's actual biology! You imprint the energy around you, wherever you are. And long after you've gone, it remains there. Just being a Human Being, walking from one place to another, imprints energy all over what you would call interdimensional things, even four-dimensional things are affected. All humanity has this ability. But it's most prevalent in those who are touching the divinity within themselves and starting to awaken, for the DNA responds and the energy grows when you make the call to divinity.

So what we're telling you is that as a Human Being, there's consciousness supported by your DNA that imprints energy everywhere you go and there it stays. This is profound. It explains many things. It explains the power of prayer. It explains ghosts. Think about it - energy that's left behind by a Human consciousness [a DNA system] and that stays long after the Human is gone. "Well, Kryon, some of that sounds like dark energy to me." Call it what you wish, but it's a simple energy imprint. There's no judgment about the vibration of it. That's part of the way this earth system works with you.

But indeed, if you want to assign dark and light, the dark is going to lose every time because the divine light that you carry is far stronger. And it's this light that's going to imprint the earth and it's going to stay there the longest. This is the process that none of you think even exists, but which shapes Gaia's vibration. When humanity decides to vibrate higher and changes its mind, everything changes - including the earth itself. Gaia responds to you.

I've given my partner instructions to search for proof of this. Three weeks ago he searched and found what he needed to present to you tomorrow [in the seminar on Sunday] - proof of the imprinting of DNA on matter [called Phantom DNA]. There's now scientific discovery behind it. The scientists don't understand it yet, but they have seen it and they've measured it and they know it's real. These things are starting to come to the forefront. DNA is not what you think. Human consciousness is not what you think. And all these things are invisible... just like the Lemurians in this room.


In summation, I'm going to tell you the layer of DNA that the Lemurians used the most. Even after I tell it to you, you're not going to understand it. But we do it because we can, and because for some of you the esoteric is even more interesting than what you can actually see. We present DNA layer ten.

Now DNA ten, eleven, and twelve are very different from the other layers. We again apologize to the interdimensional family who is here, that we have to take these things and seemingly place them in a numbered box for the Humans, for all DNA actually works together. Those who are interdimensional are laughing right now. They're saying, "Well, it's like drawing a bath and looking at the bath and saying, 'Well, let's define the parts. Look, there's the hot part and there's the cold part. Then there's the molecules, then there's the atoms.'" Who wants to do that? You just want to get in and enjoy it, don't you? It's a bath, not a collection of bath parts!

Indeed, you want to get in and enjoy the wholeness of DNA but we take it apart because you like it that way. So we take the twelve apart and have for over a year because you enjoy looking at it this way because you're linear. And because we understand this, we're now going to give the linear layer ten. DNA layers ten, eleven, and twelve don't have labels like the rest of them do. Because ten, eleven, and twelve are key process layers. They're action layers, even beyond number three that we told you about before. DNA interfaces with all the layers seemingly in a circle. The most difficult thing my partner has ever had to do is to try to explain these DNA layers to you. And much to his horror, as he hears this with you, I'm going to give him a task: He is to write a book about it! [Lee cringes]

DNA layer number ten is called Va'yik'ra. Va'yik'ra. It's "the call to divinity." It's an action layer. It had another name to the Lemurians who didn't bother itemizing twelve layers. They saw DNA on an altar, as the divine source of their existence, of their divinity, of their second sight. They didn't see it as biology to study in the Human body. They saw it as the process to life! They loved Yawee, for he was able to take it and understand it to the degree where they could live so much longer. They loved Ka-oo, for he was able to lay his hands upon them and through an assisted, magnetic process, actually activate the call to divinity. So the Temple of Rejuvenation wasn't just a place where you got healed. It was a place where you met yourself coming and going! What an experience!

The Lemurians who are here from the mountain within this room are cheering and saying, "That's exactly what it was! Oh, there's somebody finally revealing how we felt, what it was like, and what we've been through all this time until we could awaken." And here's the promise of those Lemurians. They will show themselves to you! On a day when the sun is shining, go out up on the mountain. These Lemurians will show themselves to you and it won't be in a Human body form. It will be with light, with sound, and with the color and the vibration of interdimensional reality. Listen to the choir! Check it out because you're going to see the bright lights or at least feel the energy of their colors. And some of you have. It's an action layer, the call to divinity, the most powerful part of healing and activation of the connection to Spirit.

What do you think healing is? When a body balances divinely, it doesn't allow inappropriate things to exist. How would you like to change how fast you're aging? Maybe it's time to talk to a Lemurian! They'll be in the lobby, you know? [Laughter] Oh, dear one, you're the Lighthouses of the century. You're the ones who will create peace on earth. Listen, my partner [Lee], for I want you to take this slowly. There's never been an opportunity like this. Dear listeners and readers, for 16 years you've allowed my voice to come through this man and now we're poised and ready for miracles in the audience. It's never happened this way before. We've never had Yawee and Ka-oo together in one place. We've never had the energies of the Lemurians in this fashion in this year of change.

Are you serious about changing your body? Well, if you're going to sit there and be anonymous, it's not going to have much energy around it. All of us, including Kryon and the entourage who came with him, wish to take a moment and send you incredible healing power. I don't wish to embarrass anyone, but I am going to say to you for the first time ever that if you're serious about changing your life right now and having a healing in this room, then stand up. Stand up! Don't stand up if you don't mean it. [The entire audience, 500 people, stand]

Now let us administer to you. The entourage who is here knows what to do because this is what they came for. The Lemurians in the mountain are cheering and standing and they're saying, "Finally! The commitment is here and the belief is here." And so feel the pressure and the thickness of Spirit as those brothers and sisters press upon you. Let your feet and your body be washed completely from head to foot. Let this be an initiation for the healing to come this weekend and beyond. There are six of you right now who are changing... there are eight... there's fourteen. Hold it together, my partner, for you've never seen this before. Can you hear us cheering? Can you hear the sound of the choir? If you can, it's your DNA starting to balance in its divine way. [Audience is asked to sit back down]

It's time for those sorrows to leave, dear one. Some of you are going to put away what you've been carrying for so long, those burdens, because we're washing you right now and you're balancing. Feel the breeze. Feel the touching that's going on. Some of you will smell essences of flowers where there are none and feel touching when there is none. You've never allowed this before. It's almost too much for my partner to stand.

Blessed is the Human Being who understands what has just happened, for it's a milestone - not for the room, not for the city, not even for earth, but for the lives that are here and for those who got to witness this. This event will be seen by many and they'll remember this day and celebrate your life even after you leave the earth. They'll talk about this day when the Lemurians met with you.

And so it is time to go. Very difficult it is to leave this place. The connection has been established for the first time and it's beyond anything my partner ever has seen in this work. I'll tell you what it is, dear partner: Human Beings have just fallen in love with each other at a cellular level. Balance is occurring. And healing has been accomplished... has been accomplished.

And so it is.